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Daniel & Anna Nicole Smith (murdered)?

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 05:59 PM
Strolling through the other post about Anna Nicole Smith came across someone commenting on Nicole & Daniel possibly being killed off by her Lawyer and Boyfriend Howard K. Stern.

Now lets bring ATS together and figure this one out this should go on accounted for if he did it. Remember he is a Lawyer and father to Nicole daughter.

Killing off Nicole and Daniel eliminated any heirs to her fortune, except for the baby to young to fight him off.

He was present at both times was he not?

Lets here everyones ideas!!! Can this be brought to New Media to investigate or any officals

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 06:06 PM
An earlier interview I saw on television with an attorney said that if Larry Burkhead turns out to be the baby's father, that he could end up being the heir to the fortune.

There are witnesses who state that because Larry confronted her about her drug addiction while pregnant, she broke up with him and then went on a 'father-finding' mission and ended up with Howard K. Stern agreeing to be the new father of the baby.

Still, it wouldn't surprise me to find out they were killed. There were plenty of people who had reason to get her out of the picture.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 06:33 PM
I found this in the Anna Nicole Smith story on

(Not sure how to quote something from Foxnews)

An American medical examiner hired by the family, Cyril Wecht, said Daniel had methadone and two antidepressants in his system when he died. Low levels of the three drugs interacted to cause an accidental death, Wecht said.

Last month, Bahamian officials agreed to conduct a formal inquest into the death of Daniel Smith. The inquest was scheduled for March 27.

More than 20 witnesses will be called to testify, including one who allegedly insists that Stern gave Daniel methadone before he died. Stern was in the room at the time of Daniel Smith's death.

The same witness also will tell officials that after Daniel's death, Stern flushed the remaining methadone down the toilet, TMZ reported. Stern has denied this report.

Smith was also going to be among the witnesses required to testify before the jury inquest, Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez said.

Smith and Stern exchanged vows in a non-marriage "commitment ceremony" 18 days after Daniel died on Sept. 10.

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 08:04 PM
I think it is suspicious. If the autopsy turns up drugs as cause of death though, it'll just be written off as another accidental death. If someone helped it along, the person most likely will get away with it.

Friends of Nicole's are saying that Stern kept her isolated as much as possible from her friends.

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 08:08 PM
What a great view of this story, interesting thoughts. It does make sense.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 08:23 PM
To the Originating Poster (Koing)

One of your "givens" in your proof, to me, is wrong and/or not proved true...

In my mind, there is NO WAY Stern is the father of the kid.


Well, besides the fact that the kids LOOKS just like the Larry dude...
which I recognize is as valuable as heresay in a court of law...
so I just mention that in passing...

The KEY piece of evidence, to me, is:

The paternity test...

Now... if I am the father, and I KNOW I am... then when someone challeneges it, especially in both a court of law AND the court of public opinion, then I am RUSHING me and my kid to the hospital to PROVE that I am the father...

The ONLY motive for resisting, like Stern and Smith (RIP) were doing, is because the either KNOW that Larry is the father, or they are unsure that Stern is the father... in other words, being AFRAID of the truth, they do the natural thing, and run away from the danger of the truth.

So... I bet, here and now, when the test finally occurs- and it will-
now more than ever- Larry will be the Dad...

Now... as to the central question here-

did Stern kill the kid and Smith?

Well- my theory:

Stern gave the son some methadone... for fun, as Stern is probably
as drug abuser... she was overheard at the scene of his death saying to Stern- "you did this! Why did you do that?!?"

Anyway- with her as the only witness- there is motive #1- one of the oldest in the book- silence the witness...

Now, motive #2... he is her lawyer, right?

So, check her will... if he got her to sign a will that he wrote up
which gives HIM control of her FUTURE fortune (the Marshall inheiritance she most probably will get in the end since the favorable Supreme Court ruling...

Anyway-to the OP- I agree with the idea it might be murder- by adminstered O.D. (tranqs and alcohol or opiates/coc aine...

Tme will tell, eh?

A tragedy, nonetheless- poor Dannilynn- I sure hope Larry gets her-

he actually seems very cool and NORMAL!


posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:24 PM
Entertainment Tonight

A few days ago, as I cooked dinner I watched the last interview with Anna Nicole. She was seated on a sofa with Stern holding her upright. He knew she needed help at that point, it was obvious, she could barely speak, her words were extremely slurred.

Tonight on Entertainment Tonight

They showed video of Anna in the Bahamas in her home with a make-up artist and a hairstylist getting her ready for the interview that was already shown, it was a flashback of extra footage. Howard K. Stern was right next to her. At one point she was sitting in a chair with a magazine in her lap that she was looking at, Howard K. leaned over when it was evident that she had spent quite some time on it and wanted to read more so he turned the page for her and told her to continue reading. (Looked like she wasn't capable of turning a page).

Retired Narcotic Detective on either CNN or MSNBC

Two many people have died with Howard K. Stern present. I'm sure that it is a major focus of the investigation.

Entertainment Tonight

Paraphrased, "Last night, the 7th of Feb. Howard K. Stern called our producers and told them that Anna Nicole was running a fever and that he was very concerned about it. The producers thought it odd as the interview was complete and had already aired there was no filming scheduled."

Who was in the room?

1. The news conference with the police said that there was a private nurse and a few minutes later Anna Nicole's bodyguard. The nurse called 911 and the bodyguard administered CPR. Howard K. was registered at the casino/hotel but was not present.

2. Phonecall from Rita ? of MSNBC to the firestation who sent the ambulance and paramedics. She was talking to the supervisor and he kept asking someone next to him for the answers. She asked if the actual paramedics were with him and he gave an affirmative sounding though garbled answer. She asked who was in the room? He said that no one was there when they arrived. Then they contradicted themselves and said that they were too busy to talk to the others in the room.

3. Fox News - Greta Van Sustren?

Anna Nicole's attorney, not Howard K., said that Howard was present at her passing and that he did not know where Howard K. was now, but that he knew that he was very upset. He also stressed that the Bahamas considered the name on the birth certificate as proof of paternity and that Howard K. was therefore the father of Anna Nicole's daughter. He did not know where the baby was at that time. (Bet Howard K. and baby were on a flight to the Bahamas within the hour, my comment).

Fox News - Greta Van Sustren

Another guest, didn't get her name or affiliation to the case said that the man in california (maybe the true father), Birk? something had filed for an emergency order for a DNA test on Anna Nicole due to the chance that some other child would be presented for DNA testing. She also stated that there was an agreement between the US and the Bahamian child protective services to work together and if Howard K. thought that by taking the child to the Bahamas it would slow this down he was wrong. Child protective agency would take the child and return her to her closest blood relative. She also said that there was a hearing in the morning so she had to leave.

My Thoughts

Howard K. helped her along to her grave, just as he did with her son. I bet he was the one who set up the interview with her totally out of it so that it would be nationally known that she was a drug taker. But I think he kept saying, "Have another pill, Honey, you're under a lot of stress". The money in litigation would be the motive. The baby if it were his would doubly guarantee the money would go to him. They were married in an unofficial agreement ceremony but I bet a will was signed within the last two weeks or so.

He reminds me of Dr. Hill and the Robinson case. Joan Robinson Hill was given a deadly illness due to her husband growing infectious microbes and injecting her with them so that he would inherit her fortune along with their small son. Texas justice being what it is John Hill had a visit from two men with sawed off shotguns and is no more. Most people believe it was Ashe Robinson, the father of Joan who upon the results of further testing on his buried daughter decided the case. Anna Nicole's family is in Mexia, Texas.

Just my thoughts at this point,


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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:32 PM
It's certainly very strange that both mother and son died under such suspicious circumstances. I hope the authorities do a proper investigation for the sake of the child she left behind.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:40 PM
I haven't watched the news on this about it here (ATS) first. This does bring up some new thoughts to ponder. How much are they estimating that Anna Nicole Smith is worth? Does anyone have that figure? Please post, Thanks

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:43 PM
90 million - 454 million depending upon the outcome of the litigation of her ex-husband's estate.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:45 PM

Well, that is cetainly be enough, either way, to suspect foul play

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 11:32 PM
Hannity & Colmes

Geraldo was on their show and he just said that Anna Nicole was broke and was counting on the ex-husband's estate being settled soon. He also said that he had been told that Howard K. had sold a photo of Anna Nicole receiving CPR in the hotel room today for $500,000 and that he bet Howard K. had taken the photo.

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 11:39 PM
This is extremly suspicious I believe Howard K. Stern had something to do with this

Stick him on a lie-detector and suck the information from him!!!!!

I suggest an inquiry into the deaths of Daniel and Nicole...I never knew either of them but, i believe they were murdered.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 11:57 PM
I wonder what the cause of death was for the Stepson of Anna Nicole Smith. I know he died following the outcome of the first trial regarding his dads fortune.


posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 12:09 AM
Are you talking about the son of her ex-husband's? Here's a snip from a news article, 6/24/2006 "E. Pierce Marshall died unexpectedly earlier this week in the Dallas area from a brief and extremely aggressive infection, the family said in a written statement released through spokesman David Margulies". Maybe Howard K. had a layover in Dallas the day before?

Her son's death, if that's what you meant:

They said that his death was due to him being on anti-depressants and taking a small amount of methadone. The synergistic relationship between the two being deadly. Howard K. was in the room as he died. There are rumors that Howard K. was seen flushing medicine down the toilet before the police arrived. The formal inquest in which Howard K. is expected to be the major witness has not been held yet. It is scheduled for March I believe.

edit for extra info.

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posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 12:09 AM
OK - - I'll go on record saying - - I don't think Howard K. Stern had anything to do with Anna's or Daniel's death.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 12:20 AM
if theres any justice to all this, then 'her' fortune should be stopped from leaving the Marshall estate right now!

If anybody killed this tragic yet gold-digging soul, they shouldnt see a dime!

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 12:40 AM
Here's my theory. They both commited suicide. Daniel did it right after the birth of his sister. She did it right before the DNA tests on her daughter are to be done. The baby girl is Daniel's daughter/sister. I know it sounds gross, but it kinda makes sense.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 12:50 AM
With this group you may be right. The DNA test should settle it, shouldn't it?

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 01:03 AM

Originally posted by seentoomuch
Are you talking about the son of her ex-husband's? Here's a snip from a news article, 6/24/2006 "E. Pierce Marshall died unexpectedly earlier this week in the Dallas area from a brief and extremely aggressive infection, the family said in a written statement released through spokesman David Margulies". Maybe Howard K. had a layover in Dallas the day before?

Yeah Anna Nicoles husbands son (The Old man). Thanks! Ok so I guess he died from natural causes then. More then likely then its no conspiracy. Anna was probably being treated ffor Post-Partum depression and with the addition of her son dying 3 days later and all this hubub about paternity she was probably taking more drugs then she should have and accidently offed herself.

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