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Daniel & Anna Nicole Smith (murdered)?

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 09:02 AM
According to the Prince, who I respect because I think he's inserted himself to put some clarity and common sense to the issues of having the best done for the baby. His is not just a kiss-and tell-publicity stunt. He'd probably have the grammy taking care of her and Zsa Zsa for that matter, cripes she's 90! Move 'em all in. He'd make a terrific dad. If he knew ANS and they'd been friends for ten years (he said he last talked to her about six weeks ago) he'd know the scoop. He looks like an honest man who wants the truth, knows it, but isn't giving it away unless compelled by a court.

No, his common sense and offer to testify at any hearings tells me that Larry B. has a good chance of coming up the biological parent. The CEO of Trimspa knows there was a relationship going on. He kind of saw Stern in the shadows.

Rita Crosby made a good point on MSNBC yesterday that this is a case where men are stepping up to their responsibility and should set an example everywhere. The Prince and some pysche lady agreed with her that aside from the inheritance issues, paternity should be established for the biological father. Dannielynn should not be denied that right to know her dad.

Damned if this doesn't make a good soap opera. Vicky Marshall and Stern had just bought a yacht earlier last week too. Heading to the Caymans, boys? Every pirate on the sea will be after that one.

And get this. The skipper's brother (maybe son?) is the Immigration guy who was in the front page photos with Nicole in bed. (I recognized a name) All them lusty ole geezers must have got a good chuckle outta that. I can see them now picking up a copy at the cigar/lotto/news stand, sitting down for a morning drink and getting out the bones for a hearty go at some games or two.

It's the Island life, and this place is like the coconut telegraph. LOL

And about that fridge... where're the pictures of the freezer? Those were taken at the casino room where she was sick and died, right? The bottle of methadone they say is not how it comes prescribed from a pharmacy. That's the kind they dole out at meth clinics and probably dispense from. There will be a doc or two in hot water over these scripts, if the press stays on top of this though and Florida cops run down some of these leads. The guy who went after Limbaugh would be a good one to be on it.

From what I understand, it's Broward County in Florida that has jurisdiction over the death case? CSI Miami would have had this solved yesterday. lol

In the end, I think it was an infection that killed her, being on all those meds probably affected her liver and her resistance was down. Antibiotics usually come in pill form. And it's pretty routine to run a course after surgery, if she'd had one lately. Has that been confirmed? The initial coroner report found plastic surgery scars but didn't say how recent.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 11:06 AM
Yesterday I saw a recent photo of Anna Nicole Holding the baby and she had on a pink outfit.

This has to be a recent photo.

Has anyone else noticed that this baby apparently has brown eyes, dark hair and an olive complexion?

The only person in this that has brown eyes is Howard Stern.

I'm not saying that this baby is Howard Sterns.

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 05:11 PM
Brown eyes doesnt prove that a baby belongs to that can come out whatever you come out as.

Its not unheard of with parents having babies with different eye colors then there, hair, even color of the skin in occassions if it happend some where in family history it is bound to happen again.

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 11:21 PM
With all the information and important issues discussed on ATS I find it quite sad that anyone would waste one second of their time on the death of a white trash bimbo like Anna Nicole Smith.

posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 09:30 AM
I find your insensitivity to the fact that 2/3 of a family have been wiped out in the last couple of months even sadder, especially considering that it is possible that they were murdered.
The reason it is being discussed here is because of the suspicious nature of their deaths, the son a couple of months ago and the mother just a few days ago.

Originally posted by jblaze
With all the information and important issues discussed on ATS I find it quite sad that anyone would waste one second of their time on the death of a white trash bimbo like Anna Nicole Smith.

posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 09:59 AM
The hearing over her body is going on in Broward Cnty now. They have people on the phone from California and the Bahamas, it's sort of confusing but interesting for us crime buffs.

If I was the judge I'd want to know which of the petitioners would have her cremated.

Interestingly, the Seminole's have jurisdiction over the investigation of any criminal activity in this case. The county sheriff's will be there to back them up with expert ... whatever they need, advice, technical assistance.

The judge is looking at global parameters. How far the range is gonna go. Laid back kinda guy. Yesterday time was of the essence, today he don't care. He wants ALL the parameters and seems like he'll make the right judgement in the end. I think he'll have them put away some dna just to have a 2nd safe set of samples. California is saying they have all they need, but is asking Florida to preserve more samples. The ME just said that they've already taken DNA in Floriday, so that's all covered.

The paternity case is getting a lot of coverage even though this is a hearing over who gets custody of the body (where to bury it). The judge has expressed his deep concern for the rights of the child, and her best interest.

He's cutting to the Chase, he has to know who the father is to decide this case. Duh, the child should know who his father is. They are turning this into a child custody hearing and I think the judge will do what he can to stop the shennanigans. The body he might cut in half, the baby he won't. (my intuition talking there)

I think the mom should be gracious and let Howard lay her to rest beside Daniel. Not conceeding any rights, but in a cooperative spirit of peace and love.

What's really annoying are the constant clips they keep showing on the side, dual screen style.

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 10:14 AM
Today they're in a regular courtroom. Yesterday's proceedings were held in what looked more like a conference room. One big table in front of the judge. Today he's on a more recognizable 'bench', and the parties each have their own tables down front. The judge wants peace and transquility, for the dead and for the living who want to visit her site. He wants finality and all loose ends tied up.

A report from the Bahamas has Howard being the one who bought the four burial plots in the Bahamas. Daniel's, one for herself, for Dannielynn and for Howard. 'She considered herself a family of a certain size' said the Bahamian speaker.

The Will has not been produced publicaly, but a copy was given to the judge. So he knows her intentions. He wants the mother's attorneys to see the will too. He's not guaranteeing it won't be leaked either, once copies get around. Word is that it's an old will, making Daniel (who is dead) the sole beneficiary of her estate (whatever that might be) and Howard K. named as the executor. And it doesn't specify where she wanted to be buried. I'd say chances are it was never updated since his death--but Howard may have that covered. It wouldn't sit well with the court if he's hiding a newer will though and plans to produce it at a later (court?) date.

The reason I'm following this is to see if this judge will order paternity discovered and get all the mystery over with? Or will he be stiffled because it's not within the scope of the complaints? I'm not sure it's important to know for deciding this case--who gets the privilege of throwing the funeral. (and controlling the tourist attraction?)

One thing I always admired about Florida is they pride themselves in being a Sunshine state and the judge keeps emphasizing that everything is out in the open and all bases will be covered and wrapped up tight. Stern's lawyers are making some ridiculous claim that disclosing the Will will be a violation of the dead woman's privacy. Please.

I don't think judges like to see their cases contested and possibly overturned in future proceedings. But some of them know too that it's the next best thing to an industry keeping these litagators in business. None of them are in any big hurry either--keeping the wolves at bay.

In other news: There's a doctor in California who's going to have to answer for having that big bottle of methadone mailed to ANS in the Bahamas. The state is checking into it there.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 03:01 PM
The judge has been running a group therapy and just awarded custody of the body to Dannielynn's guadian, Richard Millstein (whoever he is, co-executor of the will?). It was supposed to come tomorrow (his decision), but he surprised everyone and just annouced it.

The legal ruling is that Dannielynn is the direct heir, next of kin, so her guadian ad litem gets to make the decision.

The judge wants her buried with her son in the Bahamas . This is what I said a couple days ago, it's the only right place for her to be. With her son. I don't think he has that say, but he wants them to all work together to make it happen. And hopes they do the right thing by the little girl.

Can we change the title of this to The Papparazzi and the Gigilo? From what I gather from Larry's story, both Stern and he lived with her in her Studio City home. Stern slept on the couch, and a cot in her hospital room when they were detoxing Anna (while she was pregnant!) Larry says he'll sell every picture he has to fight for his daughter. (for the record, I think he's the dad)

The judge has talked to the next judge who will do the baby custody case--but didn't say who, just that he's a good judge. I hope it's in the Bahamas and they have sense enough to let California have some baby dna.

Someone in the Bahamas is still trying to kick Stern out of the house. That's a rather sharky thing to do, imo. Then we still have the Seminoles to look to see if there will be murder charges. Are they waiting for this circus to get over with before they release their indictments or not?

Murder, drugs, and child custody. Why aren't they ALL shaving their heads? One strand of Anna's hair would tell the whole story. Time to see this wonderful technology in action. Yesterday someone swiped a paper cup from the stand (I forget who's), and probably stuffed it in a paper bag for CSI Fort Lauderdale.

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 04:05 PM
Broward County ME is saying that his tests will take another ten days to two weeks to make a determination of cause of death.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 08:27 PM
The time-line makes it seem that Burkhead is the father of Anna's baby. The man in South Carolina had had a vasectomy, so it likely wasn't him. And then Anna went back to Burkhead, then a couple months later she found out she was pregnant. Burkhead says, and Stern does not dispute it, that Anna was exclusively with Burkhead during the several months just prior to her becoming pregnant.

Anyway... Was just sitting here thinking about the weirdness of how both Daniel and Anna died, likely due to the drugs (meds) in their systems. Anna was prescribed meds, but Burkhead says she often 'over-medicated' herself. Stern was said to have urged extra meds onto Anna, even when she was in the hospital trying to overcome the addiction to meds, while she was pregnant, she wanted more. Burkhead was there and tried to talk her out of it, but she said she needed more than what her IV was giving her. Stern whips out Anna's duffle bag, it had a bunch of meds in it. He proceeds to give her more of her own meds ON TOP of what she was getting in the IV. And all the while she's pregnant.. Jeeeeez Stern told Burkhead she must have those meds or she could die.

But back to Anna's children, Daniel and the baby... I have a theory.. And I don't know if it's been talked about in here or not, am not fully caught up on my reading. My theory is rather disgusting to think of, but we've seen how very close Anna and her son Daniel was. I have three sons, I adore each of them and they me, but never have I ever looked at them or them at me in the ways Anna and Daniel looked at each other at times. Seen that pic of them in the water, they're on a little boat or something. THAT look that Daniel is giving his mom is IMO a bit over the line for a son.

That's what started me thinking.... WHAT IF Daniel was the father of Anna's baby? Wouldn't that explain why, if he took his own life, he did that just days after the baby was born? Wouldn't that explain why, when Anna had a perfectly happy-to-be-the-daddy in Burkhead but she turns her back on him and runs to the Bahamas where the father would be whoever she wrote down on the birth cert. and Stern was willing to do that? Wouldn't that explain why Anna and Stern stalled SOOOOO friggin much with getting his DNA done to prove paternity? And wouldn't that explain why, if Anna took her own life, she did that just one or two days before the DNA test was to be done? Makes more sense to me that Daniel was the father, because if he was, it surely would be an answer to all the weirdness going on with Anna's case.

I betcha by golly what's gonna happen is that the DNA test is going to show that neither Burkhead nor Stern is the father, not Gabor's husband and not the guy in South Carolina, that when they start digging around a little more, they'll find that the father was Daniel....

What do you guys think?

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 08:42 PM
I tell you . . . I sat through the entire proceedings because it was nothing more than media circus, and the judge he was way off with this case. . .

Everybody got their time of stardom on this one at the expenses of a poor death woman body . . .

Despicable . . .

I didn't like the mother, I didn't like the boy friend and the life boyfriend and the one that gave the name to the baby was the only one that actually wanted what was right for that poor woman . . . to rest with her beloved son.

Now I can not wait to know who is the daddy. . .

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 09:02 PM

Originally posted by KonigKaos
Strolling through the other post about Anna Nicole Smith came across someone commenting on Nicole & Daniel possibly being killed off by her Lawyer and Boyfriend Howard K. Stern.

Now lets bring ATS together and figure this one out this should go on accounted for if he did it. Remember he is a Lawyer and father to Nicole daughter.

Killing off Nicole and Daniel eliminated any heirs to her fortune, except for the baby to young to fight him off.

He was present at both times was he not?

Lets here everyones ideas!!! Can this be brought to New Media to investigate or any officals

Dude! You read my mind.

I've been thinking the same thing for quite some time now.

If you ask me, Howard K. Stern has the guiltiest look I've ever seen.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 06:09 AM
This idea of incest has been floated here and here a couple times, but never in the MSM so far as I have seen.

Still quite a taboo topic, I would say, in respect for the dead.

Marg, you didn't like Judge Sedlin? Yea, he was kinda loopy but I liked his earthy qualities and had the best interest of the child at heart from the very beginning. I'm sure those considerations are what brought his tears.

Also, he did take a liking to Larry Birkhead and said so a couple times. But he did seem rather puzzled and questioned Birkhead severely about Anna's use of medication and their wish to have a child knowing she was under this dependency.

According to Larry, as long as they were prescription meds, Anna blew it off and his concerns were immaterial. Larry also said a few days ago, that when they discussed marriage he wanted to make sure they did it 'for the right reasons'. Maybe he thought that her brushing off his concerns would be one reason not-so-right.

At least she managed to make it into detox during the pregnancy.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 11:24 AM
I have thought the same thing about the son.

ok, I have a question.

What happens if neither Stearn, Birkhead, the son or anyone else is NOT the Father?

What will happen with the baby then?

Will Anna's Mom get her?

I have a strong feeling that the baby's Father is not Stearns or Birkheads child.

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 02:53 AM
My guess is that if the DNA proves out that neither Birkhead nor Stern is the father, nor anyone else who forms a line to the right, that the court would award custody to Anna's mother as next of kin. Not sure what else they could do.



posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 04:40 AM
Although it would never happen, i'd like to see the courts take away the fortune this baby is entitled to, just for a day, and see how many of these guys still want to pursue thier fight for her.

Were they even bothered before all this? Maybe i'm wrong on that one, but there seems to be a lot of people claiming this baby, something that will have a major impact on thier personal lives, mainly because she is worth a fortune.

I actualy find it sickening to watch any of these guys on telly.


posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 07:03 PM
Well, it would appear that this theory may bear some fruit.

Anna Nicole Smith's longtime partner and attorney Howard K. Stern and two doctors were charged Thursday with conspiring to furnish drugs before her death in 2007, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

What many of us had suspected has now ended in the arrest of three suspects. Is the story over? Or may there be reason to investigate the death of Smith's son Daniel?

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