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all top secret data is stored and transmitted on secret government internet

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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by trinkets

That is to say I've been lurking ATS for a long time... not SIPRnet..

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 05:07 AM
The last days of Military secrecy on a network was back when they had their own LAN line network not connected to the outside world.

There was no reason to plug their computers to the World Wide Web. Well some Admirals/Generals retired and needed a job so they started a company to host "training" crap on a website and funneled money into politicians pockets to force the military to plug into the internet.

"Creates jobs"

Creates ways to bilk Billions is what they really meant.

Anyways as fast as "they" can move to secure their networks.....others laugh and get info anyways.

Did you see the TV commercial where the Japanese Exec said to put Wifi in all the TV's? Picture 12 months down the road and thousands of those big screens in military rooms on the walls.....all looking at Secret/Top Secret stuff......whilst somebody else is also watching thru the TV's open wifi.

All those military flat screens now are made in China. Maybe the Chinese know all now by seeing whats on the screens of THEIR monitors.......if you can see whats on the screen...who needs to hack a network?

There are so many companies, governments, and people creating things to spy/ couldn't keep anything secret even if you went back to a pencil and paper.

The micro-bots would be watching you....if you were someone that somebody felt they needed to watch.

Secrecy is no more.

posted on Nov, 1 2011 @ 12:16 AM
Okay, I read through most of the posts on the subject at hand and decided to finally join just because of this thread so I could reply. First off let me say that I DO have experience about/with the aforementioned subject. I am a SGT with the US Army, at Fort Gordon, 551 Signal BTL, 15th SIG BDE. Over the course of the past 6 years in service as a 25U (Signals Support System Specialist) and 2 deployments, I can tell you that yes, SIPRNet exists and so does JWICS.

The problem is people seem to think that there is some sort of super secret way to backdoor, or hook trap such a system, which is grossly wrong. First off there are two nets to speak of, the intranet and extranet. the intranet being the DoD side of things. The system is accessed in many ways credentials wise, and only is you have a security clearance. Secret or a TS. My MOS requires that you maintain a SECRET clearance at ALL times, as losing it or it being revoked typically calls for a reclass. I currently use my CAC card to access it and even then I must have a RSA encrypted certificate for my CAC INSTALLED on that computer by my Commander. Next you have the CAC card's PIN number, and then the server generated password for your account installed on the system. Next is the secure connection. Our Battalion usually uses an ISDN over a PTSN for connecting.

John Doe -> CAC card inserted -> Windows Domain login via CAC card (typically my CAC pin) -> regular internet -> ISDN certificate validation and password -> SIPRNet

The systems are NEVER access via any form of a wireless signal but it IS able to transmit via SATCOM in non-fixed tactical systems, such as deployment and on a SATCOM connection in a Humvee.

I run Fiber Optics, part of my job, and as such we (25U's and other 25'ers) are responsible for setting up an intranet at FOB's or updating protocols, or upgrading routers. That's what we do. We maintain these systems so that our chain of command is able to access the NIPRNet or SIPRNet.

Moving on, the attainability and ex-tractability of ANY data on the SIPRNet is something that brings to mind the word prison. Besides, more oft than not, any one individual only has access to whats MC at the time on the system. It isn't like a PVT E-2 who just got his clearance can run rampant on the SIPRNet and download files to his thumb drive. Once you put your CAC card in the reader on a computer, EVERYTHING that you click, modify, email, delete, or move is tracked, backed by YOUR SSN. Likewise, even surfing the regular internet (which yes, you can inside the SIPRNet) is grounds for an INTREV or being flagged.

I hope I have shed some sort of light on the matter for you guys, and welcome and feedback, or questions.

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