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Documentation of my experiences

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 11:13 PM
I have rewritten this opening sentence four times now, trying to find a way to begin this presentation about the paranormal events of my life. I have begun to write a book about my life several times but it doesnt seem to ever come to furrition. The things I have lived through are what makes me the man I am today, and without them I would not have my understanding of the world I live in. But then again, life would have been a lot easier without them.
I would like to state that I believe that paranormal 'demon' and paranormal 'ghost' are two different things. My experiences are to my understanding 100% paranormal 'demon'. I am a hypersensitive person to the paranormal, ghostly or demon, and only one reason why most people who have come to know me lable me "crazy". I guess I am going into too much of an autobiography here, I better get to the stories.

It began when I was eight years old. My mom has always been a Pentacostal minister and when I was a boy I went to church with her all the time. Looking back on things, the attacks happened when I was close to her and close to my spirituality with God as a child. Anyways, this is what happened. My dad put me to bed at around 8:30 pm and I had just laid down. We lived in a trailor so imagine a room thats not too big. He always left the bathroom light on for me, so it illuminated the doorway to my room. Just beside the door I had an old metal display shelf kind of thing. It was only made of two shelves and not very tall. On those shleves I had my He-Man action figures posted up, with my favorites on the top shelf.
So there I am, looking around the room getting ready to close my eyes, and it happened. I had one toy that I cant remember the name of but it had its eyes on stems so they came out of its head when you pushed the lever up on its back. The eyes came up by themselves, and its head turned to look at me. The toy then began walking down the shelf towards the door, and thats when I jumped off my top bunk screaming. My dad came rushing down the hall all worried and my 3 year old sister close behind him.
I tried explaining what happened and I tried giving my sister the toy but all I got was the 'overactive imagination' bit and was told to go back to bed. My mom believed me, but having my dad tell me I was dreaming kinda hurt because I knew for a fact it was no dream.

I will post the next event that happened in my life on my next post, and would love to hear some feed back. Does anyone remember the character from He-Man who had the eyes on stems? He was one of Skeletors boys.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 08:26 AM
Not long after the walking toy incident the most memorable event happened one evening when I was getting ready for bed time. I was in my bathroom about to brush my teeth and just as I put the toothpaste on the brush my dad called to me to turn off my TV. So I went in my room and turned it off, and when I came back the toothpaste was gone. I put more on the brush and finished doing my thing, but when I went back to my room I found the toothpaste. It was smeared across my closet door, up to high for me to have reached it.
I showed my dad and he didnt know what to say. He just wiped it off and said go to sleep. When I ask him about it today he doesnt say much.

For this period of my life I rarely slept in my room at night. I would make my dad stay in the room until I was asleep, but staying in that room all night still wouldnt happen. Most nights I would wake up at some point and sleep anywhere else I could. On the bathroom floor with the light on, under my sisters bed or beside my parents bed, anywhere but my own bed. It was in my room that I would hear a voice saying my name. One night I woke up to my door handle shaking and jiggleing on its own.

The order of how things happened I can not remember perfectly but the events themselves I will never forget. Like the time I was home with my mom and I was in my room coloring. I was sitting on my top bunk when I heard my name and looked to the closet. The door came open very quickly and a large stuffed sasquatch doll I had flew out of the closet and hit me in the face.

Then there was the time I had an out of body experience but I only remember the coming back part. I remember a sensation of falling very quickly and when I opened my eyes it was like I just droped through my cieling and I hit the bed with a lot of force. I remember the bed shaking and objects on the headboard ratteling. On the headboard I had three sea cochroaches in jars of liquid and they were swishing about. I had defenitly fallen but how and why I dont know.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 10:02 AM
These things came to an end when my mom took all of my He-Man figures to church and burned them. She did an exorcism of sorts to my room and made a cross in oil on my door that I could see for years afterwards.
However, when I was 12 years old going on 13 it began to happen again but this time it effected others around me. The thing that stands out the most was the time it scared my little sister into a panic. I had just got my first Nintendo and was in my room playing a game called 'Festers Quest'. My sister was sitting on the bed watching me play when my mom called me to the kitchen because I had a phone call. It was my best friend calling me, someone who I was very close to since the age of five. He was crying and asking me crazy questions. "Why did you call me and tell me you hate me? Why did you cuse me like that man, you dont want to be my friend?"
I was trying to explain that I didnt know what he was talking about when my sister came running out of my room terrified. She told me that soon after I left the room she saw my reflection in the TV screen. She looked behind her and I was there sitting on the bed with an evil look on my face. She remembers that my clothes were the reverse color of the ones I had on. I asked her about that day just a few weeks ago and she still remembers it perfectly, as does my friend remember the phone call.

Things happened very quickly this time around and just kept getting stranger. My sister had one of her stuffed animals blink its eyes at her. She also went through a period of night terror where she would wake up screaming every night. One day my best friends little brother gave me a call and told me that his brother just walked out of his room and out the front door of the house. The problem was that his brother was visiting his dad that weekend.
My friend and his brother had another experience that got them both in a lot of trouble. They woke up one morning to find one of their moms butcher knives stabbed through a stack of their dads favorite records. The old large vinals that would be hard for a kid to even break in half, non the less drive a knife through.
While this was happening I began to notice the ringing in my ears getting louder at times. I have always had the constant tone that I hear for as long as I can remember. The first time I heard something unexplainable I was alone in my room at night. It sounded like a cassette tape being rewound. Like how you can hold the button half way down and hear the voices and music moving quickly. I investigated everywhere and could not find anything that could have made that sound.

This period of activity ended when my friend and I went to my moms church and the Pastor praid for us. She demanded that the demons leave us alone and for a while they did leave me alone.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 10:16 AM
Hi Megadeth. Interesting experiences which show us once again that these entities (whatever they are) have absolutely no compunctions about terrifying a young child.

It's often such childhood experiences which prompt an interest in the paranormal and which sometimes cause some people to feel different and isolated and which may make them depressed or hyper-vigilant, etc.

Being advised they are over-imaginative or prone to exaggeration can result in their adopting a defensive manner or having strong feelings about injustice generally. This, combined with interest in the paranormal and hyper-vigilance, etc. can in turn result in the person being labeled, as you say, as 'crazy'. It's just a variation of the blame-the-victim situation.

The experiences you've already had can't be undone, but at least there are positives, such as your apparently close feelings re: your father and the fact he behaved compassionately towards you under trying and unusual circumstances. For example, he demonstrated sensitivity in always leaving the bathroom light on, to provide you a sense of security.

It's difficult for parents when their children have paranormal type experiences. The parent is reluctant to confirm the experience or show too much interest in it outwardly, for fear he'll increase his child's anxiety. Parents know their children will be happier if they're able to conform with their friends, classmates, etc. Parents hope their children will have as happy and problem free childhood as possible. They know life won't always be easy for their kids so they try to shield them from unnecessary anxiety.

Often, the parents have had paranormal experiences themselves. They know how disturbing these can be, life-long. If their child begins to have paranormal type experiences, the parents often blame themselves for 'passing it down' to their child. This makes the parents feel anxious, helpless, guilty. They're also worried for their child and his state of mind. They're scared in case 'something' hurts their child. So, they often dismiss the child's claims and experiences in the hope it will just all go away/stop. They hope that by denying or minimising or outright dismissing the experience, they can make the child 'forget' it and move past it.

Unfortunately, parents don't receive any training in parenthood and particularly not in how to deal with paranormal occurrences involving their children. Parents are coping with practical matters such as providing a roof, food and education etc. for their kids. They're tired and frightened by their responsibilities, quite often.

The end result is that the child -- with regard to his paranormal experiences --- often feels his parents don't believe or trust him. This, combined with the child's confusion and fear regarding the experiences, creates a sense of rejection and isolation in the child, very often. Their experiences are rarely resolved or satisfactorily acknowledged by those who matter most to them. Yet those experiences remain in the child's memory, often life-long. The child may ask himself: ' Why me? Why did the thing show itself to me? Why did that happen to me? It didn't happen to my siblings or friends. Why me? Why am I different? Why can't I be like other kids? Why am I weird? '

If the child is exposed to religious philosophies which claim paranormal events occur to the wicked, this causes additional anxiety, sense of isolation, etc.

A reading of paranormal forums though will reveal that these experiences occur to a large percentage of the population; people of all ages, religious beliefs, professions, etc. 99.99% of them are not crazy at all. They're ordinary people and/or children who just happen to have experienced events that are considered extraordinary. They didn't cause the experience in the vast majority of cases. Instead, the experiences simply happened to them at random in the same way some people catch mumps and others don't.

Most often, there is no explanation for the experiences. Often, the experiences don't make a lot of sense. What can be said for sure is that in the majority of cases, paranormal experiences are not caused by those to whom they occur. So there's no requirement at all for anyone to accept responsibility for their paranormal experience/s.

A healthy way in which to integrate the experiences within your wider life is to regard them as being similar to flashers who occasionally leap into people's paths, pulling wide their coat to expose their genitals. Ok, it's odd, it doesn't happen all that often and doesn't happen to everyone. But it's not the fault or concern of the witness, who has a life to live, people to meet, places to go, things to do.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 10:25 AM
Apologies, Megadeth. I posted my response after reading your first two posts. I didn't realise you were still posting.

I've just now read your third post, in which you detail the continuance of various paranormal occurrences which report an escalation in seriousness and also include your sibling and friends, mother, etc. My post may therefore be inappropriate, based as it is on your first two posts only.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 11:27 AM
Dock, the way you describe a child who has been through these kind of things made me think of myself. I was always an outcast and in elementary school it hurt a lot. I had only one best friend and maybe one or two other kids that I would call a friend. I was and still am a very quiet and reserved person. As a child I was the kid picked last, the kid who would sit alone and not want people around me. In highschool I still had few friends and was called crazy and satanic all the time. Now that I can understand things as a man, I do fear that my own six year old son might have paranormal events. I have edjucated myself as to what they are and how to combat them, by calling on the name of Jesus Christ and being strong in the face of evil, so I feel I can defend my son if need be. And God knows if it does ever begin to happen I will understand and believe him. My dad is a good dad but he had no grasp on what was going on. The only thing he ever saw was a tea pitcher slide across the bar a few inches when I was a kid, and he brushed that off to the wind. (but there was no wind)

The demon that plauged my childhood still shows himself sometimes. Now I would like to tell you about things that have happened within the last few months. It began shortly after I met and moved in with my girlfriend and soulmate Rachel. Actualy, it began right after I found this website and began researching ancient religion and the ties to the UFO phenomenon again. I crawled into bed with her and went to sleep quickly because I was up so late here on ATS. She woke me up in the middle of the night asking me if I heard the door moving. I listened for a second, thinking she was talking about the front door to the house, told her no and went back to sleep.
The next morning she told me what happened and I realized that it might be happening again. She said she woke up and rolled over, put her arm around me and closed her eyes again. She began hearing our closet door slide open. We have those accordian type doors that slide together to close. Thats when she woke me up, and after I passed back out she heard it moving again. She looked at the door and saw it sliding back closed. She laid there in terror for hours before going back to sleep.

Be back soon, have to make my son lunch.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 12:08 PM
A few days later my girlfriend came to me after getting out of the shower and asked if I had been in the bathroom. She said that she thought she heard something in the bathroom and then a bang on the counter. When she looked around the curtain she saw a brush rocking back and forth like it had been dropped there. There was nobody else in the house at the time beside our 2 year old who was sleeping.
Strange noises would happen at night when we turned off the TV and tried getting to sleep. I always had a feeling of being watched and of having something supernatural in the room, a very uneasy feeling. The day of the Megadeth concert something happened that reminded me a lot of the things that happened when I was young. My girlfriend came to me and she was upset over something she found on her cell phone. In her directory of names and numbers the name Satan and number 666 appeared. Nobody had touched her phone, hell nobody was even around to get to the phone long enough to go into the directory and type in a name and number. We have no explaination of how that got on there.
Just to clear up the child situation, the six year old son i mentioned before is my son who lives in PA and visits me over the summer. The other two year old son is my girlfriends but I claim his as my own. It was the two year old who began telling his mom about a scary dog that he saw in the house. He would come running and hide behind her saying her was scared. This realy got to me given my past and I went around the house calling the demon out. I told it to leave our place and leave us alone and that I was not afraid of it.
A few night later, while lying in the dark trying to sleep, my girlfriend and I heard one of his toys going off. (he was not at home) Again the toy began talking so I went in his room and found it under his bed. The toy has a steering wheel on it, and to make it talk you have to turn that wheel. I had enough and began praying to God, claiming in Jesus name for the spirit to leave my house and my family.
We have not had another experience since then and the house feels calm and peacefull now.

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posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 12:38 PM
Anyone ever seen those green rubber witch fingers you get on Holloween? I dont like those very much. I remember when I was a kid, around age of 8 when the first events were happening, I woke up one morning and was taking a leek when something caught my eye in the hallway. (it was early in the morning and nobody else was awake, for some reason I didnt close the bathroom door)
I looked on the floor and saw one of those green witch fingers crawling like an inch worm down the hall, around the corner going behind the couch.
(I had got the finger out of a gumball machine the previous day)

I am happy that I can recall all these things so clearly and I can talk about them without fear. I dont know if the things I have heard are related to the demon but they are certainly "above the normal". I have heard people crying over me or calling out to me clear as day when they are nowhere around. Once I heard an x-girlfriend of mine exclaim how much she loved me when she was down the road at someone elses house. I came to later know for fact that the house she was at was someones house who she was cheating on me with, and I heard her cry of guilt.
Another time I was getting ready for work when I heard my dads voice call to me like he was desperately looking for me, or like he was calling to me as I was going away. I was outside of the house, heard him and went back inside to find him sound asleep. Even if he called me from inside the house I would not have heard it anyways. Two weeks later I decieded to move to North Carolina with my sister. Thats was the first time my father and I had ever been seperated by a long distance.
The most amazing thing I have ever heard happened my first night in North Carolina. Only seconds after laying down to go to sleep I heard a strange, low sound in my left ear. It quickly got louder like it was getting closer and closer. The only way I can describe it is as a trumpet with thousands of voices whispering. I got scared as it got louder and then it was like it went in my head. I became paralized as it took hold of me, unable to open my eyes or move at all. Then it suddenly went away.
I took it as a message that I needed to go home to Florida. Like something calling me back. Two weeks later curcumstances lead to me being back in Florida and shortly after I met my current girlfriend after a series of events that to me seem like destiny playing itself out. It was amazing how we came together and I have never been happier in my life.

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posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 01:25 PM
Wow,megadeth, you have certainly had some interesting experiences. i can't even imagine how tense you must stay all of the time. I know I would.

I too have had some pretty strange experience. Most of mine, unlike yours, have been of a relatively positive nature. Although,I did have an experience, which I cannot bring myself to talk about, that kept me from sleeping real well for about three months. It wasn't really deathly frightening, but it was one of those experiences where you are just like, "Wow, did that really happen?" I am sure you know what I mean.

Most of my experiences have been with UFOs and such. Although, the experience that I am referring to above was definitely of a spiritual nature.

I can tell you that I can relate to feeling like an outcast. Like you,I have always been rather quiet and introverted. That seems to be a trait that is rather frowned upon by society in general, but I digress.

Considering some of the experiences that you have had, I would imagine that it would put you in a different mental state than the average person is in. Perhaps that is why you feel like an "outcast." What I mean is that most people,although I don't, would probably find it somewhat difficult to relate to a person who has had such experiences.

We live in a society where common "logic"
would suggest that such experiences are "bunk." However, to those who have experienced them, they are very real indeed.

I actually have a niece who shares a lot in common with you. At times she seems to be a portal for "negative" entities to come through. She has continuously claimed to see dark menacing shadows, beings on top of her as she sleeps, things popping out of mirrors at her, et cetera. Of course, considering the fact that she has bouts with drug addiction, I often wonder whether this may be a contributing factor to her experiences.

As I stated, I cannot truthfully doubt your stories because I have had some rather strange experiences myself. A couple I may choose to relate one day on here. Now is just not the right time... I don't think.

I would suppose that many have had experiences that would be considered "weird" by modern day academia. How easy it is for those who sit in "ivory towers" to make proclaimations about the validity of everyone else's experience.

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posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 11:07 PM
I think there have been good and bad side effects of being someone who lives with the supernatural. Sometimes I can meet someone and for no obvious reason to anyone else, just not want anything to do with them. Usualy I can make an assumption about what someone is going to do or how they are and in time I am proven correct. When I meet someone I do befriend, I tend to cling to them and when I open myself up too much and tell them about myself thats when they usualy want nothing to do with me anymore. I have lost every good friend I have ever had in my life, even though I will do anything for them and give them the shirt off my back.
I guess it is like that for most people who feel they have an obligation to teach and spread what they call the truth. I have been to the ends of the spectrum as far as my religious beliefs and personal opinions. There was a time that I hated God, just didnt believe in God and verbaly attacked my own mother for her beliefs. There was a time when I was convinced that aliens were intelligent beings from another planet who cross-bred themselves with monkeys to create human beings. I even wrote a lengthy 'mini-book' on my theory and told people that was what I full heartedly believed. The one place that had all the answers I was seeking was right under my nose for years and I didnt realise it was there.

Anyways, I was thinking about all the things I have typed and more stories that I would like to tell. This one happened in a hotel room in Miami about 4 years ago. I worked on the road remodeling Discount Auto Parts with a team of other guys and a few of us would get together after work to play some PS2 and hang out. Someone asked if anyone had ever seen a ghost, so I went into my story about the walking He-Man toy. It freaked them out and they wanted to know more, so I told them to be rest assured that ghost and demons are real. As soon as I said that, there were 3 loud thumps on the outside wall of the room. Did I mention we were 14 stories up in the corner room? There was no room above us, and the thumps clearly came from the same side of the room with the window. They all looked at me oddly so I said, dont worry unless it does it again. Again, just as I said the last word, 3 more louder thumps. I have never seen two grown men run faster out of that room across the hall and into my room, hiding behind the beds.

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