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WWE: Spoilers

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posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 03:35 AM
Dark Match:

*Paul London defeated Christian Cage.


*Bob Holly pinned John Walters.

*Rene Dupree pinned Nunzio.

*Booker T pinned Spike Dudley.

*Orlando Jordan pinned Chavo Guerrero.


*Rey Mysterio pinned Eddie Guerrero in what was said to have been a great match.

*Backstage, Heidenreich was talking to Paul Heyman, who promised he would help Heidenreich tonight.

*They are pushing Kenzo Suzuki vs. John Cena for later tonight.

*Carlito Caribbean Cool has a petiton.

*WWE Cruiserweight champion Funaki pinned Akio. Special timekeeper Joy Giovanni won't sign Carlito's petition and he spits apple in her face.

*Teddy Long says that its Heidenreich and Paul Heyman vs. Undertaker tonight.

*Backstage, Kurt Angle was talking to two police officers (indy workers Johnny Heartbreaker and Fred Sampson). Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns arrived. Amy Weber came into the locker room, and tells Angle and she can help him if they can meet in her private locker room later that night.

*Kurt Angle Challenge - he says that if can't make his opponent tap or pin in 30 seconds, he'll give him his gold medals. He beats the opponent in 30 seconds.

*Backstage, Dan Puder talks to Jackie Gayda and Torrie Wilson. Puder talks to Gayda about Tough Enough and how she dumped her boyfriend during TE2, but what goes around comes around as she was dumped by Charlie Haas.

*WWE United States champion John Cena pinned Kenzo Suzuki. Cena called out some of the divas to celebrate. Suzuki attacked him from behind but Cena ran him off.

*Doug Basham defeated Rob Van Dam (with Rey Mysterio) after a switcheroo with Danny Basham. Rey was sent to the back after hitting Doug when he was outside the ring.

*Kurt Angle gets undressed for his "meeting" but finds Joy Giovanni in the shower instead of Amy Weber. She screamed and ran out with Angle chasing after her in his briefs. He runs into Big Show, who chases Angle to the ring and lays him out. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns come out but Show lays them out.

*Backstage, it's revealed that Amy Weber put her name over Joy's locker room so Bradshaw, Layfield, and Weber set up Angle.

*In a Casket Match, The Undertaker defeated Heidenreich and Paul Heyman. The druids come out and freak out Heidenreich, who runs off. Taker tombstones and defeats Heyman.

Dark Match:

*After they went off the air, Undertaker defeated John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan in a handicap Casket Match.



posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 05:08 PM
The following matches are confirmed for tonight's SmackDown! taping, which emanates from Tampa, Florida:

U.S. Championship:
-John Cena (c) vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Tag-Team Championships:
-Rey Mysterio & RVD (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero & Booker T vs. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak vs. The Basham Brothers

-You can also expect some qualifying matches for the 15 open spots for the SmackDown! representation in this year's co-brand Royal Rumble match.

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 04:02 PM

Dark Match:

*The Shane Twins defeated Shannon Moore and Steve Madison


*Scotty Too Hotty pinned ?

*Bob Holly defeated Spike Dudley

*Akio pinned Paul London

*Charlie Haas defeated Rene Dupree


*The Basham Brothers won a Fatal Four Way match, defeating WWE Tag Team champions Rob Van Dam & Rey Misterio, Eddie Guerrero & Booker T, and Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns as Rey was pinned by Danny. Van Dam didn't do anything in the match but was attacked and "injured" after the match. Van Dam was stretchered out.

*Backstage, The Big Show made Kurt Angle apologize to Joy Giovanni for last week.

*They aired a recap of the Four Way and Van Dam's injury.

*Backstage, JBL's crew walked into Big Show and Joy Giovanni. Amy Weber didn't want to apologize to Giovanni, setting up a match between the two women later tonight.

*In the Kurt Angle Classic, Kurt Angle forced Roderick Strong to tap out.

*WWE United States champion John Cena pinned Kenzo Suzuki.

*Amy Weber beat Joy Giovanni via forfeit when she didnt come out. There is a storyline of what happened to Giovanni with everyone in Teddy Long's office as she is "missing."

*WWE Cruiserweight champion Funaki defeated Nunzio

*Carlito Caribbean Cool and JBL both said they didn't know what happened to Joy when questioned by Teddy Long. Miss Jackie and Torrie Wilson said they saw Orlando Jordan following her.

*They did a "ceremony" where JBL, with his cabinet, was presented with "Man of the Year" from the Florida Agridculture Group (F.A.G, get it?). Kurt Angle confronts JBL and it turns out Joy is in the trunk of the limo, unconscious. She is taken off and given oxygen. Big Show hits the ring and chokeslams Orlando and everyone else.

*Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, and Luther Reigns talk backstage reveal they set everyone up and did it to Joy. Show stalks them as the show ends.

*In a dark match, The Undertaker defeated Orlando Jordan and WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield in a casket match.


posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 02:41 PM
With New Year’s Revolution behind them and the 2005 Royal Rumble on the immediate horizon, it looks like all hell is about to break loose for the Superstars of RAW. Can Triple H hold Evolution together, or has the animal Batista had all he can take? Will RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff reveal exactly when and where Randy Orton will get his long-awaited title shot against "The Game?"

In the spirit of competition, Chris Benoit will battle Chris Jericho in a blockbuster match. Both Superstars are ailing from the damage done in the Elimination Chamber, and both are submission specialists. Will it be the Crippler Crossface or the Walls of Jericho ruling RAW this coming Monday night?

On the heels of last week’s brutal beating at the hands of the maniacal Gene Snitsky, Kane will get another shot at payback on RAW. But what is Kane's condition? It's impossible to predict what will happen when these two 300-plus pound monsters go head-to-head again.

Rumble qualifying matchups are sure to continue, as the 30-man field starts to take shape. Which Superstars will find themselves with a golden opportunity to go the distance on Jan. 30 live on pay-per-view, and emerge with a Heavyweight title shot at WrestleMania 21?

After the unholy conflagration between Edge and Shawn Michaels that ripped through the arena last week, it will be interesting, to say the least, to see what Edge has to say for himself this week — as well as how HBK plans to deal with a man who has absolutely no respect for anything he has accomplished in his glorious 16-year WWE career.

Muhammad Hassan is certainly not afraid to express his controversial opinions regarding America and its citizens, and it’s a safe bet we will once again be subjected to his inflammatory rhetoric. The question is: Can anyone shut his mouth for him?

For the answers to all these questions and more, tune in to RAW Monday night at 9/8 CT, only on SpikeTV!


posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 12:08 PM
WWE Velocity Tapings (Air Date - Jan. 22)

- Spike Dudley defeated Tyson Dux

- Paul London & Funaki defeated Shannon Moore & Nunzio

- Hardcore Holly defeated ?

- Kenzo Suzuki defeated Charlie Haas.

WWE SmackDown Tapings (Air Date - Jan. 20)

**Note: The matches are NOT in order.**

- Teddy Long came out and told all the wrestlers in the back not to touch Kurt Angle until he apologizes for his actions last week.

- The Basham Brothers defeated Booker T & Eddie Guerrero by disqualification to retain their WWE tag team titles. The referee called for the bell when Eddie hit one of the Bashams with the tag belt. Booker T and Eddie got into an argument and Eddie walked out. The Bashams and Orlando Jordan were left in the ring beating on Booker T. Eddie Guerrero came back to help Booker T.

- Big Show is shown with Joy. Show was waiting for Kurt Angle. Big Show told Joy to go away before she accidently gets hurt.

- Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Akio

- Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. to qualify for the Royal Rumble.

- John Cena defeated Rene Dupree to also qualify for the Rumble. Cena was wearing a Montreal Canadiens Jersey and got a big pop. Rene Dupree also got a pop.

- Big Show was shown still waiting for Kurt Angle. Bradshaw walked up to the Big Show and told him to be allies and take out Kurt Angle. He explained to him that if they take out Kurt Angle, then it would be Big Show vs. JBL for the WWE title instead of Kurt Angle getting the title shot. Big Show told JBL that it was the smartest thing he had ever heard him say. They both agreed.

- Kurt Angle came out from the crowd and called out Joy. He started to somewhat apologize, then Angle called out the Big Show. Angle walked out of the ring as soon as Big Show entered the ring. Then Bradshaw, Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers came out to trap Kurt Angle so he won't escape. JBL tells Kurt Angle "You're going to get what you deserve and I will get what I deserve." They ran in the ring and all attacked the Big Show, revealing it was all a setup. Then Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak came out to help on the attack against the Big Show. They brought out a stretcher but Big Show refused medical attention.

Show goes off the air.

Bonus Dark Match

Casket Match
Undertaker defeated JBL & Orlando Jordan

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 12:54 PM
Sources are now indicating that "one" of the Main Event's for WWE Wrestlemania 21 this year will be an inter-promotional match between Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels.

posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 08:16 AM
It is not yet official but Hulk Hogan supposedly had talks with Vince MacMahon about a part in Wrestlemania 21.


posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 06:25 PM
That would be a big attraction, even if he is a bit long in the tooth..


posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 05:04 PM
Credit: Henry Petty &

Akio b Nunzio
Bashams b Charlie Haas & Bob Holly afer a switch

JBL & Friends got into it with Angle & Friends. Teddy Long announced a singles last man standing non-title match as the main event

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio & Booker T b Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns & Orlando Jordan

John Cena b Kenzo Suzuki with the FU to keep the U.S. title

Heidenreich came out to read a poem. A casket was brought out by the ref while Undertaker's music played. Heidenreich doesn't like caskets and hid behind the ring

Undertaker b Heidenreich in a casket match. This wasn't taped for TV.

Paul London won four-way over Shannon Moore, Funaki and Spike Dudley. Nobody cared about this match as Carlito was trying to get fans to sign his petition

Kurt Angle NC JBL. Angle hit JBL with a chair and delivered a series of German suplexes. It appeared Angle blew JBL up but they had a good match. Neither man could answer the bell.

Post-show dark match saw Show over JBL & Jordan


posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 07:54 AM
With Royal Rumble only a few hours away, a lot of questions are popping up as to what might happen tonight.

As far as the WWE Title match is concerned, JBL is all but confirmed to win the title. It is known to most everyone that next month it will be JBL Vs. Big Show in a Barbed Wire match, and from there, JBL will most likely feud with John Cena going into Wrestlemania where he might finally drop the belt. There were some rumors that Angle might win the Championship and then feud with Shawn Michaels for it at Wrestlemania, but it seems that WWE wants to go the route of having newer stars in the title picture. As of right now, JBL will most likely walk out of the Rumble with the title by pinning Show.

Moving on to the Raw title match, there is no reason to suspect that Triple H should lose at all tonight. As of right now, the company seems to be headed in the direction of Batista Vs. Triple H, and if Orton did win the title, he would have to drop it back to Triple H. A move like that would really kill Orton's character and the credibility of the title. Many people are suspecting that a Triple Threat between Orton, Batista, and Triple H is in order for Wrestlemania, but all plans still suggest that Triple H would be champion. In any case, it is almost certain that Triple H will defeat Orton tonight at the Rumble.

Don't forget to keep coming back to this site for more updates on Royal Rumble!

Wresting Exposed


posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 07:55 AM
Many expect interference with Kane and Gene Snitzky during the Undertaker vs. Heidenreich match at the Royal Rumble. The four are scheduled to be in a tag match at WrestleMania 21.

Look for Batista to get involved in the Randy Orton-Triple H match. At last check, Batista was to give HHH the win which would further their storyline.

Batista and John Cena are obviously the two favorites to win the Rumble as they are scheduled for WrestleMania 21 title shots.

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 12:36 PM

John Cena enters to a MASSIVE POP and plays to the crowd. Teddy Long comes out and explains that he's having a tournament to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21. He mentions that, should Batista decide to join the Smackdown roster, Smackdown's WrestleMania main event will be a Triple Threat Match between the winner of No Way Out's Steel Cage Barbed Wire Match, the winner of the tournament, and Batista. John "Bradshaw" Layfield comes out with "Chief of Staff" Orlando Jordan and whines about the stipulations. Long mentions the upcoming tournament matches - next week is John Cena vs. Orlando Jordan and Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio. JBL tells Cena that he's not in the same league as him. Jordan attacks Cena from behind, Cena throws Jordan over the top rope and gives JBL an FU. Cena leaves.

Kurt Angle Invitational: Kurt Angle vs. Nunzio. Kurt Angle comes out with security guards holding his gold medal. Nunzio's music hits and he walks out and confronts Angle. Angle questions Nunzio as to why he's there since he's not from San Jose. Nunzio responds that tonight, he will be from San Jose and since Kurt Angle punked him out and took his Royal Rumble number yesterday, he wanted some revenge. This match was all about Angle dominating Nunzio, although during the match, Nunzio did bust out the Sicilian Jumping Jacks.

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission (Ankle Lock)

Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Jindrak. Huge pop for Rey Rey. Good match where Rey used his quickness and agility and Jindrak used his strength, leading to a back-and-forth match.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall (springboard)

Handicap Match: The Big Show vs. "Secretaries of Defense" The Basham Brothers. Big Show started the match by using his strength and throwing both Bashams around like ragdolls. The massive chops Show was giving was reverberating throughout the stadium.

Winner: The Big Show via pinfall (chokeslam)

Rene Dupree (w/ white Fifi) vs. The Undertaker. A fair amount of heat for Dupree, WILD POP for The Undertaker, in a very rare Smackdown appearance. During the match, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns came out and were distracting and attacking Taker whilst the referee wasn't looking. At the end of the match, Jindrak and Reigns caused Dupree and Undertaker to take the fight outside of the ring. The ref started counting and, even though Undertaker was near the ring, he couldn't get in quick enough due to his leg being attacked during the match.

Winner: n/a (Double Count-Out)

After the match, Undertaker gave Dupree a Tombstone Piledriver and posed in the middle of the ring.

Main Event: Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero. Wow, Booker's pyro is HOT. Eddie and his low rider got an INSANE reaction from the crowd, as they were chanting his name all night and were excited to see him. Booker dominated the majority of this match. The match was slow-paced, which elicited some "boring" chants from the crowd. Lots of rest-holds were used, which wasn't helping since the entire crowd just sat through both a Raw and a Smackdown show. There were a couple of ref-bumps during the match. One of them, Booker pinned Eddie for over a 3-count, but once the ref regained consciousness to start the count, Eddie kicked out. Eddie tried to lie, cheat, and steal his way to victory by pretending that his knee was hurt, but Booker was smart and didn't get distracted.

Winner: Booker T via pinfall

After the match, Booker T got on the mic and said that Eddie was his amigo, his compadre, his friend. And said that he just kicked Eddie's ass in San Jose. Booker T then attacked Eddie in what seemed like a heel turn. Eddie got the upper hand and hit a frog splash on Booker.

I'm assuming the cameras went off at this point. Teddy Long came back out and told the crowd not to leave yet and that he promised the crowd a handicap match, so he would deliver one. Kind of an odd statement since we did see a handicap match with Big Show and the Bashams earlier, but oh well. GM Long sets up a match with JBL and Orlando vs The Big Show. JBL and Orlando come out and JBL screams at Teddy, calling him "Peanut Head". The Big Show's music hits and this match gets under way. Back-and-forth match, but Big Show is able to get JBL out of the ring and isolate Jordan.

Winner: The Big Show via pinfall (chokeslam)

Tony Chimmel thanks us all for coming.

Random Show Notes: The stadium looked very full. The Smackdown lesser divas (Michelle McCool and....uh....the other ones not Torrie or Dawn or Miss Jackie) threw shirts to the crowd prior to the show. There was no huge Smackdown fist on the set. Big Show is ENORMOUS. Eddie's name was chanted in between each and every match. Some flunkie immediately drove Eddie's lowrider to the back after Eddie got into the ring - maybe the lowrider had a curfew. JBL's limo wasn't seen. The crowd loves The Undertaker, plain and simple.

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 03:39 PM
Impact! for Friday 2/4:

*Petey Williams pinned Shark Boy.

*Backstage, Raven stopped Dustin Rhodes and Cassidy O'Reily from having a conversation and vowed to defeat Rhodes at Against All Odds.

*TNA X-Division champion AJ Styles defeated Buck Quartermaine. Christopher Daniels did guest commentary. After, Styles dared Daniels to get in the ring and face him. Daniels said he would wait until the PPV.

*Backstage, Dusty Rhodes told Trinity and Traci Brooks that the tag teams they brought are "awesome" and would face each other on the Against All Odds PPV Pre-Game show. Rhodes did not identify either team.

*Jeff Hardy pinned the returning David Young. Abyss attacked Hardy and they brawled in the crowd.

Backstage, Michael Shane and Kazarian asked Young if he wanted to wrestle Jeff Hammond. All three got into it with 3 Live Kru

*Abyss pinned Lex Lovett. Jeff Hardy attacked him after the match but was put through a table.

*Off the air, Jeremy Borash introduced the designers of the X-Division championship.

*Backstage, Kevin Nash was getting a massage when NWA champion Jeff Jarrett attempted to ambush him with a guitar. Nash was able to get up and run off Jarrett.

*Diamond Dallas Page & Monty Brown defeated The Naturals.

*Backstage, Kevin Nash entered Jeff Jarrett's locker room as Impact! went off the air.

Credit: Jonathan Sawicki of


posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 03:40 PM
*Dusty Rhodes announced that if Jeff Jarrett used his guitar at the Against All Odds PPV, he would lose his match against Kevin Nash by DQ and be stripped of the NWA championship.

*Johnny Devine pinned Sonny Siaki.

*Monty Brown interview.

*Diamond Dallas Page pinned Chris Candido. Team Canada came out and challenged Page. Monty Brown hit the ring and they stared down Team Canada.

*NASCAR's Jeff Hammond pinned David Young.

*They aired a coming soon video for Titus (Ryan Wilson).

*Primetime beat Chris Sabin and Shark Boy in a Three-Way match.

*NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted defeated Raven & Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt.

Credit: Jonathan Sawicki of


posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 06:23 PM
Here are some of the WWE Hall of Fame inductees announced via the early SmackDown! feed:

Mr. Wonderful
Iron Sheik
Nikolai Volkoff
Cowboy Bob Orton
Jimmy Hart

We've also heard Gordon Solie and Hulk Hogan are as much of a lock as could be without being announced.

They said more "major announcements would be made later this year".

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 02:06 PM


WWE InterContinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin pinned Val Venis.
Gene Snitsky pinned The Hurricane.
Muhammed Hussan pinned Rhyno.


Chris Benoit forced Chris Jericho to tap out in a Submission Match.
Batista pinned Maven.
William Regal & Tajiri defeated La Resistance for the WWE World Tag Team Championship.
Shawn Michaels pinned Ric Flair.
Randy Orton pinned Tyson Tomko.
WWE World Champion, Triple H pinned Edge.


Paul London beat Akio.
Hardcore Holly beat Rene Dupree and managed not be beat the crap out of him for real.
Charlie Hass beat Spike Dudley.


Eddie Guerrero beat Kenzo Suzuki.
Luther Reigns & Danny Basham vs. Mark Jindrak & Doug Basham went to a no contest when The Undertaker interfered.
Funaki beat Chavo Guerrero.
John Cena beat Orlando Jordan.
Kimono Match: Torrie Wilson beat Hiroko and then disrobed herself.
Kurt Angle beat Rey Mysterio Jr.
The Undertaker beat Heidenreich.


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 02:20 PM
Credit Alan J. Wojcik of

TNA Wrestling Impact taping Tuesday February 15, 2005 to air over the next two weeks. The journey to Destination X begins today where we could find out who will compete in the Ultimate X, why Monty Sopp (Billy Gunn who Don West called the New Age Outlaw) and Sean Waltman (X-Pac, Syxx, Syxx-Pac) are in TNA and who will take on NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett. For the first time after a PPV the entire building was filled, which I like seeing. Not on the show in a wrestling capacity: Jeff Hardy, D-Ray 3000, Alex Shelley, Simon Diamond, Glen Gilberti, Sonjay Dutt and Amazing Red.

TNA Impact to air on Friday February 18th:

The show began with a video package recapping Sunday night's PPV event. Mike Tenay and Don West spoke on camera probably about the PPV and today's events. They replayed the TNA Goes to the Super Bowl footage.

(1) Ron "the Truth" Killings (w/3LK's BG James and Konnan) defeated Michael Shane (w/Frankie "the Future" Kazarian)

Joke of the evening, Kazarian came to the ring with a "Mad Libs" book in his back pocket. Shane seemed like he was still smarting from the loss to James and Jeff Hammond but he got some assistance from Kazarian to even things out in his favor. Shane had control until he went to the top rope and Killings stopped him and brought Shane off with what appeared to be a fisherman buster in to a shoulder breaker. Killings got his second wind even as Kazarian got on the apron to interfere. Killings countered out an attempted Shane waistlock and ran Shane into Kazarian. With Kazarian out on the floor, Killings hit the scissor kick to win the match.

To go to commercial a Destination X teaser, telling the fans the Ultimate X would be on the PPV. Back from commercial Shane Douglas spoke about the Iron Man Match between AJ Styles and his guest "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Daniels claimed Styles got the win by luck. Douglas said it was Daniels who asked for the overtime. Daniels said he wanted in the Ultimate X match at the next PPV and would go through the entire X Division if DOA Dusty Rhodes made him.

(2) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/Chris Candido) defeated Buck Quartermain and Lex Lovett.

The Naturals isolated Lovett from the opening bell and kept the beating going despite encouragement from Quartermain. Lovett got the tag to his partner after hitting Douglas with a Lexbuster. Quartermain and Lovett had victory in his grasp but Candido dragged Quartermain to the floor and beat him down as Lovett got hit by the Natural Disaster. As the show went to commercial the fans showered the former World Tag Team champions with a "YOU SUCK" chant.

Back from commercial, Tracy Brooks found Dustin Rhodes and America's Most Wanted in Dusty's truck. Dustin found a Bullrope and handed Traci a contract stating he wanted Raven at Destination X in a Bullrope match. Abyss then shoved a contract down the front of Tracy's pants.

(3) Phi Delta Slam ("Brother" Bruno Sassi and Big Tilly w/Trinity) defeated Mikey Batts and Kid Romeo.

Batts and Romeo were definitely outweighed by PDS. Batts took every shot PDS hit him with and wouldn't be pinned. Somehow tagged out to Romeo, who didn't fair any better as Sassi hit him with a sit out powerbomb and Tilly came off the top with a frog splash.

JB told the fans the Victory Road PPV DVD was now on sale and could be given away.

Back from commercial DOA Dusty Rhodes and Tracy Brooks came to the ring with what Borash called a "huge announcement." Rhodes said Hardy and Abyss will face off in a Falls Count Anywhere in Universal Studios. Rhodes immediately went off on Jeff Jarrett and his cello usage on Sunday Rhodes announced Jeff Jarrett will defend the NWA World title and he will face Diamond Dallas Page at the PPV. Page took the mic and professed the NWA World tile was his and "IT’S TIME!" He then badmouthed Jarrett who shockingly made his way to the ring. Jarrett did agree that "it's time", for DDP to leave the ring so Jarrett could finish his victory celebration. Once again the fans chanted DROP THE TITLE! Jarrett said the Super Bowl incident could happen again. DDP called Jarrett to the ring and the punches began to fly as TNA officials tried to break them up. DDP got Jarrett's guitar and was ready to hit Jarrett when the New Age Outlaw (Billy Gunn) came out and jumped DDP. Jarrett and NAO beat down DDP until Kevin Nash came out to even the sides. DDP got a hold of Jarrett and hit him with a Diamond Cutter. Now we will have to listen to "Its Times" chants from now until the PPV, joy.

NWA World X Division champion AJ Styles joined Mike and Don for commentary during the next match.

(4) Chris Candido defeated Shark Boy and Chris Sabin in a three way dance.

Sabin and Shark Boy took turns beating on Candido who held his own against the two X Division competitors. At one point, Candido had Sabin in a sleeper as Shark Boy got Candido in a sleeper. Sabin backdropped Candido from the ring to the floor and then focused on Shark Boy. Sabin locked in what looked like a reverse Indian Deathlock, but before a submission happened Candido crawled in the ring and covered Shark Boy to win the match.

(5) "Alpha Male" Monty Brown wrestled Lance Hoyt (Kid Kash) to a no-contest.

Hoyt tried to match power with Brown but failed and retreated to the floor to regroup with Kash. During the action the show went to commercial and Hoyt stalled for time on the floor, getting Brown angry. Hoyt finally got back in the ring after Brown left if to get him and drag Hoyt back to it. But on the way back Kash and Hoyt changed Brown's plans and went on the attack with a stiff clothesline and a POUNCE dance impersonation. Hoyt hit a side slam but Brown came back with a back suplex, a clothesline and a fallaway slam. Kash got on the apron but Brown punched him and Brown was hit with a Hoyt thrown clothesline. Brown fought out of an inverted Razors Edge and hit the POUNCE but the house lights went down and Trytan made his first appearance on Impact standing at the top of the heel entry way. The show ended with Brown standing in the ring looking back at Trytan.

During the switch over for the next taping, Jeremy Borash had a kid named Austin in the ring with the NWA World title belt and the TNA girls. JB took several minutes throwing shirts and PPV mini-posters


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 02:25 PM
Credit: Alan J. Wojcik of

TNA Impact to air Friday February 25th:

As usual hour number two had no opening video package. Mike and Don spoke on camera about something I am sure was important. Backstage Abyss sand Jeff Hardy brawled through the pre-show catering area, using anything they could get their hands on.

(1) Team Canada members Petey Williams, Eric Young and Bobby Roode (w/Scott D’amore and Johnny Devine) defeated Dustin Rhodes and the NWA World Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted ("Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm and "Wildcat" Chris Harris)

Team Canada brawled with AMW and Rhodes around the ringside area. D'amore got in the ring to interfere but he was backdropped by Rhodes. Devine grabbed the flagpole hockey stick and went to hit Rhodes but Harris stopped him. More flag pole shots came but Roode got the pin after hitting his back of the head clothesline. This match was a brawl from bell to bell.

Shane Douglas spoke to Raven about his Destination X Bullrope match with Dustin Rhodes. Raven philosophized on Rhodes' fate at the PPV.

(2) Chris Sabin defeated Cassidy Reilly.

Reilly still had his broken fingers taped up but it didn't slow him down against the former World X Division champion. Sabin took to the air hitting Reilly with a tope to the floor but on return to the ring he was grounded by dropkick from Reilly. Reilly applied a reverse Boston Crab/surfboard combo but Sabin refused to submit. Reilly went for a handspring elbow but Sabin hit him in the back with a knee. Sabin went back on the offensive but Reilly countered out of the Cradle Shock with a Blue Thunder Driver for two. Sabin stopped Reilly short of victory by hitting the second attempt at the Cradle Shock.

"Alpha Male" Monty Brown came to the ringside area and joined Mike Tenay and Don West for commentary.

(3) Kid Kash (w/Lance Hoyt) defeated Buck Quartermain.

Kash and Quartermain traded chest chops and Quartermain hit Kash with backdrops as the fans told Hoyt he sucked. Quartermain moved out of the way of a Kash cross body block which sent Kash to the floor. The fight went to the floor and as Kash grabbed the referee, Hoyt hit Quartermain with a boot to the face. Hoyt then tossed Quartermain back in the ring for Kash to pin but it took the double underhook piledriver to pin Quartermain. When the match ended the house lights went down and Trytan appeared again, pointing at Brown and Hoyt.

The New Age Outlaw talked to BG James about some business, leaving Konnan standing confused. Tenay and West talked on camera.

(4) "Primetime" Elix Skipper defeated Chris Candido (w/The Naturals)

Skipper had control until an Irish whip allowed the Naturals to grab both ankles, forcing Skipper's face into the mat. Candido took over with a Davey Boy Smith suplex, a legdrop and a running knee to the head. Skipper hit a spinning heel kick, followed by a backdrop. However his top rope trip got interrupted but the Naturals, Candido hit a huricurana but Skipper didn't get pinned. Skipper hit his walk the ropes huricurana but the Naturals got on the apron and distracted Skipper. Candido went for a rollup but the pin only led to Skipper hitting the Play of the Day despite the Naturals attempts to break it up.

NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett came to the ringside area for commentary and walked into a huge chorus of boos from the crowd. The number one contender Diamond Dallas Page came to the ring for his scheduled match. As usual DDP made his way to the ring by going into the crowd. Jarrett left the announce table and DDP left the ring and immediately went for Jarrett and the fighting went into the crowd. At this point The New Age Outlaw and Kevin Nash got involved once more and all were sent to the locker rooms by TNA security and officials.

A pre-taped interview of Mike Tenay and Diamond Dallas Page talking about his recovery from a severe neck injury three years ago, winning the WCW World title from Jeff Jarrett and the Destination X matchup.

(5) Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian, "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels defeated NWA World X Division champion AJ Styles, Ron Killings and Sonny Siaki.

Before the match even began, they took the final commercial break. The bad blood between Styles and Daniels from Sunday was evident even in this match with four other X Division wrestlers. Out of commercial Styles went to lock up with Daniels but Kazarian hit Styles in the back of the head. Daniels beat Styles down and tagged in Shane but Styles recovered fast, hit Shane with some moves and tagged out to Killings. Killings hit Shane with a running power slam and went for a superplex. But Daniels distracted the referee as Kazarian locked his arms around Shane and Killings hit the mat hard. Daniels, Kazarian and Shane took turns working on Killings but none could get the pin even after Kazarian hit a cool looking springboard legdrop followed by a floatover kick to the chest.

Kazarian and Killings collided mid ring and Killings finally made the tag to Siaki. All six men fought in and around the ring. Daniels had Styles set for the Angels Wings but Killings broke that up. Siaki had Shane ready for the Siakialypse Now but Kazarian distracted him long enough for Shane to hit the superkick.

After the tapes stopped Daniels called out Styles and everyone fought all over again.

Matches announced for Destination X PPV:

-NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

-Ultimate X Match for the World X division title held by AJ Styles as he faces three opponents TBD

-Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy, Falls Count Anywhere in Universal Studios

-Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes in a Bullrope match


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 02:25 PM
Thanks to PWInsider and Chris Bryan for the following:


*Matt Cappoteli & Scotty Too Hotty defeated The Shane Twins.


*Hardcore Holly defeated Kenzo Suzuki with the Alabama Slam.

*Charlie Haas defeated Rene Dupree.

*Heidenreich defeated Mike Mondo.


*Rey Mysterio defeated Danny Basham. They announced Rey and a mystery partner would challenge the Basham Brothers at No Way Out. Rey then revealed his partner would be Eddie Guerrero.

*Backstage, WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield complained to Teddy Long about Batista coming to Smackdown. Long told Bradshaw that he made his own bed and now he'd have to lie in it. JBL also said he was NOT in the limo on RAW Monday and he was setup. He said he'd be at RAW Monday.

*WWE Cruiserweight champion Funaki & Paul London & Shannon Moore defeated Spike Dudley & Akio & Chavo Guerrero when Funaki pinned Spike. The match was stopped for several minutes when several of the newer Divas came out to ringside and marched around the ring with signs advertising their name and the No Way Out PPV this Sunday. Torrie Wilson was the special guest ring announcer.

*Wrestlemania 21 Pulp Fiction spoof with Eddie Guerrero and Booker T.

*Kurt Angle defeated someone billed from Cleveland in the Olympic Challenge. Angle said he was going to beat whoever he had to face at No Way Out and faced off with John Cena as they passed.

*John Cena pinned Booker T with an FU to make it into the finals of the Wrestlemania 21 title shot tournament. Cena will face Kurt Angle this Sunday at No Way Out.

*Backstage, Heidenreich made fun of Booker T for losing.

*Backstage, The Big Show did an interview promoting the barbed wire Steel Cage match. They had barbed wire on the background of the interview set.

*In his locker room, John Bradshaw Layfield spoke to The Bashams and Orlando Jordan about the Barbed Wire Cage Match. He said he wasn't afraid of Batista and if he showed up, Batista was in for a fight.

*In the ring right now is Luther Reigns vs. Nunzio.

*Luther Reigns pinned Nunzio. He cut an interview about The Undertaker. Taker came out and brawled with Reigns and Mark Jindrak, leading to....

*The Undertaker pinned Mark Jindrak. Reigns beat up a cameraman and then hit Taker from behind with the camera. Jindrak and Reigns walked out but as they were in the aisle, the Undertaker's gong was heard and he sat up.

*They played the trailer for "Be Cool."

*Carlito Caribbean Cool approached Teddy Long and said that next week, Long was going to feel Cool's wrath.

*John Bradshaw Layfield, Orlando Jordan, and The Bashams came to the ring. Batista showed up in a convertible, and takes a baseball bat out of his car and destroy's Bradshaw's limo. Bradshaw's cabinet run to the limo. The Big Show comes to the ring and confronts Bradshaw when he's alone. The Cabinet attacked Show. Batista ran in for the save and had a face off with Show as the show went off the air.

Special Dark Match:

*Undertaker & John Cena & Big Show defeated Kurt Angle & Heidenreich & WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield.

Other Smackdown Taping Notes: Tazz was plugging new toy WWE cars....It appeared a six man Cruiser bout would be added to No Way Out this Sunday.


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 04:44 PM
A possibility for No Way Out would be to have HBK screw Kurt Angle out of his match with John Cena at No Way Out, thus leading into their Wrestlemania feud. This is just a rumor at this point as WWE probably hasn't even made their final decision on the matter. Sometimes they don't decide the outcome of the main event until the superstars are ready to go out to the ring. Such was the case with Lesnar vs. Undertaker at Unforgiven. We should have full spoilers for No Way Out sometime during the week how ever.

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