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WWE: Spoilers

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posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 08:58 AM
Credit: Wrestling Observer

The JBL vs. Big Show match will actually be in a regular cage and the barbed wire will only be at the top of it. JBL is expected to retain his title with Batista likely playing a role in the match. There's expected to be a lot of crimson in the match too, possibly a saving grace considering the match may be no longer than 15 minutes.

Undertaker is headed into some sort of big match at WrestleMania and it seems Reigns is just a guy who will be fed to the Dead Man.

Cena will win his match with Kurt Angle and it's rumored Shawn Michaels may make some sort of appearance during it. Cena vs. JBL and HBK vs. Kurt Angle are two matches that are heavily rumored for WrestleMania 21.

Eddie Guerrero is expected to turn on Rey Mysterio during their tag match, which may be a risky move by WWE considering Guerrero is one of the most over superstars in the company.

The show is need of another match and Booker T vs. John Heidenreich is a near lock for that spot.


posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 02:15 PM
*Impact! opened with Dusty Rhodes, Tracy Brooks, and Trinity talking. Rhodes announced that Apollo will debut on next week's Impact! and he'd tell Jeff Jarrett the stipulation for his NWA championship at Destination X.

*Chris Sabin defeated Michael Shane with the Cradleshock.

*Shane Douglas interviewed Monty Brown, who discussed facing Trytan at Destination X.

*The Naturals & Chris Candido defeated Petey Williams & Elix Skipper & Mikey Batts.

*Backstage, Dusty Rhodes was approached by David Young who asked for another chance and was given a match next week.

*Dustin Rhodes pinned Eric Young. America's Most Wanted prevented Team Canada from interfering.

*Dusty Rhodes brought out NWA champion Jeff Jarrett and Diamond Dallas Page. Rhodes announced their match at Destination X will be a Lumberjack Match with 3 Live Kru, The Naturals and Chris Candido at ringside. Everyone got into a brawl.

*TNA X-Division AJ Styles pinned Kid Kash.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 02:16 PM
*They retaped the segment where Dusty Rhodes announced the main event stipulation for Destination X.

*Abyss & Raven defeated Mikey Batts & Cassidy Riley. Jeff Hardy appeared on the Impact! screen and called out Abyss

*Mike Tenay interviewed NWA champion Jeff Jarrett. The fans chanted "Boring" and "Drop the title." Diamond Dallas Page came out in the crowd and they bantered back and forth about their title match.

*Backstage, Trinity and Tracy Brooks were approached by Michael Shane who said he wanted to talk to Dusty Rhodes. He said that the X-Division made TNA, not the "old timers."

*Christopher Daniels defeated Chris Sabin to earn a spot in the Destination X Ultimate X bout.

*The New Age Outlaw and Konnan were talking in the back with Konnan trying to figure out what his deal with with BG Jammes. Ron Killings and BG Jammes showed up and separated the two. They teased Jammes and Outlaw reuniting.

*The New Age Outlaw defeated Sonny Siaki with the Famouser. Outlaw's theme music is very similar musically to his WWE "A** Man" song.

*Backstage, America's Most Wanted and Dustin Rhodes were in the office with Dusty Rhodes when Team Canada demanded to speak to Dusty.

*The Harris Boys defeated Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett.

*Dusty Rhodes announced that Kevin Nash vs. New Age Outlaw bout at Destination X is now a taped fist first blood match.

*David Young (with Chris Candido and The Naturals) defeated Shark Boy.

*Apollo pinned Lance Hoyt with a stunner. Monty Brown was doing commentary. The lights went out and Tryton appeared. Brown went after him as the show went off the air.


posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 02:32 PM
In somewhat of a snafu, the WWE gave away one of it's matches before it was even booked because for the past two weeks, Regal Cinema's have been playing a commercial before the movie advertising a match between Randy Orton and Undertaker at WrestleMania. Also, commercials playing in Canada have been hyping the match as well, even though it has not been officially announced yet.

Pwtorch Newsletter


posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 06:16 PM
Credit: PWInsider

Impact! for 3/18/05:

NWA champion Jefff Jarrett is backstage with Monty Brown.

TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels pinned Jerelle Clark. Daniels declared himself "Mr. TNA."

Kid Kash pinned Mikey Batts.

Backstage, 3 Live Kru were talking. Konnan doesn't trust BG Jammes after Destination X.

NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted & Dusti Rhodes defeated Chris Candido & The Naturals.

Mike Tenay interviewed NWA champion Jeff Jarrett & The Outlaw. The crowd chanted "Drop the belt." They brought out Monty Brown and the crowd chanted, "You sold out." The trio declared they would take over the world.

Backstage, Dusty Rhodes said there would be two cage matches at Lockdown. Tracy Brooks and Trinity are both still his assistants.

In his TNA in-ring debut, Shocker pinned David Young.

Diamond Dallas Page & Sean Waltman (with Kevin Nash) defeated Buck Quartermaine and Lex Lovett. Nash called out Dusty Rhodes and demanded he & DDP & Waltman vs. Gunn & Jarrett & Brown at Lockdown in a Steel Cage.


posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 06:17 PM
Impact! for 3/25:

Impact! began with a shot of Abyss and AJ Styles brawling in the back after Styles saved Tracy and Trinity from harassing them.

Trytan pinned Buck Quartermaine with an F-5.

Backstage, BG Jammes tried to talk to The Outlaw. They played up that Konnan doesn't trust Jammes anymore.

Shocker & Jeff Hardy defeated David Young & Lex Lovett.

The Disciples of Destruction defeated Shark Boy & Cassidy Riley.

Diamond Dallas Page called out Dusty Rhodes who made the six man tag Cage match official for the Lockdown PPV. They called it "Six Worlds of Steel."

Kevin Nash is jumped in the back by the heels.

Backstage, Raven stops Jeff Hardy and tries to form a tag team with him, but Hardy blows him off.

Nuevo Gran Apollo defeated Sonny Siaki. Kash & Lance Hoyt come out and challenge them to a tag match.

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed Dustin Rhodes. Scott D'Amore and Bobby Rude came out to build a singles match after Rude pinned Rhodes at Destination X.

Phi Delta Slam vs. America's Most Wanted went to no contest or a DQ ending after a number of run-ins by Team Canada and Dustin Rhodes.



posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 06:17 PM
Impact! For Friday 4/1:

Abyss defeated Cassidy Riley. AJ Styles did commentary at ringside. After the match, Abyss went for the thumbtacks, which brought out Jef Hardy. Raven attacked Hardy, with Styles jumping into the fray.

They officially announced Styles vs. Abyss as the second Six Sides of Steel match for the PPV

Primetime Elix Skipper won a four way, defeating Chris Sabin, Michael Shane (announced under that name), and Petey Williams. Sabin pinned Williams. Skipper pinned Michael Shane. Skipper pinned Sabin to become the top contender for the X-Division championship. Christopher Daniels did commentary and surprisingly enough, that was it for this taping.



posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 06:23 PM
(1) Kurt Angle defeated Marty Jannetty via submission with the Ankle Lock. Jannetty looked good, was over with the live crowd, and escaped the Ankle Lock several times.

(2) Booker T beat Luther Reigns. Afterwards, Heidenreich cut a promo saying that Booker had inspired him to be more ethnic.

(3) Paul London pinned Billy Kidman.

The Big Show cut a promo on Akebono.

WWE GM, Eric Bischoff and RAW Superstar, Randy Orton were preparing to sign the WrestleMania 21 contract to wrestle Undertaker. Once Taker's music started and he made his entrance, Orton ran away. (Orton is being turned heel again and will join SmackDown after WrestleMania 21)

(4) John Cena, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mystertio defeated JBL & The Bashams.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 01:38 PM
I was at Smackdown last night and here are some of the results (not all, since I didn't write it all down). I might be off on the sequence of events, but that's what alcohol will do to you kids (hahahaha).

Show opens with Tazz interviewing Big Show about his upcoming "Sumo match" with Akebono (rhymes nicely with Sonny Bono). Tazz hype's up Akebono's appearance for next week. Luther Reigns comes out driving a Jeep and says that he should be the one facing Akebono, not the Big Show. To prove this, Luther says that he will personally tip over the Jeep onto its side. After a couple of failed attempts, Luther jumps in the ring (while Big Show was laughing at him) and gets chokeslammed. Then, with the crowd urging him on, Big Show attempts to tip over the Jeep. Some of this portion may be edited for TV because Big Show had some difficulties at first. Then, a guy comes out from the back with a jack and lifts up part of the Jeep. Eventually, it's enough for Big Show to tip it over.

Kurt Angle in the back says he's got another "Blast from the Past" for HBK later tonight. Angle is hilarious!!!!!

Scotty Too Hotty was scheduled to wrestle Orlando Jordan, but during the intro Scotty and JBL get into it and ultimately they wrestle each other. After the predictable "worm", JBL kicks out, eventually hits the "clothesline from Hell" and gets the pin.

Hulk Hogan's Hall of Fame promo with footage of WrestleMania IX vs. Yokozuna shows up on the Titantron. I, admittedly, mark out for Hogan. He's "THE MAN" and everybody knows it. Unfortunately, I'm in Memphis where there's more Flair fans than Hulkamaniacs. BTW, lots of "whoooo" chants all night (which is always lots of fun). When I lived up in Chicago the Hogan chants at the Allstate Arena were always loud and strong. I guess Hogan appeals more to "Northerners" (like me) than "Southerners" like Memphis. That's just the way it is folks.

Teddy Long says he's got a treat for Memphis. He says he's got an Elvis impersonator to entertain us. Out comes Carlito Cool trying to sing some Elvis songs. My only question is this:
Where's The Honky Tonk Man when you really need him?

Chavo and Eddie are in the back. Chavo says Eddie should wrestle Rey and Mania.

Undertaker on the TitonTron says that there will be a "sacrifice" tonight to send a message to Randy Orton. All throughout the night during the matches, there's bits and pieces of thunder and lightning as the "threat" of the Undertaker loomed.

Best part of the night. Angle comes out to HBK's music and Sensational Sherri Martel accompanies him. Kurt points out that Sherri was instrumental in Shawn's career early on and even points out that it was Sherri who originally sang his theme song, "Sexy Boy." Kurt says that he can sing it better than HBK. So, they hit the music and Angle and Sherri start singing "Sexy Boy." Angle even dances and poses like HBK. Totally hilarious!!!!! HBK shows up on the Titantron and then rolls out a video montage of HBK's career. At the end Sherri is shown looking "emotional" as if to say, "that's my boy." Angle throws her down and slaps on the ankle lock. Note: Sherri's not looking too good these days, but all the fans at the arena got a nice "nip shot" as she was being carried out after the segment.

During breaks they're airing the WrestleMania Trailers. It goes over big with the crowd.

Dawn Marie beat Mc??. Too quick and not enough "skin" for the Memphis folks. Completely pointless match, too.

Eddie and Rey talk in the back. Eddie poses a challenge to Rey for a match at Mania.

Eddie and Rey defeat Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly. Afterwards, Rey and Eddie speak in the ring and Rey accepts Eddies challenge at Mania. No heel turn for Eddie.

Carlito in the back being interviewed by Funaki. Funaki grabs Carlito's Elvis shades and Carlito break the guitar over Funaki's head. My only question is this:
Where's The Honky Tonk Man when you really need him?

Booker T. vs. Rene Dupree. In the middle of the match, the lights go out, smoke emits from the ring. Lights come back on and Taker shows up behind Dupree. Taker chokeslams Dupree and then piledrives Dupree on the stairs. (NOTE: during the WrestleMania Trailers, taker sneaked out with other ring workers and sneaked into the ring. I noticed it immediately. It was kinda like finding out that there really is no such thing as Santa Claus).

Cena and JBL "Debate." Teddy Long mediates. Cena entices JBL to throw a punch (so that way Cena would be "allowed" to punch back). Cena spray paints JBL's limo, pours water in his 10 gallon hat, cuts his tie and tries it on, and ultimately spray paints "FU" on his shirt. Lots of quick-witted comments by Cena. Good mic work. Show ends.

After the show, Cena vs. JBL in a non-title match. Match ends with ref bump, chair-shot that backfired on JBL, Cena hits the "FU." Everybody goes home happy.

Overall, good show.

Stone Cold Footage
HBK on Titantron


Final note: decent size crowd (maybe 8,000 - 10,000). Could have had more fans, but considering we had a tornado warning in effect, not a bad attendance. Note to WWE: they need to push RVD more when he returns from injury. His new DVD is awesome and selling nicely down here. In fact, I wish Vinnie Mac would bring in Sabu. Now, we're talking "action." My opinion, Sabu should is a wrestling legend.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 01:35 PM
Credit: Dave Meltzer/Wrestling Exposed

Dark Match

Brent Albright & ? b Eddie Craven & Mike Fox

Velocity Tapings - (overseas only)

Akio defeated Nunzio
Mark Jindrak defeated Billy Kidman
Luther Reigns defeated Biohazard under his real name
Bob Holly & Charlie Haas defeated Russell "Psycho" Simpson & Jared Steele

SmackDown Tapings

Paul London is the new cruiserweight champ. They had a Battle Royal instead of a match since Chavo can't work because of his eye injury. Chavo was in the match and thrown right out. London skinned the cat on Kidman to win. Others involved were Nunzio, Funaki, Akio, Spike and one other guy.

Doug Basham defeated Eddie Guerrero - Mysterio tried to help when Danny was intefering. He screwed up and Eddie was mad

Booker T defeated Luther Reigns. This was a backdrop to get Sharmell over more than Booker

Bob Orton Jr. came out and got on his hands and knees and begged the Undertaker not to destroy his son. Undertaker had no such mercy. Of course, Randy came from behind and RKO'd him. Bob laughed.

Danny Basham defeated Rey Mysterio - I'll bet you can figure out the drill by now

Kurt Angle did the Angle slam and ankle lock on poor Josh Matthews since Josh apparently was a fan of Shawn Michaels growing up. No Shawn on this show.

Akebono and Big Show had a weigh-in. The worked weights were 493 and 504 respectively.

Akebono defeated Eddie Vegas. This was his first pro match,and it wasn't even in Japan where it would mean big ratings. 58 seconds and short enough that it wasn't bad.

John Cena NC Carlito. JBL came out with police officers in the middle of the match to arrest Cena for vandalism. He was taken out. Well, hopefully he can raise the bail money by Sunday.

Of course, in Houston, he made bail in seconds, and Teddy Long gave the people Wrestlemania early in a dark match. They went 15:00, non-title, FU and it's over. People were super into Cena, more than anyone else on the show, and were on their feet the entire match. However, I was also told without a hot crowd, this match is terrible.


posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:49 PM
The show opened with a video recap of the amazing four way X division elimination match from last week's show where Elix Skipper won to face his former XXX partner Christopher Daniels at Lockdown.

(1) Chris Sabin defeated Michael Shane.

These two faced each other several times feuding over the X title in 2003, so this was excellent from the bell. To no one's surprise these two high fliers began the match with some mat wrestling until Shane took the fight to the floor and threw Sabin back first into the ring barricades. Back in the ring Sabin fought back but Shane was one step ahead of him, wearing Sabin down with a sleeper. Sabin got to his feet and hit an enziguiri followed by a power slam for two. Sabin's attempted corner splash met Shane's boot and then Sabin's shoulder met the ring post. Shane's cockiness that he exuded during the match, did him in as Sabin rolled him up for a pin. After the match Shane hit Sabin with a superkick, and went to commercial as Shane stood over Sabin and taunting him.

Back from commercial, Don West and Mike Tenay spoke from the announcers table and we heard none of it. After this the DOA Dusty Rhodes made his way to the rampway to speak about Lockdown. If I understood the Texican he spoke, Dustin Rhodes/Bobby Roode is some sort of Black Widow of Death match, Raven and Jeff Hardy is a table's match, the six man cage match is a lethal lottery match and the winner of Styles/Abyss will face Jarrett at Hard Justice in May. Rhodes ended by saying all eight matches on Lockdown will be inside the Six sides of Steel.

(2) "the Phenomenal" AJ Styles defeated Chase Stevens of the Naturals (w/Andy Douglas and Chris Candido)

Styles tossed Stevens all around the ring with armdrags and dropkicks. Stevens went to the floor to recover so Styles hit all three men on the floor with a tope. Back in the ring, Styles wore down Stevens with a chinock as the show went to commercial. Styles let Stevens to his feet and then the fun began as Stevens hit Styles with a hangman on the top rope. Stevens put Styles in a front facelock as TV came back from commercial. Styles fought to his feet but Stevens hit him with an STO for two. Stevens took his mind off Styles for a moment and it allowed Styles time to recover. Styles had the match won but Douglas and Candido cut the pin off. Styles got back in the ring and Stevens hit an Alabama Slam but it didn't finish Styles off who hit Stevens with the Styles Clash to pin Stevens. Abyss came out holding a chair but TNA security surrounded Styles.

Back from commercial America's Most Wanted joined Mike Tenay and Don West for commentary.

(3) Dustin Rhodes and Cassidy Reilly defeated Lex Lovett and David Young.

Reilly was in control until he was backed into a corner and worked over by Lovett and Young. He escaped and tagged in Rhodes who cleaned house. Reilly rolled up Lovett to win his first contest on Impact.

Back from commercial, Mike Tenay interviewed NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett in the ring to discuss his match at Lockdown. Tenay reminded Jarrett the cage match is under Lethal Lockdown rules, all weapons will be allowed. Jarrett incited the crowd talking about he still owns the NWA World title belt and he is a wrestling dynasty. They replayed the footage of Nash being jumped last week as Jarrett gave a "fair global warning" to Page and Waltman that they better stick together 24/7. As Jarrett wrapped up his lecture DDP came from the crowd and attacked Jarrett. The Outlaw came out and tried to attack DDP but Page escaped unharmed.

Back from commercial Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels spoke about their match at Lockdown, now that it is inside the Six Sides of Steel. They traded insults about the last time XXX was inside the cage. Daniels challenged Skipper to fight now but Skipper decided to wait until Lockdown.

(4) Gran Apolo (w/Sonny Siaki) defeated Kid Kash (w/Lance Hoyt) via DQ.

This was a mismatch on paper but having Hoyt in his corner equaled out the equation. Apolo used his size advantage to toss Kash around the ring as the show went to commercial. Kash went to the floor to stall for time and also avoided contact with Apolo. Back in the ring Apolo matched Kash's speed and worked the Notorious KID's left arm with armdrags and armbars. Back from commercial Apolo's legs got grabbed by Hoyt and the duo fought on the floor. Kash came over the top and hit Apolo with a huricurana and then a chair shot. Back in the ring, Kash went after Apolo's knee trying to get a submission. Dusty Rhodes joined Tenay and West on commentary. Kash went for a moonsault but Apolo caught him in mid air and hit a running power slam. Kash hit a springboard huricurana but a tornado DDT went nowhere. Sonny Siaki came out with a chair but Hoyt's interference made Andrew Thomas call for the bell. The foursome fought all over using chairs and barricades to beat each other down.

Backstage Kevin Nash fought with and beat down Chris Candido and the Naturals as hour one ended.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Insider


posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:50 PM
(1) Michael Shane, Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt defeated Chris Sabin, Gran Apolo and Sonny Siaki

From the way these matches have worked out, I am guessing Hoyt/Kash vs Apolo/Siaki is on the PPV in some form or fashion. Kash and then Shane were beaten down by all three opponents. Hoyt tagged in and changed everything by attacking Siaki. As TV went to break Kash, Shane and Hoyt traded tags taking turns to beat down Siaki. Back from break Shane had Siaki in a chinlock but Siaki fought to his feet but was taken to the mat by Hoyt. Hoyt went to the top but missed a moonsault, holy crap. Apolo tagged in and attacked Kash and Hoyt as Sabin took Shane to the floor. Sabin ended up hitting the ring barricade and Siaki coming to his aid. This allowed Hoyt to cut off Apolo's attempted superplex of Kash. Hoyt hit a power bomb and Kash hit a frog splash.

Mr. Daggett came to the ringside area with Chris Candido in a wheelchair looking like a car accident victim. Daggett said that if Nash came near any of his clients security would be forced to remove him from the building. Back from break Trinity, who was carrying a copy of Dusty Rhodes new book, spoke to Michael Shane about something but she was stopped by Tracy Brooks.

(2) 3 Live Kru's BG James and Ron "the Truth" Killings defeated Team Canada's Petey Williams and A1 (w/Scott D'amore) vs BG's spiel was cut off by Team Canada but it backfired as 3LK isolated A1. A1 was able to get away and take Killings to the Team Canada corner where Williams was tagged into the match. The duo made several tags trying to wear down Killings but they didn't get a pin even after Williams "O' Canada crotch shot." both men made tags and BG James came in hot, taking out both members of Team Canada. 3LK won by hitting A1 with the double team scissor kick.

Elix Skipper joined mike Tenay and Don West for commentary during the next match.

(3) In a non-title match, "the self professed Mr. TNA" and NWA World X Division champion "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels defeated Mikey Batts .

Daniels told Skipper to watch the match to see what was going to happen at Lockdown. What happened was Batts holding his own until Daniels cut off a high risk move. Daniels took Batts down to the mat an continued to taunt Skipper. Daniels brought Batts back to his feet only to toss him into a corner upside down. Batts fought back getting Daniels down got a two count. Daniels was knocked into Rudy Charles. Skipper came in and counted a pin as Batts had Daniels pinned. Batts and Skipper celebrated but Daniels hit Skipper with an enziguiri. Batts was finished off with the Angel's Wings.

Konnan spoke with BG James and Killings about BG's dealings with the Outlaw. Konnan asked 3LK to stay in the locker room so "no more guitar shots could take place."

(4) 3 Live Kru's Konnan defeated Team Canada's "Showtime" Eric Young (w/Scott D'amore).

Konnan looked naked without 3LK at ringside and Young used it to his advantage. Young and D'amore kept K-Dog on the mat but Young's trip to the top rope backfired as Konnan brought his knees up. Both men traded attempted pinfalls but Konnan hit an Alabama Slam followed by a power bomb to finish off Young.

Shane Douglas interviewed AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy about their respective matches at Lockdown an next week's tag match against Raven and Abyss. As it ended Raven hit Hardy in the head with a garbage can. During the changeover JB mentioned the TNA action figures would be in stores in the next two weeks. NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett joined Tenay and West for commentary. Kevin Nash came out and tried to get to Jarrett but seven security officers (local workers (including the Market Crashers, Sean Allen, Brian Gamble ) Shane Douglas and Mr. Daggett made him leave the building.

(5) The Outlaw and "Alpha Male" Monty Brown defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Syxx-Pac/Sean Waltman

Outlaw began but DDP and Waltman made tags working him over until Brown tagged in on the commercial break. Waltman looked like a kindergartner in the ring with Brown. Brown tossed Waltman to the floor where Outlaw did some damage. Back from the break, Waltman avoided a Brown splash and tagged in DDP but Brown tagged in Outlaw who hit DDP with a cheap shot. Outlaw and Brown took turns beating down DDP. DDP would not be pinned and made the tag to Waltman who came in like the house of fire Gordon Solie used to proclaim. The finishers began to be hit. Waltman hit Outlaw with the X Factor. Brown was hit by a Diamond Cutter. Outlaw hit DDP with the Famouser. Waltman hit Outlaw with the Bronco Buster but Jarrett got the last shot by hitting Waltman with a guitar shot. DDP and Jarrett fought to the back as Waltman laid in the ring beaten down.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Insider


posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:51 PM
(1) 3Live Kru defeated Buck Quartermain, Lex Lovett and David Young.

Konnan turned into Random Task of Austin Powers fame using his sneaker on Lovett and Quartermain. Tags happened, Young and BG had an exchange that went in Young's favor. Several fans on the hard cam side removed their shoes in tribute to K-Dog, several fans fainted from the odor. The trio made tags to wear down BG but he would not be pinned and made the tag to Killings who kept his shoes on. Killings hit Young with the scissor kick to win the match as Konnan and BG hit Lovett with the shoe on the floor. This match was sponsored by Nike.

Tenay and West spoke on camera but no one heard them. "Lonestar" Dustin Rhodes joined Tenay and West for commentary but Bobby Roode came out and hit him with a chair several times. TNA Security and America's Most Wanted made him leave ringside.

(2)In a non-title match, former NWA World Tag Team champions The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/Daggett who wheeled Chris Candido to the ring) defeated NWA World Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted ("Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm and "Wildcat" Chris Harris.)

This was one of the hottest feuds in 2004 and I am happy TNA allowed the Orlando fans to see what Nashville got to see and appreciate. At the bell the foursome brawled around ringside using barricades and the announce tables as weapons. During the fighting, Storm went to hit the defenseless Candido but Rudy Charles stopped him. TV went to and came back from commercial at some point during the action. The match finally made its way to the ring where the Naturals worked over Storm for several minutes. Storm survived and made the tag to Harris who cleaned house as Storm recovered, then he hit Stevens with a superkick. Douglas cut Storm off as Harris had Stevens ready to be hit with the Catatonic when Candido got out of the wheelchair, climbed in the ring and hit Harris with his arm cast. Stevens covered Harris for the win. The Naturals and Candido didn't make a fast enough escape as AMW stopped them and wheeled Candido back to the ring for a beat down.

Tenay and West spoke on camera but no one heard anything.

(3) Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles defeated Raven and Abyss via DQ

Raven was in the ring but when Hardy came in, Raven tagged out to Abyss who had little success. Styles and Raven tagged in and exchanged offensive moves which Raven was able to survive as Abyss stopped Styles attempted slingshot move from the apron. TV went to and came back from commercial break as Raven and Abyss made tags wearing down Styles but couldn't get the pin or submission. Raven went under the ring and got a table telling Abyss to toss Styles into it. It backfired as Styles fought out of the powerbomb and tagged in Hardy. Abyss' corner splash hit Raven instead Hardy. Hardy hit Raven with Twist Of Fate but got two. Abyss hit Hardy with the Black Hole Slam but Styles broke it up. Styles went for the Styles clash but Raven broke it up. Abyss grabbed his chain and went to hit Hardy but Styles stepped in the way and Andrew Thomas called for the bell. Abyss grabbed a chair and placed it in the corner. He wrapped th chain around his hand and as Styles stood in the corner whipped Styles with hit and the chain wrapped around hitting Styles in the ribs. Raven tossed Hardy out of the ring through the table. Raven wrapped Abyss' chain around Styles' neck and Abyss pulled Styles head first into the folding chair. EMT's tried to get Styles on a stretcher but Abyss attacked him. TNA Security was needed to get Abyss and Raven to leave ringside. After the cameras stopped rolling Raven and Abyss came back out to confront Styles and Hardy but security stopped them from making it to the ring.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Insider


posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:52 PM
All matches will take place in the "Six Sides Of Steel."

Lethal Lockdown
Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash, & Sean Waltman Vs. Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown, & The Outlaw

TNA X Division Championship
Christopher Daniels (c) Vs. Primetime

NWA Tag Team Championship
Flag Match
America's Most Wanted (c) Vs. Team Canada

Number One Conteder Match - Winner Faces Jeff Jarrett At Hard Justice
AJ Styles Vs. Abyss

Texas Vs. Canada Challenge
Dustin Rhodes Vs. Bobby Roode

Tables Cage Match
Raven Vs. Jeff Hardy

X Division Escape
Six X Division Wrestlers Unannounced As Of Yet

Source: Wrestling Exposed


posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:53 PM
Credit: Justin Smith of Pro Wrestling Torch


(1) Mark Jindrak pinned Frankie Kazarian at 3:58.


(1) Booker T pinned Spike Dudley at 1:53.

(2) Akio pinned Funaki at 5:08.

(3) Heidenreich pinned Shawn ?Ellis? at 1:57.

(4) Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas over The Basham Bros. via DQ at 6:53.


Smackdown opened with the proverbial 15 minute interview that started with JBL stating his intentions with a rematch with John Cena. This led to Eddie Guerrero interrupting to the biggest pop of the night issuing his own intentions of facing Cena. Booker T was next, followed by Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and Kurt Angle, in that order. Kurt Angle - "I was arrested Sunday night. I was arrested on charges of armed robbery. I was arrested for stealing the show!" Kurt Angle - "Okay, let's get a few things straight here. You, you, and you (pointing to Big Show, JBL, and Eddy) all LOST at WrestleMania. You (Booker T) weren't even AT Wrestlemania. And unfortunately for you (Mysterio), you must be THIS TALL in order to challenge for the title." This all led to Theodore Long declaring a "Number One Contender Championship Series" involving the six challengers to take place over the next month or so on Smackdown. Tonight would be the first match pitting JBL against Rey Mysterio, Jr.

(1) Paul London (c) pinned Billy Kidman to retain the Cruiserweight Title at 6:55. Decent but underwhelming match that consisted of Kidman on offense for 90% of the match. London bled here and it was actually enough to warrant a change in the ring mat after the match. London won with a roll-up. Chavo Guerrero, who was a guest commentator for the match attacked London with Kidman's assistance.

(2) Big Show pinned Luther Reigns at 2:13. This was set up by a Reigns promo in the back where he was making fun of Show's WrestleMania Sumo match. Match was nothing.

John Cena gave a decent but done before promo declaring "The Champ is here!" a few dozen times. This was kept under ten minutes.

The proverbial 10 minute Diva bikini contest.

Next week, Carlito will debut his own talk show that will be "cooler than Piper's Pit" called Carlito's Cabana.

(3) Kurt Angle submitted "Jose from San Diego" AT 0:36. This was the Kurt Angle Invitational Hometown Challenge. Angle revealed after the match that he would face Eddy Guerrero next week in match number two of the Number One Contender Championship Series.

(4) JBL beat Rey Mysterio, Jr. via DQ at 14:11.


(1) John Cena & Big Show beat JBL & Orlando Jordan when Show pinned Jordan at1:53. The only match of the night to cross the two-star plateau (in my opinion, of course). This was decent enough, ending when Eddy interfered to attack JBL even though Mysterio had just hit his finisher and was in the process of the pin count. This of course was to simply fuel the fire towards the heel turn. After the match JBL, Orlando Jordan, and the Bashams beat on Eddy and Rey until John Cena made the save. This is where I presume the cameras stopped rolling. Theodore Long then came out and "treated us" to Cena & Show vs. JBL & Jordan. This only lasted 1:53 when Show pinned Jordan with a chokeslam. At this point I took off so I very well may have missed something else, possibly a Taker appearance.

NOTES: Arena was pretty much soldout, bar a few scattered seats here and there... Overall the show was a typical Smackdown - not so great. The main event was decent and Akio vs. Funaki for Velocity was a fun little match. Other than that a very underwhelming night to say the least.


posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 04:46 PM
Source: WO & 1W

The WWE have accidentally leaked a house show card for one of their SmackDown! shows next month in Newark, DE. According to the card it features Booker T defending his United States Championship against Kurt Angle.

The last time WWE featured someone as champion when they were not, was Paul London with the Cruiserweight title and the title change did happen, so there is a strong chance of Booker T winning the United States Championship in the future.


posted on Apr, 19 2005 @ 01:01 PM
Pyro explodes and we are off... they are using the RAW setup all night.

Booker T vs,. The Big Show. During the middle of the match, JBL and Kurt Angle who were BOTH on commentary got up and attacked the two for the double DQ. Teddy Long comes out and announces that tonight there will be a tag team match featuring Kurt Angle and JBL against The Big Show and Booker T. He also announces next week that there will be a fatal fourway between these four with the winner going on to face John Cena. Booker T's wife Sharmell was at ringside with him.

In the ring now is Carlito's Cabana with Eddie Guerrero. Carlito was an instigator here asking Eddie why he and Rey were having problems over the last few weeks. Eddie Guerrero gets on the microphone and calls out Rey Mysterio. The two agree to make up as Eddie considers Rey 'part of his family' and wind up hugging. As this happens, MNM show up on the Titan Tron and challenge Eddie and Rey to a tag team title match tonight. Eddie tells them to come down to the ring and meet them face to face. Melina said they were more comfortable and as the camera fades to the side, MNM spray paint Eddie Guerrero's car with 'MNM' Eddie and Rey run to the back as they fade to commercial.

When we come back, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio are looking at Eddie's spray painted car. Eddie gets pissed and says tonight they will face the two for the tag titles.

Matt Morgan is interviewed backstage and he is doing a stuttering gimmick similar to that of Bubba Ray Dudley back in the day. He talks like Nick Bockwinkel.

Backstage segment with Orlando Jordan and The Bashams. Some bittering back and forth which ends up with Jordan claiming he will face Cena tonight, title vs. title on the line. The Bashams tell him he better win. Bashams seemed to be starting a face turn.

Matt Morgan (he has a goatee now) defeated an unannounced opponent in a squash with a suplex into a DDT. Morgan's theme music is the same as the music on the "Rise & Fall Of ECW" DVD.

Booker T and The Big Show defeated Kurt Angle and JBL when Big Show chokeslammed JBL. Angle could have made the save, but instead just walked away and abandoned JBL.

John Heidenreich comes to the ring and says he had spent the last several days in New York looking for a friend. He has a special guest for tonight. That guest is the Brooklyn Brawler. Brawler comes out and Heidenreich reads him a poem. Brawler, who is in a Yankees cap and Jersey, says the poem stunk and that the only thing worse than that was the Yankee's choking to the Red Sox in the World Series. He then goes on to rip off the Yankees hat and Jersey to reveal RED SOX gear. Brawler has turned HEEL! LOL. The place goes nuts and Heindenreich beats up on Brawler for not being his friend. Crowd LOVED this.

MNM defeated Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio for the tag team titles. The ending came when Mysterio was distracted with Melina on the outside after she interrupted his 619. One member of MNM hit an elevated DDT for the win They win the titles. Now Mysterio and Guerrero are in the ring. Eddie shoved down Mysterio. Mysterio slapped Guerrero... They are in each others face. . Mysterio shoved Guerrero and is now leaving. Eddie is on the ground looking at him pissed off.

They take a break here to shoot the live commercial before RAW... (the one that airs 15 minutes prior to the show going live)

John Cena came out and cut a promo about how New York was the great and how they could overcome anything. Cena vs. Jordan ended with the Basham's trying to interfere. He was able to fend them off and hit the FU for the win.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


posted on May, 4 2005 @ 02:06 PM
Thanks to for these:

Billy Krotchsen called in the following results from the Smackdown tapings in Trenton, New Jersey:

Dark Match:

Haas pinned Big Vito


Jindrak pinned Spike.

The Big Show defeated Jose & Joel Maximo.

The Bashams defeated Funaki and Nunzio.

WWE Cruiserweight champion Paul London pinned Akio.


Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and calls out Eddiue Guerrero asking him to explain his actions last week. Guerrero tells Rey he has nothing to say to him. Rey strikes Eddie. Guerrero says that he never hit Rey, and Rey says, "So what?" Eddie walks off as Rey asks him if he's scared Rey is going to beat him.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is talking to Teddy Long. Chavo Guerrero defends "Uncle Eddie" and they end up in a brawl.

Matt Morgan pinned Rob Eckos, who was not named.

Booker T pinned Orlando Jordan in a non-title match. During the bout, Booker T's wife Sharmell was cheering for him backstage while watching a monitor. Kurt Angle confronted her about Booker costing him a title shot and challenged Booker to a match at the Judgment Day PPV with Sharmell at ringside.

MNM defeated Scotty Too Hotty and Shannon Moore. Rey Mysterio hit the ring with a lead pipe and chased them off.

JBL did an interview in the ring insulting Trenton. John Cena came out and insulted JBL and it ended up with an announcement they would have an I Quit Match at the PPV.

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero was talking to MNM about Rey Mysterio.

Kurt Angle beat someone in a Kurt Angle Open, then called out Booker T. Booker accepts the match for the PPV. Angle says he's going to make Booker tap and called his wife a "guttersl**." Booker hits the ring and brawls with Angle. Sharmell slaps him. Angle low blows Booker and goes after Sharmell, who trips. She runs and trips. Angle tries to slap on the Ankle Lock but the officials stop him.

The Divas are listening to John Cena's new CD. Heidenreich reads a poem about "Bad, Bad Women."

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero promised Eddie Guerrero he was going to take out Rey Mysterio in a Streetfight.

Carlito Carribean Cool pinned Bob Holly with his feet on the ropes. He announced that next week he would have Bog Show on his Cabana and would make him an offer he can't refuse.

They world premiered John Cena's rap video.

Rey Mysterio pinned Chavo Guerrero in a Street fight. Guerrero and MNM attacked Rey. Eddie Guerrero made the save and ran them off. Eddie and Rey embraced but Guerrero attacked him. Eddie beat Rey bloody and tore his mask, right out of a Lucha angle. He suplexed Rey across the ring steps and left him bloody laying on the floor.

Dark Match:

*WWE champion John Cena and Big Show defeated John Bradshaw Layfield and WWE United States champion Orlando Jordan.


posted on May, 4 2005 @ 02:07 PM
Thanks to PWTorch:

WWE Smackdown/Velocity tapings
May 3, 2005
Trenton, N.J.
Report John Doan of Yardley, PA, Torch subscriber

Camera side was packed, the rest of the house was about 1/2 full.


(1) Charlie Haas beat Vito via a cool submission move. Nice heat for Vito. Haas used a Stinger Splash at one point.

(2) Mark Jindrak beat Spike Dudley. I'll tell you what. Spike can take one hell of a beating.

(3) The Big Show beat two jobbers (Jose and Joel) in a handicap match. Show won when he sidewalk slammed jobber #1 onto jobber #2.

(4) The Basham Brothers beat Nunzio and Funaki when one of the Bashams did a nice sitdown powerbomb. Nunzio took the brunt of the beating.

(5) Paul London beat Akio with a great finisher. Paul London did the Stan Hansen claw and some funny karate moves. I'm not sure which of the two guys had the worst ring attire. London with his Ultimate Warrior boots or Akio in his pajamas.


Tazz and Michael Cole are introduced and a really well put together recap of Eddie and Rey from last week aired. Rey comes out and calls out Eddie. Eddie finally comes out and they have a staredown. Eddie tells Rey he has NOTHING to say to him. Rey tells Eddie that he calls Rey familia, but "Words don't mean a thing". Rey slaps Eddie, punches Eddie and wants a fight "right now." Eddie ends up walking out on Rey.

Backstage, Rey talks to Teddy Long backstage when Chavo Jr walks in and defends Eddie's actions last week. Rey and Chavo get into a pull apart brawl. I'm not sure if it is set then or later, but the main event will be a Street Fight between Rey and Chavo Jr.

(1) Stuttering Matt Morgan beats an unidentified kid. As the ring announcer is about to say the kids name, Matt Morgan grabs the mike and does his really bad stuttering routine. I mean REALLY BAD. He does have a cool finishing move though.

Christina Aguilera is on screen with her little brothers at the filming of John Cena's new music video for "Bad Bad Man." It is a take off of the old A-Team TV show. World premiere of the video tonight.

(2) Booker T beat Orlando Jordan with the scissor kick. Booker T had a nice flying forearm midway through and a missile drop kick for a 2 count. Jordan seems to have cut his lip hardway after the first time he is sent out of the ring. Spinarooni after the bell by Booker T. Booker T's wife is celebrating her husband's win backstage when Kurt Angle comes up from behind and argues with her. He ends up calling out Booker T for a match at Judgement Day.

A very hot Diva commercial aired for the new Diva DVD. Funny though that Mae Young got the biggest cheer when she is shown kissing Eric Bischoff. That's Trenton for ya.

A commercial aired for the WrestleMania 21 DVD which comes out next Tuesday. This looks like a must have. It will have three discs with all the movie trailer commercials with outtakes and bloopers and the hall of fame ceremony. Looks like a great package.

(3) MNM (w/Melina) beat Scotty 2 Hotty & Shannon Moore. Shannon Moore looked like the Red Rooster. Scotty did the worm bit, but Melina climbs onto the apron and distracts him before he lands the elbow. MNM double team Moore and get the pinfall. Rey Mysterio comes out with a pipe and chases MNM out of the ring.

JBL arrives in his limo. He calls Trenton, N.J. a "suburb of New York." I never understood why JBL is so over, but he has such heat it is unreal. He had the crowd ready to tear him apart. He says how he has been Angle, Rey, etc. but there is only one left... Cena, and he will beat him at Judgement Day. Cena comes out and says that their match at Judgement Day will be an I Quit Match. The last two words that we will hear "as (JBL) passes out in a pool of his own blood will be I Quit." Cena is as over babyface as JBL is as heel.

Clips of WrestleMania Revenge overseas tour are shown. No clips of the hotel brawl though.

Kurt Angle comes out and beats down some jobber. He gives him the Angle Slam and the ankle lock. He grabs a mic and wants to know if Booker T accepts his challenge. Booker T and his wife come out. Book accepts. Angle calls his wife a "gutter slut". Book and Angle get into a brawl in the ring. Book throws Angle out of the ring, gets him in a full nelson, and lets his wife slap the taste out of Angle's mouth. They make their way back into the ring. Booker T's wife is heading backstage when she slips. Angle goes after her and tries to put her in the anklelock, but the refs break it up.

Divas in the back dancing to Cena's new album when Heidenreich come up and lays a poem on them. Dawn Marie takes offense to it and leaves. The Divas get Heidenreich to dance with them.

Eddie is in his locker room when Chavo comes in. He tells Eddie that he is a better man than him because Chavo would have beaten Rey up. Chavo vows to teach Rey a lesson tonight.

(4) Carlito Cool beats Hardcore Holly with a backslide while using the ropes for leverage. Next weeks guest Carlito's Cabana will be the Big Show and Carlito will "make him an offer he cannot refuse".

Teddy Long comes out and introduces Cena's music video. Gary Coleman has a cameo. I am a metal head, but Cena's song is pretty good for a rap song. The whole A-Team take off is great!

(5) Rey Mysterio beats Chavo Jr. with the coolest finishing move I have ever seen. It is hard to describe, but it involves Chavo sitting in a chair and Rey coming off the top rope and landing on him. It was great to see. Rey's mask was coming apart throughout the match. Rey had a nice plancha off a ladder too. After the match, MNM and Chavo beat down Rey until Eddie comes out and makes the save. Eddie beats MNM and Chavo and Rey and Eddie hug. Eddie then (shocker) turns on Rey and clothesline him. Eddie throws Rey out of the ring, picks him up on his shoulder and rams Rey's head into the ringpost. Eddie rips apart Rey's mask and throws him back into the ring. Rey is a bloody mess. Eddie drops Rey onto a chair, then out of the ring, Eddie drops Rey head first onto the ring stairs. Rey is left an absolute bloody mess. His mask is almost torn off and he is bleeding heavily. Very vicious beatdown Eddie puts on Rey. After the cameras stop, the EMT's put Rey onto a backboard and stretcher him out.


(1) The Big Show & John Cena beat JBL & Orlando Jordan. Cena F.U.'s JBL while at the same time Show chokeslams Jordan. Ref does a double 3 count.


posted on May, 12 2005 @ 01:35 PM
The show starts out with the lonely road of faith video. Big Pops for Hogan, Warrior, Rock and Stone Cold.

Dark Match: CM Punk Vs. Amazing Red

Punk was way off on his game with many mistakes when trying to do reversals. Red was on fire with high flying maneuvers. End comes when red tries for some sort of frog splash but does an Eddie roll Punk catches him with a stiff DDT.

Velocity Starts

Akio and Kidman Vs. Nunzio and Mark Jindrak

Nunzio took a beating from the heels for most of the match until he tags Jindrak. Jindrak hit a reverse full nelson slam that dropped Akio on his knee. It was an awesome move. Jindrak hits the left hook but Kidman breaks it up. Nunzio in to kick out kidman. Jindrak hits a Flying clothesline for the win.

Renee Dupree Vs. Shannon Moore

Dupree controlled most of the match. He hit some type of powerslam/powerbomb for the win.

Basham Brothers Vs. Joel and Jose Maximo

Another squash match. Doug pinned Joel with the reverse rocker dropper.

Non Title: Orlando Jordan Vs. Scottie 2 Hottie

Orlando sporting the new Don King look, controlled the early part and mocked the worm set up dance. Scottie fires backs with kicks and punches. Scottie hits a superkick but couldn’t cover. Scottie tries for the bulldog but Orlando reverses it into a STF for the win

Smackdown Starts

Eddie Guerrero In ring Segment

Announced on the screen is Eddie Vs. Rey at Judgment Day. He comes to the ring with a remix of his entrance music. He has a spotlight on him when he sits in the middle of the ring. He said he beat Rey because Rey wanted a fight. Eddie was booed like crazy. Eddie takes out the bloody white mask he tore off of Rey last week and said that he realized that Rey and the fans stole from him his love, his passion, his LATINO HEAT, but he got it all back last week.He told Rey that he needs to tell his kids that at judgment day that they might not have a father because unlike last week when he stole Rey’s blood, he will take his life.

Spike Dudley Vs. Heidenreich

Heidenreich says hes going to fight Spike because Spike didn’t want to be his friend and asked if anyone in the audience would be his friend. He finds one of the security guards son and read him a poem. Heidenreich wins with a Black Hole Slam.

Sharmell/Booker T Backstage segment

Sharmell is shown walking towards the lockeroom to pump up Booker. Booker says he wants another form of motivation and makes out with Sharmell.

MNM and Chavo Backstage Segment

Chavo talks to the champs and says that Paul London will not be able to find partners for the 6 man tag match. Melina says one person who wont be his partner is Rey Mysterio.

Showed the events between Angle/Booker T

Kurt Angle Backstage segment

Kurt first warns Josh not to do anything funny or he’ll get his butt kicked again. Kurt states that he would never want to hurt a woman like Sharmell because he likes guttersl*ts. He then hesitates to say that he wants to have sex with Sharmell. He doesn’t want ordinary sex, he wants the real beastiality sex, perverted sex with her.

MNM and Chavo Vs. Paul London, Charlie Haas, and Hardcore Holly

Melina distracts Haas to get the advantage. Haas takes much of the offense until he hits a T-bone suplex on Chavo and tags in Hardcore. Hardcore has control and hits Nitro with a Alabama Slam. Cover broke up by Chavo, London tagged in. Chavo tries for a Gory Bomb, London reverses into a rollup, Chavo reverses into a pin with his feet on the ropes.

Cena in Best Buy in Newark, De is shown again.

Bad Bad Man video is shown again.

JBL In ring Segment

He announced the re-release of his book, Have More Money Now and trashes Cena’s CD. He says that Cena is not a Bad Bad Man but a bad champion and his 15 minutes of fame are up. He says he has taken chokeslams through his limo, through announce tables, frog splashes from the top of steel cages, and bookends on the floor but has never said I QUIT. He guarantees that he will bust Cena open and make him say I Quit. He says when a man says I Quit, he gives the man who forces him to say it his soul. Cena comes out and a fight breaks out. Cabinet comes out, then a buch of cruiserweights, and officials. Basic pull apart fight.

Eddie Guerrero Vs. Jimmy Jacobs

He beats him down and then puts the mask on Jacobs. He beat him senseless on the outside and grabs a chair. He then gave Jacobs a brainbuster on the steel chair. Eddie was DQ’ed. Takes mask off Jacobs and continues to yell at the mask. Eddie has gone Loco en de cabeza.

Booker/Sharmell Backstage Segment

Booker is pissed and tells Sharmell to stay in the back during his match against Angle.

Matt Morgan Vs. Funaki

Morgan took the mic(stutters) and asked Funaki what is the nickname they call him. Funaki responds Smackdown’s number one reporter. Morgan tells him that they were making fun of the way he spoke. Funaki gave Morgan a thumb to the eye but that would be the only offense. Morgan hits the reverse suplex into a rockbottom for the win.

Carlito’s Cabana with the Big Show

Show comes out and Cool tells him that the offer is for Big Show to be his new bodyguard. Big Show says that he doesn’t play second banana to anyone. Carlito says he only has apple on the cabana. Carlito shows clips of Show, showing his leg off in a bath robe from Wrestlemania and shots of him in the thong and losing to Akebono. Carlito said if he was in his corner that he would have not lost. Big Show tells him that he needs him like he needs a bigger shoe size. Carlito grabs and apple from his pocket, but Show steals it from him. Big show grabs Carlito by the throat and starts to eat the apple. He then gets sick and Carlito said that he knew that Big Show would not be smart enough to accept his offer. He said that Big Show was the one Bad Apple in the bunch. Big Show is then kicked and has apple spit on him by Carlito.

Booker T Vs. Kurt Angle

Booker runs to the ring to beat on Angle. Angle gains controls and does some rest holds on Booker. Booker then regains control after a superkick. Booker is beating Angle until Angle pulls Booker into a turnbuckle. He hits Booker with a Angle Slam, but doesn’t cover and runs to the back in search of Booker T’s locker room. Booker follows, but Angle made it to the locker room and locks the door. Booker hears the screams of his wife and kicks the door down. Booker tends to her wife who looked like she almost had her shirt ripped off. Angle attacks Booker and beats him down. Show ends with Sharmell screaming, Why?

Dark Match: JBL and Orlando Jordan Vs. John Cena

JBL says that Cena’s partner, Big Show won’t be coming out because he looks like Mt. St. Helen’s, throwing up pizza. JBL says that Cena could quit and not wrestle tonight. Cena comes out and we have back and forth battle between the three. JBL grabs the mic and tells Cena to say I Quit. Cena doesn't say it. Cena takes over, hits spine buster on Orlando Jordan, then does five knuckle shuffle followed by the FU for the win and takes the mic and thanks the fans for their support.

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