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WWE: Spoilers

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posted on Oct, 9 2004 @ 05:59 PM
Post ya Wrestling 'Spoilers' here. Whether it be future storylines or whats going on in upcomming shows......

WWE is strongly considering a Booker T face turn on Smackdown, so he can team up with Guerrero and Big Show to take on Angle's heel group. They have already been testing the waters with Booker T as a face, by having him work against JBL at house shows.

WWE is also looking to turn William Regal heel. They did not intend to have him as a face at first, nor did he want to be a face, but the crowds were cheering him so much for his involvement with Eugene, that they decided to go with it.

Neither turns are 100% confirmed as of right now, but the Booker T turn would most likely come before the Regal turn.

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posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 06:10 PM
Kevin Nash will not be live in Orlando on Tuesday for the TNA Impact! tapings, but will be on the show Friday via some kind of video package, similar to Scott Hall from this past week.


posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 06:11 PM
The December 2004 issue of SmackDown! magazine has a good story on the history of ECW with comments from all WWE wrestlers who at one point or another worked in ECW. The article also features a good story on Paul Heyman.


posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 04:55 PM
Jonathan Lapinsky called in the following results from tonight's Impact! and Xplosion taping in Orlando, Florida:

Pre-Taping Notes:

Marc Mero is at the taping and is scheduled to wrestle...They have an ambulance posted outside the building, so that may be for an angle...Jeremy Borash announced to the crowd that tonight was going to feature a "different" type of Xplosion....The word going around backstage was that Pat Kenney should be at this weekend's PPV.

Dark Match:

*D-Ray 3000 & Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy defeated Michael Shane & Alex Shelley & Kid Kash.


*Johnny B. Badd pinned an unnamed wrestler.

*NWA champion Jeff Jarrett went to the production truck and told them to play a videotape when he said it was time. Jarrett said he was running the show.

*In the ring, Mike Tenay ran down the PPV lineup. Jeff Jarrett came to the ring with a ladder and they played the tape. The tape was Jeff Jarrett and Petey Williams attacking Jeff Hardy when he opened the door to his hotel. TNA censored the tape due to Hardy bleeding. Hardy came out to the ring and attacked Jarrett. Hardy climbed a ladder, but Jarrett knocked it over. AJ Styles and referees looked over Hardy. Team Canada came out and taunted Styles.

*Shane Douglas interviewed Michael Shane and Kazarian about a 4 corners match during Impact! where the loser would draw the first number in the Gauntlet. Douglas pulled out someone's name out of a bucket that contained a list of the competitors for the Gauntlet and said, "Is he even in this company?"

*Abyss defeated an enhancement talent with the Black Hole Slam. Monty Brown came out and security held him back. Abyss pulled thumb tacks out of his bag. Raven cut a promo backstage about their match.

*James Storm defeated Christopher Daniels by DQ when Daniels used a chair. The Naturals and America's Most Wanted got into a brawl. AMW laid everyone out with chairs. Triple X handcuffed them to the ringpost. Team Canada came out and watched all the tag teams fight.

*Spanky just came to the ring for his TNA debut as part of a Four Corners Match.

*Spanky defeated Kazarian, Amazing Red, and ? to earn the final slot in the TNA X-Division Gauntlet. Trinity hit Kazarian to set up Spanky's win. I believe the fourth person was Matt Sydal but was unable to make out the name properly via telephone.

*They replayed the Scott Hall and Kevin Nash promos from the last several weeks.

*AJ Styles & Ron Killings defeated Jeff Jarrett & Petey Williams. Jeff Hardy brawled with Jarrett as they went off the air.

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 04:56 PM
Results from tonight's Smackdown taping in St. Louis, Missouri:

Dark Match:

*Chris Masters defeated Funaki.

Sunday Night Heat:

*Chavo Guerrero defeated WWE Cruiserweight champion Spike Dudley in a non-title match.

*Billy Kidman pinned Rico.

*Eddie Guerrero pinned Danny Basham. After the match, Doug Basham berated his brother, saying he can't believe Danny lost and he was lucky Doug was around or else he would be "SOL."


*Smackdown opens with all the Tough Enough contestants in the ring. Kurt Angle comes out and asks them their names and berates them. He tells them they are going to have a contest tonight and whoever wins will get a special prize. He says that whoever does the squat thrusts will win. Al Snow counted them off and if someone did them wrong, they would have to leave the ring. The winner, Ryan Reeves (at least I believe that is who it was) received a match with Kurt Angle.

*Kurt Angle defeated Ryan Reeves in a quick match, destroying him. Angle asked any of the others if they wanted to get in the ring with him. Daniel Puder came in and they started wrestling. He was matching Angle for 2 minutes but was pinned.

Backstage, Josh Matthews tried to interview Orlando Jordan, but Jordan was cut off by John Bradshaw Layfield. Layfield slapped him and said that he needs to respect the Chief of Staff. Matthews says that he is tired of being abused by them and if Jordan expects to win, Jordan needs to get his head in the game.

*Booker T defeated Orlando Jordan via DQ when JBL interfered. They laid out Booker and JBL hit the clothesline from hell.

*The Dudley Boyz are talking when Spike tells them that he cut a deal with Kurt Angle to take out one of their opponents at Survivor by calling out The Big Show and attacking him.

*Backstage, Josh Matthews tells Teddy Long that he is tired of being abused by JBL and Jordan. Long tells him that he has to maintain his professionalism. Booker T barges in and demands a match against Booker and Jordan tonight. Long says that he doesn't want to sanction a handicap match, so Josh says that he wants to be Booker's partner. They make a tag match for later in the show.

*The Dudleys call out The Big Show. They hit him with 3-D and try to do it again through several tables, but he chokeslams them through the tables. Spike runs off.

*They show Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio talking in the back.

*Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio defeated Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak. As Rey and Van Dam were leaving, Carlito Caribbean Cool and Jesus Aguilera made their way down the aisle. Carlito spit apple in RVD's face. All four heels laid them out until Eddie Guerrero made the save with a chair.

*Teddy Long and Eddie Guerrero talked about Survivor Series. They mentioned that Carlito will be the next member of Angle's team. Teddy told Eddie that Rey couldnt be part of his team because Long made a Cruiserweight championship match at the PPV with Spike Dudley defending against Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, and Billy Kidman. Long told Eddie he has until next week to pick his partner.

*Miss Jackie defeated Dawn Marie in an armwrestling contest. Dawn said she was going to dedicate her victory to "her Charlie." After Jackie won, Dawn flipped the table over and they had a catfight. Haas came out trying to stop it, but was attacked by Heidenreich. He hits his shoulderbreaker on Haas. Jackie tries to stop him but is shoved down. Heyman comes out and tries to calm Heidenreich.

*They lined up the Tough Enough contestants on the stage. Snow pushed the fans to vote, saying the voting will end Monday at midnight. The person with the least amount of votes will be sent home. Torrie Wilson told them that next week they will take the Torrie Wilson sex test and hopes that they will all be up for it.

*Booker T & Josh Matthews defeated WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan. Matthews hit a sliding kick on Layfield that may have busted up JBL's nose. Josh and Booker T celebrated after with spinaroonies.

That'll do it.

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 04:58 PM
Hulk Hogan has NOT signed a deal with TNA although there is once again talk of using him. Hogan's asking price is pretty steep to say the least.

DDP will be debuting tomorrow night in Orlando at the Impact tapings. He'll join Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper on the show.

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 05:37 PM
We've been told that there are currently plans to destroy a limo on RAW this Monday.

Wrestling Exposed

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 05:41 PM

Originally posted by TRD
We've been told that there are currently plans to destroy a limo on RAW this Monday.

Wrestling Exposed

i never knew you where driving about in the usa this weekend TRD


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 05:43 PM
Hehe wish i was....

Should make a good show if they blow one up. Would be even better if Vince was in it....


posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 04:48 PM
TNA Wrestling Impact and Xplosion results from Tuesday November 23rd.

Panda Energy decided TNA will be taping two shows every other week. Sources told me this move saves the company $50,000 a week. So this will be a very long evening and I’m not too sure how the fans will react to it. While the Pit was waiting to go in Randy Savage (minus the trench coat but wearing a long sleeve shirt) and Brian Adams arrived, so they will keep the momentum going for the six man Turning Point main event.

TNA Wrestling Impact matches to air next Tuesday November 30 at 4 PM.

The taping began with the pre-show video recapping the Kings of Wrestling’s attack of the locker room, XXX/AMW, Abyss/Monty Brown and the return of Randy Savage. The guys attacked at the end of last week’s show watched on as AJ Styles knocked on the Kings Of Wrestling’s door and then sucker punched Scott Hall.

(1) America’s Most Wanted defeated The NYC’s (Gilberti and Swinger w/Trinity).

This is the third week in a row these teams have wrestled but this is the first time wrestling happened. NYC’s kept Chris Harris isolated from James Storm early on. Gilberti made the error of attacking Storm and he got hit with a hot shot which allowed an AMW tag. They hit isolated Gilberti and hit him with the Death Sentence to win.

Shane Douglas interviewed Dusty Rhodes about the main event for today’s show, Scott Hall vs. AJ Styles. They played a video asking the fans to vote on the WWE footage to be shown at Turning Point. Out of commercial they played video hyping Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin on the PPV.

(2) In a non-title match, Chris Sabin defeated Michael Shane (w/Traci Brooks) and NWA World X Division champion Petey Williams (w/Scott D’amore.)

I am a fan of the X matches and believe they need more then 10 minute time limit allowed on Impact. Watch this when it airs as I will not describe the entire match. Williams dumped Shane to the floor after Shane hit Sabin with shoulder backbreaker. Williams once again failed to hit the Canadian Destroyer as Sabin countered into the Cradle Shock for the win.

Shane Douglas interviewed Raven who had two druids with him about the beef with DDP. Raven gave no response.

(3) Raven (w/the LOTR helmet) vs. “the Shooter” Vordell Walker.

The match began and immediately DDP came from the crowd with a house mic ending it. He told Raven that after he retired from the business, he didn’t like hearing how Raven went around claiming he made DDP. DDP said he used to consider Raven a friend and then rehashed some old WCW news including involving Page’s ex wife Kimberly. Raven finally responded that all of this wasn’t about Kimberly but it really involved Eric Watts. The two druids entered the ring and tried to jump Page but he hit both of them with Diamond Cutters.

Back from break they ran the same Kid Kash coconut video.

(4) Hector Garza defeated Kid Kash (w/ a coconut but minus Dallas).

This X division match began with some mat wrestling which Garza faired better than Kash. Kash tried to speed things up and Garza controlled that too. Garza was heading to a victory until Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian tried to interfere. It backfired and Garza got the win. Shane and Kazarian jumped Garza after the bell but he was saved by Amazing Red, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000.

Back from commercial footage of the feud between Team Canada and 3 Live Kru played.

(5) Ron “the Truth” Killings vs. Bobby Roode (w/Scott D’amore).

Good hard hitting match that saw at the end Killings hit the Bookend but D’amore distracted Rudy Charles as Eric Young ran out to jump Killings. BG James came out to save Killings’ who then hit Roode with a sitout pedigree for the win. BG talked about Turning Point so I guess 3LK vs. Team Canada at the PPV.

Back from break they played something the live crowd didn’t get to see.

(6) Scott Hall defeated “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles.

Hall came out but Razor Ramon wrestled the beginning of the match as the show went to commercial. During the break Borash got the fans to chant AJ over and over. Back from commercial Kevin Nash came to ringside as Hall took control over Styles. The fans helped Styles get back into the match. Nash hit Styles in the back of the head with a clothesline but Hall didn’t get the pin. As referee Andrew Thomas yelled at Nash to go back to the locker room, Jeff Hardy tried to help Styles but it backfired as he kept Thomas too long because Jeff Jarrett came from the crowd and hit Styles with a guitar shot. Hall fell onto Styles for the pin. The Kings went to attack Styles more but Randy Savage brought the babyface locker room to the ring and then told the Kings off on the mic to end the show.

Between shows Borash told the fans that the Turning Point PPV would be hosting troops from Tampa’s MacDill Air Force base as well as a limited number of local fans.

Wrsetling exposed


posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 04:49 PM
TNA Wrestling Impact matches to air Friday December 3rd.

Panda Energy decided TNA will be taping two shows every other week. Sources told me this move saves the company $50,000 a week.

There wasn’t a pre-show video so tune in December 3rd.

(1) XXX (Primetime Elix Skipper and Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels) defeated Sonjay Dutt and Amazing Red.

Dutt/Red had control early on until Skipper broke up a submission move. XXX beat down Red before he could get Dutt tagged into the match and he seemed to be in control. Red made a blind tag back into the match and was ready to hit Daniels with the Code Red but Skipper hit Red with a spinning heel kick to the face. Daniels then rolled up Red for the win.

Shane Douglas interviewed AMW about the Six Sides of Steel match on the PPV.

Back from break Shane Douglas interviewed Monty Brown about the upcoming World title match but Abyss hit him in the back with an object that looked like a pipe.

(2) Abyss (w/sack of thumb tacks and pipe) destroyed Matt Mayer (??) and Vance Desmond with moves that led to the Black Hole Slam. Abyss was ready to dump the tacks on the mat but the TNA referees saved the intended targets from damage. Abyss chased Borash into the ring and it caused Borash to rip a seam in his pants. The taping was brought to a halt as Borash went to replace his pants with jeans and the Hawaiian Tropic girls tossed shirts.

Before the main event Scott Hall and Kevin Nash demanded air time to talk about their six man bout at Turning Point. The crowd chanted BORING as Nash sang a verse or two for Monty Brown that I don’t wish to repeat here. Hall took a camera hostage and the “Silver Fox” took off to the locker room area.

(3) Kid Kash defeated Chris Sabin.

Good X Division match. At the end Sabin had Kash set for the Cradle Shock but Kash countered into a pin using a handful of Sabin’s tights for leverage.

Mike Tenay and Don West spoke but as usual we didn’t hear them. Before the main event DDP came out to the ring area and climbed in with the fans. But Raven was also in the crowd and he hit DDP with a garbage can. He dragged DDP into the ring and beat him down kicks to the chest and face. DDP fought back but Raven avoided the Diamond Cutter and headed to the locker room. Many fans didn’t see it but Eric Watts stood high atop the seats and looked down at DDP in the ring. Tenay and West spoke again probably going over the keys to the main event.

(4) NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett defeated “Alpha Male” Monty Brown.

This was the first NWA World Heavyweight title match on Impact. Brown came out with his ribs taped up from the attack by Abyss. Early on Brown showed off his obvious strength advantage over Jarrett. Jarrett countered a shoulder block, took over on the offense and brought the fight out to the floor where he attacked the injured ribs. During the floor fight TV went to break. TV came back as Jarrett brought the fight back into the ring where he kept control of the match. Jarrett tried a bear hug on Brown and barely got his hands locked. Brown fought back and hit Jarrett with a double under hook suplex. Brown blocked several punches by Jarrett and fired ones of his own before hitting a running Powerslam for 2. Brown hit a powerbomb and got 2. Brown hit Jarrett and referee Rudy Charles with a fallway slam. Jarrett hit Brown with a guitar shot and the stroke but only got 2. Brown hit the POUNCE on Jarrett but Hall came out and he got too got POUNCED. As Rudy Charles took care of Hall, Jarrett hit Brown in the back and head with chair shots. Jarrett pinned Brown as the fans reigned down boos. They showed AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy lying unconscious the victims of an attack that will be shown on the TV show.


posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 04:50 PM
Match 1: Chris Masters over Hardcore Holly (some Renee Dupree punishment possibly?) Masters is a developmental talent from OVW.


Match 2: Shannon Moore & Nunzio & Chavo Guerrero over Billy Kidman & Akio &Spike Dudley. SHANNON MOORE pinned Spike. Yes, for real. With a flipping neckbreaker.

Match 3: Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak pinned McCallister? & A-1 (possibly the steaksauce tycoon?) Nothing special here, it was short and painful.

*Match 4: Bashams over Paul London & Funaki. Again, short and not so sweet but it was great seeing London again.


Match 1: Rey Mysterio Jr. over Renee Dupree in a pretty decent match. Rey won after the 619 and a springboard legdrop. Renee's eye looked F'n sick. Damn that Bob Holly.

Next was the Tough Enough Competition. This week they had to Armwrestle one another in a mini tournament.

Heres the results:
Dan was eliminated before the arm wrestling.
Puder over The Miz
Ryan over Justice
Puder over Ryan, so Puder wins again. weee!

Next were some little segments. Firstly, Carlito Carribean Cool and Jesus talked about how Cena attacked Carlito before the match last week and cost him the US belt. Carlito then gave Jesus Cena's chain and lock because he took him out after the match last week.

After that was a segment of Kenzo Suzuki watching Torrie Wilson on a monitor while his Hiroko was telling him about Thanksgiving. When she asked Kenzo what part of the turkey he wanted, he said he wanted some Breasts.

Then there was a Bradshaw promo. He basically put down Indians and talked about how affirmitive action doesnt work. That was follows by a Rey Jr Promo with RVD talking about their tag title shot.

Match 2: Rob Van Dam over Kenzo Suzuki via DQ after Kenzo used Hiroko's scarf to choke RVD out. Torrie was the ring announcer and after the match, Kenzo went after her and RVD made the save.

Next was a Big Show Thanksgiving segment. He talked about how he ate his parents out of house and home and how his favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Show invited everyone (Tazzzzz,Cole,Chimel etc) to the ring for a feast. Luther came out, pied that Diva Search chick and then there was a foodfight like every Thanksgiving. The Diva Search chick hit Show in the face with the pie to end the segment.

Match 3: Kurt Angle over Cody Steele. This was part of Kurt's invitational challenge. Steele said he was from Rochester, but a "Liar" chant rang out because we know he's from the Niagara Falls, Ontario area. Angle beat him with the ankle lock. Everyone thought it would be local favorite and Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli that was going to challenge Kurt. No dice though.

A video then aired talking about how WWE went to Iraq during the holidays last year and to support the troops. Then the video said that they'd be returning back again this year during the holidays. Good for them, pretty classy.

Match 4: Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie went to a no contest in some Thanksgiving costume gimmick type of match. Charlie Haas had to seperate the two of them after the match was thrown out.

Main Event Match 5: JBL & Orlando Jordan over Booker T & Eddy Guerrero after interference from who (I believe) were the Dudley Boyz or the Basham Brothers. It was hard to tell cause they were wearing masks and then did the reveal, so don't quote me on that. After the Match, the gong rang and the arena went dark. Out came the Undertaker to take out JBL and Orlando. Weeeee!

No Cena this week, which wasnt a suprise. I'd say most of the hard camera side was tarped off and the crowd was clumped together so it should look good on TV. Other than that, it wasnt a bad show since I got in free and all. Free wrestling is good wrestling!

Biggest Pops (in no order):

Rey Jr

Wrestling exposed


posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 03:23 PM
As of right now, this is your scheduled line-up (and going plan) for the next TNA PPV on January 16th.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Randy Savage - NWA-TNA Title

Ultimate X Match: Chris Sabin vs. A.J. Styles vs. Petey Williams

NWA-TNA Tag Team Titles: Bobby Roode & Eric Young vs. Chris Harris & James Storm


posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 06:41 PM
On the Dave Meltzer wrestling hotline, Dave, the brains behind Wrestling Observer, said that as of right now there is a big rumor that Big Show Vs. John Bradshaw Layfield will main event No Way Out in a barbed wire match. No idea as to who would be champion was said. The Wrestling Observer also recently said this which only backs up the above match:

"From this week's Observer, Meltzer wrote a bit about Paul Heyman's demotion from the SmackDown writing team.

In it, he's mentioned a few ideas that Heyman brought up (and had approved), especially in regard to JBL's push. Vince wants to push JBL in 2005 (oh joy); and Heyman had come up with an idea for the No Way Out PPV.

Vince HAD agreed to this, although in light of Heyman's demotion, it could be thrown out of the window."

Take that for what it's worth, but it looks like JBL will retain this Sunday.


posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 06:48 PM
Impact Results for December 17, 2004:

Match Number One: Johnny B. Badd and Sonny Siaki versus The Naturals. Badd and Stevens start things off. Badd with a side head lock followed by a shoulder block and a hip toss. Badd with two Japanese arm drags and a drop kick. Siaki tags in and they hit a double elbow followed by a flip leg drop by Siaki for a two count. Siaki with a drop kick on Douglas followed by a swinging neck breaker. Douglas slams Siaki's head to the mat, but Siaki with a nip up while Douglas yells at the crowd. Siaki with chops, but Douglas throws Siaki out of the ring and Stevens attacks Siaki while the ref is distracted. Douglas with a high knee on Siaki. Stevens distracts the ref to allow Douglas to choke him. Siaki punches Stevens and Douglas comes into the ring and throws Siaki to the apron. Siaki dives past Stevens and Douglas and makes the tag to Badd who hits a double clothesline from the top rope. Badd with knee lifts to both men followed by a double noggin knocker. Siaki and Badd send Douglas and Stevens into each other. Stevens goes up top, but he is crotched when Badd and Siaki give Douglas an Irish Whip. Siaki and Badd with a double back body drop on Douglas. Badd tries for a Super Badrana, but Douglas holds Stevens so Badd hits the mat. Stevens gets the three count at 5:00 with the help of the ropes for leverage.

After the match, Borash brings out Dale Torborg and Jerry Lynn.

Match Number Two: Bobby Roode (with Scott D'Amore) versus Jeff Hardy. Roode pushes Hardy at the start of the match. Hardy pushes Roode and then hits the mule kick and double leg drop. Hardy climbs the ropes, but Roode pushes him off the top turnbuckle onto the guardrail. While Roode distracts the ref, D'Amore punches Hardy and rolls him back in. Roode kicks Hardy in the head and then hits a clothesline. Roode pulls Hardy down with the help of the hair. Roode with a neck breaker and then he chokes Hardy. Hardy with a jawbreaker on Roode followed by a Tornado DDT. Hardy punches Roode and then he hits the inverted STO followed by a flying clothesline. Roode with an Arn Anderson Spinebuster. Roode sets up Hardy for a powerbomb, but Hardy gets out of the hold. Hardy with the Wind in the Willows on Roode. Roode with forearms to the neck. Roode tries for a suplex, but Hardy escapes and he hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top, but Roode crotches him. Roode tries for a superplex, but Hardy pushes him off. Hardy with the Swanton for the three count at 5:05.

Match Number Three: Johnny Swinger versus Dustin Rhodes. Swinger attacks Dustin as the match begins. Swinger chokes Dustin in the corner and then spits in his face. Rhodes with a spear on Swinger followed by a drop kick and an arm drag. Rhodes goes up for the punches of ten, but on the tenth, he hits an elbow. Rhodes with a flying clothesline. Rhodes tries for a cross body, but Swinger ducks and Dustin rolls outside the ring. Swinger goes outside and drops Dustin on the guardrail. Swinger with a catapult into the bottom ropes. Dustin with a back slide, but Swinger comes back with a clothesline and then he chokes Rhodes while talking to the ref. Rhodes with punches to Swinger followed by a sleeper. Swinger responds with a sleeper of his own. Swinger and Rhodes exchange punches. Rhodes with a clothesline on Swinger. Swinger with a cross body on Rhodes. Swinger with a Cobra Clutch Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Dustin with a power slam for a three count at 4:50.

After the match, Dustin is interviewed at ringside by Mike Tenay. Dustin talks about challenging for Jarrett’s title.

Match Number Four: Scott Matthews versus Erik Watts. Before the match can begin, from out of nowhere, Diamond Dallas Page comes out and gives Matthews a Diamond Cutter. Page waits in the ring for Watts, but he does not enter.

Match Number Four (Take Two): Hector Garza versus Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett with a hip toss. Jarrett with a go behind followed by a side head lock. Jarrett with a slam on Garza and then Jarrett rests on the top turnbuckle for a few seconds. Jarrett with a shoulder block, but Garza with a hip toss. Jarrett with a drop toe hold on Garza followed by a float over and a few slaps to Garza's head. Jarrett slaps Garza again. Garza with a drop kick followed by a drop toe hold of his own and a slap to Jarrett's head. Garza clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope to the floor. Garza tries a tope to the floor, but Jarrett moves and Garza stops short. Garza hits a tope to the floor and then kicks Jarrett. Jarrett slams Garza into the guardrail. They move to the announce table as Jarrett continues the attack. (Meanwhile at ringside, the guitar wrangler switches guitars so the one Jarrett 'might' use does not have the pyro attached) We have the commercial break, and Jarrett continues to work over Garza at the announce table. Garza with a hotshot on the guardrail. Garza tries for a missile drop kick, but Jarrett swats him away. Jarrett does the Garvin Stomp. Jarrett with the splash on the ropes. Jarrett puts Garza in the Tree of Woe and hits a running knee to Garza followed by a choke. Jarrett with a sleeper on Garza and the ref checks Hector's arm but he does not go down the third time. Garza with a flying clothesline followed by a slam. Garza with a kick to Jarrett followed by a flying forearm. Garza appears to go for a move off the turnbuckle, but he slips. Garza slaps Jarrett and hits a Tornado DDT. Both men are down. Garza misses a charge in the corner, and then Jarrett gets the guitar. The ref sees Jarrett with the guitar, but he does not grab it from Jarrett until he starts to swing. Garza with a rollup. From out of nowhere, Hall and Nash come to the ring. Garza slams Jarrett and hall and Nash enter the ring. Garza with a drop kick on Hall, but Nash punches Garza. Garza hits a double drop kick on Hall and Nash. Garza with a powerbomb, and then he goes up top. Jarrett gets up and grabs his guitar. Garza tries for a moonsault from the top, but he gets hit in the chest with the guitar as he comes off. Jarrett gets rid of the evidence and gets the three count at 10:55. After the match, Jarrett, Hall, and Nash celebrate in the ring, and I think Impact ends there. After the tape stops running, Jarrett cuts a promo while Hall and Nash comment on a fan's sign about Nash.

Wrestling Exposed.


posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 03:10 PM
Nunizo defeated some guy who's name I didn't catch (sorry).


Paul London defeated Shannon Moore

Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas defeated Carnival Freak & Tony Silontro (like the spice, I can't spell to save my life)


Smackdown started out with the ring decorated red, white, and blue and Orlando Jordan already in the ring. He introduces "the greatest champ of all time" as balloons and confetti fall. JBL along with the rest of the cabinet make their way to the ring. He rambles about how Nashville should be happy to see a winner in JBL instead of losers like the Tennessee Titans. Then he goes on about how he beat 3 of the greatest wrestlers when YOUR OLYMPIC HERO Kurt Angle comes out along with Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak to crash the celebration. Kurt says that not JBL but rather Kurt Angle is the greatest champion of all time (oh it's true it's true). Kurt says the Armageddon 2000 he beat SIX men in a Hell in the Cell match, which is way more impressive than a normal fatal four-way. JBL is quick to remind Kurt that he had just lost his handicap match when it was 3 on 1 and said, "My, how the mighty have fallen". Kurt then says, "Well if you're so sure of yourself, then why don't we have a match for the title tonight bucko". Yes, Kurt said "bucko", and sure enough a "bucko" chant started. You read right, "bucko" chant. JBL says the idea of JBL vs Kurt Angle was a great idea......just not tonight, for JBL has given himself the rest of 2004 off to relax. Not so fast, for GM Theodore R. Long makes his way out, noting the GM says if anyone gets a vacation or not, and no vacation for JBL, for he would indeed have to right Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship, right here in Nashville, TN.

First match saw Rey Mysterio & RVD defeat Kidman & Akio. (non-title I think). Good but very short match, win came from 5-star on Kidman.

Torrie Wilson in Uncle Sam attire came out to show a video that recapped last year's "Christmas in Baghdad" and noted next week they we're going back overseas. (Torrie looks very nice).

Then, out of the crowd comes Heidenreich. He throws a chair into the ring, sets it up in the middle, sits down, and we are all treated to a "poem by Heidenreich". Basically just says even though he lost his match to the Undertaker, he has twice ruined Taker's chance at the title, so Heidenreich feels he has a 2-1 advantage over Taker.

Backstage we see Booker T and Eddie Guerrero walking and discussing that even though neither won the title, they are on the same page, and need to stay that way because they are teaming together later tonight. Things start to get a bit heated when Eddie says next week in Iraq, Latino Heat has to fly solo. Booker takes offence, saying he's going to have a "Booker T-off". Eddie's looking pissed, but Booker says he was just pushing his buttons and everything is cool, and both go off hugging and laughing going to their match.

Orlando Jordan is outside of GM Long's office door, but Michelle McCool is in the way saying that the GM doesn't want to talk and the title match is still on. As Orlando turns around , Luther is in his face, saying that JBL isn't great. They cut a pretty funny little promo where each one says how good their employers are (JBL gives money to chairty, Kurt Angle is kind to animals,....etc.) Then Orlando says JBL gives full benefits (Dental Plan , Health on) Orlando asks if Kurt gives Luther any benefits, Luther gets mad and says it doesn't matter because Kurt is going to win tonight.

Booker T & Eddie Guerrero defeated Kenzo & Renee Dupree. This match went on longer than the earlier tag match, Booker and Eddie seemed to work real well with each other, though nothing spectacular happened. Eddie hits the frog splash on Kenzo.

Back in JBL's locker room, where the cabinet is gathered, and Orlando comes back to give JBL the grim news that the GM has kept the match on. Well, turns out JBL is happy the match is still on, saying he knows he can beat Angle and the rest of the cabinet agrees. Then Carlito, alone, walks in. He tells JBL that he sees how the GM is treating him unfairly, and that the GM has also had a grudge on Carlito ever since his debut. Carlito says that after tonight when JBL keeps his title, that Carlito and JBL need to have a talk about how they will fix their problem. Carlito then takes a bite of an apple, Bashams swarm to Carlito thinking he's about to spit, but Carlito smiles, chews, and walks off.

Time for the Tough Enough winner. Al Snow is in ring along with a table and the Tough Enough trophy. He then calls out both Miz and Puder. No long recap of the dumb challenges (thank God!). This was quick and to the point. Puder is the winner. Miz says it sucks that he lost but the experience has shown him that the WWE is where he belongs and will continue to pursue it. Puder is then allowed to say something but, I didn't get it cuz some jackass behind me was screaming "Puder!!" at the top of his lungs the whole segment. Al Snow congratulated Puder one more time and said that he talked to Theodore Long and Puder is one of the 30 participants in the Royal Rumble.

Backstage in Kurt's locker room, Kurt continues to say he is the greatest champion of all time. He is sure he will win, and says he knows that if JBL's boys try anything funny that Jindrak and Reigns will have his back. Jindrak says he does, but Luther starts to complain of back pains, and says that JBL gives his staff medical benefits. Angle, confused , told Luther to quit talking because he needs to concentrate on the match.

Main Event: Kurt Angle vs. JBL for the WWE Championship.

Pre match : GM Long comes out to do commentary along Tazz and Cole.
Joy, in Santa outfit, comes down throwing candy canes to the audience, along with the announcer. Kurt and Co. come out first. JBL and the cabinet are next to come, and was JBL is walking up the ring steps, he spots Joy, who offers him a candy cane. He readily accepts, which ticks off the image consultant, Amy Weber. Catfight on the outside starts, with tops flying off left and right. GM Long then gets on the mic and decides to ban everyone from ringside. (oh, wow.....we may have a clean finish here).

Kurt Angle defeated JBL via DQ (JBL keeps the title).
Not really a good match , Kurt did all he could to carry it but even Kurt seemed a bit off, some good parts to match but not great by any means. Finish came when Kurt had the Ankle lock applied (for about the 3rd time) and Orlando Jordan comes in, Kurt actually flipped Orlando over the ropes without ever letting the ankle lock go, and when the Bashams came down they were quickly intercepted by Jindrak and Reigns. It was looking like we might get a clean finish, but Orlando clocked Kurt with the title while the ref was distracted but the Bashams Jindrak & Reigns brawl. JBL makes cover as ref turns around only to get a 2 count. OH BOY it will be a clean win for sure now....right? Angle grabs the ankle lock yet again, but this time Orlando breaks it up with the ref looking, who immediately calls for the bell. (Darn it all!)

Post Match: everyone gets into the ring to fight when...."WEEELLLLL , it's the Big Show"
Show comes into ring and clears house. Giving choke slams to Jindrak, Reigns, Double choke slam to Bashams, and to top it off, an F5 to Orlando. JBL, who made it out of the ring with his belt, was laying on the floor scared with Big Show staring him down and motioning that the belt was all but his for the taking......and here is where Smackdown ends.

....after everyone left the ring, Tony Chimmel gets on the mic and orders JBL and Orlando back to the ring (restart the match.....nope but....) there will be a special handicap CASKET match with.....THE UNDERTAKER. JBL says he probably has a broken ankle and Orlando has internal injuries so they can't possibly wrestle rig....BONG!!

Undertaker defeats JBL & Orlando Jordan in a handicap casket match.
JBL and Orlando pretty much worked Taker over the whole match but finish came when Orando held Taker up for a free shot, but Taker ducked and Orlando has booted in the face by JBL. Taker choke slammed JBL, then took the limp body of Orlando and closed the casket on him, ending the match.

Post Match: Undertaker wasn't done as he tombstoned JBL and threw JBL on top of Orlando Jordan and closed the casket again (or tried to, but casket wasn't big enough to fit both)
Taker does his pose, slowly makes his was up the ramp, stops at the top, puts one fist up to a roaring ovation and walks to the back. Chimmel thanks us for coming and says that we can watch ourselves on Thursday on UPN.

It was an ok show. Crowd wasn't as hot as they could have been (maybe we were all depressed from the MNF game, especially those of us who were in the 20 degree weather for nearly 4 hours for such a bad ending to the game) I would have to estimate 9,000-10,000 people in attendance but I could be being generous with that figure.

Biggest Pops:
Big Show
Tazz (very loud cheer when he came down before the start of the show)
Kurt Angle (big pop for "bucko" chant)

Biggest Heat:
Dupree & Kenzo
Orlando Jordan
Kurt Angle (yes I know i have him under pop, but he really did get both, cheers for getting at JBL, but boos when he said he as greatest champ)



posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 05:19 PM
TNA Wrestling Impact! TV tapings to air on Fox Sports Net. During the tapings DOA Dusty Rhodes is supposed to name Jeff Jarrett’s opponent for the Final Resolution PPV. Jeremy Borash spent a few minutes getting the crowd excited. Fan signs of the evening: "McMahon Fears the Canadian Destroyer, "WWE=Worst Wrestling Ever." The building was standing room only, happens with schools are out. The following men were not on either show: Chris Sabin, Dallas, Amazing Red, Alex Shelley, Jerrelle Clark, Mikey Batts, the NYC’s, Jeff Hardy, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000.

TNA Impact show to air December 24th

The show opened with video of last week’s match between Hector Garza and Jeff Jarrett.

We went right in the ring DOA Dusty Rhodes and assistant Tracy Brooks. But just as Rhodes began to talk the Kings of Wrestling came to the ring. Jeff Jarrett and Rhodes had words as Dusty told the fans that at Final Resolution, Jeff Jarrett will defend the title against the winner of a three way elimination match earlier in the show between Monty Brown, Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash. The Kings of Wrestling seemed not to show any concern over Rhodes’ announcement.

(1) 3 Live Kru (BG James and Ron Killings w/Konnan) defeated Cassidy Reilly and Brendan Thomas.

3LK is so over with the fans they don’t have to do spectacular moves to get a reaction. Reilly and Thomas did get some offensive moves in against James but Killings got tagged in and pinned Reilly with a sitout pedigree.

Backstage Erik Watts and DDP had words about DDP’s three way match at Final Resolution. After DDP walked away Raven came out and talked to Watts.

(2) Abyss defeated David Young.

I thought on a TNA Nashville PPV Young was let go by the promotion, guess nothing is set in stone anymore. Young didn’t last too long as he fell to the Black Hole Slam.

Between commercial a group called Mariachi Bravo entered the ring for a “surprise.”

Out of commercial a video on Hector Garza played, followed by bagpipes and Roddy Piper made his way to the ring. Piper brought Hector Garza to the ring as Moody Jack Melendez came into interpret for the fans. Piper asked what was on Garza’s mind for 2005. Garza said he wants Jeff Jarrett’s NWA World championship. Piper told him he didn’t fair too well last week against Jarrett. Garza responded that Scott Hall ruined his chance at the title. This brought out to the ring Hall and Nash. Hall confronted Garza saying if he wanted him to “Not Sing It, Bring It”. Hall gave Garza Jarrett’s guitar and asked him to play a song. Hall turned away for a moment and Garza hit Hall in the head with the guitar and hit Nash with a dropkick.

Shane Douglas told the fans and Petey Williams about his match at Final Resolution.

Scott D’Amore went nuts when Shane Douglas told him about a match Dusty Rhodes booked between the NWA World Tag Team champions Team Canada and America’s Most Wanted where if AMW wins they get a title shot at Final Resolution.

(3) AJ Styles defeated Johnny Devine (w/Scott D’Amore)

I believe this was Devine’s first TNA match since his injury a few weeks ago. Devine looked good especially with outside interference from D’amore helped him get on the offensive against Styles. Devine went to the top rope for a moonsault but only hit canvas. Styles hit Devine with some offensive moves but he didn’t get the pin. Devine went for his version of the Cop Killer but Styles countered out of it and hit the Styles Clash for the win. After the match Styles had words with several Team Canada fans that I am sure weren’t Merry Christmas.

Backstage Dustin Rhodes had words with Kid Kash. Rhodes quoted a line from the movie Tombstone which hinted that Goldust might be coming to TNA. Mike Tenay and Don West talked on camera and as usual we didn’t hear a thing.

(4) America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris) defeated NWA World Tag Team champions Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young w/Scott D’amore) in a non title match. As a result AMW will face Team Canada at Final Resolution.

From the opening bell AMW had control of the match until Roode distracted Rudy Charles and Young cut Storm’s rope run off with a hand full of Storm’s hair. Team Canada made frequent tags to wear down Storm along with some interference from D’amore. Storm had enough energy to counter a double back drop with a double DDT. Harris tagged in and Rudy Charles sent him back to the corner as he didn’t see the tag made. Storm fought back again and this time Rudy saw Harris tag in. Harris beat down Team Canada but he got hit with a full nelson slam by Roode. Storm hit Roode with a superkick but Young rolled him up in a small package. Storm countered as D’amore distracted Rudy. Harris went after D’amore but Rudy stopped him and D’amore rolled over the pin. Rudy turned his back to tell D’amore off but Harris rolled them over again. D’amore posed for the TV cameras as the pin went down.

As the TV crew prepared for the next show Borash threw T-shirts to the crowd.

TNA Impact show to air December 31st

Dusty Rhodes and Tracy Brooks were walking backstage when Brooks was cut off by Trinity. Trinity told Brooks to stop sucking up to Rhodes and that she is the top dog in TNA Wrestling.

(1) AJ Styles, Sonny Siaki and Johnny B. Badd defeated the Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas who’s site is now online) and “Primetime” Elix Skipper.

For some reason Skipper wouldn’t tag in and so the Naturals wrestled and beat on Styles for several minutes. Skipper interrupted an attempted top rope move from Styles and got in the match by hitting Styles with a plancha to the floor. But when the Naturals went to attack Styles, Skipper refused their help. Styles refused to be beaten and he finally tagged out to Badd who hit Stevens with a top rope Frankensteiner. Needless to say The Naturals and Skipper left the ring separately.

(2) “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Michael Shane (w/ Tracy Brooks and Frankie Kazarian.)

Interesting to see two heels facing off in the ring but Daniels is over with the fans so he probably is the babyface by default. Kazarian tripped up Daniels on an Irish whip and shockingly referee Mike Posey ejected him from ringside. Back in the ring Daniels took over on Shane but Shane countered out of the Angels Wings with a backdrop and several clotheslines. Daniels survived a Shane offensive attack and hit the BME but only got 2. Both men hit each other with a clothesline to take us back to square one. Shane caught Daniels off guard and rolled him up but Brooks, for an unknown reason, distracted Posey. Shane argued with Brooks and Daniels rolled him up with a handful of tights. Kazarian came back out to the ring to diffuse the argument between Brooks and Shane.

Hector Garza walked by two people dressed like Mexicans which turned out to be Hall and Nash. Not sure what this had to do with anything.

(3) Dustin Rhodes defeated Marco Cordova (w/Kid Kash.)

Kash interfered in the match a couple of times but it didn’t do any good as Rhodes won with a power slop drop. Kash attacked Rhodes after the bell but Rhodes sent him running back to the locker room.

Diamond Dallas Page came out to a standing ovation and took the house mic from Borash. DDP said there were two reasons he came out of retirement. One was to get the NWA World Heavyweight title and the other was to have fun. He called Erik Watts out to the ring saying he wanted to know the whole story. Before Watts came out the Druids jumped Page from behind. DDP fought off both, unmasked one and it was Erik Watts. The other unmasked and it was Raven. Raven got the mic and badmouthed DDP saying he ruined Watts’ private life.

Before the main event NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett and Kevin Nash came out with Scott Hall. Jarrett got the house mic and berated Dusty Rhodes on his booking of the matches for Final Resolution then took shots at Monty Brown and DDP. Monty Brown came out, told Jarrett to shut up and then he told Jarrett that at Final Resolution he would FINALLY become NWA World Heavyweight champion. After Brown left Jarrett told the fans Brown and DDP wouldn’t make it past the “Big Sexy Silver Fox.”

Between segments TNA Spanish announcer Armando Quintero joined Tenay and West for commentary.

(4) Scott Hall (w/Kevin Nash) defeated Hector Garza

Hall and Nash came dressed in Mexican apparel which did not amuse Garza one bit. Both men exchanged fists but Garza came out ahead. Hall worked on Garza’s left arm but Garza countered out and hit Hall with a dropkick to the face. Nash tried to interfere but got punched by Garza who turned around and walked into a Hall clothesline and fall away slam. Hall and Nash applied an abdominal stretch. Garza countered but missed an elbow drop. Hall hit Garza with a top rope back suplex but Garza kicked out at 2. Hall went for the Outsider Edge but Garza countered out and hit Nash with a drop kick. Garza went up for the Tortino but Hall stopped him and hit the Outsider Edge. Roddy Piper came out and sent Hall and Nash away from the ring. Hall got the house mic and talked trash with Piper telling him to find a partner so the Outsiders could kick his ass. Piper waited in the ring for the Outsiders to come in but instead they walked to the locker room.


posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 09:45 AM
Smackdown is in Nawlins tonight, at the UNO Lakefront Arena. Its me, BSB, here with the Smackdown Spoilers this week.

The arena is pretty full. Some empty seats towards the top. Tony the Chim comes out, and we start off with Velocity. No dark matches this time.

Match 1 Matt Johnson vs. Orlando Jordan. Me and some guys around me start a houseboy chant. Wonder if they will edit that out. OJ wins with a really botched Reverse Ace Crusher. After this Josh Matthews and his new partner come out to Salivas Click Click Boom. I missed the first Velocity with this new guy a week and a half ago, if anyone has it on tape I would love to get a copy. It was 12-18 I believe.

Torrie Wilson then comes out looking fine to announce the next match, Kenzo Suzuki vs. Paul London. Kenzo does his normal stalking bit with Torrie, and Hiroko looks pissed. Kenzo beats Paul with the STO. Kenzo smooches at Torrie, then leaves. Torrie leaves after them.

Match 3 Billy Kidman vs Chavo. Billy misses the Shooting Star Press, and Chavo wins with a boot to the head.

Match 4 Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas vs. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns. I try to start a Baldcore chant. Jindrak pins Haas after Reigns yanks Charlies neck down on the rope.

We start Smackdown, and Michael Cole and Tazz come down to Tazzs music. We then get the GM Teddy Long, on the tron, and he tells us that tonight is the champs shoiwcase. All the champs will defend their titles against opponents of their choosing.

We get John Cena first, who is mega over. He cuts a good promo, then goes into the stands and give shis jersey to a kid. Rene Dupree come sout and challenges Cena. Cena wins a good match with the FU.

We see JBL and Amy Weber walking backstage, and they come upon Joy. Amy tells Joy that she looks fat, and Joy asks Amy where her waddle is. JBL gets in Joys face, until Big Show pops up, and tells JBL he wants the title match.

Out comes Kurt Angle, with his security and medal. Kurt compliments JBL, and says he want the title match. He brings out Matt Stryker, who lies and says he is from New Orleans, and Kurt make shim tap to the anklelock real quick.

We see RVD and Rey on the Tron, trying to decide who they want to face. Eddie and Booker T show up, and say he want the tag title shot, becaus ehtey know JBL wont give them WWE title shots. RVD and Rey agree to think about it. Book and Eddie start to argue about whos name will go first in the tag team, while RVD and Rey sneak off.

T shirt guy comes out, and on the Tron we see a recap of last weeks Taker/Heidenreich match. It looks like Taker and HR at the Royal Rumble.

Backstage we see Daniel Puder come in, and start to get unpacked in the locker room. This angers Hardcore Holly, and he and Puder get in eachother faces. Baldcore talks about paying dues,a dn Puder is cocky.

Teddy Long is talking to some new bimbo, and JBL , Amy, and OJ walk in. JBL says he will defend the title randomly, and he has all the Smackdown stars names ina fishbowl. He picks a name and acts scared and wants to pick again. TL tells JBL to go to the ring and defend the title. Didnt they do this last year. Want to bet me a hundred dollars its Shannon Moore.

MOOOOOOOOO!!! Its JBL and posse, minus Bashams. And what a shock, JBL will defend the title against Shannon Moore. JBL wins quick with a short arm clothesline. Teddy comes out and demands to insepect the fishbowl. Amy tries to sneak off with it, but Joy gets her from behind and grabs it. A catfight starts, and after they are both excorted out, Teddy checks the names. They are all Shannon Moore. The creative team is now officially out of ideas. You did this exact same thing a year ago idiots. Teddy tell JBL he will defend the title at the Royal Rumble against Kurt Angle. Kurt comes out, and he a JBL have a great argument. You have to see it live, reading it will not do it justice. Teddy interrupts to tel them that it will be a Triple Threat match with Big Show. Show come out and clears the ring.

Here comes Funaki. Right after he comes out, we cut to the tron where Josh Matthews is interviewing RVD and Rey about who they will pick to defend the titles. They say the want to wrestle Dawn and Torrie. But really, they will face Eddie and Booker. And later, Dawn and Torrie.

Rey and RVD are out, then Eddie and Book. Eddie and Book play the heels, isolating Rey, the RVD and working them over. Finally Book and RVD end up outside the ring, and Eddie tries to use his fake out on the bumped ref to make him think Rey hit Eddie with the belt. The ref catches Eddie faking, and Rey wins with a rollup.

Carlito is on the Tron, and he tells us his New Years Resolution is to get rid of Teddy Long.

Heidenreich is out, and he says hes not scared of Taker. He has cost Taker the title twice, and he was spareing Taker last week by running out. Takers gond goes off, and the arena goes dark. Takers voice says that at the Royal Rumble, HR will rest is peace. Some druids wheel out a casket and place it next to the ring. HR takes his time going over to it, he is scared. Finally he touches it, and Taker pops out. HR runs off, and Taker then poses in the ring.

JBL comes out, and this bit wont be on TV. JBl complains about the lack of respect. He calls OJ a killer, and tells OJ to get Taker. He tells OJ to treat Taker like a white woman. JBL tries to attack Taker, but gets chased out the ring. He and OJ then attack Taker from different sides, and the casket match starts. Taker finally wins by putting both JBL and OJ in the casket, after chokeslamming both them and the Bashams. After the match Heidenreich attacks and Taker beats him down too. Taker poses in the ring, and the show is over. Tony the Chim thanks us for coming, and tells us to give a hand to New Orleans own Heidenreich.

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 03:30 AM
TNA Wrestling Impact tapings to air January 7th and January 14th on Fox Sports Net. In the crowd some people wore t-shirts that said "Free Niemi, F*ck Fairplay" on them in reference to NWA Florida's Ron Niemi who is being taken to court by former TV game show contestant Johnny Fairplay who was supposed to make some sort of appearance today. Among the names not on the show wrestling: Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt, the NYC's, Frankie Kazarian, Hector Garza, Michael Shane, Abyss, Amazing Red, Mikey Batts and Jerrelle Clark.

TNA Impact to air Friday January 7, 2005

The show opened with some guy in the ring working out with 3 Live Kru, who were interrupted by what looked to be Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian.

(1) AJ Styles defeated Chris Candido.

During the show the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels sat with Mike Tenay and Don West. Candido looked in great shape and he was put to the test by Styles. Candido blocked a top rope huracanrana with an inverted atomic drop. Candido hit several offensive moves including a second rope leg drop but couldn’t put away the younger Styles. Styles fought back and eventually put Candido away with the Styles clash.

Back from commercial Shane Douglas highlighted the Ultimate X match where Petey Williams will defend his X Division title against AJ Styles and the winner of a match between Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin. Traci Brooks talked to Trinity and Johnny Fairplay about a note Dusty Rhodes left for them.

(2) NWA World X Division champion Petey Williams (w/Scott D'amore) defeated Andy Douglas (w/Chase Stevens.)

I'm not too sure why this match is even happening since the Naturals should be wrestling Team Canada for the NWA World Tag Team titles they wrongfully lost September 8th. Douglas was babyface by default in wrestling Williams. D'amore and Stevens interfered on their talent's behalf so both men had control of the match. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Douglas tossed him over the top rope. Williams went for it a second time but Stevens distracted him. D'amore then distracted Stevens and referee Andrew Thomas. During this scrum, Williams countered Douglas' pinning attempt with a rolling cradle to win the match.

Back from commercial a replay of America's Most Wanted victory over Team Canada that led to the title match at Final Resolution. Shane Douglas spoke with AMW about the match.

(3) NWA World Tag Team champion Bobby Roode (w/Scott D'amore) defeated Chris Sabin

This was an interesting battle of a cruiserweight and a heavyweight. Roode overpowered Sabin and beat him down for several minutes but the crowd re-energized Sabin. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Daniels left the broadcast table holding a chair intending to hit Sabin. Sabin dropped Roode as D'amore distracted referee Mike Posey. Roode hit Sabin in the back of the head with a clothesline and on the follow through Sabin's face hit the chair. Roode covered Sabin as the crowd rained boos upon the Team Canada member.

(4) 3 Live Kru’s Konnan (w/Ron Killings and BG James) defeated David Young.

Before the match Konnan dissed Young on the house mic. The crowd loved everything Konnan did in the match and chanted "We Don’t Know You" towards Young. BG James distracted Andrew Thomas as Killings hit Young with the scissors kick. Konnan finished Young off with the sitout face plant thing.

Raven and Diamond Dallas Page had a confrontation about old news involving Kimberly and Erik Watts. Raven claimed he had Watts wrapped around his finger. Bad part for Raven was Watts was standing behind him as he made the comments. He punched Raven and then dragged him to the ring and beat him up. Guess Watts and Page kissed and made up. To go into commercial they teased the return of Ryan Wilson as his new persona Titus.

Back from commercial Mike Tenay brought NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett to the ring to talk about his three possible opponents at Final Resolution. Jarrett didn't seem to care who his opponent will be as he picked apart Diamond Dallas Page and Monty Brown. He then talked directly to his King's of Wrestling partner Kevin Nash. As Jarrett finished his comments, DDP came back out through the fans and attacked Jarrett. He was followed by Monty Brown who jumped both men. This brought Kevin Nash and Scott Hall out but in the fighting Jarrett accidentally hit Hall. Nash went to confront Jarrett but he got clotheslined by Brown. TNA officials and security hit the ring to calm down the situation.

(5) Dustin Rhodes and Jeff Hardy defeated Kid Kash and Dallas.

Jeff Hammond sat with Tenay and West during this match. The last commercial took place so there was some stalling. Rhodes and Hardy had control until Rhodes got distracted by Kash then got sucker punched by Dallas. The duo made several tags but a double team move backfired as Kash did a back flip off the shoulders of Dallas and spiked himself on the mat. Rhodes tagged in Hardy who hit Dallas with the Swanton after Rhodes hit a bulldog headlock.

They cut to the backstage where Jeff Jarrett confronted his fellow King's of Wrestling partners as the first taping ended.

Wrestling Exposed


posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 03:34 AM
TNA Impact matches to air Friday January 14, 2005.

To open the show Tenay and West talked on camera and as usual we didn't hear anything.

(1) NWA World Tag Team champion Eric Young (w/Scott D'amore and Bobby Roode) vs. Tennessee Cowboy James Storm (w/ Chris Harris)

Mike Posey and Andrew Thomas ordered Roode and Harris to the locker room as Storm unloaded on Young. Storm's offensive attack lasted for several minutes until D'amore broke up an attempted top rope huracanrana by Storm. There was a collision and all three men (including referee Rudy Charles) went down. D'amore entered the ring and went to hit Storm with the flagpole but Storm hit him with a punch. Young got to his feet and hit Storm in the head, then covered Storm. Roode ran out to attack Storm but Harris came back to defend his partner.

(2) Dustin Rhodes defeated Chris Candido.

Candido put up a good fight but Rhodes was too much for him as he hit the Bulldog headlock for the quick victory.

Back from commercial they replayed the Titus/Ryan Wilson vignette.

(3) AJ Styles defeated "Hotshot" Cassidy Reilly.

Reilly and Styles went back and forth until Reilly got control by running Styles' head into the ring barricade and his back into the ring post. Back in the ring Reilly put Styles in an interesting submission move but Styles didn't tap out. Reilly hit Styles with a handspring elbow but his moonsault hit Styles' knees. Styles got back on the offensive and finished off Reilly with the springboard into the slop drop.

Backstage Raven attacked Erik Watts with a trash can shot to the head and then told him he still had Watts wrapped around his finger. Tracy Brooks showed Trinity and Johnny Fairplay another clue, something about a match at Final Resolution.

(4) "Primetime" Elix Skipper defeated David Young.

Young was supposed to be the babyface but it didn't happen that way. Skipper beat up Young for a few minutes until Young back suplexed skipper over the top rope and to the floor. Skipper was able to recover and hit the Play of the Day to win the match.

The same Ultimate X match vignette played before the main event. Shane Douglas spoke to Team Canada about their matches at Final Resolution.

(5) "The Future" Chris Sabin defeated "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels to get the third spot in the Ultimate X match at Final Resolution.

Watch this match because it was amazing. Sabin hit Daniels with a spinning flip and landed hard on the floor. The match went to commercial as both men fought on the floor hitting the barricades and each other. The action returned to the ring as Daniels countered Sabin's attempted springboard move with an STO. Daniels worked on Sabin's neck, possibly for the Angel's Wings. Sabin went for a head scissor but Daniels countered with a power bomb. Daniels attacked Sabin's neck once more hitting a modified DVD but each move didn't lead to a victory. Both men pelted each other with forearm shots to the face but Sabin hit an enziguri to send Daniels to the mat. Sabin hit two clotheslines and a sit out power bomb but got 2. Daniels hit a spinning backbreaker and an STO but got 2. Daniels went for a triple jump moonsault but missed and Sabin hit him with a tornado DDT. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Daniels countered and went for the Angels Wings. Sabin countered out and rolled Daniels up for the win.

After the taping the gentleman wearing the "Free Niemi, F*ck Fairplay" #s attempted to get a photo with Fairplay but he wouldn't be a good sport and ran into the locker room.

Wrestling Exposed

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