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Alien Communication and the Evolution Homo Sapiens IS Now Underway

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by g210b

oh forgot..
who of you can finish this 6 digit number starting with 7?

7 _ _ _ _ _

I tried my best to put that into the 'stream' (as close as I could get there how close or far ever this might be) a month or so ago addressed to a number of significant ppl in the original thread.Repeated that several time/nights then. And repeated it in my meditation of yesterday. Thought someone 'telepathic' might have 'luck' and picked it up with or without stream.

I think there is no real chance.
But before I trash you know. If you came a cross such a penetrant
6 digit number.. let me know.

I find this fun.. who cares if its wrong... lets try it shall we...

im going to do it three times... to try to see if there are any differences...


1 ) 796324

2) 768321

3) i keep getting all 7's now when i try... 777777

weird.. because im sitting here at my desk at work.. i will try this when i get home.. fun stuff...

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck

I wanted to post this here instead of u2u'ing it, because the fact that you posted that was a very bizarre coincidence.

Coincidence is not in my vocabulary, I am an intuitive and make certain things happen. I tap the stream fom the source. My source telts me the thread I pointed you too is going to happen and that it is man-made. Interestedalways you may not yet realise this but the incedent you had Nov. 25th is from man-made nan-tech and will be used for this event this thread is pointing to about the Dark Knight.

I am proof of the esoteric, our relationship IA is proof. We were brought together because WE reflect as one. You and I are the source but on earth. We are the Sun and the Moon, the Yin and the Yang. The divine male and the divine female. It is not an alien induced phenomenon, it is from us.

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 03:10 PM

Originally posted by MrPenny

Is this awareness of our 'inner being-ness' becoming manifest throughout the Earth's entire population? Including those that traffic in modern human slavery? Or those people that strap bombs to their bodies and slaughter innocent bystanders in order to make a political point? How about the millions of African children at risk from AIDS, cholera, dysentery, or simple diarrhea? Not to mention the chance of slaughter or rape at the hands of other humans becoming aware of their 'inner being-ness'.

We are simply very smart bi-pedal animals. Our poop stinks, we bleed when we are cut, and we eventually die. Make no mistake, it is good to be a smart animal; our clothing, shelter, and food is much better quality than your average grazer.

I am sorry you are still at the vibrational state the modern machine wants you to be in. You can break those bonds my friend, if you only knew what I know tht cannot be described adequately with spoken language. The reason these things happen to people is that we live thousands of lives and have to have everything the human condition can give. We all have starved, been rich, been tyrants, been predators, been prey. We have all lived many experiences, some are new souls and have not seen so much, this could be the case for someone like yourself.

You will one day break from your coccon and become a butterfly. ]i[

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 03:19 PM
Sorry - had to post.

The Modern Machine has it's reasons. It seperates those who would take knowledge and run too far, too fast and without accountability and places restrictions that help even the playing field for all parties involved.

Not an attack or anything, but please...some machines have feelings too, and it's all for something beautiful in the end. Don't let those boring parts of the drive taint the vision of that wonderful destiniation!

Stay positive - negative vibrations and thoughts will only manifest as more lessons to be learned before Ultimate Truth is revealed.

That being said,
Back to the thread!

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 03:36 PM
Care to elaborate on what you're saying here? LoneGunman, you're talking about having experiences and being in touch with the "source". LoneGunman, who is your source?

I've communicated somewhat with D4rkKnight and he believes to his core that this terrifying military/government sky show and proceeding chaos WILL occur in 2011.

I would like to hear anything on this from AA, as well as LoneGunman and GENERAL EYES...

AA, in particular, says that good things are in store, while D4rkKnight says only bad things, followed by more bad things, and no escaping these things...Did I mention the bad things?

AA, do your sources take these events into account (I'm assuming something like this will come to pass, but this is speculation. Would just like to get input/perspective)?

Very curious...

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 03:55 PM
I'm personally of the opinion that The Machine is merely keeping the equation balanced - kind of like playing a video game that monitors your reactions to situations and configures a new subset of variables for things you encounter in your future.

Buddhists call it Karma, and other esocteric teachings make mention that you will continue to encounter the same trials over and over until you master them.

"Whatever world a man holds most clearly in his mind, so he achieves."

If we consciously hold onto a negative future, and PREPARE for that negative future ritualisticly and obsessively - is it not feasible that The Machine (universal governing laws, if you so prefer) can actually manifest a world where the person can actually EXPERIENCE said future through a shift in paradigm?

Maybe it's why some people are on completely different levels and have such remote experiences that no one else can relate to...they are working under a different Operational Perimeter in the sceme of things, isolated, as it were - (for who would want that kind of reality ot bleed over into the mainstream?) - and such thoughts are a cry for help?

Then again, some people are really into the apocolyptic vision. I know I went through that phase as well, but when the hellish realities of that world began to manifest in my day to day, I fought my way out by removing anything from my internal/external systems (or environment) that would only feed into and make the negative equation stronger.

Sometimes passive acceptance is the right solution, even though we aren't having that told to us by the majority of external medias.

It worked for me. By letting go of fear, anger, jealousy and hatred - I've been able to bump my vibrational level to a point where I move too quickly for such rudimentary equations no longer can manifest around me.

It' snatural to focua on these lower emotions when one is outsourced from the right environmental factors - i.e. the right friends, the right music, the right movies, etc...


Hope this clairfies, and good luck.

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 04:25 PM

Originally posted by GENERAL EYES

Stay positive - negative vibrations and thoughts will only manifest as more lessons to be learned before Ultimate Truth is revealed.

I am positive. Very positive that the machine wants control and is negative. Portions of the machine are positive, but most of it wants you to be under ITS influence.

Sorry General, I beg to differ. Look inside, you WILL find the answer. The answer is Love and knowing and being of the higher vibrational state of the human condition, not the non-human condition. Dont follow hollywood, follow your heart. Hollywood never portrays the spiritual as anything more than some hippies that name their kid Dharma.

The machine wants to decieve you and you will then believe its tricks. Dont be fooled, go by your inner oracle.

My laptops keys are really sucking lately.

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 04:31 PM

I'll keep your words in mind.

Over three decades on this planet an reminders never hurt.


posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 05:02 PM
Because I have spare time, and some seem to be experiencing interesting stuff, I intend to use the tone again...and probably the color technique again...

I've not been feeling tip top the last two days, so when I get more sleep and back up to neat I'll sit again...

I wanted to just pop in to write that my cell phone is acting very oddly lately. I sit it on my computer desk next to my computer when I'm on it...

For the last couple to few days my cell phone has been turning off, then back on by itself. I carry this phone with me everywhere, and it does not do this except when it's sitting on my desk here near my computer.

It did it again just now. It's the weirdest thing, because everywhere else this phone is rock solid. But lately it's been turning itself off, then back on again...

Also, I was using it for about two hours a few nights ago at my desk again here and the reception just went. The crystal clear conversation went crackling on me and I finally had to discontinue the call. This has never happened with this, or any other phone since I've been using cell phones...

Also, I'd like to get AA and smallpeeps perspective on the events D4rkKnight talks about...smallpeeps seems to feel just as confident the same or similar circumstances will come to pass soon...

Because government technology is involved, I wonder if this is the same nefarious group behind AA's contacts, or if indeed other, different, benevolent beings are involved...I can answer that myself on behalf of AA and say it's the latter...

Thanks, LoneGunman and GENERAL EYES...

Still looking for more information from AA about the big picture...

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 05:05 PM
I've always attributed such sort of electrical phenomena to the possibilty of intelligent energies trying to communicate or make themselves known by interfering with electrical gagets.

Kind like how the ghost of Dave Bowman takes over the telescreen in 2010 to talk to his wife (I think it was his wife)....

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 07:34 PM
I can point my TV remote to the computer and hit on and the start menu comes up, also when my cell sits by the computer I get loud static sounding noise from the speaker before it rings. This is very consistent. I think it is because there are similar frequency ranges in electronic communication and they tend to bleed into each other.

Question for onthedeck What is a *blowhard* and why did you call me one on this thread?

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck

I know I would like to see long posts from the OP - i.e., AA, as opposed to longwinded posts from Lonegunman and interestedalways, you know, "blowhards" (mine are quite

Its cool you called me a blowhard, but why would you call interestedalways a blowhard, she is always on YOUR side! She never lies, always tells the truth as seen by her experiences and is always fair.

I would recomend you apologize to the lady for saying such a thing to her.

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 03:24 AM
AA- I have thought of the consequences, and want you to tell your alien buddies to make themselves known to me. You still managed to not answer some of my other questions as well, which I think pertain to your thread. Please answer. . .

posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 07:05 AM
I was joking. I u2ud interestedalways to tell her that. LoneGunman, you're not a blowhard either. It's not for me to judge. Someone put the time in to post, like yourself, and that is appreciated, period. Nothing more, nothing less.

No one should have taken my post as anything but a joke. I was pointing a finger at you guys when I thought it was obvious I was the one with the long posts...but I apologize...I like you guys.

I've never posted anything negative or derogatory about, or toward any poster. And if I had, I want to say it wasn't intentional.

Anyway, moving on. Still want to hear from AA...

It IS the holidays though, so he may be socially engaged...

If you're out there, AA, and have any updates, or crazy new techniques, etc., let us know...

As the weekend nears, and I'm feeling better, I'll have some time to devote to "contact".

*sitting* . . . *dial tone* . . . *ring ring* . . .

them "Yello? Grays, Inc."
me "Hi, this is Onthedeck from ATS. I was hoping --"
them "-- Your call is important to us, but due to unusually high call volume..."

I know, I'm different...

posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 08:03 AM
Everyone stating their beliefs and revealing their sources about the pending shift, whether they believe that it’s the destruction of mankind, the enlightenment of mankind, or the apocalypse are all correct no matter what version or incarnation.

When you start thinking outside your 3rd dimensional cage you see existences as it was meant to be seen by the supreme creator or your gods. The single most powerful force in all of creation is thought, you see us as individuals are never not creating the reality around us we want.

When the shift comes thatt is now currently underway you will ALL be given a conscious choice to create your reality out side of your 3rd dimensional cage. If you want a world of enlightenment so shall it be, if you want the apocalypse so shall it be. The multiverse will allow you to create your own reality going forward without affecting any one else’s.

The multiverse has one supreme creator and we are all children of the great intelligence that governs all in existence.

When the choice comes, I suggest we all choose wisely.


posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 08:27 AM
On The Deck -

One thing that sparks me about your post is the description of the cell phone problems... while having a "frequency" disruption in your comptuer speakers may be weird check this out....

all around the time of doing the meditation technique and for about 2 weeks after, my phone started to do funny things at random times... it wasnt the normal static when you are near a computer, or droping of calls either. here are the two things that happened quite frequently but now have stopped...

1) My phone was sitting on my bed while I was sleeping and every few minutes I could here that "static" interference in my clock by my bed. My clock is an older clock (although digital) but I found it weird because I never had this happen in the past and I have had that clock for 5 years or so. I have had my phone for 2 years. odd... This happened at least 20 times over a two week or 3 week period...

2) My phone would cause my radar detector in my car to go off. Only during the begining of conversations no matter if I was placing or receiving the call. This happened a couple times last year but not again until as of recent... it does this occasionally still, but not nearly as much.



PS: i personally passed this off as interference.. cell phones suck... hence why i havnet posted this before...

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 08:47 AM
Thanks for posting. I have a couple of questions...

You said that all of those making predictions are correct.

You said,

When you start thinking outside your 3rd dimensional cage you see existences as it was meant to be seen by the supreme creator or your gods.

Is it as simple as being openminded? I would disagree here, but I will presume that there's more behind that statement...

You said,

When the shift comes thatt is now currently underway you will ALL be given a conscious choice to create your reality out side of your 3rd dimensional cage. If you want a world of enlightenment so shall it be, if you want the apocalypse so shall it be. The multiverse will allow you to create your own reality going forward without affecting any one else’s.

Does this mean that those posting about destruction and atrocities, while those posting an upgrade in consciousness and an introduction to extraterrestrials will both see that reality come to pass?

D4rkKnight's post, in particular, has either the U.S., or a related sub-government creating an unbelievable terror show in the sky (moving bands of light, flying craft swooping through the clouds and down at us, moon-sized, or larger planets appearing, strange sounds, music, psychologically induced visions and familiar voices, etc.), and through home electronics systems in 2011 that will create chaos to those watching on the ground, and a breakdown of the worst kind in every society on Earth.

He says when those that are still alive are starving and begging for food, that the military will arise from their underground bunkers and exploit who they want, while punishing those they have no use for. That's Apocalyptic. Not pretty...smallpeeps in the post, "Love is the ticket..." seems somewhat in agreement with this...

Yourself and others seem to think that there will be an upshift, or upgrade psychically, vibrationally and socially as far as other races are concerned. That we will be welcomed into a galactic community (obviously, according to your methodology, if people "choose" these particular beliefs).

How do these things supposedly come to pass for the individuals posting/believing them?

Are you saying that each and every person will be transferred to his/her belief system in the near future?

Will there be 6 billion different belief system worlds (1 for each person on the planet)?

If this nefarious organization, or sub-government wishes for their sinister future, and their potential victims choose another reality, will these people simply vanish, leaving this organization with a diminished population, or will the people being moved to other "reality systems" leave a clone, so it appears as though no one has left?

(I know sleeper would disagree on this, as well as many others, and would suggest that mankind will continue on the same course for years, that slow and steady progress will continue to be made as it has been, and contact will only occur beyond our lifetime - 50 years or so...)

How could each individual get a conscious choice to be involved in these scenarious or not, in your mind? Because anyone deciding between a terrifying future that includes their own enslavement and a positive, higher, friendly open galaxy would choose the latter.

How soon will these things come into being, and what sort of experiences or "signs" can people look for to see them approaching?

There are a lot of people that are saying, in a general way, that things will come to pass over the next few years, and that's a safe statement to make, but can you make more specific statements?

I want to step back and just say that you're making statements about humankind as a whole. You're making statements about definite extraterrestrial contact over the next few years in a way that hasn't been seen in recent history, but even more incredibly, that every human being on this planet will have a conscious choice soon to "change, or alter their reality".

These are very big, very incredible statements to make. But you feel confident in making them?

Have you been shown glimpses of either your own, or other's future?

I wanted to add - in what form will this choice be presented? How will it be presented? Will an alien, or other being appear in front of every person and ask them what road they want?

I know there are many possible forms, but wanted to get an idea.

Will our decision be presented to us literally, or will it be a more subtle, subconscious choice?

Will each individual be clear and understand the choice as it's presented to them?

Just curious...Thanks in advance for your response...

hexed1911, thanks for posting. I'm on the continued lookout for these things. More meditating this weekend...

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 09:11 AM
on the deck.. i always enjoy your posts... you add a lot to the topic discussion and no matter if they are long or not, its better than being lost in pages after pages of fighting mess...


posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 09:20 AM
I believe the choice will be presented to different people in different ways...

say person A is already in the understanding of what the future entails.. that person will have a quite litteral shift in conciousness because they are aware of it...

say person B is still in the "cube" or "tunnel" of the 3d reality. They will be presented with the choice by a series of events that happen globally. Such as; UFO sightings increase, violent outbreaks in cities, economic struggles, etc.... These things will bring those people to an awareness of what is going on, even if they do not know what the end result is, they will be aware something is happening.

they will then have to choose to resist or to fall in place...

wow.. that sounds too evil.... I personally find it exciting...

I was discussing this topic with some friends last night.. the question that some of them had was... "do we just sit there and let people suffer? or do we try to help them"

I think thats what people like AA are for... they have been giving a assignment (subconciously) and shown the way to spread the word of the future... those of us who take it seriously and study it have a chance of being ahead of the shift (or on track as we should be)

those who deny the possiblity, will have a violent shift into reality when the time comes...


posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 10:01 AM
I am a little lost int he thread at the moment. Will catch up later.
Just wanted to anser this:

Originally posted by hexed1911

Originally posted by g210b

oh forgot..
who of you can finish this 6 digit number starting with 7?

7 _ _ _ _ _

1 ) 796324
2) 768321
3) i keep getting all 7's now when i try... 777777

No hit. Also not really close. But thanks for trying.

Ok I don't want to spoil this thread. With this. It is/was a subexperiment of me in regards of that 'stream'. So maybe it's better if you u2u me numbers you 'catched' and think that could be the one I tried to 'program' into that 'stream'.
If someone surprises me with the right numbers or very close to all right I will post it. But pls do not random guess but try to read it through meditation or in what way ever is yours to access the 'stream'.

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