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Alien Communication and the Evolution Homo Sapiens IS Now Underway

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 06:13 PM

The Grays intervene every time that tone is created regardless of whether or not it is made by natural or artificial means?

Only in the convenes of this exercise in establishing contact yes.

What is the frequency of the EM field that is emitted by the computer? I would like to use my EMF detector to see if I can pick it up and if I had a frequency, it would make it much easier.

Search between 125 and 129 HTz range…. Let me know if you need a more precise range.

But that still doesnt asnwer my question, not really. If the tone is produced, and the tone is a sound vibration, why is THAT tone emitted and not OTHER sounds, like music?

It’s a sound and ethereal vibration that is being produced, that tone is emitted because its convenes of establishing contact.


posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 08:04 PM

Originally posted by Alien Agenda
The grays are intervening with what is happening on the couscous level, the tone is being transmitted by the electromagnetic field the computer creates around its self and all biological entities in its radius. Hence the music cannot be heard or any effects from it but the tone will generate an effect and can not be heard either.


I know it's not polite or relevant to interrupt a thread with a spelling flame, but honestly AA, "couscous" is a middle eastern side dish (pronounced "koos-koos"). The spelling you're looking for is "conscious." I ignored it once, but twice? From someone who claims his I.Q. is beyond anyone's here? I mean, "the couscous level"... hilarious...

Please forgive the digression.

posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 08:37 PM
Delicious! Actually, skip, English isn't AA's first language...but I think couscous is one of the funniest

I wanted to point out that it may be a way of covering his a**, but AA DID say that each of our separate views/beliefs will essentially create our own future reality.

To respond to Hank, it's quite possible given this that both AA AND probed's futures are accurate as far as both individuals will come to experience - they will both create and live their own futures according to AA.

This would be one circumstance where diametrically opposed views could in fact both be right...

Just something to chew on...not sure if that's accurate or not, but it seems in line with AA's predictions...

posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 08:51 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
To respond to Hank, it's quite possible given this that both AA AND probed's futures are accurate as far as both individuals will come to experience - they will both create and live their own futures according to AA.

No, I am not going to allow this spin on the posts to happen. AA and probed are predicting VERY different and EXCLUSIVE futures, to say otherwise is to IGNORE that AA said that probed was WRONG. He didn't say 'We will each experience our own realities' he said probed was WRONG.

posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 09:58 PM
OK, Hank. I understand your point.

I was just making an obvious observation that was in line with what AA had said. Someone would have (or should have at some point) pointed out that possibility.

So IS this a case of one is right and one is wrong? Is it that simple?

AA says big changes are around the corner. probed says nothing is around the corner; nothing like what AA talks about anyway...

Weighing in AA's favor is a movement toward 2012, including but not limited to the Mayan calendar, scientific studies of changes with the Earth's magnetic poles, accelerated promulgation and awareness of psychic and paranormal phenomena as a real science worthy of mainstream study, related predictions from ancient history, so-called Indigo children, unprecedented unpredictable and increasingly violent superstorms and other worldwide climatic activity, contactee/abduction testimony, increased, intense ufo activity and other heretofore unseen phenomena, and leaps of technological advance in ways that seem to stretch the imagination.

Weighing in probed's favor is Dick Cheney. lol - I could NOT resist! I am kidding probed! Actually, it's getting harder and harder to defend the position that nothing is going on, and great changes are ahead. There are psychics that are purported to make successful predictions, who have not predicted the changes AA and others speak about. It's tough - even scientists are witnessing unprecedented and frightening changes occurring right now.

NOW, this isn't to say that the above is proof that our individual realities are going to shift, and we will have these profound multiverse experiences, but if ever there were a fertile time for an experience like this, then this is it...

I don't know what else to say about it. probed brought up John the Baptist, but was John, just like Jesus, saying something to the effect that "...the world of God is all around us, but men do not see it...", or was John making a prediction? Also, does probe base his beliefs on interpretations such as these, or are probed's contacts saying, "Nope, nothing's at hand. Go about your business?"

Also, whose contacts are the real deal? I've read that some ETs deliberately mislead or confuse their contacts. Is is possible that probed may have real contacts, but they're positioning him, so his views contradict AA's for a reason? There is the theory about not fully revealing themselves, or not forcing proof onto people, because there is the element of free will that must be honored/respected...there's so much to bring into play here, I don't know where to start...

Only probed and AA can straighten this stuff out...

Anyway, Hank, I believe there is more than one answer to the "two contactees have different opinions" quandary...

Now let's see what it is...

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 11:19 AM
How you making out with you emp testing?


posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 12:29 PM

Originally posted by Alien Agenda
How you making out with you emp testing?


That range of frequencies is common in any type of equipment with internal power transformers, i.e. computers, radios, and televisions. I -do- pick up that range while running the tone, but I also get it when I am NOT running the tone. As of this posting, there has not been any noticable change, though these tests aren't complete.

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 01:22 PM

See if the dial jumps alittle when you say get about 10 feet away from your computer.


posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 09:44 PM
There is no reading on the frequency range from any of the test objects from 10 feet away.

Microwave, TV, radio, computer and toy train.

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 02:30 AM
happy Christmas y'all. You too Hank.

my suggestion about the tones is to experiment with tones until you find one that really seems to lift your mind to another level. Each person is unique, and so one person's medicine is another person's poison. The aliens told me to post this suggestion.

The aliens do play wonderful tones at times and I've spoken to a lot of people who have heard them. I've heard them rarely but then again the aliens let me hear all types of sounds. Yesterday I was listening to some of them speaking and it was like listening to tiny elves having fun.

If you want to raise your vibration level then try with all your might to drag yourself out of your body. Do it daily for 1/2 an hour when you are relaxed and lying comfortably on your bed or sofa. All the best experiences happen during NDE's when people are on the verge of leaving their earth bodies. The first time I tried to leave my body five light beings appeared and told me to be still as it wasn't my time yet. I eventually found that the light beings are energy projections from the aliens in a parallel realm.

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 01:41 PM
Hey probed,
Answer the questions on the other page.


posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 12:56 PM
How is everyone making out with this experiment?


posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 04:10 PM
Thanks for opening my mind. . but. . Im done drinking your Coolaid.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 06:27 PM
I was going to try this when I started reading Alien Agenda's first thread and then I realized the it was 60 pages long and not a single person enterd the "stream"!!!

I mean get real AA if you honestly have access to their knowledge then why dont you ask them something simple like info on star systems of some distant galaxies or the location of some stars that we havent discovered yet or other some space phynominon (SP?) then send the info to the appropriate authorities you would become the worlds most respected astronomer over night! Reason im saying this is that in your other forum you argued that you have or can get the formula for free energy or some new engine but realisitically you cant do anythign with it it. FINE then do something simple like get info on space that we humans havent discovered yet!

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 08:40 PM

I've been following ATS for a long time. The single most comical aspect of this forum is the complete lack of commonality in the 'alien contact' stories.

I'm pretty sure there are aliens amongst us. I don't think they are extraterrestrial. We are seeing a manifestation that is generated, constructed, and experienced totally within an individual's perceptions and frameworks. The experience is completely shaped by culture, gender, age, education, world view, etc. They are natural occurrences experienced by a very few people. On second thought, they may be experienced by everyone, but recalled differently.

That being said, the worm in the apple is the accounts of physical abduction. Most indications are that they have a remarkable level of detailed congruence. I'm still pondering on how to encompass those experiences into my theory.

The simplest logical explanation is this:

The "telepathic" communications are all internal illusions, or dreams, which all vary by culture and experience, as do ordinary dreams. All "in the head". No ET communication, just one brain lobe to another. **

Physical abduction correlates with the only reproducible and real ET phenomenon. There are no enlightened star beings or cosmic brothers. That's just wishful thinking.

** Consider that the 'oneness' of consciousness is a neurological illusion---schizophrenic patients authentically "hear" voices and see things which are unambiguously a result of only their internal brain. You 'replay' some events and reactivate the same neural structures of vision and hearing---but your brain is able to distinguish memory from actual current perceptual input. Some mentally ill people have lost that ability.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 09:55 PM
Techniques have run their course.

As eager, willing, open-minded and cooperative as everyone - including AA - has been, the two "experiment" threads started by AA have netted nothing more than wild interest by many, and naught but a few odd experiences by a few members, me being one of them.

Of those three, four or five members, only one of them considers what they've had amounts to alien contact, and the rest (possibly more than five) only note odd or different experiences. This is not enough to qualify these experiments as anything more than a passing interest.

The combined enthusiasm and conviction from AA, and the eager and hopeful audience with whom AA intrigued with the possibility of extraterrestrial contact initially drove these threads on.

That excitement and hopefulness, unfortunately, cannot be sustained on these boards. There just aren't enough people having experiences that can be perceived as anything more than anomalies one can produce using just about any meditation.

The total views for both of AA's threads, "Proof Positive of Alien Comms" and "Alien Communication and the Evolution Homo Sapiens IS Now Underway" combined was 65,372 views.

I don't know how this breaks down, but if we were to just take a quarter or so of this number (15,000 or so), and take into account that the reports of intriguing or unusual experiencers amounted to between three and six people that isn't very much. In fact, of this small group, maybe one person considers what he had as possible alien contact.

This number is too small to consider worthy of pursuing these techniques any further.

Given this fact, one has to wonder now where AA is getting his information.

I believe AA is sane. And I believe AA trusts his source 100%. But given the virtually negative outcome of, now, three different techniques, I'm not sure where to go with this.

There are a lot of questions.

I'm as interested as anyone in learning more about AA and his contacts. But I can only see a few possibilities for what is happening here:

1) AA is performing his own social experiment, and it has nothing to do with contact, but is a method by which AA simply wants to observe people's reactions.

2) AA is receiving information from his own subconscious mind, and is under the false belief that the information is coming from outside of himself.

3) AA is not receiving the information as it was intended (i.e., there is a disconnect, misunderstanding, or a confusion from transmission to reception).

4) AA is not utilizing the information in the way in which it was intended.

5) AA was not to widely disperse this information, or his contacts consider that he is misusing it, and are therefore not cooperating.

6) AA's sources are real, and they are deliberately toying with him, or they are deliberately providing him with incorrect, or misleading information.

7) The beings that are presumed to be contacting AA are just not successful in providing him effective techniques (i.e., they are naive, or are ignorant as to how to successfully execute effective techniques).

I think that AA's sincerity, and everyone else's obvious enthusiasm for this subject - and appreciation for the importance of keeping the dialogue open - at least warrants hearing AA out. However, as far as the techniques are concerned, I think that well has run dry. Unfortunately, I think instead of a well, more people are seeing what was more a mirage rather than a spring of hope...

It's clear that everyone feels we are very close to human-alien interpersonal contact. The recent increase of unusual phenomena such as crop circles, the intensity of ufo sightings, coupled with the urgent revelations of ET contact by military and government personnel around the world creates a very palpable atmosphere that we're on the verge of something big.

And the number of views of these posts alone prove that now is the time; that people are ready and willing for contact. They're asking for it. Hank opened a post proclaiming this. And Hank speaks for a large number of people - and I'm included in that group!

So let's hope AA hasn't taken advantage of this growing sentiment. We can only hope that whoever AA, or others are having real contact with - who are not of this Earth, but are for it - can help bridge the gap that these techniques have not begun to close.

I say, despite the virtually null results these techniques have provided, that the sincerity, cooperation and efforts here by members of every stripe show there's a large number of people ready to hear from our neighbors. The statement made by the view count on these threads alone speaks volumes.

Now it's time for someone to see that message and act on it. And act on it in a way that is undeniable for those aching to move our occupation of this planet to the next level.

AA, if you have anything to add here please do. I think this thread has value as an open dialogue, even if the techniques have run dry.

I believe what you said when you titled this thread, that "Alien Communication and the Evolution Homo Sapiens IS Now Underway." But it's going to take more than a meditation technique to satisfy those reading these threads to prove you're doing anything more than relaying messages from your subconscious.

So if you have a message from your contacts - a response from them with regard to the three failed communication techniques - please feel free to post it. Do they have an opinion on this (your posts are often very terse, so hopefully you can expand your response)?

I don't consider you debunked necessarily as I'm not sure as to the source of your information. But I feel I can say the techniques have been tested, yielded very little, and therefore can safely be debunked, or at least considered ineffective.

Thank you for starting these posts and galvanizing this community.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 10:53 PM

Originally posted by amongus
Thanks for opening my mind. . but. . Im done drinking your Coolaid.

That took some balls to post. Its hard admitting to following someone that is full of cow dung. If I had a WATS I would give it to you. A moderator will probablly slap me for saying it but damn I am tired of AA doing his little experiment with altered states. AA if you end up screwing someone up doing this shame on you! More than likely it will be just a waste of their time, but come on dude you have no clue as to what you are doing!

Oh and I love couscous, ever since I worked for a Lebanese car dealership back in the 90's. I got the dry heaves when I smelled grape leaves though. The owner of the dealership was not impressed.

This thread smells just like those grape leaves!!

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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 11:16 PM
LoneGunMan, i dunno if that is a good idea... i think a mod will slap you. I spoke out against AA earlier in this topic and it didn't end up pretty... I've just set myself up with some popcorn and a deckchair and am enjoying the comedy hour

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 02:14 AM
I am reading this thread with interest. I used to BE a "Grey". I one person said...."taken human form". In other words, I am a "walk-in".
I am associated with Greys from Sirius.
There are GOOD and BAD of all kinds. That includes Greys and other ETs. be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 04:22 AM
little children and animals often see entities that adults cannot see. Many parents have noticed how their tiny babies start looking at something in the room and smiling or crying. They know their children are looking at something but they can't see what it is. Animals are the same. They can see entities that humans cannot. And obviously little children and animals have never done any meditation or listened to altered state sounds. And they've never undergone any standard experience which would raise their perception levels. They are just naturally perceptive to those beings.

So obviously as we grow older we lose something special, and so it's just a matter of uncovering what we originally had. Possibly by clearing our minds of all the garbage it has picked up in life and getting back to the state of innocent wonder uncluttered with worldly stuff.

An alien just telepathically reminded me that as people are dying they start to see people in the room from the other side. No one else can see them but as the bonds binding us to this earth are loosened we naturally gain perception of beings from the beyond.

That ties in with what I found when I started trying to astral travel. Straight away beings of light appeared and told me it wasn't my time yet. All because I simply tried to astral travel out of my body. I can bring those beings back at anytime I like ever since, and I discovered they are energy bodies coming from aliens. We all have them around us but we are so covered over with worldly cares that we lose our sensitivity to such beings. It's like losing a sense due to not using it, but when we start using it regularly then it becomes as strong as all our other senses, and we can use it to make contact with the other side anytime we like. I say 'the other side but there are actually lots of different sides with different entities. It's due to space being layered in levels.

My guess is the best way to make contact is simply to clear the mind of all the earthly things. We are all one with God and the aliens are simply God's workers. Like hive beings doing set tasks. Once we clear our mind we find we are already in contact and have been all the time at a different level than we currently understand.

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