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The Master Cleanse (TRG's Journel)

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posted on Nov, 21 2006 @ 01:38 AM
link I go again. :w:
This will be my 7th time doing ~The Master Cleanse~

I am planning to journel the experiance here on this thread.

I am doing the master cleanse by Stanley Burroughs.

It is the MOST AMAZING thing to experiance.........the healing propertys, the Spiritual aspect..........the mass of energy that you find by detoxing......the serious weight loss...
...its ALL TRUE.
It CURES sciattica and other chronic pains.
Here is a really GOOD site full of information on it..........

The first time I did this was just after a very HARD year healing from breaking my back. Those pesky cliffs that crumble under your hands are NOT your friend I can attest to this fact............
ANYWAY I was told about the cleanse, and lent a book by Stanley Burroughs called 'Healing in the age of enlightenment'.
It all made sense to me so I gave it a shot and lasted for 21 days.......the aches and pains I had just went away. My chronic sleep disorder was under control again, I had TONS of energy. I had lost 33 pounds. My hair was amazingly glossy and I had perfect skin.

I try and do this every year for a long time...or twice a year for shorter periods. I have fibroMyalgia.......and the cleanse is alot MORE helpfull in making me feel better, way moreso than all the painkillers I am prescribed put together. The FM comes back though, about 4 to 6 months after a cleanse. That makes it so I need to do it again.

I have a VERY HARD TIME motivating for this cleanse.
It is NOT an easy thing to takes guts, and determination to do an extended cleanse.......I have been gearing up for an extended cleanse this whole entire year. Each week, thinking I would start this up in a few days, only to put it off.

FINALLY I have gotten started today...:w:....I did the internal salt water bath first thing. I drank alot of water..:w:..and I drank my 'sour yet hot' lemonaide wich I made fresh this am squeezing lemons with my antique pressure juicer.

Halfway through the day a headache came on ...........bleck. Thats the caffine moving out of might last up to 5 days. Its a head banger screaming kind of headache.

It is night now and I am more tired than takes alot of energy for cleanseing and I am beat .
My neck is killing me.
My back hurts where it was sciattica is RAGING!

This was day one on my cleanse.

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posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 01:35 AM
well I screwed it up allready

I woke up about 4am craving HUGE.....and ate a bowel of cereal and 3 red vines.....and then went back to sleep. I did not really REALISE what I had done till I woke up for real this morning....and I was, ummmmmm, felling stupid.

So NOW TODAY is the real day 1 of my cleanse......
I did the 'chug' a pint of seasalt water and then felt heavey and awfull for hours. I was extra thirsty for water of course after all that internal salt bathing.....this is THE WORST PART of the cleanse IMO.
It is hard for me to even get the salt water down.

I am not hungry, not one little bit. I have only had my lemonaide cleanse drink and water all day.....and tonight I am going to put a note on my bedroom door and on the fridge ~CLEANSEING TIME~

I have had a super sised head ache, but thats expected. Unexpectedly the long muscles in my thies are burning and it makes walking around a chore. I guess I have alot of toxins in my legg muscles.
Thats it so far......nuttin to bad.

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 02:23 AM
Take 15 minutes every now and then to run energy through your 'sore' areas...
I'm not sure if you already have a meditation schedule, but try to focus on feeling energy running through different parts of your body, while breathing either 2seconds in 4seconds out (full deep breaths and full exhaust), or 4sec-4sec (which is hard, but more powerful) than focus all the energy on the hands (while keeping the breathing pattern) and than move the hands where-ever the pain is.. (keeping them tremendously nimble) do not tense the hands up at all, or the energy won't flow to full capacity, but keep the sensation of energy and the breathing and the nimbleness all going at once... u should be able to turn it on and off like a light-switch after awhile .. its excellent for healing misplaced joints, fractures/breaks, headaches, pain, etc... the longer you run the energy the better, (if it needs it) if not the energy will flow to the place that needs it. It is harder to heal yourself using this technique, it works almost miraculus in others but slower when your practicing on yourself.

I'm going to start my fast soon here too, I hope all goes well with yours... hope you get stronger from your experiences.

posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 01:02 AM
I had unpleasent dreams last night.....
the Stanley Burroughs book ~Healing in the age of enlightenment~ says this is from the toxins coming loose and getting mobile....

I did good for day 2........I did the internal salt water bath this am and then ended up laying down and darkening out my window.....I did not sleep, but I rested. My gut felt like there was a large concrete block in it. I do not enjoy the salt water thing, but it is so needed in washing the 'stuff' out of a cleansing person........after a few days and I really get this cleanse going strong I will cut the salt water back to every other day.

Once I started voiding the concrete feeling went away. I took a long hot shower and this perked me up alot to. I think I brushed my teeth 8 times today.........the mouth gets very fuzzy on the cleanse, for this is one of the places the toxins is VERY IMPORTANT you shower every day, even twice if possible for the toxins get out in the sweat as well........getting the toxins OUT of us and OFF of us is imperative......

My head has super POUNDED all day.....I just keep breathing deeply and dealing.with it, for this to shall pass.

I was online checking out this guys site who I gave the link to above. Rawfoods yadda yadda.........and I want to rant a little about this guy, mr Peter Glickman.

FIRST, he is making claims like he is this HUGE expert on the cleanse and he wrote a book wich his site is trying very hard to sell.
His book is way WAY more expensice than the true ~Master Cleanse ~ book by Stanley Burroughs...

He is making his EXPERT CLAIMS because he has done The Master CLeanse 15 times since 2003...but he does it for small amounts of time, like 10 days tops.....summer of 2005 I did it for 40 days.
MY first cleanse was 21 days, plus I have been doing this since 1995 so I have 5 YEARS experiance on this guy.... So I give myself permission to scoff a bit at all his 'expertness' He just really wants to make money from his book.
He gives some decent advise but I found a couple BIG discrepecys between what he is claiming we should do and what Mr Burroughs origonally suggests.

For example...... Mr Burroughs says your cleanse mixture drink should add up to 10 oz, but Peter Glickman is saying 8 oz. The REALLY big BOOBOO on Glickmans head is he wrongly quotes Stanley Burroughs as saying that using grade B maple syrup is best......
I have Stanley Burroughs book right here. It doesnt say that, says that the use of grade C pure maple syrup is the BEST to use espescially on a long term cleanse........he says grade B will suffice but is not as rich in nutrients so NOT as preferable as grade C.
I go out of my way to find grade C. I order my syrup from Canada because local health food stores only carry grade B as the darkest.
The darker the BETTER for a has more nutrients, more vitamins, MORE minerals than grade B. In long term cleanseing it is VERY important you get all you can from the syrup. :w:

Sooooooooooo anyway I have a headache and I am thinking this Peter Glickman guy BLOWS:bash:

Well it is late, and it is time for me to make a warm cup of a laxative herb tea.

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 12:35 AM
Today is Thanksgiving day.

I have been a good girl and have not cheated my cleanse. I did not do the saltwater internal bath today as my holiday gift to myself.
I sent my son to spend the holiday with his I was able to just lounge around in my pajamas and not cook anything.
I did have to squeeze some lemons but thats all banger of a headache has been worse today........around 9 pm it was so bad I took a tylenol.I KNOW I am NOT SUPPOSED to take anything at all except for cleanse and water but I was crying it was so I gave in.

Burning off this caffine headache is so miserable that I may avoid caffinated products after this cleanse.........(I hope I hope I hope) but I dearly LOVE cofee.........'sigh'

I brushed my teeth multiple times, and showered........I have not been very physically active today, I sat at the computor and loaded up my itams for sale on Ebay.....if you want to see my Ebay pages send me a u2u and I will hook you up.

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 01:04 AM
You can do it Queenie. Your royal court and everyone else stands behind 110%. all my helpin energies coming your way for strength in your cleansing efforts.

I wish you the best in this endeavor. Chin up, your doing great so far.

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 11:12 PM
Hi ho Silver
your such a sweetie pie!

Last night before I was going to bed I remembered that you are SUPPOSED to take off any and all jewelry during the master I removed the earings I constantly wear and took off my semi permanent toe rings, and went to sleep. This is supposed to allow for a better energy flow in the body. Mr Burroughs says that ANY metals or gems of any kind interupt the co0rrect flow and pull energies to the wrong areas and can NOT be worn during a cleanse.
I comlpetely forgot to remove jewelry during a cleanse in 2003 and it was not all that successfull so I have to believe what Mr B....(I am gunna write Mr B now for short) has to say about it.

Today I woke up and its been flowers and sunshine for me! I am speaking metephoricly because it is not springtime here at al
I woke with NO headache....and alot of energy! Sheesh I super duper cleaned the house today........moppin floors.....massive vaccuuming.........I was even wiping walls down.

After much work I ran some looky loo erronds to go check on some prices on flat screen dig TV sets.....rented some DVDs to watch, and went for a decent walk.
I came home and have been working on the putor now for a few hours...
I have felt GREAT today and thats no lie!

TRG is cleansin' away :w::w::w::w::w::w::w::w: chug-a-lug!

posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 10:50 AM

Thats great to hear Goddess, glad you are over that hump of gettin out the nasties and it causing you mass owwies. Either that or ive got super duper healin powers

Seems like its all downhill from here darlin. Keep pluggin away at it, and ill keep transmittin those good vibrations (breaks into beach boys song) your way.

You look and feel MAAHVELOUS.

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 02:15 AM
I woke up happy and energized!
THEN.......I drank the pint of seasalt water and felt awfull.....:w:

This kucky heavey awfull feeling laster about 4 hours untill it was all done washing through me..........since then Ive had a medium headache.....

I think the salt water flush is the WORST part of the whole cleanse.....every time I do it this part is what about kills me. I may just quit doing that if I can.......

When I got feeling a bit better I went to the healthfood store and aquired myself a nice box of 'swiss kriss' wich is a very gentle herbal laxative. Mr B suggests a laxative tea in the PM but I am not finding something that I get along with as well as swiss kriss.
HOPEFULLY I can just swiss kriss and forget about the salt bath for 2 days and just do that on the 3rd.........that way I can feel better for the most part of this cleanse......for it really IS the salt water thing that knocks me out of comission each time......

I had a super ebay selling day! I pulled in 2 dollars short of 200! my best day of all time!

posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 02:57 AM
today was a good day.....for about 2 hours I had a pretty hard 'stitch' pain on my lower left abdomen.....but it burned itself out.

I have avoided the scale. I do WANT to loose weight on htis cleasne but do not want to make that the whole focus point. I did break down and get on the scale today fully dressed & I learned that...............I am down 10 pounds allready!

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 01:42 AM
a huge winter storm started blowing in last night and woke me up...and KEPT waking me up
I only got about 5 hours of sleep so I have had a UBER GROGGY GRUMPY day..............
(only 5 hours is horrid for a person with FibroMyalgia & chronic fatigue)

my eyes look like they are bleeding.

The swiss kriss works very well..........

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 01:16 AM
I didnt write yesterday MY BAD! Yesterday I slept 14 hours..........was up a while then back to bed.

Today I was awakened by my son leaving for schooll and couldnt get back to sleep so I had a house keeping day.....and I worked my Ebay pages, took things to the PO to ship, and went shopping.

Today is day 10 of this cleasne and my back hurts where it was broken...and my sciattica is screaming.
In past cleasnes I learned the so called 'normal ains' I have will be way way WAY worse on the cleanse but seem to burn themselves right out....and once they stop hurting they wont bother me for at least 6 I am GLAD the sciattica is screaming and my back hurts for this means I am healing it.......

It got down to 8 degrees last night but that has nothing to do with my subject I am just sharing.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 03:09 AM
Brrrr. Glad its not that cold here. especially since im sittin on my rig out in the garage. Its been hella cold for our area though. 29 last nite and supposed to be colder 2nite. This heater i bought is helping some, but now my right side is nice and toasty and the my left side is freezing. LOL Glad to hear you are reaching the peak of your healing and will be better afterwards. Always darkest before the dawn i see. Keep it up Darlin. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 11:52 PM
I am so exausted right nw I can not even blog..............
I only got 4 hours of sleep last night due to mass early am erronds. The erronds meant I did not dare have the swis criss last night, nor the saltwater this am....

I got in a 2 hour nap this afternoon but I have been in a total fog ever since. I am just keepin on keepin on with this and I was craving a hamburger........but chicken soup sounds really good to.........ugh.

Some days are harder than other days.
Today was hard.
Tomarow will be better...............

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 12:26 AM
You're doing great TRG!
I read your thread late last night and then did a google on this cleanse and read another's journal on doing it and I must say I am intrigued.
I doubt I'll be able to find the correct ingredients (organic maple syrup and the senna leaf tea) out here where I live in japan but I'd like to give it a go

I will be viewing your journal as you keep going.


posted on Dec, 3 2006 @ 01:15 AM
Hey Jaded...I orderd my pure maple syrup from Canada........

Today was a good day.......except for the early part where I drank the saltwater internal bath and hung out in the bathroom.......thats NEVER fun dont puke however it comes out the other end and VERY DAM FAST so look out.....

A long hot shower and I can feel like a human again......

Once THAT was over the day was bright and I was energetic.
I went shopping. I fill up a to-go bottle of my cleanse and take bottles of water and I am good to go....:w:
Later in the day I fixed up some gingerbread and made the parts for a house, and set my son to work decorating it. We of course had to go decorative candy shopping, and he chose gummy dinosaurs to go all around it as gingerbread house gaurds.

Life is good.
Cleansing is going well

I am having my teaspoon of swiss criss and drinking it down with pure water right now.....this is the best way to end a day whilst cleansing.

My skin is ~PERFECT~ right now.......while cleansing, ALL blemishes & blackheads, even very old ones that NEVER seem to go away? they all come forward and jump ship. No joke. For the first days you may look like your having a break out nightmare because of all the 'stuff' cleaning out....somehow the lemon PUSHES this stuff right out of your pores..once it is gone your skin becomes this amazingly SUPER SOFT thing that no longer seems to need lotion.......I am over the break out aspect fully now, and I am glowing in a way that cause people that know me as well as perfect strangers to stare at me and comment on how great my skin looks. My hair and nails seem to grow quite a bit faster on the cleanse as well and I do not know WHY this is.......its just a mystery I accept and enjoy.

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posted on Dec, 3 2006 @ 09:16 PM
I am not feeling all that grand today. I keep sneezing, coughing and I have a runny & burning nose......

My son has a cold, and it looks like I
have caught it......I swear I am sneezing hard every 2 minutes and its driving me crazy.

Ive not been sick like this on the cleanse before. In the past its always just been the illness of working out the aches and pains the cleanse is healing......

I am feeling so crappy and headachey sick, that I am about to make some tomato that later I can then take cold medicine without it tearing my stomech up.......

Yes I am breaking the cleanse hee on day 13...............................
BUT I am PLANNING to go right back at this tomarow or the following day, depending on how well I can fight this cold.....

So I will be back at this very soon and back at this journell.....

Soup time for me..............and beddy bye ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

[edit on 3-12-2006 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 01:20 AM
I am back......on ~The Cleanse~ again. :w: :w:

I got over that ucky flue/cold thing, and today I was fully BACK on the cleanse.

I am very tired today...exausted even......was a hard day of sour/hot lemonaid

I just now drank a bottle of water and a spoonfull of the swis kris, so tomarow will be CLEANSING as usuall.....

I am sad about these missed days while I was feeling sick......but I guess I will make up for them somehow.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 11:33 PM
well..................I am really sucking at this.
I did stick with it on the 12th and 13th and half a day on the 14th.............but OMG the massive mind blowing headache that came on me on the 14th had me sitting on the floor holding my head and rocking back and forth and crying...
..was so VERY BAD, I gave in and made a cup of mint tea and had some saltine crackers. Later on I had some more soup. Eating did stop the head banger.....
I told myself I would get right back on the cleanse train the next day but here it is the 16th and I still have not had the gumption to get back on it.....
I am still down the 10 lost lbs.......and want to loose more, but I keep thinking I am going to get back at it 'tomarow' but then when tomarow comes I think of a zillion reasons to put it off yet another day.

I am telling myself right now, that tomarow will be the beginning of another round of cleanseing and I HOPE I can follow through with this plan. The headache was so bad.................oh so VERY BAD..........that when I wake up I just can not seem to force myself to take up cleansing again for the real fear of having the headache come back. I KNOW it will because it wouldnt bethere if there were not toxins in my head that needed to be cleansed out, and this just plain old HURTS...............and I am being a big giant chicken.

Bok Bok Bok.

posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 12:21 AM
I was good today.

I stuck to the cleanse all day.....

I am not having any real super painfull issues so that helps......I am tired though, but I was having some problems getting to sleep last night so I do not think my UBER exaustion can be blamed on the cleanse.

In the early evening I ALMOST gave this up and made scrambled eggs, but I fought this urge.
It seems a person only has the hard core cravings for the 1st 3 days.....and since I have not been solidly doing a pure cleanse I just keep having the craves. I made it through the day though YEY YEY and now I know if I can get through the next 2 days, my cleanse will get alot easier.....

(I hate journeling all my failures and I would just LOVE to say ya its no biggy I am a cleanse stud.........but I am being totally honest here)

This is NO EASY task, but it is so worthwhile in the end. I NEED the end result in my life.........
doing an elongated cleanse is actually alot easier than living day to day with all the painfull effects of I am determind.

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