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The Master Cleanse (TRG's Journel)

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 05:13 PM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
~The Master Cleanse~
2 tablesppons of fresh lemon or lime juice
2 tablespoons of PURE dark grade C maple syrup (or less if your doing this for the wirght loss)
Add pure spring water to this so it adds up to 10 ounces.
1/8th teaspoon of ceyanne pepper (or more if you can take the heat)

I still fail to see how this one mixture is enough to sustain life for this duration. I can only imagine the stress one would go through on this cleanse.

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 05:49 PM
Yesterday I was having orange juice....and most of today as well....and I am making a vedgetable broth/soup for later......(the soup is very lemony and ceyanne packed)

I am going to take a break from this....cleansing is HARD work. I am happy, perky and clear headed wich is all good. My back feels better and I am not limping at all thanks to this! I was not able to do a straight through multi day cleanse without boffing it up as you have read, so I am taking a break.

I sometimes think I should be doing this 10 days out of every month. That would maybe help me to live pain free, if you don't count the pain of going without chewing for 10 days. Yaaaa ya it is a mental pain and you don't actually hurt from not eating for I feel fine and dandy on the cleanse..... its the desire to TASTE thats the main problem. Things smell so much better when your cleansing that it about knocks you out to even smell coffee and doughnuts...let alone BBQ....................

posted on Apr, 10 2007 @ 08:29 PM
It is time for me to go another round with ~The Master Cleanse~

I can tell it is time by the amount of pain I am living with and its time.

The very first time I did The Cleanse and it took away the pain I thought it had cured me for good.

Not untill 6 months went by and the pains came back did I realise it DOES cure me but on a temporary basis.........and the cleanse would need to become a part of my life in order to manage my health and wellness.

I woke up today and made the warm water sea salt....and chugged it
I felt pretty bad and nausious after so I had to lay down a while and let it work. Last night in prep for today I had a tbsp of swiss kriss before bed.
Limes were a better price than lemons at my favorite store, so I have a large bowl of limes to make my cleanse......pretty yummy and a nice change.

So today, April 10th is
:clwmdnc:~~DAY 1~~
For my 2007 Springtime cleanse.
I am excited to see just how long I will be able to go this time around

(excitement usually has a much better outcome for me than dread)

posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 10:02 PM
Yesterday I did not post...because my headache was SOOOOO BAD that I did'nt feel like being very interactive with the world around me.

Fitful sleep last night, awake as much as I was asleep......and the body aches in fits and starts. Very upset tummy forcing me to make many a trip to the bathroom in the night. The bad tummy pain was the keep me up issue this morning so that was the end of sleeping.
(when feeling this crappy its NICE to be able to just sleep through it)

Today I feel alot of pressure on my head,
and like my skin it to tight. The headache is still a rager:bash: Ive been watching TV today with the sound very low.......


posted on Apr, 14 2007 @ 02:33 AM
slept extra long today.
Very upset tummy....cramps and stuff
I drank lots of water today but had a VERY HARD TIME getting myself to take in cleanse is like I just kept putting it off and having more water.
It is sitting in front of me now and I just cant seem to make myself drink it....

My sciattica is making its presence known so I KNOW i SHOULD just do my cleanse and make it all go away, but I am feeling like a spoiled pouting child not wanting to drink it.....
I ended up giving in and eating a piece of wheat toast and some saltine crackers.

SO now I am going to make double sure that I get the swiss kriss in me tonight.

I used to be able to do this quite easily, but ever since I started to journell it I have had the hardest time possible! The only thing I can think of that is really differant or changed in me is the fact I quit smoking. I used to do the cleanse but smoke through it........
I have put on some non smoking weight and would LIKE to just burn it off via the cleanse but I will be damned if I know WHY I am finding it so HARD and keep messing is driving me so crazy because I NEED the health benefits so badly wether I loose any weight this way or not.

Sticking with the cleanse has been about as hard as quitting smoking for me of late........
It was not this difficult when I was still smoking.
I think its that hand to mouth thing called being oraly fixated.
That has to be what my 'issue' is, and what is making it so hard this go time around.

posted on Apr, 14 2007 @ 11:47 AM
I applaud you TRG. You endure so much to clean out your system each time you do it. Your tougher than i am girl. Im behind ya all the way.

posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 10:47 PM
I have been plugging along...doing ok but feeling all kinds of sick

I did good yesterday in the afternoon I had ALOT of energy and got really busy on my housework. It was one of those days where it feels like I am on a 'cleanse high'
The evening time was hard I was CRAVING differant things but valiantly fought it off.

Around 5:45 am I came wide awake and I could not control myself at all and I had a bowl of life I screwed this up AGAIN

Once I was up and about today, I had cleanse drink for breakfast and lunch, but was totally CRAVING again at dinnertime and ended up getting a burger from CarlsJr..........( telling myself this was fine because I had a BIG OOBE breakthrough and was celebrating and a girl has to celebrate )

I am now having a cup of herbal laxative tea and plan to start over again tomarow....

This journel is truly a sad joke of my ability to actually
STAY ON THE CLEANSE.................Lord I am trying.
I really am.

Tomarow on my calender I am going to start a recount and it will once more be ~DAY 1~

posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
Tomarow on my calender I am going to start a recount and it will once more be ~DAY 1~

OK the above was a BIG LIE.............I 'celebrated' by OOBE breakthrough by allowing myself to eat for a week and I was gearing up my determination for getting on with this cleanse.
I restarted The Master Cleanse on April 23 (Sam Gamgee & Rosie Cottonbottoms wedding day)

Today is ~~DAY 6~~

Yes its been a pretty tough week....alot of aches and pains in all the places where I have wounded myself in the past. My mind is very clear, but many places on my skin itch. Showering helps the itch go away. Showering also helps the pain in my back where I broke it, and it is NOT the hot water.......I swear, that the toxins coming out of all my pours sitting on my skin cause pain. Washing makes you feel alot better, even if I just use a cool rag to wipe a painful area it is better. I am guessing this is the reason Mr Burroughs insists you bath at least once a day and he recamends more if you have the time. Personally I do not use a blow dryer and it takes about 2 hours for my long hair to dry I do not want to be wet all dang day long.........

So far I have been doing this on limes for they are cheaper than lemons this season........I got a LB of medicinal cayenne for a very good price from DynaPro awsome source for herbs and natural healing products.....they have a great price on bulk cayenne pepper.

posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 12:39 AM
if you have never had sciatica problems you will NEVER know how much pain I was in last night and most of today..... left butcheek feels like a sword is embedded in it coming out of my left hip......I walk like Frankenstien...

Today I made a lemon lime mix for my cleanse drink and it is extra HOT to try and burn this sciatica crap out ASAP.......
........its so knarly

This afternoon I was outside relaxing in my skychair which is hanging from a tree and the rope broke and I went crashing to the now my back is killing me to, and the bridge of my nose where the main pole from the chair boffed me a good one and made me cry

Right now the teapot is steeping so I can do a cup of the natural laxative tea.........

I have a headache

posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 01:08 AM
My goodness TRG you are a trooper! What awesome dedication you have
I too applaud you for getting up, dusting off and diving right back in

I too think you are finding it harder because you have quit smoking, it's so hard to do the most mundane thing once you have given up a chemical addiction and it sucks doesn't it ? Perhaps you could see your doctor and maybe get some medical advice on this?

I have had a hectic start to the year and am now finally back in Japan and settled so I am ordering the Maple Syrup, sea salt and laxative tea online soon and as soon as it comes in I shall start my cleanse

I want to do it before I start to hit the gym so I feel clean and energized - and of course it won't hurt if I lose a few lbs to look better in my workout attire hehe

I wish you all the best with yours TRG

posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 06:20 PM
aww thanks Jaded..............that helps my attitude it really does.

I didn't sleep at all last night. I was so hot I was sweating and it was like I was having restless leg syndrome in both legs. I do NOT have RLS

Having the fibromyalgia causes mr so much pain in my legs and hips I have a cane for the UBER bad days........The Master Cleasne seems to force you to experiance your issues at tenfold as it is burning it out and healing.
I can not even describe my tossing and turning and crying and getting up to stretch all night. I was STILL awakw when the sun came up

After my son left for school I actually fell asleep and slept until 3 pm.

I was ~WAY BAD~ when I got up. I had a hard time walking, and I broke into a huge IS 80 degrees in my place so it is hot but I am having 'cleanse effects' moreso than suffering from external heat. I made myself down a glass of cleanse and a bottle of water, and I sat on the potty for a long time trying to let GO of this.........I took a warm shower which has greatly improved my mobility.

I am seriously sore from the shychair crash yesterday... back ALWAYS hurts right where I broke it ESPECIALLY when I am cleansing, but that crash SERIOUSLY jolted me in ways that are not good. I am using some awsome essential oils that are from spine alignment, and strengthening, and this is helping my back to feel a tad better...............

I have some errends I am supposed to run today but I don't feel like doing them at all. It was tough to make myself come to the computor to log these effects......but I think its important people know just how UBER painful the cleanse can be as its working things poor legs and hips feel like traitors to my body that are suddenly made of flesh eating bones

I am just pouring sweat out of my skin. as if I was running and on mile 8........

posted on May, 5 2007 @ 12:45 AM
Last post was 5 days ago on Monday April 30.
Today is Friday May 4th....................
Today I started the cleanse again.
I was off it Tues, Wens, Thurs...because I wound up going to the ER about my back Tues am and they wanted me on some pain killers that required solid food.

Yup I have re-boo boo'ed my back, not TERRIBLY but enough to warrant I go through re-hab again.
I was not out of control with eating I did fresh raw carrots and granola......some tomato soup & crackers, and yesterday I ate scalloped potatoes.

Today however I have jumped right back on the horse and I plan to ride it.
I want to see just how long I can stay on The Master Cleanse this time around.......go for the gusto so to say.....

Today was not all that bad. My back is owey, and I have a pretty decent headache but it is not a head banger one....just enough to let me know its there. I am worn out and do not have much energy so I am thinking I am going to sleep well tonight.

posted on May, 5 2007 @ 02:53 PM
As always TRG, Im behind ya in your endeavors. Im glad you didnt do serious injury to yourself with the hanging chair incident. Some therapy is better than some surgery anyday.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 01:48 AM
I agree Silver...I am not in any hurry to let them cut up my spine......

I am doing really GOOD with the cleanse right now thank goodness.....
it can be so hard for me sometimes.My left leg and but cheek are achey because of the sciatica, but I know the MORE it pains me now, the less it will pain me when this is bring it on.
I have a gunky headache, but nothing back is nasty but I expect this since I just hurt it again.

Day 3 since my restart...........
I got on the scale today and see I am down 11 lbs

Yesterday and today my fresh squeeze juice has been lemons instead of limes. I think I like the lime version better.
Gads my currant batch is UBER Ceyanne

I am waiting on the boiling water for a cup of colon stim tea and then off to bed to listen to Coast to Coast in the dark as is my preference.

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 09:06 AM
Well, RiverGoddess, I just started today. I'm really excited about doing this, though I must say I'm approaching the life without caffeine with a tad bit of apprehension.

This lemonade tastes good, though.

I'm only dreading the salt water tomorrow morning. :vomit:

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 08:29 PM
Starting all over again

ok I am waking this old thread up!!! WAKE UP !!

It is Feb 1st 2008 and once more I have started the master cleanse.

I could NOT wrap my head around the saltwater flush this am so I excused myself from that and am just happy I have got the cleanse started up.

Since last November I have been telling myself "next weekend I am starting the cleanse" and then I never DO get around the actually DOING IT......
The worst thing in that whole putting it off process is that I keep allowing myself to do 'one MORE hot chocolate......or just one more extra brownie' Telling myself that since I am JUST ABOUT to start the cleanse I am gunna loose weight anyway so it doesn't matter all that much....
But IT DOES matter!!!
Dont know why my head has not been properly processing this small factoid.

Sooooooo today at the start of THIS cleanse I happen to be at my all time heaviest weight I have ever been in my life........

This cleanse goal is more for weight loss than for healing and that is a hard thing to have to admit to myself. My motivation usually leans toward feeling better, but right now I am all about weighing less..............I am walking a whole lot with a cane lately and I do look forward to less pain and being able to leave the cane at home and be less of a gimp, and its sad to admit my vanity is my motivator.

I can tell you I have a headache and can tell it getting worse.....I drink coffee and tea so I know dam straight I am gunna have to go through the caffeine withdrawl headache again....

I drank laxative tea last night and will again an attempt to put off the salt water internal bath as long as I can.

Lemons are super expensive at 70 cents each so I have opted for limes which are 5 for a dollar.
Thank goodness limes are not expensive to.

I wonder how NiteBoys cleanse went?
Nite did you blog it or anything?
How long did you make it?

[edit on 2-2-2008 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 11:16 PM
Slept long and hard. I slept close to 15 hours last night.

Today I ended up taking a motrin for the the terrible 'lack of caffeine' headbanger I have going on..........yucky but expected.

I went to a movie with a friend.

I like the lime aid very much and have thought all day that it tastes better than using lemons......

I have been awake for 6 hours but I am yawing now and thinking its about time for sleep.n I am always EXTRA tired on a cleanse.....

I am going to make up my next batch of cleanse before bed though, as I have found it MUCH easier to already have it waiting and made in the morning. If its not ready, your morning hunger can feel overwhelming and I really crave solid food, so I recommend making up your next days batch before you go to bed.

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 11:40 PM
I had amazing fun dreams last night where I was whtiewater rafting AND snow sledding at the same time...they had somehow morphed into a combo sport.

All day today my left arm muscles have spasmed...practically hand is shaking in spasm as well as my fingers.
This is NOT caused from being on the cleanse this is the cleanse dealing with health issues I have with my left arm......

My headache has been HORRID all day long......I doubt this would even be an issue if I was not such a lover of coffee and tea.

I laid on the couch watching TV all day up until now coming online to journal the cleanse.

I am now drinking the laxative tea. It causes such a clearing out of bowels in the a.m. I do not think I am even going to do a saltwater flush. Maybe I will further on but I have not done it yet and doubt I will tomorrow.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 07:39 PM
Yesterday was a pretty energetic day, as I no longer was feeling the headaches and gripes......

Today was also a pretty decent day, except my right ankle feels horribly sprained and I can't put weight on it. I did not sprain my ankle so I am believing this is the cleanse clearing out a past bad sprain.......26 years ago I had a seriously sprained right foot and it took a few months for it to heal.

I have experienced this weird type of thing before doing the cleanse.
Where I re-experience an illness or an injury for about 12 hours and then it goes away......THEN it seems as if I was able to clear it fully out of my body as if it never happened......once I even had a few chicken pox pop up on me for a day and THAT was an itchy misery.

Each night I am drinking the herbal laxative tea and dealing with the stomach cramps from it each morning.
This clears me out so well I think its all good for me to pass on the salt water internal bath.

I am down 10 lbs already but it seems that I loose water weight pretty fast and the weight loss slows a bit once I am no longer carrying extra water weight.
I am looking forward to sticking with this all this month......

I ordered 2 liters of dark maple from White Maple Farms today......I have cruised the health food stores and ordering direct from White Maple up in Canada is still the best deal as it tastes AMAZING and runs the same price as lower quality syrups I can find locally. It is NOT easy to find the extra dark syrup in any stores anyway as its not so popular. Me and my son however LOVE the dark taste and whatever I don't use in the master cleanse we use on pancakes and French toast.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

I don't know how good this on and off fasting is for you. If you keep pressuring yourself into thinking you need to do the cleanse, the harder it will come for you. I did the same thing and I noticed a considerable change in my muscle tone and energy, and not for the better either. It's good to eat a steady and balanced diet for a little while, start slowly eliminating cooked foods in favor of raw foods, vegetables juices instead of raw foods, and finally the lemon drink and salt water flushes instead of your daily dose of vegetable juice. This kind of off/on diet you have would probably have more adverse effects than doing it slowly and efficiently. Though, I do love the fact that you're keeping a journal of your progress. It's absolutely necessary to look back and find your strengths and weaknesses. I wish I would do that when I fast, but I guess I just keep a mental note. Good luck with your cleanse, TRG.

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