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The Master Cleanse (TRG's Journel)

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 12:43 AM
I think fasting cant help BUT to be on again and off again if you use it in your life......thats the basic nature of a cleanse.

I do appreciate the sentiment DFB really I do, but when useng a cleanse to improve health it has to happen on a fairly regular basis. I know I do not do it as regimental as every 6 months on the dot but I do try to get 2 good serious cleanses in during each year.

When I only do the cleanse for a minimal amount of time I then end up doing another one within a shorter amount of time then 6 months.....
Your description of how to gently eat my way into a cleanse is exactly how your supposed go about afterward, in the reverse of your description. This cleanse wants to bring you toward eating an all raw food diet, and I CAN do that for a while....but I am a cook and love to cook, and end up cooking things to eat....

I was bad tonight, and had about 5 bites of tuna and 4 saltines crackers.....I am not beating myself up about it however and will just continue on as I am feeling pretty good, and clear headed. I have been working up my determination for a loooong cleanse, with a weight loss focus for months and it is now here.

Today I added a bit of a workout, doing crunches on the AB Lounge and I plan to get more sweaty with this as the days go on.......the treadmill is calling my name.

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 01:55 AM
Holy Crap, i just noticed ur thread is back hi up on my sub list there TRG.

Goin at it again i see. As ive always said, you are stronger soul than I. Good luck on it again and hope it helps as always.



posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 09:42 PM
ThanX Silver Away!!!

The last 2 nights once I lay in bed my hips ache so bad I cant sleep, and I have to get up as they dont pain me when I am up only when I am laying hips hurt as if they have just been crushed in some terrible accident.
NO JOKE about how being on The Master Cleanse can bring up health issues you have, but whilst trying to 'heal' them as I believe the cleanse does, the pain is tenfold of what you normally experience....its causes things to hurt so MUCH MORE it must be that it is causing things to burn themselves out....

I am SO EXHAUSTED from not being able to get any real sleep

About 5am last night I took a motrin to help with the pain so I could lay down. The motrin requires there be something in my stomach so I ate a few saltines.
This cleanse sure is not being a very pure one

Just a bit ago I felt it necessary for another motrin, so I had some warm broth and a biscuit. Now that I have killed this hip pain I am thinking I will get some real sleep tonight.
Thank Goodness.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 09:56 PM

I'd love to do an internal cleanse. Get rid of years of polutents/toxins.

I'm a little leary about the 'salt water' drinky that you suggest.

Salt dehydrates the body to no end. Too much ingested salt reeks havoc on the kidneys; adrenal glands working on overtime. That's a given.

To digest the amounts you have suggested in your OP/there-after, would definately give recourse to a major LuLu of a headache.

Other recourses?


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posted on Feb, 10 2008 @ 04:11 PM
Hey Ducky The Master Cleanse is fresh squeezed lemon juice with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The salt water flush id to clear the bowels fully, like using some kind of an intestinal soap scrubber. The salt water wash is used to HELP the master cleanse along.
Personally if I am taking enough of the laxative tea to know I am emptying as fully as possible I pass on the salt water flush anyway.

Yesterday I went to tomato juice as my syrup has run out and I am waiting for my new order to come. I bet it is here Monday.
Perfect timing anyway as today I am invited to a nice restaurant that serves raw foods for a birthday gathering for a good friend, and I would really have hated missing out. Sooo I am taking a weekend break and its all good.

posted on Feb, 18 2008 @ 09:07 PM
ok so I had an 8 day break from the cleanse.

Every single day I tell myself that TODAY I will get back on it, but then I end up not making the lime aid. Then I use the fact that I didn't MAKE the lime aid/lemon aid as my excuse to eat regular food, and then promise myself I will get right back on it TOMORROW........

Ya right tomorrow....................I keep putting it off.

Today after a weekend of a bad cold and feeling super crappy I got up and made my lime aid mix and got back on the cleanse. I have done good today for a change and hope I can stay motivated and true to my desire for a big LOOOOONG cleanse.

I have a terrible headache and it came on strong a couple hours ago. I have had a bad headache with this bad cold, so I am now hoping to fight it with The Master Cleanse solution.

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 08:19 PM
Today is day 3.....of this re-start.

and I am doing great YEY for me

Yesterday I felt pretty rundown and I had allot of different aches and pains. Even a long HOT shower didnt touch the 'bleck'

Today I slept a looong dreams were vivid and colorfull and so real I still recall the storylines.....and have had a relaxing day. I have felt energetic though and all gung ho about my cleanse which is good.

Today I have been working my legs with the thie master.....and I have done 50 reps on the AB Lounge.


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posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 01:49 AM
I'm not talking about the cleanse itself being bad, or even frequently cleansing as I do about 5 days out of the month. Though, what you're doing is not a cleanse. It seems to be an eating fab where you eat, get back on the cleanse, eat, get back on the cleanse, eat, get back on the cleanse.. It's not actually a cleanse but a few days going without food. The adverse reactions I was talking about can be compared to those with anorexia. Their body is so thrown out of whack from having nutrients and then long periods without that it doesn't quite know what to do. If you're going to do the cleanse, it is best to ease in and out of the cleanse. Even Burroughs recommends a transitional period before a cleanse. This 3 day on 4 day off gig is not good for you. That's not it's purpose to be used to sporadically. Use moderation and EAT. After a while, take a week or two off when you can efficiently cleanse without any distractions and go from there. I check in every now and again to see your progress and I have to tell you I'm kind of worried about your regimen.

posted on Feb, 22 2008 @ 12:53 AM
Thank you for you very kind concern DFB.......
I can assure you I am far from anorexic, and I would be happy to weigh under 150 pounds at 5 foot 5.
I am a Chef, and am constantly putting things in my mouth to taste.....
Being on the cleanse with NO distractions would be ideal, but I am a single mother and my teenage son distracts me to pieces.

Today was a tough day as I was lacking energy, was feeling much pain in my back, yet had a many errands, and household chores to do. I have felt seriously challenged all day. Ive had a dull headache, and much cramping of my left foot.
A nice long soak in a hot bath helped quite a bit.
Iv';e spent the good part of my evening helping my son to gather his things for a weekend camping I will be able to have a much less distracted weekend to myself (at least till Saturday evening)

posted on Feb, 23 2008 @ 08:36 PM
yesterday evening I broke down & ate an orange.

Today just a bit ago I ate another orange and a couple of whole wheat saltines.

I know I KNOW this is messing up my cleanse and keeping it from being a PURE CLEANSE but since my main focus is weigh loss and not 'healing' in this cleanse session I think it is ok that its not thoroughly pure.

Now I am drinking the herbal laxative tea on top of this food so it wont stay to long (I hope) and I can TRY to be more pure with is so HARD to even begin to describe how very hard this is TO DO.

posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

Hi River Goddess,

I have a lot of back pain (arthritis from a back injury in early life) and take a lot of pain medication for it. I also have other illnesses, far to many to go into. I've been looking for a good cleanse that is not so expensive. I can't afford most of them.

I would like to know if a person can continue to take all prescribed medications while cleansing? Do you know the answer to that? I'm sorry if the answer to this has been posted earlier, but it's late and I'm off to bed so I haven't read the entire post. I'll definitely check out the link.



posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 04:00 AM
Well I am still at it...............and I am happy to report I am down 17 lbs.

Yesterday and today I am seeing all blemishes have turned to a hard blackhead and they are coming out by scrubbing with a loufa. So I am starting to get the angelic glow I have found will come to you with a cleanse of much duration.

My dreams have been bold and amazing.
I have felt energetic the last couple of days, where 3 days ago I was super exhausted all day.

My back is hurting in spurts.

In the past I have been very strict and not taken any medication at all, as this is what Stanley Burroughs says it needs to be....................BUT in mid January I was diagnosed with a very slow thyroid and I am on this levothyroxine sodium now, so I have been taking it in the mornings when I wake up.
I am not sure if the med is helping, or just getting cleansed out as the day goes on. I am not feeling any different from when I was not on this med.
I am not loosing weight as fast as I have in the past so I wonder if I can blame the slowness of the weightloss on taking the medicine.

I am to see my Doctor on Friday, as he wants to check on my progress and my health during this. He says he has never had a patient do a hard core cleanse before and is interested in how I am doing and feeling.

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posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 01:42 AM
Happy March 1st.

I am down 17 lbs and YEY for that!

Today I was eating normally, as the last 2 days I worked up to serious solids today. I was craving SO HARD that I just gave into it and am eating for four days. Tomorrow I will eat normally to.
I HOPE I jump right back on the cleanse wagon Monday......but we shall see.

Its SO hard I think because while I am on the cleanse I still am dealing with fixing food for my son, and I will obsess about food. I think long and hard about what I miss the MOST.....what might taste the best........what is my MOST favorite taste and just WHEN am I going to get to taste it again?

With my mind running on like that it is SUPER HARD to stay focused on doing a good cleanse. I try to NOT think about foods but the harder I try NOT to think about it the more I do.

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posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 02:05 AM
Once, again.. I don't think this is healthy. This kind of rest and rush you're playing on your digestive system will take it's toll. A great deal of the fast is just giving your digestive tract a rest for 14 days straight, but you're confusing your body with a surge of nutrients and then limited. The cleanse is supposed to be a solid 14 days consecutively, not to be an inconsistent weight loss fad. Get on or off, because this back and forth isn't good for you. Get to a place mentally and physically where you're ready to take this on and go from there. You're never going to get what you need out of it if this continues. I know you hate me by now, but this isn't the intended use of the Master Cleanse.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 03:58 PM

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