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ATS, BTS, What would you like to see in the future?

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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 09:27 AM
The ability to delete my account, goodbye ATS your all a bunch of nutters.

posted on Aug, 29 2011 @ 02:41 AM
this thread started in 03 so idk if mods still scan this for suggestions but ill throw it out there and if nothin in a bit then ill post a thread on it, anyway on to my suggestion

I think it would be amazing if there was a function where you can view a list of threads and comments posted since your last visit,

posted on Aug, 29 2011 @ 02:46 AM
i would like it so that when you star & flag it is "seamless" -- that is, the page doesn't reload, a popup doesn't appear, etc. Just click and keep reading.

posted on Aug, 29 2011 @ 02:53 AM
Nice post, thank you OP!. I think the best thing to help out ATS if it hasn't already been posted is this:

How about a news ticker, but a unique one. How about a news ticker that updated news on things that are piping hot fresh news. Accurate news stories too.The freshest stuff is always the best-as long as it can be kept to news that is real!

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 11:27 PM
What would be really nice is a "New Replies" tab on the ribbon just like the messages tab that lights up when you have a new one....

posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 04:09 PM
This is a small thing ,but while browsing recent posts the page numbers are only at the top.
It would be convenient to have the page numbers in the bottom aswell.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by raivo
tapatalk support would be nice

Tapatalk is a forum app on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry (free) and Nokia (free). Tapatalk Forum App provides super fast on-the-go forum access to any vBulletin, IPBoard, phpBB or SMF forum that has activated our Tapatalk plugin. Try it now to see why so many forums adopted it to compliement or replace their existing HTML-based mobile forum skin.

+1 For Tapatalk
Sent from my Android Galaxy Tab

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:36 AM
I'd really like to see a 'Missing Persons' section added to Above Top Secret. No lack of conspiracy in that subject - for the most part - and would help keep the boards even more organized.

Good idea eh!

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 05:02 PM
I have a chat room software suggestion. I was wondering if there was something in the java script or other related software applicable that was the cause of the username discrimination. It seems that non-alphanumeric symbols are being blocked or otherwise not accepted by the software. Is there anyway to change a code that allows non-alphanumeric symbols in user names.


If that's not possible the more tedious task of taking out all non-alphanumeric symbols from user's current user names and disallowing them in future registering member's user names.

At least change those of user's asking about getting into the chat room that have symbols in their user names.

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 06:50 PM
An Occupy Wall Street Forum Section as another member on here suggested:

( There's a lot of threads on the subject, not to mention other topics have their own forums (2012, World War Three, War On Terror, Deepwater Disaster).
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posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by SimonGray

I don't know if this has been mentioned, but I'd like to see 'Short Stories' in BTS.
Just my two cents....

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by Afterthought


posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 07:13 PM
reply to post by ArMaP

Yeah. I've never quite understood why the Short Stories forum is in ATS instead of BTS.
I hate when I see a title that sounds as though it's related to a conspiracy about aliens or something, then see it's actually a fictional short story.
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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 06:58 AM
I was thinking what would be cool would be to have at the end of the year, a series of awards or mentions based on ats votes.

Like best/worst thread of the year
Best forum contributor
Biggest troll (lulz)
Best short story
Funniest post that also contributed
Most creative thread
Most innovative theory/hypothesis/invention created in thread
favorite ATS saying (like "no pic/didn't happen")

I think it would be fun and, I think, it would motivate people to create and contribute more.

*my apologies aparently this has been brought up, and is not wanted by the mods/owner apologies
maybe just spell check then haha

Alternatively a spell check would be nice.
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posted on Nov, 3 2011 @ 09:51 AM
Since a thread about an option to turn off messages from staff was simply closed by the site owner, I will post my request here too:

In the future I would like to have the possibiity of opting out of receiving PMs from staff/admin about polls, surveys, ATS Live shows and so on. Many members, myself included, have no interest in these things whatsoever, and see these messages as pure spam.

Simply dismissing this request will not make the problem go away for the many members who find this spamming annoying and pointless, and dismissing it makes it seem like the admin/owners have no respect for the membership that actually contribute all the content at ATS by posting and starting threads.


posted on Nov, 14 2011 @ 11:10 AM
Hereby requested, addition of

- Left of center Haaretz ;

- Right of center Jerusalem Post ;

- IDF, with Special consideration to further testimony by Captain Barak Raz ;

along to sanctioned, approved Hoax sources.

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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 02:01 PM
I've noticed a couple of things, the colored border around the posts of special contributors, and the increased emphasis on alerting mods. Could these be combined?

I'm suggesting that when someone alerts a mod about a post, the border of that post turns red (or spits fireworks, or plays pop up ads).

Benefits to average posters: a reminder to use the alert function, and assurance that the situation is being looked at.

Benefits to mods: only have one alert for each post, not multiple.

Benefits to alerted poster: a reminder that there are rules.

I assume that you could lock the edit function from an alerted post if you wanted to.

I may not be making a lot of sense. Send me a note if you'd like

posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 10:09 AM
Perhaps banning posters who manage to get a certain number of negative points, say 3000? It takes a lot of misbehavior to get down that low and getting rid of a couple of the wild posters would raise the tone considerably.

posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 06:49 PM
I searched on this and someone else has posted the same request, some time in the past, and then was directed to this thread. I would like a "Bottom" button to scroll you to the last reply on the current page. I also saw that somebody else had found that the "Home" and "End" keys will take you to the top or bottom of a page, however I am on an iPad and it does not have "Home" and "End" keys. It sure would save a lot of scrolling... Thanks for your consideration.

posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 06:53 PM
reply to post by gwynnhwyfar

however I am on an iPad and it does not have "Home" and "End" keys. It sure would save a lot of scrolling...

It would help -- I use a laptop and it doesn't have those keys either.

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