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Did I just hire a hybrid? or something else?

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posted on May, 20 2006 @ 12:06 AM
I found a picture of the hybrid:

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 12:11 AM
you work with a energy effecient car? a friend of mine does as well. Its called dominoes, he delivers.

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 12:36 AM
Being the head chef also gives me some management powers. I am the manager in the kitchen.
How did I hire this guy? I looked at the applications (because we were running low on workers) and I read through them, grabbed a guy that seemed loyal, and gave it to my boss and said "lets get this guy in."

Is he a hybrid? Probably not, he's probably in trouble for something stupid and the police took a DNA sample, or he's been smoking/eating something, or he's just pulling my leg altogether.

Case closed, obviously some lame guy played me.

The only reason I brought up my intelligence in the first place was to give you guys some background on myself so you wouldn't all think I was just some bored kid making up stories.
If I wanted to make up a story I could've made up something much more fantastical.

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 07:56 AM
There are an awful lot of weird ppl out there??HYBRID?? not so sure bout that, but a very colorful imagination

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 11:17 AM
Rubhim, ehr, sorry, Mhubir:

Here's the thing: you're a genius, eh?


Why do you work in a Sushi place 'on the weekends' when you have (assumedly) demanding college classes? I cannot see anyone working more than part time, and being a head chef (as you say), you're going to be working 30+ hours a week, minimally. SCORE: -20 on research for your background story.

Further, graduating at 16 from High School indicates that you would not be a slouch in your studies -- that you've in fact took many an AP or accelerated class. Why is it then why someone pulled up a Wikipedia article on DNA and 7th grade basic knowledge of how many chromosomes a homo sapien posseses ENLIGHTENS you? SCORE: -20 on research for your support facts.

As if you didn't KNOW this, Mr. I'm-a-Genius-Who-Graduated-From-Highschool-at-16 Guy?

Heh. No, I'm sorry. Double Heh.

Finally, why must you mention the existence of your intelligence as a prequalifier so that we (the collective masses) would take you ANY MORE seriously?

Some Guy: "Hey, I'm super freaking muscular. I just noticed a weird looking car that gets amazing gas mileage and wanted you guys to discuss this with me. By the way, I thought that mentioning my muscularity would lend credit to the fact that I'm not a kook, and I can talk about super-efficient gas-sipping cars. Capiche?"

Everyone: (Scratches heads)

SCORE: -55 for pure-wacktard, 18-year old sci-fci watching, no-girlfriend-having, thinks-everyones-a-dupe mentality and lifestyle.

TOTAL 5/100.

Not Bad. Now back to classes.

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 11:46 AM
I shall give this individual the benefit of the doubt unless proof is given otherwise.

My first and continued reaction about this dude you hired is that he has been in trouble from the law, and could be suffering from some sort of mental or personality disorder.

If the cops are indeed coming by and taking this guys DNA, then its probably because hes been a naughty boy. or, hes a paranoid schitzopherenic who is having paranoid delusions. or je could be both.

Cops coming by to take your DNA sounds more like criminal investigation. Now, if this guy was getting his DNA taken by the CIA, Air Force, FBI, and countless other alphebet spooks, and you saw numerous curious unmarked cars outside you restaraunt, plus guys in dark suits following him around, plus increased UFO activity and sightings in your area, plus weird, inhuman behavior from this guy and perhaps unusual abilities, THEN I MIGHT say, hmm......possible hes a hybrid. That is, assuming hes not wanted for terrorism or another federal crime.

But I am willing to bet money and say that there is a 100% chance this dude is a nutcase, a criminal, or just an asocial drifter type who might be a little off. Hybrid is out of the question.

As a person who has studied the UFO phenomenon and takes it very seriously, I still believe that you should look for the mundane normal answers, which are far more likely, than to step out into the realm of weird.

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 03:16 PM
I don't think because you graduated High School at 16, that qualifies you for automatic genius, and I also don't think that because you're a genius that makes all your statements valid. The fact that you said "I'm a 17 year old genius" kind of killed your argument because that statement has(in my opinion) no relevence to the subject at hand. You were better off just POSTING your story without the background.

And so what if you started college at 17? Alot of people I know started college at 17, it just means they had early birthdays, it is possible to be born into the right date where you graduate high school at 16 and if you joined school early. Doesn't make you a genius.

But back on track, very interesting story, you should write a book. I might buy it, but the whole "DNA hybrid" thing isn't much a good seller anyways.

Shattered OUT...

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 04:37 PM
I'm sorry but alien-human hybrids are right up there with flying pigs and moons made of cheese as far as credibility goes. This really is George Adamski territory.

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 06:08 PM
Gott me chuckled.
Now I want to get this straight, me myself and I, is the first thing you waffle about then you tell a story. I'm young myself and can say things without thinking, and wish I would think more about what I'm saying half the time..

Ah, Now if you're good looking, geeky, smart or popular you shouldn’t need to tell that you are all the time, people who need this assurance feel the opposite, and if they don't get it they display... hoping for a positive reaction

U Hear, I’m POPULAR, IM A GENIOUS, LOOK AT ME I CAN FLY, IM A MANAGER OF A SUSHI RESTAURANT. go out and interact with people and stop feeding on other's vibes, At somestage you will get so warped in your own thinking, and analysing others with your senses, it will just get worse than the stories you are telling us now, so please save yourself while you still can...

Get a life man, People can spot you doing this a mile away!! It seems to me, judging from your first post, u seem to amaze yourself with the hightened awareness of vibes you feel in others, judging from personal experience people are reacting to your vibes quicker and how you percieve to be negative can also mean you are sending the wrong vibes ]

Go out and see the world and stop dwelling on something you might have warped something into, "let's see a Hybrid", it may be true, but what else?

Here's a another thought off the top of my head, Ask this man (who you think is a hybrid)a direct question that troubles your gut instincts.....Go to Kenya and do some charity work only then you'll understand real empathy............go and visit people who suffered, people who have suffered trauma, etc etc... see what i'm getting at this is one of many ways of learning empathy you don't just majickally inherit it all by itself, same the two hands we were given!

People who a have disability are more likely to have empathy! and of course life experience itself, 99% people have it. It's a natural ability and is not psychic, you may have a hightened awareness, but at 17 your are restricting other parts of you!, so what if [you think) are smarter than most 17 year olds, this is where you fall, You're so in the depth of things you don't know how smart other's might be, Just being aware is being smart, thinking outside the box is very smart at times, no genius required for this.

Finally to the ending of this paragraph, Go and seek answer's rather than displaying your brain size, try act your brain size........

I will admit I'm getting pissed off right now, I was totally fine at the start of this thread...... I RAMBLE like bubble gum, I'm no genius

finally do you want a plaque?

Same for the genius, you're 17, go for a walk, challenge life, as far as empathic goes you aren’t as empathic as you think man, your 17, get it... U need more life experience, i'm touching my 21st soon I still haven’t a clue, I had a lot of life experiences thrown at me!!! Moreover, I still haven’t a clue, I think I know a lot now, but in 10 years time, I will think I was just fresh airhead...

Get over yourself.... I'm saying this nicely, cus it is easy for a 17 year old to
be like this cus we were all ego bashing at that time, im just out of it now
well almost.

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posted on May, 20 2006 @ 08:19 PM
OK, i've only recently found this site and many things interest me, i've had some experiences within my life, nothing on the scale of what some people have suggested, but enough to make me seriously question if a fact is indeed a fact, or just someones interpretation of information and or a lie that someone believed they could get away with.

Not knowing the poster of the initial comment i would not wish to suggest they are hoaxer or indeed telling the truth, for in this medium there is only one person who knows if the truth presented is infact truth, but i did have something that i wanted to verify, may have some importance on my personal thoughts.

You say that this guy was 'hired' at the restaurant where you are a Manager/Head Chef and you had no say over this guy you had an immediate negative gut reaction, ok i accept that. You also say that your Grandad had the same 'Gut' reaction....does he work at the smae place or a friend of the manager or what?
Then you say that your boss had exactly the same negative gut reaction, and he is married to THE Boss who presumably had this reaction too. So my question is, why was this guy hired?
As someone who has hired people in the past, the best resume in the world would still come second if 'my gut'(and at least 2 other high ranking people) told me there was something not quite 'kosher' about this person.

Now I hope you don't think of me as 'bashing' your comment or thread, just that one point seems a little strange to me, more so than someone new to a company, someone you don't know going into detail about this police investigation.

However on the point of taking DNA, in the UK its not just taken from a suspect in a serious crime, such as rape or murder, any offence in which someone is arrested, DNA, Fingerprints and photographic details are taken.

Thank you

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by JebusSaves
...You say that this guy was 'hired' at the restaurant where you are a Manager/Head Chef and you had no say over this guy you had an immediate negative gut reaction, ok i accept that. You also say that your Grandad had the same 'Gut' reaction....does he work at the smae place or a friend of the manager or what?
Then you say that your boss had exactly the same negative gut reaction, and he is married to THE Boss who presumably had this reaction too. So my question is, why was this guy hired?...

I picked out his application, and handed it to the owner of the resturaunt- the guy who pays for everything. There were- at the time, only two cooks. Me, and a girl who had only been there 3 days, we were desperate for a new guy.
My grandfather is friends with the owner, and occasionally he comes in and washes dishes, does maintenence, whatever. Despite everyone's gut feelings, when there were only two applications in (and yes, we hired both people who applied), and only two workers- both of which are exhausted, desperation wins over gut feeling.

I'm surprised more people are bashing me because of the genius part and not the fact that I gave the guy the cold shoulder the first week out of pure gut feeling, what a world we live in

As for the "How are you a manager/working and going to college?"
Not sure what college you went to, but there's such a thing as going to college part-time, and working part time. I only work a few days out of the week, especially now that there are more people in the kitchen, and I go to school/do homework on the days I don't work.
Why do I work at a sushi resturaunt if I'm a "genius" because being a genius doesn't suddenly grant you some money or an awesome job. A lot of people have to do some grunt work in their time, just a plain fact of life.
Just so the guy who couldn't figure out how I was schooling and working at the same time knows, this fall I'm getting layed off because I'm starting school fulltime and they don't want me to just work two days out of the week.

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 11:18 PM
Well if he gives you a bad feeling, I think I would want a background check on him, many companies do this. Also most applications have a section about previous criminal history, have you taken a look at his? Since you are in a management position I would assume you have access to this info..

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 01:30 AM
He might just be your average crackpot, I get bad feelings about people like that.

What did the strange guy look like? Ask him.
Lots of coked out junkies find me scary and strange HEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHE

Yeah, what happens is your finger is pricked for a single drop of blood, to determine something or other. I haven't been pricked so I don't know exactly what.
But I can imagine someone under the influence would be in a haze and find it very very strange, even having your PRINTS taken.

Your story troubles me, as you initially stated that you do not have a say in who gets hired or fired, but then afterwards, you claim to have personally read his application and then hired him, which makes me exclude anything but you being a liar.

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posted on May, 21 2006 @ 01:39 AM

Originally posted by ShatteredSkies
And so what if you started college at 17? Alot of people I know started college at 17, it just means they had early birthdays, it is possible to be born into the right date where you graduate high school at 16 and if you joined school early. Doesn't make you a genius.

Yeah, I graduated high school at 16 too ;-) I don't see what the "big" deal is though, nothing before college and then university, matters.

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 01:50 AM
this is so obvious, that guy is on drugs
and i guess anyone who is a self-proclaimed genius isn't going to get too good

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by LogDog
I found a picture of the hybrid:

I'm leaning towards this hybrid. After all, there was communication going on.

EDIT to find suitable link to an image. BTW, the hybrid is on the left.

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posted on May, 21 2006 @ 02:33 PM
Mbuhir, I,m a secret government operative and I just remote viewed your situation and you and everyone around you are in grave danger. He is not a hybrid, he just told you that to endear himself to you. Actually he is a shape shifter addicted to raw fish and noodles. If his addiction is not satisfied it's a real possibility that he may call in reinforcements and we all know what that will lead to. Sushi shortages that may put the entire planet in peril.

Mbuhir, this is the www. See the similarities here?

To post and not have the folks here at ATS not be smitten with "whoa" and awe is pretty normal. Sorry if you've been offended. Still it's a good yarn!!
I would expect nothing less from a genius.

Stick around, you're in good company. There are many here at ats that make geniuses look like drooling fools.

[edit on 21-5-2006 by whaaa]

posted on May, 21 2006 @ 02:50 PM
Man I'm not trying to bash you,

JUST GET OVER THE GUT FEELING, You're a self contained teenager, who has hormones all over the place everyone get's guts feelings some stronger than other's, sometimes you get a bad vibe not cus he's bad but cus he might remind you of someone else, thursday could be chilly and it was right for you friday Man, so what if you got this feeling and it came to be true, positve or negative, the way u point this out like you have super genius abilities, if that's the case we all are

This in not the work of a GENIUS, jeez I'll tel ya i'd put your empathy to the test anyday.... not because I'm maybe on my high horse but, cus I have been on Earth a little longer, and a have a very acute visual spatial awarness because us of depending on my visual and depend on my gut instincts in 95% decisons i make, This is not work of a genius life gave me little hearing..mind you I'm crap I sounding like a spa cudn\t care what to think of what I just said. Just take something out of what I said, and think outside yourself, you work and go to colllege, ha i go to college, and work and look after myself, all by myself, we all do.............

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posted on May, 23 2006 @ 06:13 PM
I also graduated and started college when I was 17 because of my late birthday, November. 30.

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