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There is only one Conspiracy...the Matrix has you.

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 10:42 PM
Oh the joys of fall, Thanksgiving time. A true American holiday. A time of thanksgiving to God. In fact many churches including the Catholic Chuch celebrate Thanksgiving as a religious holiday.

This is all American, the Pilgrims and the Indians. The first Thanksgiving was held in 1621 according to your history book. Governor Bradford decreed a day of thanks when the corn crop was harvested.

Funny, I was just wondering why Canada has a Thanksgiving holiday also. It too is to celebrate the harvest. I wonder why Canadas Thanksgiving started in 1578 if the first one was supposedly in the U.S.

No matter what the U.S. and Canadian history books tell you, we can trace these customs back to false gods. In Rome the "Roman Goddess of the Corn" was named Ceres. The festival was called "Cerelia", which is where we get the word cerial from.

We don't need to go back any farther than that, though there is much more. The purpose is only to show you that.............

The Matrix rolls on.............

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 01:46 AM
OK this has become yet another accept jesus thread even though I already showed you he is an amalgamation of benevolent gods everywhere thread. This further proves that the reality each of us chooses to live in has nothing to do with truth....

Yep like he said welcome the matrix... pick the one you want to live in, download the apropriate html templates, and say all other html templates are false at will....

Jeez at least muslim whak jobs blow things up and make cnn...

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 02:03 AM
You know, really, if you think about it, that move The Matrix did kinda suck.

I find it really hard to believe that someone would walk away from such a badly written and badly acted movie and think it's real.

How about The Matrix 2 - horrible beyond compare! This one didn't prove to you that maybe you were a little bit fanatical about this whole thing?

This thread reminds me of Scientology, for some reason. You believe in some really weird cult guy who takes all of your money.

How my theory relates is that you probably have spent a lot of money on The Matrix movie and related items, am I right? Movie tickets, rentals of the movie, buying the movie on DVD at Wal-Mart, that way cool poster you've got on your wall of Trinity doing that sexy squat she does, you get what I'm saying, right?

So it's kinda like Scientology for the middle / lower classes - a lot cheaper but still just as crazy.

Now look, I'm not blasting anyone who liked those movies, really I'm not. I just want you to open your eyes to the clever marketing job they have done on you. Every time someone starts to think it's for real = more money for the film makers. Because you WILL buy something relating to it, you can't help it. It calls your name........

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 03:10 AM
Worse yet,

it's become an accept my way or forsake (said popular culture utterly meaningless pseudophilosiphy icon) or be called stupid by all those who buy into my pseudophilosiphy of twisted history and even more twisted theology.

The matrix being just another counterculture icon that any fringe group can latch onto to try and harpoon you like ahab's great white whale. Either way the alert is out, the loonies are launching their whale boats, and the rest of us are trying not to become a nori platter for an executive to mitsubishi.

In other words business as usual, carry on folks pay no attention to the one who hasn't got their thorazine dart from an animal control specialist with an air rifle....

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 05:56 AM
You should see this film;
David Icke - Turning of the Tide.avi
Before you attempt to follow this hypothesis.
Do not bother to ask me what I mean here, i wont log in anymore. I am hunted. This is the real underground.

The Matrix..
The Matrix is created to keep an illusion..Can everyone agree to that?
The people in the matrix did not know they where caught in the matrix. right?
What can i do? I can point to the dots that make up the entire picture.
You have to see the dots, then you have to draw lines. When you draw the lines correctly, in the right order it is very simple to see the end image.
So far all you have is dots.
all you have so far is a bunch of dots, you do not know all of them yet and you certainly do not connect them right. Thats how far this thread has come.
You need help.

Investigate this; The sons of gods mixed with daughters of men.
Timeframe 10-40 000 years ago in ALL regions of the world, in ALL myths
Meaning; A visit from an alien race. Dishonest individuals among the aliens mixed with selected human across all of earth.

Question; How do you move 440ton big rock? cant be done today.check it out. find the truck for me that can move a 440ton block of rock. Check what the pyramids are made of.

That mixed race set out to own the world.
The Matrix.

What does that mean?
From that moment in time we where in it. How?
They told us that we are only 4 dimensional beings. That simple
Not in so few words of course.
4 dimensions. 1-2-3 make out space around us, 4 is time. We all know that. Right?
If you believe that you are still in the matrix. as long as YOU believe that YOU are a mere person living in 4 dimensional space from birth to death you are in the matrix.

This is fundemental.

What is the answer to life universe and everything? 42, we all know that. but whats the answer to the answer?

Quick note; I am not a prophet, not a preacher, i do not try to make you who read this believe anything. To be human is to know. Remember that sentence above all. If you should remember only one thing, only one thing its this; It is human to know. Remember that sentence. Why is not clear to you now, as i said, im not a prophet or a preacher. You can call me a sheperd, but that is just here in the matrix.

How did i connect the dots with aliens 10-40000 years ago and now?
First of all it was david icke who gave me one nugget, sons of gods, daughters of men.mixed.bloodlines.the ruling families.check it out, he got it right.
Next was a video about an austrian, who has had contact with aliens for some time. I only give you hints of where to look, it took me 5 weeks with internet&bittorrent to tie all the strings together, so can you.
Anyway, the main thing is; long time ago someone from this particular race went to earth and did something horrible. They created religion, they imposed themself as Gods.
Furthermore (i will not tell you too much, check it out yourself later for details) they said that they would not contact us for another X years cuz we were not ready for that step yet. I AGREE. Check out the story.

That is for me two very important dots in the big picture. I do not care if you belive it or not, as long as you sit there reading what i type and cooking up a reply you are still in the matrix playing along with the creators of matrix. By even replying to this you are making the matrix bigger. Do not involve me in this.

David Icke explains bloodlines much better than I, he has done all the research, not I. So i will let him reveal all those details.

how many kings? how many elves? I mean lord of the rings. 9 kings. 3 elves. 12 zodiac signs. Behing at the very top of the pyramide of power there is 9 human/alien breed, the heritage of the mix between alien&human, and there was prolly 3 aliens, my best guess is that they have a lot of the same characteristica as elves in Tolkiens Lord of the ring, except my guess is that they are reptiliens rather than beautyful beings. But thats my hunch.
You think i am far off?
How did i come to something so ludicrus?
Have you checked out David Icke yet? I havent cause someone isnt seeding the torrents, please more seeds. Heh.
Anyhow, i have seen enough of him to recommend him to all. He is a good chap.

When you see david icke speak you will start to understand the freemasonry.
I will roll time back 10 years;
I began reading Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. I got fascinated and i read and i read and i read. I read the entire series 4-5 times by the time i got access to internet and downloaded all books in audio. Of bittorrent of course,.
I then proceeded to listen to the book 4-5times. What struck me what how the writer had managed to explain sosiologi, antropologi, way society works, who pull the strings etc.
On the booklet of the book it says Robert Jordan is a freemason. He is one of those who know the great deception. He is one of the coders of the matrix. But he is not at the top.
To be illuminati in my terms is to be enlighten. Now, what does that mean?
In my opinion that means to know about the matrix, to know how to unplug when you want and go where YOU want.
One of the great ways the enlighten ones like to do to have fun in this 4 dimensional world is writing books and songs. Which when read once give one meaning. But when you are given a "key", another perspective perhaps, another way to look at it, you start to see a completly different meaning. Examples; the bible
all over literature there is hints for you.
I connected all my dots 2 days ago people, i do not expect you to do it now. I have used 15 years as a human knowing it was something wrong with reality. It took me 15 years to connect all dots making me see the matrix (metaphorically) as Neo when he suddenly see the code that makes out the matrix instead of 4 dimensions.
But remember, seeing the code in the matrix doesnt help any of us, this is the second most important thing (!!!)
You will spend lot of time discussing these matters. which is good. To a certain level. YOU ARE STILL IN THE MATRIX!


sorry, i had to yell that.. I had to get your attention. Breath in deeply, breath out. Smell the air, sniff it. Look around you. Look at the wall behind the monitor. From the time i shouted to now there has gone some time. Now thats 4 dimensions for you. You smelled the air in a box that is your room and the time went by.

What you percieved during those seconds are exactly what you get in the matrix. You get those 4 dimension.
What was the idea behind creating a matrix? To create a set of walls that limits our capabilities. During those seconds you were tuned into a frequency. You are tuned on a frequency now. The frequency of light. Where light is visible. Light has a frequency you know. Light is a wave. But here and now we can percieve or measure it as a particle too? I do not know this myself, just a hunch that there is some connection between these things.

We exist here in these 4 dimensions. That is True. We think, therefore we are. Simple. But you are led to believe that this is the ONLY reality. Do you see the subtle difference? A part of reality compared to the entire reality.
Heh, connect the dots folks.

We exist in 4 dimensions and we exist in 24 other or "god" knows how many dimensions, im not einstein i do not know the theory. Or a rocket scientist. Im a stoner, yes a stoner. That is one who smoke Pot. I am a criminal according to the "rulers".

I am only a sheperd along the way people, let me lead you and my job is done.

You exist in all dimensions and all realms. Thats what you need to know for now, Your conscious mind however percieve these 4 dimensions "now" in this body we have in this frequency. While i sit here and type i can feel 4 different dots around my head. That is the best way to describe this perception (for me). Those 4 "dots" are 4 girls i know. What i feel is their "soul". I feel their prescence, if one died i would know it the same instant it happen. In fact i know when any of them are in strong emotions. I can feel them at a distance. Great distance. Around the world. One live in Peru on the other side of earth. Yet i feel them.
How is that possible? Am I unique? No and Yes, I am unique in the sense that I am me, but the ability is in us all.
What is their "soul"? Your soul is part of a great consciousness that at least is the entire planet earth. This IS like HGTTG(Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by douglas adams). We are that damn computer. I dont think the rest of the story is spot on tho ;p Just understand that earth is like a great computer. You will understand when you wake up, you are still in the matrix. You are still reading this page. You are still thinking about what you shall reply to this post.You are still in the matrix, wake up partner

You are a subjective own little part of that great consciousness living the life of a human. 40 000 years ago or maybe not that far back, an alien race contaminated this being seeking to harvest its energy. They created this matrix, YOU watching this post on this website in 2006 are looking at the result. You are in the matrix, you are one of those with your eyes shut.

If you cannot see this you are in the matrix, its that simple. If you think i am a lunatic, go ahead. If you think im far off, gr8. I dont care. It is not me who is Neo, you are. I was once Neo. Now I try to be _your_ Morpheus, you see that something are wrong. You have all started to connect the dots before you read my post. Im showing you dots that are perhaps strange but if you are a true Neo you can see past the matrix.

Above I gave you an example of "paranormal" things that happens while you and me sit in front of our computers. It is not paranormal, its normal. They who created the matrix, created it without these powers. they do not exist according to the rulers. Its not in any book in any school. Yet all i've talked to above average openmindedness know these things exists. WAKE UP!
You all KNOW there are things out there! Use it! Think of the one you love deepest. Feel the essence of that persons soul tonight. Just try it. Its not easy to see the first time. To feel the soulmate of your life is part of being human. Dont restrict yourself to the 5 senses. I'm going to give you another clue; This is just a dream, when you sleep you are awake. Chew on that. Think really hard on your way to work tomorrow. This is just a dream, when you sleep you are awake. That is more truth that any president/ruler/emperor/king has ever uttered in 11 words to ANYONE among the common people.
For those who need to have everything spelled out; When you are awake here, sensing these 4 dimensions- living the matrix for the past 10-40 000 years, you are really asleep from the reality where we all are connected. That means when you sleep you are in fact experiencing a much larger scale of the big picture, you are outside the matrix, but you think it is a dream and most people forget their dreams. Like me

But nevertheless, no matter how little i remember of that experience i promise you that sleeping is a HUGE part of what it is to be human. We ARE the earth. We was "infected". (I dont care 'bout the alien dna, aliens are cool, it was just a few rotten individuals many centuries ago, dont hate them please)
We have to resist and many has already, although i dont know if they all are doing the right things.. to me all of you who still only see the flat walls of the matrix are like beheaded chickens. Only you squabble and ramble a lot.

I will give you a short list of things to remember;
All the net is watched
Im not fuggin paranoid now, i've been online 5 weeks now after a 4 year internet celibacy and I have already been noticed. Suspect persons making contact, enquiring about age/picture. We have cameras everywhere. Software that does facial recognition in realtime was made several years ago. How does one make a 3d profile of a face? One way is to take some photo's of a face from different angles and let the software construct the dots/cordinates a computer needs to recognize my face of a live videofeed. The tech is here, the cameras are out there. Connect the dots. If they havent began yet, they will. I predict that they will use facial recognition software on their surveilance cameras openly by the end of 2010. Am i an oracle? can i see the future? No
Actually, about the future.. Future is only something that exists in the matrix. Can you grasp that? Remember, you are still sleeping(oh yeah, i forgot, thats called being awake in the matrix). You are still in 4 dimensions. Once you jump to other realms and other worlds there might not be time as you know it. Open your mind. "Is it possible to timetravel?" If you ask that question you are still in the matrix, either not seing beyond the matrix or one of the makers.Time as we know it is only relevant here. In this frequency. Got it? You are more than just this dimension.. Just trust me, to be human is to know these things. Feel your guts..

Other Keywords(this is dots about other worlds, a selected few); Mezcal, Ayahuasca, '___', Ketamine, '___' and others. Read about user experiences on .. Please at least read the open free information that is out there in the matrix. Read other peoples experiences. Stop watching tv and listen to people instead. You will learn something. And a short message to many of the radio hosts out there that is preaching the war against zion or whatever really. You are part of the matrix. the bull# you are talkiing about is just the dots, and not all of them at that.. people.. see the matrix... do not let them catch your attention too long now..a lot is misinformation. As long as you waste time discussing the reality of the world before the matrix is dead the matrix will go on. That simple. Do not play anymore.

So basically try to encrypt all that happens online.Those who write code, you do important work. You can make program that will slow the computer part of the matrix down and possibly kill it as tool for the creators. Use Skype for voice chats, it that has encryption. I recently saw "Mr.Anderson" on tv from the agency that sniff the net, he said that the use of such programs like skype must stop because if people use ut they cant tap in to find the "terrorists". You all know that it wasnt muslims that did 9/11.
I've heard they try to impose on the iliterate population that hackers are dangerous. Do not believe in what the meadia tells you. Hackers are the warriors of the net. They are the freedom fighters of the net. They have the power to create programs that work as they should FOR the people. Do not use MSN people, please i beg you. They even know WHEN you fuggin type. HELLO!?!?! Big Brother?!?!
"Oh he's just a paranoid wacko that believes in anything" (mocking voice)
If they do not log all that is said yet they will, connect illuminati with the worlds richest man or whatever, bill gates. Do not tell me that he doesnt know about these bloodlines/powerlines. He was approved. People, please investigate Linus Torvalds. I do not know if he's caught yet by the creators of the matrix. He created linux. Free tend to be good. Remember that. Skype is free. µtorrent is free. That is 2 freedom programs right there. USE THEM!! so far bittorrent constitute of almost 50% of all internet traffic i heard. I have not checked myself. You check it.
People wake up.. They oppose it! come on... connect the dots... see the matrix people... they dont want you to use bittorrent, they dont want you to share knowledge they do not control. wake up! they do not want you to chat encrypted! they created internet to control us in the end. But there are DANGEROUS coders out there that makes program that are FREE and all they do is make life for us humans in 4 dimensions better.hello people.. connect the dots..
If you do not know what bittorrent is i am sure other people can explain this for me. Same with skype. I also suggest looking into ICQ. I do not know if its real freedon in ICQ anymore or if it ever was, but i think they got some sort of encryption protocol. That is important. Everything you say online can be sniffed and read by someone with knowledge. The creators of the matrix has that knowledge. Support µtorrent cause it is an excellent program, that is how proper programs are coded. But by all means, try them all and decide yourself, take control, dont be the stupid robot that does what the authorities tell you to do. Oppose it on all levels. Support the alternatives that are free. That are made for one purpose; to make it better to be human here. What does bittorrent do? It is a revolution in terms of way to share knwoledge. I have used it to download a lot of videos that i normally wouldnt get my hands on. Videos that are suppressed by the creators of the matrix. They fear that you might connect the dots. They fear knowledge. So I say; Spread the knowledge. Use bittorrent to spread the underground news, this is a media they cant control. Use it. Dont listen to their propaganda on tv. I see a wave of concerned news report of this alleged hacker problem. They are giving you a reason to fear something and they will continue until you cry out; SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! they are making the record company loose money, they make movie companies loose revenue. GREAT!!!!! If the economy collapses.. What happens then? Ponder on that yourself. I say it will be for the better for humanity if the economy collapses.. Connect the dots people.. Its only the matrix.. They have created this problem for you to keep you occupied.. Wake up please. My voice are getting i tired, its time for you to wake up. wake up, please.
I hope you get a grasp on what the matrix is and how the world is.
Do not trust Google! Teach your kids that, please! use .. connect the dots people. wake up.. they collect all data that ever gets in touch with them. They put a cookie on your computer that expires in 2038. they put a identifier in that file. that identifier is unique. At google they save that identifier together with you IP and what you searched for. EVERY SINGLE SEARCH IS LOGGED! People.. connect the dots.. see the matrix. Google isnt this new fancy cooperation that cares for its customers. Thats not why they do it. It is a product of the few on the top wanting to gather info about you. They have created an illusion for you. Connect the dots.. Every time you google something you tell big brother what you search for. I am not lying. Connect the dots. Do you think laws stop these people from keeping the matrix alive? HELLO? They have killed more than 15 000 people in iraq, would they mind killing 3000 in WTC? Btw, wtc.. I'll give you ONE dead giveaway. The tower falls in 8 seconds. that is only possible in free fall. how can a tower collapse like that? it was wired and it was "pulled". WAKE UP people. They are watching your every step online if you do anything suspicious. Its easy. I can do it. the data is there already. you have unknowingly given google all your searches the past years. They are now making all books elecrtonic..THEY as in google.. Heh.. cencorship.. when all books are digital, what happens? who control it? wake up people.. what happened to the library of alexandria? wake up people.. See the matrix.. They do not want you to know. Do not use google. do not use msn. do not use any big fancy software. they are only made to keep you occupied from the important matters. You being a human......... You will understand brothers and sisters.. Just connect the dots..

I will give a set of links to start you and a list of the movies/documentaries i used to connect the dots. A lot of the dots in my picture is collected over 30 years as subjective human conciousness living here in this cosmos that makes up 4 dimensions. I have lived in the matrix and collected the dots, so can you. You are of infinite capabilities once you realise it yourself.
If you twist what I say into something religious as known in the matrix you are preaching the song of the matrix. DONT. Just stop. If you dont play the game the rules dont apply. Rules in a game of football is only on valid on the field. The matrix is that footballfield. For thousands of years has mankind been playing on this field knowing nothing. Time to realise that there is a whole life outside the field. Its time to hit the showers, forget the fighting in the field and wash off the dirt and sweat. The game is over people. Stop playing, dont run after this ball they throw to you. Dont be scared by what they tell you. Bird Flu, war etc. They want you to be agitated now. They want you to be angry at muslims so they can invade persia. Iraq and afghanistan, then iran. Look at the map. who was the strongest? Iran. How do you take your enemy out? Outflank him. Now they can launch attacks from at least 2 flanks. I havent even looked at the map to confirm my this theory. When you step out of the matrix you start to see this. Maybe millions have noticed this already. I dont know. The cartoons lately.. you all start to understand now.. or do i have to explain it? They are going to attack iran if we do not stop it. PROTEST AGAINST THIS WAR, DO NOT LET THEM START 3RD WORLD WAR. If you buy this # about muslims being bad you are playing along as a dumb sheep. Then you're IN the matrix. You are NEO, YOU WANT OUT. see the truth.

Here is a small list of what i have seen and that has helped me see new dots and connect new lines.


posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 06:17 AM
Your biggest 2 points 'dots' that lead you to think and post all that were

1.) David icke

2.) A video on the internet

Oh dear

Aliens and the matrix, what really is the matter with you? I am not trying to personally insult you only to say your views my friend could land you in a mental hospital. Those 2 'dots' dont lead anyone to draw lines to the edges of a huge riddle ........ your talking nonsence.

I repeat (and hope that Sun Matrix will reply)

Why are you using a concept from a film as a cover idea for re-hashing facts from the bible (that by the way is fiction not fact) and your trying to provide insight by making others think YOU have inside knowledge about the bible and false gods and spinning the whole thing under the guise of THE MATRIX is here to blind you from the real truth of these "Facts"

Drop the Matrix line, its misleading. There are nothing that is being hidden.

Re: Xmas and other festivals ........ these are historic and happen due to changes over time in something that was setup many years ago, its called evolution much like the dinosaurs ...... although you peobably think that's nonsence because you'll probbaly quote Adam and Eve at me

Quoting peices from the bible and how aspects have changed over the years is not new news, you are not releaving the truth to us .... you are in fact propergating further 'lies' by talking about the bible which is not fact.

When I see the holy ghost, Jesus or God in the sky, in my car or in my house I'll believe. Fact it other people have planted this whole idea in your head

Now who's in the 'MATRIX'

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 08:01 AM
I am digging the way that folks who counter your points are the typical anti-christians. It's the usual suspects time and again. Once word gets out that it is a "Christian" thing, the folks who hunt for these things don't just put their two cents in and leave or ignore the posts and thread altogether, they insist upon prodding and poking the OP to the point of sinning so the opposition can point their fingers and say "aha" you said you were a Christian why did you say such and such. Funny how the lost continually do this and then call themselves "forward thinkers". And I guess the old saying that misery loves company rings true. My friends there is nothing new under the sun concerning sin, now that deserves a period.

OG Jesus out.

[edit on 1/3/06 by OneGodJesus]

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 11:46 AM

OK this has become yet another accept jesus thread even though I already showed you he is an amalgamation of benevolent gods everywhere thread.

Link me up, I would like to read this thread. It should help prove my point.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 12:07 PM

I repeat (and hope that Sun Matrix will reply)

Why are you using a concept from a film as a cover idea for re-hashing facts from the bible (that by the way is fiction not fact) and your trying to provide insight by making others think YOU have inside knowledge about the bible and false gods and spinning the whole thing under the guise of THE MATRIX is here to blind you from the real truth of these "Facts"
First, what in the Bible have I rehashed other than the concept that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is Lord. All I have talked about is the holidays that we celebrate.

You are free to provide details of any facts that I have misstated.

You act like I have used the movie as a cover. If you understood the movie you would know that the movie is about your spiritual blindness. Neo is the One, Jesus is the One. Neo died and was raised. Neo is the savior of the world. The movie is about the matrix created to keep you from seeing the truth. Amazing that they can make a movie about it and you still can't see

When I see the holy ghost, Jesus or God in the sky, in my car or in my house I'll believe. Fact it other people have planted this whole idea in your head
Seeing is believing, same old lie. Until you believe, you can't see.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 01:59 PM
I don't think it right that you can say jesus is the one and all other religions are made by satan! In saying this you are just as bad as the people from other religions that say the same about yours.
If you were able to see the truth you would realise that all religions are the same; they are just misinterpretations of the 'ONE' Truth.
All of them have some truth and some complete rubbish which distracts you from what is right in front of your eyes.
At the end of the day, if you think logically there can only be one truth and no more.
All religions worship their gods, what they don't understand is that all these gods are one and the same. All religions worship the same god just with a different name.
This is what I find so crazy about this world we live in, all religions fighting and killing each other, and the masses are too blind to see what is plainly obvious!!!

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 02:08 PM
Hey Guys!
Hooray! Cheers! I ain't in no matrix. I'm free!
Because I ain't a Christian. Phew! And this matrix stuff only concerns Jesus and Christianity, right?
So what happens to people of other faiths? Will those out of the matrix be reloaded?!!!

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 03:09 PM
Ok, this topic is getting kinda reckless... At first when I posted my belief points, I thought it was what Sun Matrix was trying to say in reality. But I guess I didne't read everything in depth, after seening how Sun Matrix is some kind of 'prophet' for a religion (religion is something that could never have existed), a typical try to recruit people to some cult... Bah, now I agree with the other that you, Sun Matrix, have indeed seen to many movies and taken too much bs from the priests at your church.

Note: Someone said something about how religion tore apart most of the world (or it will religion that killed Jesus or something) which I gotta reply to with a 1 sentence: So True!

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 05:23 PM

Originally posted by mikesingh
Hey Guys!
Hooray! Cheers! I ain't in no matrix. I'm free!
Because I ain't a Christian. Phew! And this matrix stuff only concerns Jesus and Christianity, right?
So what happens to people of other faiths? Will those out of the matrix be reloaded?!!!

wow do people even read the previous posts before responding?

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 09:05 PM
Only a couple of weeks ago we got to celebrate Valentines Day. What did you celebrate? A day of lovers. Sweet little cupid and his bow and arrow?

The Catholic Church celebrated St. Valentines day as a religious holiday until 1969. They weren't quite sure which of 3 Valentines was the saint however.

Anyway, who is this cupid with the bow and arrow and why are you celebrating Valentines Day?

The Babylonian King Nimrod is represented by various symbols. On Valentine's Day he is CUPID, the winged god of love. Valentine's Day originated as a pagan festival honoring the birth of Nimrod under the name of LUPERCUS, meaning "hunter of wolves." On this day in ancient Babylon (February 14 of the Christian calendar), the Babylonian Queen Semiramis proclaimed that the birth of her son was actually her husband Nimrod reborn as her god-incarnate son. In 496 A.D., the pagan Pope Gelasius renamed the festival as Valentine's Day. CUPID, the winged-god of love is identified with Valentine's Day because Cupid is one of Nimrod's Roman names. The Valentine heart is associated with Valentine's Day because Nimrod was known in Babylon as "BAAL," which is a Chaldean word meaning "lord," and is a homonym of the Chaldean word "BEL" meaning "heart." The custom of exchanging valentines arose as a "name-drawing" ritual which led to matching couples for fornication during the Lupercalia festival.

How cool, you celebrate the birth of the sun god Baal, who is Nimrod, on December 25. On February 14th you get to celebrate the birth of Semiramis son as the reincarnate Nimrod.

So smart you are, and yet so clueless. Because.....................

The Matrix rolls on................

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 10:35 PM
Religion is the foundation to the psychological 'Matrix'. It was one of the first divide and conquer techniques used on occupied Earth after the first humans fell for the original 'get your knowledge over here' lie.

The original lie itself is an interesting subject as it still persists today. The lie that is, that knowledge comes from some secret source and only 'special' entities can access the knowledge of the universe. Belief in the lie cuts off the knowledge which then makes the lie true (True Lies). It's a beautiful psychological ploy. A master stroke of genius that still has me in awe that it works so well on so many people for so long. The shape of the lie in it's mature form is a pyramid. Someone at top has figured out how to get the knowledge and then convinces others that they will get knowledge if they join under the originator. This can be seen in government where only a few have all the knowledge and the rest are on a 'need to know'. The few at top keep the knowledge at a trickle to ensure the integrity of the pyramid. Once an individual realizes they can get the knowledge without any external sources they can free themselves from the pyramid or matrix. By being free from external contraints the individual can be ruthlessly efficient in gaining knowledge. With proper focus of energy the free individual can soon rise above even the top few of the pyramid.

In other words, the individual can supercede the whole structure. From such a vantage point, all ploys of the 'matrix' are immediately visable and easily thwarted.

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 07:52 AM
Sun Matrix

Keep on going and don't bother to answer these hecklers, I am listening because so far you are right on the money. I have done studies here on ATS that conclude, from a sampling of over 30 users here, that some of these same folks who are attacking you, is becuse they are anti-christians and want no one else to hear any good news or truth about things and stalk anything related to christianity in the hopes of attacking it. See, if you keep people in the dark for years and then turn on a simple light they are going to be in agonizing pain for a bit unless they do something about the source of their pain (thus they attack it all regarding what you have thus far said) . In this case historical truth, they will quote this stuff all day long if it is to dispute the accuracy of the Christian faith but when it is shown in its true light they squirm and holler. Now as to whether you later bring out scripture to also validate your foundation of historical accuracies, remains to be seen. So far you are working a steady way for my vote for "way above". Roll on...

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 09:20 AM
so far you've only been wrong three times that i have noticed. cupid is the roman name of erros, greek god of love, son of aphrodite. and easter is based on the eqyptian goddess of spring and fertility, and december 25 wasnt the birthday of baal, it was a day that the romans celebrated their cheif god's father, saturn. the catholic church took satrunalia and made it chrismas for the simple purpose of stoping the sodomy and violence that happened.

next, its just as likly that moses was a messiac parallel to jesus as that jesus is a messiac parallel for someone who hasnt come yet, which is actually to say quite likly as the church sees so little in jesus that they've always used him as a tool to shut down the holidays of other religions. if he was real, you'd think they'd be more interested in getting the facts straight

finnaly, this is page 4 already and all you've done is show a laughable ignorance of theology and you seem to want us all to know that all of the gods of all religions are alive and they all hate us and satan turned himself into an evil computer program from a movie.

get to the good stuff or dont but stop waxxing philosophy and back yourself up

and one final clarification: im not attacking you or anything, the fact is that i take this kind of knowlodge seriously. you seem to be going somewhere with this and it'd be nice if you would use some evidence. just look on this like constructivecritisism. what you're saying is prety interesting

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 09:54 AM
One God Jesus,

I believe you are the only one left on this thread blinded.

You are blinded by Christianity!. Who are you to tell us that we are of less value to haminty because we challenge the dogmas that are brainwashed into us from birth. Why must anyone who is brainwashed into believing a certian religion, other than christianity, be at a disadvantage because of society.


What if you were abandoned at birth and you drifted in a boat to a paradise island that was untouched by any man and you managed to survive by relying on chimpanzees to help bring you up. They would feed you and nurture you and bring you up as one of their own. As you got older you would have striking similarites to a chimp as you would adapt and communicate like them, eat like them and act like them. BUT! You still have a soul which "Jesus" died for so he could free us from all sin and allow us everlasting happiness.
You would never come into contact with another human ever and you would die at a very very old age but gracefully and peacefully i would imagine. So whats the point? i here you all shouting. Well as this baby was not brought up by society and never knew what else existed without the island it would not know christianity in any way shape or form. So therefore he (assume) would go to hell as he never believed in the almighty saviour. "But it wasnt his fault!" i hear you cry. So what christianity doesnt make allowances, it says here, "look right here" in verse 5.

Maybe i have taken this perception - not believing in christ and going to hell- too far but this is what i know of the faith and quite frankly it stinks, its wrong and it a load of B.S

Come and have a go at me for being anti christian(even though im not) Christians worry too much about what Jesus would think of them for wasting their lives not living by his strict standards. This puts them in a state of continual repent, as they make a mistake and then they always end up making a few more and thinking its ok ill go to confession, talk to another equivalent human being and see if God will let me get off the hook again as long as i say these wee stories(prayers) itl be ok. I can walk back down that isle and get my wheat wafer and wholeheartedly believe it is the body of christ.

People need to spiritually awaken but not by looking at religion for boundaries to work within but by looking inside our hearts and minds as we all have the power to be at one with infinite conscioussness and when you experience life with your mind free of beliefs and dogmas then, and only then, can you be truly free of the matrix.

I want everyone on this board to try something. Imagine your body floating upwards with outstretched arms and with the most powerful white light emmanating from your whole being. Imagine all your pre-learned beliefs and negative emotions being set free by the light and you will feel a lot better. Do this on a daily basis and imagine it more vividly each time until you can feel the power of the white light surround your whole being.

We are all the the "one". We are all Neo. We are al one in the same.

"The love in me will set me free"! - repeat this daily too it will help you find your path i promise.
Dont hate anything or anybody only disprove and show it the light so it can be healed.
Everything evil or malicious is only ill and the world can be returned to a normal loving state with the belief deep down that love is all there is and all there can be.

We have the power to change the way we are and who we are. Dont rely on religion to set you free as this will damage your free flowing loving thoughts and make you a prisoner in your own mind.

Its time to set ourselves free and forget about the past. What is done cant be undone and the sooner we start again and work toward a global conscioussness of ourselves and the universem then we will progress be made.

Love and Peace to all

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 10:05 AM
The matrix rolls on ........ TOSH

After reading what you wrote it is still clear to me that all you are doing is looking back in time through the history of religion and actually showing us all what inteligent people know

Religion is a lie ............... just because a lie is thousands of years old still makes it a lie.

I am not anti christain, I am anti religion ....... religion stands in the way of truth ..... why because your TOLD to just believe because someone else TELLS you ........ Where is the evidence?

Sparky is on the nail here and good on him for thinking logically and laterially. If you were born in a box, stayed there all your life how could you be blamed for not beliving and going to church? You can answer with any passage from the bible that give you a get out of jail free card for this questions ............ any sensible person can see the question leads to one answer - if god made us and our purpose was to serve. We would be born with a manual (so the true knowledge wouldn't be be lost) and we would all have

'MADE BY GOD' stamped on our arses!

Religion stands in the way of logical thinking, when I said to you 'Let Jesus come before me and I shall believe' you reply with I have to believe first and then see ........ what nonsence is this, when else does this happen in the real world?

I burn my hand therefore I know what ever I touched was hot, NOT I had to believe it was going to burn me before it actually was going to hurt me!

Thousands of years ago religion was used as a very effective social control mechnism. A good tale to stop people being nasty to each other. These days people take it as the absolute truth .... God is real, Jesus was real and start to research about the history of when Xmas really was, okay so December the 25th isnt the ACTUAL birthday of the fictional character called Jesus ............ its just what happens through the generations when people tell stories about the bible, things change

If your fathers farther told him and he told you, YOU would think it HAS to be true ...... not so

You are indeed using the Matrix film as a cover to justify the christain faith .... and religion.

Why should I care ......... because the motto here mate is deny ignorance ..... not listen to nonsence and suck it up and beg for more.

Its a shame people actually think you have something to offer.

I'm not going anywhere, I'm not running and hiding. Your beliefs are your but your WRONG my old son, logic and science are on my side.

Please at least try to tackle what I am saying ....... dont just lace up another tale and end with

The matrix rolls on

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 10:31 AM
for whatever its worth runcdfirst

Question; How do you move 440ton big rock? cant be done today.check it out. find the truck for me that can move a 440ton block of rock. Check what the pyramids are made of.

that national geographic channel guy that looks like indians jones went to a quarry in egypt about a mile from the pyramids. with a simple hammer and chisel tool and wooden skids, he, himself, with no help or tricks, carved out a block, and with the help of only 4 men, got it on the skid and up the ramp

5 men

not that hard actually when you apply simple physics and lots of man power

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