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Telepathic incoming negativity?

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 06:19 PM
H.S. I would rather be Dorothy than Oz, because she had the magical ruby slippers, and that she didn't need a hot air balloon to return home, her most important realization was that the power to return home was inside of her all along.

Yes you are right I do take it easier now H.S. I am not doing spring yard chores right now, (although everything but the mowing is usually my job) husband is doing them for me. Awhile back when we first moved here, I started to build a naturalistic, semi-Japanese style garden in my back yard, with lots of plants, and trees for birds, and I kept getting harassed by the neighbor I talked about in the Superpower thread. (I will put some pictures up of the garden in the Member Art section later). It was hard work to begin with because many of the plants had to be searched for, and planted (some of them had large rootballs). And the rocks, I went to almost every rockery, including the ones in the mountains to find the right shape and sized rocks I wanted, to complete the design I had drawn. Anyway, it was very ambitious undertaking for me to do, I smashed one of my fingers between two rocks and now it's permanently I lifted rocks onto carts, some men would have not struggled with. I had to hire cranes and work with professionals, most of who did not believe I even did the landscaping myself. I had to keep changing my design to include more privacy into it, because of my snoopy neighbors, and I need more privacy still. Plus, plants grow, need fertilizer and help against bugs and fungus, and need to be tended to constantly. Also, I have a thing about planting trees (to do my part for the environment) and I donated trees to other peoples homes too, so with the trees I planted at my house and the ones for other people in the neighborhood, I have added about 200 trees to my small subdivision. My husband and I built an open teahouse, but we aren't finished with it yet and we plan to add a pond and a waterfall to the garden, along with some sculpture.

Anyway, I have been somewhat disabled for 5 years, with a bleeding type ailment I would not go see a Dr. for because I have had many bad experiences with them. When I finally did call a Dr. and tell her about it, she adviced me not to come to her office but to go directly to the ER. I told the ER Dr. how long I had my problem, and he said that isn't possible, a person couldn't last more than two weeks with bleeding at this rate. But, I didn't know that wasn't I lived..Lol. And I had anemia for awhile because of it, but thats gone now because of taking Iron pills. So, I am slowing returning back to my old self, and plan to get back into my garden again. I am hoping my neighbor and his wife, will not continue to send negative thoughts and actions my way, after what happened to him, but he learns little from much. So, I must be strong for that also. Also, I admit I have been hiding out here in my home, because of all the wierd things that keep happening to me. Even though I have been hiding, many strange people still have followed me to my home, so I can't hide from them all. (Like a neighbor boy who came to my door one day, stating that he was Possessed and needed help and he asked me if I could help him find an Exorcist...but that's another story).

So, I have been taking it slower, and not worrying about things H.S. you sensed that correctly in me. I feel some of it is out of my hands, but I feel 'protected' also.

Also, great insight into my Kim Bassenger dream. It probably was a different part of me, meeting another part of me. If you only knew how much you hit the nail on the head with that one...but then maybe you already do.

As far as recognizing the source of anger and fear in public, usually I can. I am not so innocent not to know when I am being stalked, or watched, or sized up in some way, even if its hidden in someone's thoughts. And, once I get a sense of it, I am very street smart.

Have to go make dinner but I have more to say on what you said H.S. and also about something Icarus said.

Bye 4 now ~ Deep

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posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 11:18 PM
Thank-you Icarus and Deep for your replies, I have been contemplating them for a couple days and this post is the inspired result.

This is an interesting thought to me based on an experience years ago and some thoughts I just had getting out of the shower.
I was thinking about the possibility of a 3-way telepathic conversation and the problems that may make that more difficult than a two way telepathic conversation. The greatest emotional vehicle for telepathic sentence transference is love, self-confidence and happiness. This I think, based on stories of husband/wife experiences, is true.
My experience was at a firehall halloween party for kids. I was picking up emotional telepathic signals from every kid almost. I also was aware they were aware I was aware, lol. When I looked at a face as I walked by, some snapped out of conversation and looked directly at me smiling.
I may have been sending a mental picture of my face to their mind, as I was being aware that I was smiling and looking at them at the same time.
After a while I decided to stay in movement and let my mind go as loose as possible. I let my motor coordination of the vertical plane of mind casually direct me to sources of happiness. In one case after another, I came upon the back of a mom or female adult blocking my view of a kid facing me. My reaction through the years is that the females were subconsciously blocking someone else from relating to their kid in a loving, happy way. Either a jealousy thing or a mother hen protective thing. However, it is totally possible that in the room that is about 50 feet by 50 feet I charged the immediate surroundings with a specific type of telepathic signal. The kids were already excited and happy about being involved in the numerous booths and fun things to climb thru/on. It is totally possible that all the kids I approached had a anticipated subconscious telepathic connection to someone who would be sending them loving brainwaves. If this is the case it explains why they were all facing my direction and all being talked to by their adult supervisor. In essence, my loose receptiveness of walking speed, direction to move......... and the anticipation by the way my head looked specific directions....... all came as signals from the children who essentially shared me or wanted the anticipated adult attention. The similar situation between a kid and mother and father would be that the kid was having a great deal of fun playing exactly when the parent looked out the window. Sharing joy knows no bounds. Come to think of it, some of my most influential teachers that were women had a way of smiling at me and a certain way of inviting a conversation when I met them in the hallway. A 'good' school teacher is probably one of the best subjects to use in telepathic experiments between adults and kids.
Interestingly enough, I could use this method of walking around in public, with a loose sense of wandering and probably walk right up to people who are receptive telepathically to happiness. I could find a female that would be a 'good' match for me. But I would say that anyone , male or female receptive to happiness and love is already involved in a family situation. I would never break anyone away from an already comfortable relationship. But you must agree, I simply could not have made so many discoveries about telepathy if I were not single. And I am not refering to a different kind of telepathy relating to my dogs, one named Pillow sitting in the easy chair watching me lovingly.

A teaching......
'Give a person some love, (s)he has a friend for a day. Teach a person to love, (s)he has a friend for life, themself. So how can a person be lonely who is taught love, answer me." - Honor Seed

I have felt death and seen visions of hell on earth. I am starting to see love and glimpses of heaven on earth.

love to all
Honor Seed


posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 06:18 AM

In a dream around midnight tonight I woke up still engaged in a dream different from the one I had while sleeping. Actually I think this one started right before I woke up. It was people involved in telling each other to listen to the paranormal sounds that Metro heard it his/her thread named My battle with Evil.
The lucid dreaming awake continued for 5 minutes or so after I was awake. I just ignored it and finally said to myself at the insistence of someone else who was pressuring me that "I was not online". It was really strange, I had to look at my computer first to make sure that was the case before I thought it. It was like they really wanted my response online about the paranormal noise Metro heard and were real frantic and I wasn't even online.
This is additional evidene there is parallel subconscious dreaming going on while I am having another dream I am aware of. I got the distinct sensation I was only able to come into awareness of this dream connection with other posters on ATS My battle with Evil...thread because I woke up when I did. Interesting there may be a conscious and subconscious dream state just as there is a conscious and subconscious state of mind awake.
I had just responded with a link earlier on Metros thread to this one. So the dream was definitely about this thread.

love to all

Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 05:20 PM
To Icarus about the JWs coming to see that was good you probably did what you did, if you felt she was projecting some type of emotion at you. I wonder what she was terrified of? It just was wierd because on that day you told the story I had just been chatting with my friend, and he had just told me a story about something that happened to him with 2 JWs also, and then I came here after that and read your story.

What happened to him is two JWs came to talk to him while he was sitting on a bench in the park. He is not religious in any way...but he is very polite so he listened to them. Finally, he told them the only thing he believed in was Psi, and mostly RV (Remote Viewing), and the subconscious universe. He said "Unless you have something about RV in your Bible I am not really interested". Then one of them said "We know about RV we believe in RV." And the JW said some of the people in the Bible used RV to predict future events. That got my friends interest for a couple minutes...but he decided against it. He told them he was glad they enjoyed that religion but he was going to pass and he gave their Bible back to them.

Then there were these 2 JWs that came to the door (this was last year) and my husband told them we weren't interested. Then they came back in about 2 hours and said they wanted to talk to just me. (I didnt even know them). So, my husband said, I already said No thanks, she doesn't want to talk to you. Then they came back every day for about a week and asked to talk to me..maybe they thought I was someone else and they were at the wrong house. And my husband finally did lose his patience with them and got mad at them, then they didn't come back after that. It was wierd though I felt they were after my soul...I know thats silly tho.


H.S. With the Bible, I know its been changed and not all of it can be taken verbatum...for instance there were actually 2 Jesus's...Jesus Bar-Abbas (a political revolutionary) and Jesus Bar-Joseph (the savior). In the Bible, the two are put together like a composite character, and some of the more war like characteristics of Bar-Abbas (like the ruckus at the temple with the money changers) were attributed to the more passive Bar-Joseph (the one we actually think of as Jesus). They were both brought before Pilot at the same time, and Bar-Abbas was pardoned even though he went on to lead more campaigns against Rome, and Jesus Bar-Joseph was crucified.

When I used to read the Bible I used to read the words, but I also would heard truth beyond what I read, that was being whispered to me. I haven't read the Bible for a while though.

I have tried to be careful about putting out my personal information also. For a variety of are some: just being careful in general because of the general internet scams, i.e. trolls and creeps out there, famliarity breeds contempt so it is not good if people know everything about you anyway, and also because I may want to write about some of this, or do my own research into some of it, so I dont want to tell everything. Yet, I also want to learn and if don't tell people whats going on they can't help me solve it. And, I have done that and have gotten some good answers back from you and others here and have been happy I mentioned it.

So, thanks for all the information and insights H.S....I will respond to your most recent posts at a later date, after I give some thought to them.

In my life recently, the negative energy has to do with people getting sinus headaches from the pollen in the air, and since the weather (here anyway) has not improved much, people are still suffering from the gloomy weather dulldrums...or Cabin Fever. It's not good to be shut up with anyone too much, telepathically or otherwise.

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 02:48 PM
Deep I am silent running the next few days, will get back here later also.


posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 12:04 AM
A voice told me I just gotta go with the negativity for a while. So it has subsided for the most part.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 02:41 AM
Dern tootin',

Why don't I EVER have voices telling me what to do? I mean c'mon...

- Nazgarn

posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 12:09 AM
Thats a good question....maybe people who can't hear any voices at all are handicapped, since most people I have talked to at least hear 'their little voice' talking to them sometimes. Some people aren't born with a conscience either...these people are referred to as 'sociopaths'.

Funny thing the mind.

But hey why are some people good at golf, while others aren't? Why do some people get a lot of creative ideas, while others don't? How come some people are born with so many double joints, they can tie themselves up just like a pretzel? Usually, God gives each person a gift of some sort...telepathy just isn't yours. Don't feel bad, no one has every gift.

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 03:40 AM

Originally posted by joepits
A voice told me I just gotta go with the negativity for a while. So it has subsided for the most part.

That's a good idea Joe. Sometimes the best way to beat 'em is to join 'em. Your idea of just going with it, reminds me of what Yarcofin told me. I was having trouble with little itches when I was trying to OOBE, and he said just focus on the itch, and I did that and it lost its power and went away.

Sometimes, I think we also have to let the negativity just work its way out of our system. A Vietnam Vet told me about working out the negativity. He had been hit by a lot of shrapnel when he was serving in VN. They were able to get the big pieces of shrapnel out of him, but some of the tiny pieces went beneath his skin where he couldn't get to them. So, he had to wait for the stuff to work its way out and surface. Everytime a piece got close enough to surface and break through the skin... he pulled it out and felt really good about it, even though he knew he still had lots of little shrapnel fragments left in him. He told me negative feelings work the same way as shrapnel. It may just be a little piece of negativity you get out, but it will still make you feel a whole lot better!

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posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 04:45 PM
Deep, Icarus, Naz, and Joe..........

Feeling better now. Won't be long before I post something of substance. hear those voices in your mind, they don't come in your ears

Joe.....makes a lot of sense to be aware of negativity, not a good time to be putting the make on a gal or doing a business deal, chances are the funk is at least local. OH and talk about getting slimed as in the ghostbusters, the dark energy clouds left me with dirt on my chest I scrapped off with my fingernails after just taking a shower. A layer of oily substance too. SLIMMMMMMMMMMMMMED, it traps the sweat on your body surface and the electrical charges run amuck...........under the muck.
The negative energy also sucked the chapstick off my lips really fast. Kept doing it everytime I put on another thick layer. Maybe negative people need their brains greased...HAHAHAHHAHAHAA

Icarus, to clear up the dream scene, I can relate to you that if the unknown looked like David Bowie with shoulder length hair, chances are it was me.

Deep........phew what a dodge. Had an incoming thuoght that wasn't my own just a while ago and said to myself that is not mine. And I thought I saw a wisp of smoke in front of me like an invisible insect had just been incinerated a foot in front of my face. If so my aura is like a bug zapper..............BZZZZZZZZZIT.......oh and sprayed my scalp with rubbing alcohol the other night..... to get rid of the sensation the negative incoming telepathic vibes were doing on my head......The nerves inside my head just below my ears crackled at the same time, kinda crunchy and cool like crushed ice being eaten. I'm guessing something on both sides of my cerebrial cortex is jamming memory. Or maybe WAS jamming memory.
Just did it again on my left side. Quite the paranormal phenomenon, this negative incoming telepathy, the whole bodies nervous system is effected by it.
It is causing some probs with my dogs too. Also I don't know how many times I have felt or just layed down for a catnap and it has just started raining. A lot. The weather changes a lot here.
If you itch from what you think is negative incoming, try rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and write about the results. It may even work to spray bleach at shadow people. oh yeah that reminds me, I googled shadow people last night and it came up with 93 million links. Alot of them didn't relate to the shadow people being discussed here on ATS, BUT...............a lot did. It is a world wide phenomena. Some of mine had cow horns on them and stood in a tree, maybe 7 or so. They were about 7-10 feet tall. Thast was the same night that some 2 foot tall shiny white hooded white robe monk looking guys were standing by my electrical pole, looked like they were talking excitedly like they were charged up

The past few whammer jammer days have been making both my dogs and I a little jumpy at loud noises, we get startled easy. Trying to calm down still, so don't get me to excited with your responses, okay?

will write later,

love to all
Honor Seed


posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 04:19 AM
Until I can write about the positive telepathic phenomena in balance to the negative......... I will be having lulls in posting on this thread.
To state simply a positive phenomena just happened now and earlier, the smell after taking a drink of water at my bed is exquisite. Reminded me of different times, different scents. Hard to describe, but Disneyland came to mind...........

The one smell yesterday that lasted for quite a while reminded me of flowers. Not a sweet smell, hard to explain. Exquisite is all I can relay.

love to all
Honor Seed


posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 01:21 AM

Seeing a different fine pattern on the usual fine particle telepathic medium this morn reminded me of the control grids. The pattern was a fine chainlink like diamond pattern. So were the 'fences' that I saw at my driveway gate and back property line, the first to the eat and the later to the west. Both visions of 'energy' fences where very tall.
The one at the gate had moss draped on it like camoflauge and it had been there many seasons.

It was one of those visions I looked at for several minutes, at different angles and came back to at different times, the one by the gate. It is also one of the visions I have thought about several times, and meant to write about it but always forgot about it till now. It is evoking sadness. It has depressing feeling about it. In fact so depressing, I'm cutting this short and coming back to it. 9:37 AM 3/30/06 - STARDATE ENTRY

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 12:40 PM
More vivid dreams. Man, it is every night now.

Three nights ago, it was a winery. I was taking a job as GM of the place. Being shown around by the owner. Extensive grounds, restaurants, bars, cellars, guest accommodations, the works. I was stoked at the opportunity and a little trepidacious as to my ability physically to handle the scope of the place. The owner had complete confidence in my ability to run the place, though.

Two nights ago, it was a military theme. I was with a soldier in a rear echelon type of setting. I was some type of VIP or person of interest and the soldier was my guard, went with me everywhere. He wasn't too happy about things, whether it was his duty with me, or things in general, I'm not sure. I spent most of the dream time counselling him and trying to cheer him up.

Last night, it was baseball. Minor league stuff. I was with another player, a friend of mine, and the manager pulled me aside. We went out around into the area beyond the outfield. There was some type of barn-like buildiing we were sitting in front of, watching a practice or warm ups or something like that going on in the field in front of us. The manager guy was telling me they wanted me on the team, but not him, referring to my friend. I felt bad for my friend and knew he would be bummed about not making it. The manager guy was telling me how good I was, and what potential I had. He said the only thing I had to watch out for was the girl. I asked, "What girl?", and he said "That girl, the one riding that thing." I looked to my left and a beautiful, raven haired woman came by riding a bull. It was like she went by in slow motion, and she was riding that bull. I said to the manager guy, "Thats a bull." The dream ended.

These dreams are so vivid, its like they are real.


posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 05:12 AM
Cool Icarus, looks like you have been dreaming in technicolor.

Dream I was looking at the sale price of a dozen pair of white socks on a website, they were 12 for 18 dollars. It woke me up after I asked myself what am I doing this for? 90 minutes later another minor nightmare woke me up and here I am, typing this mess out. I was thinking today about the feeling I was left with after last nights' dreams. It was a funky wicked feeling I was given by the minds of people. I'm sure it is like transference time where people in real life who come along and put their feelings on you cause you to imitate their feelings back at them. Like if someone is angry at me, I'm angry back. So I got to thinking, would I want this funky wicked feeling person walking through my front door and visiting me? That is essentially what the invasion of the sleeping mind is about. HECK NO! I don't want to be having people over for real or in my dreams that feel like that. I mean WTF. No wonder my dogs bark when this incoming telepathic vibration comes down the driveway.
Some just came down now and came up my leg. I could feel my hairs twitch.
I have been glimpsing shadow bats lately and not the kind you play baseball with. The kind that fly out of belfries, about 2 foot wide. I think this manifestation is causing me to heat up when it hits me. I've seen 4 foot bats come through the window and conform their shadow shape to my body. I'm getting all wrapped up in some kind of other peoples batty energy.
ticks me off
I'm a clear thinker. DEAD.

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 10:29 AM
Another lucid dream last night. I was in a draw with a road at the bottom and rocky, bouldered sides. Sat on some big rocks along the side of the road, and just looked up toward the top of the draw. A big cat, tan with orange stripes and gold eyes (a tabby?) came out up where I was looking and made its way down toward me. Big cat, fearsome looking. For a second I wondered if it was going to pounce on me, then I put out my right hand and it came up to me, friendly.

Just as I start to pet the cat, a dog comes flying in from the road behind me, a tubby, midsize dog with curly off-white fur. The cat bolts back up the side of the draw with the dog chasing. For a moment, I think the dog is going to catch the cat, but the cat accelerates, fast, and gets away. I had picked up some small rocks, I think to throw at the dog, but I don't throw them.

I look back toward the road, and my older brother is there, and its his dog. He makes some excuse about letting the dog loose to chase the cat, and just then a police vehicle pulls up, not a squad car, more like a Bronco. An officer gets out, and at first it looks like he has a boat horn in his hand, but then some kind of mist comes spraying out of it, and now a crowd has gathered. The officer comes out from behind his vehicle and he is wearing a gas mask, and I am thinking pepper spray. I toss the rocks in my hand back to the ground. He tells the crowd to disperse and comes over and starts questioning me and my brother. Backup arrives and for some reason I find a couple pictures and some Mexican money sitting near me on the rocks. Pesos and Centavos, coins.

We get taken in for further questioning and my brother and I are separated. The officer from the Bronco grabs my right hand as if to twist it behind my back and cuff me, and I go, "Hey!" and he lets go like he's decided that won't be necessary.

The next thing I know, I am in an airport terminal/boarding area, and the questioning is continuing. I realize I am in Hawaii, and the officials are now DHS, and they are trying to connect me to the photos and the Mexican money like I am some kind of terror suspect. I tell them again I found the photos and the money on the rocks in the draw and the guy in the photo they are saying is me doesn't look anything like me. He is Hispanic, and I am caucasian. A senior DHS official comes up to me and asks, "When did you arrive here?" meaning when did I get to the Islands, and he says "Sunday, right?" For some reason I think I got there Monday, but I am not sure, which is weird, because I always know what day it is and I have an excellent memory. He insists I got there Sunday, and I get the distinct impression he is trying to help me and no longer suspects me of anything untoward. Suspicion has now fallen on my older brother, who has very little information on him in the system as far as credit records and such. He is what they call a ghost.

I wake up feeling safe and sound.


posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 02:44 PM
Icarus Dream
The indian boulder has a place carved in it to sleep,
the tabby, orange and white, chirps like a bird from the bush,
You are as a bird, the dog will save you with loyalty.
There is no suffering at running from greater forces.
The brother is the one who comes disguised as a brother,
and the police are likened to the kings soldiers sent to capture.
The brother has betrayed you as Judas betrayed Christ.
They have come to harm you, his voice is turned to nothing.
There is evil in the air when a blood thirsty crowd draws near.
You are questioned by the police as Jesus was silent then.
The coins on the rock are as 30 pieces of silver that were paid.
They rest on the rock as in the parable that this seed will not bear good fruit.
Your objection and they decide you are not Christ coming again.
They have suspicion about you being a religeous terrorist.
The photos will move as a motion picture if you look long enough.
We are brethern, the mexicans and whites, there is no difference in a dream.
When and where are questions of the spirit world.
Sunday is a special day of worship at home.
A cleansing day for the suspicion to go away.
Judas is a ghost while he lived, no one knew he was the betrayer.
You wake up feeling safe and sound.

love to all,
Honor Seed

posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 03:14 PM
HS, I have to say your interpretations of my dreams are right on and relevant. Thank you.

In last night's dream, I was tried, judged, juried, and (mostly) aquitted. I got of with a slash on the wrist, actually several slashes to the base of my left thumb.

In my dream, I knew they were coming for me, so I was locked and loaded, with 1 buck in my gauge. But when one of them stuck his face up to my window, I held my fire.

I let them in to hold their trial by tribunal of me. There were eight or ten of them, and they laid out their case. I held my ground, and offered up my best defense. They were unable to prove the most egregious charges against me, unable to prove that I had transgressed at all. The slashes to the base of my left thumb were a consequence of being called before the tribunal to begin with. That was some kind of offense in and of itself. The slashes healed nearly as quickly as they were made, and I hardly bled at all.

They cut down a nice pine tree from my back yard and took it with them when they left.

Go figure. Exonerated by tribunal. What's up with that?

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posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 04:34 PM
I had an opinion of what was going on, but wanted to make sure you agreed with the symbology first. It is my birthday today, one week before the day most people associate to the death of Christ. All I can figure is that your personality embraces the concept of Christs love during his last hours of persecution to the point it is deeply embedded in your subconscious. This triggers a match up of thypes of other people who telepathically connect with you in the dream state and act out the age old story. It is a well known story and the dreams you have had so far are probably a symbological interpretation that is part of a million billion possibilities. It will be interesting to read what you shift into after the 17th, as most people will then be off the thinking track of the coming of Christs crucifiction.
The common consciousness is a powerful telepathic teacher. My opinion is it is mistaken for God. And this is because there are way to many negative symbols drawn compared to positive ones. I haven't heard of a God of Toyland in ancient mythology, but there sure have been a lot of people worship various versions of visions that are warlike. That smacks of telepathic reception of peoples personalities, not God. God did not create the atoms to conflict all the time with each other. The atoms bonded, like some people do for a calmer existence. If every atom was at odds with the other atoms, matter in the universe would be equally spaced in a vacuum and seeking a place as far away from other atoms as it does in a natural gaseous way. There are gods of playfulness, but none seem to embrace the concept of calm and happy, they are all created by the over abundance of seratonin in the head and stomach. it is difficult to train oneself to be happy and calm, it is about equivalent to the state of bliss refered to in meditaion. Well, I'm going to try and stay at least calm today on my birthday and hope you keep going into your dreams with a sense of mercy. I'm 100% positive on this, but it may well be that real life takes cues off the way you react in your dreams. It sure seemed to mimic the way living people treated me. It may be a testing of oneself to see if we learned anything from our relationships with people during dreaming.

I think it is naive for someone to interpret someone elses dreams just on the essence of what a symbol means alone like pine trees. To me the taking of something living from somebody without permission in a dream, especially a tree, is symbolic of taking someones ability to think. For I have seen what looks like the white energy of hte model of the brain all through stands of trees and bushes and to end the life of a tree is to end the life of part of the thinking of common consciousness, A part that can take refuge in the sanctuary of life. But I believe it also can take refuge in the vastness of a desert also.
This is true in real life also. The more a person bent on destruction seeks someone to kill and fails finding them, the less likely that person will continue with the hate.

My only advice to you Icarus to try and relax as much as possible during the day until the stress of Easter goes by. I will be following my own advice. Methods of relaxation are tailored by an individual based on lifestyle and awareness. For insatnce it may be advantages if you have some intuition above the normal and anticipate stress in an hour without any meetings set with people, to do something requiring exertion for 10-15 minutes, so when you hit that time you have an acceptable minor biorhythm adjustment. It can be telepathic input coming in to hurry you up that stresses you out or a drop in visitor that you didn't know was coming and diverts an excellent thinking/action flow for the day intp the dull void of pondering why this guy harped of President Bush in your ears for an hour.
It can be anything.
I am not 100% sure about dreaming, but it seems the interruption in sleep by people I would never consider friends in real life is like the back door compared to the front door being awake life. It has helped me to stop writing down my dreams or thinking much about them afterwards. At this point I am real intrigued by others dreams, it is probably a withdrawal symptom from curious emptiness of negative peoples words and minds, including my own. I have many positive things going on and a purposeful change is making an improvement for me, both in physical and mental health. The viewing of several thousand visions awake was at first very interesting, but turned out to be sickening. The same if you had bad dreams most all day long that are real life and not condensed into a few seconds like asleep dreams, visions, so predominate now of shadow beings all over the world, there is a true indication the neurosis of living people is a contagious disease and it doesn't matter if you lock yourself up in a room or not. My opinion: Dreams are like visions and lucid dreaming is like astral projection.

Honor Seed.........Happy Unbirthday to all


posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 10:57 PM
One way to deal with telepathic incoming negativity(TIN) that hits the top of the head is by spraying rubbing alcohol on the itchy sensation.
It may cause the additional short sensation of a crackling noise just below the ears. When the TIN comes in mass at evening time it alters the smell sense and gives the impression the air has a great deal of pesticide/insecticide in it. A deception. The shift decreases going into darkness, a sensation of difference as in black/white.
Dogs get mad at each other at this time, another typical symptom of mass TIN. Also they are very interruptive with movement, position and barking/howling at these times. If fed at this time they ignore the food for the most part. Their angry reaction to the input of defiling thoughts from other people coming in on the emotions is typical of the appearance and countanence of people who have defiling thoughts. Defiling thoughts are memory blocking.
Typical of reaction is the action of dominance which dwindles in the absence of a visible foe. This is a problem for any living organism to get angry without gaining any self-confidence in competitive action, it gradually decreases self-confidence over the years. I use all three reactions at different times, positive emotions, neutral ignoring it and anger. I am well prepared to be fearful on a moments notice, but a follow through reaction to situations around me was noticed in a 4 hour test I did when I was fearful on purpose for several hours. I was angry at the end of the experiment and noticed that after I stopped that I became angry at things like butterflies flying by afterwards for short periods. So fear has the possibility of causing a chain reaction. The thing to do in intense periods of TIN is to move quick, change tasks abruptly and then rest right afterwards and notice the diminished capacity of the TIN rather than let it cause you diminished capacity with the associated ruts of reaction.
Any questions, feel free to ask, don't let that TIN stop ya.


posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 01:31 AM
Youre right to say telepathy is completley uncontrolled.

I often intercept parts of thoughts... some I have no idea what the subject of the message is, things like "that its not the" which is obviously a fraction of a much larger scentance... or sometimes the subject matter comes through like "I am so tired", or "damnit, where did leave it?"...

I've never heard anyone ever respond to them, so I'm hesitant to say its part of a conversation.

Nor can I respond to the scentances. I can generate my own internal voice, and try all I want to project it... but no-one ever responds... so either I failed to project it, or they in turn dont know how to project themselves... or I just cant listen long enough to get a reply.

Would be really cool though if I could... at least just once.

Other than that, I can do the usual... get someone to start humming a song I'm thinking of, by playing it in my head... and use a word I'm thinking of in their next scentance by repeating it in my head. But ALOT of people experience the same effects. Not to mention they can do it back to me.

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