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Telepathic incoming negativity?

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posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 03:48 AM

I woke up from a dream in which I was under the impression the manifestation of cloud energy was trying to press in on me to form the image of a beast. I pressed back and there was some sort of strange energy field that I projected in my dream which seemed to hold it a bay. The image in my dream had a URL and I tryed to copy it.
The energy I saw formed as indiscreet as this binary black hole

I had another dream that seemed as if one mental image frame of the moving picture of the dream produced a repeat of that image. Like a memory of a dream within a dream. I went back in the dream to that same
image of filing papers in an office and it did it again, producing a similar image immmediately after the first one. It is written that lucid dreaming is having conscious control of your dream. But I did not consciously go back in my dream to see this image again. It was automatic based on the prompt of the powerful emotion called curious.

Not more than an hour ago after laying down and thinking out several ideas, I was interrupted by the words out of nowhere...........'he will die eventually'............I felt the impact of these words and exactly at the same time the dogs started barking at this incoming negative vibration.

Back to the double repeat dream. This reminded me of the way I used to come in contact with a cloud energy and try different emotions on it. I got the same reactions for the same emotions. I had one of these negative energy clouds tell me they were all one energy. But I do not think they are one. I would teach one energy cloud a way to be more wicked dealing with me and the other energy cloud down the hallway knew nothing of this lesson. I even connected to the same energy cloud a month apart. This energy cloud had forgotten the lesson of a month ago. Aftwer this, I used to call them incredibly stupid and many such other derogatory terms because of the physical suffering they were inflicting on me. This experiment was repeated more than once wiht different energy clouds. Not only did they not share information, they forgot how to improve on their wickedness. There are many here who have experienced shadow people and creatures for the first time and feel fear. But I am here to relate to you this. You are dealing with a living telepathic energy that is negative and extremely conceited about being smart. This leads to a lack of wisdom and the appearance of being incredibly foolish and forgetful engaging myself in warfare. I don't have any idea the names of these enemies and they don't have a clue as to how wicked I can be if provoked without a single chance for their mercy. It is to often people in real life as well have mistaken my kindness for weakness. It was written that Jesus Christ had many of the feelings of others who did not want to die right before he was crucified. He did not want to die, and asked God why he had forsaken him. Those feelings of others were feelings telepathically received from people who did not want to die either. Many kind people back then were suffered the punishment of death by the cruel. The reason in my estimation it seemd as God had forsaken Jesus is he was deceived that the common consciousness of telepathic mankind was God. Mankind is not God. Some men created God in his image to control other men.
The biggest mistake anyone can make in life is to back down from this fear caused by others. Either mine enemies back down from me or they lose the war. America is like this, we as a people have many a hero, kind at heart, who went to foreign places and died for freedom. This Easter will be a day I think about all those before me who died at the hands of tyrants. From the kind ones like Jesus and the ancients to the people of the world who learned to band together to defend themselves, I will consider these as God. It is in the memory of their light that grace exists, without their defense against fear and tyranny their would not be the choice of whether to live in heaven or hell upon this earth.
Yes, there is a disturbance in the darkside force, this telepathic jungle of dread. I caused it on purpose and feel now I had the help of many spirit warriors. Some of whom may even have been you who read this. You know who you are and my heartfelt gratitude goes out to my brethern, both man and woman and even child.

Honor Seed


posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 04:16 AM

Originally posted by johnsky

Nor can I respond to the scentances. I can generate my own internal voice, and try all I want to project it... but no-one ever responds... so either I failed to project it, or they in turn dont know how to project themselves... or I just cant listen long enough to get a reply.

[edit on 12-4-2006 by johnsky]

Johnsky, you are sure right about a lot of people experiencing the same effects. How many people in the world? That is a lot.

Yeah those telepathic thoughts that interrupt me are like yours, always negative too. Either causing an unquenchable curiousity like the half-sentences or the negative ones come in like that negative person isn't listening to anyone who is postive and disagrees with them.

It is part of a conversation, I have heard and seen visions having conversations. And it usually had nothing to do with me although it came in at exactly the same time I was thinking parallel subject matter.

I don't want to give you a warning on this part I quoted because your message to them may be the right message. In any case, I feel that connection with negative telepathic energy can funnel into the consciousness a type of pyschic parasitical phenomena that leads to delusional dementia and physical diseases such as cancer. If you go into the projection with the right message, then you will come out of it okay.
Presently, I am experiencing a great deal of people who mimic this not responding thing. it took a lot of energy to connect to visions and get them to respond. After a while, they refused to respond to me anymore. And this also mimics real life situations. Particulary my brothers, sister and father and relatives. They say I talk to much and they don't know me anymore. But like Jesus who made his family wait outside while he preached, I consider my brethern to be my fellow warrior spirits.
You are really on track Johnsky, tahnks for your input!



posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 05:50 AM
I have no great delusions that my execution by telepathic incoming negativity (TIN) was stayed by anything more than me thinking I want to live.
Certainly preaching to TIN and extolling the feeling of love and mercy within itself had dubious effect. What it did do was temporarily repulse the collective consciousness thinking patterns on file which came at me like a parrot reacting on cue to specific feelings and thoughts I made. In this way, I was able to memorize reactions, space these thought/feeling teachings months apart and test various cloud energy entities for sequential repetitive comparisons. The comparisons were made to see if the ever adapting and morphing nature of negativity to harm myself repeated itself based on my specific worded sentences pointing out how it could better accomplish its' goal, namely to kill me. When I noticed specific TIN cloud energies had forgotten my lesson, I tore into them with lambasting that would roast the ears off the most ardent cussist.

In a loose sort of way I see the similarity between Jesus casting out evil spirits of others and myself casting evil spirits out of me. Those evil spirits being the cuss words released on other evil spirits to keep them at bay.

Kinda like a rampart castle fight in which the bodies of the enemy are thrown over the age to knock off more enemies climbing up ladders. It didn't seem to kill any of them. It was if they landed on feather fluff ten feet deep, but it did give me a sense of doing something about the attack of the dreaded TIN soldiers. That is very important in the ever continuing battle of all our lives. It is important to gain a sense of healing oneself by casting out evil and it didn't hurt to get a simultaneous sense of protecting oneself from fear at the same time.

The longer term goal is to heal oneself and for this it is necessary for the forces within the castle, so to speak, to mount their steeds, grab their lances and charge out the drawbridge to take repulse enemy and chase them off the realm.

Concentration within the self on protection from fear is a road tha leads to living within the confines of a palace. When the enemy attacks in the form of TIN soldiers it is time to stand your ground. For these TIN soldiers which I saw as shadow people and just energy clouds are very much like that man in Arnold Schartseneggars movie that morphed to silver colored molten metal. What was that movie called ? The Terminator?

A knight in medieval times, true and just, when he rode by another knight did raise his open palm in a gesture as a wave to show he was passing by and wished no conflict. The land was filled with unrighteous people and a knight by whatever deeds was fair. If not fair, then that one in armour was not worthy of his metal.


posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 04:48 AM
Saw a few shadows and shadow animals today. I closed my eyes and the shadow cloud went through my mindspace like a flag blowing in the wind.
Noticing shadow flashes like they are bouncing off an inner aura about on foot from my head several times today. Last two days have been an intense level of shadow energy. Looks like it has effected the readership also. May be a worldwide phenomena based on time due to unknown flucuations such as the sun and/or magnetic field. Just saw another white flash 3 feet off starboard brow.


posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 09:02 AM
Spending a lot of time with my son this week as he is off from school and his mom is working. Giving all my energy to him in the form of unconditional love.

Still dreaming in technicolor, but I am sleeping so deeply that all I'm left with on waking is impressions, for the most part. The whole picture is there, just too much effort to grab at it, and I'm already thinking of time with my boy today.

The impression is one of resolution, like when you say you are thinking things through in your mind. Well, I am dreaming things through, if that makes any sense. Lots of diverse influences coming to terms and putting aside differences, getting resolved to a common purpose.

I hope it holds up in the waking dream that is life.

Ever seen the movie "The Waking Life"?

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posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 12:47 AM
Sleeping deeper also. Still shorter periods than most people, but not remebering dreams as much which is a good thing for me.

Also not revealing anything of my looks or any descriptions for the most part seems to have reduced the number of shadow visions. Also not releasing any pics of my dogs or descriptions and no views of my property for the most part. Also writing and saying very little about what I am doing has all but cut off telepathic incoming negativity.

After all these years of suffering the misery from shadow beings of living people and other entities, I feel I have tools that work.

It is interesting in my work and dealing with people in work how things meshed together. I either anticipated them or they flowed together with an association that is becoming the usual. Hard to explain because I do so many different things living alone. One thing leads to another.

Well enjoy the kid at home and have a Happy Easter too!
I think this has been about the most stress free holiday weekend I've ever experienced. I almost forgot tomorrow is Easter and I have been discussing it since last week on different newsgroups.

Honor Seed

oh the last dream I had was like I was a bird looking down on a hilly terrain covered with grass and no trees. There were people below discussing a place for terminally ill kids to come and enjoy. The caretaker they hired was dark skinned serious man, youthful in appearance and the center to the west I visited and listened to them talk about the opening for the kids. I actually hovered above them at the end of the dream.
Oh that reminds me of the waking dream movie........see how things mesh together for me? I was going to make comment but forgot, but I didn't forget my dream, and this was a dream(in the conceptual idea sense) of mine earlier to provide a place for terminally kids to go to and relax and heal from a teacher. I will be one of the teachers but will not leave my place in the near future........oh and that reminds me of something else I thought to write earlier here, see how it meshes?
I have been studying the meaning of vortexes and wondering why this bundled telepathic incoming negativity stays in one place once it gets there.
I have no answers yet on this phenomena variation. The vortexes with the most power I saw that moved were trying to get through a time gate that had concentric circles with strange symbols on them and these rings moved in both directions. The whole circle was about 6 feet in diameter and I saw it laying on the grass in broad daylight. I looked at it sideways and it ins the only time I saw shadow people walking up trees sideways. These were benign compared to the malignant 12 foot diameter vortex energy clouds I couldn't get a fix on with high powered binoculars. But so as anyone reading this is not deceived, there were 2 bright white lights far off in the forest I saw with the binoculars. I saw them right through trees that normally block vision. I had the feeling they might come instantaneously into my being and they were a evil influence. I have seen them far off in another forest too. White or the blacker light of the moving vortexes on both sides of the time gate. To the left, the white represented protection from fear, to the right the black represented knowledge after death, I have no need for either of these paths. I have need for the center path only, the healing path.

Relax and have a fun time on Easter everyone. If the timegate had opened it may have been my eyeball looking through......mmmmmmm.
Honor Seed


posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 07:02 AM

So Icarus.......dreams. For me, the recent developements are this. The scenario and people have changed to former friends and local from family and where I grew up as a kid. Still though, a lot of it is relating to people I don't trust now like I did when I first met them and yet in the dream I am trying to teach them and help them. Some strangers too among them in scenarios I have not been in. My opinion is that all these people in the dreams are ones I have never met for real. A telepathic connection that seems to refresh me when I awake. Like fresh air and something to look forward to. If I tried to fufill the impossible schemes of the dreams with the people locally I dreamt about, I would just be frustrated.
In one dream I stood in a converted auditorium where my bed was in the middle of the chairs, a very large bed and said to myself, this dream is so real but it is only a real though.......and I woke up. This was after the scene in the court when they arrested a person on warrant for a forged ID. There are still a lot of elements of deception in the dreams. The other day I saw smoke from a fire for the first time in a dream. Saw a tree blowing around too. These are both things I have never seen before in dreams. I ran across an article about the sun.
" How can gas float above the Sun? Twisted magnetic fields arching from the solar surface can trap ionized gas, suspending it in huge looping structures. These majestic plasma arches are seen as prominences above the solar limb. In September 1999, this dramatic and detailed image was recorded by the EIT experiment on board the space-based SOHO observatory in the light emitted by ionized Helium. It shows hot plasma escaping into space as a fiery prominence breaks free from magnetic confinement a hundred thousand kilometers above the Sun. These awesome events bear watching as they can affect communications and power systems over 100 million kilometers away on Planet Earth."

Do they effect telepathic communication?

My opinion is yes, the electro-magnetic properties of telepathy are effected by solar flares. Paranormal studies in the future have to include a cross check with the dates of these solar flare up disturbances as they hit the earth. It may be that something like the dread felt by shadow people happens en mass on days when solar flares effect power and communication systems. Certainly when the tide raises every 6 hours or so, or at those times for those inland it should, these are times the gravity of the moon has greater effect on the body which is mostly water, 97% I think. A time when people are more likely to show their true emotions whether they want to or not. I had greater success at selling my pottery years ago when I timed calls and sales with high tides. People are more likely to talk. Seems there are a lot more shy introverted people in public then people may think. Running a check on the reader stats on this thread-
2053 - 10:57 PM 4/15/06
2009 - 2:39 AM 4/14/06
1989 - 9:14 PM 4/12/06
1942 - 8:51 PM 4/11/06
1849 - 1:17 PM 4/8/06
1822 - 3:27 AM 4/8/06
1765 - 11:23 PM 4/6/06
1473 - 9:24 PM 3/29/06
1402 - 2:07 PM 3/28/06
1344-7:18 AM 3/27/06
1341-7:00 AM 3/27/06
1306 -11:11 PM 3/26/06
1241 readers-8:13 PM 3/23/06
There are periods readership goes way up in a short period. There are times it goes way down and that seems to be for new posts on all paranormal threads during that time. This whole group fluxes. We are all telepathically connected to the same causes. 'Party of the machine' as J Tull puts it. On the days there is not much going on Paranormal Studies I can feel the blocking influence. It used to make me immediately tired after posting on such days, you can read back several pages and I did make this comment. This is a small bit of proof something like solar flares are effecting the whole earth.
If I get enough people writing that their dreams changed the night after Easter I can theorize nothing of solar flares. Maybe everyone had a good meal and fun time at a family gathering. Holidays have to be taken into consideration. There is so much to factor in Paranormal Studies.
Back to the dreamgate for me, 5 am is to early to stay up.

Honor Seed

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 09:18 AM
I'm tired this morning. Meant to get up at 5, but let it pass and didn't stir until 6. Heavy dreaming again last night. Construction project. Building on or near some kind of massive resort type complex. I wasn't directly involved in the piece work after the initial layout. Once again my older brother was featured at the start doing the construction, then I lost track of him.

I spent most of the dream looking for something, I'm getting the impression it was plans or specs or permits and such. Then it was all about getting back where I was supposed to be.

Near the end, the scene shifted and I was back in my home town, and maybe the resort complex was being built near there. I went out on the pier looking for whatever I was looking for. Walkways between the docks were not completely in place, and I ended up falling in the water on my way back. It was no big deal, and I was able to pull myself out. A younger guy tried to come across where I had fallen in to show me how its done, and he fell in too. He wasn't too happy about it either.

Like I said, I woke up tired.


posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 01:32 AM
Yeah Icarus, you're being tasked by external negative input. You can do something about it. You can forget your dreams as soon as you wake up as quick as possible. It may have the same effect on you as me though. Here is what happened. I started hearing mindspeak of conversations that had nothing to do with me. Also I picked up on a vision with my eyes closed. It was a pond at sunrise where the ripples on the surface of the water where like I was there. I opened my eyes and closed them again and did refocus many times on the surface of the water glimmering in the early morning. Quite peaceful actually. A place I had been many years ago, although never in the early morning.

So I have been seeing things through others eyes as well as hearing things through others ears. This is what happens in dreams. The problem with dreams is that the things seen and heard may be from hundreds of different people. Can you imagine how tired you would get listening to a hundred people tell you a story at the same time, which is essentially what happens in a 5 second dream.

I am looking for someone to come along here at ATS that has had success at stopping dreaming and explain how they did it. While others here seek ways to 'enlighten' themselves through the mirror meditaion thread going on now and ways to dream with more clarity, my choice is to bring these paranormal situations to an end. Ther is no better experience in relating to people to do it wide awake. The end result of any success in dream awareness increase or mirror meditation transcendental success is tiredness and sickness. This is a fact that spiritual mediums are aware of, complaining about a sick feeling after connecting with the living energy of telepathic incoming negativity.(TIN) And I refocus anyone reading this again on the negative aspect even though the 'meeting' may appear positive. All people have a balance of negative and positive. You cannot expect to connect with others in dreams and meditation for a glimpse of what their memory imagination considers an afterlife to be without direct telepathic contact with every negative emotion they have including fear.
Evidence of hysteria and fear just came to the news again with that man who killed a ten year old preparing to eat her. The telepathic hysteria outgoing from millions of mothers makes for a formidible quanity of brainwave pollution. There doesn't seem to be a single event assigned to the mass energy at being happy.

There are balancing causes of happiness, but they are individual successes in my opinion. This message is a small part of a common sense happy balancing. Icarus, getting back to where you were in the dream reminds me of what would have happened if you listened to those Jehovahs Witnesses. The difference being is that we don't really have a choice but to get involved in others beliefs in a dream. But better you wake up tired for a day, than tired for a lifetime.

love to all
Honor Seed

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 09:04 AM
Yes, definitely, the dreams seem to be attempting to foster doubt, to undo the positive progress I am making.

The construction theme, especially. It is not making something, it is trying to remake things already satisfactorily constructed, proven, and put in place.

This theme continued in last night's dreams, and there was also an added encouragement to engage in detrimental activities. Little things at first that I avoided, but ended up being accused of later on in a snowball, cascade effect.

It seems there is a last ditch effort being made to stop me from reaching my pre-ordained goal. Apparently, there is much at stake for these others in their efforts to impede my progress and remake the works already in place. They need me to fail in my efforts, and my overcoming these obstacles and achieving this goal will be a major setback for them.

This setback for them will be a consequence of what I perceive to be their misguided intentions, their direct opposition, not to me, but to the everlasting light that guides me, that I am blessed to have come to me and through me. I am guided by, and seek only to discern, the intent of the Holy Spirit. I will make it a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 05:32 AM
Good for you Icarus. If real life situations have not caused these dreams, then be real aware of future events which mimic these dreams. Dreams seem to be out of step with the present.

I was in extreme pain last nigh and did not sleep. It was either food poisoning or flu. It felt like I had been kicked in the stomach by a mule, the worst of that type of sickness I have ever felt.
After the worst of it went by, I heard the words 'We are leaving now.' This has left me with the impression there are a group of living people, who at least subconsciously, have banded together as a healing team. It is quite possible, because I have just mentioned the yin/yang balance of the individual as a reason not to attempt contact with individuals telepathically, that a balance to the negative team such as you have endured is in place. My 9 dogs howled and barked on cue with that thought. I am unsure what this means, but they were a great comfort when I was sick. I feel now maybe the healing spirits used them as guides to me recognizing my love for them. I certainly was at a point in time when intense pain and anger made it difficult to feel any other emotion.
I feel that I should not make the effort to join any group in a subconscious healing effort. I saw the blue lights out in the driveway when I just got up at about 3 am. They were the color of that picture above if this is still page 6. They await outside the aura mesh net fence I mentioned before. THey are holding in a vortex. Besides that, the word is all I trust now and when they said they are leaving, I'm sure that healing team goes on to help other people. I probably would not have heard* the voice inside my head if I had taken any painkillers or aspirin. It takes an intense awareness of the self during pain to quicken a healing of the self. And is an entry I made early yesterday morning..........

5:38 AM 4/19/06 - when I first awoke and took a sip of water to a very dry mouth, I held the water in my mouth for a while and swished it around. I had the distinct sensation minature people built a log cabin on my tongue and I was amazed at the addition of water as to the slight crunching of whatever it was that set up camp on my tongue. Upon swishing it around and finding nothing of a solid nature in my mouth I assumed it was an invisible communion wafer of sorts. A little later the words "quite an observer" entered my head. So I guessed that this would be the mental response later to the words just written. I may as well add that the stomach has settled quite considerably.

7:11 AM 4/19/06 sleep again till now, woke up with cloud on my tongue like the log cabin earlier. Felt like a hot stick poking in my throat yesterday, left me with a tired feeling today.

It seems what you dream Icarus that makes you tired is a type of sickness that comes from people, probably a mental sickness. One part of that mental sickness I see here on some posts on ATS is a strong desire to believe that all these paranormal phenomenon are from the departed, ghosts or even toher lives. God is of the living, and these healing ones who left me are living peoples' subconscious brainwaves. I am so fortunate, after so much awareness of negative ones, to be able to relate to you, the presence of positive ones. They certainly do work in a much more subtle an unknown way than the negative. I don't understand yet the translation of what I have witnessed so far to the term Holy Spirit. So for now, I too, put that symbolic lantern at my feet to just understand my way.
Remember to be aware in the next month or so of similar influences of real people that came along in these recent dreams. There is a chance your recent contact with your son, bless his heart, and because of your love for him, let in some negative forces. Kids are excellent flow through receptors of both negative and positive energy. As I have stated, I recently sent love to the back of a strangers child at the market and he tried to jerk his head around almost everytime to see what it was........who was sending. He was a 4 year old or so. What may be written of the holy spirit in the bible may be the feeling of love from living people. If so, the mention of Holy Spirit in revelations and other places causing deaths and prophesizing deaths is incorrect. More likely it was the unholy spirit of people, and many are deceived. Keep that lantern at your feet and I will do the same.

Honor Seed


posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 09:31 AM
7:15 AM 4/20/06 - 2 dreams inbetween another dream about kids being in the way, trying to be helpful but being slow to take orders anspd generally their curiousity kept the tasks from getting completed. Woke up after the second with a lot more energy. Lots of kids the second time like the first, although younger or rather shorter. CAught a phrase from one kid indicating a person of greater maturity than the kid appeared in talking, may have picked up the phrase telepathically during the dream from the kid. If I did, that means only one thing, this reaffirms the idea that adult negativity moves through children in both the awake states and dream symbol states. Had this same problem with my dogs prior to getting sick with them getting in the way. This is some way may have been a warning about a future possible mistake. The mistake was not smelling the veggies I used in soup, I get the feeling food poisoning hit because of them. I thought about these veggies being bad as I dumped them in the soup. So there is another piece to the riddle of life. It may well be that your dream of doing construction and walking up tired is a way of telling you to slow down or an accident may happen. I thought you mentioned that you do construction in real life.



posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 03:32 AM
I came across this picture on how stardust clouds line up on galaxies. The little brown lines coming up from the galaxy look exactly like some of the surfaces that visions had on them. Any speculation as to why that is the case is welcomed. I wonder if the vortexes of group energy whirl to a center of gravity? This makes sense about others' telepathic energy because I have seen the room around me move about 1-2 feet many times right after I wake up and get my bearings right after a dream. But the visions, some of them had this surface like hair or spikes coming from them. What is the relationship of peoples' telepathic group energy to a galaxy? Is it comtemplating a God the Creator to the human thinking mind connection? Is it there a scientific explanation for the human side of paranormal vision associated to how star matter gathers? My first visions came from dust in the corner of the room. The planes floated at me and I was told it was the communication of God. It always came to my face and wrapped it. Later I saw a lot of little print of a book on another persons' face sitting in front of me late one evening during group mediatation. What kind of fantagasmagorical phenomena is afoot? What oily surfaced looking irregular planes with whirling strands of s-shaped tiny hairs di I stop with my palm to look at this strange surface closely? And why did it then continue slowly to my face after sitting back down? Why was I able to bend these planes with my hand like hot plexiglass and have them miss my fae all together. This was certainly a far more agreeable energy than the particle group energy clouds that came later from which there was no escape nor stopping and controlling for any length of time without great effort.




posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 08:02 PM
I get the feeling that there is this aggressive telepathic force that comes to me in my sleep to cause me problems. I mean how would you like it if everytime you got in your underware and comfy under the blankets, the rest of the world out and about throwing off aggressive vibes bothered you? The message is clear, put on your PJs and think about death. It is like I'm going braindead, time for the rest of the world to whirl the gears. So I build up all this gear whirling stress while I'm braindead and whammo! A five second dream that seems like it lasts 2 hours that is so bad, no way I'll ever fight invisible Ninjas in the street for real. Only in a dream. Some people get paranoid before they sleep and are insomniacs. Well, I have it going on. I go to sleep with no paranoia and get blasted by telepathic paranoia from everyone that is laying awake. That emotion, fear, gets turned into scenery and people and presto bingo. I wake up every 2 hours from a dream feeling like the scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz that just got the straw stomped out of him by flying monkies.
The message is clear. Kill the sleeping calm guy with no fear. yeah that's right. For you guys and gals out there who can't relax and have fun, everything has to be excited and fun OR you people who got to be scared, complaining or negative all day wallowing in your misery, geeshhhhh, wear a full metal outfit to keep your vibes to yourself. Charge it with some electricity or something. Get an oxygen tank. Fully enclose yourself to protect the rest of us from your negative vibes. It is getting way to paranormally weird to be calm and happy. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything without the use of chemical additives?
Anything that does NOT include electroshock therapy right after I wake up to forget your lives?

have a nice night
Honor Seed

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 03:18 PM
I hear you HS.

Lots of pressure behind the stream of consciousness this week. Approaching a node or something, some big deadline for coming to terms, and there's lots of gnashing going on.

Its a shame most feel compelled to fight for their place in the pecking order when the power of equitably shared partnership is just a choice away and waiting to be witnessed to and acted upon.

My dream scenarios are playing out in reality now with ever increasing frequency and synchronicity. The kismet is almost palpable as dimensions begin to overlap and come into harmony with each other.

Ride it out, my friend, ride it out.

Seed of Promise

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 05:29 PM
I have a question for you. When you focus on me, the person writing this reply, and my name, Angela - what color do you get. What number do you get?
Not many people can pick up vibrations in terms of colors or numbers... but there are a few - very few it seems - who can.

And I'd also be interested in how long it took you to lasso in these things - I personaly have had a hard few decades trying to learn to 'get things' when I need them rather than just 'getting things' spontaniously.


posted on May, 6 2006 @ 11:56 PM
from my standpoint I'm not lost.......however, there seem to be a lot of people that either thought I died or I should be dead after I finished up about 35 years of meditation in 2004, OCTOBER_NOVEMBER.

The incredible visions that numbered about 50,000 included Buddha sending of rays of ecstatic joy from ear to ear in white light arc. This was someone else living imagination I picked up on telepathically. Transcendence, in my opinion is defined by the ability to connect to other living peoples' imagination and memories handed down through thousands of years of DNA transfer and telepathic subconscious memory 'gifts'.
One can simply transcend telepathically to someone elses sense of bliss if that is the goal. I opened my consciousness to the collective consciousness of all living peoples.
I went with the flow of both exhilerating oragasmic exhaltation and extreme peaceful bliss. I went with the flow of terror and fear, and anger and rage. I taught the telepathic connections the meaning of mercy by the bible and preached to many visions for many hours. These 'angels', as some people like Saint John of Revelations think they were did not get much of a chance to put their words in. I simply talked for hours to them as they appeared, asked questions, waited sometimes for hours for an answer. There are many a living mind in this world who benefitted from the peace and love that I conveyed to the fearful and angry.
The dispersal of so much intense love and peace to the world and beyond meant that it seemed I was lost in the collective consciousness of all living including creatures living of all types. You shall reap as you sow. I shall reap as I sow. I am feeling the intense love and peace of all who will that to me now. It is the beginning of a telepathic transendental harvest for me.
Even right now as I felt the increase of peace and love from unknown other living people I am sending it to others I can think of and some of those are you who post here.
There is no one I've met or read about that has had an experience such as mine. This includes many who practice Buddhist meditation including the Dalai Lama. I have telepathically connected to these people and had mindspeak conversations. Some have produced visions, some choose to remain at a distance. It is possible these people were deceived and thought they were relating to a higher power during meditation when in fact it is only me, lost in space. I am a messenger of a telepathic truth that transcends traditional believers of all religeons. The prophets and the sages of the ages that are gone now are not to be worshipped, neither am I.

It may take many decades for science and religeon to come to a common belief on the subject of telepathic transcendence.

blessed be, namaste and peace and love

Honor Seed


posted on May, 7 2006 @ 01:13 PM
The quotes below are from another forum.

----------------6:55 AM 5/7/06
from Peterness
In all seriousness I think you've lost your way somewhere during your practices.
You believe you have telepathic supernatural powers. You believe you have been talking with supernatural metaphysical entities and 'higher powers'. This is delusion. Please seek psychiatric help.

I hope you get better.

from synaptic aether
why is it a delusion?

Originally Posted by tiki_god7
everything alters brains chemistry from the foods you eat to the air you yes lsd alters brain chemistry so does holding your breath as you grunt out a really big dump....

from MagnanimityMan
telepathy, i believe, has a lot to do with empathy and compassion, and selflessness,
we are all living in an energy plane, and manipulating that energy with everything that we sow,, our thoughts, our actions, our words...
for the sensative, picking up on how this energy was manipulated might give them a telepathic 'heads up' to whats going on around them,, their empathy might kick in and you might sense that peggy sue is bummin out a little,, or you might feel that the words she just said has more too them, or that she is straight up lying..
telepathy is real, and is a World more real and complex then that last simple paragraph i wrote,, which is more about empathy then telepathy,,

you gotta watch though,,, we are interpreting subjectively,, and when yourSelf isn't removed, you might be looking through a prism of your own troubles and concerned,, a prism, like that that captures the light and bends it,, and truly, i think i can never have that Self removed, so i never think what i'm sensing is Objective Truth,, it's always simply subjective,, you can be right, you can be wrong,, alwayssss hold your judgments in abeyance, and always give the benefit of the doubt,, we aren't super heros, we are just opening up to the More that this Earth is all about,, we're just humans here, we dont got it all figured out, not by a long shot,, there is much much more to this universe then we believe,, dont say the man is necessarily crazy,,

about communication with the otherworldly, or the cosmic,, i dunno what to say,, i know when i meditate, or look for answers inside myself, voices DO rain, and lessons ARE learned,,, sometimes very very moving, and sometimes the energy that's released from such tidbits of wisdom is a very real, very wow of a thing - uncloggin funk...
we are clogged up, and it is the growth of *the love that brings us together* that opens and clears us out,,
to make the assumption that whatever it is that shares such wisdom with us is anything outside of ourselves,, well, i dont know what to say,,,
i always heard: that there is the Known (which is always assumed), the Unknown, and the Unknowable,,
i think this, as far as i think my word is worth, is unknowable - if cosmic angels of sorts can assist us,,,
God knows if this Word has simply been in Us All since the beginning of time,, a hidden lake of Truth and Wisdom,, or if we are allotted it by angels, only when they wants to share it with us,,,
from my experience, whenever i ask, i recieve,, which makes me think it's upon us to be the seeker,
not necessarily wait idoly for help
even though, Surrender is Key!!!

---------8:05 AM 5/7/06
I have had some contact on this subject with a few other newsgroups since last November. The responses vary from Peterness to MagnanimityMans.

For Peterness, I think this. There are many teenagers and younger kids right down to the age when they can first talk that see and hear things that are external influences. Some of these are very upsetting to them and many times the adult does not have the ability to explain. The result can be a pysch doctor visit. The doctor, who does not have an awareness of external influences, shrugs it off as delusion on the part of the patient and prescribes drugs and/or therapy. One of the worst effects, in my opinion, is a mother who receives intense hate telepathic vibrations, and 'translates' that feeling to words that tell her to throw her kids off the end of the dock. This happened recently on the west coast. Would those kids lives been spared had some professional people spent the time with her explaining how and why she hears mindspeak that is not a possession by a supernatural demon, but a reception of a group entity or even single living entity that, at times, projects hate?
History has shown us that the church, with its' beliefs rooted in superstition and ignorance have not been kind to many others. The Catholic church, in 1992, finally forgave Gallileo for his scientific viewpoints. I think it is the Catholic church that needs to be forgiven. The deaths of so many innocents through the ages, the times now are a renewal of the human spirit and the soul upon which the spirit comes to action from.

For many years now the moth has not flown to the light. You can not teach some people what they already don't know. For me telepathy is proven. I smile and think I love you at the back of a strangers child at the market and that child immediately turns around looking me straight in the eyes and says hello. Tele-empathy? I think so.

What adults' mind is so frought with the cares of the world that they cannot sense the feelings of the world? There are none as far as I can tell, all creatures great and small transcend to some degree telepathically. The electro-chemical synapse transfers between neurons yield a brainwave that has been measured by scientists at 4 feet. But it goes much further. The children at the market were further away. The adults on their way to my home were miles away when I received signals they were showing up ten minutes later.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio (Peterness),
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

For MagnanimityMan and synaptic aether, I think this.
There are a great many threads on the Paranormal Studies forum at that are about people, like you and I that have visions of shadow people. The description of exact appearance varies slightly from my own experience, but the message is always the same. They feel fear when they appear. Having seen several thousand instead of just a few, my reaction is different. One thing about this is that the telepathic incoming negativity (TIN), the fear emotion in this case, manifests itself in many cases as the same visual impression. One father saw these figures standing next to his babies crib. What causes a baby to suddenly cry in the middle of the night? What mind so open and sharing as a young infant attracts the seeking energy that fears? And yes, if you feel fear for no apparent reason, there is a good chance you are receiving a group entities or individuals living brainwave input of fear. These are not demons of the departed, these energy clouds do not possess the minds of the aware.

All is well when we receive happy incoming vibrations, many think that it is their own doing. Some think it is coming from a higher power. Some understand the difference.
Very few can discern where it comes from, happy is the most powerful emotion of all within the soul spirit named love. Shakespeare would have agreed. Yet many dwell on the fear and anger within love. And it was to these emotions in humankind he wrote plays.

It has been my experience during meditation that the fear and anger deceptively appear more powerful than happiness. it has been my experience projecting these emotions at adults that they suddenly wrinkle their foreheads, sometimes scratch their heads and generally look confused like they don't know where that thought/feeling came from. How different from the childrens' reaction to happiness that is and I will stop for now. Even my dogs recognition of times projected emotions wake them out of sound sleep is the awareness it comes from me. You, the readers and myself also, have a long way to go to understand telepathy. We are at the beginning of a Renaissance of the Mind.

love and peace, blessed be and namaste,
Honor Seed

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 07:50 PM
I completely agree that we are on the verge of a mass breakthrough for individuals to the collective consciousness. For some it will be a beautiful experience. For others, it will be the realization of their worst nightmares come true. It all depends on whether you've been frontin' all along, or keepin' it real. If you've been frontin', well, then the jig is up. If you've been keepin' it real, well, then all your fondest hopes and deepest prayers are about to be answered.

I believe the hundredth monkey syndrome is on the verge of happening to the human race when it comes to telepathic cognition. I, for one, am looking forward to it. I think there will be some hardship, maybe even grievous hardship, for many, many people who thought they would be able to connive and manipulate their way through life indefinitely. Their tab is coming due, and it isn't going to be pretty.

Those who understand the Word, and have been waiting and hoping for an opportunity to trust without fear, living in the spirit of the law, will be rewarded without measure for their faith in, and faithfulness to, the precepts of humanity.

I See it All Around me

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 08:12 AM

Originally posted by HS
Well with no response and a dozen or so viewers coming through, maybe I can get the ball rolling by relating a story.

A friend who visited and stayed over told me this. He was in a jail cell with two others guys. They were both sleeping on top of cots across from each other if my memory serves me on this. They were both sound asleep and talking in their each other.
They were responding to each others statements while sleeping.

My comment: Dreaming frequently has interactive situations in which incoming telepathic brainwaves from external sources represent themselves as various people you see and talk to in your dreams. Sometimes these people are familar, but this does not mean you are telepathing with those people. In fact, chances are, you are not. There doesn't seem to be a connection between recalling images from neurons in sleep and actual real time subconscious telepathic verbal communication in sleep. This may be the possible reason that memory decays so quickly on the memory of most dreams. The images and words don't match. May be a reason for Alzheimers also where a person doesn't recognize his relative or spouse but can converse somewhat rationally.

Obviously using both your eyes and ears to store a memory simultaneously is an integral function of the brain which can be a problem the older you get due to chemical imbalances. I suggest anyone over 48 years start researching the use of 7-Keto DHEA and HTP-5 as a natural supplement, especially if you are male. Both work together to curb depression. Depression can be caused by incoming telepathic words and is mistaken by psycholigists and pyschiatrists as bi-polarism or scheizophrenia. Some people 'hear' words in their head, due to their sensitivity on a telepathic level, that are mistaken for their own thoughts and this drives them nuts.


HS, I notice you call out several drugs which aid in depression. Are you a user of these substance and do you feel they aid in reception of telepathic transmission?

I am one who feel our government has harnessed telepathy. I believe it is a matter of understanding the brain, how it works, and use of chemicals can provide the correct body chemistry / brain chemistry for receiving and transmitting telepathic signals.

I personally believe telepathy is matter of science, not something which should be cloked in a mystic forum. Some day it will be placed where it is supposed to be.

Have you experimented with Adderall? You indicated 7-Keto, DHEA, and HTP-5 does something for you in the telepathic arena. Could you elaborate on this further.


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