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Telepathic incoming negativity?

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 03:28 AM
I hear voices rarely because I'm schizophrenic. Sometimes they are nice and sometimes sound really mean and make me miserable. Sometimes I try to just lie in bed and my own negative thoughts come back at me in the form of a flash vision (eyes closed) that comes up so instantly im not sure how it does it but the picture i see is a representation of that thought, as if to say "don't bother praying about it, its your own problem".

Also sometimes I'm thinking and a keyword will appear either as a vision or a soft voice that sort of relates to what I'm thinking about. I think it is a way of my spirit guides saying they know how I feel, or it might also be a way to make me think certain things. Once the vision or word comes in, I usually lose my thought and can only think about the latter, so its a way of training me to think a certain way.


posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 02:02 AM

Originally posted by joepits
Once the vision or word comes in, I usually lose my thought and can only think about the latter, so its a way of training me to think a certain way.

yeah Joe same with me. It is that training I rebel against because it is not as good as what I was thinking. Even if it was better, it ain't my thought choice. Once I tried blocking the incoming thought and went back to what I was thinking. Another time I repeatedly went back to different cool thoughts from the past, fun memories. I think it has an effect, oh yeah IT WORKS!!!!! The incoming negative telepathic emotions I pick up from others and put my own words and visions to in order to accept the negativity as my own is steadily going down. For a while there, the visions were so nasty when I layed down and closed my eyes I had to open them again. I mean like nasty like something I thought about outside turned to a pile of squirming maggots. So there is a way to train yourself. I imagine you don't want to lose your own thoughts until you're ready to end them right? Bad enough people interrupt me in real time convo. I certain fo sho muff don't need duh wicked messin wit my mind. Git duh pic homie? Lay down duh up side of yo self. Honestly dats what I meant. I know how to cool do it. it's a struggle, I know.....turn the system UPSIDEDOWN.


hONoR sEEd

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 04:28 AM
Hi HS,

Sorry it took me so long to answer but my pc has been down. I will look forward to reading those brain wave links you put up tommorow because its way late at nite again here now.

Anyway, the other things I do sometimes to take the edge off of too much psi energy is I do a lot of psi tests, until I settle that part of my mind down. Or, sometimes I do something creative like art or writing because that helps me to take the psi edge off too.

This may sound silly but sometimes I get out a piece of paper and draw a rectangle on it. And in the middle of the rectangle I write "IGNORE Button". And if I feel/hear negative incoming thoughts I push the Ignore button. It's silly but it makes me feel better and just the act of pushing that button does strengthen my intentions and helps me to ignore those negative thoughts. They lose their power over me.

~ Deep


posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 11:23 AM
I have an internal ignore button that works for me in public. Beats poking a piece of paper as soon as I walk by most people
So that is what I do when their telepathic brainwaves come around too, consistency is where that is at.

love that consistency

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 04:39 PM
H.S. Whatever works for you works for you! That's great! I am not trying to convince you to do things my way, and I don't want to do things your way either. I already said the ignore button was silly, it's just a symbolic reinforcement method, that I sometimes use to clear my mind of all negative thoughts (not just telepathic incoming, but my own also) when I am doing RV. The silly ignore button makes me laugh, and laughter instantly clears negative thoughts. I don't do it walking down the street or in public. Take Care!

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 02:24 AM
yeah same here , not trying to make anyone do things my way, just pointing out the similarities of ignoring the ignorant which come across both in real life and telepathically in dreams.
Boy oh boy did I ever just have a whopadooozil dream. I have been worried about the words " I have a use for you " that came into my head real softly a few months ago. Then I remembered those were the exact words a not so kind employer had when she hired me. she had me calling in a day beforehand to find out if I worked for 3-4 hours and slowly diminished my hours to 2 a week. Replaced me with a guy who was supposed to have quit and travelled to Hong Kong. WEll he came back and I was out.
The dream I had was about her and all the people that worked for her in a place I couldn't get no privacy. It was a nightmare. So was the job situation 5 years ago or so.
These words I may have pullled out of my own memory do not change my opinion that they came on the 'wings' of a similar controlling telepathic vibration. I think the proof in that, is relieving stress from a situation 5 years after it happened. Most people do it that night. lol.
But that is a great thing that happened to me. It lends credence to the possibility reoccurring bad dreams may stem from a real situation a person is unaware they are upset about.

Relax and have fun

Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 04:09 AM

Originally posted by HS
Most people do it that night. lol.
But that is a great thing that happened to me. It lends credence to the possibility reoccurring bad dreams may stem from a real situation a person is unaware they are upset about.

Relax and have fun

Honor Seed

Yes H.S. you and I are alike in that way, sometimes I get things right away...other times it takes me days, years even to put something together or get upset about it.

If you don't mind I would like to give a work related dream example, that has some similarities to yours. In your work dream you were being set up for a fall in a way. You were given a job, but it was done under conditions which were false and unfair to you because you weren't given all the facts up front.

When I was selling collectibles and stuff, many of my fellow sellers sold their things out of consignment Antique Shops. I did the Math and figured selling that way was for chumps. The only one who makes money is the owner of the shop.

But I became friends with an owner of one of the Antique shops (G.) and she said if I helped her out and repaired things around the shop, and helped on the p.c. and watched the cash register, now and then...I could have a 'free' space to sell my things in minus commision of course.

I didn't know until I had a dream about 3 years after I worked there but now I think she was 'setting me up' too. In my dream she was grooming someone to be responsible for her shop. Showing them the alarm system, showing them where the keys to the cases were, showing them the p.c., letting them in on all personal information. She was also giving presents to that person from other peoples spaces, and telling that person she was going to pay the seller(s) for the things she was giving to her, but she would do it later.

The owner of the shop, G. had a husband with a bad gambling debt, and I got wierd vibes from her, and even though I could sell for free there, I pulled my stuff, and left. See, she had done all that stuff with me too, showed me everything, given me gifts from other people's things, and I knew these people and I asked if G had paid them and they said 'No' I told them to go ask G. for their money, and if they didn't get it, I would pay them for their things. In my dream, after 3 years I realized that G. was possibly planning to rip off her own shop and blame it on me, or since I had left maybe she was grooming a new person for the same thing. Maybe that's why I had the dream. Sure, I would have stolen stuff in my house(her gift's to me) that she never paid the seller's for, so I would look guilty. And, I would be the only other one who knew everything about security. Am I being paranoid? I don't know.

H.S., maybe that boss is pulling the same crap on someone else she pulled on you now, or like you said maybe the ripple effect/realization of how she treated you is just finally hitting you. Did something similar to what happened to you at that job, happen to you recently that could have triggered your dream?


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 02:37 PM
yeah I did, weird, I'm trying to think of the chain of events since I worked for the restaurant in about 2001. And after I did the job and before too I had people living on my property. They were stealing things from me and giving them as gifts to other people and trading some of them for drugs too. I forgave them over and over again, telling them I love people more than things. It still upset me. They were lazy, didn't seek work and stole from others also. I had this type of discussion wiht someone on the bus one day about why people rip off others. I came to the decision it isn't worth the time trying to think of reasons for them, I don't think like them, so how could I know?
I don't think the lady J that hired me actually planned to fire me when I started, it was the guy who went to Hong Kong that came back and wanted his job back. Another thing about her was she was a former coc aine addict, had a heroin user chef who went into treatment during hte middle of the season. The place was a 4 star restaurant that served overpriced skimpy portions at an exorbitant prices. I was so glad to get out of there when I left. The place has changed hands now.

But back to the more recent rip off thing with the 5 people who lived here mostly rent free. The other thing they did was move things around, borrow things they never returned, I couldn't find things there is so much stuff here. Didn't know until months or years later. What relates paranormally to this is that I woke up and saw white line streaks to a place somthing had been taken in the middle of the night, I slept with my front door wide open because there was no bathroom in hte guest units and I like fresh air.

When I asked the one if he took something, he would blame the other theif. So there is a version of the situation you had in the consignment shop. Someone who is missing something and two people blaming each other for taking it. Interesting, thanks for the insight.

love them theives to be as far away from me as they can get.

thanks deep

Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 04:47 PM
H.S, It sounds like you are a nice person who wants to help people, especially people who are chemically dependent, maybe you are giving them a hand because they told you they were going to try and quit? Were the 5 people living with you practically rent free also in that same situation?

I don't know...your situation just reminded me slightly of a fellow from A.A. (I went there to support my foster mom). This man (J.) was a recovering alchoholic, and he bought a house and rented out the rooms to other recovering achoholics. It was a tough situation for him being their landlord, because a lot of chemically dependent people have learned to live by their con, to steal, to lie in order to support their habits. And, they become addicted to that behavior, also, even when they aren't drinking or using anymore. So, J. had a rule basically that if anyone was doing things like stealing, using drugs/alchohol, not going to their job, then they were out of his house right away. Otherwise, if he kept letting people take advantage of him, he would lose all his money & wouldnt be able to afford the house, and he wouldn't be able to help the people who were behaving themselves and trying to quit and just needed a home. So, he had to be tough. Plus, if he let them get away with it, it would just be prolonging the situation for them and for everyone...Tough Love is what they call it in A.A.

People steal a lot because of drugs/alchohol. And some people steal because they get addicted to the stealing. And, I think people steal sometimes because something has been stolen from them. Not by you. But by someone before you. Maybe it wasn't a tangible thing that was stolen, maybe what was stolen was their dignity, or their trust, something like that, and nothing was ever done about it. Or maybe it was a tangible thing that was stolen. Sometimes even good people can start stealing, when they see that other people and big corporations are allowed to steal from them.

So, I am sorry you tried to help some people, and you were stolen from. You were nice and tried to help your fellow man. Now, you need to help yourself, and not let yourself be stolen from anymore, because it's taking a toll on you. (From what you said in your post I think you realize this) but I would help people with dependency issues outside of my home from now on if I was you. I think your dreams have been trying to protect/warn you from putting yourself in that situation again. And, remember what I said about some of them being addicted to the con itself, I will never forget this one man I met at A.A. (S.) who was sober but could not quit conning people. He conned an old timer there (Chuck) with a partially wet brain, who was simple but everyone loved him, because all Chuck cared about was everyone staying on the program, and he was a mother hen yelling at anyone if they slipped up and they needed it was so funny when he went off on them...Anyway S. talked Chuck into putting his name on a scheme that was supposedly going to 'help' alchoholics. S. figured out a way for him and Chuck to start a non profit agency with government funds, and he even found a way to get the government to give them a helicopter, which Chuck loved riding around in, it was all he could talk about at the meetings! Then S. ripped off the government and the whole agency went defunct, and since Chuck's name was on it he was the only one who took the blame. Except the government, once they met him couldn't blame him, because they could see he had brain damage. And Chuck was so conned by S. and like him so much, he never gave him up to the government as being the responsible party. S. kept all the money, and Chuck was just happy for the helicopter rides, and that he was trying to help people, I don't think he ever even realized what really happened.

You do not strike me as being a materialistic person, but I think you work hard for what you get and you should be able to keep your things and enjoy them. I hope all these different types of thiefs stay far away from you and you get lots of good things coming your way, and get new better stuff, than what was taken. Because everybody needs peace of mind and some good stuff.

Have a Happy Day H.S.!

~ Deep

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posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 10:12 PM
Bless your heart Deep for being sympathetic and not to preachy about the situation. Actually come to think of it there were a total of 7 people, 3 couples and a single person who had the next door neighbor as a girlfriend. What a full straited mess. I was mirror meditating one day and decided to sequence in low self-esteem in the emotional cadence to see what kinds of different spirit visions came along. I have enough self-confidence to shift to a lessor mentality. It wasn't more than a day or so these men and women were coming into my place like they owned it. That's when the theiving started. I just sat back and looked at it like any typical paranormal investigator. Seems the spirits I was seeing and talking to that most people would say don't exist were in touch with the telepathic side of real people. Proof in my opinion that these shadow people that are reported here are from living people rather than the dead. Iwould advise anyone having an urge to mirror meditate and have negative emotions to first work hard for at least 20 years and be as honest as you can as well as maintain excellent physical condition. After the 7 years or rather 3-4 that I practiced inferiority complexes on purpose, I was hit with so much incoming telepathic negativity I looked like that cartoon character that just got through holding a bomb and was left hot and smokin.......The whole experience produced so many visions after winding up paranormal research started 30-35 years ago I deserve the booby prize of the century for blunders.
I got the distinct feeling that this is the way all people die a lot younger than they should. Like there is a constant stealing of the life force. I may end up eating those words because it only "FEELS" that way. And the stress of feeling like our strength and happiness is taken away by others in real life and telepathic time is all an illusion. But dang, what a light show with lightening bolts in the room and a fiery comet flying thru, and I can definitely relate to the fact that these different visions interact. with not only real people but each other. And there are so many of them in this parallel telepathic universe it makes our real world look unihabited

Once I deaccelerated my own telepathic signals to the level of animal instinct I definitely had the sensation sending my awareness to a monkey swinging in the jungle somewhere to see the scenery may have left me braindead.
yeah like duhhhhhhhhhh, way duh. I definitely had the power to go anywhere I chose including all other people. And I did it sometimes in a time phaseshift looking at faces in a book printed 30 years ago. Like a dream that seems to cover 10 years in 5 seconds for me, I could sense that 5 seconds of connecting with another person meant having all their memories for a lifetime. My mind just does not retain memory reviewing mental images and feelings that fast.
You have to look at he what is it? posting I did Deep. I've discovered this new ability seeing and sensing entity presence in peoples pictures. I'm not even going stare to long at other peoples faces and pictures anymore, this is way over anyones' head to understand let alone believe.
Do I feel lonely in this respect? No....I feel unique and special.
But I am glad it is over and I am recovering. What a ride

love to all, and to all a good night
Honor Seed


posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 10:40 PM
There is a story in the bible about a couple of people that sold their stuff and agreed to give the money to a disciple of Christ after he passed on to help feed the followers. They held back on part on the money. They both died out of fear of the Holy Ghost after that says the report in the bible. The appearance of this holy spirit causing death was not the holy spirit. It was the collective consciousness of mankind telepathically received. A man is not holy who causes death by fear to anyone. Neither are many men who bundle destructive controlling telepathic energy to enforce their beleifs. Such is the case with the present day situation within the Mohammad fundamentalists. I have seen the shadows of many terrorists. Amin said that America would be defeatede and the people would see the shadows of themselves. I have seen the shadows of these terrorists for many years. One person who reported seeing shadow people in a Norweigan graveyard here on ATS, later wrote me he had just got back from the middle east. His vision included mention of red eyes. My shadow people presented themselves as the devil. What man that fights a war in the name of God would have me bear false witness that he is the devil. Since the concept of God and the devil, heaven and hell began about 3000 BC in the Euphrates valley, men have used it to control. What I have preached love and mercy to standing before me for hours on end is the shadows of ignorant and superstitious living people. When I brought the techo-evil ignorant shadow people against the free spirited shadow people, a veil of white light energy surrounded the mountain camp that night. Hey the air is fresh and clean........usually. Not that night. There were many kinds of energy gathering for this battle. A battle of living minds telepathic energy. A battle fortold in mens' minds 500 years before it happened, or so it was mind spoke to me. A battle so intense the purple mountains majesty energy dripped off the trees onto the high mountain top when the sun rose.
The truth could not be heard. For days before I warned manifest tribes of hte free spirit nations, the leaders ignored me and told me I they thought I was being arrogant. It is written in the bible to not let your conceit effect your wisdom. If my prohecy to the minds' eyes of mankind is conceited, then all is vanity. The common down to earth backwoods common sense free spirited tribes prevailed. This happened around the year 2000. You hesitate to take my advice seriously when I write that the shadow people giving off fear were not defeated totally. The rest of the war is up to you. I was an observer at one battle.
The veil which was torn in the morning let in the early morning fog off the nearby lake. It flowed in and destroyed all remnants of still visible entities and veil. In this world of confusion an entity proclaiming to be one of 3 kings of the earth gave me the forest as thanks. I gave it back. It is not the minds of men which give and take Gods' creation of the earth, the indians believe this. The words of this king who appeared as a face on a large tree across the road were so powerful, they were picked up as mind thought and boomed out my mouth. This king directed my eyes to various members of his tribes which did not chose to fight. He then directed others to capture and hold them. MY GOD, THE ONE GOD, FORCES NO ONE TO FIGHT. This freedom of choice was not apparent in this telepathic representation of a leader of mankinds minds. Some may ask was this a revelation from God? No, absolutely not, it was a revelation from mankinds tremendous telepathic living energy source; the mind and the nervous system.
My legs were purple in the morning cold from standing all night watching the battle in short pants. It was like 8 hours went by in an hour in retrospect. There was also an element of alien abduction of earthly evil to make slaves out of primitive people on another planet.
A projection of the fear of mankind or a fact, I understand this not.......yet.

love all
Honor Seed


posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 02:31 AM
Yarco, my brain is messed up by negative telepathic input already, so please don't think about me anymore than you have
Interestingly, the telepathic clouds of bundled negative energy do very much mimic an electro magnetic type of appearance. I am reminded also by evilgenyus post of a cloud I passed through about 20 feet in diameter hovering a couple feet off the road in broad daylight. It looked real black and fuzzy. When I passed thru it, it was like I was hitting a sandstorm. I felt like spitting out non-existent grit that went into my mouth. When I finished visiting a fellow genius friend, I drove back the way I came and the cloud was there but in a slightly different place. When I went thru it the light level went way down.
The same type of cloud is between me and an outside light right now.
I'm trying to verify this phenomena is all over the world. So I registered at a German speaking newsgroup today.
Manko, finding words is the same problem I had when I first started posting on ATS. If it weren't for some of the people here, even Yarco mentioning a strong magnetic field, I would not be able to include some important observations because of memory problems. The main problem with the concept it is a magnetic field relating to the earth is that the black fuzzy clouds made up of lots and lots of particle points follow me around no matter how many jogs and turns I make. They do it at about walking speed. I have stopped my own access to this visual but sometimes feel the confusion and inability to see well, as well as the irritation on my skin when they impact. Also strange pains in the muscles. I am feeling like it burns the eyes at the moment. Can you imagine all these symptoms suddenly hitting a driver. Yes definitely will slow one down and make ones mind want to force the hands to do something unusual. The lightbulb next to me just dimmed slightly. Sometimes they burn out when I'm typing, so this is an improvement, lol.
The cloud also is precognitive recognizing times before I even do that I will be posting more info on this paranormal phenomena. It gave me a headache before I even got here. There was also something I thought to write today I have forgotten for the time being. Flash of white light off to the right, perhaps the thought is to far out of my mind for memory recall. After I got done with my experiments I few years ago I couldn't remember hardly anyones name. I asked the manifest visions of people that appeared in clouds their name and they mindspoke 'go home'. THAT'S IT> It is like the presence of this cloud is the future or past, it is out of sync with the present, a portal indeed. If it is portals to another time, they are all over the place, perhaps the whole world is soaked in this spotty portal stuff.
Knights, that is brillant, yes the cause of accidents in the Bermuda Triangle, so it is up in the sky too. And I understand this because when you look thru it, it makes the cloud formation look like a 4 horses pulling a chariot in detail. Also makes the stars look like they are moving. In fact, it probably made the whole night sky look like daylight, only the color white of starlight. What an aura blast I had after sending my love to whole universe that night. Revisiting the moment the universe began after the black hole exploded into white light. So yes, it does warp one out of sync to a different time.
And this reminds me of the lemmas (spelling?) that all run off the cliffs in Norway and commit suicide, and the whales that beach themselves for no apparent reason, like their inner navigation system won't work.
Is this power from the minds of men or an evil alien empire or both?
Shall I lead rebel forces with powerful individual free thinking minds against the evil dark side or not?
Oh and Galiega, camping next to the road, you may have to start a drive thru tent
And toasted, why spend the money on equipment that won't work and has no operator because you all committed suicide because of the dark side.......ewwwwwwww, verrrrrrrry scary.
Why do people treat me like I am invisible? Could it be that soon I will be the only person left on earth and you will all be invisible?
Dang there are gonna be a lot of hungry dogs to feed. That reminds me, my 9 dogs have barked at incoming energy clouds so many times I lost count. It mostly happens when my brainwaves go from beta to alpha right after I lay down. Perhaps you can all keep your brainwaves in the excited state of beta 24 hours one day when and if the massive suicidal blast of darkside energy hits. I'll have a premonition, so stay tuned on ATS, I'll post it here. Maybe I'll have at least 50 people on earth still alive to search out and start a new civilization. Hope we aren't all guys, do you suppose you can keep a girl excited and thinking for 24 hours straight? That would help a lot, thanks. We'll meet up in Oysterville, Washington in case the electronics fail. Which of course will happen if it stops vehicles cold.

love to all and may the force be with you.
Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 03:10 AM
H.S. I don't think you are invisible at all. For some reason I am usually aware of you.

I thought the mirror meditation work you talked about a couple posts back was interesting. How did you get into doing that? I have read that spirit conjuring is also sometimes done through mirrors. Also, the 2 ladies that run the 24 Ghost place own a mirror with a ghost of a fireman in it. Mirrors can hold spirits, ghosts, shadow souls it seems.

I haven't read that other thread you told me about because I forgot, but I will do it later.

I had a dream where I was suddenly part of a crowd of poparazzi (however thats spelled), and in my dream I knew the guy from the Bravo show "Project Runway" and he got me to the front table where I was to meet the movie star, and have an interview with her first. The plane landed and she got off and I couldn't tell who she was at first, because she had on a big hat, and enormous sunglasses. Then to my horror I looked down, and all I had on was a bathrobe, and my hair was a mess. I knew she wouldn't talk to me even if I was at the front looking like

She came up to meet me and she took off her glasses, and I realized it was Kim Bassinger, and she turned to me, and showed me an enormous black eye on one side of her face. She hesitately shook my hand, and looked as if she very much wanted to talk to me, but she couldn't because I was so out of synch with everything there. So, she put her glasses back on and moved down the line to meet with the other reporters.

As far as negative incoming energy goes, I am getting that there is a challenging/threatening type of energy here at ATS now. The energy is making me also feel like challenging others even on things that are illogical.


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posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 05:12 AM
I feel like the wizard taking off in the hot air balloon and living you behind with your glass slippers.

A newsgroup out of Yahoo called the ghosthunters reported the appearance of ghosts in a Japanese bar under going renovation by workmen. I'm sure many people who haven't seen visions yet could see them in a mirror with some training. But it is dangerous to open your mind to this energy, none of it is true, it is all deceptive. It can also kill a person in an instant.

The anger I sense on ATS and my urge to argue things irrationally, as in a post about ascribing this real phenomena to God in another post was ignored. I had made my mind up not to get involved in threads that are a result of superstition and ignorant matters of faith. Matters of faith are matters for a persons action, not words.

The dream I just had involved getting home, in another dream it was like I was walking thru invisible mud up to my waste trying to lead those I loved out of a building to the outside. These dreams are moving along real quick, even for dreams. This mirrors the times, people are accelerating into spring time chores. I am witnessing an extreme quickness about people in my dreams, so much so I feel slow. I'm sure there is something about you Deep that takes things a little slower and more relaxed than most people.

Seems the dream about Bassinger was a way of you telling yourself that a famous part of you met a out of sync part of you and you both wanted to talk to each other. Once I had a dream I looked at a little black girl walking by, I said hello to her and I had the feeling I was that little black girl saying hello back to me. In some dreams at least there is a sharing of goodness that makes up for the negativity of not sharing.

love to all
Honor Seed


posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 08:55 AM
I actually had more than a feeling about that little black girl in a ghetto area, I WAS that black girl for a split second saying hello back to me.

Just woke up from a dream Yarcofin here on this AtS group publish 3 derogatory statements at me in a print that was larger, brighter and whiter.

This reminded me of 2 of my recent posts here on the NIT thread that I posted on a different newsgroup and a response someone named Starmom gave me. It was a real intelligent letter questioning whether political or religeous situations of these times send off a greater quanity of negative telepathic vibrations. That is how I interpreted it from her comments about the shame the Mormons should have for multiple marriages of young girls to old men. I look at the conflict in the Iraq area as a greater source of hateful thinking that casues masses of negative energy clouds. In retrospect I am at a loss to label this political or religeous, Amin mentions god about every other sentence in an interview blaming the US for mideast problems.

I am also reminded of the 2 separate experiments I did using my own telepathy. I sent off anger and short fear emotions to the inside mirror in a bus at various pasengers to watch their immediate wrinkled foreheads and movement indicating they were confused. In another experiment I sent off love thoughts to children in the market and they turned around and said hello immediately. It is strange that a child should immediately know the source of love and adults not know immediately the source of anger and fear.
Why is this Deep and people who read me? Why do you think you cannot recognize the source of anger and fear from others in public that look at you and immediately turn to the sender without being confused? Are you/we all 'innocents' here?

love to all
Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 11:38 AM
No we are not. None of us is innocent.

Luke 18:18-19
And a certain ruler asked him, saying, Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?

And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.

Having given that opinion, I will relate that I agree with the concept of TIN. This past year, several times, I have been visited by different pairs of JW's as they go about their 'mission' in my neighborhood. One woman in particular has come to my gate on several occasions, always in the company of another member (they come by twos), the other member always a male. On each occasion I have seen this particular woman, when I look into her eyes, she projects incredible fear and anxiety at me. I can tell by looking in her eyes that she is terrified. I get the impression that she is being compelled to project this emotion at me. I respond by projecting my own incredible empathy and reassurance back at her. The male with her always seemed disappointed by this. Finally, what I took to be an elder and an acolyte came to my door, and we discussed scripture. They were quite impressed with my knowledge and grasp of the Bible, though I am not, and asked to leave literature and schedule a return visit. I took the book, a chronicle of the life of Jesus, and scheduled the return visit. The book was designed, imo, to lead me astray, get me off my true path, and I stopped reading it halfway through, before the confusion it contained could take root in my brain. When the elder and acolyte returned for their scheduled visit, I met them at my gate, returned the book, and told them I wasn't interested in it. They wanted to come in again and discuss more scripture, but I told them I didn't think that would be appropriate, given my disinterest in the book. I told them something to the effect of, "When you get to the ball, you dance with who brung ya." They seemed very disappointed that I would not be joining them.

It seemed to me like an episode of, if we can't beat him, we will try to get him to join our team. Only it isn't a game, and I am not playing.


posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 02:35 AM
10:26 PM 3/27/06
Before I slept I read the New Testament and Jesus teachings with my wisdom that the Holy Spirit in me is approached by the words of men during my dreams. And wondered at the blasphemy of this. Then I fell to sleep and had a dream. I dreamt I was looking at a living book of ancient manuscripts. And I read the questions, even as I read the questions, the answers were made. And as those questions changed in meaning as if many men put many meanings on the questions, so did the answers of the Holy Ghost in me. Within a short time many questions I did read and many answers were given. One after the other in quick succession as if the men of this world would try to confuse the Holy Spirit in me. All was forgotten as to the nature of these questions and answers by the Holy Spirit in me, and I only know these were religeous by the appearance of the ornate ancient text on brown pages. The blashemy is that the spirit of men does not want an answer from the Holy Spirit, they want me confused by their many meanings placed on each word of the question they ask. In wakened life this is so, if I answer one way, they will say that is not what they meant by the question. There were many meanings to the question of men who dared trespass my mind and blaspheme the Holy Spirit within me. This a blashphemy against me that will not be forgiven and a blashemy against the Holy Spirit which will not be forgiven. I have felt poor in spirit all day. But it is comforting to know I give sanctuary to the Holy Spirit and it to me. Knowing that the minds of men would cause me confusion to the death by the nature of their wickedness of demanding an answer, I choose to continue to cast out these evil ones in my dreams and forget them as soon as they happen. It is not that the thoughts of other people dwell in me or I in them for protection, those positive emotions is there for a healing. We have just as much need for daily mental healing as physical healing against invasive bad bacteria and parasites. This is why I refer to NIT sometimes as a pyschic parasite.
And yes that is right, none of us is good except God, that creative force that created all molecules.
And what if I wrote you Icarus that you have asked the question in your mind, 'what is innocence?, and it is just as my dream explained to me, there are many meanings to any one word that make it very difficult to discuss politics or religeon.
I feel like I am dreaming in advance of knowing what is posted here in this thread like a subconscious part of me has read the thread before I get to it. In fact most of this post was typed up 2 hours ago, and I felt to tired still to come online.
As I define the Holy Ghost or Spirit in me in translation to my beliefs: it is the good telepathic vibrations that have come in from mankind over the years and remain in me. The love, compassion, sharing, charity, trust, self-confidence, happiness and many more good incoming telepathic vibrations. These are what makes up the Holy Spirit in me. It is like the center of my brain is the center of a atom with a positive charge and the negative charges of molecules wihth to much negativity come to bond. But I have my own negativity and that is like my aura or the surface of the top of head when telepathic incoming negativity - TIN - hits. Gets itchy like the dickens too. it is doing it to my forehead right now and also a little eye burning sensation.

love em for trying to change me to their negative ways, whoever they are, real fine call on not continuing the convo with the traveling preachers.
Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 09:22 AM
Yes man, the good of God is within you.

John 7:1-7
1 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.

2 Now the Jews’ feast of tabernacles was at hand.

3 His brethren therefore said unto him, Depart hence, and go into Judaea, that thy disciples also may see the works that thou doest.

4 For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, shew thyself to the world.

5 For neither did his brethren believe in him.

6 Then Jesus said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready.

7 The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

and furthermore

John 10:36-38
36 Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?

37 If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.

38 But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.

The words of Jesus Christ according to Saint John.

Would you mind giving me a physical description of yourself? I had an intense dream last night of a homecoming of sorts, and there was a portion of it in which I came to terms with another individual unknown to me. The emotion was powerful, though of reaching understanding, not of conflict.


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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 04:04 PM

Icarus, I am at a progression in life, during which, I do not even send current pictures of my cats or dogs to close friends. I don't send any pictures of myself to anyone. It seems prudent to not describe myself at this point in time also.

With WON - i dont know how the b*tch stands herself, and
WON - man or woman (WON stands for words outta nowhere) I am trying to have as little of my presence in the company of people as possible. People who see me and hear me are susceptible to being 'relay stations' for negative thoughts such as the WON above which have nothing to do with me. I analyze a great many thoughts during the day, and these interruptions were always coming in at the wrong time. It was hard to get back on track during times of complicated thinking. I AM A RELAY STATION FOR NEGATIVITY MYSELF JUST WRITING ABOUT IT. HOWEVER MY PURPOSE IS TO HELP OTHERS UNDERSTAND IT IN THEMSELVES.

My own ability to look at the picture of a face and pick up many emotional memories of that persons life warned me that the subconscious ability of others to do the same to me are inevitable. I have the opinion any telepathic connection is potentially dangerous and life threatening. This based on many, many observations.

The telepathic incoming negativity is lessening due to this approach I am now taking. Like Jesus had to be pointed out by Judas in the midst of others to be captured, it has become my scientific revelation, so to speak, that TIN has to have a point of visual reference. With the huge quanity it daily approached me, or rather has been up to very recently, I had to do something about it.

Another thought crossed my mind that as long as there
are willpower/face differences, telepathy in a particular race, our human race frought with differences of skin color, etc., there is
at a low Tele intelligence level. Some race like the ETs I saw in a
dream are probably endowed with telepathic powers that are non-toxic due to the similarity of face/willpower.

And even more strangely, relating to the following of my movement,
in an altered state of awareness, the mite clouds (which I don't
see) mimic almost exactly the negative pyschic brainwave clouds (which
I did see), the difference being pyschic clouds are not stopped by walls.
They both surround buildings by the learned behavior that there is something inside to keep them alive.

Now logically there are only so many ways insects can find you to suck blood or eat skin. Usually an insect has a keen sense of smell or our body heat. I believe that telepathic incoming energy clouds that seem to want to feed off my good, pass between themselves, locational whereabouts of plentiful 'feasting areas'. Like hobos of the past that used to place a mark on the street that a free meal could be had for the asking. These clouds have been devastating to my pets in the past. Claiming the lives of two cats through the nervousness they impart. Claiming the lives of two dogs they brought to fight each other and the other 9 dogs I still have.
And claiming the life during the last mediatation session I did in 2004 when a bright patch of fire flashed next to me. The possible danger of incineration to a pile of ashes at intense heat while not even effecting the fibers of the chair I was sitting in has been documented in other cases. This happened when I was trying mentally to eliminate the negative energy between my face and the reflection of my face in the mirror. I knew intuitively right after that I had lost my beloved dog, her name was Shorty and she is buried beneath a pink rose bush now.
The other dogs and one of the cats were dead when I left home for a few days and returned. There was a smell of incineration on my return from trips also. Electrical incineration, like burning wiring. I make the conscious choice to stay here and deal with the TIN. Most people also, if they knew, would make the choice not to go to a nomadic way of life.

Here are some guidelines, probably many of which you already use naturally Icarus in discerning the nature of other peoples' opinions on such subjects as religeon and paranormal studies.

Based on the book The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan
The following are suggested as tools for testing arguments and detecting fallacious or fraudulent arguments:

Wherever possible there must be independent confirmation of the facts
Encourage substantive debate on the evidence by knowledgeable proponents of all points of view.
Arguments from authority carry little weight (in science there are no "authorities").
Spin more than one hypothesis - don't simply run with the first idea that caught your fancy.
Try not to get overly attached to a hypothesis just because it's yours.
Quantify, wherever possible.
If there is a chain of argument every link in the chain must work.
"Occam's razor" - if there are two hypothesis that explain the data equally well choose the simpler.
Ask whether the hypothesis can, at least in principle, be falsified (shown to be false by some unambiguous test). In other words, it is testable? Can others duplicate the experiment and get
the same result?
Additional issues are
Conduct control experiments - especially "double blind" experiments where the person taking measurements is not aware of the test and control subjects.
Check for confounding factors - separate the variables.
Common fallacies of logic and rhetoric
Ad hominem - attacking the arguer and not the argument.
Argument from "authority".
Argument from adverse consequences (putting pressure on the decision maker by pointing out dire consequences of an "unfavourable" decision).
Appeal to ignorance (absence of evidence is not evidence of absence).
Special pleading (typically referring to god's will).
Begging the question (assuming an answer in the way the question is phrased).
Observational selection (counting the hits and forgetting the misses).
Statistics of small numbers (such as drawing conclusions from inadequate sample sizes).
Misunderstanding the nature of statistics (President Eisenhower expressing astonishment and
alarm on discovering that fully half of all Americans have below average intelligence!)
Inconsistency (e.g. military expenditures based on worst case scenarios but scientific
projections on environmental dangers thriftily ignored because they are not "proved").
Non sequitur - "it does not follow" - the logic falls down.
Post hoc, ergo propter hoc - "it happened after so it was caused by" - confusion of cause and effect.
Meaningless question ("what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?).
Excluded middle - considering only the two extremes in a range of possibilities (making the "other side" look worse than it really is).
Short-term v. long-term - a subset of excluded middle ("why pursue fundamental science when we have so huge a budget deficit?").
Slippery slope - a subset of excluded middle - unwarranted extrapolation of the effects (give an inch and they will take a mile).
Confusion of correlation and causation.
Straw man - caricaturing (or stereotyping) a position to make it easier to attack..
Suppressed evidence or half-truths.
Weasel words - for example, use of euphemisms for war such as "police action" to get around limitations on Presidential powers. "An important art of politicians is to find new names for institutions which under old names have become odious to the public"

Carl Sagan Productions Ann Druyan's comment on this web page:
"I have no problems whatsoever with your efforts to spread the word on critical thinking. It was Carl's dream and mine that each and everyone of us would have that baloney detection kit inside our heads. I salute your efforts in this direction.
With best wishes,
Ann Druyan"

I have no arguement with anybody, but I suppose if and when my findings are published to the masses, the skyrockets of red angry glare will be like the many doubters with some books to publish of their own, naming my findings as quackery and other less kind words.
I don't write to those people, I write to the writers like you, people who give time during the day to embrace ideas and discard them if they don't feel right later.

Negative energy flows through me Icarus.... in dreams. The real family I see in dreams are just shells for like minded individuals like you based on my memory in childhood of brotherly love. If you feel that it was me in that shell of an unknown person you saw in your intense dream, you are right. It is like Luke practicing with the light saber blind folded in Star Wars, you have to reach out with your emotions to 'see', interpret, and to act. This is the beginning for wisdom to deeds with the FORCE. The good force.

blessed be all
Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 04:41 PM
Fair enough, and the timing was right, based on your post of last night. I respect your decision to protect your selfimage, and apologize for stepping across the implied boundary. The baloney detection kit is in place and functioning nicely within me.

A piece of helpful advice I received from one of my brothers by birth related to the Buddhist approach of breathing in negativity (suffering) and breathing out positivity (healing), utilizing the inner manifestation of the Holy Spirit to effect the transformation, as well as 'leaning into' perceived problems as they present opportunities for growth.

You come across as an extremely sensitive and empathic person and do well to protect yourself.

I am currently looking into a book called "Unseen Warfare: The Spiritual Combat and Path to Peace of Lorenzo Scupoli". Have you heard of it/read it?

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