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Project Serpo: Postings by "Anonymous" -- Breaking news?

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 11:19 PM

Originally posted by NextLevel
In fact software padding can account for zero's in any IP octet (there are four, A, B, C and D octets).

It "can", but it's rare... but the zero is at least a signal that it may not be an IP.

We've confirmed the number is the software version of an email gateway system in this case.

And yes, four different sources traced it (as an IP) to a DoD data center. If you ask some old-time members, we've had an interesting run-in with the DIA, data centers, IP's, and spoofing in the past (Juniper Three)... and that experience "tempered" our reaction to this potential issue.

posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 11:24 PM
On a different thread I speculated that maybe the Ebens are Reptilians. With the hot weather and near constant sunlight of planet Serpo, it does not seem too far fetched. A while back someone mentioned that "Serpo" is latin for "serpent" (I believe).
If the Ebens are Reptilians, Im sure it would cause a little concern to those of us who are familiar with the "Dulce" tales of flesh-eating deceitful reptilians (They are mentioned in some accounts as eating lots of produce also, veges, fruits-- much like the Ebens are described as doing)

Also, if the Serpo story is real... Where are the Ebens Today? Are they still in contact with the USG? Hmm... so much room for wild speculation

According to the Dulce Papers, big underground facilities were constructed (In 60's, 70's, 80's-- at the "4 Corners"
) to be used in conjunction by humans and aliens (reptiles included). Maybe that is where the Ebens are today.
As long as the ..."horrible truth"... aspect of the Dulce stories is false, fine by me.

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 11:56 PM
hey . Unplugged

I probably should have not mentioned that ( but its true ..and a big can of worms goes with it...and a back ground that goes with a certain Military base in NC)
I was with VA-215 .......I was on the USS was William Cooper

I swear to God!!


posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 12:35 AM

Originally posted by Unplugged
Also, if the Serpo story is real... Where are the Ebens Today? Are they still in contact with the USG? Hmm... so much room for wild speculation

Not trying to disregard the rest of your post Unplugged--all valid--but this struck a chord with me, and I think this is probably the most important (albeit the least sensational) question. I haven't asked Mr. Ryan any questions yet, but I'd like to reiterate this one if an answer is at all possible. What's the story now?

If taken as truth, the information this thread is based on is 40 years out of date. I'm sure plenty has happened since then. What's going on now? What were the "plans" at the time?

I'm not sure whether this would have any bearing on the veracity of the story, but it's definitely one of the more interesting questions in my mind.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 12:52 AM
Hey Guys,
What do we have here??...Black Projects..Serpo, Aurora ,Tr-3 A, Brillant Buzzard, Suntan , AX-17, BTSTO, Aquarius, MJ, secret Utah Underground bases, Grays, Blacks, EBEs, crop circles, faces on Mars, lost cities on the dark side of the moon, abductions, 2012 end times, UB 303, alien exchange programs, Area 51, MIBs, secret governments, magnetic pole shifts, scalar energy weapons, alien technology, blah blah blah......

How come we lesser souls, 6 Billion of us on this planet, don't know for sure what the heck is happening? How come a few thousand honchos are able to take us all for a ride? How can these guys keep all this stuff secret? Unbelievable!! And there's more Above Top Secret stuff happening in India, China and Russia! God! Its mind boggling! The rate at which info is being divulged/leaked, it'll probably take us a million years to get at the truth. So where do we go from here?

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by Bill Ryan
What has 'subjected' this post to cruel intentions?
If I understand the question right, there appear to have been some people on the thread – some of whom have been banned – whose intentions were to discredit the story (or me) come what may... sometimes apparently ignoring facts, logic, or recent clarifications. This has sometimes been hard for me to understand.

I found these "facts", please apply some logic, and maybe we can get some clarification.

From Posted Six 14 Nov 2005: "I do not feel that a dialogue or argument with non-believers would benefit our cause. They have the right to critizice our information, but none of them will ever be involved in the final process."

1. Why won't "non-believers" be "involved in the final process"? If this is disclosure then the final process will involve all humanity. Truth is truth. Non-Believers= Heretics, implies a religious believe system, veiled threats, implied 'cleansing', "aliens" in story use strict population control/what controls placed on man?, the non-brainwashed/uninitiated, implied rewards for quizlings, solidarity with "our cause" seems heavier than disclouser. Perhaps the truest sentence in this whole story.

From Post Seven 17 Nov 2005: Starts with mapping the planet, a little too much time spent here.

2. "Aliens" mapped the local stars ( had an on demand 3-D star chart), they would have had to map our planet to find the NM landing sight. They would have mapped their planet (need to find resources, good soil for veggies, map terran for settlement. Why map planet? Start with "alien" neto 3-D, grab hover chopper thing and explore. Makes no sense, mapping done.

Bio-sphere totally lacking. Not enough. Main priority for mission of this type would be extensive examination of life. Life more abundant worst case think deep thermal vent (harsh life finds a way).

Post Eight 29 Nov 2005: Communication with Serpo. 3 craft type.

3. Why send a message to Serpo? Crew comment that the craft they trained on was a scout, and the ship they leave Earth on is a shuttle that takes them to a mothership. Scout ship crashed, would need a mothership for long journey. Spend 9 months in an RV with 3-4 people no piss stop! Where was mothership when craft "crashed", if crash think TRAP mission. No way leave tech and crew for humans, partical weapons way over match WWII military. "Aliens" destroyed an entire planet couldn't bust their boy out of Deadwood?

Mothership had to have been 'up' if scouts are out. Gov talk to mothership not Serpo? More likely no signal sent, no contact made, "alien" admiral doesn't know how to run a flight deck, or poor attention to detail by hoaxer.

4. Throughout the Serpo, site on posts from anon he starts by answering questions from VM's list. Curious patern to the way question are answered- Anon mentions Bill Ryan by name (many times) and praises him for the questions. No other question has praise, his questions are soft balls, why praise and not on others? Why build up Ryan, what is the conection between these two, stands out like a fox in a hen house? What are these gents up to? What is the conection. Bill Ryan is being put on a pedestal, set up as the patsy, seems honest is he gullible/being played- it is his site easy target if dumb and full of enthusiasm. No sense yet, Whose dog is in this fight. Looks like confidence game.

Dots, Dots, Dots, who can connect the Dots? These are some of the "facts" I've found from my notes before I ever made a post, while I was on the outside looking in. Use your own logic and think critically about the facts (if truth ratio is 80/20 than the 80 must be the words "and, if, the, for, and but(t)")

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posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by Unplugged
On a different thread I speculated that maybe the Ebens are Reptilians.

[edit on 3-2-2006 by Unplugged]

Thats an interesting take UP. I was seeing more of a psychological clue in the snake showing up in the story. A storyteller will insert symbols to allow the observant to catch on. The snake on Serpo with human eyes just really hit me like hammer when I read those serpo links to Jungle Boy, a talking evil snake ten to twelve feet long with a big head and human eyes. Get it? I think a childhood memory of the film kicked in and said to me that someone made this up, like an animation playing in our read of Serpo.

All the rest, well, you know what my answer would be: gee how about some evidence, anything, No bigfoot prints, I wanna see the real ape. By the way, the lore surrounding Serpo, not the story is much more interesting. I could easily have concocted this event with what is out there. Difference is I would have made it all work and fit so that it would be believable.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 01:34 AM
unplugged..." Is your 81 year old grandfather in good health currently? You might want to ask him about the Serpo subject when his health begins to worsen... He might spill some beans if he feels he doesnt have much time left. Nothing to lose. " end quote""

Thats what I did , after reading about Serpo. For weeks , I said to myself..hey call up XMarine!! he's bound to have heard about this! if not..then its a bunch of hooey!! ...
When I asked him, I think he knew...but he was not ready to give up the goat. I know him well and he has mention things in the past that blew my mind ...but I think ,....when I said ...Serpo...something just went blank.

hell! I want to know as much as anyone!! thats why I joined ATS I'll try and remember all I can , and help.


posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 02:46 AM
It was mentioned by this story of serpo that humans are some sort of hybrid created by these aliens.

I think you will have to debate it with these guys or gals here, as what I remember about the old serpo story, is around the same time period.

It may even have been decided back then, that this story kind of changed everything about the conjecture.

I do not remember for sure, but again, humans have been around so long a time, that I think the Ebens are a few million years too late!

Now, Lucy is for real, and the bones are tucked away, from maybe where humans all came from.

Of course, one would also have to debate it with Berekley there in California to ascertain if Neanderthals really did move away from home around 1.8 million years ago and also the ice age that came around 950,000 years ago.

This is not the exact link but there are others that can be found at Berkeley!

I think it is a college, and they also teach it as a course of study.

I think actually that serpo is a dis-info campaign, and still about as it was back then ---- whether to use space not for peaceful purposes.

Of course, Lucy was front-page News also for a while as the Origins of Humans are still discussed to this day.

There also have been other programs and links that can be looked up!

I don't think humans are a hybrid of anything, but we are tuned right in to this Planet, we originated on.

This of course does not mean that God does not exist.

But does the Declaration of Independence as stated, mean that somewhere God is suppose to be around still today, and if that is true, than actually does the Vatican actually run this World???

The founding fathers seem to indicate that there is a Supreme Intelligence to this Universe, and spacealiens are just another species like humans.

Of course, this would be the period from back in the early '70's when everything else was happening with Nixon, until Carter became President, and stated that he had seen an UFO. But again, there are no pictures I guess, and perhaps, just another 'light' up in the sky, like other reports.


posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 03:53 AM
lol ok its late , i've got an alcohal induced thought to share.

- I for One do want to believe the story Bill is conveying.

- For Two - there is not a person on this board that has responeded to this post that in some way shape or form DOES NOT at least have the felling that thay are not alone! Even the Sceptics feel/believe but just want the proof!

- For Three have seen, had the experiences and know that they(EBES - from some where) are real. some others here have had that too, do i have proof? LOL NO but i dont care if i have it cause know one believes it anyways!

Key point - I dont think Bills making it up nor do i think the sorce (ANON) is! its a KNOWN fact...............LOL

I pose a Question to Skeptics - why would you come to read a form, and a whole story just to debunk it if you were not getting PAID to do so?

seriously i got better things to do with my life than read 200+ pages of the same BS/rederic(i cant spell) day in and out...................... Yes i do agree! i want PIX, substantial proof,........................or at least a good #ing book!

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 05:12 AM
As much as I'd like to believe this story, especially one as detailed as this, there is just too little information to go off of. These days its too easy to just type up a story and give it to the public as truth. Even if the poster gave pictures, I can't even imagine how many people would cry, "Photoshop!".

People who think Bill Ryan created the story or was behind the scenes in coming up with it, IMO are completely wrong. I was skeptical of Bill at first but after reading his responses to the questions and accusations at him it just seems like he's in the same boat that the rest of us are in. Its unfortunate that his personal life had to be brought into question but he has done a fantastic job in defending himself over even the stupidest of things. I've been following this post since about page 20 but this is the first time I've made a post about it.

About the story itself: After watching the William Cooper lecture I am much more interested in the entire story as presented by "Anon". However, its almost like we're starting to make up our own reasons to believe in something that is much more elaborte then the information that is actually given. I find Anon's story much more convincing everytime I find an unrelated article with similar information. Although, the most recent posts of the Commander's journal reads more like a bad SCI-FI novel then an actual journal. I'm not saying its fake, just stating my opinion.

"Occam's Razor - Given two equally predictive theories, choose the simpler, and The simplest answer is usually the correct answer."

Sounds almost like a priest trying to convince an athiest to believe in God and the athiest asks, "Where's the proof?".

Until I see something to convince me otherwise, I'm stuck straight in the middle. I am still optimistic though.

[edit on 4-2-2006 by nnastasi]

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 05:28 AM

What 'proof'?...everything would be construed as a lie. Everything would be denied. Dont waste your time. Truth is only a perception of the mind. Excercise your freedom of choice here. The only proof are the words of a man when information hangs in balance. Either way, it would not change a thing if one is not prepared to do more than to just accept things as they are - the truth or a lie.

Sorry for my pessimism...mankind are really are not ready for the truth. Kudos to the dying military and intelligence guys who with their last gasp decides to come clean, a confession to the conspiracy against knowledge for mankind. May you be free at last, for death holds no fear of powerful principalities. The only principal one faces on death is whomever supreme being one believes in life, the ultimate being who sees into the heart and judges eternity...

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 05:32 AM
The Oracle Of The Echo Chamber

Originally posted by nnastasi
I find Anon's story much more convincing everytime I find an unrelated article with similar information.

I understand the feeling, but I advise caution about this.

After all, if these unrelated articles are founded on unsubstantiated information, they may all ultimately originate from the same source, and that source may be bogus.

Hence the tedious but essential process of identifying and validating the sources of all information available in UFO and extraterrestrial intelligence cases.

The alternative, which seems to be the curse that has become emblematic of the "UFO community", is an endless and torturous cycle of hoaxes, cons, fraud, debunking, rumors, myths, infighting and tail-chasing.

If that's what membership in such a community requires, I have no desire to be a part of it.

But I know there's a better way, and well, here we are.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 06:47 AM

Hi, lucianarchy –

I think this is a great summary analysis, and I'm right with you.

As you'll be aware, I think it's something like (d), with an element of testing the water as he/they go along, with plausible deniability and an "out" for rigid disbelievers all built-in.

Hi, Bill. Thanks for the response.

You know, I think i've put the 'hoax' hypothesis right at the back of the burner for now. I'm with you on (d). And the main reason is;

if this was a hoax, it's gone too far, correlated too much and engaged too many people within the story.

We've looked at 'Bill Ryan' and applied critical thinking to the major issues connected to him.

The DoD IP scare: great find, brilliant correlation, but it turns out that further research indicates that it is a '' authentication tag.

The CoS and Ron' Another correlation to the 'aliens among us / human/alien hybrid story and even suggestions of 'mind-control' and CoS type 'games'. Again, good scepticism and research discovers that Bill is 'clean' from any of this. There is no evidence to connect him to any ulterior motive at all.

Of course, we know nothing but speculation regarding Mr Anonymous....

However, this has become one of the biggest 'stories' on the internet, and all indications predict that it has the potential to be the biggest, at some point towards resolution. The fact that this has 'crossed over' into the media, particularly in the UK with the FT and the BBC getting on board. ( due to the 'sabotage' at the BBC discussion, the BBC have stepped back. What is interesting to serpo project / ATS insiders is that we know already that the 'chapman university hoax' has been debunked. Maybe this 'out' has said something about how prepared the mainstream media are in respect of the possible cognitive dissonance of their audience. The hypothesis says that such 'sabotage' would have been necessary.)

It is for these reasons that I am currently considering that the most likely explanation is the simplest. Ergo, disclosure is taking place, but the public are being 'data drugged' in order to ease the pain / transition process for such a mass-conscious realisation.

[edit on 4-2-2006 by lucianarchy]

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 01:26 PM

The fact that this story IS getting so much media attention, like with Prophet Yahweh, only continues to set UFOlogy back in the mainstream and only serves to obfusacate the truth further.

As I have already stated previously the amount of psudo-science evident in the alleged Serpo "disclosures" makes it simply impossible to believe that these descriptions came from actual scientists accounts.

Just remember an issues popularity rarely equals its credibility in scientific circles.

To this day many people even here believe we only use 10% of our brains when that has never been a scientific principle but a simple urban myth:

Oh, and by the way, I am not denying a project Serpo exists perhaps even in the Black Projects category, but at best this is disinformation and at worst it is just another ludicrous hoax.

The only thing that could make this Serpo thread more rediculous would to be to tie it to David Icke's cult of personality - a process that seems to already to have begun...


posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 01:38 PM
Ok, and (Rant: Enabled), that's better ...

Now, let's see. If we (the collective ATS community) are to be viewed by outsiders and even to ourselves as a great divination stick that should be finding the belief-enhancing water from the hoaxes-make-us-more-cynical dirt, then I can honestly say we've been failing ourselves.

Originally posted by Majic

Hence the tedious but essential process of identifying and validating the sources of all information available in UFO and extraterrestrial intelligence cases.

And indeed, as I've been preaching with much cyber gesticulation - THIS IS THE REQUIREMENT! We have been self-tasked and internally-appointed as each and every being accountable for the other. In effect, we've voted ourselves into being the judge, jury and forensic evidence technicians of a cosmic scale.

Originally posted by Majic
The alternative, which seems to be the curse that has become emblematic of the "UFO community", is an endless and torturous cycle of hoaxes, cons, fraud, debunking, rumors, myths, infighting and tail-chasing.

As much as I hate to say it, it's our own (collective) fault. If we see the history of these failings of a process, then why are we not empowered and in fact emboldened to make this process better -- to refine the process? We are.

Originally posted by Majic
If that's what membership in such a community requires, I have no desire to be a part of it.

That would suck, because I think you're blowing more hot air (respectfully) and being a frustrated individual rather than saying you're giving up -- which I wouldn't believe from what I've observed, is in your character.

That being said, I'm in the same position as you.

Originally posted by MajicBut I know there's a better way, and well, here we are.

Why yes, yes there is!

Just as the Hannibal's concept of an Eye-For-An-Eye swept across modern man's character and began to establish a need for the rule of law and the enforcement of order if we were to all get along somehow and avoid utter chaos, we realized that man's ability to do great good was equal to his ability to work great horror, we needed a method of refining our ability and procedure to deal with this as a civilized society.

I'm not much of a PolySci/Civics person, but I imagine the roots of our modern legal system evolved because of our frustration with the limited ability of the predecessor of it to deal with more and more complex situations. Thus, I think this forms an excellent basis to what I am now seeing as absolutely necessary.

Often, I ask myself "What is it that I *do not* know, so I may describe that in order to know what it is I *wish* to know." Convoluted, but works often better than other attempts to figure things out. In this case, I can say that I *do not* know of the following:

-> If other legitimate (definition but for illustrative purposes only) UFO/ET/Paranormal societies (again, loose definition) subscribe, use or proclaim allegiance to a system of investigation, research and determination? This is akin to the legal system definition I mentioned above?

In the case of our modern society and it's legal system (In the US, specifically), I'd like to mention the assumption that not every case is researched in deep detail until such time an actual basis of allegation can be established on a 'preponderance of the evidence', meaning that the facts, details and evidence show an overwhelming capability to prove something to one extent or the other. This is key to having cases dismissed or having cases move forward with indictments and the like. Am I on track here? I mean, can any legal types/Barristers/Lawyers/Petitioners come and give opine?

What I propose is that we either rapidly adopt a framework of discovery, evidentiary collection and vetting procedures that can allow us to define the legitimacy of the 'collection' of evidence, and not a single piece of it, or we create our own.

Too many instances (Titor as being prime, but I have to get more familiar with that) come about where we follow blindly, researching each tidbit here and there, and defining the process as we go, stumble and all. Instead, wouldn't a structured approach, framework and refined procedures provide an environment where we could, as the collective investigative community, make more and RAPID decisions about whether something was worthy of our attention or not?

Think of it as SETI-AT-HOME translated to our work in these forums. They undoubtedly have a strict set of guidelines which enable them to quickly measure signals against parameters, and cross-reference that data to ensure only candidate signals are even considering for refined study and re-investigation. Why can we not adopt a similar approach to our (seemingly) endless amount of effort?

Imagine Serpo being 3 pages? Imagine the endless rhetorical and blatantly irrelevant questions being filtered, and a procedural approach forming around the discovery, detailed investigation and finally decision-making ability of our group? It's almost dream-quailty, no?

Yet, I think it's not too far fetched. Everyone on Serpo of late seems to naturally be going for the 'Hey, this information matches this information' approach, because the iterative process of evaluation and rescreening the detailed information becomes too much of a boredom, and even conflicting discussions emerge about the validity of the 'expert testimony' on gravity, science or logical thinking which is in question at a given point. All of these --granted-- are valid for a case to be decided upon in the end, but if the bigger picture is unknown, how can we forcibly detain someone unless we've obtained enough evidence to one degree or the other?

In essence, I'm saying that these forums are akin to the mob-mentality that we see in many societies globally where the rule of law and the enforcement of order are absent or neglected to a serious degree. The mob can, will and does enforce their brutal justice, without a serious investigation of the facts. I'd hate to see Bill be found guilty of a hoax in the 3rd degree without an agreed-upon approach to finding the facts and determining the whole picture.

I'm just thinking this is more and more making sense. Is anyone else getting my drift here?

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 01:48 PM
That snopes article is certainly not proof that we don't use 90% of our brain. It is one guys opinion against the original hypothesis. It is an example of how the 'internet' is often misused in spreading misinformation memes by people pushing an agenda. As open-minded sceptics we must not just take the word of one article or source for anything. This is why I am impressed with the level of scepticism on display here in this thread. People are doing their own research and not relying on the 'proof' from any one person to do the thinking for them.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 01:51 PM
I am absolutely getting your drift!

And there are a few of us that are working very, very hard to get at the FACTS involved in this. And there is definitely more to this than the stupid Serpo story, I'm afraid to say.

This process has taken me down a yellow brick road that I never imagined existed and while I definitely want to know who is behind the curtain - and I WILL know at some point - I'm beginning to wonder if I should have stuck with golf as a hobby - instead of ATS!

And when I do know, and can prove it, I WILL share our research and all of our details with all of humanity. For THAT is how an honorable person conducts themselves.

[edit on 4-2-2006 by Shawnna]

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 01:58 PM
Reading you loud and clear.

Very good analysis. clear, well written and accurate, with a sharp insight.

A very valuable addition to the 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The SERPO Thread'!

i've never got around to doing it yet, but I'm going to press that 'way above vote for 'nextlevel' button.

If this community take what nextlevel has to say on board, we can realisticaly hypothesis that we should be seeing some very interesting developments coming from camp 'anonymous'.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 02:09 PM

Umm... do you use only 10% of your Liver?

How bout your heart or your kidneys?

So why would you believe you only use ten percent of your Brain?

Really now... it specious reasoning...

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