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Why were my rings taken???

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 05:07 AM
Well, I visited the Astral plane last night. Havnt been in a while and when I am I need to wake up astrally as well. I touched on this in another thread but what happens is that my eyes (Astral) are open in thin slits.

I know Im sleeping but I detect movement and whatever colors, then I realize Im there and awake astrally to travel or observe whats going on.

Well this time when realized I was there, I looked around then looked at my hands. They were mine but my rings were gone. All but my Smoky Topaz. The Onyx, gone....Mercasites, gone......Abalone gone. Even the simple Silver bands were reduced to thin bands about half the size.

By then Im lightly confused but soon angry as I took it as some sort of power stripping action, then I left.

Now the question is, have any of you observed this power stripping action or any deformities in your gemstones or metals during projections/travels??

Also my concentration is on the properties of stones here in this reality and its wearer. My knowledge is limited when it comes to them in relation to the other planes of existence.

Any takers??

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 11:26 PM
Given I'm no professional at this by any means, hell I can't even project. Perhaps yourself/someone is telling you that this Smoky Topas is of true importance in your travels. I personally wouldn't view the loss of your other rings as a "loss" perhaps it's just a way of your subconscious telling you what you're spirit feels personally connected to. Then again I'm an optimist, could be something much more ominous.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 05:03 AM
WOW am i totally lost. i dont really understand what it is your doing? my understanding is that your having out of body experiences, am i wrong? if that's true, maybe those stones dont exist in that realm or existance. of course anything i can speculate i'm sure you've already thought of yourself. could you maybe explain alittle more to those of us who are new to this phanomonan what exactly your trying to accomplish?

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 05:16 AM

sounds to me like you're being told that you don't need the other gems any more and that they've done what they were ment to do. you can still carry them with you, but sicne they're useless to you now your soul won't be taking them to the astral plane.

yes stones and gems etc do excist on the my knowledge there are only a few metals that don't excist because they are man made, not "nature" made.

as for power restrictions...they come in a different way

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 02:52 AM
Baphomet-- That is possible and it makes sense. The topaz is my birthstone but smoky is low grade from my understanding. It makes the most sense that this is the stone to stay with me. According to personal reading the Scorpios birthstone releases the pent up mystical energy allowing you to do whatever you are gifted with. In theory, my birthstone already releases/attracts the energies that another person would buy an Onyx, Mecasite etc. for. The Abalone Im not too worried about. Im a water sign. Whatever an Abalone can do for me is probably inate.


Umwolves- Im not trying to do anything. In fact an Astral Trip is a treat and unexpected but yeah, out of body experience. I refer to it as Astral Projection. You know how it is with 10 words describing one thing in our language adding to confusion.

Actually Im not trying to accomplish anything. I just ride the wave. If its a travel I can tell, If its a dream I can tell, vision or just mindgarbage but nowhere close to an expert. I observe and try to use empathy to see/feel whats up and estrablish connections if any.

I guess my ultimate goal is to actually explore the areas on my terms but I cant stay grounded or Im being prevented. Im not at a stage in my life where I want to explore my "gifts" further than I have and that may be why and I accept that.


Enyalius- Possible. I didnt get them for what they can do although I am aware of the possibilties of all gemstones. My birthstone is the only one I got based on spiritual/mystical reason ohh and the Tiger Eye but I dont wear it, it stays home. The others are cosmetic. With each new stone I do a little research but its quickly forgotten because I dont need that in shortterm memory. (yet)

Please explain the other types of power restrictions. Maybe paragraph 3 in response to Umwolves??

I dont know, but considering the properties of various stones. Going to the Astral Plane ( made of various energies) with so many gemstones is like packing an arsenal.

Thanks for your responses inany case and I welcome more questions or similar journeys.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 04:02 AM
power restrictions as in being protected against yourself. so one or two of your gifts are turned of without your concent. or your rights to acces specific parts of the astral planes are taken away from you for a while. stuff like that

posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 12:27 AM
so does this usually occer when your sleeping? or durring the day or what? is there anything that brings it on? and what is it like? could you describe what you see and hear and feel?

posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 12:54 AM
Well that bites but acceptable I guess.

Judging by your other threads you are very knowledgable. What would you recommend I do to lengthen my stay there. Natural Relaxers either disrupt the vision or travel or I donthave memory of it at all. Just faded memory.

My only answer is to be near comatose because in REM or whatever I have a panic button of some sort. If I get excited or creeped out my heart will jumpstart and pull my Astral Body to it. Likewise if Im annoyed or angry like the ring incident.

Another thing. Im missing the magickal component that I might need to go through before the planes. Im really in no hurry, but it is a missing piece of the puzzle I will need to put in eventually before "ascension". So readings

I guess Im an Elemental, not to limit myself but it is most accurate considering my connection to Nature. Mentally-I'm an Empath primarily, with other gifts I care not to know at this time. Preferred tools- Incense/herbs and Stones. 90% non-practicing with the exception of projecting will / manifestation which is natural since we are a people of ideals, legacy, death/rebirth. (Scorpio).

posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 01:17 AM
When sleeping.

Id love to do it while awake, Id probably get better results as Id be more in control however Im too high energy when Im awake and I get distracted. Besides, awake time in my eyes is time for active powers. On top of that, I'm just not in or near an environment that I feel safe to meditate and achieve that level of consciousness.

Nothing brings it on that I know of but most likely when Im most comfortable, at my deepest sleep, and my mood before bed. When Im depressed or going through other emotional issues I go a lot. Escapism I guess.

It's like being inside a cloud. Hazy. Normally I dont hear anything unless I interact with someone or thing. Calm like first snow. What I see, well this thread starts with what I seen most recently. Before that, I remember a glass building, about 7 stories not sure why I was there but I was watching people/spirits climb it or levitate to reach the top. I never walk and a few time a could fly but I seem to teleport majority of the time. Sometime right into a vision or dream. Now thats a B**ch!!!

What I feel depends on circumstance. In general, I have a cozy, potentially smothering feeling. Like surrounded by cotton.

I'll post another incident in a minute

posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 02:26 AM
well i'd suggest to start with the most basic excercises. try to learn to remember your dreams after waking up. it is to train your memory physical memory to work together and remember what your soul memory has seen and done. when you wake up, don't be in a rush and get up and start being active. just lay around in bed for 10-15minutes taking your time to wake up. slowly your dreams, or at least important aspects of it, will be remembered.

when you've learned to remember your dreams the next step is to learn when you're dreaming or awake. then take control over your dream and become lucid. what i used to do was: before falling asleep, when you're laying in bed say to yourself 3x "i'm going to dream lucid tonight". then take a symbol in your mind, when you see it you know that you're dreaming and not awake. that symbol should trigger your while asleep.

When you sleep your soul leaves your body and goes to it's own place in the astral planes. when you try to acces it through your dreams it's the easiest to do for the first few times. After a while you should be able to just sit in a chair, be relaxed, and step out as if it's natural to you.

getting relaxed is the key. people say meditation is a good way and it is, great way for self reflection and being able to find contact with your higher self/soul. however you need to work at yourself as well. find peace with your shortcomings, do the things you like and love yourself, deal with past issues and solve them. stop worrying so much about what other people say and do. stuff like that. relaxation is achieved when you're feeling good about yourself, not just conciously, but onconciously as well.

whether you're an elemental or not, i don't know. there are other types of souls that are in touch with nature as well.

teleportation is nice in the astral planes, but not everyone can do it. wings actually serve a purpose there and they aren't for flying. a woman i know always meditates an hour or so in bed before she goes to sleep. she said i'm always welcome to visit her, seeing she lives far away. so i go to her every few days into her meditation.

easiest way to go into someones dream/meditation is to astrally visit them in their house and then follow the silver line which connects their body and soul. just follow that line onto the astral plane to the persons private spot.
you can actually see what they dream, just be carefull. check if the person is dreaming lucid or not, else you might cause more harm then intended.

but seeing you can astral project during your dreams i'd suggest to go to the universal library and ask the question there. might take a while to get an answer though, they're busy making changes to the system to make it easier and faster.

posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 04:58 AM
Well I guess Im on the right track because I do simialar versions of what you describe. Im the type to analyze and probe things so we are definately on the same page.

Im not sure but I think I need you. Mentor

Maybe you can find me but dont surpise me because you will cause me to wake up. Especially if I mistake it for an attack. We probably wont meet in person (human body) ever, well ya never know.

When I fly I dont remember having wings though and I do more of levitation and descension because Im kinda floaty.

And you are totally right about clearing up my personal problems and thats what Im focusing on in my life. I cant begin to move into this without stability and my version of routine.

The, other Astral incident I had last year or so. I may have posted it in the past but I have no concept of time beyond work, dont care to.

Ok so, I get there and Im looking around as normal, observing. Very Hazy. Then a man comes from out of the Mist. He had a very stern look on his face so I thought he wanted conflict. He was staring me down, trying to anyway. I remember thinking Good or Bad guy, over and over and I could not read him. Neutral

So then I tried to punch him. He caught my hand in mid-plane (??air??)
and said Im not from here. I took my hand away and teleported out.

I think he was a Higher Being because if I felt I could bring it, actually stay in the plane without waking, then I would have finished what I started, but to be stopped??!!?? I could feel him stop and hold my hand like I was awake. I still remember his face but probably not his true form. He reminded me of an actor. Generic looks, white male, about 50 or 60. Short but fluffy beard salt & pepper color. Reminded me of the old guy helping out from Spawn the movie.

posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 08:12 AM
me...a tutor? well i've got a few apprentices (both I know in real life), but i don't plan to take on just anyone. you could compare me to many "mages" from movies/games. strict, harsh and rarely giving clear answers forcing you to think for yourself.

as i gather from what you need to learn some astral etiquette hehe. not everyone is aggressive, not everyone attacks you. just get yourself some proper shields and sit back. don't EVER strike first. i suggest to learn to set up a Mirror schield. it basically returns that which is given to you. saves a lot of time and effort from your side.

with shielding keep this in mind. you can visualise any type of shield with any type of properties that you wish. however these shields are weak since they have to get the energy from yourself and aren't supported by guides/guardians. there are several shields which ARE supported and thus are many times powerfull then any shield you think of yourself.

shields which are most usefull to you and are supported is a "Wall" and "Mirror" schield. rest i won't mention since you don't need them.

Wall - visualise a wall of energy surrounding you from all sides. that's all you have to do. it stops almost everything. you have to set this shield up anew every other day.

Mirror - visualise large mirrors all around you. covering all sides so that nothing can get to you. it stops almost everything + bounces it back when you say "retour energy" during an attack. needs to be refreshed every day, unless you're more experienced then just do it less as you see fit.

but seeing i'm a bit of a show off i got discoball working on my chakra's

it's usefullness is like...0.0 hahah
luckily i normally carry a mirror shield in combination with an aura shield. try and get through that

posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 02:47 PM
if you always do it while sleeping how do you know it's not just a dream?

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 04:09 AM
Ok Im back.

Understandable and Im not just any student. Hardly the time to begin discussing that anyway since we are sooo far apart.

Well Id say my astral etiquette is fine overall since I usually sit back and watch whats going on. The part about striking first I dont know exactly why I did it. I think it was more curiosity than aggressiveness. I think I had this testing the waters kinda attitude that time. In any case that was the first and last time I acted out and that was a long while ago.

Im pretty much set with shields. Teleporting is almost instant in most cases. I only find use for shields when dealing in this reality.

Speaking of disco ball.......
, did you attempt to visit me Astrally the day after your post?? It was twice at about 7:30 am and then aroudn the same time in pm. For you that would have been around Noon and Midnight'ish. If not, someone did and I could feel energy from various angles like a "disco ball".

If it wasnt, it was someone or thing. I got a warm fuzzy feeling. Not white fuzzy like Astral Plane, Yellow fuzzy like the warmth of sunrays. I felt it, wondered if it was you, then I started to giggle and then laugh outloud. Strange.


The other question,

Because my dreams and sleeping visions are clear and reality based. Projection leads me to a fuzzy white destination that I have to clear out before I can see whats up

Honestly you really dont know until you assess your feelings, emotion, the probabilities. Process of elimination I guess. I feel as though my mind doesnt let me remember regular dreams, however they also have an importants if you know how to read them. Everything is conencted, nothing is wrong, just the wrong time maybe.

In December I will be 5 years old as a mystic so I dont know it all and I havnt done my homework but each incident gets categorized into Dream, Vision, Projection.
It also helped to read up on this stuff after having experiences then you know you arent nuts and you can actually find names for what is happening.


So Enyalius

Tell me about the various souls you touched on earlier and also, I think I go through this because my Spirit is all set here, almost know it is. It takes off whenever it can. Talk about inner conflict

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 12:22 PM
While cleaning up my old subscribed threads I came across this one. It caught my attention straight away.

It has been quite some time, but I'm curious as how you are progressing. What has been going on in your development and such?

As for me having visited you... Yes it was I who was there. These days I don't carry shields any more. I wouldn't be suprised if you seen something hop by in a green kimono with yellow slippers

To your question about dreams. Personally I catogarize them as follows:
1. Relaxation dreams
Nothing special..just dream and relax
2. Dreams with symbolic meaning.
These can be symbolic messages from your inner self or guardians etc
3. Visionary dreams.
You get shown glimpses of possible futures which occur within 3 weeks time
4. Lucid dreams
Partial Astral Projecting and Inner Projecting like Pathworking.

I don't find it odd any more that I can't remember certain dreams. However I always remember those with some importance.

Analising everything is healthy, just don't over do it. Since you're a mystic you probably have learned to find balance in everything. A balance between Mind and Intuition is important.

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 03:33 PM
im jst learning about all this stuff with meditating. ive been trying since around January about 2 or 3 times a week for as much time as i can. i cant do it too aften because my house is always packed with people, and i cant concentrate.

about 2 weeks ago i realised i was in a dream for the first time in my life. i decided to fly around inside this house i was in, but i woke up shortly after i realised i was dreaming.

how long did it take you before you could go with ease to the astral plane?

ive never actually gone or seen anything really while meditating.

when you start to meditate how many minutes does it take for you being expierienced to be in the astral plane?

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 12:15 PM
There are meditations which can last 3 minuts total. However there is a Western and Eastern way of doing things. These systems are very different. Concentration is not so much the issue, but try to become more "aware" and active with your experiences. Notice the disturbes, see for what they are, do not get involved nor pass judgement and then let the disturbance go and resume with what you were doing.

While meditating you should not focus too much at first. Just get used to a comfortable position and learn various breathing techniques. Once you've learned how to perform that naturally without having to focus upon it you can move on. Do not focus on thoughts the first few times, but let them wander. Do not focus your eyes either. Just relax and let your thoughts go their natural course. If you do so your mind will go like a waterfall and eventually it'll also generate flashes...flashes of images and emotions. These will occur very briefly and fleetingly, but try to become more aware and notice them more and more when they appear to you. After this you can move on to deeper states of meditation and use various techniques to explore your own ego first.

Do not focus on your end goal, do not focus on that what you want. It'll generate a feeling of not having and thus you will push your desires away. Focus on that which you are doing NOW and let natural course take control and trust it. Everything that you need for your personal growth in daily life as well as spiritual development will be provided to you when you truly need it.

Perhaps an interesting story to add. I've met a woman who has financial issues and needs to fill one hole with another. One day she got financial aid from her old school in the sense of money for a computer for her son so he can study. She was thinking about using the money to fill a few financial gaps. I advised not to do so, because what was given was ment for the growth and development of her son. Something which was important at this stage in my mind. I said that you will get what you need WHEN you truly need it. 2 weeks later she called me up and said I was right. Her sons truly needed the computer for school and she had social fundings a few days prior to the call to solve her major issues.

People should trust more in the energies that surround all of us and everything around us.Everything happens for a reason and chance/coincidence(sp?) does not excist.

The dream you had was a Lucid one. This is a dream in which you become aware that you are dreaming. By doing this you become more aware of the dream and the more aware you become the more influence you can have on the dream. You can change nightmares into more positive dreams or you can fly and whatever you want.

About the Astral Planes. Meditation is not THE way to go about it. However it is A way. There is more then just 1 road that leads to Rome, find the road that suits you. The time it takes to learn to Astral Project varies per person. One can do it within a few hours and others need years of practice. I personally been doing it unconciously since childhood and been doing it conciously at will since age of 17, no need to lie down and can do it in the city while walking.

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 12:57 AM
This is great advice. I have tried meditation a few times recently and don't seem to have much luck with it. My preferred method to explore the Astral Plane is via lucid dreaming. I haven't had much success with this either however I am much more familiar with it, and have no doubt that eventually I will advance further. The only problem with lucid dreaming is that I have to wait until I go to sleep. However, back to the point, I read your last past about not focusing on the final goal too much and got further than I had ever gotten before in oly a few minutes. I started to see myself in a different surround, like a dreamlike state. It may not sound like much but I am very encouraged by it.

I have read many of your posts and am constantly amazed by the insight you provide. Thankyou, I feel there is much I can learn from you.

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 06:47 AM
Glad to hear you made the progress that you wanted.

Seeing yourself in other surroundings and such...
Did you vividly see it all for a lenghty period or were they fleeting?
If you let your mind wonder you will learn after a few times that the images you see early on during meditation will be memories of your life. Depending on your personal situation at that time those memories can give you new insight to a problem or such. The longer you stay in this state in mind your mind will roam of deeper and deeper, new thoughts and ideas will be formed on the previous ones and before you know it you'll be creating entire worlds of possibilities. All and all very little paranormal about it, but more psychological assesment and growth of oneself. Which is also very important.

Learn about yourself before moving on to the next step. Many people think they truly know themselves, but only a few truly do.

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 01:06 PM
I vividly saw myself in my house walking from the front passage into the study. I could see my legs and the surroundings clearly, however it was fleeting as it only lasted a few seconds. I will heed your advice and continue to learn about myself making a concious effort to notice everything I experience, rather than just letting it pass me by.

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