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How does a lake disappear?

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posted on May, 20 2005 @ 02:17 PM
That's right, MSN is reporting that a lake in Russia has disappeared.

I'm pretty good with science, but I've never heard of a lake disappearing in the middle of the night.

Any theories, besides a cave spontaneously opening up underneath it?

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 02:22 PM
Just an fyi but there are a couple of threads on this already.

I believe CNN has it narrowed down to either Dr. Doom or Galactus.


posted on May, 20 2005 @ 02:33 PM
Believe it or Not this happens relatively often. There was one here in Alabama that occured last year and a few in Florida a few years back. Basically the culprit is an underground cave in, causing the lakes plug to be pulled.

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 03:08 PM
Oh man, great video on Discovery Channel! Exxon Oil was drilling in a lake that had NO OIL! Under it was a salt mine, that was it, but Exxon wanted to drill anyways. So, they are drilling, people are telling them there is a salt mine under the lake, some of the workers in the mine come out and tell them there is a salt mine under the lake. Later that day the salt mine is flooded, several Large Cargo Ships are gone, sucked under into what use to be a salt mine, and the river runs backwards, causing the Gulf Of Mexico to fall several feet, and many homes/boats are lost, the city dies cause the salt mine and the lake were the only jobs. But with no salt mine and no more fish due to the fact freshwater fish can't live in saltwater so they all died, the city has no jobs, no money, and Exxon goes on it's merry little way only losing a oil platform, a couple Large Cargo Ships, and that's it.

But the lake didn't dissapear, just drained the GOM until the salt mine was filled with water.


posted on May, 20 2005 @ 03:38 PM

'I was thinking, well, America has finally got to us,'

haha i thought we stole oil, not lakes

posted on May, 21 2005 @ 09:45 AM
GWB decided the lake was a terroist lake so in the middle of the night we captured the lake and are no holding it in Guantanomo bay.

posted on May, 21 2005 @ 01:24 PM
Actually, I had a professor who use to seek out oil. He said that all the scientists had to go on was their instruments that detected the relative density of what "could be" oil. Then they started drilling if the price was right. That's about it. He said they would find oil MAYBE 50% of the time. I would take the salt mine incident as NOT one of the 50%.

posted on May, 21 2005 @ 01:35 PM
The worst part about this story is that the Russians think the U.S. STOLE IT!

Which made me laugh pretty hard....

"I was thinking, yep, the Americans finally got us." - Russian lady, (lost link).

Pretty funny actually, seems people are really gullible these days. =/


posted on May, 21 2005 @ 02:16 PM
Protector, that would work, if the people hadn't told them it was a salt mine. If workers hadn't come out of it and told them it was a salt mine. If the company hadn't called and told them they were going to damage the salt mine.

Anyways, IDK, I like the duck idea. On another post someone said that a flock of ducks landed, the lake froze over, and the ducks flew away with the lake attached to their feet.

posted on May, 21 2005 @ 09:02 PM
This topic already exists here:

Please add to the existing discussion.

thread closed.


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