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Have I Disturbed Some One? (Revisited)

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posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 12:16 PM
In the middle of March I transferred to a new location in my company so that I could get my daughter back to a rural environment. In November of last year we found that this huge old homestead was for sale in my hometown and we set our mind to trying to get it. I moved into it middle of March.

The house is one of the historical homes of the town (one of the first large homes built). It was built ca 1905. It sets on about 5/8 of an acre with HUGE post oaks, ponderosa pines, and hackberries. My husband and I have been working our cabooses off on the property because the last couple to live in the home bought it in the 1960's and then basically didn't take care of it. 40 years of yopan hollies does a forest make. And so we have been dedicating every weekend to what we call yardwork, but others would call deforestation efforts.

Until 2 weeks ago when we knocked out all of the old brick skirt on the west side of the house to have the leveller come in next week and jack up and shim on top of the piers. The house has excellent inner foundational support (three bridge beams running from front to back of the house V each 8" thick and over 20" wide), but the exterior side walls are spanner beams in between hand-hewn rock piers and the piers have settled a bit giving the house a slight frowny face. So we're going to level her up best we can before we get on with painting and everything else.

Anyway, my point is that knocking out the skirting is the first work we have done on the HOUSE.

This house is one of the most comfortable "at home" feeling houses I have ever been in. No bad feelings in it. Just home. And my husband feels the same way (and apparently my kiddos as well). When the lights are off in the house it is REAL stinking dark inside, but it doesn't bother me at all to walk around in it with no lights on. What I'm trying to convey is, there is no ill feeling here.

There have been a few little odd things that have happened around the house since we moved in, but, if you contort yourself just right you can explain them away and make yourself feel silly for even talking about them.

Until last Sunday.

We always get my little 2 year old grandson on Sundays.

Last Sunday evening my son, daughter, grandson and I are in the living room. The front living room of the house is very large and runs all the way across the house. So we have our living area on the east end of it, and have basically left the west end empty for now. We will eventually turn it into a library and reading room. There is a door on the west wall of the house that leads out to the portege. If you look down on the room from above you would see basically an L created by the couch and love seat. When you are sitting on the love seat your back is to this door (you're facing east). So, since my son and I are sitting on the love seat, we have the west door behind us, and my daughter who is sitting on the couch, is facing north, and therefore can look at the door very easily.

My grandson was standing in the middle of the living room about halfway between us and the tv...being a little kid. When all of a sudden he looks over me and my son's heads at the west door. He smiles and something... and then immediately the sweet little smile vanishes and he busts out crying and starts rubbing his eyes like they're burning! It took over 5 minutes before we could get him to stop crying.

All three of us saw this happen. My daughter immediately goes "Oh my gosh, thats the freakiest thing I've ever seen." And she just keeps looking from him to the west door and back trying to grasp that she can't see what he obviously did. I, of course, also looked at the door just as soon as he waved, and didn't see what he was waving at.

My son, tries to poo-poo it off. I try to not make a big deal of it, but can't deny what I saw. My daughter kind of wigged for a minute.

Okay, let's move to yesterday. My husband and I decided we would take both kids and the grandson out for lunch. So we go to a local mexican restaurant. The restaurant didn't have a smoking section, so my husband excuses himself after a while and heads out to smoke. Just as soon as he is out of sight, my son, who is sitting across the table from me says, in a dead serious tone and with a very servere look on his face, "So, do you want to tell me what was going on?" And I mean this kid is intent.

"What are you talking about?" I'm clueless.

Eyebrow raising slightly and "The other night, mom, when you were crying."

"Uhhh, Bud, I haven't been crying, on any given night. When was this supposed to have happened."

"Friday night. I am not going to play these guessing games with you." (Geez this is my kid talking to me!) "Me and Joe both heard you crying."

"Bud, no you didn't."

Well, before yesterday was over it took a sit down meeting with my son, his best friend, Joe, and my daughter. Here's how Friday night went:

My son and his friend were in the living room playing the Game Cube on the TV. My husband and I were up for a little while in the computer room and my son had come up briefly to check on something he had running on his computer just minutes before my husband and I went to bed.

Apparently shortly after we got tucked in, BOTH boys heard me start crying. Not sobbing. BAWLING. I am hysterically crying. It is "bad enough" that they pause the game, mute the TV and sit there listening, whipering to each other "What's going on? Are they fighting or something?" They sit in silence and listen. They do not hear anything physical, just me crying, so they continue to listen. They hear me cry for SEVERAL minutes, and then I say "You should have told me before!" (It is important to note that they were hearing MY voice.) And then they hear me just take off crying again for several more minutes. At this point they are whispering "It sounds like they're just having an argument so we better stay out of it." I'm sure this was pretty upsetting to both of them seeing as my husband and I don't usually have words, let alone full blown arguments. And apparently it was upsetting enough that they came to an agreement that my son would confront me with it, and then report back to his friend.

It took a LOT of talking to these two kids to make them believe that I was NOT crying Friday night. That I did NOT say "You should have told me before!". And that what they heard was NOT me, nor did I hear it, nor did my husband hear it, nor did my daughter hear it. Two big ol' boys all of a sudden were white as sheets. "Damn, my son's friend says. Thats pretty *****ing freaky!"

My son's friend explained that he was sitting on the couch at the time they were listening to "me" cry. That puts his back to a wall that has the staircase to the second floor on the other side. He stated that it sounded like I was standing on the stairs right behind that wall.

I asked everybody, including my daughter, if anybody has had any bad feelings in the house since we moved in. To a person, every one agrees that there is no ill feeling in the house. I then told them that if they ever hear anything like this again they are to immediately come and get me.

So what do you think? Do you think that the work we have started on the house has disturbed something/someone?

For some reason, when i cut and paste this in a lot of the punctuation went I have come back in and cleaned it up.

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posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 12:35 PM
and rather unique phenomenon... As I can't think of a precedance right offhand, I can only guess. It doesn't sound like a spirit though. Maybe another idea, is that the construction/movement, might have influenced the geographical psychic properties of the area, and may now be experiencing little "rips" in space/time. Perhaps the boys heard an arguement that will occur in the future, or in the past? Likewise, the other time, he may have caught a glimpse of "something" that doesn't belong to our world, in such a "rip". Since kids are much more perceptive in this arena, than adults, it stands to reason they would be the only ones to witness the phenomenon.

This may only be the beginning, so don't be too hard on them. On the good side, in most cases of such space/time rips, they rarely last long...unlike more permanent rips (such as cold spots in haunted houses, etc.). On future incidents, I would question the boys separately, just to make sure they jive with each other, as well....

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 12:39 PM
Wow, what an experience! Is there a historical society in your area? I'm guessing there is since you say the house is one of the historical homes of the town. I wonder if anyone knows the previous history of the house.

If it were me I'd probably head to the local library and see if anyone at the reference desk could offer any ideas (searching old newspapers etc.)

Since I'm a herb nut I would start right away planting a garden - could be the 1905 owners were into farming/gardening. Maybe this would get the "presence" out of the house and into the yard at least?

I'd be interested to know what you find out and if you have anymore strange occurances happening at the house.

Take care

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 01:34 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Perhaps the boys heard an arguement that will occur in the future, or in the past?

I have to admit that this very thing has crossed my mind.

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 02:15 PM
i wouldnt walk around in the dark anymore if I were you. that story scares me.

I have seen 2 "spirits" in my life time. One was a sick female, I knew her. She died of kidney failure. One night at a friends house she appeared in the room she passed away in, as I was walking down the stairs I glanced into the dark room. caught her in the corner of my eye, she just glidded through the damn room as if nothing was around. very white and full of streaks. I freaked out and left the house.

second occation was a child I saw. Im not going into that story, its disturbing.

I think you need to take all mirrors out of the bedrooms. Possibly bleach all the floors....sounds nuts but I have reason for saying this.

I follow feng shui. Its important to clean the house of everything. That means ghosts as well. Align furniture in an appropriate manner so that all doors and windows are visibe to you when you sit. keep your toilet seat cover down at all times when not in use. Have a bowl of water in EVERY room of the house, some place high up so the kid cant get to it. Buy clear crystals and scatter them in every room near a window preferably, they need to reflect light. they run cheap. wind chimes can be used to chase away bad spirits .

also, read this

Q. Someone has told me to buy a pair of fu dogs and to sit them on my window ledge inside the house. This, I'm told, will protect us from harmful spirits. Is it true?

A. Generally, fu dogs are not placed on window sills but rather facing doors, and on either sides of doors. Statues and figurines of fu dogs are commonly used in feng shui for protection for businesses and homes. You will recognize them because they resemble Pekinese dogs (and look similar to the Chinese lions) and appear all over Asia and in Chinese communities worldwide as guardians in front of banks, government buildings, homes and other structures such as gates and entrances to parks and museums. Preferably, a pair of these animals should be given as a gift but you can purchase them yourself. The dogs are a male (with a ball representing the world under his paw) and a female (with a baby puppy under hers). They should be positioned so that they flank the principal entrance to a building, facing out with the male fu dog on your left and the female on the right, representing the yang (male) and the yin (female) duality of life and the universe.

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 02:17 PM
Yes, I believe I will research to see if any special occurrence happened there. I know the history of the house (the previous owners). My father is going to be 80 years old this year and has lived almost all of his life in this little town of about 1500.

The builder was one of the business-men founders of the town and he owned 4 cotton gins. There was a huge barn that set on the property at one time that he kept some of this equipment in. (It is no longer here.) The property is 2-1/2 lots in size and takes in the corner lot. Across the street to the west there was once a small frame house that my father's family actually lived in for a while in the 1930's.

It took us from November to March to finally get an agreement on this house. During that period of time I did quite a bit of research. I actually located the g-g-grandson of the builder and he found a picture taken shortly after the house was built (pic ca 1906).

After the original family there was a second family who were also kind of prominent in the community. I believe, (I'll have to check on this) that this man owned a mercantile. After that the house was bought by two teachers in the 60's. I know they were a bit odd because the neighbors 2 doors to the east of us are my nephew and his wife and she has told us that the lady never opened the drapes. The house's eyes were always closed.

In addition, I have something kind of odd to throw in about the woman we purchased the house from. The two teachers who owned the house did not have any children of their own, but adopted a boy and a girl. The father died about 2 to 2-1/2 years ago, and then the mother died just slightly over a year ago. Sometime after the mother died, the son died (he lived in Louisiana). So the entire estate was left to the daughter. My sister-in-law was very good friends with this girl through high school. These teachers and their two adopted kids lived in a small frame house all the way up until the last 6 months before the daughter went away to college. She did not return to live with her parents after going to college and, with the shape of the property, doesn't appear her or her brother ever came to assist their aging parents with the upkeep.

We had a heck of a time negotiating a price on this the words of this woman...she would let it rot to the ground before she took less than a certain amount. We knew going in that it would be a money pit that we would just be throwing hundred dollar bills in, so we were trying our best to get a decent deal. But eventually, it was a matter of principal. A family of huckleberry fins with 4 kids started looking at the place and at that point both my husband and I decided we'd pay whatever it took, just to make sure somebody didn't move in it and run it to the ground. Because it DOES need a lot of work.

At the closing, I am in signing papers with the real estate guy and he comments about how difficult this whole thing had been and makes the comment "But she has these wonderful childhood memories of growing up in that house and so she sees those memories, not just a house." I look at him and say "She didn't live in that house as a child!?!?! Her parents bought that just a few months before she went off to college." His reaction was pretty much no-$h|t!

After the signing I went out to the lobby and right before she headed back to do her signing I tell her good-bye and that it was nice to meet her and she starts crying and talking about when she was a little girl and her daddy used to hand-rub the wood in the house (whoo-hoo!!!!)

There's was only one other strange thing that happened concerning people attached to the house. About 2 months ago some people showed up at the house. My daughter was there, but I was at work. There were 3 of them. An old woman, a younger man (not necessarily young) and one other person. The old woman introduced herself as Mrs. X which is the same last name as the original builder of the house. The man with her was either her son or her grandson. They asked if they could see inside. She came in and told my daughter about how the house had been when she was little and lived with the grandparents. The odd thing is, how is her name still Brown??? or did she just use that name in order to make my daughter understand that she was of that family? Anyway, she tells my daughter that that was the first time she had been in the house since her grandparents died and she moved out of the house. Then she asks my daughter if she could see the picture (the one I received from the g-g-grandson). My daughter told her she didn't know where I had put it.

So, after my daughter tells me of this visit, I email the g-g-grandson and tell him I was sorry to miss his relatives and that maybe they could come back by to see the picture. (He lives a long ways off - Michigan or Wisconsin.) He comes back and says "I don't have a clue who you could be talking about, and basically walks through his family to show that there shouldn't be any "Mrs Xs". Furthermore, the old lady gave the impression that they lived some where in this vicinity but the g-g-grandson stated that as far as he knows, there wouldn't be any female descendants of the g-g-grandfather living in this area. I then asked him if he had told anybody about finding the picture and having a copy made for me. He said absolutely not. That there wasn't any of the extended family he had visited with since all of this had occurred. So there's another head-scratcher!

Oh, see, when I get to thinking through this, all kinds of new stuff comes up. Since we have been here there have been two phone calls (same lady both times) for a Deborah X (same last name as the original builder). Now I can't even begin to figure out how some one could attach a family who hasn't lived in this home since the 40's with MY phone number. But the weirder part is, the first time this lady called I answered and she said "Is Deborah there?" And I said "You have the wrong number." And she said "Is this the X residence?" And I said "No, it isn't." And she said (and I really wish you could hear my voice right now because it is the WAY she said it that counts) " you know ANYBODY by that name?" And she said like kind of like in a riddle kind of way, in a tone that really called for following up with "huhhhh?????" or "are you suuuuuurrreeee you don't????" And I aaaassssuuuurrreeed her I didn't.

I have already spoken to a friend about eventually coming and burning sage and having a prayer meeting, and I do put worth in this.

NOTE: I had a u2u from a dear friend asking if the "burning of sage" is a pagan ritual. No, there are those of us who truly take the words of God to heart and hear that He does, in fact, love the sweet scent of a fragrant offering. I believe that this magnifies the power of prayer and I like to do this in an attempt to increase my revealing of my love for God. I personally choose sage because I have Cherokee heritage and the Cherokee's believe sage to be the blessing herb, a purging herb, and an herb worthy to offer up to God. I hope this clears up any misconception that could have come from this statement.

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posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 02:20 PM
C'mon wake up,

It's the house, the house is crying. Your tearing it apart. Houses have fellings you know. How would you feel if someone ripped your breast off and replaced it with a newer better looking one, Grandma?
Quit tearing it down and rebuilding it. Just put some make-up on the old lady and new clothes and polish her up. The old Iron Horse will be good to you.
Get her a good insurance policy and treat her with respect. One day a tornado will take her away over the rainbow. Then you can build another one.


posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 02:23 PM
Valhall is a female? All this time I thought it was a male.

Anyways, my question is why your son and his friend didnt go up to where the noise was at.

They said they heard the cry from the stairs, but you were upstairs in your room? Did they know you were in your bedroom?

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 02:28 PM
it could be a family playing head games with you, trying to drive up the price (childhood memories and all), and not realizing you already closed.... Let's hope that's all it is... Strange, to be sure...

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by tututkamen
C'mon wake up,

It's the house, the house is crying. Your tearing it apart. Houses have fellings you know. How would you feel if someone ripped your breast off and replaced it with a newer better looking one, Grandma?
Quit tearing it down and rebuilding it. Just put some make-up on the old lady and new clothes and polish her up. The old Iron Horse will be good to you.
Get her a good insurance policy and treat her with respect. One day a tornado will take her away over the rainbow. Then you can build another one.


Well, first, the new breast analogy might not have been the best choice.

Second, we are being VERY careful to ONLY do what is best for the house. (i.e. the levelling HAS to take place in order to stop any more damage).

Third, you crack me up.

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by Illmatic67
Valhall is a female? All this time I thought it was a male.

Anyways, my question is why your son and his friend didnt go up to where the noise was at.

They said they heard the cry from the stairs, but you were upstairs in your room? Did they know you were in your bedroom?

No, they didn't know I was in my bedroom. They thought they were hearing me. I understand really. In fact, I kind of kidded with them last night when we were discussing this. I said, "First, thanks a whole hell of a lot for coming and checkin on me!!!" And we all laughed, but I understand their position. They did NOT hear any violence, they did not hear my husband's voice, they could only hear me crying and then making the one statement. So they thought we were having a disagreement that had tremendously upset me and that they just needed to give me and my husband space.

I would think that this is probably how most kids would act when confronted with an abnormal, upsetting situation. I guess, if my husband and I duked it out in the front yard once a week, it would be different...but this was something "not normal".

p.s. Yeah, I've ALWAYS been a girl.

[Edited on 28-7-2003 by Valhall]

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 05:51 PM
...what was the one statement??

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 05:55 PM
The guys said it was "Why didn't you tell me this before!"

NOTE: This is not how I stated it in my first post, but I was going off memory in that one. I just asked the guys, and this is straight from them.

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 06:01 PM
I went and bought me a voice activated tape recorded at lunch. I was thinking I would set it up near the stairs every night.

What do you guys think? Do you think it's worth it, or that I should just get my money back?

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 06:15 PM
What a good read

Here is what I would do, and have done in situations like this in the past.

1. Walk around the perimeter of your section with some strong christian people, and pray that where your feet go that the land is sealed and that nothing that is not from God can enter. Stand on each corner of the section and claim the land within in the name of God.

That seals the property from the ourside.

2 Then pray through each room of the house with a group of people, trying to pick up what has happened in each room and then breaking its hold over the house and commanding the spirit to leave.

It works, a group of us once even saw something leave a room.

Some people also anooint the entry ways to the house with oil, sealing them so that nothing can enter - include chimneys and pipes as well.

Once you have done that you will be safe IF, you don't have any posessions that are satanic, as they provide another doorway into a house. (Once we prayed through a place and it wasn't working until one person said that there were notes from the Spiritualist church in the house, the owners said that there were and had hidden them from us, once they were taken off the property we were able to continue.)

This works. One place we did the kids said afterwards they saw monsters outside their windows at night trying to get in, but couldn't, before the same kids had bad nightmeres, after we cleaned the house they slept peacefully.

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 07:13 PM
I think it's worth a try. You might even want to hide it from view so that if anyone is just telling stories or something you have a way of catching them in the lie. I've also heard of people using camera's or even webcams taking random timed shots of a room or triggered by light/movement to catch random things like this.

The people calling and all the different people that have a connection to this house is also interesting. You should write everything down that you can remember and find out along with some bit of timeline and if and how the events are connected. It might help you to some kind of pattern or flow to it all if you have it all layed out in front of you.

It's pretty weird though, be sure and keep us up to date with all the detail....It's kinda like figuring out Twin Peaks or something.

P.S. I enjoyed tut's post!! Not only entertaining, but also a pretty valid point.

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 07:17 PM
Thank you. ALL of your suggestions are greatly appreciated, noted and will be followed thru with. I have already spoken with my mother and a good friend about coming over for this very thing.

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 07:22 PM
Sorry about that, I was reading quickly....

It sounds to me like your son and friend witnessed a premonition. Of what origin is the question...

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 07:36 PM
You know a kind of similar thing happened to my cousin.... She would go in her room and stay there for hours. And if you went in there she would get mad really mad. Like scary mad she is only 8 but it is like it isnt her at all. But you could here talking like "Hi" and just random conversation. The freaky thing about it is you could hear two sets of voices like there was someone in there. She sais she is talking to an old woman named "Blain". It is pretty scary.

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 07:43 PM
Yes, that's why as soon as this kind of unignorable event happened I went ahead and posted everything here. There are a few things I left out though, and since you are suggesting I make sure and get everything down, I'll add them here.

Approximately 2 months ago I had 4 straight nights in a row that I woke up with what I want to call "night terrors". I did NOT have nightmares, and was not having any kind of bad dream. For each of these 4 nights I woke myself up sitting straight up in bed. The first night I woke up because I felt some one had just sit down on the side of my bed, and I just set straight up from asleep to full awake. The next 3 nights did not involve feeling anything, but I would just wake up with a terror of a thought. Like "oh my gawd!" or "stop it!" that kind of thought. It only happened those 4 nights and hasn't happened since.

At the end of those 4 days, I woke up one Saturday morning and was boinking around the house (bathroom, waiting on coffee, lalalala) and as I walked from the dining area to a common area (which would be right at the foot of the stairs) and looking into the living room, I saw something. NOT a person. And it was like when you see something out of the corner of your eye, but this was right in front of me. And to me, it seemed like it looked like a piece of furniture...that wasn't supposed to be there. And it was there...flash...and it was gone.

The next morning, I had just put on the coffee and was walking into the living room and there in the east doorway of the living room...flash!...there stood what looked like a young girl. But again, it was just a flash! I even told my best girlfriend about both of these and told her I thought it was just in my head because of the waking up business in the middle of the night. And I just shrugged it off. See all this business I shrugged off is coming back together now that this weird thing happened.

Two weeks ago it was my kitchen trash, I'm serious. I'm getting ready for work, in the bathtub and I keep hearing this noise that sounds like some one is wadding up a plastic grocery sack. I would hear it and then it would stop and this happens like 3 times while I'm in the bathtub. So I get out and I'm putting my make-up on and there it goes again, and it is definitely from the kitchen. So I walk in there and look around to see if I can tell where it's coming from and the only plastic sack I see is the plastic garbage bag hanging in the kitchen trash can. So I kick it, thinking damn, there's a mouse in my trash can! (Now, this is one of those white rubbermaid, about 3 foot tallk, slickwalled trashcans, so it would either have to be a kangaroo mouse, or a paratrooper mouse, but I chose to think it was a mouse). So I go back to the bathroom and it happens again! So before I leave for work, I tell my son, please go dump the trashcan in the dipsy because theres' a mouse in it!

When I get home I asked him if he dump the trashcan, and he said, yeah, but there wasn't any mouse.

Two days later, I'm putting my make-up on in the morning, and it starts again. After the second time of hearing it, I walk into the kitchen and the trash bag has been pulled completely off of the rim of the trashcan and is all wadded up down in the bottom of the can! I kicked it again for good measure.

Last Monday night I had a dream. When I had this dream I took it to be concerning a topic I was discussing on this board, but now, I'm not sure.

I was in this huge building with LOTS of people milling around. (Like a shopping mall at Christmas, or something.) And this woman walks up to me and starts talking to me, and so I start talking to her too. Well, people start gathering around me and giving me these really weird looks. Finally some one says, "Who are you talking to?" And I point at the lady and said, "Her." And they say...with this rather disturbed look on their face..."There's no one there." And I say "Yes, there is, and she's talking to me right now." "No, there's no one there." At this point, in my dream, I think..."Oh my gosh! I'm becoming schizophrenic!" And at that moment the lady reaches out and touches me, with her pointer finger, right on the cheek (the right cheek) and I feel it in my dream! So I yell "She just touched me!" And everybody is looking at me REAL weird now. She reaches out and touches me again, this time on the left cheek. And the thought goes through my mind "Wait, schizophrenics can't feel their hallucinations." And I wake up instantly from my dream with a singular thought "WHAT YOU ARE SEEING IS REAL." Like I said, I thought this dream had to do with a topic I was discussing here at the time, but now I really wonder.

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