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Nevada's Democrat governor outlaws hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus sufferers

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posted on Mar, 27 2020 @ 09:31 PM

originally posted by: Gojira54

originally posted by: underwerks
a reply to: trollz

You realize that Breitbrart story is misinformation, right? They even include a link to the original story debunking their partisan hate fest.

CARSON CITY — Gov. Steve Sisolak has signed an emergency measure to safeguard the threatened supply of two drugs being hoarded for possible use in the treatment of COVID-19. The governor signed the emergency regulation Tuesday on the recommendation of the state Board of Pharmacy.


What he signed was to safeguard the supply of these drugs because they’re useful and so people wouldn’t hoard them. Not because herp derp Democrats want to kill you.

Please explain how you can hoard something you can only get by prescription, and only in the amounts perscribed?

I'll wait

You know things like Oxy, are something you can only get by prescription, and only in the amounts perscribed.

Does this need explaining?

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 12:56 PM

originally posted by: Kurokage
a reply to: Wide-Eyes

Hydroxycloriquine? Are you sure about that?

Maybe you haven't done your homework.

Maybe you haven't done yours?? been keeping up on current events?!


Chloroquine is very dangerous in overdose. It is rapidly absorbed from the gut. In 1961, published studies showed three children who took overdoses died within 2.5 hours of taking the drug. While the amount of the overdose was not cited, the therapeutic index for chloroquine is known to be small. Symptoms of overdose include headache, drowsiness, visual disturbances, nausea and vomiting, cardiovascular collapse, seizures, and sudden respiratory and cardiac arrest.

I just wanted to chime in and remind everyone hydroxychloroquine is NOT the same as chloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine has been used by myself and millions of others for decades. The main issue is eye problems with long term use. Long term, not a 5 day trial run. I and others with Rheumatism and those with Lupus are on this for life.

400mg a day is a standard dose for those weighing appx 125 lbs.

THis is a good article showing the difference these 2 drugs had during the SARS-Cov-2 outbreak.

Hydroxychloroquine, a less toxic derivative of chloroquine, is effective in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro

Also, here you can find the side effects of both drugs to compare. uine


Given that hydroxychloroquine is already available in the US, comes in oral dosage forms, has a known safety profile

It's mechanism is different than chloroquine, and it is something that is currently available and has a long history of safety studies.

The point is that hydroxychloroquine is not something a lawmaker should insert his authority on whether or not people should be treated with it. That is for the doctors to decide. It is a prescription for goodness sake! How would that make recipients stockpile?! We don't know if it will work without testing it on Covid-19 patients. Outlawing and preventing sick patients from trialing the drug will not help them. The drug may not work, but how in Hades will we know if we don't try?

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 01:02 PM
edit on 28-3-2020 by vonclod because: (no reason given)

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 01:18 PM
a reply to: Anon911

The OP is a lie, if you are an inpatient, doc can prescribe/do whatever he feels best, if an outpatient, 30 day script, no refil.

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 01:43 PM

originally posted by: vonclod
a reply to: Anon911

The OP is a lie, if you are an inpatient, doc can prescribe/do whatever he feels best, if an outpatient, 30 day script, no refil.

I see now how the op is misleading.

That means, according to McInerny, doctors in hospitals and emergency rooms can still prescribe those drugs to treat an admitted patient, diagnosed with COVID-19.

Only in a hospital or in-patient setting. Those like me can receive a 30 day supply for known conditions needing it from our doctor.

As it is now (where I live), you can NOT get any treatment from doctors if you are sick with any symptoms. Ask me how I know

You have to go to the hospital as it is. There are no more resources out of hospital setting for treating anything remotely similar to the symptoms. No urgent care minute clinics, no pediatricians, no one will see you if you are experiencing anything remotely similar. Thus, his order does not seem asinine to me considering you can't go to the doctor as it is (at least where I am).

Thanks for the heads up on the op. I will say I am glad I had my little soap box on the differences between the two medications. That has been driving me nuts lol!

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 03:04 PM
a reply to: Anon911

I hear you, it's chaos out there, medical services stretched to the limit.

We in B.C. have just over 700 cases, 81 in hospital, 50+ in ICU, there is very little more room at the inn. And pretty much all of this is less than 50 miles from me..much closer even. We have lost at least 8 emerg docs, who are now in quarantine.

I was fooled by the OP initially.

Stay safe and good luck.

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 04:16 PM
I would suggest raw manuka bee honey with an UMF rating of 20+

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 08:36 PM
The courtroom later after the arrest of any medical staff would be a monster circus slamming down on the government. The governors, not in possession of an appropriate medical certification and degree, not in the chain of command for regulation within the FDA, gets charged with involuntary manslaughter on some patients that died because dumb medical staff let anyone die.

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