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Possible Cyclic Variations

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posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 04:59 AM
And here I go again “I’m not a scientist and the following observations’ are not proven and therefore should be taken as such”

So I look at what my 100,000 Year Discrepancy & Ice-ages thread tried to say - Around 34 million years ago Antarctica started to move closer to the South Pole and slowly started to accumulate ice. 1-0.9 million years ago is where the stronger 41,000 (Obliquity) cycle gets overwhelmed by the weaker 100,000 (Eccentricity) cycle due to the accumulated ice, Albedo and other secondary effects. The reverse will be true as the landmass Antarctica moves away from the South Pole in the far distant future.

Then I looked at the 20,000 year cycles during the Jurassic Period when Earth was hot. We had no landmasses in Polar Regions and were basically ice-free. It seems like the stronger 41,000 (Obliquity) cycle now gets overwhelmed by the 20,000 (Precession) cycle.

If I use this same pair of eyes and look at the elusive 1,500 year cycles in ice-cores, I see the following; it’s just the 1,200 year cosmic radiation cycle inside Grand Minimum periods. So why is the 1,500 year cycle leading for about a million years? Ouch!!!

So what do I actually think I see?

As does the spinning of Earth around the Sun controls our seasonal climate so does the planetary positions (AM) controls the Sun’s output. It is clear we follow the Sun’s cycles for longer warming and cooling periods. And then we get influenced by even longer cosmic radiation cycles (our debatable spinning or bobbing movement in the Orion-Spur).

We are in trouble and need to get rid of some ice on Antarctica (not sea ice) or we are heading for another “Snow-Ball Earth”

Footnote; I do expect to get hammered by different opinionated members. But please do my study and let global warming - CO2 be as life flourished during the Jurassic Period when it was 2000 parts per million. There are more that enough opinions and discussions about our 5-20% influence in the current 0.04% (400 parts per million). We also just past the peak of the 208 year TSI warming cycle and will start cooling down steadily over the next 100+ years. Will be leaving ATS shortly as moving to an area where my computer won’t be able to open Mbyt pages.

Cheers to all the worthy and friendly members

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 06:52 AM
So what your saying is we are long over due for the next cycle.? ....personally, I think the earth is waaaaayyyyy older then we know, and has had many ice ages, and global warming cycles .We just don't scientifically know it yet, or can prove it yet....I say this because of the many anomalies found around the world. ....for example : the middle of the US used to be a salt ocean,... daisy's have been found flash frozen a Mile-ish below the Antarctic ice as well as buffalo fur,....lakes are drying up and cities are being found....rivers are lowering and sculpture are being found, made stones ,and roads have Been found on the ocean floor....whole cities have been located under ground or under another city .....and some buildings have been dug up underneath random fields my opinion, these findings prove there has been life on earth long before we've kept track....Maybe the earth has Feozen and thawed so many times that it has covered up many civilizations over and over .

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 08:58 AM
Yes there are cycles.

However currently human activity is causing significant increases of CO2 and CH4 in the atmosphere which will have consequences.

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 11:05 AM
a reply to: jrod

I'm actually saying that we need to help Antarctica to get rid of ice because we are heading for another "Snow-Ball Earth". The accumulation of ice reach a point of no return and it will take many million years for plate-tectonics (continental drift) to move it from the South-Pole.

I did not say that it does not count, but if you study the cycles like I do it should become clear that the main players are Cosmic radiation and the Sun's output. The Sun's behavior determine the shifts in cycles but the landmass position and accumulation of ice are altering the cycles on Earth. We are only suppose to have the 1,500 year cycles during solar minimums. Unfortunately they are dominant form around a million years ago. The 100,000 year cycle is also dominating the stronger 41,000 years from about the same time. And when you look at the Jurassic Period you will see the 20,000 year cycle come to the foreground. This tell me Earth is altering the cycles due to its temperature. Then I look at Antarctica's movement and statistics and cannot come to another conclusion that the accumulation of ice and secondary effects are the reasons

We are to small as humans to even come close in overruling it, but we should start worrying about the Oxygen level because that's our doing.

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 11:24 AM
a reply to: Meldionne1

Yes and no.

We cannot stop it, but if it will come in the next 100+ years I do not know. Everybody will know in within 5-10 years. My studies and the data tells me we are heading towards a "Snow-Ball Earth" in the long run. I cannot tell you at which point in future ice-ages this will happen. But it is and will be getting more severe with each ice-age. The question remains, will we survive the coming one.

I do agree with your point of previous civilizations. They also had certain technologies we do not understand but on the other hand, we are very advanced today and have our own technologies they did not. I also believe we are a mixed breed with alien blood (how is that for crazy, because I do not have a single shred of proof)

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 12:37 PM
a reply to: ICycle2

Antarctica recenltly hit a record low with ice:

There’s no mistaking it now. Even though we don’t have the final numbers, it is abundantly clear that the sea ice ringing the Antarctic continent has fallen precipitously — reaching a record low just a few short years after it reached a record high. figure-out-why/

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posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 03:21 PM
a reply to: jrod

I know but its sea ice

Currently Antarctica is covered in ice averaging at least 1.6 km (1.0 miles) thick with about 90% of the world's ice that amounts to ±70% of the world's fresh water.

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 03:37 PM
We are most certainly not heading toward a "Snowball Earth" - even a massive impact like Chicxulub, or an all-out nuclear war, wouldnt be enough to cause that. Continents are in the wrong positions, there is too much volcanic activity and the Sun is now too warm (compared with 650,000,000 year ago). Also worth nothing that even during recent ice ages, the increase in ice has come from the north, not Antarctica - whose ice extent, whilst varying to some degree, hasnt changed all that much in 30 million years.

But yes, there are climate cycles. Some casued by orbital parameters and solar activity.

On top of all these though, and never having been a factor before in 4,600,000,000 years, is human activity. And you know what they about about the flap of a butterflys wing ...

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 01:20 AM
a reply to: AndyMayhew

540–250 mya - Climate – The accepted hypothesis seem to be that during the Cambrian period Western Antarctica was partially in the Northern Hemisphere because of the deposited of large amounts sandstone, limestone and shale’s. Eastern Antarctica was at the equator, where sea floor invertebrates and trilobites flourished in the tropical seas. Glaciations began at the end of the Devonian period (360 mya) as Gondwana moved closer to the South Pole and the climate cooled

500–250 mya - Impact – Wilkes Land, Antarctica (485km)

206–146 mya - Climate – Here we find some evidence that the Western Antarctic Peninsula began to form during the Jurassic period as islands gradually rose out of the ocean due to igneous intrusions and volcanism. There is also some evidence suggesting an Antarctic marine glaciation during the Cretaceous period

160–66 mya - Climate – Gondwana began to break up and Africa separated from Antarctica in the Jurassic

125 mya - Climate – The Indian subcontinent separated form Gondwana

66 mya - Climate – Antarctica (still connected to Australia) had a subtropical climate and flora, complete with a marsupial fauna

48–40 mya - Climate – Australia-New Guinea separated from Antarctica, and its first ice began to appear and global temperature start dropping 10°C as well as the CO2 levels that steadily decrease during the Eocene epoch (55.8–34 mya)

35.6 mya - Impact – Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, USA, and Popigai, Russia (90km and 100km)

23 mya - Climate – The ice on Antarctica began to spread, replacing the forests

15 mya - Climate – The Antarctica is now mostly covered with ice

14–6 mya - Climate – Antarctica separates from South America and the gap widens between Australia and the global temperature drops by 4°C more

3–4 mya - Climate – After the Pleistocene ice age the whole continent of Antarctica was covered in ice and all major plant life destroyed. Accumulation of ice at both poles causing the global climate to become even colder and drier

2.1 mya - Volcano – Yellowstone supervolcanic eruption (Super eruption)

1.3 mya - Volcano – Yellowstone supervolcanic eruption (Super eruption)

1.3–0.82 mya - Climate – Sherwin Glaciation

1–0.9 mya - Climate – This is where the stronger 41,000 Milankovitch cycle gets overwhelmed by the weaker 100,000 year cycle due to the accumulated ice on Antarctica

posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 09:23 AM
Western media and political clowns have NO possible cycle variations. And each cycle goes more or less like this:

1) Support terrorists in Syria
2) Terrorists in Syria get eliminated
3) Attempt to overthrow Maduro
4) Maduro is still there
5) Attempt to stoke tensions in Ukraine
6) Point 5 fails
7) Attempt to invent a India-China conflict
8) Point 7 fails
9) BONUS when the media don't know what to do... Imaginary tensions in Korea, ICBMs missile launches, nuclear tests, etc. etc. etc.
10) Point 9 fails
11) Back to point 1

In between each fail and the next point, come up with something fancy about Russia and Russian hackers.
Maybe Russian hackers living in Turkey and hacking into somebody's shell ... just for a chat.
Most importantly, assume everyone is believing this clown show ... especially "the free market"
Because if they don't believe this clown show """CRISIS!"" or shall we say (more appropriately) price/value correction.

posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 12:15 PM
there is also a Black Swan Event (Chaos Factor) to put into the mix of known and unverified 'CYCLES' the Earth History has endured already and currently are in the midst of....

high energy molecular cloud is a foreign intruder into the solar-system... the Sun itself is being energized from this non-cyclical source & adds to the energy of the cloud itself which has an inter-action with every orb in the solar system

there is a oddity ... that Is: We & our Sun are some 25.55 light years from the center/Hub of the Galaxy...our orbit around the Galaxy is about a factor of 1,000 X that or near 255 million years... the up & down bobble our solar system has results in 5 boundary edge approaches each Galaxy orbit (255MY divided by 5 = 51+ MY) of another 'cycle'

side-issue: (I propose that in religion code, we should look out into intergalactic space some 51 MLY for the home planet or home base of the Earths' progenitors/creators to seek them out)

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