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Number of children being referred to gender identity clinics has quadrupled in five years

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posted on Jul, 17 2017 @ 05:52 PM

originally posted by: veracity
a reply to: namehere

I just found it ironic that you were calling caring mothers who would support transitioning, "misguided fools" while you came off as a misguided fool by reading your post.

at least you admit you may or may not be wrong

Do you admit you may or may not be wrong?

Why is it so important to get that admission from others ?

posted on Jul, 20 2017 @ 10:32 AM
We need to truly and objectively ask why the number has quadrupled in recent years.

Was this phenomenon prevalent in the past, or was there just more silence around it?

We need to bring all quantifiable data to light on children referred, and a comprehensive psychiatric analysis on those children by smart people. By this I mean, understand how they were raised, the attitudes and behavior of the parents, the home environment, life at school, friends and influence. And we need to ask the children smart questions to understand their outlook and opinions on life, to gauge what their thought processes are, and if they might truly be genuine in their disposition towards the opposite gender.

I don't know about what questions you would ask the children, but what if you asked boys the same questions you would ask a girl, to see if you got a feminine response?

Just to really understand the roots of this emerging phenomenon, and to understand if modern societal values are playing a part in confusing modern children.

I personally think a 5 years doesn't know jack about what they want, and we shouldn't let a 5 year old decide it's gender or make any decisions whatsoever except for what they want for breakfast and what color jacket they want.

I don't think a human being should be making any life changing, pivotal decisions such as gender reassignment until they are something like 25 years old. At that age you are on the cusp of making adult decisions based on logic, rationality, experience and a degree of wisdom. At 18-21 I think you are still too young to make any serious decision like that, but at least at 25 you made serious decisions and you live with them and no one can judge you for it.

This is my personal opinion and my approach if my children every think to have the idea that they want to change their gender, insert an artificial womb, cut of some important limbs.

I'd also like to know a lot more about the race and culture that these children belong to or identify with, as I am certain that you will find a common trend. I doubt in culturally rich societies you find this phenomenon emerging in the same way, and it would more likely be confusion (in culturally rich societies) rather then genuine mental gender predisposition.

The same investigation should be done on transgenders, because I am tired of seeing meaningless reports on transgenders saying they are happy with gender reassignment and all the surgeries and therapies, when they were asked for feedback very shortly after the switch over. How about you take feedback at 2, 5, 10, and 15 years to see if transgenders have regretted their decision or not because that is when you are likely to regret something so emotionally pivotal, and admit it.

For years you can make yourself believe that your doing something that you want, or being someone you think you need to be but really deep down you are lying to yourself, and you can play the charades for an exceptionally long period till you actually realize it's not you and it's not what you wanted.

For those transgenders that went through all the trauma, and all the surgeries to transition, and are still truly content 10, 15 years on. than what can I say. It's your life, if you are really happy with what you've done to yourself and how you're living, you certainly fought for it and went through a helluva lot of pain. It's your choice, and if it was my child all grown up and content about it, I'd accept it but I wouldn't condone it or support it.

I think it is hypocritical for transgender males for example to still want to have a baby or conceive naturally at some point in their future relationships, when you chose to live your life as a gender that should not (naturally) be able to conceive.

This is where it gets to become a circus show, and human stupidity prevails in thinking we can start getting around these issues with artificial wombs for transgender women, and messing with the human physiology when we live in a day and age where we can't even cure the common cold, cancer, or fix a broken back. But you want to go and pretend that we're masters of the universe and get to DIY on the human body, and make it something it can NEVER be.

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