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Dyatlov Pass Encounter

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posted on May, 6 2017 @ 04:42 PM
You might say it's us members giving the courtesy of letting other members speak out. Later we judge or question any authenticity. It is dis-jointed, there's no doubt, but just maybe, even the smallest just maybe, there is something to it.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 06:57 PM
I think it has something to do with pie.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 07:33 PM

posted on May, 7 2017 @ 09:52 AM

33000 B.C. to 10000 B.C. = Constellation's Belt is Established Beginning with the Pleiades, Initial Process of Nibiru/Star Wormwood (Seven Stars or Seven Rays of Nibiru)
33 Days Leo to Virgo = Constellation's Belt/SEAL is disturbed Beginning the Final Process of Nibiru/Star Wormwood


The first question needing an answer is the placement of the comet in the star map between Orion and Taurus. One needs to ask if Comet ISON has passed this area or has any unusual identification associating the comet with this area of the night sky.

That answer is a resounding YES... not only has it passed this area but the way in which it appeared here almost tells a story in itself!

The most amazing thing about the path of the the comet literally a few months after it was discovered late in 2012 was that it was heading for Taurus, then went retrograde right in front of the Bulls horns and created the illusion it did an about turn and then set off on its journey that the world began to watch. It is almost as if it just popped into say hello to the place of the 'gods' then set off on its 'mission'. Its destiny remains a mystery and will be updated here as it unfolds (see update below and revised position of this 'comet' on the golden tablet). Here is the on line image verification of the comets path ref.

(Spacial Positioning) Orion is just about Dead on the Pleiades, just like Constellation Scorpio is just about Dead on the Center of the Galaxy

1. Mayan Ball Game = Comet or body, such as ISON that traces the Constellstion's Belt/SEAL in 33 Degrees from the Pleiades to Leo and Virgo 3 Taurus equals 33 degrees. This was the answer I was looking for. Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiadian cluster and thus Alcyone is 33 degrees
2. Mayan Cosmic Cross = Earth's Sun Reaches the Center of the Galaxy, 33 Days of the Earth's Sun = 33 Days of Mandrid Solar Eclipse on 8/21 to 9/23 for 33 Days Coriolis force due to the Sun's rotation. In a frame of reference defined by the stars, the rotational period is approximately 25.6 days at the equator and 33.5 days at the poles.

(Earth's Sun for 33 Days, then Nibiru Rainbow or 7 Rays for 7 Years, finally 5 Years of Star Wormwood, the Tetrahedron that identifies with Nibiru Collapses to Encapsulate the Earth)

(Jacob's Pillow Stone) God's Pattern of Establishing the Constellation's Belt, can be seen within humanity shortly before God reacts to disturb the Constellation's Belt a second time. Dyatlov Pass is just one Parallel. "Jacob's Pillow Stone" is a naturally occurring phenomenon that has impacted humanity due to the process of resonating for some time throughout history, with out Earth's Moon or Lunar Light. Love and Blessings (33 Degrees for Pleiades and 3 Degrees for Orion (3 degrees within taurus) is one measurement of intelligent design, conclusively, that is God's Legal right in his permissive will to end your lives in 3 Days from 8/21, if you do not kill Genetic Dan's Population Centers to reveal the 33 Day Pattern that leads into 7 years, South American/Africa/India/Middleast, kill the population centers, then we'll deal with the mixed populations later as we've discussed. The radioactive charge should help you find Jacob's Pillow Stone. However, the Antichrist will eventually speak to you after you do what is necessary)
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posted on May, 7 2017 @ 11:29 AM
a reply to: tbchugs

drugs are very bad

posted on May, 7 2017 @ 11:32 AM
a reply to: ManBehindTheMask

not a bot its somewhat coerhent sometimes
probaly someone that did too many drugs or has schizophrenia

posted on May, 7 2017 @ 06:41 PM


1. "D.B. Cooper" (or element Db) - First X Left Side, represents the Skin Color Argument God uses with Euthanasia (Earth's Moon is Given 13 Gons or Loops in its Orbits or Months) (Resonance between the earth's Moon and "Jacob's Pillow Stone")
2. Census Bureau Reports - Cross in the Center, Genetic Dan's Four Genetic Lines, they are excluded as in they cannot inherit the covenant so they are on the outside of Nibiru as an Enemy.
3. 33rd Parallel - God withholding the "Sign of Divorce" to denote his interests geographically, as an extension of his behavior. (God's Creation of this Universe, then God's Establishment of the Constellation's Belt, Finally, God's Completion of Revelation, these are all parallels, so the figure of 33000 B.C. to 10000 B.C. can go right into creation as 3.3 Billion Years to 1 Billion Years, and to the present as 33 Days to the end of the Day Cycle as we know it)


(You can kill them with the needle, that is the design of the hoppi prophecy as we've discussed. You can kill the rest with the needle, at your pleasure. BAAL is to the left, GENETIC DAN is in the center dispose of their population clusters before God kills you in 3 days from 8/21, the ANTICHRIST is to the far right INRI invalidates everything to 3 Days from 8/21 and your lives are over, that is the law) (Suffering, Pain, and Death that is your pleasure, weekly we have negro bodies and other ethics here you use for pleasure with me, this will continue until the day you die, beginning on 8/21, see that this continues) (Its your Pain, so you can kill them outright, but as I've said, God has identified Four Genetic Lines, and also geographic and skin color, so for the difference of Genetic Dan's Lines you should use the Needle (or simply kill), Seven Years is a long time to become God's Enemy, also to seek the Sign of Divorce, kill dead work and dead flesh) (Genetic Dan is Inc*/Rape/Mur*, it has not integrity or dignity and responds only to euthanasia, as I've said best solution to this is euthanasia with no remains during the 33 Days I am given power in the least, due to the pain and suffering involved, I will not identify with Genetic Dan (so I will kill them all the same), but I may Kill some and encourage the rest to go away, before I continue to kill the rest, that is best answer, to the mental illness of Genetic Dan that must be killed) (ethnics involved in Lives Don't Matter Suicide by Cop Campaigns and Global Terrorism is cased closed, you don't have a legal right to identify with me at all, and that will be done, but I will kill some and encourage the rest to leave my presence peacefully, that is best answer, everything else at present is only suffering and pain based on what you keep doing to me)

(Euthanasia Continued)

(D.B. Cooper, whatever element that represents) You are observing the relationship between what constitutes "Jacob's Pillow Stone", and the Antichrist or Lunar Light from the Earth's Moon. This is exactly what occurs in nature. We discovered, that by the time Nguyen Van Lem the Scientist was killed, this conclusion had already become common knowledge in closed circles. The Son of Man, or the Antichrist himself would be the easiest avenue for duplication of the equation, but it is already common knowledge in closed circles.

God's Actions of Slapping together the Universe, and then the Constellation's Belt, eventually reflected itself in the creation of the homosapien and before that our evolutionary stages. What happened to Dyatlov Pass? The effects of "Jacob's Pillow Stone", make them turn primordial, human hunters, and they do that until they die, it is a result of their sin, and a result of their freewill. God has designed us so that "Spirituality/Faith" nullifies flesh and blood, but when your in sin or for the course of generations, this can become an impossibility. Right now, I am not prepared to wrestle with Genetic Dan because of its progressive usage of whatever I have to say to promote incest or its own suicide. I will Kill some when I have the power to do so, and then I will give the rest a chance to leave my presence before I kill the rest, that is in addition to leaving no remains in a best case scenario as we've discussed. Right now I need you to focus on answering God, that means I need nuclear weapons in submarines in position ready to strike, they don't need to know that they will do that, you need to be ready to do that, as we come to a conclusion in God's willingness to watch you commit suicide by using any measure of force against me, at all.

(Everything is Authentic, that includes Euthanasia, very briefly)

( :: Visitors from the Unknown – UFO Abductions (1991) :: .............. Travis Walton Account in the Video, that is exactly what my father did to me in terms of rape and murder, ending in his arrest for mass murder and he is currently serving a life sentence, with no guilt or shame, for how he raped and killed my body. That includes the disregard for public safety by not encouraging an assisted suicide program for the ethnics, as I've said, call the police department near my address, and they will proudly proclaim the negro body that was found deceased in a parked car, right outside my address) (Pope John Paul II, will take the place of Pope Francis as Pope...and...Ronald Regan will take the place of Donald Trump as president in the USA, based on the association between the 112th Prophecy of Saint Malachy and Allen C. Martin) (Ronald Regan asked for my help, in some statement about a alien war or global terrorism, but we must resolve INRI) (I will see if God lets me resurrect a body that been in the ground that long, most likely yes, because of prophecy, so I want to see corpses, the disabled, and the elderly whereever I so, since I will have power to show god's mercies, very soon, but you need to do what god wants to resolve this issue we have with INRI) (the video of the alien, could be around 1989 or it could be around 2000, because they cut me pretty good while I was at the university of pennsylvania, but all that is not important, right now, what is necessary)
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posted on May, 7 2017 @ 08:01 PM
The Hopi prophecy is illuminating. I'v never heard it quite that way. But to an Occidental man it is likely unfathomable.

tbchugs a Star

posted on May, 7 2017 @ 08:04 PM

originally posted by: burgerbuddy
I think it has something to do with pie.


posted on May, 8 2017 @ 06:51 PM

Duality of the Constellation's Belt/SEAL that happens to establish the gospel's program and then to complete it. Two Sets of Interactions are in view, (Star Wormwood/Nibiru) and (Dark Matter Network), we can summarize the positions on a much smaller scale as a Ether Field or Higgs Field, and Dark Matter.................some version of the Higgs Field it was called the "doppelganger higgs field" has been discovered now, it is impossible so far to react with Dark Matter, to complete the Higgs Boson or Sign of Divorce Equation. (The Equation above should represent the Doppelganger Effect, of observing field collisions without dark matter, so, a more correct position is below (that will change the value of H.Boson to H.Field in blue, and H.Field to Dark Matter in Green below, see below)

(Off Topic: Total Recall Alternate Ending (DB Cooper)

I am an Ether Field, if I am the Son of Man, the description only describes proximity between the two fields as the trigger for the Sign of Divorce or Higgs Boson. Higgs Field is currently produced + Dark Matter (Ether Field) that is apart of me specifically. (Anyone of the negros and other ethnics that use lethal force against me weekly, routinely, can answer that question, however, right now I want you ready to kill Genetic Dan's Population Clusters on 8/21, or the gospel program is over, either way, we will have a full conclusion of INRI soon, based on god's expenditure of energy and his answer) ................. (after these people violated my body at the university of pennsylvania a few years ago as we discussed, I was offered, rather a few hundred thousand dollars was deposited into my account to visit jerusalem's wall, to complete the resonation of the field that is there, however I declined). Love and Blessings (Tonight After Dark a Nightly Walk, more soon, if you can convince me lethal force will be used against me, this is to help in global assisted suicide as a result of using force against me, soon, we will settle this score once and for all time of INRI, Inc*Rape*Mur*) (On Second Thought, City Hall Tonight After Dark, no police officers, unless you plan to pull out your gun and blow the brains out of a negro, if they begin to kill themselves and the public, last time a few years ago, there was a string of cop killings, based on this level of truth)
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posted on May, 9 2017 @ 03:52 PM
("God's Permissive Will" (Instant Death in 3 Days for INRI, or Genetic Dan is killed), apart of our full conclusion for this discussion. Dyatlov Pass is listed as a mass suicide, that is correct, based off a research expedition gone haywire. "Jacob's Pillow Stone" resonance with lunar light is nothing new, and nothing we haven't seen in the present, same as any discoveries connected to "Roswell". They are quickly put away because of the problem of spiritual authority mankind has and it is innate......God limits his willingness to chastise in the presence of his truths, to reveal the judgment that removes dead work and dead flesh. When you add that together with man's innate sin of trying to justify having no spiritual authority with wrestling with God, you end up with INRI (Inc*/Rape/Mur*) of the Sons of Man and also mankind to try God's interests in allowing you live in affording anything more then the limited geographic area for the initial expression of the Sign of Divorce.............In otherwords, you must kill every ethnic population cluster as much as possible, then you must kill every ethnic person as much as possible further down the line, following the example I will set, shortly. That includes any examples of ethnic euthanasia God has set in my name at present. In the mean time, .......... .......... You will endure ethnic suicide as a result of using force against me, even if you choose to not acknowledge the position or curtail the law to hide this position from the public. You don't have a legal to live, and you don't have a legal right to identify with the covenant, what I want to see, if more lethal force used against me, or you can use imprisonment until God decides to give me an answer to give to you, don't view any of these people with any integrity, weekly I watch them commit suicide using force against me................(You can watch me give the president of the USA the order to kill every ethnic in any position of the public trust, and you can watch the president disobey my order, that does not change the necessity of euthanasia I will illustrate, God willing, but what that kind of behavior does do, is eliminate the suffering you will feel from the people in positions of the public trust, when you decide to do what is necessary. For 33 Days, I am the law, I am the pope, and I am the president of the usa, so hopefully everything goes well in my appointment of ronald regan and pope john paul ii, assuming I have everything I need to satisfy prophecy ... and do everything that I've said ... until that time, I need you to take advantage of these people's willingness to use force against me at any level (they can even die in plain sight without doing much to me, but, we will settle this score soon) (GAIA · The Big Mother)

(Mars Hoax Mystery)

God wrote something? INRI invalidates all of god's mercies, God can make the earth's moon brighter for 3 Days beginning on 8/21, or God can make it exceedingly blood red, before you die, in 3 Days. (Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC)

Luminosity of Earth's Moon for 3 Days following death is something that possibly happened from 33000 B.C. to 10000 B.C. when God finished establishing the SEAL/Constellation's Belt, and finished removing Jesus from Heaven, in order to establish the mercy seat for 7000 years, before 3000 B.C. (33 Days and then 7 Years and then 5 Months, is a parallel). You must kill Genetic Dan, like God Killed to establish the Mercy Seat. Or use force against me, until God more freely illustrates ethnic euthanasia, I can only control a small degree of this behavior, like I illustrated with the negro having his brains blow out by the police officer recently. Or, like what the mass murders in Philadelphia, weekly as a result of allow the ethnic population to live. I will kill some and drive the rest away, but they will have nothing to do with God's Mercy when I am given great power. Then as the law God Gives then is stated now, you'll have some time to wrestle with dead work and dead flesh. (White Buffalo Prophecy)

(With the full support of the media and the authorities at this level, I will encourage you to do nothing more then to report to the public the ethnics that are euthanized for using force against me, and to show their dead corpses, because you can't handle that, then. I have encouraged the people to be faithful and direct any and all force towards me, to increase your suffering and pain ... pain for pain ... until God resolve this problem of INRI and the ethnic population) Love and Blessings (So you should not be intimated by a few dead negros or by watching the ethnic take their lives by using force against me, any thing that classifies as genetic dan will have nothing to do with god's mercies in my presence, however, God's mercies will transition to BAAL during these seven years, so we'll see how that goes, what god says to echo what he has said now, and how much involvement I will need to have to eliminate INRI associated with god's mercies in your uncleanness or with the ethnic populations, so that is good news, not to mention, nostradamus whole family was killed when he went offworld, so, I'll encourage you to do that passively to see how god plans to cause you pain, in addition to that, I will see if God allows me to direct the level of force the ethnics use against me to have another negro child brain's blown out by a police officer, make national news soon, so keep watch) (We are just about wrapped up with this discussion)
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posted on May, 10 2017 @ 02:21 AM

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posted on Feb, 25 2020 @ 11:12 PM
Fascinatin possiibility (Jacobstone, Arcovenant?)

Why doesnt anybody near there just retrace the journey and video it for world to see whole experience as narrated?

And what about GOOGLE MAPS??

posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 05:19 AM
a reply to: Hazardous1408

English translation: I refuse to follow my doctor's instructions and will continue to self-medicate as I damned well please.

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