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God, this will be The Mega Collapse of our decade!

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posted on May, 18 2017 @ 10:22 PM
a reply to: The angel of Lightness on President Trump personal security

Dear readers,

Other two things I don't like of this middle east tour is that President Donald Trump trip began in Friday, and the weird parallelism of this 2017 in the way days of the week are matching with dates in perfect correlation with the year 1865, the one in which President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Please check

Historically three out of four Presidents of the USA that died violently in office were murdered in Friday, Abraham Lincoln in 1865, William Mckinley in 1901 and John Kennedy in 1963.The fourth one was James Garfield in Saturday on 1881.

A third element that I have found feeling intrigued of this so strong causal line I am perceiving is that two Hispanic seers, one Colombian, who also predicted Trump election, and a Cuban have forecasted his death in office.

Please check

A fourth element I also hate to Introduce in this discussion but it is relevant is that apparently the Simpsons Cartoon that we all know has successfully predicted the election of Donald Trump, since so many years ago, is linked with a prediction of his death in office.

An image of the popular cartoon showing Trump in a casket circulated in the web months
ago(February 2017), it was said belongs to a new season of the TV series, although it was latter debunked as possibly faked, but anyway it ran in forums for a while without knowing it's actual source.

Please check:

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 19 2017 @ 02:49 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

Another intresting post from Angel of Light. Angel I hang on your words because like many I have a neeeed to know whats going to happen next.

But hears the thing about trump. Hes going to live a long healthy life and have a very successful career as presdeint of the united states.

The press can ejaculate all there hate on him as much as they want, but when push comes to shove the polls are going to change to be 80 percent in his favor.

Thats my non sychic prediction.

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 10:23 AM
a reply to: FuggleHop

Well, I hope the worst case scenario will not be reached, but I considered my duty to warn about this risk, as a matter of fact I am sure there will be at least a so serious attempt.

He might survive even for a while, but the final outcome looks fatal and even the attempt could be used to send the world in to a terrible generalized conflict of unpredictable consequences for civilization.

It is curious but although many have considered the Tecumseh - Tippecanoe curse already fixed, definitively broken for ever, I never have felt that is the case.

please check:

I always have stated that on 2000 the curse took 2 ways to jeopardize the rule of the President elect ( Al Gore) , one by usurpation of the power, through the unexpected last minute change in the results of Florida at midnight of the election night and the so controversial decision of to stop the recounting of votes, finally also through the terrorist attack of September of 2001 that granted Bush the national support he needed to rule.

This is a dream that has come to me along years, first time was precisely no so far from the change of millennium, and then again so vividly in 2007.

Although I was pretty sure this was going to occur I was not fully convinced had something to do with G.W.Bush or Barack Obama, but corresponding to an ulterior epoch. I even posted a thread in which I clearly stated the curse was still active but it was not going to touch Obama at all.

Please check:

Now, since this came to me again in the after match of the election of 2016, I posted something about it in my predictions for 2017 in my thread of January 5th, but what I have been feeling since few weeks ago is convincing me that it is approaching to its final achievement.

One thing I have been sure is that this will occur in a relatively warm environment, a subtropical region and one detail that always appear is that there is in the middle of the confusion and shock of the crowd some people around that is of olive and relatively tanned skin mourning, they are much darker skinned than caucasians.

This could happen in America, not necessarily during this trip, but another important detail is that always in the dream there are a lot of palms, and those trees are so much common or endemic in Middle east, although you can find them also here in certain areas of the States. Other hint of the place is that there is architecture with arches, look like some mediterranean or Arabic styles.

Here a link to the first time I described this dream here in ATS:

a reply to: The angel of lightness foreseeing since 2007 Next victim of Tecumseh - Tippecanoe curse

The final outcome of the attempt or assassination this refers to will be a terrible international war that will devastate the world and will be extremely challenging to face and fight for America.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on May, 30 2017 @ 11:21 AM
Dear Readers,

These are the most likely scenarios that we will see in the world as soon as this terrible international political crisis emerge, one that will be triggered by extremely unusual events, like assassinations or coups against important figures here in the Western Hemisphere and also somewhere in Asia.

These are events we could see in the near future under the assumption that USA become suddenly sunk in a political crisis of confrontation of powers. Europe, Far east, Middle east and even Latin America regional crisis of security will become worst as a consequence of the political instability that this USA Political crisis will bring to the world, but also due to the volatility of the causal lines that they are into since years ago.

1) Assad is working to try to find the way to make an evils pact with ISIS to convince them that they don't have any chance to remove him from power but if they stop their campaign in Syria he and Russia will not stop their war in Iraq.

2) If ISIS focus all their actions over Iraq, without having to worry anymore about two of the countries they are fighting against they could take control of that nation.

3) Iran will try to invade small Arabic countries in the Persian gulf and the peninsula of Arabia, that they have ambition of decades to control

4) Syria and Palestinians will launch a terrible siege over Israel, even in alliance with ISIS groups that are in Sinai.

5) Nicaragua could use their exaggerated large arm forces to try to invade Costa rica and Panama and even attack Colombian islands.

6) Venezuela will try to invade many islands of the Eastern Caribbean or Guyana, Surinam and French Guyane ,

7) China will annex Taiwan and possibly some islands of the Okinawa group they claim are theirs.

8) North Korea will attack with missiles and troops south Korea and Japan, it could be a mess, the most difficult battle of the war but they have nuclear power in their hands, so it is likely they could succeed.

9) Having the USA so many fronts to send troops and fight it is likely that Taliban will have the opportunity to regain control over Afghanistan.

10) All this occurring when Russia will invade half of Europe at least. Now, one surprising factor that I also feel is in the balance is that Turkey may have a kind of secret deal with Russia in case Europe is invaded, it is unlikely they decide to go into war against them.

11) There are countries of far east that may not be invaded like Philippines and Indonesia since they have a pact with China and Russia already negotiated. They will remain neutral and do not want to collaborate with America to fight in Taiwan, South Korea or Japan.

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on May, 30 2017 @ 12:16 PM
China, like the Vatican, thinks in hundreds of years, not up to the next election, China and the Vatican are very old, long memories, long patience, with plans to cover any 'what if' you can think off...

posted on May, 30 2017 @ 07:13 PM
If I am correctly reading the thread title... then 2019 ends this dire 'decade' & 2020 begins the next 10 year span of geopolitical ruination...

nowhere do I see where Sharia laws & practice will replace the completely untrustworthy & manipulated economic/financial 'western' systems which dominate the World's Trade and Resource management areas of the global economies/GDP measurements...

the attempted uni-polar domination by the USA has failed, and will speed up in decline as the next 2 years unfold

Out with the old & in-with-the-New

posted on Jul, 28 2017 @ 07:23 PM
a reply to: pikestaff

I hope you are correct in to measure the pace of reaction of China, and also that you are wrong with respect to the promptness the Vatican may act toward the events that are coming soon in to scene, specially this weekend.

I am afraid that the crisis in Venezuela will have a terrible violent outcome not just for that country but for the entire region, also I smell the odor of a huge international military operation that possibly is well intended, to try to stabilize democracy where it is in violated, but could produce so negative side effects that have been underestimated and will jeopardize any payoff.

A possible international intervention in the Venezuelan process is the explosive ingredient that may complete the detonation mechanism of a political bomb that will exploit in a way no body now even imagine can be.

If my intuition is true Vladimir Putin threw a hook to the turmoiled waters of the International tensions and President Trump has swallowed it entirely. If there is the idea that Russia will accept a happy deal of to exchange Syria for Venezuela I must warn that such a perspective is extremely naive.

Russia needs a precedent to justify the invasion that they have been planning along 4 years over Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Moldavia, and even possibly Poland and Romania, and an attack over Venezuela endorsed not by the full ASO but by just 13 countries of it will be considered as enough.

Now China has a so long aspiration to join to their territory the Island of Taiwan as well as other tiny ones that they dispute with Japan, and all what they need is exactly a precedent of invasion.

Iran and North Korea has surprised once more the world this week with launchings of missiles that clearly show that they too are ready to enter in action, and the worst part is that the regime of Nicolas Maduro has ties in that direction too.

I hope the next week we will not be lamenting of the so negative consequences that can arrive to the world from a decision taken in a very impulsive way and based on pacts with the devil.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 07:36 AM
Predictions? Prophecies?
I don't buy it.
My mom had visions. Real ones that would strike her out of no where and take her breath away.
She rarely shared them with anyone, for many reasons.
She certainly didn't make predictions on-line to a bunch of strangers.

posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 01:50 PM
a reply to: Skorpiogurl

What your mother decided to do with what ever she perceived it is not necessarily a standard for anybody else that has
all the right to share what is receiving from above if he feels it is for good to the people that it is precisely living on those causal lines, that are going to face such a future.

I have my reasons to don't keep completely on me this gift or use it in more selfish way, it is question of principles

I am Not selling here nothing so with all respect I also don't expect you buy it.

After all statistics don't lie or could be maked up, Ten years of a lot of achieved forecasts that can be tracked and inspected by anybody along my threads are enough evidence that I am not here writing novels.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Oct, 7 2017 @ 12:06 PM
Mankind has a long and bloody history some of which has been brought on by the families of the very same bloodlines. However I will say this the war will not last long roughly 3-4 years and after that we get a 1000 years of peace, plus it will not be as bad as they are planing to make it be.

They are literally throwing everything they have as a last ditch effort knowing that they are losing.

posted on Dec, 7 2018 @ 07:12 AM
Follow up to: The angel of Lightness prediction

The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light

Dear Readers

Happy holidays to all of you, try to celebrate them gathered with your beloved ones in the mist spiritual way you can, remembering that the sense of them is not really the commercial aspect that obviously they also represent.

Let me come back to this prediction thread that was foreseen since 2017 since the events that are on it described will reach full accomplishment on the transition period between 2018 to 2019.

I would prefer to let these special celebration to pass to go into what future has for the world but unfortunately the great tensions that rule on the planet will not hace recess on them.

We are going to witness on the following few months 3 strong events that were already mentioned here since many months ago taking full shape, coming almost in parallel for the world.

Those three events to unfold, as I also predicted on the time I opened the thread, were going to follow closely the extremely advertised deaths by the world media of public figures on the eastern mediterranean and to the south of the United States.

Those pivoting deaths have already occurred on this 2018:

One in the Saudi Embassy of Istanbul, Turkey, the murder at cold blood of a journalist of American media that became an international scandal of unprecedented proportions and the deaths of Senator John McCain and former President George H.W. Bush occurred in Arizona and Texas respectively.

The events that are coming soon to the world as I can perceive are:

1) terrible military attack that will trigger a mega world crisis involving various of the powers that America has been challenging or facing along the last decade, I mean Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea and in the long run even China.

I have warned in multiple occasions on this thread about a surprising invasion of a country that now I am sure is located somewhere within the sphere of influence of the former Communist block ( a nation in the former USSR or ex Pact of Warsaw or the Chinese sphere of influence.)

Let me point out that what makes this military operation so dangerous for the world is the use of extremely heavy weapon technology, that will not be restricted to conventional armament but will include nuclear one, either of fusion or fission of atoms nature.

2) A really grave institutional crisis for Great Britain, boosted in part by the internal nationalisms that are agitated from the Brexit, like the Scottish one, but also by a very painful transition between Elizabeth II rule to her son Charles , the current Prince of Wales.

A combination of both circumstances will challenge politically the British nation as never have seen before since the time of the revolution against Charles II, I may suggest extreme prudence to my readers on Great Britain, be prepared because you are going to be under a lot of pressure along all the 2019.

3) An aggravation of the tensions between Latin America and the United States, with a terrible situation of continental confrontation that will be specially fired by the unstoppable crisis of Venezuela that will progress from a social, internal politics or economical stages to even bold military actions and the increase of social turmoils coming from Central America.

Other events that I described in the first posts of this thread may emerge gradually as a consequence of these three principal ones.

This is time to Pray, to return to God, to prepare ourselves morally in order that by cultivating the gifts of Spirituality: Patience, Hope, Faith and moreover Thanksgiving we will be strengthened to go through these events successfully.

God has promised that the kind of extremely grave crisis this thread has warned to will Not destroy the planet, that He will provide the help needed to refrain the demons of international confrontation that have been running over humanity since years ago, but we must approach him with confidence, repented heart and humility.

God bless you on 2019.


The Angel of Lightness

posted on Dec, 7 2018 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

Lets have a look at this prediction of yours:

12) A very important figure in the Western hemisphere will die close to the date of the international crisis in Far East somewhere in the Caribbean or south of United States. Another personality one will also collapse fatally somewhere in Middle East or Eastern mediterranean.

You now seem to be claiming that this validates your prediction:

Those pivoting deaths have already occurred on this 2018: One in the Saudi Embassy of Istanbul, Turkey, the murder at cold blood of a journalist of American media that became an international scandal of unprecedented proportions and the deaths of Senator John McCain and former President George H.W. Bush occurred in Arizona and Texas respectively.

Khashoggi was not exactly a "personality one" - whatever that might mean - and he did not "collapse fatally", he was apparently murdered. You did not predict "murder at cold blood" (I assume you mean "murder in cold blood"). This prediction is so vague anyway.

You did not, of course, mention in your prediction any international scandal resulting from this.

"A very important figure in the Western hemisphere will die"? No kidding! Who could have thought that might happen?
Spooky, eh?

And you now claim that the deaths of McCain and Bush validate your prediction? You seem to be making your predictions so vague (and pretty much a certainty anyway - see above) that you can then seize on any actual occurrences and try to make them fit your "predictions".

Then, if we take this one by way of another example:

2) A really grave institutional crisis for Great Britain, boosted in part by the internal nationalisms that are agitated from the Brexit, like the Scottish one, but also by a very painful transition between Elizabeth II rule to her son Charles , the current Prince of Wales.

I mean, really. Come on. We all know that Brexit is a mess and that it is going to be painful. Yet you claim to predict this?

The Queen is 92 years old and Charles is currently her successor. Charles is not popular here due to the mur....I mean death of Diana and his subsequent marriage to Camilla. So you have made a punt based upon the near certainty that Liz will move on.

These predictions, where they are not either dead on certainties or so vague as to enable you to crow about any old thing that can be made to fit are more like your studying the news and working out some likely outcomes.

God has made a promise to you? At the further risk of being accused of blasphemy by you - of course he did!

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(post by The angel of light removed for a manners violation)

posted on Dec, 7 2018 @ 12:51 PM

originally posted by: The angel of light
a reply to: Skorpiogurl

I am Not selling here nothing so with all respect I also don't expect you buy it.

You do, a load of bovine excrement, and you're right about one thing, I'm not buying it.

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posted on Dec, 12 2018 @ 11:02 AM
a reply to: 2Faced

Well, what it is perceived by reading others impressions depend a lot of who is judging them, from which system of ideas and concepts this is tried to be followed or analyzed.

Seeing or smelling obeys the same rules that distinguish listening from ordinary hearing, only what perception is only able to proceed smoothly can really please the senses.

No body can overcome limitations to enjoy senses easily beyond bounds of education nor dominant ideas on which is raised, they obviously constrain it.

For whom ESP, causal lines, or akasic records, or anything that looks sligthly similar smells the same strong odor rarely will feel roses parfum instead into read them.

That conditioning reaction was really long time ago demonstrated by Pavlov in XIX century and is still used extensively in hypnosis to cure smoking.

I never said my threads are for everybody, or read in anyplace nor that I was an entertainer nor an aromatherapy shop.

So either look for a material that best fit your own cosmology or be sure you are not even closer to W.C. when you check posts of others.

Obviously my posts are not to be read next to a barn.

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Dec, 13 2018 @ 04:46 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

I am not able to make any sense out of any of that, I'm afraid.

posted on Dec, 13 2018 @ 06:35 AM
Yours I actually read on the toilet, to stimulate my bowlmovement. a reply to: The angel of light

posted on Dec, 13 2018 @ 07:19 AM
a reply to: 2Faced

Did you manage to make any sense of it?

posted on Dec, 13 2018 @ 09:23 AM
No, not really, but I must admit I’m not even trying anymore. I just can’t help reacting to his particular brand of delusions, just as he can’t help posting them for us to review and react upon.

a reply to: oldcarpy

posted on Dec, 13 2018 @ 09:33 AM
a reply to: 2Faced

Fair enough. Still, we have his/her predictions for 2019 to look forward to shortly.

Earthquakes in earthquakey regions, a bit of bother in the Middle East, prominent person will die somewhere in the World, Pope still a Catholic, large ursine type animal will defecate in a heavily wooded area, and so on and so forth.

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