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The Journal

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posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 05:13 PM
Really loving these story entries! Love your colorful frogs in your signature too!

posted on Mar, 2 2017 @ 11:33 PM

Journal entry 35

The systems, I don't know where I'm at...I've tried to get back on course to no avail. It's like the ocean is now in control. The lights, luminous lights all over, a thick fog surrounds my boat and I have no way of seeing anything but a few feet in front of me. No way to call for help, no way to navigate out of this...I'm at the mercy of the ocean now.

I'm sitting in the captains chair, waiting for the phenomenon to end. I panicked at first.. no, no, no! This was not happening! Ran around trying to get the boat back under my control. My shadow just sat there, looking at me, watching and waiting for me to come to the realization that my efforts were futile.

It took me a while to understand that this...this was what I'd come here for. There would be no controlling it. I was an observer, I was only meant to monitor the activity, record and analyze the data. Whatever else happened, it was out of my hands.

All my monitoring devices seem to be working fine and I'm focusing on that now. Watching them collect data and trying to understand what the data means. So, that's what I'm doing did. I'm collecting information...proof. Writing down my observations, and waiting, hoping to see if I'll find the answers I seek.

The water seems to be tugging at my boat, pulling and directing it with purpose. The waves, they seem almost alive and the soft rainbows of pastel colored clouds are mixing and weaving themselves around me. If I'm not careful, I could lose myself to the hypnotic dance they perform as they blend together. Each time they merge, they create a new color right in front of my eyes.

Everything, the air, the water, the fog...everything seems to be alive. It all seems fused with some sort of energy, I can feel my skin tingling as it surrounds my body. I can smell it in the air and taste a metallic flavor on my tongue. I would compare it to the aurora borealis lights...but it sooo much more than that!

I thought I had more time before I entered the vortice. There was no real warning, everything was so sudden. It was like it came from no where...the fog. And the electromagnetic readings never really changed. My compass did go haywire, and my communications are dead...but the boat and everything else seems to be running normal. As of this moment, I am unsure if I'm in the center of the vortice or on the edge.

My shadow, he is pacing back and forth on the deck now. Seems to be anxious, yet I can't tell if he is excited or filled with dread. A few times when I looked up from the constant flow of data, I could've sworn he'd taken solid form. That I could see the shine of his eyes and his body seemed more defined. Maybe the energy that is surrounding us is truly bringing him to life, I'm unsure, but the changes I saw seemed real, although just temporary.

I needed a break from looking at the data...and I wanted to write down what I've witnessed so far. Wherever I am, in the middle or on the edge of the vortice...I'm quite happy to know that I'd picked the right time and location to voyage here. The activity and energy levels seems to be at their peak and I'm sure to get enough solid evidence to convince the rest of the world that my theories are sound. What they do with that evidence will be out of my hands.

Back to the data..

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posted on Mar, 2 2017 @ 11:34 PM

Journal entry #36

I've locked myself in the cabin. Things... well, it isn't safe to be out in the fog anymore. My shadow is out there...and he is solid now, well sort of. This morning I found him standing over my bed. And as I opened my eyes and stared at him in shocked dismay, He returned the same look back to me. I'm unsure why, maybe he was just in shock too. One day he's nothing but a dark spot on this world, the next he is a living, breathing entity...that has to be pretty shocking for anyone/thing.

His eyes, they were black as oil, deep pools of tar with a high gloss shine to them. His skin was of a dry, leathery black texture. The cracks and crevices upon the surface made it look as though he had scales. Pencil thin hands with fingertips that came to a point and faded into smoky tendrils. And he had no mouth that I could see, no ears or defined facial features... His nose was beginning to take form but was still just two darker shades of small black holes upon his face.

I looked down to see if he was still connected to me and noticed his feet were still shadow form. At the ankles the "skin" gradually changed into a sticky, tar like liquid, and then that liquid to black smoke, then finally to just two circular shadow imprints where his feet should be. How is he even standing? The weight of his form could not possibly be held up by those ankles and feet.

I slowly shed off my covers and stood up before him...not really knowing what to say or do. He didn't seem to be hostile, he didn't seem to be anything really. An unemotional form, just as confused by this new development as I was. I quickly got dressed and made the motion of heading to the deck. It was too awkward in the cabin, an unsettled, close quarters feeling washed over me and I wanted nothing more than to make my way to the spaciousness of the world above.

As soon as I reached out to touch the door handle, I felt a cold tingling sensation. The feeling started on my shoulder and reverberated through every inch of my being. Looking over my shoulder I saw my shadow had placed his hand on it. The smoky tendrils half visible as the other half of them sunk into and under my shirt. And I could feel the pressure of them as they came to rest not on my skin, but underneath it, on the very bones of my skeletal frame.

Looking up at him questioningly, his eyes remained emotionless as he shook his head slowly from side to side. And as the chill reached the bottom of my feet and released its hold on me, I lowered my hand from the handle, locked the door, and made my way back to my desk.

My shadow, well, he waited until I had sat down and then changed back into his smoky form, walking right through the door and up onto the deck. Seems as though right now he may be able to do so at will. And that is how he is able to stand, he is weightless in this world, able to change his biological makeup to a certain extent. From a solid to a liquid to gaseous form by thought alone.

I've not been brave enough to come out of the cabin since then, been held up inside this room all day. I wonder how long it takes for cabin fever to set in? And, I have looked over the video from my motion/heat sensitive cameras. There are some entities/beings within the smoke. And not just one... I would say hundreds are out there. The thing is, they are not all giving off the same heat signatures. But, the electromagnetic spikes coincide with the infra red data. Maybe they are what my shadow is protecting me from. Or maybe I'm his hostage, a prisoner of some unknown unforeseen casualty.

What is happening to my shadow...and why did he want me to stay in the cabin? Is he protecting me or is he holding me captive? Will he take on a truly solid form? Is his skin and body that he dons now what he will look like after his transformation is complete?

What is it that is in the fog? I have so many more questions now. I've almost given up hope on finding the answers to any of them. But I will continue to seek them out...even if I can solve one I'll be happy. I do know that the electromagnetic readings in this area are through the roof and whatever I find, there will be no way that any of this can be refuted by conventional science.


posted on Mar, 4 2017 @ 01:59 AM
Nice ... again !!

posted on Mar, 4 2017 @ 05:19 PM

Journal Entry #37

After two days of being stuck in the cabin, I'd finally worked up the courage to leave. I looked around for my shadow, thinking he may try to stop me. He was no where to be found and so I opened the door and walked right out onto the deck. I glanced around expecting to see my shadow up there, but he was no where to be found so I went about with my work.

The fog was very light now, I could see about a half mile or so out. The soft pastel colors were barely visible and whatever was left had mixed with something of yet I am unsure what that second substance is. An immense heat, the air stuck to my body. It was like there was some sort of glue floating in the air. Within moments my body was coated with it. It made my skin tingle, an electrical static energy that was constantly moving around upon my epidermis.

The hair follicles kept standing on end as waves of electricity danced about my body. Like a pianist floating his fingers over the ivory keys, the hair would stand up and lay down as the current moved. The longer I stayed out, the more I felt changed somehow. It was as though the substance was trying to alter my biological make up.

And the voices...soft whispers in my head. They started there at least, then echoed their way out into the atmosphere. Thousands of them, uttering random thoughts and words. None of them made any sense. I felt like I was picking up random pieces of conversations, none of them were talking to me though. It was almost musical, a steady drum beat, a beautiful hum, some high notes and low ones that combined together perfectly and never dissipated.

I gathered my data sheets and switched out the SD card in my camera quickly. My hands shaking slightly from fear as well as from the electric energy flowing through them. Every once in awhile I would catch a blurred movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over to focus on it, there would be nothing there. The batteries, I had some in my cabin, I'd forgotten to grab them on my way up. I didn't want to go back down had become a safe house for me, a place that sheltered me through the storm and from the dangers of the deck.

It was also my cage, a prison that I had spent two full days locked up in. I was afraid to leave it yet also afraid to remain. But then I realized that the whole boat was kind of my prison now. No way to control it, no way out. I was still at the mercy of my captors, which is the way I had to think of whatever was outside, as I had yet to figure out if they were friends or foe.

I turned to walk back down to the cabin when I saw it. The vortice was starting to open up. Black as night it stood out against the colorful fog in the sky. I stared at it in wondrous horror. It was about the size of the globe found in The Daily News office building. I assumed it had just opened up...I hadn't seen it while I was busy messing with my equipment. And trust me, it was big enough that you would've noticed it immediately when you stepped on deck.

What luck this was! To be at the epicenter of the phenomenon. Or was it luck? My boat has been out of my control for the last few days, controlled by I don't know what. Was this all coincidence, or part of something much bigger than I'd ever imagined? Still, I took a few minutes to watch it, to observe.

The black sphere was not actually black. It was like a window to another world. Well, maybe another star system. As I peered into it, from my point of observation, I could see that it was actually a night sky filled with stars that I was looking at. Is this a doorway to another world? Am I looking up at the night sky on some other creatures world?

I snatched up the camera and took pictures of it. Zooming in as far as I could, I could see a bit more clearly. It was a night sky, and I could see two moons in their sky. One just slightly smaller than our own, and another, about 1/3rd the size of that. They orbited in union, like a mother and child would stand side by side together.

Amazing...just simply amazing. This is exactly what I had thought. The creatures are from another world, another part of space. They use the vortices to travel back and forth between here and there. But for what purpose? And why can they only open them up at certain times?

I got excited and ran down to the cabin, picking up the batteries and another SD card for my camera. I wanted to replace it again and look at the pictures I just took immediately. As I swung around on my heals to head back towards the door.....he was sitting in the chair.

My shadow, who was no longer a shadow. He was completely solid now. His skin was black as night still, and the scales covered the whole of his body. His facial features were fully developed it looked like. The nose still only two little holes within the center of his face. And his mouth, no more than a slit. I don't think he could open it. I think it was more there for looks than anything else.

His eyes though, they no longer were just black pools. They had life in them. Dancing flecks of gold and red that were constantly moving as though they were microbes floating in some sort of viscous liquid. My shadow, he was truly alive.

He stood up and walked over to me. Thrusting his fist in the space between us, he turned it knuckles up and slowly released one long, sliver like finger at a time until his open palm was visible. He looked at the camera and waited for me to put it in his palm. A few words..."let me", and "don't go up there" popped into my mind. They came as my own thoughts, but I knew they were his. I replied back "why?" and got no further response.

He motioned for me to sit down and turned quickly, walking up the steps and closing the cabin door firmly behind him. That was my day today. I discovered a few things from it though, finally some answers.

My shadow, really shouldn't call it a he. Especially now that I see it has no genitalia. It is now a completely self sustaining organism. So, my theories on how it was feeding off of me were accurate.

The vortice is a doorway to another world. It is opened by the electromagnetic energy of this world, along with whatever energy they use from their world. The fog was a way to combine the two energies, which then allowed the doorway to open. I can say that with almost one hundred percent certainty.

My shadow uses telepathy to speak to me. I thought this awhile back, but never could confirm it before, but there was always a worldly explanation for it. After today, I know for certain that it is able to do so.

And, I have a ton more data to analyze from the last two days worth of recordings. It is going to be a long night, but I am excited to get started. I wonder why my shadow wants me to stay down here though. When I asked it why, it wouldn't (or couldn't) respond. Does it know something I don't? Is the atmospheric conditions on deck harming me? Or is there something it doesn't want me to know...something that I'm not supposed to see?

Hopefully I'll be able to discover the answers to those questions this evening as I work my way through these reports.


posted on Mar, 4 2017 @ 05:21 PM

Journal Entry #38

Well, there is no other solution. I've analyzed all the data. No matter how I work it, the solution is always the same. The night stars I saw in the vortice, I ran them through a star finder. They are within our solar system. It's more than that though.. those exact same stars can be seen from Earth. The distance, the position, brightness...the sky finder program has identified them as part of our visual skyscape.

That is not as surprising as where they are in our night sky. Their celestial orbit shows up, but they are not supposed to be in that location for thousands and thousands of years. It is through predictive software that we can map their elliptical orbits across the sky. This skyscape is from the future.

That means that the vortice is a time dilator. They are purposely coming to these specific sections of time for some reason. What would genderless creatures from a different timeline need from us humans?

I've not seen any other being here on my trip except for my shadow. But, I am assuming that the beings who will be coming through that gate eventually, will look exactly like my shadow...or very similar. The biological make up has to match somewhat, if my theory of them breeding their species here and taking them back to their own time is right.

I think I am right about them using our shadows to reproduce though. It is the only thing that makes any sense. The problem I have with that thought is twofold.

1. Where are the humans from the future and if these are those humans, what happened to us to make us unable to reproduce?

2. If these are the humans from the future, why are they using our shadows to reproduce and not genetic DNA from us?

And, I also have questions about the moon. Through the vortice I saw two moons, one close to the size of our own moon, the other one about a quarter of that one. What did we do to our moon? The larger one was the normal soft yellow glow out moon gives off now. The smaller one had a soft blue glow to it. I'm not sure why.

My shadow, it has been coming and going all through the night. It's been trying out all the different tools and putting on clothes. It seems that it is still learning how to use it's new appendages. The fine motor skills that we as humans start learning from birth it still needs to master.

A few times it stopped and stared at me, I got the feeling it was more curious about my activities more than anything else. The worse part is I'm starting to talk to it. Speaking out loud about my findings and thoughts. It's seems like its a benevolent being though. I no longer fear that it has nefarious thoughts within its head. And, if I ask it to get me something from the deck, it quickly goes and retrieves it for me.

I know, I should not trust it. But when you are out here all alone, and there is no one else to available, how do you not? Eventually the feelings of loneliness and isolation will get the better of you. At least I'm not talking to an inanimate object. And, as I've said it's been very helpful to me.

Oh, my skin, it's still electrically charged. The hair follicles are still dancing like little synchronized swimmers all over my body. I have been finding small blotches of dry skin appearing here and there that itches profusely. But, there has been no other noticeable changes. I've noticed my energy level has increased exponentially. I'm spending more time awake, well, I think it is an energy level increase. It could very well be I'm just excited about my findings.


posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 07:30 AM
a reply to: blend57

You have not bailed on this I hope Blend ...

Hope you are in glorious health !

posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 07:40 AM

Nope..started writing the next entry last night...warm weather has distracted me a little bit though..I must admit. First taste of spring over here and I've got a bit of cabin fever..

Post a few more entries this week sometime...

stay tuned!


posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 08:03 AM
a reply to: blend57

Sounds nice where you are ! Get out and enjoy it as much as you can !

Read you when you are good and ready ...

posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 10:25 PM

Journal Entry #40

The vortice has doubled in size in just a few hours. I've been monitoring it since I woke this morning. I can't see the stars through it anymore, it is day time there as well. Their days must still run similar to our own.

The sky, it is not blue there. It is more of a hazy green mixture of what seems to be luminescent gas. Dark clouds are present, brownish green in color. The looks weird as well. It looks closer to the it's grown in size. I don't know why I cannot see anything more than just the sky. It has to be something to do with the position of the vortice.

I feel like I'm looking up from the ground, as though maybe the vortice was opened flat on the surface of the earth...there certainly isn't anything else visible. I've not seen anyone or anything pass by it either. No shadows or faces or animals or anything that would denote that that world was alive.

I did some measurements on the moons. Couldn't figure out why there was bugged me. Eventually I did figure some of it out though. Somehow, we must've broken our own moon in two. The smaller blue one is equal to the mass that the bigger one lost. It seems to have an atmosphere because when I examined the pictures of it there was definitely some sort of storm moving across its surface.

This is very confusing and worrying to me. The color of the smaller moon, blue, means that it is hotter than the original possibly. That there is potential of it having active volcanoes upon its surface. The volcanic ash,after an eruption, scatters the red particles within its atmosphere and allows other colors to pass through..thus the blue color.The separation of the two moons may have happened just a short time ago(in universal time). So, somewhere in our future, we break the moon. Great...that is not a comforting thought at all.

The green luminescence of our atmosphere on that side of the vortice could be from the temperature of the sun. If the sun was cooling down or had cooled down substantially, and the Earth had tilted on its axle slightly, the entire atmosphere of Earth could look similar to the aurora borealis lights. Additionally, we could've lost some of our magnetosphere. This is also concerning, as our sun is supposed to have billions of years of energy left in it before it dies out. And, what could we have done to Earth to cause the planet to shift on its axis and lose its magnetosphere, as well as break the moon?

The possible solution then? The position of the stars that I measured as being a few thousand years into the future is wrong. With the other data I've collected, the time is way farther in the future than that. Maybe even billions of years. But I cannot measure it exactly with field equipment. It is safe to assume that when ever these beings are is at the end or close to the end of the Earths or suns cycle.

Are they human? I doubt it...I think maybe they are what is left of humans, but I have no solid evidence of that either. As the vortice grows, I am hoping that I will be able to see more and get more answers. It is frustrating...the waiting and wondering, the constant questions and no answers... if only I could find a way to communicate with whatever is on the other side. But until I'm able to do that, all I have is my own observations and whatever evidence my monitoring devices pick up.


Supplemental Entry
I've decided... tomorrow I'm going through the vortice. There is no other way to get the answers I need. No other way to understand what is happening or what did happen to our world. The unanswered questions keep me up at night...I'm no longer capable of waiting patiently for the answers to come. I'm going to seek them out.

I've packed some gear and food into a backpack and am leaving this final note in case something happens and I don't return. So someone hopefully somewhere will find my journal and know.

Hopefully I will be writing more once I return from the other side. If I do not return...well, this will be my last entry. I invite anyone who finds it to continue my work. Complete the investigation. There is something here, all my data proves it. Use whatever you need to find the answers.


posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 10:27 PM

Journal Entry #41

I did it...I jumped through the vortice. I'd tied a rope to the boat rail and wrapped it around my waist and I jumped right through. The rope only allowed me to go about 100 paces in any direction once on the other side.

I'd landed on a soft, sponge like surface. It wasn't really water, but it was wet and as I landed on it the liquid splashed up and hit my stung for a few seconds and then immediately got absorbed into the atmosphere. Felt like when you put alcohol on a wound. My clothes were dripping with it, but the fabric seemed to keep it from stinging the other parts of my body.

The air was barely breathable. The metallic taste that I'd tasted from the fog on my side was heavy there. I could feel it fill my lungs, kept coughing up little shiny flakes of metal mixed with phlegm. I tied my over shirt around my face like a mask, hoping to filter some of the metal out of the air I breathed in.

It was, for all intents and purposes, a sort of ocean bed I was in. As I walked a little bit away from the vortice, the fog seemed to get thicker, but it was only ground level fog. When I looked up, I was still able to see the sky. It seemed more like the normal atmosphere...not a storm or weather anomaly.

In the distance, I saw , for back of better words, a city. It was not built upon the ground was floating in the sky. The buildings were of some sort of metal that attracted light. The suns rays made the walls of the buildings shine, but it wasn't a reflection so much as it was energy pulses. The buildings seemed alive, you could see things moving constantly around just under the surface of it. I felt as though if I cut through the surface, many thousands of bugs would come bursting out from inside it. There was definitely something working, something living, underneath the metallic "skin" of the buildings.

I walked forward a little more... my boots were covered with that liquid now. And as I looked down, I saw smoke emanating from their surface. I figured that it would only be a matter of time before the liquid burned through them. Maybe the acidity of the liquid was ok in small doses that dissolved into the air quickly, but the more that got on you, and the longer it stayed in liquid form, the more potent it was.

The sun was very, very large. It looked two to three times as large as our sun. Yet, it wasn't hot. Not like ours was. I assumed this is why the buildings were the way they were... to collect the energy. It was about 40 degrees where I was at, maybe colder. Yet, it was closer to 70 degrees in my world. The difference in the size of the sun and the temperature of the Earth was telling. This world may be in the second stages of the sun collapsing in upon itself. This world was truly dying.

I took pictures of everything and it was when I was pointing my camera towards the mountain that I felt a push and lost my footing. I stumbled for a few seconds, and then gained my balance. Lowering my camera, I looked around, there was nothing there. So I started to snap pictures again. A few minutes later, I got shoved again, harder. Instead of putting the camera down, I swung around and started to snap pictures in the direction the push came from.

Another push from the opposite direction, I swung around and took some shots. It kept like this for a few minutes. Whatever was doing this was getting more aggressive with each push. The last few made me fall to my knees on the wet spongy surface. But it still kept attacking me, and my knees started to burn as the acid liquid dissolved my jeans and started to burn through my skin. The last few attacks were directed at my head and I instinctually dropped the camera and put my hands up in front of my face.

When I had fell before I must've used my hands to break my fall. And as I swatted and slapped at the invisible predator, the liquid from the surface splattered into my eyes and there was nothing I could do but keep them shut and scream in pain while I kept my head ducked and my hands protecting it. And the thing still kept attacking me. There was no way to fight back, no way to defend myself. To my surprise, after a few minutes, I felt my rope being yanked on. I picked up my camera and allowed whoever it was to guide me back to the vortice, walking all the way on my knees.

The animal, it was relentless in its assault. It never stopped pushing me. A couple of times I felt what I thought was claws or bite marks on my skin. But, I couldn't be sure at the time whether it was the acidic liquid burning me or the animal. I just kept inching my way toward the pull of the rope.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, I felt someone grab a hold of my shoulders and pull me hard through the vortice. My eyes still swelled/burned closed from the liquid, the person took me by the hand and lead me down to the cabin below. I felt the cool water wash over my head as they poured bucket after bucket over it, trying to rinse off the acidic liquid from the other world.

A few minutes later, I was lead over to the bed and I felt my head being wrapped with a cool compress, my clothes being pulled off my body, and a hand pressing on my chest, forcing me to lay back. I fell asleep there, I'm not sure how long I was out, hours or days maybe. The cold compress had been changed a few times. My eyes felt like they were better and when I took off the compress to see my surroundings, I noticed that everything looked different. Everything was out of focus, blurry. I could make out what things were, but nothing was clear.. it was like looking at everything through a glass of water.

I stood up and looked into the mirror. My face was all black, slimy scales. My eyes were swollen almost shut and had a thin layer of mucus over the them. I looked down at my hands and they too were covered in scales. I scraped at one with my finger nail. It fell off revealing the pink flesh of a human being underneath it. I let out a sigh of relief as I realized these were probably the scabs from the burns I'd gotten on the other side.

The places on my body where I'd gotten what felt to be bites and claw marks proved to be just that. There were gouges of skin taken out of me, some had obviously been very severe, as they had been sewn up. The others were left to scab over and had the same slimy scales on them as my face and hands.

I checked out my gear, the camera was fine and my backpack was in ok condition. A few holes in it, but nothing too terrible. I was just about to go up to the deck when my shadow came down. It stared at me for a few seconds and then pulled me over back to the bed.

As soon as it knew I wasn't gonna try to get back up, it grabbed my camera and went back up to the deck. I assume it was trying to capture some of the anomalies that I'd missed while I was sleeping. It hasn't come back down yet so I'm not sure exactly what it's doing at the moment.

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posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 10:28 PM
I do know that it was the one who saved me. It pulled me out of the vortice and treated my wounds. Whatever it turns out to be, it is not evil. And it seems like it is willing to help me...which I'm very grateful for. I'd be missing out on a lot of data if it wasn't for my shadow...and I owe it my life. Very few humans would've done what it did and I would've never expected some other species to try and save my life. For now, I have no choice but to consider it a friend and ally.

That's where I'm at right now. Stuck below deck once again, waiting for my wounds to heal. I did manage to get a ton of samples from the other world, and a lot of pictures. I'll be looking through those as soon as my eyes heel a bit more.

For now though, I just need some more rest. My body still aches and my mind is sore from that whole experience. Hopefully what I have collected will be worth what I went through to get it.

all for now,

posted on Mar, 9 2017 @ 01:12 AM

That was intense ...

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posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 07:54 AM

Journal Entry #42

I'm not healing like I thought I would. My wounds are healing, but the black shiny scabs are not going away. Seems like they will be a permanent part of my skin now. I've become a odd mix of that world and this one. I think I my body was changing before I went through the vortice. Remember when I wrote that my skin was dry and itchy? I think that was the start of it. Just when I went through the vortice it speeded up the process. I'm becoming non human.

I analyzed the metal flakes and they are not just metal. I can't identify the alloy, but I do know that it is alive. Seems like everything from that world is alive. Even though the world itself is close to death. It's too late now for me, the substance is inside me, in my bloodstream and my skin, it is part of me. I guess life truly does find a way. Even in the most extreme conditions, it will find a way to continue keep living... adapt or die, live or become nonexistent.

I found out where my shadow goes when he disappears. He is traveling through the vortice. I saw him go through this morning. I was well enough to go on deck, and I saw him go through as I came topside. He was gone for a few hours this time. I think he knows exactly what is going on here. I think he could tell me everything I need to know. But he remains silent.

The vortice is huge now, takes up most of the sky. The fog that is surrounding us is thick and full of that metal. I have to cover my face when I leave the cabin, the air is just as dangerous on this side as it was on the other. And no matter how much I change my lungs were not meant to breath it in. I get the feeling that it is close to the time that whatever is going to happen will happen.

I've been on this boat for a week now, floating around at the mercy of the ocean water. Drifting wherever it takes me. But I don't think that I have been drifting anywhere. I think that maybe I've been caught in this time anomaly, stationary in one spot. I doubt that anyone from my world even knows where I'm at. Depending on when this all ends, I could end up being another missing vessel, notated and documented, but never to be seen again.

No matter, I can't focus on that now. I need to keep concentrating on what I'm finding here. Keep documenting what's been occurring. If I do survive this, I'll need every scrap of evidence I can gather in order to prove my findings. I need to focus on what I'm doing and forget about the real world...I may never see it again anyways.

My shadow, I'm gonna make it sit down with me tonight and answer some of my questions. I know it can at least send a few words/thoughts to my head. It has done that before. It's been traveling through the vortice regularly now, there has to be something or someone that it is meeting on the other side. There has to be a reason. I'm going to find out what that reason is. And I'm not taking no for an answer.

I've looked at the pictures from when I was being attacked. Most of them were just blurry, couldn't make out anything at all. But there was two pictures that showed something. Still blurry, but definitely there was a creature there. One of them was filled up with scaly like feathers and the other had captured what I believe to be a claw. I am assuming this is some type of bird. A new species that isn't even alive here in our time. And maybe the scales serve a dual purpose. Maybe they also cloak him when he is hunting prey. Whatever the case...the animal is larger than any birds we have now.

The scales are on everything, makes me think that maybe they are needed in that world, for survival. All the creatures seems to have them, well, the ones I've seen...the "bird" and my shadow, and now myself. It must be to keep you from getting burned by the acid water, like armor... the metal flakes have to be what is causing it. Or maybe the combination of the two, the acidic water and the metal flakes together.

I do wish to note again my feelings of stickiness and electrical energy I felt a few days ago when the vortice was first starting to form. I am starting to think that the air was fused with electromagnetic particles, which attached to me, then the metal flakes were able to attach to me as well. A negative/positive charge type thing. This would make sense, it would allow the metal to adhere and grow upon my skin, like a fungus. Yet, this fungus serves a purpose, it protects me from the harsh conditions of the other world.

Most always, even in harsh conditions, species find a way to live cohesively with one another. This "fungus" could be a helpful one. It could be the very thing that keeps future humans alive. Whatever the case...I will be getting some of these questions answered tonight, as soon as my shadow comes back from his excursion on the other side.


posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 07:55 AM

Journal Entry #43

And it was not on the defensive at all. I suppose it knew what I was up to. Seemed prepared for me. I walked down to the cabin and it was already there, sitting at my desk, waiting. I didn't even have to ask one just looked up at me and handed me a book. The book looked old, beat up. The cover was made from something similar to leather. But the inside was actually a computer.

I opened it up and a hologram jumped up from the pages. A half human half machine looking type man started talking. "I'm a scientist from the Bauyer institute. We've been trying for many years to correct the environmental problems of this planet. I'm sorry to say that all our efforts have failed. It's been my life's work, yet, as I come closer to the end of my cycle, I'm finding that we are no closer to solving them then when we started. Inside these pages you will find the history of our planet since the issues began...maybe someone in the future will be able to use this as well as my research to solve the problems that we've failed to. Chapter one, the beginning of it all..."

I looked up at my shadow and it just stared back at me for a few seconds then left the room. I devoured the contents of the book, spent the whole night reading, well into the wee hours of the morning. It pretty much explained everything...

Apparently I was right on quite a few things. The vortice is opened at very specific times throughout the year. The scientists there started it hundreds of years ago. Apparently they've been faced with mass extinction for awhile now. The planet is dying...but it isn't natural is man made. A big war happened about thousands of years prior to their time, and the new weapon we had was so devastating, it ruined the whole balance of the ecological system.

The weapon was supposed to be more environmentally friendly. Engineered to only hurt humans...not touch any other living thing on this planet. That way, whoever was left at the end of a war would still have the environmental resources and the planet would remain unharmed. Biological, it would seek out and destroy only human dna, offering a quick and painless death after a few minutes of breathing the poisonous substance in.

They thought it would be the most effective and environmentally safe way to settle any dispute. After all, war was a human issue...why should any other living thing have to become collateral damage? The weapon was actually invented by a scientist that was tired of the mass destruction and/or pollution of our planet. He wanted to minimize that damage and so invented the chemical part of the weapon, collaborating with other scientists to eventually perfect it. But as with all good things, there also is a potential for bad too.

So, all nations got rid of nuclear weapons and started using this in warfare instead. But, there was a couple things they didn't realize would happen. The first is they used electromagnetic energy to "explode" the device. There was really no explosion though, not like the bombs of today. They thought that the chemicals would dissipate into the air eventually and there would be no remaining effects. They were wrong. Every time they used the bombs...the chemicals accumulated in our atmosphere...and eventually changed it into the green haze they now have.

Because it was in the atmosphere and not as concentrated, it didn't destroy the human race, after years of breathing it in, the chemicals altered us. Changing our internal structures and eventually turning us into what they look like now. It was a slow process...and by the time they figured out the source of the changes, it was too late...the damage was done.

The second is that they used biobots to help create the electromagnetic explosion. Biobots kept the explosion isolated, and controlled. They were supposed to "die" when the weapon was used...but that didn't happen. In the preliminary tests done, they looked for the biobot signatures after the explosion and found none. What they didn't know is that when the explosion happened, the electromagnetic charge changed that signature...thereby making them untraceable.

Once they realized that the biobots were still working, they tried to deprogram them. But because they were supposed to die off after the explosion, no one thought there was a need for remote access. Basically the biobots were made with very minimal programming and once they were programmed, there was no reprogramming. They did their best to figure out a way...just never could find one.

These things were still in the air, trying to do their job, which was solely to create electromagnetic explosions. And each time they used the weapon, thousands more of these things were released into the atmosphere. Eventually they were so numerous that there was no getting rid of them. And that is what the little metallic flakes are that I was breathing in. Not metal flakes...but little micro machines.

They stopped using the weapon eventually, but all the damage was done. The chemicals remain in the atmosphere and won't dissipate. The biobots remain as well. They have been trying to destroy them but it has proven to be an impossible venture. One thing that the hologram said is that he believes that the biobots have found a way to reproduce...which means they have become aware to a certain extent. They were not programmed to do such a thing, but every time the air is tested, it seems that they've increased in numbers.

The electromagnetic charges they give off seems to increase the chemicals in the atmosphere as well. They are not sure why that is happening either. But there is a definite correlation between the charges and the increase in chemicals. What we did, us humans, is create a world wide living organism by releasing a biological chemical into the atmosphere and providing it with the energy needed to live.

The biobots were/are changing me, every one that I breathe in still is programmed to do one thing...create an electromagnetic explosion. Which is changing my own electromagnetic field. This is what must've happened with every creature on the planet. They were presented with new living conditions and life does what it's suppose to, adapt or die. I was right about the scales and the fungi and the bird. They are all adaptations of different living things from our time....


posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 07:56 AM
The moon was broken a long time ago...ripped apart. We started mining it in 2020. A few thousand years from now, we'll have depleted enough of the mineral that holds it together for it to crack and break apart. We didn't know...but there were warning signals. A big chunk of it tore off and somehow, managed not to fall out of orbit. We used the biobots to charge that piece as well. This was their first "official use", but they were being tested way before then. They are now holding the small moon together, and the blue color means that they are still working. If it ever changes to another color, that means that it is time to "replace the batteries".

The moon breaking apart caused some issues down on the planet. The Earths wobble became more sporadic. Extreme weather conditions started to occur world wide. It changed the very face of the planet. Where the vortice is there used to be the very ocean my boat is floating in. It no longer is there. The water anywhere on the Earth is slightly acidic. In some areas (like in the ocean bed I was in) it is more severe. They have to use purifiers now to drink anything.

Now, they are making these trips back in time to try and find a solution to those effects and others. They are breeding here...not capable of reproducing anymore. They were just making humans in labs, but after a time, the dna strands they had got corrupted. Now they have no way of increasing the population or making pure human beings.

Coming back to the times before all that happened allows them to get pure samples of everything. The air, water, animals...human dna. They are desperately trying to fix their polluted world. The book showed me a place that they have underground, the air is constantly purified, as is the water. There are normal plants and animals there. It is like they've set up a controlled ecosystem of some sort.

And my shadow? Well, they have through the years developed a way to take a form of dna from the electromagnetic signature your shadow holds. Everything in this world holds a set of instructions, even your shadow...everything has a code. The instructions that your shadow holds are a simplified version of the ones your body was made from. So, they were able to access that code and use it to create the very basic "shadow" life form of a human. It took them years to develop this, to get the process just right. And there were many failures. Some of them are still living in our world, living in the darkest recesses under cover of night.

Your shadow is an extension of you... it is within your personal EM field. I was right in the fact that they are growing their young here. They let them live in this environment with us, allow us to take care of them, until they are grown. Then they harvest.

The "city" I saw was really just a in between place. It allows the humanoid to get acclimated to their new world after they have been harvested from ours. To get it's lungs and body in tune to the atmosphere. That is where the shadow people gain their true forms.

Those are the main things I think. My shadow hasn't returned yet and I'm ready for bed, it's been a long and revealing night.

I'll write more after I get some sleep...


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Lokking forward to the next entry !

posted on Mar, 19 2017 @ 07:30 AM

Journal Entry #44

I woke up to a group of them surrounding me. Tried to get out of bed but I couldn't move. They all looked like my shadow, black scaly skin, black eyes, a slit for a mouth. I just laid there and watched as they did whatever they were doing. I wanted to get up, but, no matter how hard I tried, my body wouldn't respond.

My shadow was at the foot of the bed, watching as they performed their experiments on me. I didn't feel anything, matter of fact, all I felt was a state of euphoria. A peaceful, calm emotion coupled with a state of bliss I couldn't explain. Why would I be happy, they were doing things to me for Christ's sake.

So, my battle was with my mind, making sure I saw everything they did and didn't succumb to whatever it was that was making feel so damn content. I wasn't content, not at all. I was pissed! And...even though I knew I couldn't do anything about what was happening, I could still be pissed...I wasn't gonna let anyone have control over my mind and emotions.

I fought to stay alert and stay focused. I made sure that I remembered every detail. A few minutes after they left, I was able to move again. I quickly jumped up and went up to the deck, ready to give my shadow a piece of my mind. But, it was gone too...seems like it spends more time over in that world then it does here now. No matter, I will give it a piece of my mind when it returns, because it always comes back.

What they did to me...well, it wasn't inhumane. But it wasn't very nice to experience either. I laid there in bed as they took bits and pieces of me. A surgical laser, hand held, was used to slice off a bit of human skin and some of the black scaly scabs that I had on me. It never made a mark on my body, no blood or wound appeared. But once they were done, the huge chunk of skin was missing and there was a scar in its place.

One of them took something and inserted it into my belly button. I could feel the instrument moving around inside me...but I never felt any pain. I watched as one of the probing strands got too close to the surface, the outline of it running across the length of my skin, underneath it. Imagine a finger on the inside of you running the length of your midsection. That is what it looked like.

A small vial was placed on the end of a device and some sort of liquid was fed through it, a dark, metallic substance that moved similar to mercury as worked its way through the tube. My skin was energized, my veins expanded as it made its way through me, and I watched as my veins swelled to twice their original size as the substance mixed with my own blood. Eventually after it worked its way through my entire body the veins went back to their normal size.

My right eye was popped out. I saw it in one of the creatures hands. They measured it, taking note of its dimensions, eye color, shape. Then it took a sharp metal needle and stabbed the pupil, and I watched as it pulled some liquid out, then replaced it with something else. I am unsure what. Then the same was done with the left.

My eyes, even though they were outside the socket, I still could see out of them. I'm beginning to think that they were never removed. That maybe whatever was holding me stationary on the bed also was able to make me hallucinate so I didn't feel any pain. Many times you hear about someone disassociating with their body if the pain is unbearable. I now wonder if they are able to induce that in someone. I wonder if they did that to me.

There was a soft humming in the background, barely detectable. I believe that that could've possibly changed the frequency of my EM field or maybe it blocked my neuroreceptors. I think that hum was what caused me to be paralyzed and not feel the pain. Sometimes it would get louder or softer, which seemed to coincide with the work they were doing. It also gave me the sense of peace that I experienced. That feeling was so powerful it kept putting me into a REM state, they were trying to keep me captured in the musings of my own mind, to keep me oblivious as to what they were doing to me.

But I was able to counteract those emotions somehow. Able to break the hypnotic state that the hum put me in and keep focused on what was happening around me. Do I think they had any intention of causing me physical harm? No. They were more like doctors performing minor surgery or scientists examining an unknown species. I still didn't like it and felt violated afterwards.

The worst thing they did was insert something into my cerebral cortex through my nose. I remember one of them pulling out a small Petri dish like container. It rubbed the gel from that container under my nose and I felt a tingling sensation travel up through my nostrils and into my head. Whatever was in that gel was capable of passing through the blood/brain barrier and inserting itself into my brain. I felt it as it chose its path, but I didn't feel any pain while as it worked its way through my system.

Now I feel like I may have some sort of tracking device or monitoring system inside me. I don't know what they put in my bloodstream or if any of it was taken back out. Am I walking around with little biobots inside me? I mean, I know there were some from just breathing in the air, but these ones specifically placed into my bloodstream must be programmed with a different directive. Why would they put them inside me?

The technology they have is so much more advanced then ours. Yet, it seems that because of the state of their world their advancements were mostly made in the medical field. I do remember a few other things. Bright lights overhead, a sense of being in between worlds. The feeling of floating was present too. But all that could've been the effects the hum caused.

Now as I wait for my shadow to return, I realize that maybe this is what they do to learn more about the actual physical make up of a traditional human species. It would be no different then what we'd do to them or to a caveman we found in the ice. They are searching for a cure, a way to become human again. And also, searching for a way to save their world. Everything they do in our time has meaning, is done strictly for that purpose.

These are not evil creatures. They are us, in the future, seeking to continue the survival of our race. And as much as I hated being used and examined, I can't help but feel that if I was put in a similar position, I would do the same. I also feel a bit of admiration and respect for our species. Knowing that we still haven't given up hope even in those extreme is part of what makes humans human.

I have to go change out the SD cards and analyze the data. Also, I just realized I haven't eaten for a long time. Need to do that, although I haven't been hungry for a long time either. I wonder if that is a side effect of the change I'm going through?

All for now..


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Journal Entry#45

Today there was more scales on my body, I looked more like one of them than I did one of us. My hair has been falling out and is almost gone. My eyes are turning black. This has only been twenty four hours since they examined me. I fear that they are trying to make me one of them. Possibly watching and documenting how the change occurs so they may find some "cure" to their problem.

On the plus side my vision has cleared is better than perfect. I'm stronger now, my bones feel like they've been infused with some type of power protein. My muscles have become more defined and my heart is beating stronger, more rhythmic than it was before. I am hearing voices, like in the beginning. They are stronger now and I can separate them into different groups. I can choose which conversations I wish to hear and I swear that I participated in some a few times. This comes and goes, according to maybe the changes that are occurring inside me.

I wanted to note that I saw a plane fly through the vortice today. It was a Boeing 747. And it didn't go through at regular flew through as though it was being pulled by a tractor beam.

It was so close to me I could see that there the people inside it. There were little balls of light surrounding it, three or four of them flying in a circular path around the plane. I ran down to the cabin and grabbed my shadow by the shoulder and brought it back up with me. We both watched as the plane disappeared through the vortice.

I threw a questioning look at my shadow and screamed "why?" inside my head. In response I got an image of a hospital like room with patients in the beds and doctors performing checks on them. This is when I realized the truth. We were nothing but guinea pigs for them. A means to an end. I asked it where they were taking those people and it gave me an image of the city...and then some tunnels and the underground ecosystem they'd set up.

I got the impression that some would be used as DNA samples and others would be used to populate the underground ecosystem. But why would they need to do that? According to the book, they were able to use our shadows "DNA" in order to reproduce...why would they need to take live samples? And, if they have been taking people for all these years...why are they still using our shadows for reproduction?

None of this made since to me and as I struggled to find the solutions my shadow put a hand on my shoulder, looked straight into my eyes, and a small sentence flashed into my head "I will take you" and then "tomorrow". I was not excited about this at all. I shook my head no and, after I collected all the data made my way down to the cabin. There was no way I was going to with it tomorrow. No way I was going to watch people suffer and not do anything about it.

But then, after a few hours, I decided that I should go. That it was a necessary step to take in order to understand fully what was going on. And, the more data that I collected, the more evidence I had, the better chance that someone would listen when I got back to civilization. I could take my small camera and some portable monitoring devices, as well as have my shadow to get me to the city safely. No fear of attacking birds or whatever other dangers were about. It would take me and protect me from all that. And maybe I would have a better understanding of what was truly happening after the journey.

I went back up top and told my shadow I would go. Only if I was allowed to document the trip. It agreed that I may and told me that the safest time to travel was early morning. So, I will be going to the city tomorrow. I will witness and document what they do with the people they take from our time and I will not be able to do anything about it. I just hope and pray that it isn't as nefarious as the picture my shadow flashed into my head made it out to be.

When I get back I will write down what happened. Good or bad, it needs to be told. Tomorrow should be quite interesting. I am excited yet filled with dread at the same time. And I will leave my journal here, so if I do not return at least someone will know...if they find it.


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Once again blend a stunning post.

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