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The Journal

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posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 12:20 AM

The Journal

I was cleaning out my attic of my cabin and found an old journal in one of the boxes. Worn and battered, the pages aged with time, I sat down to read it and felt compelled to share the writings. It is weird, what the journal is about. There are no pictures, some hand made drawings here and there...but the subject matter, well, I find it to be quite interesting.

I'll be posting a few pages over time, have to transfer them from the original source as the pages of the journal are too worn to scan in. (you would be barely able to read them anyway, as I am having a hard time myself with the hard copy) I'll only be posting the really unusual entries so anyone who wants to read them can. As I said, this man, whoever he is, has quite a different outlook on life. Well, I'll let you read it for yourself....

Journal entry pg. 8

There, it's right there, but you can't see it. Too caught up in your daily lives to notice, gotta take the kids to soccer're on carpool duty this week. Too many other things on your mind to just ... see...clearly. The busyness is needed though. Can't stop the energy from flowing, can't stop the momentum of the machine. ..can't stop people from living.

I was of the mind that only certain things lived in this world. And that everything living could fit into some neat little box, that it could be categorized and subcategorized. It wasn't until I found out that things act differently when they aren't being observed that I truly understood. It changed my perception of the world and allowed me to see clearly for the first time ever in my life.

And what would that new world look like...the one that I see now, the one that only I understand is there? Not much different then what you could see, but you just don't take the time to look. For me, well, let me tell you, my eyes are wide open now...and what I've observe most people can't even conceptualize.

The Shadow

Like parasites, they feed off of us...that's how they sustain themselves. Every bad deed we've ever done acts like a source of food for them. I've witnessed this myself, in real time. I watched a girl steal a tube of lipstick from a store... witnessed the act of her putting it in her purse. It was right at that moment, when she made the decision to do so, that I saw a small wispy string of black smoke slowly make its way down her back and get sucked up into her shadow. And her shadow changed, the soft pale shade of grey it was turned into a slightly darker one. Neither the girl nor the shadow knew that I was looking. I doubt the girl would've done the deed if she'd known. I guess even humans act differently when they think they're not being observed.

That was the first time I noticed it, there have been many others since then. Always when we do bad things, always when we tarnish our soul and psyche a bit. And also, sometimes, when we are highly emotional about good things. It seems it isn't the acts we do, but how much emotional energy we produce and how much of it they can feed off of. A small release of emotional energy may not even be noticeable. It may be that these things are constantly feeding, using us as an intravenous food source. That is what I've come to beleive anyways, after a few years of observing the phenomenon.

And when the parasite gets strong enough, it becomes aware. After feeding off of sooo many emotional deeds, it gains knowledge. Whether that knowledge comes from the acts it feeds off of or just through observation I am unsure. But, it does eventually become more... a thinking, self sustaining being. Capable of making choices and decisions, with all the basic instincts of survival, just like every other living thing on this planet.

You see, once something becomes aware that it's alive, it automatically develops the basic instincts of survival. It wants to live, and will find a way to do so, no matter what the cost. This is quite normal for any living organism. And it is quite normal for a species to develop certain characteristics that will help them live.

Take a simple field mouse for instance. It is a small, discreet animal that relies on its ability as a scavenger. It uses its size as a form of stealth, being able to go mostly unnoticed by larger animals while it spends its day feeding off of the scraps that other, much larger animals leave behind. And, it will do so without us even noticing for the most part. Being totally oblivious to the activities of such creatures, except for on some rare occasions when we actually take the time to look.

This is much the same way the shadow people work. They feed off of our emotional energy in the same manner. They wait for us to leave the crumbs behind, so they can pick them up as we go through our daily lives. Using stealth and camouflage they go completely unnoticed. And, we feed them intravenously while we toil away at our daily tasks, unaware that there is a parasite feeding off of us.

Our emotional energy is the most valuable energy we have and the strongest energy there is in the world...and there is a never ending supply of it. It can start wars or make peace, it can make dreams happen or cause us to take our own lives. The most powerful energy force within the world, and it is kept within the confines of the human body. Each and every one of us able to harness that power whenever we wish. Wouldn't it make sense then that eventually, something would find a way to make it its food source?


posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 12:20 AM

Have you ever felt drained when you are in a group of people? Can't be around a certain person for too long, or you feel weak and tired? It is not the person that makes you feel this way, it is their shadow. Insatiable, close to being able to free itself from the chains of its host, it needs more food to survive. No longer can it sustain itself on just one seeks a larger supply, and that is when it starts to feed off of others. The energy vampire you often hear of is not the person, it is the parasite attached to the person.

So far, I've been able to figure out all the stuff above by simply observing. The major characteristics are: they feed off of our emotional energy (both good and bad), they grow and become aware, after a certain time they can detach themselves from a single host and feed off of multiple people when one person can no longer sustain them. (both right before they detach and also afterwards)

Some additional info not mentioned above: They also fade out of existence in the absence of light. I do not know where they go, I just know they're gone and can come and go whenever they please from any light source. Whether they are interdimensional beings or not is also unknown. As well as whether or not they get replaced when one detaches itself from you. I assume they do, as once any animal becomes aware, they will replicate in order to increase their numbers. It is part of the survival instinct of any species.

They cannot physically harm you, but they do and can observe you once they detach from the host. (those shadow movements you catch out of the corner of your eye, well, they are not just your imagination.) I'm unsure if they observe you to pick a new host to feed off of for awhile or are just interested in human behavior. If they learn or gain knowledge while being attached to us, it may very well be that they are observing you out of habit.

My shadow, well, it knows that I'm aware of its existence. I see it act on its own/independently of me from time to time. But I don't think it's quite at the point where it is ready to detach from me yet...and it does feed off of other people. We play the game, pretending that it's nothing more than a space that is blocked from light. We go about our day, living as though we are just like everyone else.

At home, when no one else can see, that is when it becomes a separate entity. And I, well I have learned to just accept it. I turn my head the other way or blame it on a trick of the eye just like everyone else. Even though I know the real cause. Because, even when you know, your brain still can't accept the reality of it all. So, you have two options, embrace it fully and go insane or just accept it and move on, knowing but never acknowledging that its real.

That's all for now. Trying to summarize this isn't easy and I've grown quite tired as the candle burns low upon my desk. Perhaps tomorrow I'll write more, when my head is once again clear and I have a better handle on things.


posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 12:55 AM
a reply to: blend57

As always ... intrigueing and kept me interested ...

Well done Blend !

posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 01:56 AM
Wow, that was amazing!!!!

posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: blend57

Another awesome one!

posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 01:52 PM
Truly profound. You are a wise person. So much good information for the dilettante.

But why does a person have to go fully insane to accept this as reality? It's just another facet undiscovered and undisclosed to the masses. Very sane people believe in much stronger themes of invisible creatures and can still go about their daily lives. Angels and demons are the first narrative that comes to mind.

Shadow being parasites should be easy to accept. Just like any progeny born of you, you need to rear it and embrace it like a child. Talk to this being, teach it, show it respect like any other living creatures, and eventually you may mold it to have a more beneficial, symbiotic relationship.

You can teach them not to sip too deep and leave you drained. You can teach them not to sip on your friends and family. You can teach them to share information in subtle ways. Or give back some of the energy when you are in desperate need. I can go into a whole thread on this. Maybe some other time.

posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 02:36 PM
Timely, Night Star, Jdennis10...

Thank you guys for taking the time to read and comment, always like hearing your thoughts and will be posting follow up journal entries here as I write, hopefully you will enjoy those ones as well.


Alas, I have not had the luck of talking or interacting with my shadow...but it would be very interesting to see what she would do/how she would be. So, not that wise of a person unfortunately. But, I do have an active

As for the insane part, as the story progresses (hopefully) you will see that he becomes a bit more involved in the "out there" thoughts. The thoughts that he wouldn't have had if his perspective hadn't changed due to noticing the shadow people. This story is what sets him on his path to insanity.

He still has some wits about him and is reaffirming that he needs to keep one foot squarely in this world so he doesn't "lose it" totally with that last statement. But, he will eventually lose his mind if the story goes the way I think it will. Usually I let the story write itself though, so, there is no telling what will happen. But, that is the direction I expect it go in.

Thank you for your thoughts/comments and hopefully you will see some additions to this story shortly, which will make it a bit more clear as to where it's heading...


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posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 06:27 PM
a reply to: blend57

If you don't add the other journal entries here and make a thread for each one, please send me a PM so I won't miss them. Thanks!

posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 08:48 AM

Journal Entry 12

Time, it seems so simple to all of you. You have so many hours in the day, so many ticks on your watch. You keep track of every second, thinking that they all matter, make the most of them you say. You think time is a forward moving measurement, something that tells you when the present moves to the past. When the day is over, how many years you've been on this earth...etc

That's all a lie...a trap to keep you from knowing the truth. If you understood the truth, you would not function like your supposed to. And they need us to keep doing what we're supposed to. It is in this way that they keep the illusion going, keep us bound to this reality, this dream we're in.

You did get one thing right though, time is not a true unit of measure...but the part you got wrong is, it is NOT a man made concept. It was done purposely by...something else. It offers us a constant validation that this world is real, it reinforces the idea that this world and what happens in it can be measured... but it really is nothing more than a smoke screen. Something that constantly offers you validation with each glance at a watch.

The real world doesn't have time, not in the way you perceive it. It doesn't flow in a line, doesn't move forward in one flows around you. You ... you are the one that is creating time, it is not something outside of you. You create scenarios in your mind, you act them out, and assign it a spot in either your past memories or present ones...sometimes even place them into "the future" category.

Déjà vu is not a few seconds of your brain catching up. It is quite honestly, a scenario you've played out in the past that you are remembering, with a slightly different spin to it. Maybe you didn't get the end right, maybe you didn't learn the lesson...but for some reason, you chose (or were ordered) to do it again and that is why you feel like it has all happened before...

I sit here and watch the minutes tick away, knowing that it is not real. My habits are formed around it, my movement, hunger for food, sleep patterns...everything revolves around time. Do you think that is accidental? Do you think that anything in this world is accidental? It isn't. Not when it comes to the design of it. It is all precisely laid out, planned to perfection.

The littlest microbe interacts either directly or indirectly with every thing on this planet. If one species dies off, many more will follow because of it. It is not time that causes this, it is not evolution or thousands of years of changes to the is all pre-planned, predetermined actions. If you notice, it is not long after one species dies off that a new species is discovered. And, if you also notice, that new species is more fitted to live in the world as it is now and will be in the near future. Do you think this is a coincidence?

But that is another tale, another journal entry...

Time, imagine you are in the middle of a sphere that holds an infinite number of scenarios you can choose from. Some of those scenarios are preset, you have no control over whether or not they will occur, but when they occur you can control by the choices you make.

For instance, death is imminent. It is a fixed outcome. The moment of death can be manipulated though. Through your choices. Whether or not you drink, whether or not you smoke, do drugs...those are your choices. And they can extend or shorten your "time" in this sphere exponentially. But, you are not exactly experiencing a forward movement of time..

It is all around you, and the choices are all around you. We cannot have a forward moving timeline if we have freedom of choice. Because, those choices, they make it take a side road or alternate route if you will. And there are so many choices that we can make, but those side roads all lead to the same end result..death is imminent.

So, they circle around one another and come back to that point.. A fine weave of lines that revolve around you and your choices. If we are living in a sphere of choices, there is no time..only choices and living out those choices we make until we come to the end of life within the sphere.

So, time is only moments... moments we choose to create with our own mind. That is why when you are in a moment, it feels like an eternity (when you are in school, if feels like forever to graduate) and when you are done and look back, it seems like only seconds have past by...because it was only seconds.

In the reality, we are all in our own separate spheres, sometimes interacting with one another, sometimes not. And some people, the ones who seem to be watching you, following you, they are observers of a different kind. ( again, I'll write a separate entry..)

We are, everyone, living these lives we live in mere moments. Maybe it is a new type of drug, maybe it is a game we're playing...but this is not the real world, and we are not living it in real time...because time doesn't exist here.

I believe that the shadow people live outside these spheres. That's why they come and go whenever they want.. and light, light has something to do with entering and exiting these individual worlds...

Also, I think they have to feed off of our energy in order to jump spheres...maybe they have no choices/moments of their own to experience, so they experience ours. I don't have all the answers. But I do know they are not inter-dimensional beings, they live on this plane with us, they coexist just slightly outside of our visual spectrum.

I watch as my shadow plays mind tricks with knows I know. It manipulates the light, looming on the wall behind me, watching and reading every word I write. Sometimes, no matter how much I wish to pretend, my shadow wishes to make sure I know...and I struggle to not let the madness of it all and what it means take a hold of me. So much I have learned...yet, I can't let it engulf me, the knowledge I've obtained or my shadow messing with me... I need to keep my faculties firmly planted in this world, while I explore this alternate one that's being presented to me..

That's all for now, I've grown weary of writing and, as I said, my shadow is playing tricks with my mind...


posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: blend57

Nice the space or distance it takes for time crosses that space as time is the point in infinities loop... but twist that loop and two circles appear the amoeba that tears itself apart to make time for something else out of that void. The intent becomes the shadow as the mad hatter yells; "Trade places!" at the table of cause and effect.

posted on Feb, 4 2017 @ 01:42 PM

A short journal entry...thought it'd be good to post. There is the actual entry further below, number 22...but I thought this entry was also relevant...

Journal entry- supplemental

I'm sitting in a room absent of all light. I made the room so I could get some reprieve from my shadow. It seems like he is playing psychological games. Today, while I was reading, he moved from the place where the light had cast him, all the way around to face me, taking the size and stature of a human being, arms crossed, staring at me. He no longer was "attached" to my body, there was no dark line that you could follow leading to my form. He had become a separate entity, no longer needing me and moving freely of his own will.

I watched as he stood there, both of us staring at one another, he no longer wanted to play games, was done pretending. My pen dropped from my hand and as I bent to retrieve it and looked up, he was back where he belonged. Things like this have been happening for a few weeks now. And even though I know the truth, it is still difficult for me to accept it. Still difficult for me to see it materialize before my eyes.

So, when I've had all that I can stand, I come to this room, sit in total darkness, until my mind is clear again. If it was not for this room, I would've been on the brink of insanity by now. This room, filled with nothing but darkness, and a small lantern that I can turn on from time to time. Although, it gives just enough light to do small things in, like write and read. But it is all under my control here, and my shadow, my shadow cannot reach me in this room...nor can the rest of the world. I am truly alone, truly on my own, and can immerse myself in my thoughts.

Journal Entry #22

There are some things I've figured out about how the shadow people manipulate light in order to enter and exit this world (after they've detached themselves from their host) It has to do with the electromagnetic radiation. The light is not really what they is the energy from the light.

But that energy is only used to travel while they are here on Earth. I thought before that they lived amongst us, and they do until they detach themselves and become aware. Then they go somewhere else to live...some other plane. They stay here until they are fully developed, then they go to wherever they go to. I realized this in one of my many stays in my dark room. The light from my small lantern was not enough to allow them access, but light on a larger scale does. It had to be because of the energy emitted from the light. There had to be enough to allow them to take form.

Through research, I found out that light does emit electromagnetic radiation, although only a small amount of it. That would be enough to let them travel from place to place on this Earth, but not enough to allow them to come across the world barrier. So, how do they gain entry?

There are 12 vortices around the world where time anomalies have occurred. They call it "time anomalies" but, as we know time doesn't exist as we believe it does, it is not time that goes haywire within is the electromagnetic radiation or energy that does. Those are the access points to this world. The way that the shadow people come and go. The doorways they use.

** I pulled a map similar to the one he leaves in the journal from the internet...although his is much more detailed and looks to be a bit more accurate, this is the closest I can get to what he left.***

I've gotten a hold of a map of these vortices and have put it here for reference. They are strategically placed around the world. How do we know this isn't intentional? That these anomalies weren't placed here by the shadow people? We don't, but my own personal belief is that they were. The shadow people would be able to enter and exit this world at any major area using them and then use the electromagnetic energy from light for further travel while they are here. So, it is like a main doorway with many offshoots thereafter.

We, our world, is an incubation chamber for them, the womb that holds their young until they are ready to be born or taken back to the shadow world. I am still unsure where/what that is. I thought for a long time that it was here, just veiled. And that still may be true in some sense.. but, I feel like maybe this world, our world, is a separate place, like a nest is to some animals, hidden away from the dangers of their own realm.

The proof is how they detach and walk freely, but your shadow never goes away. It continues to feed until it has enough emotional energy to create another shadow being...then that one leaves and the whole process starts over again. My shadow is close to leaving, he will move on shortly I think, then another will take his place. This is how they breed. It is not through sexual acts, it is through energy only.

It is more like they are being we would produce a robot in a robot factory. We take a non-living thing and give it life like abilities. Are these parasites or AI? I am not sure... they could be a combination of the two. Maybe a higher intelligent species version of AI built or grown here in our world.

They have no female or male designations...there is no way to discern one from another. Except for, maybe, the amount of energy they project or consume. How much energy force they hold within them. And, I am unsure if they age...or die...they may expel all their energy and have to reattach themselves in order to gain more...these are all questions I cannot answer yet, but hopefully I will be able to in time.

I'm gonna leave my thoughts here for the time being. I want to leave my dark room and go research some more. Planning on going to one of these vortices soon and measuring the electromagnetic fluctuations. There is one close to my home. This would shed some light on some of the questions I have and possibly prove some of my theories are sound.

It is daylight now, so there is no hiding from my shadow anyways... he will be waiting for me out there. If only I could talk to him, maybe then I would also get the answers I need. I might try that in the near future as well. See what comes from interacting directly with him, acknowledging him with more than just stares and glances.

That's all for now...


posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: blend57

Very interesting find in your attic - I've never been so (un)lucky - as all I've ever find in an attic of mine is rubbish and it's unwanted boxes of 'stuff'.

I recognize these aren't your writings, but the writer mentioned that the shadow people don't take a male/female form; however, it is mentioned that the writer's shadow is a 'he' and I am curious if you have any idea of whether this is (shadow people are unisex/genderless/whatever the appropriate nomenclature should be) 'true'? Thanks in advance!

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 11:42 AM

The person who is writing about his shadow..has assigned his shadow a gender. I am assuming it is because the writer is a he..therefore he assigned the shadow person a male gender.. Probably a subconscious thing....

So, in my mind, the writer knows that his shadow has no gender, but he can't stop himself from assigning it one. Especially because it is directly attached to the writer and he is male.

Hopefully that makes some sense..

working on the next part..very astute of you to notice that...thanks for the question and interest.


posted on Feb, 8 2017 @ 12:23 PM

Journal Entry #27

Words, no one ever really thinks about how powerful they are. I never did at least. The right words, do we ever speak them? Seems like I always fail to find them... so many different people who want to hear words in so many different ways. It doesn't matter if the end result is the same, if the content never changes. It's the words you see, it's how we use them that matters.

That's why I am sitting here in this paranormal investigators office. I failed to use the right words to present my findings to the scientific study review board. Oh, they were polite enough to listen all the way through as I presented my evidence, although there were some shocked looks of disbelief every now and then.

There was one board member who seemed to show interest in what I had to say. A spark of excitement showed in his eyes from the very beginning until the very end.. But mostly, they were all just using my presentation as a form of entertainment. Something to break the monotony of their dull and repetitive work day. I see that now, in hindsight.

They don't want to hear about the possible parasite that is feeding off of humans. They have no room in their logical minds to consider the possibility that Earth is a breeding ground for another species of unknown origin. They listened as though they were entertaining the idea, then they belittled me and spat hateful words of contempt for my "pseudoscientific" theories.

And I stood there and took it. I could've walked out, there was no reason to listen to their mockery. Yet, I stayed, like a young school boy being chastised by his teacher. That is how yesterday went for me. The day started off full of promise, I thought I had collected enough data and circumstantial evidence that at least they would listen to my ideas with an open mind... I was so very, very wrong.

Today though, after a good nights sleep and some self reflection... I've concluded that they are the ones who are wrong. Even the smartest person in the world can be dumb if they are not open to knew ideas. Those people, those "scientists" may have all the knowledge they need for their fields of study...but that doesn't mean they are the holders of all knowledge in existence. It just means they've forgotten to do what scientists do best, explore the unknown, ask the questions, and find the answers.

My questions and the answers I seek may not be mainstream to them, but they are still valid to ask. I'm not going to follow in the footsteps of others, I'm not walking the straight and very narrow path that current scientists try to keep you on. I'm still an explorer, seeking out the things that are truly unknown... carving my own trail in the woods that maybe others haven't tread upon before I did...but they will most certainly travel upon after I've carved it out.

So, I decided to take my work to the opposite side of the spectrum... paranormal research. And now I'm sitting here waiting, writing in my journal while I do. They are sure to accept my findings as valid, and I will garner the support needed to fund my journey to the vortice.

I didn't just go to any paranormal investigator though...I went to the best. A member of an elite class of very stringent, skeptical individuals. If they take your case on, there is substance to it. But here's the problem, I have to pretend that this is a "case". Like I am experiencing something that I have no way of explaining, and even though I have all the evidence in the world to support my claims...I can't show it to them. If I want them to finance my expedition to the vortice, I have to act like a novice and offer up just enough evidence to peak their interest, but not enough so they know I'm just looking for funding.

So, I am sitting here with minimal evidence on hand, trying to imitate a simple man who would be of low intelligence so I can basically have the use of their manpower and equipment. I don't know if this will work, but it's worth a shot.

Oh, they are coming! I'll write more tonight....


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posted on Feb, 8 2017 @ 12:24 PM

Supplemental Entry

Well, it didn't go as well as I'd have liked. They showed a ton of interest. The idea of it, the possibility...they were hooked right from the start. There was only two men that were present when I started, but by the time I ended my presentation, the room was occupied by ten.

Every time I presented new evidence, they would halt me, ask some questions, and call in another colleague to hear what I had to say. That part went very well. And I was excited to see that my theories had substance to at least some part of the scientific world.

It was only the fact that they wanted to move so slowly forward that caused me to refuse their offer to help. Granted, I only brought with me very minimal evidence, I only revealed a very small portion of what I'd collected. But, while I was ready to go and collect data from the vortice, they were only ready to set up surveillance in my home and monitor the activity.

I've already done that, I've already notated and observed the phenomenon for many months. And, I was not willing to wait. The vortice near my home was already showing some activity. I've been reviewing flight logs from pilots over the last few years and it seems like there is a pattern in the electromagnetic field fluctuations. This next month seems to be one where there is an increase in activity.

According to the flight logs, the most numerous reports of navigation being off and problems with time have occurred in April and September. The spring and winter months. My theory is that April is the month of planting and September is the month of the harvest. Maybe these shadow people enter and exit this world during those two months more so than any others.

I would think maybe, based on my findings, that these two months are when they actually "harvest" their young, or take them from this world back to their own. They are the months most riddled with actual pilots stating or mentioning navigational and lost time issues. Whatever the reason may be that these two months are so active, I feel it is still the best time for me to be out in the vortice and measuring/observing the electromagnetic anomalies/fluctuations.

So, it was an up and down day for me. I was very happy to see interest in my theories, yet had no time to wait for them to do their preliminary investigation. Sadly, in the end, I had to turn down their offer to help. I have roughly 4-6 weeks to acquire some type of funding. Not sure how that will happen, but I have faith something will turn up, it always does. Until then, I will continue to document all my interactions with my shadow and strengthen my case for the scientific review board to consider once more.

They may have scoffed at the idea the first time, but even Edison had to try over a hundred times to perfect the light bulb. Science is not for the weak minded or the non-resolute.

Off to bed now...

Before I go I would like to notate that I am hearing something that resembles words every now and again in my house. No, it isn't like a ghost calling my name, I'm not crazy either. It is more like a whisper being carried on the wind. Barely audible, you can hear that it is a word, but have trouble figuring out what the word is.

I am of the mind that my shadow is trying to talk with me. And so, I am going to start a separate journal to write down all the words that I know for sure I have heard. To document them but also to see if there is any sense to be made of them. If they form a complete thought or are just random.

Ok, now I'm off to bed..


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posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 06:54 AM

Journal Entry # 30

Once you know that this world is not what you think, you can do many things here. Once you know that the code can be manipulated a little bit. No, you can't fly without a plane. But you can do some very simple rule bending. You can write a simple code, using the power of your words to do so.

I read somewhere that there is another language that humans once knew of. One that was secret, kept hidden from the eyes of mere mortals. The gods of old knew it and used it to make some very real geographical changes on our world. Manipulated the skies and the stars, the landscape of the world with just a few spoken words.

But, what those gods really were was masters of coding. They knew that their words were the key to changing the very face of this planet. And the language they used to do it with was a very powerful, very complex way to bring their thoughts to fruition. Humans heard the gods speak these words and tried to mimic them, learning bits and pieces of the language as time past.

Most of what we learned has been lost throughout the years. As our language evolved, the few words of power we did know was forgotten. Many people, secret societies beleive they are the holder of the ancient power words/language...but what they really hold is a very watered down version of it. Not much of what they have, if spoken, would be powerful enough to cause anything but a slight bump on the road.

What we've done, our species, is written over the old "code" that the ancients had developed with our new, less potent version. And, we all know that the more we overwrite something, the more diluted the old information gets. And that, eventually, the newest copy looks nothing like the original, that has been written over again and again. This is what we've done with that language, diluted it to a point that it no longer looks or holds the power it once did.

That is not to say that our words hold no power, they truly do, whether spoken or written, they can be very powerful. But, they do not hold the power of creation like they once did. They no longer have the power to move mountains or part seas...the only power they have is over us now, our species that inhabits the Earth, no longer holding any power over the Earth itself.

I stumbled on to some of that old language awhile back in my research. Kept it hidden within the vault of my mind, kept it safe from societies waters of pollution. And, when the time comes, I'll be speaking those words aloud, changing the very face of the world with a mere whisper. That is the true power of words. They are our magical spells we cast, our way to change the code and alter our very existence.

I write this with a purpose. Because the parasites that feed off of us, the shadow people, they, too, have the power to manipulate this world. They use it to manipulate us. I've been able to discern that some of my thoughts are not my own. That they are "planted" in my head. The words that I've been hearing like whispers on the wind...they are real. Not only are they real, but they are ancient words that hold power as well. The ancient words of the shadow people. And they use that power to manipulate us, to make us do or say something in order to initiate emotional response.

The reason is obvious, they feed off of our emotional energy. To be able to increase the yield of your food source is a natural thing to want. Let's say you are talking to a friend and out of the blue you say something that is offensive to them. They responds back, you get into a heated debate, and wa-lah, the shadow person has just increased the amount of emotional energy in the room. He's just turned a single course meal into a seven course meal for him to feast off of.

The words that started the don't even know where they came from. Popping into your head and immediately traveling from there to your lips. Upon reflection, you don't even understand why the argument occurred. You were never really angry, you both were just having a good time, chatting back and forth...then the rogue words...then the emotional outbursts from both of you.

Were they your words? Did you actually think them, or were they given to you? I can tell you that they weren't yours. They were whispered in your ear, they were implanted in your mind, and you were told to speak them aloud. The emotional response was indeed what was sought, and the creature feasted....

This is the power of the shadow persons words. They hold as much power as our words do when we speak them. But, they are a lot more deceptive. Because, unless you are listening really close, you won't be able to hear them being spoken. So soft, so subtle are they...I myself never noticed until I heard a couple whispered and started to notate them.

Now my mind is strong, my awareness raised. And, my shadows words hold no power over me anymore. My thoughts are my own, and my research into these creatures has freed me from their invisible chains. And by all rights and reason, you are a slave to them. I used to think they were attached to us, now I know it is the other way around. They are our masters, and we are here only to serve them.

This is how you free yourself from the power of the words we use. If someone tries to use his words to trap you, you simply look at that person and say "you have no power over me" and believe it. This takes all the magic from his words...and gives the power back to you. No one can then hold you captive with their words unless you want them to.

I'm still hunting for funding. I have about three weeks left to find it. I've already looked into renting a boat and made a list of the gear I need. Three weeks is not a long time, but I'm not worried, somehow the money will be found...

All for now,


posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 06:55 AM
Journal Entry #32

The eyes, you can tell they're different by their eyes. They walk around like everyone else, pretend to be normal. But they're really observing you. You...they're interested in who you are. And as you go about your daily activities, you perhaps look up as one approaches. Eyes meet, but there is something missing in theirs. Something that most regular humans possess that they do not. Still, a recognition, an understanding, a knowing that they are there for you...because of you. Yet , what have you done of importance that makes them want to observe you? And what do they know that you don't?

Why, for what reason are they there? This question leads to many others and I find myself contemplating why they even exist. Connecting the dots, putting two and two together, they may very well be the ones who gave birth to the shadow people. And are not observing me. Maybe I'm not the one who has captured their attention. Maybe they are monitoring the growth of their young. Seeing which ones are ready for "birth" into their own realm.

I had one follow me today as I walked from my home to the store. I knew he was there and he really made no effort to hide it. I call them Observers, but I really don't know what they are. They look like us, act and talk like us...although I've never seen one of them interact with someone else now that I think about it. Never heard them speak words or, well, even smile really. You just know that they are there to specifically observe you though. You know that you are the subject of interest. Until you understand that your shadow is alive...then you see things from a new perspective.

Take into consideration that you, as a normal individual, don't have anything of value for the Observers to observe. Once you figure that out, there can be only one solution. They aren't really observing you. Which presents a follow up question, who are they observing then? If they seem to be watching you, yet there is nothing of interest in what you do, then it has to be something around you that they are observing. Something connected to you.

The only other thing that is connected to you, constantly with you, is your shadow. I've watched them a bit more closely now, seen how they make a preliminary eye contact, then the interest wanes from me, and the concentration becomes focused on my general area.

And, that is when I noticed that they really aren't looking at me, but are looking at the area where my shadow falls. They are looking past me, to the space that my shadow inhabits...looking to see how developed it is, how its growing, if its ready for harvest. This, of course, helped me to not care so much about the Observers. Helped me to understand I was not really of any importance to them.

And now, I still notice them...but don't really care. They are only monitoring the birthing process, like a doctor would monitor the progress of his pregnant patient. Making sure all is well and there are no medical issues with their patient. The patient being my shadow, the doctor being the Observers.

I know they my shadow is about ready to detach. I wonder if he will be taken during the next active vortice...I have noticed an increase in Observer activity. I guess I will know the answer in a few weeks....


posted on Feb, 21 2017 @ 01:26 AM
a reply to: blend57

Bravo! I see I had missed some entries and am glad that I was able to finally catch up in here. You are a wonderful writer blend! Keep up the good work!

posted on Feb, 22 2017 @ 10:24 AM

Journal entry #33

This has been quite eventful. Yet, I've hardly done anything at all. I just answered my door and checked my bank account. That's it, nothing more. I'd planned to go out and solicit funds from several of the local banks...but it seems as though I won't need to do this after all...

This morning, I responded to a knock on my door. It was a very innocuous knock. The kind you would expect a small child or woman to perform. Never did I expect the person I saw standing before me when I opened it. A man of tall stature, dressed in a business suit, holding a briefcase in his left hand.

He spoke only a few, and what I would call, select words. Very precise and chosen for impact. No formal introduction, no casual conversation, just the words. Then, after speaking these words, he held out an envelop which I readily accepted, and turned on his heels and left.

No formalities, no parting words...not the type you would expect to knock timidly on a door in the wee hours of the morning. I would've expected a firm, sterile rapping of the knuckles, demanding entry. But, now that I consider it, I think everything that this man does has a purpose.

The words that he spoke to me? They were very deliberate and concise, chosen so that even a laymen would understand their meaning. A short sentence, followed by a pensive look and he was gone. Simple words, but effective.

"Fools gold for a fool." Those were the words. Obviously he, himself, didn't have faith in me. But someone who he worked for did. And inside the envelop? Nothing more than a number. The number 1 followed by many zeros. No note, no evidence of what it meant...just a number.

And I thought, should I dare to hope, dare to beleive that someone, somewhere, had found my work to be worthy of funding? As soon as the bank opened, I called to check the status of my account. Sure enough, there had been a deposit of monies that matched up exactly to the number that was written down and placed in the envelop.

Who would've done this? I'm not sure. The scientists that belittled and bereted me? The paranormal or fringe science investigators? I wish I had some inkling, so I could offer my gratitude to them. But I imagine that this person wishes to remain unknown though. To go to all this trouble to fund me under anonymity is a sure sign that they do not wish their name to be associated with experiments such as mine. Whatever the case, I hope someday I get the chance to thank them. And that my work proves to be worthy of their support.

I now have the finances to travel to the vortice. The rest of today will be spent on procuring everything I need to get there. Very exciting for me! I just had to write it all down before I did anything else. Somehow, I knew that I would take this trip. I should've never doubted, knowing that these moments are all ones that I chose myself.

Anyhow, is a very good day and I have a lot to get done. Will write more later..


posted on Feb, 22 2017 @ 10:24 AM

Journal entry #34

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind for me. This is the first chance I've really had to write any of it down. So, I'm playing catch up here. What's been happening...

I rented a small fishing boat. I rented it for two weeks, with another two weeks on reserve after that. After purchasing the EMF reader and cameras (which have infrared capabilities), noise activated recording devices, night vision goggles and some other odds and ends, I worked on my basic survival gear.

The boat came equipped with the basic fishing gear, so all I needed was water and canned goods. I figure that if I need to, after two weeks of being out here on the open water, depending on what happens, I can go back and re-supply. Making the decision at that point on whether or not I wish to rent the boat for another two weeks. I have more than enough money left over to do so.

And here I am, my first night aboard the tiny fishing vessel. Well, I say tiny, but it does have a pretty big living quarters below deck. Sitting here on calm seas, watching the stars as a cool breeze kisses my face every so often. The vessels name...Gateway. I thought it was appropriate as that is what I'm going to observe.

I have at least another days journey to hit the center of the vortice. Tomorrow I'll be setting up all the equipment I can and start collecting data. I think by early morning I should be on the edge of the vortice. I did set up the EMF reader as soon as I got on the boat. I wanted to measure and record the data throughout my whole trip there and back.

Some of the pilots that I read about stated that their instruments started to act funny on the outskirts of the vortice. I'm hoping that it happens to mine as well, a sure sign I picked the right time for my journey.

My shadow, he is mostly walking about on his own now. Like he knows there is no one that is going to see him so he just is doing what he pleases. Still, he must not be able to leave me totally. Maybe he is just smart and wants to stay close to his food source. I saw him leaning over the edge earlier today, watching the water flow past the underside, could've swore he put his hand in it. Makes me wonder if they can feel like we do.

Maybe he is wishing to feel the wet coolness of the waves upon his hand. Maybe he wants to experience what it's like to have the ocean spray a light mist upon his face. I never thought about not being able to feel such things and found myself reaching over the edge to let the waters glide over my own skin as well. One thing I've learned from him is to not take the basic sensations humans have for granted.

And so, as the cool breeze carries the smell of the salty water to my nose and the full moon shimmers its light across the gentle waves, I sit here, soaking in the moment, knowing that what ever happens tomorrow and in the next few days, tonight I am surrounded by beauty. This world is overflowing with it.

I'd forgotten how to appreciate and immerse myself in the simple pleasures that are abundant within our world. No longer for me will this be the case. If no more than this comes from my journey, I beleive it was still worth the time and money spent...

All for now...


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