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YouTuber TheHybridChildren Interview of Secret Space Program Whistleblower

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posted on Oct, 27 2016 @ 02:02 PM

originally posted by: ConnectDots
I think we need to be less head-centered and more heart-centered, and that it's up to trail blazers to push for that.

We developed critical thinking skills to aid in our survival. So we can make good decisions and not bad ones.

People following their hearts and casting aside common sense is how these snake oil salespersons keep in business.

Even this image is carefully thought out as a lure. The colors are calming and the fictional character is appealing.

In reality though, it just as fictional as Batboy in the Weekly World News.

The reason this bothers me so much, is it takes a serious search for intelligent life beyond this tiny blue ball we live on and cheapens it, makes it a laughing stock to others and those of us who are serious about wanting to know the bud of peoples jokes.

Most people chuckle at things like this from Goode and with good reason.

Corey Goode SBA Press Release -- October 13th, 2016: Whistleblower Discloses Shocking New Intel: Humans on Mars Since the 1930s

In my opinion its utter nonsense and Goode is a full on charlatan of the worst kind, preying on people with good intentions and taking advantage of them.

posted on Oct, 27 2016 @ 02:34 PM
a reply to: DAVID64

That is true, but if he was telling the truth, arresting him would verify it.

posted on Oct, 30 2016 @ 07:04 AM
a reply to: ConnectDots

No. I don't know you or anything about you.

So you know Corey?

Corey Goode has gone public. I've been listening and watching his testimony for over a year now. I also have been putting two and two together from my other research of what's going on in this world—research I've done for about ten years now.

So does that mean if TerryDon79 starts his own YouTube channel you will listen and believe to his testimony that Corey is conman?

In my opinion, that's what the problem is with many ridicule-hurling ATS members. They have a swagger that shows in their posts ad nauseam because they think they have authority backing them up. They seem to believe that if it's not on the news or the government doesn't admit to it; it doesn't exist. Well, it's not like that.

I think you confuse real research done by members that have followed a trail and found the discrepancies in peoples claims and stories.

You have deluded yourself into thinking that those that deny these claims are somehow close-minded and only listen to authority.

I hope you actually wake up one day.

posted on Oct, 30 2016 @ 08:01 AM
Just chipping in at random to make an observation that's just occurred to me.

Goode's invention of avian aliens flows semi-logically from the widespread belief in 'reptoid' alients.

Birds are an offshoot of the reptilian family tree, widely regarded as being the last surviving dinosaurs (and of course, some of the dinosaurs are known to have been feathered).

So the avian aliens come with a pre-packed narrative explanation - they are one evolutionary step ahead of the reptilians.

(I mean, obviously they are no such thing, since both types are 100 per cent invented, but the supposed connection is obvious).

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