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The Official ATS Poetry Thread

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 01:15 PM
a reply to: TNMockingbird

Yeah.....I don't have anything in mind right now. I cant come up with something off the top of my head right now either but ill get back to you.

I posted a passage from book 3 of Virgil's Georgics.

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 01:22 PM

And they danced...
A shimmer of light was dancing around,
The moment of life was a joy
A bouncing madness was in the near
The people we love are in the air,
Waves of time crashed out minds,
The soul of love looked from above,
Seasons now change from color,
Time lifts you off your feet,
Rain pours on my head,
She would do the same,
So we danced and danced...👀

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 02:03 PM

Slimy the little worm
poked out it's head
from beneath the soil
where it made it's bed.

Bright the sun was
rays that shone
frozen in time
slimy looked around

Beholding what was seen
a giant world come to life
tired now slimy yawed
and dug it's way back underground.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 02:16 PM

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 02:27 PM
a reply to: awareness10
Funny worm.
He's lucky he made it back and wasn't plucked up for a fishing hook.
That's what it made me think of anyway. Not sure if that's what you were trying to convey but it seems he made it home.

a reply to: awareness10

Very good points indeed!

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 02:42 PM
a reply to: TNMockingbird

Thanks for that TN!

Yes slimy the worm was plucked up and nearly eaten by Oscar the Grouch but found it's way back to it's warm bed and now all is well in earth land.

yes very good points.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 02:48 PM
Not really sure if its poetry,

A crossroad lies before me.
I shiver in anticipation.
What terrible things await?
Peering over my shoulder.
Brighter areas behind.
No turning back.
Cannot see where my journey began.
Was the road this gloomy?
This full of despair?
I think not.
My family was there.
Father's strength to protect.
Mother's warm loving arms.
Better days then.
Maybe just the naivety of youth.
They are no longer with me.
Had their own paths to take.
Companions I have had.
Some fell along the way.
Some strayed.
Some left me bitter and cold.
Perhaps they were the lucky ones.
Maybe they've arrived somewhere less dismal.
Perhaps I am lost.
The choices I made have led me here.
The things I have done.
Some I very deeply regret.
Those I have wronged.
Things said in anger.
Words can cut deep.
I am alone.
My fault.
I have done this to myself.
I am weary.
Do I have the strength to carry on?
The courage to make another choice?
I think not.
I see no better path.
A cold blade of steel.
My wandering ends.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: awareness10

The grouch stared maliciously down at the worm,
No matter how, no matter what, that little worm would learn.
To play in his trashcan comes at a price,
Poetry is only poetry if the Grouch thinks its nice,
So perhaps the little worm wasn't wrong after all,
Perhaps in leaving the stench he made the the right call.


posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

Nice love it!

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 03:14 PM
Clouds are white
and very fluffy

The more they expand
the wider they grow

Rain does fall
upon the land

It's what makes
the flowers show

Drops of rain
begin to fall

Spreading water

And when it stops
the world is calm

And now my story
is all done.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: awareness10

Good poem but the last line doesn't rhyme...

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 03:18 PM
a reply to: awareness10

I listened lonely as a cloud,
That floats up high over the hills,
When all at once I saw the cloud grow,
This cloud was puffy and began to snow,
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
The snow was dancing in the breeze...☁️
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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 03:20 PM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

Poems aren't supposed to always rhyme though.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: Quantum12

Wonderful love this!

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 03:37 PM
a reply to: awareness10

Thank you!

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 04:04 PM
I must go now my leg is ready
after the points fell fast and steady

A new one is on order now
i hope they hurry i said with a bow

I grabbed my hat
i grabbed my cat

I stumbled through the
darkened black

Ah sunshine at last
a sight to see

My leg is back
it is attached

Now i am here
i will not lack

A brand new start
never again shall we part.

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: JDHellraiser

There are many 'types' of poetry.

I liked yours very much.

I like the dark ones. I hope you choose to contribute in the future.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 04:46 PM
Terminal Velocity

You are pure velocity. My free fall state. My unstoppable inertia.
I could be your kinetic energy, I have the potential.

Your voice is the word ''weightlessness'' spelled out in contrails.
The cabin pressure builds when you speak.
My ears pop at the sound of your voice over the p.a.
I want to be in aircraft with you,
looking down on that landscape that has kept us in its chokehold of lost time and regrettable indecision.

Aren't we so big?

We no longer hesitate, we own each moment, and the moments pass into infinity behind us.
Before us lay infinitely more moments.
We know we are the world, and the world sure as hell knows it's us.
I am those trees, those hot springs, those desert floors.

You are those roots, those deep running rivers, those mountains to the west.
We are every child's laugh and every mother's sob.

We don't know the meaning of slowing down, save to look at what we've gained.
Once our twitching eyes register it as ours we are off again.

The speed of light's got nothing on us.

We both know that this is it, this is life.
Take the good with the bad. Love the good, forgive the bad.
Stretch your arms out and take that sun.

And at night when you feel alone and the moon bares it's yellow teeth say to him, ''without your sister sun, you would be one lonely rock yourself, mister.''

And don't worry,
you'll wake up before you hit bottom.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 06:54 PM
The Moon is bright
outside tonight

Glowing calmly
in the night

I sit outside
this lovely force

And dream of home
the stars they speak

High above in the sky
i hear it's deepened wanton cry

Calling me
towards it's embrace

The day is coming
very soon

When we shall leave to
unto his place for which we've grieved.

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 06:57 PM
a reply to: awareness10

Another great poem!!

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