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UFO crash is it plausible?

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posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 06:32 AM
a reply to: spiritualarchitect

I suspect there has been a few but they've got much better intel and dedicated clean-up team's ensuring a Roswell scenario never happens again.

There was a documentary (I've seen so bloody many, I couldn't even begin to contemplate which one this was!) where it was interviewing a young US solider who was posted somewhere on watch on the out skirts of no where and received communication from his superior that a suspected plane (smuggling drugs I think was what he was told) had just come down in a near by mountain. He was prompted to go to the scene and await for the rest of troops to which he did. Only it was a plane but a UFO. Minutes upon arriving, the usual story starts to play out. Officials he doesn't recognize running around barking orders and freaked out this US solider was there. They flew him to a base where he states a number of nationalities where working together. He was held in a cell for 2 days and constantly threatened to be killed or dropped off in the middle of the amazon to fend for him self. After wearing him down they finally released him and said if he breathed a word of this, they'll carry out everything they told him they would do.

That one is a fairly recent one. There is another reporter in UK investigating the mutilation of a body that had been done in the same way as the cattle mutilation. After much digging arpund he found a source, based in the UK who confirmed he was part of a multi national clean up team who are on standby for when this stuff goes down. Needles to say his source is incredibly ill following multiple exposures to a variety of craft during his served time.

The next one is only my thought but..... I can;t help but feel flight 447 (air france) hit a UFO mid flight. Depending on what your view is, some of the old Nasa footage would suggest they seem to be attracted to Lightning. It would make sense that they can harness this energy in someway and there have been many reports of Pilots reporting UFOs of incredible size just sitting in the cloud deck but invisible to radar. What if 447 was an accident? literally plowing straight into the an unsuspecting UFO as a result of poor visibility? The official story for this event still doesn't make sense and the little information they were giving out around the event when it happened was very sus. I suspect there's been a couple of more tragedies like this but we sure as hell ain;t going to hear about it or if we do, it'll be explained away as something else. The first reports that started coming through said it was hit by lightning. There's plenty of videos on youtube where you can see that happen and it seem's to cause little effect. If it really was that dangerous, how come it's not a common incident? Now the most recent story was 3 pilots were asleep - or something crazy like that. What makes me laugh is there was statements saying they didn;t have the feedout info from the craft being given during flight (list of issues that would need to be resolved by mechanics upon landing). But more recently they say the blackbox recordings indicate the pilots can be heard shouting and swearing in panic at each other saying they're going to crash. Yet there was no call for Mayday and the plane had not sent anything back to indicate there was a problem before the crash. The whole thing is very suspect and not one consistent story. There was a couple of other things as well that still don;t add up with that event but of course this is of course there are just my own suspicions!
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posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 06:37 AM
a reply to: Redrat

Accidents happen.

Assuming, and it's a big assumption, that aliens do indeed visit from other world, it's safe to also assume that occasionally things are gonna go *poof*, and you're stuck on some godforsaken back water world waiting for IGAAA (inter-galactic triple A) to tow you to a garage...

Ever had a flat tire on vacation?

posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 06:53 AM
Absolutely! Life has to many variables that can't be accounted for. I'm sure our bright bods here on earth thought they could handle nuclear as a an alternative power source. Despite it being impossible to get rid of once produced, they comfortably felt all bases were covered - they'd done the maths. What a tragic, tragic mistake that was. Life has to many variables to make any kind of guarantee something like that is safe. I'm sure an intelligent race faces the same issues, stuff happens which could have never been factored in...
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posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: psyshow

Air France 447? No UFOs. Instrument failure, with pilot error due to misleading Airbus design.

Yeah, the air speed indicators got ice & froze because of condensed precipitation from the storm. Instruments displayed illogical and contradictory results and pilots made a mistake. It was the middle of night without any lights in a storm, so no external reference whatsover, and it's known that personal feeling (inner ear) is highly misleading.

Pilots knew they were diving, but didn't know if they were overspeed and break up, or if they were about to stall.

There was also a huge user-interface flaw: the stall warning turned off when the angle of attack was too high, so the pilots found that when they pushed the nose forward the stall warning came on, and when they pulled back it went off. That was the opposite of what they really needed---push nose forward and keep going and come out of the stall.

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