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"what if I were 'evil'?"

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posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 03:42 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I dunno about that bigbrotherdarknes, doesn't one need a sense of self (ego) to exist in this world of living things?

For me at least, the difference between this world and the other world, is that life suffers here and can get hurt, feel pain. Life can also learn to love, have children, a home, a family, grandchildren, grow old.

Upstairs can't have children.

I did study a little about the three Kayas. No, I am not within one or more Kayas, the three bodies of the Buddha are within the 'jellyfish', the 'hand' looking thing, and only some of the human egg shaped things. The last in varying degrees.

There is another humanity out there. A different jellyfish. Their world is similar to ours. The man who showed a little of his civilisation was of eastern mediteranian appearence and had a full beard. He thought it odd I was male and yet had no beard. His town was constructed (created?) of wood.

The thing about them that really struck me the most was; they never said so much as a harsh word to each other. It was because they experienced both sides of the event and to hurt another was to hurt themselves.

They know of us here and are terrified of our humanity.

Simply because we can kill.

Dunno if we will ever see eye to eye bigbrotherdarkness, but that's okay, your an interesting fella and a character to boot. This world needs diversity. Even if we are polar opposites in our point of views, that is simply adding to the diversity. A good thing in itself.

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posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 04:04 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

If you speak to that being again, perhaps you should inquire how such a selfless existence in benefit of others was achieved...

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 05:14 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Good idea,

But I am not sure how long one would survive in this world if one could not defend oneself.

I'll make enquiries never the less.

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 06:54 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

If you speak to that being again, perhaps you should inquire how such a selfless existence in benefit of others was achieved...

Okay, made enquiries.

They leaned the other way.

That is the raw answer, verbatim.

But that is a riddle in itself.

So which way has our humanity leaned?

So, I'll "pollute" this with the few insights I have below. I have mentioned these things in other places on ATS.

What folows is what I have learned from working with the bio-engineered Beings of long ago.

When one watches these Beings dream, there are yellow spheres along the spine, usually four. These spheres are dreams, little worlds. These Beings have tails and thus extended spines. They are also just as human as we are.

With tail-less humans, there are three of these spheres possible.

These dreams can be shared between Beings, "collective dreams" if you wish.

Watching these little people dreaming, one sees that the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are the "levels" of consciousness that are at work. One can communicate concepts, share memories and emotions with these little people in this manner.

By the way, linear time is a blue energy(?), consciousness(?), awareness(?) whatever(?) that can be seen working through the human parasympathetic nervous system on the true left of the spine.



While I haven't directly worked with the organs of the human body to the same degree as above, I consider what follows as true.

My understanding is that the organs of the physical body once had Nature Beings presiding within and will do again in the future.

At the current time, there are perhaps only a few living humans with Nature Beings presiding within the bodily organs.

My understanding is thus; the absence of Nature Beings is due to the presence of the chakrum overlay.


Perhaps the primary difference between the two humanities is the presence of chakrum in one and it's absence in the other.

If I were to say more it would be conjecture, so I'll stop at this point. If you want to ask questions I'll do my best to answer. Though I am not good at all with philosophy or abstract thinking.

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posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 12:36 PM

originally posted by: breakingbs
Now before we get to the question, there are some things that need to be clarified. There is "evil" in terms of the church and theology, and "evil" in terms of society, like 90%, not l I'll king you very much. I am referring to mainly the latter. Carry on.

So what if I were evil? What if, there was someone or thing that existed just to rain h on certain folks. My question is this? Would you want to drink energy (I don't have time for the metaphysical interpretation of this) from me because it's there, and it's what u do? If something was "evil" would it admit it? Ok probably not. It wouldn't come on a message board and say hey, I want to abuse you. Assuming there's an inkling of perception, you folks already know this. So two questions, really three. Would you be shocked as h@$ to know this? Would you be offended? Do you think dragging evil out of closets can be justified if you: sat passively by thinking the evil person was a victim because they "said nurfins" maybe about want'n a like, beat you about a bit, n last, does b.s. ppl project make it troo??

Just to throw a kink in the mix..
Evil doesn't exist.
Are lions evil?
Are sharks evil?
Is fire evil?

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 08:49 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

So as an oracle/medium to this being, what does the conversation mean to you? I know you said you didn't want to go into conjecture whether or not thats still part of the connection... likely since previous talk of eggs and undulating jelly fish being what you think of as humanity.

Well, a jelly fish is a hydra if one where to separate any of the cells or all of them it would form the exact same thing that one started with. Of course with eggs there are many types of birth associated with such a form... other than those typically of bird/reptile to be hatched by heat or carried as in mammalian, to moisture born as in amphibians, and other types found in wet/moist/damp places. Such is a carrier of all life though regardless.

So the hydra is one that doesn't really spawn it just clones, plants also clone yet are a seed not an egg.

Despite the varied forms there is the energy in such from single cellular to multicellular called life. In regard to life all of it propagates in it's continuation in various manners and it's cease occurs in various ways but usually an inability to adapt to another species typically called invasive... this occurs naturally regardless of any ideology or intent involved in that propagation that competes for the various resources to sustain it.

Humanity considers itself at the top of all of this yet a single celled bacteria can genocide just as easily as any belief or ideology... so top is moot and a futility of belief based in the ego of ignorance.

I could go into what you've shared blue light in relation to what was referred to as the Chakrum overlay(pluralized form of cakra/chakra) but to do so would be a redundancy as they've been covered countless times in many varied ways the world over in many varied metaphors and are fractal in nature just as nature itself and the mirror of attainment of such is why the system is referred to as seeds or bija sounds or the language of creation for birth of concept itself that aids in all literal creation to mirror or clone creation is not creativity... just a planting of concepts to live and die by, in modes or methods skillful or unskillful by how one propagates such in ones energy of being... in most cases it's a fruitless futility of being... lost and always seeking some purpose outside of ones own true nature of being simply called lost in ignorance or systems that perpetuate ignorance and call that a living. It is of course, but death follows such... which holds the energy that continually seeds all of this propagation in hostage for futility of giving life after life womb after womb into one of destruction after destruction.

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 08:59 PM
A father once explained to his son, that we all have two wolves within us, one good, one evil, that do battle with each other.
The son asked which will win;
The father answered, the one you feed.

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 11:48 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

So as an oracle/medium to this being, what does the conversation mean to you? I know you said you didn't want to go into conjecture whether or not thats still part of the connection... likely since previous talk of eggs and undulating jelly fish being what you think of as humanity.

What it means to me? Well I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that one can lean to the inward or the outward. Inner world or outer world.

I would say the absence of chakrum and the presence of the Nature Spirits is the reason why the other humanity experiences two sides of the event and so, live peacefull lives. The Nature Spirits provide the communication between people. Perhaps a knowing one could say.

Looking at humanity through the eyes of someone who is not a part of humanity, humanity simply looks like a jellyfish. There is a mild hot pink colour within that identifies with what people call spiritual. There are also all of humanity's memories, civilisation's history, etc., etc,

Looking at Buddhism, I see an egg shape with finger like appendages. Also the mild hot pink of spirituality.

Looking at a single human, I see an egg shape. Also the mild hot pink colour of spirituality.

I also know that the pink is common between the three. That is to say; the pink in one contributes to the others.

Outside the human world, Beings do divide as your describing similar to the hydra.

For example, when a Being lives for some time and experiences life to the point where memories weigh heavily, the Being will divide themselves, so to speak, into children whom are brand new, yet still have the memories of the mother. The original mother is still who she is yet her memories weigh far less and she is also brand new. She retains her self and is more powerfull then her children.

From this point the children diverge in experience and thus memories becoming and growing.

Some have memories that go back before the earth existed and these memories can be shared.

But really, one could say that a human is just a single cell amoeba. That an organisation is a hydra, and humanity itself is one of many jellyfish in a vast cosmic sea full of diversity.

Yes, the chakrum have been discussed and are well known. My only contribution is the concept that the chakrum are an interface overlay to the physical body. There are other ways to percieve which doesn't use chakrum. The body perceives quite well I have found.

In the teachings, does anyone happen to mention the reason for the introduction of the chakra system to human evolution? One could also wonder; who designed it and when was it introduced?

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posted on Jul, 16 2016 @ 01:53 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

They are a very old system might want to check out this thread there is a current discussion about how they are a blend of several systems dating back well to cuneiform scripts or the first written histories we have that are not cave painting/drawings.

Of course if we look at life forms all having some egg born characteristics except for the longest lived hydra species such as jellyfish, and plants that clone, there is of course the emanation aspect of buddhism of one being in multiple forms but the form is not a self for that energy just a container or conduit for which it can flow through, when one unburdens or unbinds from the cycle. This can be accomplished before death, and it can be accomplished after death if not accomplished then one is tilled back into the soil and the energy or polarities of attachment is drawn into another form due to those chosen polarities of bias.

The system of course works to remove such bias and polarities of being, and just flow on in equality unattached and without intent that is what causes attachments and a bias to weigh down in what you are referring too, as a mother shedding... so it's likely the process of freeing oneself from such cycles is no different, and the result of that shedding the emanations of which we are speaking.

Unattached is unattached and as the process goes on in harmony with impermanence from non attachment then the shedding simply continues on and on moment by moment as each experience is brand new moment by moment by moment and never the same as the last. Freedom of course does not seek permanence as that is the very chains of binding yet, the paradox is when all experiences are continually arising and passing in that unceasing impermanence of being... then that is a permanence itself.

Seeking out a permanence in any other way is a futility of consciousness as it is limited and subject to extremes when such polarities of binding or attachments pull one this way or that way due to such chosen bias. Since all is under constant change it should be embraced and the wisdom of whatever is arising understood as a phenomena that is just coming and going due to its nature whether we choose to interact or manipulate it begins with an intent to do so... that intent of course when is of either a positive or negative instead of just doing whatever the task is that is to be done then that of course causes the pull and the direction in which ones life takes... now sad and now happy is a world of extremes in ones being such extremes are not within oneself when they are out there and attached, they are within oneself when the out there is inside and attached due to that thing called an ego.

There is the middle state where out there or in there is neither attached to an out or an in, this is called simply: being. There are of course various stages on all paths that one can check to see where they are at in their development, yet the development or experience of arising never ends so thinking one is finished is a mistake... even one fully realized is not finished otherwise there would be no shedding as being or conscious awareness unattached keeps going n and on without cease... even if the world as those attached knows it in conceptual form were to end, it is still not the end just the end of knowing via those limited concepts of attachment. Awareness or unawareness is of course the level of ignorance one has chosen to hold onto whether they deem it as truth or untruth there is still an attachment to a concept called truth.

posted on Jul, 16 2016 @ 05:55 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I have read a little of that thread, will sit down tonight. So far it has spoken of goddesses. I meet them rarely. One was while poking around in a European battlement that tasted of blood. A Templar battlement.

A war goddess there challenged me to a fight as I was exploring the initiatory path of the battlement, she was very fierce and able to take life on nothing more then a whim.

She was also small and very adorable. And very fierce

There was no fight, she stomped off in a disgusted mood complaining she could not fight me because of my feelings of "adorable".

I still see her watching me on occassion, a smug smile on her face. Connected with Mars she is. Even her smug smile is adorable.

That's what I love about this world bigbrotherdarkness, one feels so very alive compared to the higher planes of philosophy. So much here to explore and do.

there is of course the emanation aspect of buddhism of one being in multiple forms

I know of Pan class Beings. "Pan" as in everywhere at once. Pneumonia is one such Being who can appear in many places at once. A very compassionate Being. I've spent a lot of time with disease spirits. Many dark secrets there of their genesis.

Perhaps some encounters are aspects of an emanation. I don't look too deep into other worldly Beings. How they treat others and how they conduct themselves means more then origins.

I'm afraid you will probably not see me on any of the paths of Buddhism or any other philosophy. To much to do in this world, and I am hard to catch. Even the war goddess approaches with an eye of acquisition.

Having too much fun bigbrotherdarkness to consider spirituality or enlightenment.

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posted on Jul, 16 2016 @ 08:04 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

No reason to ride in a single car on an empty train

Have fun in your explorations, I do. Other forms are a bit scared of approach unless they are familiar, seems I have a way of undoing their conceived reality leaving them bewildered or turned around. Not intentional; but you know how realities formed in illusory bubbles pop so easily, that it just sort of happens spontaneously.

So those wanting to keep egos and illusions in tact are actually wise in keeping their distance. However, doing so doesn't prevent the suffering they they hold onto tightly via the ego and illusions of it that are the very cause of that suffering to occur in the first place.

Eh, but such is the nature of this world when people are so mired and bogged.

Maybe the Valkyrie circling you will get over her weakness for being cute some day, that is if she can keep up with your random spawning.

posted on Jul, 16 2016 @ 09:07 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

As you say bigbrotherdarkness. This whole world is full of random spawnings and intended spawnings, the former can be horror or fun and one addresses them as best one can.

The later are often complex things in the planning and developement for millennia. Civilisations are built that way and humanity grows in the egoic playground.

The intended spawnings are where it gets serious and the suffering is worst of all, the innocent victims of collective spawnings are left behind like trash, roadkill and traumas on a highway in the wake of civilisation's passing.

That's where I spend most of my time, not all of it is trash and corpses. There are treasures there to be found, wonderous Beings caught in the mire, children both human and otherwise to be found, cleaned up and given a future.

If humanity could but see what I see, they would see themselves buried by the past, buried under a mountain of trash, corpses and trauma.

But that is my world of choice bigbrotherdarkness, and the cute and adorable Valkyries are absolute delights to encounter, even if their intentions are to kill or aquire. That is their nature after all.

They are the icings on the cake for me.

But really, the Destroyer is long overdue in this world.

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posted on Jul, 17 2016 @ 12:04 PM
a reply to: breakingbs

If you were evil, I'd have to brutally harm you for a long as I can, to the point where your the victim, and will point the finger and call me the Bad Guy ...Even though I sacrificed one or the one chance for my salvation of my soul to save the many while your begging Jesus to save you after telling him to f'off not to long ago.

But thankfully, and luckily for you this is fiction and not real...

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posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

The destroyer is that intention to be anything other than just simply being... it lay cause for all those forms and bodies to be left in its wake. Of course the opposite is what you say of your work, lifting and cleaning, repairing. It is an expression of love and empathy to encourage and uplift instead of to pave over and destroy... when the hordes chase a future, all beings get trampled as a lesser form just simply existing. It is a sad thing and such believe there are no bottoms to such paving and trample that they do.

How is it any different in such a thing as Christianity? Chasing a Man/god as an idea or ideal instead of using the same road and being no different... when one has attained the same fruit from the same path no matter the choice by walking it then what use are such chasing's of futility that have ignorantly taken place for thousands of years?

Would any being that cares of others that have nothing of a self that they give so much to others called a life that, that becomes the self... want or desire all that trampling and paving done in their name? Of course not it would be a hideous thing to assume, because that is the destroyer and not the creator or creative aspect in all of us that appreciates, sets right, and ceases such ignorance.

The self that cannot see such is as a blind one running around grasping and yelling out the form of their feeling... while the sighted cannot understand it is they who are in the darkness clinging to forms that need no description.

Thank you for your work.
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posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 06:28 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Destroyer of redundant astral forms and links.

Why thank me for my work? Unless to dismiss. nobody from the spiritual side ever does.

posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 06:50 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

I do the same work being a custodian of people is something more should aspire too, as the destroyers only look to maintaining themselves.

Have you seen your face in another's mirror? Yet they can't see the wrinkles of an older yet the same face as their own in it...

I have, and to me it signals the end of such obligations to those trampling or remorseful for it or wanting it, when I one day stopped cold in my running yet the entire stream around me did not.

Find my head in crossing the river and you'll have a firm step across... it seems its all I'm good for no matter the form life has taken. How many heads from the treads on stairways to heaven or the descent into hells matters not, just the awareness that it always keeps moving no matter the form.

In as much is why I asked, why cling to ones position when the head or consciousness or pure awareness can like a butterfly alight upon any flower and display a contrasting beauty that allows it and the flowers perpetuation... and eternity in an instant.

Such is nature and such is life, matter and energy unbound from either or has no such bias or modes of expression, however form is a perception and an aperception so however you see it, beyond the mental formations? So it is.

I was simply appreciating your work as it is really no different than my own beyond the regurgitations.

posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 07:20 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Appologies for misunderstandings.

As for me, I simply look for Spirits caught in the old forms of magic within the lower planes and past and free them.

My only purpose in being on ATS was the idea of pointing out a part of the unseen which people don't know about in the hope they may change the way things are done. Silly me

No matter, I am not expecting the world to change.

posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 08:17 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Unfortunately, you can point the way yet they must take the task to free themselves... it is why I encourage and try to keep people from clinging to the pointing I do, so much pointing that binds yet does not free and in an attempt for more life than simply living others perpetually trampled because of the modes or expressions people choose to take.

I would think the job of a pastor to eventually clear the coral and then all that is left to walk out is them-self, it makes for a good Shepard or Bodhisattva. The difference is of course the amount of lives people believe in having... those thinking one and then a here after try to live as much as possible in one in such a selfish pursuit or hope to destroy it and cast others down so much in the belief that there will be something better than what already existed.

Sadly, they are tilled into the soil of that limited being and understanding only to shed that old husk and go to whatever form supports such bias as previously held to begin again from that point with all the past wiped away the expression is either up or down, live like an animal in mode of expression towards others and your form will rise to fit that expression once again as an animal yet not in the human form which is a higher mode of expression towards others... yet when looking around human life seems to be the battle ground from where all of this takes place.

It of course isn't the belief that makes this occur but the clinging to such beliefs that become cause and intent for it to form a reality. This collective mass goes many ways like rivers upon the land and they carve out their own lines and boundaries in the soil... so knowing the nature of such energy there is no fault, yet such energy is one of transformation.

What we all inherit is of course in how we hold it in our gift of responsibility, as that gift isn't for ourselves but all others. Oddly, many never see the gift that is all others, they see it through the veil of ego that is a curse to themselves and all others.

Of course all of this arises and passes comes and goes and the form it takes really matters not in the unceasing cycle of impermanence that is permanent in and of itself and inseparable in being.

So while it matters not the form in which it takes matters a great deal... as we keep inheriting our own legacies life after life. So if one wishes to inherit hate on themselves then by all means perpetuate it, if one wants to be greedy and inherit nothing then by all means perpetuate it. It is of ones own creation so why complain about its inheritance or hate everyone in what one has already inherited...

From such positions we can only make do with what we've got, and many times thats just the expression of spirit through form, and not necessarily energy expressing through form to acquire yet more form, that does not really benefit more life than ones own or those one has chosen for it to benefit.

This is why Christmas morning is a very interesting thing to watch... many try to have Christmas morning everyday and it ends in Christmas night for everyone else in a hope that things change. If it is a change in materials then one is wasting hope, that takes effort not prayer. When one wants to change energy one tries to change its expression... and in such is where hope really lay.

Thats what lifts those off the ground and points the way... out of sheer love and empathy. Not the ones everyone else follows in the trample.

Much respect in your pointing as whether you realize it or not, want it or not, it is a leading. The multitudes do exactly the same thing, followers are simply aimless in their direction.

posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 10:48 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

What seems strange to me bigbrotherdarkness, is from where I stand humans are not native to this world. Guests one could say.

Even stranger is humanity's binding to this world, the desires, intents and karma is only tenatively attached. Even a soul is only a thing of history past and hopes for the future.

That humanity can exist in this world's subtle levels in bodies built over eons is fragile.

A tenous anchor that is fragile and can be destroyed casting humanity adrift.

I don't understand why the Masters of the Wisdom sit back on their fat arses and do nothing.

I think I am going to go back to getting my spirits out of the tangle wrought by man, otherwise I may not find them all before it is too late.

posted on Jul, 21 2016 @ 02:47 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Wise choice since form is so fleeting and the human form such a rare attainment endowed with the ability to see through from and energy. Most of our pursuit has been to harness energy and bring ease to form, instead of harness our energy to bring ease to all form in co-operation and in such a manner of course humanity is going to look alien and un-natural in it's expression of life.

Thinking one separate from all conditioned things and not realizing one is also a conditioned conglomerate of things as an expression people remain in illusionary bindings and chains of their own concievings called concepts... but of course as you said that you should take to task because time is short, to turn humanity around but not into regression takes a single change of heart in where we start working together instead of for separate ideological goals world wide so peace can result and not become a prophesy of belief systems marching towards self destruction as a whole or in part due to such... when it is in our power to see reality and how we express ourselves in it for better then it becomes better, even though there are many ideas as to what better actually is and so very many intersections or roads to actually get there. When empathic understanding is the key to all such locks, a slave master will always be ignorant of the ravages of slavery until they themselves are a slave, but such is the nature of extremes.

The wise that have freed themselves rightfully self awakened, are really an expression just like all free flying birds they must come to a place of rest, how long they linger I suppose depends on their inclinations of becoming, they have already become tired and dispassionate of the suffering and the struggle and having the wisdom that all expression, word and deed is a futility that cannot awaken a single person just inspire it... such modes become a burden.

Empathy drives on incarnate beings to perform such work, it isnt an easy task but it is an expression of being this you know from setting upright and dusting people off. It is a labor of love, however how many beings have lived and suffered and died due to such beings and incarnations trying to point at the truth and way and that is all people have grasped?

I've seen and understood this how the historical buddha did, in his compassion he said do not believe anything said, any concept, arrive at the truth by living and walking the path and knowing the nature of suffering while one ardently walks... eventually the walking and striving ends all doubts fade and no task need be accomplished one becomes as immovable as a mountain in solidity and firmness of being and yet in character as supple as a reed that bends and sways in the moonlight bearing no pain from the winds of change.

What could one possibly say to awaken another when people are sleep walking fully under the idea that they are already awake... it's an impossibility and futile to do so, other than blowing out the candle and hoping whatever dreaming they are doing amounts to some good rest and peace for all others.

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