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Global patriarchy

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posted on May, 7 2016 @ 03:38 AM

originally posted by: TechniXcality
a reply to: SomeDumbBroad

1. Gentlemen jack

2. Flexible but by 7pm is nice

3. If you've got the curves I've got the angles..

That seems easy enough.

posted on May, 7 2016 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: TechniXcality

You just don't get's a dismantling of an age-old discriminatory practice in political leadership to divide the control and power among many minority groups, and hopefully gain effective power through leadership to create a trickling down of support and progress within the population to those minorities who feel their needs are being dismissed or neglected. Just because people stand up for minorities to have a seat of real power and leadership in the law- and decision-making process does not mean anything is being taken away from anyone else.

Exactly how is your masculinity being taken away from you if your boss or the mayor of your town is a homosexual, trans-gendered individual, or woman making the decisions for you, when they attained that position of power from hard work and competency?

posted on May, 7 2016 @ 10:17 PM

originally posted by: FalseMove
a reply to: malevolent

I do see what you're saying as well.

I also did wish to reiterate that I do not believe one 'system' is better than another. I do think it is important to look at things and think over things and then choose for oneself what sort of life they will lead.

I wanted to show this thread to my friend too, we're sitting here drinking. Yeah we're swigging beer out the bottle, we're a couple of tough broads like that. lol.

But speaking of 'scared women', my friend is upset because she injured herself. I'm the same, I'm very clumsy. I mention this because it has to do with perceptions of self maybe, or maybe like gender doesn't matter when you're hurt or sick. And also for serious things any and all must be "tough" to recover from them.

Another thought I had about male or female is I guess "size of people". OK the both of us are rather tall. Close to 6'. Yes we are women.

My injured friend here, who's watching me type this and we'll see if she OK's it, but it is a point where people may "mis interpret" things. So I said to her: You nearly broke your leg falling in those 4" platform shoes and you have them on again now???

I could see how men could interpret this as something like "Silly Females". But what friend said is: The only other shoes she could wear are beat up old hiking boots that are so worn down they throw the bod, posture out of whack, and so would flat shoes, those would distort the bones in other ways on top of the injury so it's probably best to walk in the same shoes, what your posture and body have recently been used to.

Well I guess that makes sense. And friend does have engineering and physics degrees from top schools. And so do I. How butch of us
Mine's just a BS from (US) "Public School", nothing fancy. No pedigrees will keep you from being a clod though.

Applies to men too. Pollution will do you the same too. Man, woman, gay, Mexican, midget, TG, even animals too, pollution will sicken anyone and there's an equalizer for you, again, do it the hard way. We both have pollution also, ingested (serious to the point of ongoing class action suits in the Federal courts), so yeah that's another thing and a it's a "body issue" and changes how you function and "look at yourself" so to say, too.

As example: We are all propagandized at to "Live the Traditional Life". Get married and have kids and all that. But if you are corrupted by pollutants you should not have kids. You don't gamble on that. It's the only sane way to go.

And what kind of an asshole would knowingly gamble with such issues with somebody else's life?

Yeah, women like us may be "un feminine" for not having kids, but we did it for a reason. Many reasons, but this is a huge one. If you have health issues, and serious things that may be "passed on" and a high probability of serious damage, well yeah the smart thing to do is to maybe take a pass on that. And the compassionate thing too.

But people still get on your case and try to strong arm you. And what if one (anyone) simply does not want to live a "traditional life"?

Men have NO idea what crap women take! Here's another common thing with my friend and I: both of us had husbands who tried to coerce us into breeding. At first I thought, wow this is weird, how similar we are. But then I began to read more, especially on the topic of "Reproductive Coercion" (that can be Googled, there is lots of info). And I was stunned. This is shockingly common. It's no weird coincidence at all, that I should meet women with similar tales, it's shockingly common.

Look: you can't change a 'career girl', or other types, maybe a hard core hipster, party people, dedicated academians, various types of people, you cannot force women like this to become a "house wife". Especially if they don't want it and or are not suited for it.

But the men do not let up and neither does the breeding propaganda.

In my opinion NO ONE is trying to take "Masculinity" or "Femininity" away, if that's what a person wants to do, have at it I say.

What people like us are saying is: Please STOP trying to make us like you. It won't work. It's a bad fit. If YOU want to do really whatever it is you want to do, that's fine, but could you please stop trying to strong arm us who have taken a different path?

I wonder why too, why any man wants to feel "Masculine"? You have to prove what to who? Are you having an internal identity crisis and maybe looking for some artificial construct to define you?

I get the feeling from reading the further comments here that the OP mostly wants to lead a "Traditional Lifestyle". Go for it then man, no one is stopping you nor trying to tear you down. Do what you want to do.

I think those of us who maybe balk against it are not against you, we just don't '"fit it" and we get tired of people trying to strong arm us. It isn't about you, it's about all the propagandizers leaning on us.

Wow this is long. I will keep going anyway.

Back on "bodies": as I said, self and friend are rather tall and believe it or not, for all the runway models out there, who get plenty of attention, men really don't like tall women. You have to find a tall guy. Most men want a "petite" woman. Go look at any dating ads, high end to low, they're all looking for "petite". And that isn't really just short hand for "slim", they know that and they specify heights too. One guy I saw recently said he wanted under 5 foot and 100 lbs.

They all want the "tiny" girls. And yes we are relatively slim but big tall Amazons few men want. We do OK though and gravity sure likes us too, give the pavement a kiss Clumsy Girl.

And you can't do anything about your height. You can't change that.

What's wrong with "Masculinity"? Nothing as far as we "Tomboys" and "Boyishly built" ladies go. Mens jeans fit better on us too

there is only something wrong with you if thats how you see yourself, i know i see all my flaws and i dont think theres anything wrong with you and how you are as you have portrayed. i like strong women the kind that can say to a man i can do your job and do it better and succeed

posted on May, 7 2016 @ 10:35 PM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

i kinda feel you are making an assumption that im not male in which case i am, further more who and what i believe isnt your business. i dont give a flying # about what you believe in or dont. i dont feel im wrong in my beliefs im alot more fulfilled now than when that bible trash was pushed on to me. so ill just try to say it in a plain dont try to judge me when you know nothing about me

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 08:26 PM
a reply to: malevolent

from TheConstruKctionofLight

well I think he has already "been there done that" if you bothered to read the OP comprehensively. Like many males today we feel that there is an underlying agenda to go one step further and totally make males and masculinity a "dirty word". One suspects its all part and parcel of the depopulation agenda. Funny how this seems to be prevalent in Western Civilization and absent in other nations - excused by validating it as "cultural diversity"

You attack the OP suggesting he "look within" and I point out your lack of comprehension and I somehow am judging you?

Is English not your first language?

you said...

further more who and what i believe isnt your business

I never said it was, just commenting on your comment...are you on the same page?

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