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Project Monarch/MK Ultra Victim Mysteriously Taken Off the Air [Coast to Coast AM]

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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 04:55 AM
Sounds like the James Casbolt/Michael Prince story. a reply to: corsair00

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 10:55 AM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

Several years ago where I live, you could obtain a Scopolamine patch without a prescription. You had to ask for it at the pharmacy counter, and sign for it, giving a reason and showing photo ID, which was then photocopied. A doctor directed us to do this for a family member with severe motion sickness, for whom Gravol didn't work. When used properly for this purpose, it works. Of course, many things are not used properly for their intended purpose.

Info on Scopolamine (sold as Transderm-V by Novartis, a controlled release patch worn behind the ear):

The package insert contains a "Precaution":


- have had epileptic seizures in the past or are now suffering from epilepsy"

How it works? The insert reads: "In some people the motion of ships airplanes, trains, automobiles, and buses increases activity of the nerve fibers of the inner ear, which are part of the boday's balance reduces the activity of the nerve fibers in the inner ear and acts on the motion sickness centers in the brain (at a dose of 1.5 mg controlled release patch).

One would imagine epileptics had an unexpected reaction to the drug, if it is contained in the package warning insert. And one would presume it had been tested on epileptics in human trials in order to make this discovery.

Scopolamine is an anticholergenic, which slows messages to the brain:
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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 11:26 AM

originally posted by: Snarl

originally posted by: corsair00
I am tempted to read his book and figure out the Canadian connection more...

Don't bother. I assure you ... he's quite delusional.

Not familiar with this person and his book, but since the poster asked about mind control in Canada, it is important to point out that this was the topic of discussion in alternative forums and news site comments in 2010:

People wondered if Williams was a Marathon Man. He was in command of CFB Trenton, where JTF2 ( was being relocated. He rose to command of that base without the normal collection of medals. Williams had exactly two medals, and one was for long service. The other was for serving overseas. In other words, those were automatic medals having nothing to do with distinguishing himself in any way. At one point, Williams had worked in electronic warfare.

Following his arrest, one police force told the media that Williams may have known serial killer Paul Bernardo. Both had attended the University of Toronto. It's hard to know if that was true, or just a theory being floated.

As the link says, many wondered about a number of murders over the years, even before Williams' stalking was said to have begun. Some wondered if Williams was responsible for other deaths and disappearances in January 2010. One of those discussed on forums was the disappearance of scientists Lachlan Cranswick. Cranswick worked at the Chalk River Nuclear facility, near CFB Petawawa. Strange thing about Chalk River and Deep River. A number of UFOs have been reported there over several decades. %20August%202013

It is worth noting that Russell Williams also lived in Deep River several decades before the scientist went missing. Both Williams' father and stepfather worked as scientists at Chalk River Nuclear.

Sonia Varaschin, the nurse who had worked at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children in the pediatric neurology ward, disappeared after Williams was jailed.

If you get a chance, take a look at the right side of Williams' head in video clips.
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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 01:08 PM
a reply to: corsair00

It's all true.

Many ATS members are very far behind on this topic, especially as it relates to modern mind control technologies against the populace.

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 02:53 PM
Some strange things about Russell Williams:

On his lingerie break-ins, he was known to hack into his victims' computers. Strange thing to do, if he was only looking for underwear.

In at least one case, he photographed a victim's ID, including driver's licence and (health benefits?) insurance documents.

His two known murder victims both came from military families. Marie-France Comeau had relatives who served in the military, as did she herself. She had worked on military flights when Russell Williams was the pilot. Jessica Lloyd had a father who worked in the navy at Ottawa communications HQ.

Williams was taking a "cocktail" of drugs. Prednisone was named. What were the others? Scopolamine is known to induce pscyhosis in certain individuals, the elderly and those taking a number of other drugs.

The U.S. air force uses scopolamine in flight training in combination with other drugs.

The Handbook of Airsickness for the Canadian Forces Air... indicates that Canada does, too.

Has anyone read "The CIA Doctors"? The book states that a non-CIA doctor called Dr. Barker (!) apparently used scopolamine on patients at Penetanguishene, an institution for the criminally insane in Ontario. One person's allegations:

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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 05:23 PM
Scopolamine, '___', sensory deprivation and a connection to Allan Memorial Hospital in Montreal, where CIA experiments took place:

There was also a class-action lawsuit:

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 07:22 PM
a reply to: cfnyaami

I have given James Casbolt's story the time of day and looked into it a fair amount. I think both Casbolt and Pauly are (were) given the green light to disseminate their information, which is a mix of fact and fiction.

I was mystified by the portion of Casbolt's story involving a small town in British Columbia that he stated had Nazi/Illuminati connections. I find it odd that this province would have shadow government involvement. But I guess anywhere inconspicuous...

It's too bad he got busted for blackmailing millionaire's daughters. He had a few interesting things to say in his last interview about certain generals that I wish he expanded on. I bet he knows a lot about the nitty gritty of all of those operations. Particularly interested in the pineal gland/brain/computer interfaces and the brainwave recordings and how they are allegedly broadcast on the populace.

I believe Pauly's story to a certain extent, except that I would bet his involvement goes much further back than just 2005 at random in Toronto...

posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 02:53 AM
Let me begin by saying I'm, of course, very skeptical of this person and his claims.

That said, to play the devil's (or the angel's, take your pick of perspectives) advocate...

He made a claim about a Dr. Camilo Uribe being the head of toxicology at a hospital in San Jose. Quick internet search reveals:

Dr. Camilo Uribe

Toxicology Unit

San Jose University Hospital

Employment History

Head, Toxicology Clinic
The Bogot Companies

Head of Toxicology
Bogota's Health Secretariat

Head of Toxicology Clinic

Head of Toxicology
Saint Joseph Hospital Bogotá

The Bogot Companies ( ) are described as "a turnkey mechanical contractor specializing in: Boilers, Burners, Heat Recovery Systems Chillers & Cooling Towers Combustion Controls & Flame Management Systems Process Piping."

Bogota health secretariat - the only reference to such a phrase I can find at all is in a 1987 article on the status of public health in third world countries, touching on Bogota Colombia. Interestingly, a separate 1987 article regarding a Colombian toxicology clinic in Bogota does mention the name Uribe... but the name is Uribe-Gonzalez, not Camilo Uribe.

And I had a hell of a time finding any reference at all to a "San Jose University Hospital."

Looking dubious so far, or so I thought ...

But there are other links on the page as well. One of them might shed some light (or not):

It says

Colombia: There are already more than 300 cases of girls in Carmen de Bolivar reporting symptoms of fainting, shortness of breath and weakness in the limbs. What do these girls have in common? All received Gardasil, a vaccine that supposedly helps prevent cervical cancer, which they say may be caused by the human papillomavirus


The head of toxicology at Saint Joseph Hospital Bogotá, Dr. Camilo Uribe, where some of the girls were treated, has publicly stated that the symptoms are “bizarre” and there are things that are still not understood in the case, but that definitely the girls’ illnesses are not caused by the vaccine!

Alright, so here we finally have mention of a St. Joseph Hospital in Bogota and a head of toxicology, by the name of Camilo Uribe. Another pertinent link on the original zoominfo page:

Scopolamine blocks neurotransmitters that carry information to the part of the brain that stores short-term memory, said Dr. Camilo Uribe, who heads the toxicology unit at San Jose University Hospital and is a leading expert on the drug. In other words, what happens to people under the effect of scopolamine is simply not recorded by the brain. At the same time, the drug makes people more open to suggestions.


“I can give you a gun and tell you to go kill someone and you will do it,” Uribe said.

Again, Camilo Uribe, this time referencing the exact thing the caller to C2C claims he said about scopolamine, and again referencing a "San Jose University Hospital." Are we getting somewhere now? But if so, where is this San Jose University Hospital?

It appears this reference, which took me quite some time to unravel, is regarding The San Jose University Infantry Hospital's medical toxicology lab, which is a part of the Foundation University of Health Sciences in Bogota Colombia.

Here is a reference to him again from another related website ( )

Prevention of toxic accidents in the home

By. Dr. Camilo Uribe Granja MD MSc, Head of Toxicology FHIUSJ Service


Which gives us a further reference to his name and position, finally. A search of which reveals:

FUCS: Consumption of psychoactive substances in youths and adolescents: Interview made ​​in "The Sound of the City" todelar Dr. Camilo Uribe, head of the specialization in Clinical Toxicology of FUCS program. in which he talks about the use of psychoactive substances in young teenager, this in relation to the cases that have been reported in several schools. (Todelar, August 13, 2015)

And if there were any remaining doubt as to his credentials or existence, seems he's also a member of the UN INCB board. (search for "Uribe")

So this, finally, at least establishes his existence, credentials, and position are accurate as to what the caller claimed (though it's odd his appeal to authority wouldn't extent to the UN INCB board.) Whether the article quoting him as saying what the caller says he did is true, I cannot assert with any authority obviously.

It should also be noted that when doing a search for "Camilo Uribe scopolamine," results seem to primarily stem from conspiracy related sites or news sites with those sorts of slants. Prisonplanet, rense,, etc. Many of them seem to reference the Batman movie/Holmes shooting mind control conspiracy theory. So perhaps that's how the C2C caller found out about Uribe? Pure speculation on my part of course.

It seems Uribe himself has no connection to these conspiracy theories other than through the caller's reference, and other sites referencing his reported words in support of said theories.

That's about all I could dig up. I hope it's in some way useful. As I said, I am skeptical. But that's at least one small element of the story that was true (or as true as we can ascertain) if nothing else. Not that this necessarily means much at all, as anyone could look this up as I have, and as many such sites - as I said - seem to have discussed Dr. Uribe as a source for their theories.


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posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: AceWombat04

Very in-depth connections. It is odd that he was also working or associated with whatever happened in Canada. But I remember hearing this on the radio when he mentioned that specific quote and doctor's name, I thought to myself that naming names is a big deal, particularly if he is remembering something that he was absolutely not supposed to.

It was shortly after he mentioned Uribe that the call was dropped....

posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 05:46 AM
a reply to: corsair00

In fairness and for skepticism's sake... I should point out that Dr. Uribe treats victims of scopolamine date rape and other abuses, and has been an outspoken critic of the drug's proliferation. The only relationship, if any, between this person and such conspiracy theories is their mention by conspiracy theorists and those like the caller in support of their theories - none of which have implicated Dr. Uribe in any such hypothesized conspiracies. Just saying.


posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 05:17 PM
Heard it live and was having a hard time believing the guy but who knows. Just seems,..... well fake.
Tell you one thing, having the service drop was a good idea if you were building suspense in order to get people interested to sell books but I cant say that's what happened. Ether way it was an interesting story.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:11 PM
a reply to: corsair00

Your drawing conclusions from timing are speculative, it was not planned. I appreciate you started the thread. I am Matthew Pauly. The book has been ten years in the writing. In 2007 Q3 I was given forced electroshock in a van in the middle of Toronto by an American US Military JTF officer (and CIA agent), with the assistance of a Canadian RCMP officer, a few weeks after sending the first draft of this book to my editor. That stopped the book for a few years.

In Jan 2015 during a home invasion, an entire chapter of my book was deleted, and all old versions deleted but two, which also had the chapter deleted. The chapter deleted reported being “tested” as a sleeper assassin outside of Canada in 2008. I was tortured with a lit cigarette until I dissociated then I was hypnotized through presentation of a trigger word of a previously implanted post-hypnotic suggestion, drugged with Scopolamine which wipes all free will, and finally I was threatened with handgun. (I rewrote the chapter from scratch.)

On “Coast to Coast AM” on Jan 20 I was a victim of covert censorship. When George Noory asked, “Have you ever been used?” I answered “Yes,” and my Internet and thus VOIP phone was cut immediately. I know why. I was about to report about that deleted chapter, since restored into the book for sale now. Further, after this censorship I recalled distinctly words from my handler/controller/experimenter in the last home invasion in Oct, 2015. “Matthew you can promote your book, but you can’t talk about what happened in the USA. Its not allowed.”

For those who don’t understand the reason for such delayed recall, when you are tortured until you dissociate, your dominant personality goes to sleep for the entire period of dissociation. What is left is a childlike presence that can easily be hypnotized, and forced to act against your self-interest, and even instinct of self-preservation. When you awake from the dissociative state, you have no recall for months to years of what happened. How long it takes depends on a) the severity of the Psychological Trauma that occurred while dissociated, and b) your sense of safety and security after the event.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:17 PM
a reply to: hellobruce

A first time author who has written a book at great cost to his health, safety and well being does not squander about 23 minutes of listener time with an audience of 600 radio stations, totalling about one million listeners. Since I lost so much interview time, I was unable to relate significant events in the book, nor do I feel I got the story across adequately.
While I understand this external censorship (not Coast to Coast AM) was dramatic, it actually scared people. Less than 1/100th of 1% of the listeners bought the eBook, as a testament that fear does not motivate people to reach out and take action. If you believed that this was “publicity” to sell books, you were mistaken, as it was NOT in my interest.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:19 PM
a reply to: ignorant_ape
Until you’ve written a book and gone on interviews you don’t know what you are talking about. Being missing for about 25% of a major broadcast to about a million listeners because you were censored from an intermediary does not work in your interest, just the opposite. Just because it was interpreted as dramatic was incidental, it certainly killed book sales as people were frightened.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:21 PM

originally posted by: Rapha
S+F for bringing this up.

MKUltra is still in action today where they code their units as Greek letters.
Alpha's are slaves who always show the horned hand like Clinton, Pope and Bush Jnr did in the past.
Beta's are entertainment industry.
Gamma's as religious leaders.
Delta's are assassins and self-destruct alters.

Even in the Hollywood film SALT, the opening scene showed the assassin as a equilateral triangle or DELTA unit.

The alters you describe with the Greek Alphabet are incorrect and thus disinformation.
In my book I explain how the Alpha and Beta alters were conditioned in me (and thus what they are used for) during a van based coercive interrogation and mind-control training exercise between American JTF, Canadian JTF2, with RCMP support on or about Nov 22, 2005 in Toronto.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:22 PM

originally posted by: Rezlooper
Of course mind control is still on. I always found it curious that nearly every mass shooting, in pics of the shooters their eyes look like they are bugging out. Think Aurora movie theater, the Congresswoman, etc. It could be from some strong prescription meds, but I'm not too sure. Funny how these shootings drastically increased during the Obama years and after each one, there'd be a stronger call for more gun control measures. There's the motive.

You completely get it and are well informed.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:24 PM

originally posted by: elementalgrove
a reply to: Rapha

There have been many more programs then the tip of the iceberg known as MK Ultra.

I have never seen it laid out like this with the Greek letters thank you kindly for this information.

Hollywood has glorified the CIA since it is ran by them. All one needs to do is look to every CIA propaganda piece and they are telling you their horrific nature but it is done in a way that is "entertaining".

The entire Bourne series is about the Delta categories. There are too many to list, yet somehow people look to the Church investigations of the 70's and believe the "yea we tried making brainwashed assassins but we really did not get anywhere so we shut it down"!

Rapha’s decoding of the Greek alphabet names for the alters is incorrect, and disinformation. You can read my book (see or read all about MK-ULTRA mind control from the very credible, mind control topic.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:25 PM

originally posted by: intrptr
a reply to: Rezlooper

Mass shooters increased because the media made the perps famous. Every potential nut rushes to copy cat.

Their misguided sense of belonging has them so desperate for attention they will do anything to get it.

Instant fame for the lonely, love starved heart.

That is completely false and disinformation. You have to look who benefits with a terrorized public to understand why mass shootings increased. I suggest you read my book “The Murder of Time: Making and Unmasking a Sleeper”, by Matthew Pauly.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:26 PM

originally posted by: intrptr

originally posted by: Aliensun

originally posted by: intrptr

Governments don't need all that fancy Ultra crap. They do quite well mind melding everyone with TV, school, church, the 'News', flags and boot camp.

You REALLY need to do some research. For a start, I recommend the book, A Terrible Mistake by Hank J. Albarelli and lawyer and writer that spent over 800 pages writing about the early efforts of the MK-Ultra business and how it got started.

Thank you, I'vee spent a life time hearing about it. I am fully aware of the super secret experiments to create super secret assassins, carried by the US government and its clandestine arms, like the CIA.

I also know thats highly specialized single purpose stuff, unreliable, hypnotizing someone to kill on command is iffy…

indoctrinating whole armies to attack foreign countries for no just reason is the real problem. Not some lone nut thats been subjected to 'programming' while they're drugged, hypnotized or tortured. TV is programming, the news is programming, education is programming.

This super secret ultra program stuff is good for conspiracy theories and all, the real conspiracy is hiding in plain sight.


Again you are planting disinformation to confuse the public. I know a single shooter or usually patsy is deployed using several layers of redundancy technology to ensure reliable results:
1. At programming event, the individual is tortured until they dissociate then they are hypnotized and forced to repeat fatal post-hypnotic suggestions. They are left with no conscious memory of what happened while they were dissociated.
2. At deployment event, the individual is again tortured to dissociation, but also drugged with Scopolamine to remove all free will, and finally they are given the trigger of the previously implanted post-hypnotic suggestion. Coercing the individual to act with a loaded, safety-off weapon is also done.

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posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 08:32 PM

originally posted by: corsair00
Taking him offline at that moment was definitely punctuated showmanship - I figured largely to validate his story (and scare the crap out of the listeners - which actually worked). All of the callers were like "OH MY GOD" - it was kind of funny, in a demented way. As for this Matthew Pauly himself, he is apparently an expert at computer programming and seems quite enigmatic. There's a picture of him wearing huge black sunglasses. He could have... a purpose.

I am tempted to read his book and figure out the Canadian connection more...

A first time author, in a big interview about a book that is most of his life's contribution to this planet does not do foolish things like 'stunts' that cause him to lose much of the opportunity to explain his message. Second, the intermediary imposed censorship frightened so many listeners that they did NOT buy the book, it was a bust as far as sales went, less than 1/100th of 1% of the listenership.

As I have said in every interview, my purpose is to make my shortened-life meaningful by whistle blowing this technology and its deceptive and corrosive effect on our democracies. I have suffered many repeated violent attacks for this including four home invasions in 2015 alone, abductions in 2007, and 2008 to covert ops, and in 2005 the original torture event. Finally I was the subject of carcinogenic injections in August 2015 to dramatically shorten my whistle blowing longevity.

I don’t blame people too much for being so cynical that they doubt someone who is putting themselves on the line to make a contribution to this world. So many have been lied to so often in the media that they have trouble seeing truth.

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