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India under attack!

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posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 03:30 AM
Can I just chime in here?

Unless provoked to the extreme we(Indian) are not really going to war.What would we gain going to war with Pakistan? Purely nothing.Even if we manage to win,the prospect of occupying western part of Pakistan is not really palatable.we have enough problem here to manage.Let's just sort them out first.

The attack will be mostly forgotten in weeks time.At most four weeks.but several things need to be said.

1.This attack is actually planned out and mapped in a pretty elaborate way.We were caught sleeping but woke up just at the nick of time to prevent large scale violence.
We simply don't know extent of information supplied but we can assume that many information pertaining to airforce bases were supplied.
So Pathankot attack happened in the context of this idiocy.

2.Pathankot is one of the largest airforce bases of Indian Airforce.Its more than 24 Kms.So it will take time to sanitise. Apparently they broke walls of a distant end and sneaked in.Thermal imaging caught them but no one yet knows why they were not stopped before.

3.They abducted SP(Police Super) 24 hours ago for his car and after he tricked them(according to his version) and they threw him from the car, he informed his superiors about his abduction.Since his behaviour was not really up to the mark before , his superiors thought he was not in the senses(code word for being too much drunk).Amazing.
Nobody knows yet whether he is the good guy or the bad guy or simply an idiot.

4.Whole thing clearly kept under the wrap and we actually know nothing for sure.We caught the audio exchange of terrorist with his handlers and family members,One of the family member advised him to eat first before he does things for which he came to India.Surreal.

In the end.Life we go on.We will learn nothing.We still think average Pakistanis want peace.So we are not going to bomb them.The attack was expected anyway.It is business as usual.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:50 AM

originally posted by: Spacespider
small localised incident...

World war 3 material.. not really

Very Much so. When both sides are nuclear armed and HATE each other.

Better chance of this type of thing starting WW3 then the US and Russia

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:47 PM

originally posted by: asen_y2k
Looks like there is a hostage situation inside the base with family members ogf the officers involved.


2 terrorists are in a building inside the airbase with residences of air force personnel, says officers.

i would advice not to take anything from NDTV seriously , operations are over, all terrorists killed, combing operations going on live grenades and IED's being safely exploded

posted on Jan, 9 2016 @ 09:32 AM
If a nation only attacks on small base in another country, they attack the country as a whole. If I punch someone on the nose, I attack the person, not only the nose. Irresponsible behaviour from Pakie. Maybe the government isn't involved (most likely not) but they should have condemned these actions immediately and assisted India immediately to end this quickly. ..the did not.

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