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Secrets of the Craft.

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posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 10:05 PM
take everything you see with a grain of salt

science need not prove it..religion need not..nor philosophy...

the earth energy grid did not come from one mans running away imagination..
there is alot of energy out there in front of your noses.
those lines that provers drawn..are there..just as the current of the wind you can not see or the current of the waters or the etheral blue..
you can see the influence on the lands..i will not go into details.

there is a lot you can not see with your two eyes or hear with your two ears
or make sense with the two sides of your brain..

does that make it not real,does that make it a secret.

perhaps the knowledge that i contain..yes i did some reading thou the knowledge i understand did not come from books...they did make me more aware to what i allready knew..along with the counless experiences and observations..

the world is not as we see it in a great sense..
it is queerer than you can not think..

have faith in all that is...
we are of all of it..

its to bad we were all forced to put on shoes when we began to walk,or told what to think and how to feel.................................................................................................................................................. ...or to look outside of ourselfs for god or answers.. force feeding here
perhaps the spiral of nature can tell you more..and it has to be easier to see..
i am sure w/out searching google myself..that you can find science in religion in prehistoric writtings,in the spider web in the see shell in the tornado,on church floors here and there..thou what would it tell you,for each can be different..thou we are not an island standing alone

the great spiral..
please excuse me for my ramblings...
something i dont normally do...i am usually very quiet and try not to let on to what i nature runs deeply,calmly beneath the turbulent surface
i am glad i made no sense..for if i did..i may fear..and that is something i like to keep alongside me,not in front or behind..from what i see on these threads..the energy exchange,,from what i see on a telivision..from what i see with in the family and the c
some things are best left buried only to be found by those who know how to ask and how to see...

now that i think with my mind...i see that even if people thought their intentions were good..would it stay that way if they knew,if they understood what they feel,put aside all the outer stimulation and all the little i chatter.
what is most sad if i were to feel for all...that we allready have this knowledge and use it..but are so aloof to the mechanics of reality.

i am only here to do good thru my actions
not through my words as you can tell

i never thought i wrote poetry...

life is a dance if you take the steps..

ok.if you like to study things that you can prove easily..
study your will and your vision and see what you can do with out your physical hands
ever hold a pendulum and ask it questions..
ever make something move or stop with out physical force.
have you ever reached for and picked up a glass of water etc..
have you ever known something before it happens or changed something that will happen..
did you know you can kill some one with out a weapon or any other thing in the material world..
do you know you dont have to die,
do you know you can do things that would make you feel like a god..

this life is much easier,,,why walk across the water when you can take the boat..
enjoy your boats
row row row your boat gently up the stream merrilly merrily merrily life is but a dream
control your own dream not others..

i pray for the day when at least the 1/2 of the people can become responsible for their own actions feelings etc..
oh..i dont consider myself to be zen vedic druid catholic jewish on and on..
nature is my religion...

i best go before someone comes and tries to take me away...
i dont need to be amused

i pray for the day when some people can look at art and leave their stuff at home
i pray for the day a woman can become president
i pray for days nature shows us her true power

i will be ther with you ,for you...extending myself
this fool must end here and now..
i cant stand computers

posted on Feb, 22 2005 @ 09:30 AM
once again i just want to say forgive me..
i am just here to break the hold the programmers have on so many human minds.. in my own way..the work we have before us is considerable,but it is perfecly achievable and will be achieved,if we are prepared to get involved,there is nothing more powerful than a humans mind determined to think and act for itself,such a phenomenon is a manipulators nightmare and,like everyone on this planet,you have that power if you only use it..

as for science and ley lines,holy lines,dragon lines does know it..thou it is to great for many to understand and it would blow the manipulators out of the water...there are many things known and hidden..but can not be shown,for it would change the way we think and to those in power..this can not happen..
therefore we are programmed in our the age of 18..we are trained to think a certain sadnes me that i see at least 80%can not think for themselfs..
all this teaching and propoganda..all this work that we have to do...just keeps pulling us away..thou we all have this silent knowledge clawing at our inners..

"single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the opinion of a day,but a series of oppressions,begun at a distinguished period,unalterable through every change of ministers,to plainly prove a deliberate,systematical plan of reducing us to slavery"
thomas jefferson


OH..i can ,and i am not a scientist..i can prove to you leylines..if you walk the lines in my area..i have walked 100s of miles on the peacmaker ley and the chakra ley...i can show you ancient sites..with symbolic meaning..these sites have been here long before columbus..
perhaps when the masons built their temples on these lines,they knew not what they did..just as the budhist monk who built the peace pagoda nearby..on the peacemaker ley...the energy influenced her..and perhaps it did with early masons as well..thou i feel someone there just knows..

as for connecting lines..i can see where man has connected these lines..from point to point..and thru that the knight of the templar and its sword appeared..these lines and points were not altered to get that to was just there..
sorry this all goes beyond your comprehension..

well i must turn to the invisible ones and illuminate

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