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The Shed 3

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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 07:00 PM
For Bug
Martin I am happy to see your test went well for now, but as far as I understand "the proper" authorities still have to make a conclusion?
Heads Up Dear. I am guessing by the time they find a cause for your problems they will have a cure.
I am kidding. this was just to illustrate how pathetically slow the system works.
Big Hugs from some one who is envious of where you are. In many ways.

Sir Tom your avatar is Aragorn sitting in "The Prancing Pony" in Bree, just out side the "Shire". Interesting.
How is Bug?
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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 07:28 PM
Hello everyone on this fine holiday weekend.
I apologize in advance if my postings are on the long side.
I have another story entry and I've tried to edit it, but sometimes I have much to say.

This is a continuation of my story you could read here:
Chapter 13 Page 374

and now for my possibly long winded,

Chapter 14

Errollorre lay sprawled out on a cot in a guest room of the hidden forest library of Accasia.
He had consumed far too much elvan ale hours earlier. Now there was a ringing sound in his ears that awakened him.
“Oh my head.” moaned Errollorre. “I’ll never drink ale like that again.”
Errollorre looked around at the room that was dimly lit by one low flickering candle.
“It is not yet daybreak.” thought Errollorre. “I should be sleeping. But what is that constant ringing?”
Errollorre heard the ringing in his ears again and realized it was not in his head, but it was in the room.
He looked around and noticed in the rooms corner, a tall narrow box with glass windows.
It seemed to be made of metal and the ringing was coming from there.
Errollorre had no way of knowing it, but he was looking at a nineteen fifties style telephone booth.
Errollorre walked to the phone both and studied it. He touched it sides and pressed on the windows.
Finally he pushed on the door which folded back and opened.
The ringing was coming from the strange device hanging in the box.
Errollorre touched the phone and knocked the receiver off of the hook.
“Hello? Hello? Who’s there?” Came a small tinny voice from the cone hanging by a metal rope.
“What devilry is this?” said Errollorre. “Errollorre is that you? asked the voice.
“Errollorre pick up the cone and put it to your ear. This is Carl.” said the voice.
“The wizard Carl?” said Errollorre. Errollorre put the receiver to his ear.
“ Is that you Wizard Carl?” asked Errollorre. “Is this wizardry?”
“No you fool,” said Carl. “This is a phone call. Listen closely because the magic it took to get this phone booth in your room is going to wear off in a couple of minutes.”
“Wait a moment.” said Errollorre. “Why should I believe anything you say. You told me to tell Queen Lekya that you sent me to see her. But she said she never heard of a wizard named Carl.”
“I said tell her I sent you.” said Carl. “I didn’t say she knew me. Of course she doesn't know me. She dosen’t know every wizard in the world.
Just because I don’t belong to that stuck up group that hangs around her, my name is not in the grand book of wizards.
Do you know how much the dues are to belong to that snooty wizards guild?
Do they think I’m made of gold? Besides I’m too busy to go to their meetings and fundraising spaghetti dinners.”
“Now pay attention and listen.” said Carl.
“If you want to protect your friends and that library you're staying at, do what I say.
Do you still have that big lummox traveling with you?” asked the wizard.
“You mean Troll?” asked Errollorre. “Yes, he is out sleeping in the barn.
“Good.” said Carl. “Go get him and go out into the valley behind the barn.
Meet me by the side of the mountain where the valley first opens up into the field.
I’ll explain everything when you get there.”

The clicking sound Errollorre heard was the sound of Carl the wizard hanging up the phone.
Before Errollorre could say or do anything the phone booth around him dissipated into the air.
Errollorre buckled on his sword “Ginsu” and put on his cloak.
He quietly slipped out into the hallway and quickly made his way down the stone stairs out and behind the library without being noticed by the library's guardians.
He made his way to the barn and found Troll sleeping on a big pile of hay.
He was holding a horse under his arm like a child might sleep holding a Teddy Bear.
“Troll wake up.” Said Errollorre. “We have to meet the wizard Carl. He said we need to protect everyone.”
Troll woke up with a jolt and the horse escaped and ran for the hills. “Troll no like wizard.” Said Troll.
“But Troll go to keep people from getting hurt.”

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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 07:34 PM
Errollorre and Troll walked for several miles in the cold rain.
The morning light was just beginning to shine when the reached the side of the mountain before the great field.
They stood and waited for over an hour for the wizard to arrive.
“I don’t understand it Troll.” said Errollorre. “The wizard Carl told me to meet him here. But there’s no sign of him.”
“How you talk to wizard?” Asked Troll.
“That’s a strange thing.” said Errollorre. “I heard these ringing bells and then…”

Before Errollorre could finish telling Troll about the phone call from the wizard, a whirlpool of smoke appeared on the side of the mountain near the ground.
Suddenly a cave opened up and there was a tremendous roaring sound that came from within and drew ever closer.
Errollorre as a precaution, and with a little bit of fear, dove behind some boulders and peered out to witness bursting through the smoke, and coming out of the cave, was a steam locomotive!

It was a Norfolk and Western “J” Class 611 steam engine hauling boxcars full of various freight.
The train screeched to a noisy stop and one of the boxcar doors opened.
Out hopped the wizard Carl.
Carl walked towards the trains’ engine and yelled up to it’s driver. “Thanks for the lift Chooch.” said Carl.
“No problem.” said the engineer.
The the train lurched forward and disappeared into another whirlpool on the opposite side of the mountain pass.

“Wizard Carl.” said Errollorre. “What? How?”
“Nevermind all that.” said Carl. “We have more pressing issues. Follow me.”
The wizard led Errollorre and Troll to some tall grass on top of a slope that went down into a wide valley and field.
“This grass will conceal us for now.” said the wizard. “Look down below.”
Errollorre looked into the valley and could see at the far end marching towards them were thousands of large bulky two legged beings carrying warhammers.
“What are they?” asked Errollorre.
“They are call Mudlugs.” said Carl. “Created by witchery. They are made of dirt and rock but the walk like men.
They are strong and can kill with their warhammers or even just by the blows from their hands.
The witch queen knows forces are preparing to attack her in the east. She has sent this demon force behind the lines to strike from behind and weaken Queen Lekya’s forces by a surprise attack.
As they march through this valley they will destroy everything in their path, including the forest library and everyone in it.”
“What can the three of us do against thousands?” said Errollorre.
“They’re blows are deadly, but if you strike one solid, they explode into a cloud of dust and dirt.” said the wizard.
“We have the element of surprise. We can fall upon them and with good fighting skill, we can take out hundreds of them before they can regroup.”

There was a long low hissing sound.
“What is that hissing?” asked Errollorre. “Is there some great snake in this grass?”
“I don’t know.” said the wizard. “It sounds like nothing that would come from the world of light.
And the very air about us seems to be thickening and smelling foul.”
“Sorry.” said Troll. “That was me.
Troll eat many sacks of horse oats back at barn. Oats make Trolls tummy rumble.”
“Merciful heavens.” said Errollorre. “The very grass is wilting under the smell!”

The grass surrounding Errollorre, the wizard, and Troll, quickly dried up and fell flat on the ground.
They were immediately spotted by the leading group of marching Mudlugs.
“Well so much for surprise.” said Errollorre.
“Let’s waste no time.” said the wizard. “Let’s charge them.”
“I have my sword.” said Errollorre. “And Troll seems able to use anything he finds as a weapon.
But what will you use?” asked Errollorre.
“A wizard always has a staff of power.” said Carl.
Reaching into his long fuzzy bathrobe the wizard pulled out a long wet mop.
“Behold the staff of cleanbrite!” said the wizard.
Errollorre looked at Troll and shrugged his shoulders.
“Attack!” Errollorre yelled. And the three charged into the Mudlugs.

Errollorre ducked as a Mudlug swung his warhammer and he plunged his sword deep into the Mudlug.
It immediately burst into a cloud of dirt and dust.
The wizard Carl spun round and round holding the mop in one hand and smashing Mudlugs into dust.
While occasionally with the other hand the wizard used wind force to send Mudlugs crashing backwards into each other.
Troll smashed Mudlugs with his fists. He laughed as each one exploded into clouds of dust.
At one point a Mudlugs was able to hit troll in the chest with his warhammer.
Troll looked at his chest where he was struck, then he looked at the Mudlug and laughed.
Then he smashed it to bits.
The battle raged on like this for several hours until the last Mudlug was turned into powder.
Exhausted, Errollorre, Troll and the wizard Carl sat down in the field and caught their breath.
“That was fun” said Troll.
“You are an idiot aren't you?” said the wizard Carl.
“Ah Fellows?” Said Errollorre what’s that sound?
The three could hear a low rumble and then felt the very ground begin to vibrate.
The wizard Carl stood up and looked.
“Oh no” he said. “Look!”
There in the distance marching towards them was an army of six thousand sword wielding human skeletons.

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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 07:42 PM
“An army of the dead.” said Carl. “This will not be so easy.
When you strike these creatures the reassemble in minutes. The battle can rage forever.”
“Is there no way to stop them? asked Errollorre.
“There is one way.” said the wizard. “They can be burned with dragon fire.”
“Wizard Carl,” said Errollorre. “You went to the great dragon keep. Did you not bring us help from the mighty dragons?”
“Alas,” said the wizard. “Their leader is missing. He had gone to investigate ghost pirate ships heading for Accasia.
Now without his direction the other dragons are reluctant to leave the keep until he returns.”
“Then what shall we do? How will we stop this advancing army from destroying the library and all in its path?” asked Errollorre.
“I did secure the aide of one dragon.” Said Carl. “Perhaps the mightiest dragon in Accasia.
I was hesitant to call upon him because of the devastation he can cause. But because of this desperate situation I believe we must turn to his power now.
Gentlemen, I summon this day, a dragon of legend, one of myth and history, you will not forget the display you will see today. I give you that dragon of dragons….Nitro!”

The wizard raised his hand to the sky and Errollorre and Troll looked up.
They scanned the sky from east to west. From north to south. Up and Down. They saw nothing.
“Well?” said Errollorre. “Where is this wonder dragon?”
“Here.” said the wizard.
“Where?” asked Errollorre.
“Here.” said the wizard. “On my finger.”
Errollorre looked, and there on the wizard Carl’s finger, not quite an inch long, was a little tiny dragon.

“That?” said Errollorre “Is the mightiest dragon in the land?”
“Don’t let his size deceive you.” said the wizard. “ This is a miniature cadet dwarf pigmy neutron dragon.
Very rare. Very deadly. They have a terrific blast. Devastating and uncontrollable.
If this guy let’s loose there will be nothing standing.”

Suddenly a skeleton jumped up and swung a sword at Troll.
Troll grabbed its sword arm and tore it from the skeleton, Then he smashed the bones into the ground.
As they watched, the bones began to move towards each other, and reassemble.
“Quick.” said the wizard run for cover behind those rocks!”
Although Errollorre and Troll had their doubts about the dragon's abilities they ran and hid behind the boulders.
The wizard Carl raised his hand and the dragon “Nitro” lifted gently from his finger and floated into the sky.
They could hear his wings flapping and sounding like the buzzing of a bee as it rose ever higher in the air.
Finally reaching what it thought was an appropriate height it turned and faced the approaching army of skeletons.

Nitro’s eyes suddenly turned fire red and a glow of a furnace could be seen coming from his mouth.
Suddenly there was a burst of light.
Errollore thought that if he had ever seen a star explode it might look like this.
The brightness of the light blinded everyone and everything momentarily for miles.
As vision returned to Errollorre he could see only in black and white silhouettes.
Mostly white. There was heat. Tremendous heat. It felt as the very bones inside as person were being warmed.
White hot fire and flames.
Then normal light returned.
Vision came back to Errollorre.
He looked and all he could see was a barren wasteland.

Where there once was trees there was burnt ash.
Where once the army of skeletons marched there was nothing but white dust.
“Well if anyone in Accasia was looking for a place to build a town there are a couple square miles of clear land.” said Carl.

Nitro gently floated down and rested on the wizard's shoulder.
Then it leaned over and spoke into the wizards ear.
Then Nitro flew off.
“Where little buzzy dragon go?” asked Troll.
“He’s going to recharge somewhere and sleep.” said Carl.
“It may be a long time before he can send out another blast.
But I have bad news.”
“What news?” asked Errollorre.
“When Nitro was in the sky,” said the wizard. “He was able to see, that there was a second army of Muglugs moving from the other direction towards the library.
It will be upon the library in an hour.
There is no way we will get there before they begin to reek havoc upon it and its inhabitants!”

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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 08:05 PM
NO NO Not the Library!

posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 09:05 PM
Wis, when I replied to your post, it was short. I was just going back and noticed a long post. Did you edit it to add the stuff about house sitting, or is this place haunted again?????? So, how long will you have to house sit? What happens to the dog? Didn't the man have a wife? I am so sorry you are stressed out with all of this! HUGS!!!!!

Tom, great entries as always! The only thing is our conflicting posts about dragons. I wrote about the gathering of dragon armies and in your post, you have them reluctant to leave the keep without their leader.

Had you have posted before me, I would have worked around that. You see, dragons, once they lose a leader for whatever reason always choose another to lead, even if it is temporary should the original show up again. I guess you didn't read that chapter in the school of witchcraft, wizardry and dragon lore. LOL

Love your writing, it is quite creative, fun and adventurous!

posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 09:08 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Well remember this tale of dragons was told by the wizard Carl.
So it doesn't have to be true. lol

posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: Errollorre

LOL, I was thinking the same thing! Did you read my mind? Ahahaha! So there we go, all worked out.

Our tale is getting quite interesting. You are the only one I know who writes long entries like I like to do. Wish our other writers would post again, or for Skid who is still writing to post more.

OH...Happy Easter to you and Gail!!!!!!
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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 09:16 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Is this place haunted again. Night is it just you and I noticing this? Spookey.

I thought I had read all of Tom's story, and I come back and there is more. After I posted!

WIS, I just noticed you post was changed too.

Sorry you are having to deal with crazy. You be careful.

So what will happen to the dog?

Tom Great entry

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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 09:18 PM
a reply to: Night Star

I try to keep it short, but the pictures in my head are worth a thousand words.
Well maybe they're worth less. lol
I do try to edit for the reader.
But I enjoy telling a story.

Thanks for the encouragement,
and Happy Easter to you from Gail and I.

posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 09:20 PM
a reply to: WalkInSilence

Gail sends you her love and is feeling well.

Take care of yourself and have a great holiday.

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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 10:44 PM
a reply to: crappiekat

Whew, glad it isn't just me. That has happened to me many times in here. I think it's the pixies. That or...the shed really is haunted and you and I are the only one's witnessing the weirdness. LOL Or maybe we're going crazy at the same time. Well, hey, who wants to go crazy alone right?

Tom, it's so funny, sometimes I think I'll put on some fantasy mood music and just write a little. The next thing you know it, my post is getting longer and longer and then I end that post and start a whole new one thinking ok, I'll add a little to this part of the story now and I keep writing and writing. LOL I too enjoy telling a story. I always feel that even if it makes only one person happy, it's worth my time and effort.

Now if others could get their writing mojo back, we'll really be in business.
One of my biggest challenges has always been creating and playing the villain's characters. I hope I didn't freak Wis out with my sinister stuff back there. I have been challenging myself as a writer in that area.

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 08:47 AM
Morning Sheddites and lurkers if we still have any! Just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a Happy Easter and a lovely day!
Love you all!

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 12:42 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Happy Easter sweetie. I hope you have a great day with family!

Happy Easter to everyone. I hope everyone has a great day!

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 01:43 PM
a reply to: Night Star
Every time I see the word Shedites I think of the Deadites from the Evil Dead movies.

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 02:18 PM

Skid Mark the psycho clown spun toward the sound. The undergrowth was thrashing. Something was running through it at great speed. Skid Mark was a foot or so from the edge of the clearing. Whatever was making all that commotion would be on him in seconds. Before he could decide what to do a small furry something launched itself from the forest and struck him on the chest. The force of the blow sent him staggering backward. He tripped over his big shoes and fell over on his ass. The whoopee cushion in his back pocket let out a loud raspberry that surprised a laugh out of Trix and Dougie.
The laughter was cut short as an arrow zoomed out of the trees and embedded itself in a log between them. Five goblins burst through the brush and before any of the party could react one of them had a sword thrust into Skid Mark's face. They were vile creatures; as small as a ten year old and sickly pale.
"Give us back our dinner!" The foul thing with the sword shouted, it's rancid week old dead mouse smelling breath wafting into Skid Mark's face.
The smell made Skid Mark's stomach clench. He unate his last meal all over the goblin's face. The goblin opened his mouth wide and the spew splattered into it. The goblin smacked his lips and said, "That's the stuff! Give me more!"
This grossed Skid Mark out so much that he vomited again. The goblin squealed with joy. The others rushed in for their share of the nasty treat.
"Save some for us, Skart! Don't hog it for yourself," one goblin wearing tattered leather armor yelled.
They shoved and jostled for elbow room so they could get some. Skid Mark obliged; not that he had a choice with his heaving stomach and all. The shoving and pushing soon turned into an all out rumble as they goblins fought and swore at each other.
The party made good use of the distraction. Skid Mark forgot all about his fear of heights and climbed onto Dougie's back like his ass was on fire, holding onto the whatever it was with one arm the whole time. Dougie and Trix launched themselves into the sky. It was then that he remembered the thing he held in his arms. He looked down at it and it grinned back up. It was a small dog. It's black medium length fur was in need of a good brushing but it otherwise looked to be in good shape. One half of its face was black and the other white.
Skid Mark was charmed and petted the furry little critter. "It's okay now, buddy. We have you now. No ugly whatever the crap those were are going to eat you."
"Those were goblins," Dougie said.
"Thanks for saving me," the little dog said, "My name is Sam."
Skid Mark blinked in surprise. "A talking dog! What kind of Wonderland did I wake up in?"
"We have to hurry to the harbor," Sam said, "I heard the goblins talking last night. Some ghost pirates are coming and the goblins are working for them. Accasia is in terrible danger!"
"We were heading that way when we met you," Trix said, "What all did they say?"
"Just what I told you. They got into an argument on who got to eat my poop and started fighting."
"We should be there in a day or so," Dougie said, "Then we can meet up with my friend and see what we can do."

[Continued later]

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 02:22 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

LOL man my story line seems like it's written by Quakers compared to yours. LOL
Funny stuff.

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 02:39 PM
Hello Martin, Skid and Errollorre!

OMG Skid, you're the only one who can make me laugh and gross me out all at the same time like that! LOL

Well, I didn't get my mail yesterday and picked it up today. I have to re-take tests. My white blood cells are elevated yet again and they found blood in my urine. WTF? I told you, It's always bad news! And my cholesterol is too high as it has been for years and I can't take meds for that. Sigh...Sometimes it really, really sucks being human! I just want to be Night Star, a beautiful elf on adventures and meeting faeries and dragons and stuff.

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 02:57 PM
a reply to: Errollorre
Thanks. I just hope it doesn't gross anyone out too much.

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: Night Star
It's a gift lol.

I hope everything works out with the doctors.

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