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Proof That We Are All ET-Hybrids, To One Degree Or Another?

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posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 02:22 PM
About accelerated human evolution and the possibility of some sort of Universal intervention that stimulated / initiated that acceleration.

There appears to be a correlation between the accelerated expansion of the Universe and the accelerated evolution of humanity.

There is only 'humanity' (or humanoid / humans led by higher intelligences) on Earth with the ability for abstract comprehension, conceptual realisation of technology and science to such an extent of being far above the capabilities of even the nearest related primate, despite sharing much of the same DNA.

That ability happened rather recently and quickly in the scale of humanities timeline.

IMO something /someone caused or was a catalyst for that acceleration.
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posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 03:11 PM
Here's something interesting.
The Anunnaki family tree according to Sumerian records:

As you can see it was Enki and Nin-khursag in the lab trying to perfect the prototype servant/worker. The homo sapiens line comes from them.

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 03:19 PM

originally posted by: TrueMessiah
As you can see it was Enki and Nin-khursag in the lab trying to perfect the prototype servant/worker. The homo sapiens line comes from them.

Then why do we share some of our genome with other Earth animals?

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 03:46 PM

originally posted by: Soylent Green Is People

originally posted by: TrueMessiah
As you can see it was Enki and Nin-khursag in the lab trying to perfect the prototype servant/worker. The homo sapiens line comes from them.

Then why do we share some of our genome with other Earth animals?

I can't say for certain but it's been said that humans were not the only experiments being conducted at that time. All mythological legends have been tied to these experiments. Creatures like the minotaur, chimera, satyrs, centaurs, etc. are all thought to be results of these experiments. Perhaps there was a mix up somewhere down the line and a pinch of other genomes were mistakenly added. There was a lot of trial and error during this process.

From the translated 14 Tablets Of Enki

Chapter 6.2 - The Anunnaki created the mythical creatures of old. The animals like dragons, centaurs, mermaids, unicorns, etc. In this portion of the tablet it states they took parts from the behind of one animal and combined it with the front of another. In other words they had been experimenting with DNA.

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 03:38 AM

originally posted by: MKMoniker
[...] what's with all the "unknown DNA and microbes" found in New York City? [...] only 8.5% to 16.2% of the soil microbes were known! [...]

This is the link to the original research article: Biogeographic patterns ...

Preamble: please note that the article does not speak of microbes only: it is about all species found in the soil samples: bacteria, fungi, microscopic animals, plants, ...

This 'sudden increase in number of organisms' is due to the fact that we now have much better techniques to detect them. Before we were basically limited to microscopical observation in the case of the "bigger" organisms (animals, fungi, ..), and in the case of unicelular organisms: to try to culture them in the lab in petri dishes.

In both cases some organisms were simply not detected.
Moreover, in the first case, you might have identified 2 morfologically very similar animals as 1 species only.
And with the unicelular organisms, it depends on what you use as a carbon source ("food"), which other elements you add to the agar, and under which atmosphere you culture the organisms (with or without oxygen, ...), etc. It was already known that we weren't able to isolate most of the microorganisms.

Now however, we can extract pieces of DNA that are very species specific. We just extract all of the DNA from the soil sample (we get a DNA 'soup', composed of the DNA of all the organisms), then use some molecular scissors to cut out these species specific DNA sequences, and then just see how many of these different sequences (=species) we have (...with a 'bit' of help from computers...). With this technique we detect a lot more, if not all, of the organisms present.

I oversimplify a bit, but basically that's how it works.

What is the function of all these organisms that were not known? Soil ecology is very complex, and every organism performs its task in the comunity. I will try to explain using another microbial comunity: the one in our mouth. +- 10% of the people never suffer caries. It was recently discovered that 98% of these persons carry a bacterium in their mouth that protects them against caries. A previously unknown organism, but with a very important funtion in the ecosystem of our mouth, I would say.

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 03:47 AM

originally posted by: antar
a reply to: MKMoniker

With only 3 basic humanoid races on planet (that we know of) Caucasian, Asian and Negroid, and arguably over 5,000 subspecies of humanoids "well mixed", the 3 basic compositions would be the various intergalactic visitors and their "Experiments."

The 3 main Alien's Races are:

Nordic from Pleiades star cluster some 400 light years from Earth. They have been known for Spiritual guidance to help earth as she graduates to a higher dimensional plane of existence and are assisting humanity in preparation for earth changes and ultimately joining their galactic advanced potential.

The Greys from some 220 trillion miles away from earth in the Zeta Reticuli. They are known for their experimentation on humans having been genetically manipulated themselves millions of years ago and having lost the ability reproduce themselves.

Reptilian's from the constellation of Draco, are possibly the longest known species on earth and having been star seeded themselves by off shoots of their solar system, and in their evolutionary path have integrated with humanoids to infiltrate at the highest levels of society so as to eventually wipe out all baser humans and eventually become the sole life forms on this planet.

I was recently looking for this website! Please share where you got this info!

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 03:52 AM
I think we could be hybrids indeed. However I dont think our DNA makes us what we are, rather its our desires which form our future incarnations.

Like you live in your house but your not your house, if it breaks you get out and get a new one.

Every house is a little different, depending on where you live. In the same way every body is different, every incarnation is different as well.

I think advanced aliens have mastered the techniques of creating races, and seeding them throught the universe to help the universe itself evolve.

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 04:38 AM
a reply to: MKMoniker

'Junk DNA' or non-coding DNA, does have its functions or reasons to exist, which don't necessarily need to be ET related. Ecology and evolution go a long way in explaining its presence. (But, I agree, among scientists the jury is still out on exactly what %age is functional - somewhere between 8 and 80%).

Anyway, I am completely in awe for the amount of work these ET-bioengineers have accomplished: inserting 'junk' DNA in all of the 1,5 million known species (wildest guestimates are as high as 100 million species) in order to prepare us for space-faring.

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 05:39 AM
a reply to: MKMoniker

He thinks it's because that the size of an animal's or plant's genome has no relation to its complexity

There is a relationship between the number of protein coding genes and the length of the genome (GRAPH 1)
Based on that graph: do you think we could assume that the genome of an organism, considering the number of protein coding genes it possesses, needs to have a certain length to be functional? Or would this relationship be purely by chance? (each dot represents a species; there is a lot of data...)

How can plants and simple organisms have bigger genomes than us people?

Also note that viruses have smaller genomes than procaryotes (bacteria) and prokaryotes have smaller genomes that eucaryotes (plants, fungi, animals). Within the eucaryotes, algae, worms and fungi have smaller genomes than higher animals and plants. (GRAPH 2).

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posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 06:59 AM
I'm not out to debunk your theory, because I love alternative thought - that's why the most interesting minds are here, right? - but I want to offer you the thought relating to the changes you experience as an individual throughout your life as it is fundamental to this discussion into dna function.

How's those gills work out for you in the womb? That tail you grew and lost? How's your meat and vege as you develop? Or your ovaries and mammaries as you change and 'evolve' over the course of a lifetime. All these 'expressions' of the same protein making genes are controlled by what was once referred to as 'junk dna', before anyone stopped to think about the fact that we don't just look like babies for our whole life.

Again, I don't think that this debunks your theory. I just wanted to add a little science to the discussion. Sorry if it's already been covered. I haven't read through the whole thread, but wanted to be part of this debate.. encode

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posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 07:39 AM
Science is finally starting to catch up with what they are starting to see in the labs. There is no such thing as "junk" when it comes to the natural order of things. We still have a tail bone, it serves a purpose.

What the rest of the regions of DNA do is still being studied. When it comes to if humans could have been "created" as oppose to evolved, there is one theory that is quite intriguing, Human origins: Are we hybrids.

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 09:31 AM
How about this? And I'm just guessing. Here's a totally uneducated thought...

DNA learns over time and something actually writes code during one's life, so that perhaps it changes over time. Have we studied sequencing in individuals over time? Idk

I can only fathom, that the code that is used to express the skin-forming gene, is diferent as we age. Something in that metamorphosis is a reaction to environment. Environment meeting the expression of DNA.

Can we watch DNA being written?
I must be mad
Flame on

On the point about the onion, plants communicate through their roots, as per a previous post on ATS, purplemur Do Not imagine for one moment you are superior to an onion, they live on a much higher plane then you; who eat who?

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posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 10:10 AM
Here's more on Panspermia, or "alien" microbes from space:
(From 2000) INFLUENZA FROM SPACE? "... one of Hoyle and Wickramasinghe's more controversial claims is that influenza outbreaks are often caused by newly arriving viruses from space ..."
(From 2000) SCIENTISTS REPORT ALIEN (BACTERIAL) LIFE (Researchers say that the filter of a high-flying balloon from the India Space Research Organization (ISRO) found a strain of bacteria UNLIKE ANYTHING ON EARTH.)

And here's some more on "hybridization":
Hybridization among plants and animals is not rare. And the "intermediate to parents" characteristics of the hybrid offspring, can enable the offspring to adapt and live in conditions which both parents find difficult. In fact, hybrids may succeed better if they can exploit a different niche than either parent.

In humans, "It now appears that 1-4% of the DNA sequence of Europeans and Asians - but not Africans - was contributed by Neanderthals mixing with Homo Sapiens ... 50,000 to 80,000 years ago."
This is a scholarly anthropological report, discussing what happens when invaders breed with a native population. The Introduced Population (IP) can strengthen the Native Population's gene-pool, and prevent "inbreeding depression". But the IP may not be as environmentally-adapted as the Native Population. At the end of this long document is a sub-title "Most Ancient Democracy in the World Is A Genetic Isolate". Something to think about ...

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 10:31 AM

Totally dismissing the "ET Hybrid" theory, scientists still have a hard time explaining these Mysteries:

1) Why did we grow such large brains?
2) Why do we walk upright on two legs?
3) What happened to our body hair?
4) Why did our closest relatives (Neanderthals) go extinct?
5) Is human evolution accelerating?
6) What is the Hobbit?
7) Why did modern humanity expand past Africa about 50,000 years ago?
8) Did we interbreed with Neanderthals?
9) Who was the first hominid?
10) Where do Modern Humans come from?
From Featherless Chickens to a Coywolf. Some of these hybrids were accidental, like a shrinking habitat that throws coyotes and wolves into closer, breeding proximity.

But most were deliberately produced hybrids, either to make them easier to process for food (like the naked chickens), or to make them hardier survivors and more resistant to disease.

Now just imagine that the ETs may have once - or are currently - doing this very same thing to people on Earth, for the very same reasons.

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 11:42 AM
Our evolution from "just" apes also has too many questions:
Our forebears underwent a previously unknown stage of evolution more than a million years before 'Lucy.' It is neither human nor chimp. This ancestor lived 4.4 million years ago, and was both bipedal and quadrupedal. The canine teeth too were small and diamond-shaped, and the males and females were the same size.

(NOTE: Either this human ancestor was interbreeding with monkeys, or with small ET explorers. Monkeys today have a small size variation between males and females, but witnesses of the small greys report that males and females are the same size. The greys would also have had the technology to over-ride the biology that makes most hybrids infertile, like the mule.)

(NOTE: This goes against the notion that females stayed in cave homes to raise children, venturing out only to collect plants and roots as the staple of their diet. While males did venture out once a month or more to hunt, there may have been too much competition with other females in close quarters, not to mention forced sex by all the males, relatives or not. So the young adult females could have been forced out or left on their own. This also opened up opportunities for the females to breed with other "outside" males and prevented inbreeding.)
Especially the genes involved in making keratin (skin, hair and nails), which are especially rich in Neanderthal DNA. Other Neanderthal variants carried the risk of diseases like lupus, biliary cirrhosis, Crohn's disease and Type 2 diabetes. Neanderthal males also appeared to have a reduced fertility.

(NOTE: The diseases are mostly related to digestion and absorption. If the large Neanderthal was basically a carnivore, and was mating with other examples of Early Man who had a more varied diet - or mostly plants and roots with only occasional meat, like in most early Hunter-Gatherer societies - the children could have been expected to have had some digestion problems.

(The Neanderthal traits related to keratin might suggest darker skin and more body hair, which would protect Early Man while traveling, as well as in colder climates. And while a slave race, the long body hair of the Neanderthal would both protect against the sun and cold, and provide an evaporative cooling system with sweat.

(The find that Neanderthal males were not as fertile as other Early Man, would contribute to the idea that Neanderthals were "genetically-created" as slaves. And too robust a sex drive could contribute to endless problems fighting over females. Especially in a small confined space like most slaves sub-populations are held in. And having babies would temporarily incapacitate a female, while growing children would require more food and space.

(So it would be easy to understand how low fertility/reduced sex drive could have been bred out of a slave population, like the Neanderthals by the Annunaki. It may even be part of the puzzle why the Neanderthals went extinct.)

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posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 12:08 PM
One little-discussed area that might be the "smoking gun" of incompatible Earth Human and ET Humanoid DNA, is certain birth defects. While these can be random genetic mutations, birth defects that seem related to traits of another species might point to ET-interbreeding, and resultant genetic incompatibility. Here are some of the rarer and odder birth defects seen among our Earthly population, that may hint at ET-interbreeding:

BLASCHKO'S LINES: Strange stripes all over the body. "The (stripes) correspond quite closely from patient to patient, usually forming a "V" shape over the spine, and "S" shapes over the chest, stomach and sides."

BLUE PEOPLE: Ignoring the occasional consumer of too much colloidal silver, there was a large family in the Kentucky Hills around Troublesome Creek. They were perfectly healthy except for blue/plum/indigo/purple skin.

PICA: People who eat non-food items, like dirt, glue, clay, etc. No cause or cure has been found, but one idea is that the condition might be linked to a "mineral deficiency". (Especially if some ancestor grew up on another planet, with different dietary needs!)

ICHTHYOSIS: 28 different types of "dry, thickened, scaly or flaky skin". It can be from mild to severe, may or may not be genetic, but involves flaking or shedding scaly skin. (The analogy to reptiles or fish is obvious. And one Reptilian was described as "covered in fine white scales, like the underside of a lizard".)

The most severe form of Ichthyosis is Harlequin. These are babies born with thick, hard plates separated by deep cracks for skin. (If they live, they must constantly apply moisturizer, and consume 7,500 calories a day, to make up for the lost nutrients by shedding skin ten-times the rate of normal people.)

Intriguingly, sometimes these Harlequin babies are born with other oddities, like Polydactyly, or an unusual number of fingers and toes. (These malformations, too, hint at possible ET-DNA.)

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posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 12:35 PM
In Greek Mythology, a Chimera was a creature with parts of several different animals. (Could have been ET experimentation, like "The Island Of Dr. Moreau".) While dismissed as just mythology today, if the Olympian "gods" were ETs, they could have been experimenting with creating half-men, half-animals.

"Chimerism" is defined as scientists attempting to produce a chimera, by merging embryos of two different animals. Mixing the egg of one with the sperm of the other is called "hybridization".

Most curious, however, is how this article says that "there are only about 35 chimeric people identified in the U.S." Yet, if you read thru all the Comments, there are many people with some sort of minor abnormalities (like different colored eyes, bone mass, etc.) that may be chimeric.

(NOTE: This opens up the idea of Chimeras containing "someone else's" DNA, thru an unknown process unrelated to parental eggs and sperm. Maybe that's why there are now maternity shirts for pregnant women that read, "No, you cannot put your hand on my stomach!")

posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 07:22 AM

originally posted by: 727Sky
a reply to: MKMoniker

And the reason it's more complex than an onion's, is that no one wants to breed with an onion.

Expect a letter from the onion lovers union of the world !

It could be that the so called junk DNA was useful at one time during our development. I personally believe if some E.T. had a re-do at our DNA they would have cleaned the whole mess up and the debate would be, 'only a god could make such a perfect creature as us'.. As it is now if E.T. or a god and not evolution did our DNA then there must have been more important things going on.... or it was just to much trouble to clean the room .

"they would have cleaned the whole mess up"
What mess?

posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 08:09 AM

originally posted by: MKMoniker
(NOTE: This opens up the idea of Chimeras containing "someone else's" DNA, thru an unknown process unrelated to parental eggs and sperm. Maybe that's why there are now maternity shirts for pregnant women that read, "No, you cannot put your hand on my stomach!")

I doubt that's the reason pregnant women don't want strangers putting their hand on their stomachs.

posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 03:21 PM
a reply to: Soylent Green Is People

It was a joke! But Yeah, I am appalled people-on-the-street would even ask such a thing. Used to be, no one would even ask to "touch" a pregnant woman's belly.

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