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Major Subliminal Messages in Film

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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 01:36 PM
Sapphire XI happens to be a Motorola car radio brand. So?

a reply to: revolution2016

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 02:02 PM
a reply to: FuManchu2

“Regina Dugan, head of Motorola Advanced Technology & Projects and the former director of DARPA, exhibited some of the projects the company is working on. She showed a wearable, electronic tattoo that could be used for user authentication, as well as a pill with a small chip inside and a battery, from a company called Proteus, that creates a signal in the body and the entire body becomes an authentication token. "That becomes my first superpower," Dugan said. "We aren't shipping this right way.”

thanks for the assist


/looks through notes
these wearable-tattoo's were showcased on Australian morning news TV on 20/7/2014
billed as "electronic tattoo's"
within moments reworked as "wearable device"

"all sorts of devices can be inserted into these wearable objects" the shill said, and continued with "within a few years, this will be common"

the TV news reporter quipped something about "..leave the privacy issue for another day"
(then they all laughed)
(then we cut back to the main guy)
"..fantastic application of new technology"
/cut to commercial

i take notes of the commercials too..
..maybe in a few weeks i'll put together a topic called "the wizards of OZ TV"

some people seem to 'not understand' what all this stuff means together
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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 02:17 PM
a reply to: revolution2016

read your post this morn then off to view some other things (semi-related) then came upon this vid (haven't viewed recent updates on this thread so if it has been posted before, I apologize).

This vid relates your ideas (and many more to the 9-11 references since the 80's.

**Pls note: only the first 5 mins of the video has the movie clips all in one place, watching the rest of the long video is optional.

hope the embedding works.

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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 02:34 PM
Come on OP. If you wanted to do a REAL thread on movie symbolism, you should have done any number of Stanley Kubrick movies. Literally just pick one.

Here are ten conspiracies about him (I'm not saying any are true by the way).
10 Insane Conspiracy Theories About Stanley Kubrick

Here's a cracked article (Mr. Kubrick is number 1 on the list) linking just about every one of his movies to the illuminati through the pyramid.
5 Absurd (But Mind-Blowing) Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories
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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 10:27 PM

originally posted by: windword
a reply to: revolution2016

I don't know about Gremlins 2, but I do know that it's common knowledge that George Lucas used standard mythological figures and tranformational themes in his Star Wars Trilogy..

George is a closet Satanist, so not a big surprise. THats his first amendment I guess.

Also why do you all care about them telling you about 911 ahead of time. You people won't do anything about it. And you can't say they didn't warn you. We just don't listen, or know how to listen to their clues. Who fault is that?

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 03:44 AM
a reply to: UNIT76

some people seem to 'not understand' what all this stuff means together

God's Equation


Big Brother's Recipe for 'Revolution in Military Affairs'

The Revolution

In 1994, the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) of the US Army War College (Carlisle
Barracks, Pennsylvania) produced a paper entitled, The Revolution in Military
Affairs and Conflict Short of War' . In the paper, the authors propose that, 'Many
American strategic thinkers believe that we are in the beginning stages of a (sic)
historical revolution in military affairs (RMA). This will not only change the nature
of warfare, but also alter the global geopolitical balance.'

This revolution is not only strategic. It is also fundamentally technological.

'Sensor technology, robotics, nonlethal weapons, and intelligence
meshes will be used in combating terrorism, counteracting
narcotrafficking, and peace operations. These technologies, along
with stimulator training and unmanned aerial vehicles, will also be
useful in insurgency and counterinsurgency. '

The authors of the SSI paper recommend ongoing research, analysis and debate
on a number of topics including, Technology designed specifically for conflict
short of war, especially psychological, biological, and defensive technology.'
They also suggest that, as 'large numbers of Americans may find themselves in
areas of instability and conflict', such individuals might benefit from being
'equipped with an electronic position locator device (PLD). The device, derived
from the electronic bracelet used to control some criminal offenders or parolees,
would continually inform a central data bank of the individuals' locations.
Eventually, such a device could be implanted under the skin...'

The paper also openly declares that, 'Behaviour modification is a key component
of peace enforcement,' and that '"Soft kill" systems can play a key role.'
Furthermore, with regard to counterinsurgency, 'Greatly improved intelligence
gathering and fusion is a primary component of the RMA, and proposed
information warfare capabilities might be ideally suited for helping develop desired
emotions, attitudes or behaviour.'

The authors recognise that, The use of new technology may also run counter to
basic American values', and that, 'Deception, while frequently of great military or
political value, is thought of as somehow "un-American".'

Due to this fact, and also that the majority of Americans may find the use of many
of the emerging technologies 'morally difficult', the authors conclude that the
military might consider that American values and attitudes thus form significant
constraints on full use of emerging technology, at least in anything short of a
perceived war for national survival.'

The central premise of the paper is that:

'In its purest sense, revolution brings change that is permanent,
fundamental, and rapid. The basic premise of the revolution in
military affairs (RMA) is simple: throughout history, warfare usually
developed in an evolutionary fashion, but occasionally ideas and
inventions combined to propel dramatic and decisive change. This
not only affected the application of military force, but often altered the
geopolitical balance in favour of those who mastered the new form of
warfare. The stakes of military revolution are thus immense...'

With such 'immense' stakes, might the military have felt the need to covertly foster
revolution in order to bring about the change necessary to make the use of new
weapons and technologies less 'morally difficult' for the American people? The
paper leaves the reader in little doubt that the answer to this question is resolutely
affirmative, for the paper declares:

'Overcoming these constraints to make RMA in conflict short of war
would require fundamental changes in the United States - an ethical
and political revolution may be necessary to make a military revolution.'
The authors then declare that, rather than being limited by 'constraints and
countermeasures', 'there is another alternative: we could deliberately engineer a
comprehensive revolution, seeking utter transformation rather than simply an
expeditious use of new technology.'

Have the opening moves of such a revolution already been played? Is the
American national security establishment already at war with its own citizens (and
those of other 'civilised' nations) in order to coerce them to accept the formerly
unacceptable by means of 'the manipulation of images, beliefs, attitudes, and
, that is, psychological warfare? Once again, the reader is left with
little doubt that the answer to this question is a resolute YES.

The authors write that to achieve a 'Revolution in Military Affairs', the Army must
fully recognise that psychological technology is of much greater importance than
strike technology:

'Ways must be found to use emerging technology, including
advanced artificial intelligence and information dissemination
, to help military strategists develop, implement, and
continually improve methods of influencing opinion, mobilising public
support, and sometimes demobilising it. '

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 04:12 PM
There is some serious CIA/Hollywood shadow group that pre-planted subliminal messages in eveything over a 30 year span. Late 90's is when things ramped up. The oldest 9/11 clue i could find was this:

Breakfast in America (album cover) (1979)

If you reverse the 2 letters U and P over the World Trade Center, you get 9/11.
The view is from an airplane and the juice is specifically placed.

90's propaganda:

Terminator 2 (1991)

Truck crashes into 9/11, leaks fuel, explosion

Independence Day (1996)
Alien Countdown exactly 9/11/01

Simpsons Season 9 Ep. 1 (1997)

Lisa holds up sketchy 9/11 subliminal, Homer goes to World Trade Center

Disneys Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)

American Airlines goes perfectly over WTC (AA was company that hit WTC on 9/11)
Men in Black (1997)

Will Smith waved in front of Towers, awareness tactic probably for younger kids

Armageddon (1998)

Meteor hits WTC similar to an airplane, destroys towers

The Big Lebowski (1998)
Check says 9/11

Godzilla (1998)

Watch says 9/11

American Airlines Commercial (1998)

The Matrix (1999)

Expires 9/11/01

Pushing Tin (2000)

pretty self explanatory

The Patriot (2000)

Mel Gibson breaks a chair that weights 9 lb 11 oz

Spider Man Trailer (2000)

Spider Man stops bank robbers, public sees aircraft by towers

Millenium Hotel opened in 1992 across from World Trade Center.
Modeled after the monolith from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Took
heavy damage in 9/11. This could have many meanings considering
what the monolith meant in the movie.

Robin Williams devil horns on World Trade Center

Tupac directly above WTC

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 05:12 PM
Well I always had a hard time believing in coincidences in life but when it comes to subliminal messages in the entertainment industry, I believe it goes both ways. Some are coincidences, some are not.

I remember the oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico in 2010 and this strange occurence in the movie 'Knowing' shortly released ahead of the real-life event.

This is what got me into truly believing in foreseen events in movies. The fact that we see '666' just before the actual clip and also the fact that they focus so much this particular TV news when in reality it has no influence in the movie set...

What do you think of this one, OP?
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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:02 PM
Of course the radio in the car was a coincident. But not the way you think. Do you really think they sat down and came up with that radio for a subliminal message? Like; "We need to come up with some more subliminal messages folks!" -"Yeah, lets have a image of a car radio with the dials set on a station between no 9 and 11!" -" Good idea! And we could call the radio Sapphire XI, sapphire links to September! They'll never guess that!" No, in my opinion that is stupid!

Of course it was a subliminal message. And a very clever one too. The critics proved it themselves. What an irony.

First of all, it was a coincidence that such a radio existed in the first place, as pointed out by the critics, it has been staring people in the eyes from VW's for years. The radio happened to be perfectly suitable for it's purpose. No one would think twice about a completely ordinary radio. And no one would, at the time, have any clue as to why the station was set as it was. It spelled 9 / 11. That was the subliminal message! Together with the chancy name. No one got it. Not even the trained conspiracy geniuses from ATS. Despite actively researching it. Brilliant! Doesn't anyone think any more? You see, subliminal messages aren't meant to be seen. Hence the name. Subliminal messages doesn't want attention. They like to creep inside hidden from consciousness. Don't you think an unknown, swapped out radio could attract attention? If not in hindsight? Such a famous radio, as some might say?

Of course you make use of what you got! I bet someone just said: "Hey! Look at that radio! We can use that!"
And you know, it almost managed to stay hidden. And by the reaction from the shills in this thread, I suspect it hit a nerve.

I say, this is one of the better subliminal messages I have ever seen. Very clever! And I bet that many will see the same as I after reading this. (Yes, I am arrogant. I really could care less.)

Thank you OP, for an interesting thread! In my book, your theory about the radio seems legit.

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 08:13 PM
a reply to: St0rD

Nice find, perfect example.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Sandy Hook pointed to on a map by Gordon, months before the Sandy Hook shooting.

Enemy of the State ( 1998) Not only is there a 9/11 reference, but the two kids
in the film are named Dylan and Eric. 1999 Columbine massacre why by two shooters
named Dylan and Eric. And guess when Dylan Klebold (columbine shooter) was born?

9/11/1981 exactly 20 years before the event.
This was one of their last diary enries:


Eric Harris, 18, outlined his plans a year before he and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold carried out the April 1999 attack. The entries quoted are here verbatim, including numerous misspellings, although obscenities have been edited. "If by some wierd as s--t luck my and V survive and escape we will move to some island somewhere or maybe mexico, new zelend or some exotic place where americans cant get us. if there isnt such a place, then we will hijack a hell of a lot of bombs and crash a plane into NYC with us inside iring away as we go down," Harris wrote.

Basketball Diaries (1995)

Leonardo Dicaprio dresses in same trench coat outfit as Columbine killers, and shoots up classroom.

There are 2 major 9/11 predictions that are in music videos.

Spice Girls (1996) - Two Become One

World Trade Center > Freedom Tower

WTC is obstructed, only showing 1 tower

ACDC (1985) - Shake Your Foundations

Already you can see these past two titles have 9/11 implications. Just in the name. Let alone the
World Trade Center then being involved.

Watch this. Look for the big red 9 at the end, the WTC making the 11. The plot
of the music video is a cafe/bar collapsing. Its just sketchy

I'm telling you, they hit us with the pre-planted material then act out the real thing. Probably happening right now.

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 09:15 PM
The fact they let some people walk around unmedicated scares me more than any of this.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 09:48 PM
a reply to: KeliOnyx

Ironicly enough most mentally medicated people I know are the zombie-like ones.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 01:35 AM
I have a few different thoughts or theories about this subliminal message phenomenon. The most obvious 'Occam's Razor' explanation is that a specific group of people, likely military strategists with an advanced understanding of the human mind, both individually and collectively, have crafted hints of future events that are being planned and orchestrated. The subliminal messages themselves may work on the collective unconscious in such a way as to accumulate over time and help "pave the way" for the actual incidents themselves to occur - in this case September 11th 2001. "Self-fulfilling prophesy", so to speak.

However, 9/11 and many events in history themselves are full of astonishing synchronicities when overlaid with past epochs in history. Many people have used astrological charts, like Richard Tarnas in his ground-breaking work 'Cosmos and Psyche', for example, and shown a correspondence between very specific planetary alignments throughout time at critical junctures that appear to have had an empirical result on dramatic historical incidents on Earth happening at the same time.

David Wilcock has also subscribed to the worldview of repeating patterns in world history and evolving, or repeating, cycles of time. He has also researched the 'Occam's Razor' theory of 9/11 and presented some startling conclusions in his most recent book 'The Synchronicity Key':

Each of us must move through enormous personal fear to imagine a nemesis that would be capable of sociopathic behavior on this grandiose a scale. Ordinary people could never get themselves caught up in such a huge, murderous lie and still be able to put their kids to bed at night. It is terrifying to imagine a government creating a self-inflicted wound of this scope and magnitude in order to attempt to install a military dictatorship and martial law.

Just twelve months before 9/11, the neoconservatives publicly revealed, in writing, that they needed a “catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor” to advance their agenda. Then, on May 25, 2001, the movie Pearl Harbor was released nationwide. It was the most expensive movie ever made—with a budget of $140 million. Pearl Harbor was a very popular film, grossing $200 million in the domestic box office and $450 million worldwide. Everyone was viscerally reminded that America had suffered a terrorist attack that immediately triggered a world war and a mandatory draft. Three months and seventeen days later, the next Pearl Harbor occurred.

In September 2000, the neoconservatives published a document entitled “Project for a New American Century: Rebuilding America’s Defenses.” You can still download the PDF from the organization’s website at the time of this writing, March 2013. Scroll down to page 51 and you will read the following: “Further, the process of transformation [to this New American Century], even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”

This document clearly outlines that the neoconservatives needed a “new Pearl Harbor”—a “catastrophic and catalyzing event”—to transform the United States into what they were calling the New American Century. A big-budget movie like Pearl Harbor could have been designed to inspire the nation to militarize after suffering such a huge terrorist attack and join the new world war in the Middle East, if the other Arab countries had joined the fight to defend Iraq and Afghanistan. One of my most deeply placed “insiders” told me the following about this document: “David, hardly anyone really understands what they meant when they said ‘New American Century.’ They wanted to create a whole new age in which they had total, dictatorial control over the earth—and no longer needed to hide who they are or what they are doing.”

Let’s not forget that Prescott Bush and other Cabal associates wanted to overthrow the US government in 1933 and create a fascist regime modeled on the principles of Hitler and Mussolini. They continued covertly financing Hitler through World War II—and got away with it. They transferred the best Nazi scientists to the United States immediately after Hitler was defeated—and got away with it. Prescott’s own grandson was president of the United States during 9/11. During the Bush administration, the Cabal systematically followed the “Ten Steps to Fascism” identified by journalist Naomi Wolf. Hitler used the same ten steps to establish his own dictatorship in Germany. Even the new Department of Homeland Security was very similar to Hitler’s description of Germany as the Fatherland. These historical facts give us legitimate reasons to consider that the Cabal may have had a vested interest in creating a new Pearl Harbor event to bring about major changes to government and society.

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: revolution2016

Excerpt from 'Parallel Journeys' by Jonathan Zap -

What I was seeing was but the smallest part of a parasitic matrix that had always harvested my energy, its perpetual suction a hidden, insidious taxation of my every pulse of life energy. Now the web simply flowed around me, steering clear of the blue light that was, for it, a potent toxin. My awareness of the web, and the blue light I was emanating, had freed me, however temporarily, from the parasitic network.

Now that it wasn’t attached to me, I could gaze more calmly at this alien life form. I realized that I was seeing that which it is not permitted to see, a hidden matrix underlying the surface appearance of the world. What I observed was just a tiny fragment of the vast and hungry web that enclosed Old Terra, the predatory, parasite-riddled realm that I inhabited with seven billion of my brothers and sisters.

With my thoughts, the vision shifted to show me images of the human condition in a parasitic world. I saw so many of my fellow humans going about their day gazing downward, many with broken spirits. Above their bent heads was a dark, coagulated sky. Flowing and undulating all around them, and through them, was this insidious and invisible web, the parasite matrix. Their bodies were not moving through free space, but a latticework of hungry filaments that were a hidden taxation and dark influence on their every thought and emotion. While I stood, for the moment, freed from the matrix, they lived on the surface of a parasitic brain whose tendrils sucked hungrily at the sweet ethers of their suffering. All their fear, pain, hatred, jealousy, addictive passions and lethargic indulgences fed this dark brain.

The shadow portal was giving me forbidden knowledge, and although part of me wanted to cringe from the horror of it, I also felt it was an inescapable duty to go further. As I stood there on the mesa, a new vision flickered into my mind. I saw the gleaming Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, buildings I had visited when I was a child. I knew that this was early on the morning of September 11, 2001. It was a beautiful, late-summer day of sunshine and blue skies. The Towers were still perfectly intact, and people were going about their business. But the latticework of invisible filaments surrounding them was in a state of extreme excitement and accelerated growth. Massing and swarming around the Twin Towers was an increasing density of pulsating nerve tissue. As I watched, as the seconds to the first impact ticked down, I saw the towers become a mass of hungry black vines—-the axons and dendrites of the parasitic brain that was sprouting shoots of suctioning tissue to this particular place and time. It knew what was coming—a great, exploding feast of terror about to erupt.

And then I saw the horror of its living puppet show. Axons and dendrites of its will and ravenous hunger were wired into the puppet brains of people in the cockpit of the plane so that the parasitic brain actually looked out at the gleaming towers through the eyes of its puppets. The towers gleamed in its ravenous mind. It craved with sexual frenzy to rupture those towers, to pop them, to tear into them like a starving, rabid bear tearing into hives full of golden honey. The honey it craved was shock, fear, horror and all the blood—blood vaporizing in the fiery combustion of exploding jet fuel. There was honey within the towers, but also sweet ethers of human suffering flowing toward them as the world’s attention focused on this eruption of terror. Hungry tendrils sucked greedily at the calorically rich harvest of suffering. The collapse of each tower was a vampiric orgasm, a suctioning implosion of ravenous feeding that shivered and pulsated throughout the parasitic matrix.

And then I caught a glimpse of her, hidden in some boundary place between dimensions was Viealetta, the queen of the parasite matrix. I saw her as a huge albino arachnid clinging to a vibrating nexus where all the webs converged. The red antennae around Viealetta’s bulbous head were erect and vibrating at a high pitch and she was silently screaming in orgasmic ecstasy as each tower collapsed. My whole being trembled as I beheld the godhead of evil, the face of the planetary parasite, the Medusa, whose hair of snakes was some early vision of Viealetta.

Before the Medusa could paralyze me with dread, my vision pulled back and I felt the influence of the Vehrillion Sapphire Elemental. Its cobalt blue depths brought calm and penetrating clarity. Intuition suffused my perception, a sense of deeper pattern and process. I perceived that the parasitic brain was being exposed by its ravenous greed and need for vampiric orgasm. The host was awakening. The insidious suction of its web, once cloaked in shadows, was being revealed, at least to a few.

But there was something more to see. I saw a man with dark eyes looking out of the window of a high office tower. He was a man of great wealth and power, but his spirit was shriveled and his bodily tissues soured. He was dying of a metastasizing cancer, and yet his mind was still focused on power and cruel strategies. I saw that Viealetta communicated to him through wispy, smoke-like tendrils whispering in the background of his mind.

From another angle of vision, I saw that his body had spinnerets where his genitals, stomach, heart and mouth should be. Silently, the spinnerets were emitting axons and dendrites of parasitic nerve tissue flowing out into the larger world.

Vision shifted again. I saw a stream of people walking on a busy city street. The vision was cinematic, but in an almost clichéd way. I saw several blocks of people walking on a large and busy city street. Their hazy outlines, which were highlighted by the rays of a morning sun, seemed to be compacted by telephoto compression. The next vantage was a shift to both slow motion and wide-angle perspective, so that looming individual people, each of them casting an elongated shadow, floated down the street.

I saw that each of them had spinnerets under their clothing emitting dark filaments of nerve tissue into the surrounding atmosphere. Tendrils of smoky thought forms whispered at the edges of their minds promoting their own dark thoughts. And these thoughts, conventionally seen as interior, individual occurrences, were actually an organic latticework engulfing the planet. The spinnerets transmitted, but also, like transceiver antennae, they received, and pulsated with currents running through the global brain. The global currents they both received and transmitted controlled the dark threads erupting from their spinnerets.

The human species had been made into organs of this parasitic brain. We had been repurposed to generate the dark tissue that fed off of us and entrapped us. All who followed the dark whispers were strengthening the parasitic web.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 02:37 AM
Another excerpt from an earlier section of 'Parallel Journeys' by Jonathan Zap

My mind wanted to recoil in horror from these alien perceptions, but they lasted for only a few moments and then the strangeness stabilized, and I found myself in a vast domed space, a space of alien intelligence that was computing and processing reality as continuously transforming hyper-dimensional geometric forms. I had this implicit sense that the domed space was a kind of diplomatic embassy that was translating the higher thinking of alien species to form complex treaties that helped to structure the cosmos. A parallelism had occurred. The vision I experienced had a parallel in Viealetta. A translation process was being computed in a language of hyper-dimensional geometric forms. My part of the translation was being rendered into a series of impersonal, but comprehensible thought forms that unfolded in my mind.

Viealetta was part of a precisely engineered species of hyper-dimensional parasites necessary to the structure of the cosmos. From her perspective, her lifecycle had been interrupted, and she persisted in a state of illness and frustration unable to thrive, multiply or metamorphose into something that could. The lifecycle of her host species, Homo sapiens, had gone in a direction that diminished both species. Archparasites are careful never to kill their hosts, but the webs that she wove, and novel developments in Homo sapiens, had created unexpected emergent effects that destabilized a carefully tuned and balanced ecosystem to the detriment of host and parasite. A treaty and possible solution had been calculated. A sufficiently evolved elf, allowed to pass through the portal back to Old Terra could act as a catalyst, a seed crystal that might reconfigure lifecycle patterns to alter the diminished outcome. Outcomes could not be precisely known because some Homo sapiens had a degree of free will that made them mutagenic, wild card variables, the effect of which could not be calculated.

A visual thought form was presented. A cauldron was bubbling slowly with putrefying and ill-formed organic fluids. It was a crucible of stagnation that had lost the spark of life, a failed experiment. A seed crystal dropped into this cauldron before it had devolved into terminal putrefaction could have a number of unknown effects. The purer the elf seed crystal, the more likely it was to trigger mutagenic and catalytic alterations. Viealetta would permit such a seed crystal to pass through the portal, but she would also be allowed to use any means short she deemed necessary to test prospective seed crystals for flaws before she allowed them through.

If the process worked, if the stagnant equilibrium could be transformed and undergo a certain metamorphosis, it was possible that both species might be able to fulfill their lifecycles.

There was a shift in the thought forms unfolding in my mind. I understood that a translation process was occurring, and Viealetta’s perspective was being translated into a form I could comprehend.

Viealetta wanted to be freed from the lair she had burrowed into the planet of the elves. This lair had become a prison for her, a place of famine and illness, an entombed sterility and stagnation in which she could she persist indefinitely in a state of hunger and frustration, but would never thrive, multiply or complete her lifecycle. She realized that no matter what thought forms she managed to implant here and there in the minds of vulnerable elves, her ability to infiltrate this species would never be sufficient for her purposes. No spell that she wove could ever blind the elves to her existence. They would never allow the deep fermentation necessary to make them digestible. And even if they did, their numbers were too few to be more than a taste that only whetted appetite without hope of satiety. This was why Viealetta would allow a seed crystal in the form of an elf to pass through her portal. But if the seed crystal were flawed, she would devour it and wait for another.

A possible solution had been calculated, defined and accepted. The translation ceased, as the parameters of the treaty had been clarified for both parties. If the seed crystal intervention worked, three species—Homo sapiens, the elves, and the hive organism of which Viealetta was queen, would all benefit. Across the domed space, I sensed that the mind of Viealetta had absorbed all the information into the hungry bone labyrinths of her mind.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 03:29 AM
Upside down crosses are not nor have been satanic.

The upside down cross is a holy christian symbol venerated "the rock" or the church thanks to the disciple Peter.

In Catholicism Peter is the first pope. Peter, when he learned he was to be crucified, he begged to be crucified upside down, as he felt he was not worthy to die like Christ did.

Therefore the inverted cross is a symbol of the penitent man. One unworthy of Christ and humbles himself.

Sample images of the holy cross of Saint Peter's_prison.jpg

Viking cross of apostle Peter:

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