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My son disappeared for 4 hours when he was three. Thoughts on what happened to him, please.

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posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 06:41 PM
I'm very intrigued by this story and no, OP, I don't think you're a whackadoo or a parental failure. Nor do I believe for one second that a toddler slipped out a doggy door, even if there was one, and walked six miles in the cold yet miraculously stayed dry. Don't even feel you must respond to such comments.

What intrigues me most are where the paranormal intersects with the normal. I immediately wonder if there was a police report of any kind, so there is a record of who found him, where, and under what exact conditions. For example did he appear to be lucid, was he talking to an invisible friend, was anyone else around at all, was he walking aimlessly or did he appear to have a place to go? Where would he have gone in between the house and the place he was found, and did anyone else see him or anything weird? What lies in the direction he was headed?

Did the cuts in his ears leave any scar? At first I thought implanted device but being on both sides made me think of him being carried or held or led by some sort of pinchers or claws, like those games that grab stuffed animals.

Your son was just at the age where he can talk but has too little vocab or life experience to explain what happened. Yet he obviously remembers on some level. I realize you don't want to push him but he might open up if he knew he could share without ridicule and that it might be important.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 06:48 PM
a reply to: Indigo5

My ex husband is a straight shooter, still is. He was/is a police officer and to my knowledge he has never smoked anything, not even a cigarette. Up until several years ago he didn't drink, but I hear now he does (not extreme but he's loosening up). I don't discredit his account, but at the time I did wonder if something was up that he was guilty of because he insisted this wasn't reported to the Morning Sun (local news) because he feared his reputation within the police department. At the time of Daniel's incident he had only been working for the City of Mt. Pleasant for just over a year and we had gone through a divorce and the PD wasn't looking too fondly on him, so everything was kept quiet, as far as I know.

I did not pursue anything medically, but I'm sure I can get hospital records from that time. I should dig into that. Remember, this was the early 90's and people weren't informed or networked like they are now. Still, my current husband says if it were him, he'd have gotten to the bottom of it, long ago. I probably didn't do the right things, I was young...23, not that it excuses things, it's just the fact of the situation.

Reply to Linda:

I don't know how to quote multiple people, so I'll try to remember your questions.

The reason we say he was gone for four hours approximately was because the police retraced the suspected path that Daniel would have had to take in order to get from his father's home to where the kids found him on campus. The kids' said that they just suddenly saw a baby walking on the sidewalk and they called the cops. It was a group of kids, not just one. The campus police took Daniel to central dispatch. At that time (maybe still) after hours the city of Mt. Pleasant did dispatch for the campus, city and county police. The dispatcher knew Daniel and so she recognized him and knew to call his father.

Daniel would not say anything to anyone that night except his father. He was taught to not talk to strangers (ironic) and he was close-mouthed until his father got there and that is when he said "the green man with no face, followed the green man, the man with no face" etc... Everything he said was limited but the same.

The thought of pincers holding my child down gives me a sick feeling. What is weird is that there seem to be several people with similar childhood stories. That needs looking into.

Thanks for being so nice about the comments. I haven't taken offense to anyone. I realize my actions may see weird now and looking back they do to me also. I guess I was assured his dad was a cop and knew what he was doing, that the police force didn't feel it needed further investigating and Daniel was home safe. I was ok with that at the time. Now, I wish I had dug a little deeper.
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posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 07:30 PM
a reply to: quirkygirl

If you need to talk to someone you like to try Mary Rodwell at

At the very least she will give you someone to talk to. I met her some years ago and she helped me through some very odd experiences.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 09:54 PM
a reply to: VoidHawk

The green man is interesting, that boy ought to get hypnotized to find out what really happened.

I have had some things happen like the boy but decided I don't want any details, the people who remember seem pretty miserable and more messed up to me.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 10:44 PM
Unless your son is adopted UFOs track bloodlines,YOU or your husband should have missing time as well.Sometimes MEN and their EGOS see the need to protect you from an abduction history so they don't scare you or lose you.Wives are hard to break in.
Otherwise it might me a MILAB deal or programing that was tried I would guess,or a cult.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 10:46 PM
maybe mom should go see a doctor.

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posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 10:47 PM
a reply to: quirkygirl

I did not pursue anything medically, but I'm sure I can get hospital records from that time. I should dig into that. Remember, this was the early 90's and people weren't informed or networked like they are now.

That is where your search would begin.

There might be photos if they were visible.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 11:26 PM
a reply to: quirkygirl

Daniel was examined at the hospital and found to only have two symmetrical small holes in each ear toward the ear canal, but otherwise no marks, cuts, etc...

this is exactly where you need to start searching, be well prepared for the outcome if any.

I've had a similar incident involving a ear canal issue on a unannounced Medical ear/nose/throat in the military ...Rank of Officer overseeing the examinations IN the examination room...MAJOR. (very odd IMHO)

when it came to my turn, the spec4 looking in my right ear said.. "hmmm..that's odd.." walked over to the Major, and said something to him and Major came over and looked in my right ear and looked at me a second and walked away..with the Spec4 in tow...20" away from me, the Major snapped around to the Spec4 as if the solider might have hit a never with the officer and and you could nearly see the blood drain from the E4 face when the officer had said something very direct and then slightly glanced his head in my direction.

The E4 came back and I said.." what's up with that.. what's going on" and the look on the E4 face was as if he had seen a ghost. "nothing...I guess everything is fine..." and to which I said.."well.. if there is something wrong .. I'd REALLY like to know Specialist" sudo pulling rank on him as he looked at me and said.."it's nothing .. i wouldn't worry about it.."

As I got home later than evening, an hour after getting home, I felt something running down my neck .. and it was blood...running from my right ear...

I called the Captain at home and he said to go to the ER immediately and wanted a copy of the visit if I decided to go...15 mins later .. there was no blood whatsoever ..even with a q-tip ...

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 12:06 AM
a reply to: quirkygirl

The thought of the wrath of a mother informed by her ex-husband that he was negligent and the child slipped out an unlocked door would be enough to frighten even an experienced detective into claiming the door was locked when it wasn't and sticking to that story forever. Everyone has lapses. Your ex might have been about to lock the door when the phone rang. Another child might have unlocked it. Also, little kids are able to get into and out of things that surprise us.

He might have wandered out of the house and into the street where he was picked up by someone, perhaps a college student, who either realized or became convinced that he could become a kidnapping suspect. This person might have even taken your son home and consulted friends who advised him that he could be in big trouble. At that point, he might have dropped the child off at the college where others found him or might be the person who claimed to have "found" him on campus and called the police. Check the police record. Did the police note the names of the person or persons who found your son? I know a long time has passed, but that person or persons might have key information.

I once stopped at a convenience store where an elementary school aged child claimed he had accidentally been left by his parent. The child said he lived a couple miles down the highway. I was about to offer him a ride when I realized that it might not be in my best interest to have a child not my own in my car. Instead, I asked the convenience store employee to call the police and waited until they arrived. The police did not take my name.

The reference to the "green man with no face" could refer to someone wearing a green hood or hat (after all it was cold). The reference to "following" suggests that your son was behind this person and could not see his face. Some parkas have such big hoods that they obscure the wearer's face.

I don't know what you mean by "...missing for approximately 4 hours, based on location." Was the school four hours away?

Your son's nightmare years later is certainly troubling. However, I find it very difficult to believe that you never discussed his "adventure" in front of him shortly after it happened. Surely, you asked him what happened! It makes absolutely no sense that a detective wouldn't want to hash over the events to try to make sense of it -- unless the scenario I suggested in the first paragraph was accurate. Who suggested not talking about it again? Hmmm.

Your son may well have repressed memories of the event. Even if it involved no truly bizarre happenings, it must have been very frightening for him.

I seem to recall a study done some years ago in which teenagers?/young adults? were told that when they were very young children they were separated from their parents in a store. The parents of the subjects were "in on it" and confirmed that it happened. The subjects were asked to recall the incident. Many of the subjects gave vivid details of the incident, describing how scared they were and the people in the store they approached and asked for help. When the study was completed, the subjects were told that the event never happened and that they were part of a study. Many stuck to their stories and insisted that it had happened! The point i'm making is that our minds play tricks on us. Surely, your son was traumatized by the experience and probably traumatized by your emotional reaction to it.

The scenarios I presented are just possibilities. I think it's best to first consider mundane explanations and only when those have been conclusively ruled-out consider more exotic possibilities.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 12:30 AM
a reply to: quirkygirl

I don't have any answers for ya... but when I was two years old, I used to disappear from the home in the middle of the night repeatedly. They installed many latches on the door, very high up, and I still disappeared, only to be found many blocks away in the middle of a cow pasture, always naked, standing knee deep in mud, in the middle of the herd.

This always got everyone worried and running around to find me, and figure out how I had gotten out. My pyjamas would be on the floor in front of the door, but the door still locked.

At some point that stopped happening, and I have no memories of it. But they never figured out how it happened.
My aunt decided I was possessed by evil demons and spent years explaining to me that I was going to hell though.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 12:31 AM

originally posted by: Rainbowresidue

I'd suggest him to go have a couple of sessions of therapy, you know the ones that help bring childhood memories back, and he'll soon find out, his abductor wasn't "faceless" at all.

Regressive memory therapy, get him to remember if he thinks he can take it.

Memory is not at all reliable. There is absolutely no way to know whether a real memory is being dredged up or a false memory is being conjured up.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 12:34 AM

originally posted by: Char-Lee

originally posted by: VoidHawk
a reply to: quirkygirl

Child gets out through opening not even considered by parents, such as dog flap in door etc.

Child is found by an adult who's concerned but doesn't want to be involved so places child in an area where it will quickly be found.

Young healthy child has very vivid imagination.

I think this rules that out. He would have to have been taken by someone, a three year old did not walk that far in the cold and also he was not cold when found.

Daniel was found nearly 6 miles from his father’s home.

It doesn't rule that out! You're assuming the child walked 6 miles. If the child was found by someone he could have been driven 6 miles in a warm car.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 12:41 AM

originally posted by: quirkygirl
a reply to: WanDash

David Paulides emailed me back and wanted my exes phone number. He will try to discuss this with him by phone and I hope he's receptive to it. I'll update everyone as I hear back. It's progress.

Beware, Paulides has an agenda. He claims that Bigfoot is abducting/killing people.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 01:20 AM
a reply to: quirkygirl

I'm so sorry you and you son have had to deal with this for so long.

You may not like my thoughts on this, but I just want to help.
The first thing I thought when I read your acount of the event was, your son was taken for some MK Ultra type mind control programming. Perhapse for testing or some ritual.

A few things popped out as I read your story.

1. Green man with no face: My first thoughts were he was describing his Programmer, I have read that in mind control the programmer will sometimes be referenced to the color Green, or call themselves Dr. Green. The reason he has no face is because He ,(the green man with no face) programmed the boy to not recognize him.

2. The holes in the ears: these could be from a device they used on him in the programming.

3. Central Michigan University: Location where they did the programming, or ritual. They found him wandering outside bit, could be made up or staged.

Unfortunately your husban plays a big roll here in my speculations. Either he allowed for him to be taken, got him to "follow the green man".

Why would he allow this? Blackmail, ritual, implant device, programmed alters for later use, or he was mis lead to think this would help his son. I'm leaning ritual because it was at night.

Questions about ex husban: Was he former military, Did he get any promotions after the abduction? Did he belong to any Lodge or Club, religious affiliations, money situation? Just something that might give him a motive.

We could toss out you ex husban if we use the He was embarrassed and that's why he didn't want to tell anyone, but that makes me think he's covering something.

For Your Son: Mind Control victims carry on like normal individuals, most of the time the signs are related to certain behaviors.

I will stop here as I don't want to get too personal as your sons privacy is important.

Whether it was alien or human he was deeply effected by this event. Pushing him to talk about it could make things worse, just be there for him and love him, and pay attention to his behavior.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 01:31 AM
If you watch this dicumentary it might prove to you that spiritual beings exist. They seem capable of manifesting energy in our physical world but wouldn't be too concerned as we seem to loose contact with them as we grow older.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 02:46 AM
a reply to: quirkygirl

Abducted by aliens for sure

NO I am not kidding

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 05:30 AM
Well, whatever happened, I'm glad it was resolved at the time in a way that bought no harm to the child.
Did he have any other odd occurrences or events before or after the missing 4 hours?

You should leave it up to him if he wants to do regression therapy or not. Regression therapy is not fool-proof though and both the regressor and regressed can have influences on how past events are perceived. The main background info on what happens during alien abductions has flooded the world psyche and that can influence memories of events

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 06:58 AM
A similar disappearance happened to Betty Andreasson's daughter, Becky, when she was a toddler. Betty had a full blown UFO abduction that was detailed in the book The Andreasson Affair.
Becky's disappearance happened years before the UFO case. One morning Betty placed the children in their cribs after feeding them and changing their diapers. Betty's husband went off to work and Betty locked the door. Windows were very high up, closed, locked and inaccessible to the children. Betty went about her morning chores cleaning up, etc. Not sure how much time passed, but as I recall it was an hour or so, when Betty got a call from her neighbor that Becky was found alone playing in a sandbox naked. Betty was horrified and rushed out to get Becky. Becky was unharmed but there was no logical explanation for how she got out of the house. No windows were opened or broken and remained locked from the inside. There was only one door into the apartment and that remained locked. Throughout Becky's childhood she told her mother about the Elders who would come and talk to her. Becky thought everyone could see them, but as she got older realized that she was the only one who could see them. The Andreasson Affair is out of print but is being reprinted by New Page and is available for pre order on Amazon. Release date is in October.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 07:14 AM
Truly astounding.

You would have to determine whether or not you, your family and your son would want to bring possible unwanted trauma into your life through investigating it further. If you were keen to find out why the marks in his ears had appeared for example or why the dreams are starting to occur now? I would perhaps look into him going for some psychoanalysis as to what happened that night.

Being a parent myself, if my son was having said estranged dreams or flashbacks of the event, it can be a good indicator to a repression of that memory of the incident and possibly for good reason. This could be the deciding factor in a fore or against argument. Could this be dangerous, do you want to know, does he want to know, is it in your best interests to know? (personally, as a parent I would want to know. Only if there was limited risk, but then how would we know?)

You have to give it to the OP that she is in fact recalling events from what happened with the facts in hand while writing a truly interesting and spine tingling post.

Without all the possible factors being gathered beforehand like cat/dog flaps on the house. Posting something with a 'duuur' tone, being written in the way it was, (I'm looking at you here VoidHawk) is just pretentious and bombastic.


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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 08:46 AM
I've had an experience somewhat similar but I had never told anyone for fear of being ridiculed. I did sleepwalk as a child but would remember doing it. Like as if I was half asleep but memory was still recording. But one morning I woke up a halfmile from my house. My bedroom was on the 3rd floor and I wasn't yet tall enough to reach the front door deadbolt. We lived in a bad nieghborhood so my mom NEVER left our door unsecured. I awoke in a playground which I would have had to cllimb a 4 foot rock wall and a 7 foot chainlink fence to get into and mind you I wasn't capable of remembering to lift the lid on the toilet when I was half asleep and spraying urine all over the bathroom so fencehopping is something I should remember. Anywho, I never thought anything of it when it happened but a few years later I started to wake up landing onto my bed. Psychiatrists have told me that a hypnic jerk or some type of sleep paralysis was to blame but I know what I feel and it still happens occasionally but never when I'm not in bed alone. While serving overseas I asked and one person had suggested an old turkish tale about a demon. Can't remember the name of it but I will try to look it up. Also had someone else suggest that maybe I was making myself levitate subconciously. I'm not ruling anything out and it has spark a severe interest in the last 6 months to try and figure out but I was always scared that id find out something that would haunt me.

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