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My son disappeared for 4 hours when he was three. Thoughts on what happened to him, please.

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 06:53 AM
May I ask the Original Poster...when your son was at his dads and this event took place, where your other children there too?

BTW I have seen a green person, it was a mates Grandma at a celebration, there were at least 5 people at my table who saw the old girl turn green, not traffic light green, but green enough for us all to say, she was green, like a deep green swamp colour.

I wouldnt imagine a 3 year old would spot the kind of green she turned from brown/blue/pensioner skin - no, this is different.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:51 AM
Thank goodness the child was found un hurt and returned to his parents! Kids that age can get run over by a car, stolen, and have other horrifying outcomes. If the father is being honest, and who wants to lose their parental rights? After a divorce parents see their own children on Wednesday nights and every other weekend.

However, if it were aliens that abducted the child. The puncture wounds in the ears and the child's own experience or memory would be the evidence. Too bad photos were not taken and a doctor didn't evaluate the situation. Where social services involved in all this? There are too many details missing or unanswered for anyone else to really make an opinion.

It amazes me the aliens return people to where they took them from, drop cattle back to the same field after mutilating them.... It also amazes me how these supposed aliens have no morals or integrity what so ever. A higher intelligence that is selfish, immature, deceitful, demoralizes, and harms people and animals. Creatures that take advantage of others because they can, at night when people are asleep. Shameful behavior.
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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 08:00 AM
I want to clarify that I have never pressed my son for information. I have never had him hypnotized. I have never brought it up to him until he brought it up when he was 17. Since then, we've joked about it and at one point I encouraged him to see a man who specialized in regressive therapy but Daniel didn't want to, so we dropped it.

My husband was and is a police officer and the police department is like a family. Even though we had been separated for three months at the time of this incident, I trusted in the police completely. I didn't have reason to doubt my ex husband. He loved our children as much as I did. Yes, I looked over the police report but there was nothing that stands out on the police report. There was nothing to go on. The police did a mock run over the course they assumed Daniel to have taken that night to get from point A to point B, and that is how they concluded the miles traveled. What they also noticed was that Daniel would have traversed some very perilous paths for a toddler, bridges, railroad tracks, etc... This incident had everyone, including the police scratching their heads. However, there were no leads to go on.

For what it's worth, the original police report is being mailed to me. It will take 2-4 weeks to get due to how long ago it was.

For those of you with similar incidents, I'm so sorry this happened to you and I hope that one day you'll get the answers you need.

For those thinking I may be pushing this down my sons throat, I'm not and have never done that and I never will. I'm sure one day Daniel will want answers too. As a mother, I do want to know what happened to my child. It has always bothered me.

Some asked if Daniel has marks or scars or ear troubles, no he doesn't. He is a very healthy young man.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 10:15 AM
You know the answer, you are just not willing to accept it. a reply to: quirkygirl

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: quirkygirl

In my short opinion....There is a chance this was extra-terrestrial involvement.
But that would be a 1 in trillions chance in my opinion.

From the data provided, and as uncomfortable as it might be...I think this to be the MUCH MORE likely scenario.

Your husband being unaccustomed to being the sole caretaker of the children, perhaps with drugs, alcohol or simple exhaustion left your son near the Michigan Campus where he was found and later in the evening realized the oversight and concocted the story of having put him to bed out of fear of losing custody or exposing his negligence and/or drug/alcohol problem he might have been secretly battling with...or maybe even sleeping pills?

This would explain why he decided to keep it out of the papers or not fully report it as you stated?

Also would explain the "Green Man" on the college campus...sports fans in Michigan as I posted here..

In the realm of likelihoods that seems the most probable to me, at least much more probable than alternative extra-terrestrial or paranormal explanations given the facts.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 11:24 AM
a reply to: quirkygirl

Well, one theory is he could have been kidnapped and 'programmed'. They hypnotize children and torture a new set of moral beliefs into them using pain driven learning, hypnosis, and drugs. The link below contains some of the scariest text I have ever read. Take it lightly

The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: IamSirDrinksalot

His brother was also there, he was a year old.

Thanks for all the valid points everyone has made. You all have definitely made me think about every angle, some I had not even thought to think of on my own and I truly appreciate that. It was the point of this post and I value everyone's input.

Someone said "I think you already know the answer"... Truly I do not know what happened that night. Maybe after getting the police report again, I'll have some questions answered. Who knows. The only thing I do know was it was strange and has eaten at me for years.

Thanks again for listening and feeding my brain with all these various theories.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 01:27 PM
a reply to: quirkygirl

Thank you for sharing this, I've been a long time lurker and your thread has finally pushed me to take the plunge and join the site.

I've had experiences myself when I was younger (something I'll go into some other time) and I'm a big believer in aliens and alien abduction. The reason I wanted to reply to thread this is because of numerous people stating your son should be hypnotised to try and claw back the memories from what was no doubt a scary experience, I personally have broken, fragmented memories from my childhood and would no way want to get those memories back, if they are blocked then I'm sure they are blocked for a good reason.

What if your son underwent hypnosis and couldn't handle what he remembered? If He was indeed abducted by aliens that's not a vision I would want to see everytime I closed my eye's. Just my ten pence worth.

Thanks again for this interesting thread and I hope you find some answers to the questions you have


posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 01:55 PM
a reply to: longy9999

Hi and thanks for posting. I'm glad you are taking the plunge to speak up. It's scary putting yourself out there, isn't it? I was afraid to do it also, but I figured what did I have to lose? Like you, I watched this site for a long time and realized there are some highly intelligent people here with a lot more knowledge than I have and thought perhaps someone here could help me sort this craziness out.

The reasons you listed for not going through regression therapy are why I didn't push my son. He wasn't wanting to do it (and still isn't), so I respect that. It's his mind, his body, his experience.

I look forward to reading your incident some day, when you're ready.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 02:14 PM
a reply to: quirkygirl

It seems a little strange to be posting on here after a good couple of years worth of lurking but it feels good to finally be voicing my opinion!

It must be a horrible dilemma for your son, if he's anything like me there will be a big part of him wanting answers and another part of him terrified of what he'll find out. I'm no expert on hypnosis but I would have thought there's no going back once its done, whatever gets unlocked would stay unlocked.

Its good that your not pushing him into it, maybe one day enough will be enough for him and he'll want to do it of his own accord.

Not sure if someone asked you this already but has he had any unusual experiences since that time? missing time, strange marks etc..?
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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 02:22 PM

originally posted by: blacktie
sounds like a classic alien abduction
Looks like it and memory erased, but what about the 2 small holes in the ear, are they natural

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 03:05 PM

originally posted by: Verum1quaere
You need to see: Unholy Communion: The Fourth Kind Unveiled - Joseph Jordan and Guy Malone

Second that...

That video is what completely convinced me.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 03:36 PM

originally posted by: quirkygirl
a reply to: WanDash

I just noticed that everyone on here shows they registered on this site on 8/11. Weird.
Lol my birthday. this is weird

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 03:36 PM

originally posted by: quirkygirl

My husband was and is a police officer and the police department is like a family. Even though we had been separated for three months at the time of this incident, I trusted in the police completely. I didn't have reason to doubt my ex husband. He loved our children as much as I did. Yes, I looked over the police report but there was nothing that stands out on the police report. There was nothing to go on. The police did a mock run over the course they assumed Daniel to have taken that night to get from point A to point B, and that is how they concluded the miles traveled. What they also noticed was that Daniel would have traversed some very perilous paths for a toddler, bridges, railroad tracks, etc... This incident had everyone, including the police scratching their heads. However, there were no leads to go on.

For what it's worth, the original police report is being mailed to me. It will take 2-4 weeks to get due to how long ago it was.

It will be interesting to see what a fresh look at the police report may reveal. Please let us know when you receive a copy of it. I would suggest talking to every person listed in the report including the dispatcher who took the phone call. It's very important to talk to the person who called the police and reported that your son was at the college. After all this time, that person might reveal important clues including,possibly, that she or he found your son elsewhere and drove him to the college and, being worried about getting in trouble, didn't reveal it at the time.

You mentioned that there were other children in the house. What were their ages and did you talk to them? What did they say then? It might be worthwhile to ask them now for any details, however small, that they remember. They may remember something that they didn't reveal then for fear of getting into trouble. Kids sometimes think they'll get in trouble for revealing things that wouldn't have gotten them into trouble at all. I'm sure adult emotions were running pretty high at the time and that may have persuaded the other kids to not talk. Was you son asleep in a room with another child at the time of his disappearance?

How long in hours or days after this happened were you informed and who was the FIRST person (adult or child) who told you anything about this? Your husband? Your son? One of the other children? Someone else?

The problem with using hypnosis to reveal repressed memories is that you never know whether they're real or manufactured memories. That's why hypnosis is not used in court.

Good luck getting to the bottom of this mystery.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 03:39 PM
a reply to: Tangerine

I just reread the other posts and noticed that there was also a one-year-old at the house during this event. It probably won't be helpful to question him, but it can't hurt.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 04:00 PM
a reply to: bu15390

Hi...I live in Pittsburgh and we have a green man. When I went to find the link on the lore about him I found this wikipage that I hadn't seen before. Lo and behold it refers to the Green Man/Charlie No-face mentioned earlier in this post. Here is the link. Green Man

I doubt there is any relationship at all to the OP.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 04:28 PM
This is such an interesting OP and I am sorry that you and your family have this question hanging over you.

I just want to add my .02 to say that I have always been impressed with Paulides and I think it is great you got in touch with him. If nothing else he may have access to resources you may not have otherwise. I can't read a man's heart (most people can't....) so I have no idea where his motives truly lie. However, he seems to be sincere and I did very loosely check into different accounts he gave as I was listening to him and they all checked out - at least on the internet FWIW. He always takes care to emphasize that he has no idea what is causing the many disappearances and says that he doesn't want to lead anyone in any direction. He also is highly involved with the Bigfoot phenomenon. So what?

Also, just wanted to say that I don't necessarily find it odd that your ex-husband wanted to keep this quiet. This type of incident could draw tons of unwanted attention for all involved and it would seem equally natural for a father to want to protect his family from that. As a police detective I would assume that he would have an ear to the wall whether the investigation became full fledged or not. Only you know your ex-husband and I don't think any of us can ascertain his motives based on a few posted facts. Others have raised great points for consideration however, that is what makes this such a great forum

I am anxious to hear any new information and hope that you and your family find peace. I'm a mom too and can't imagine going through the uncertainty you must have. Welcome to ATS!
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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 10:06 PM
a reply to: quirkygirl I understand this route in which your mind wonders may be uncomfortable for not only for your son, but you as well. Truth is, there has been many situations such like this that has happened. Setting myself aside, My brother and father have both encountered entities of this description. There has been more then 10 children along the same street not far from me that have had all the same story prior to talking with each other. The reality of life doesn't change from disputing uncomfortable events. The truth is much deeper then what is being told. Have faith as the real truth of life will be revealed soon.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 12:27 AM
This search shows that the experience in the OP is definitely not an isolated incident.

Bill writes, I was in the seventh grade and was using the pencil sharpener and looked out the window to see five or six little alien guys playing on the school playground. They were greenish in color and three of four feet tall. I was there so long that my teacher Mr. Werner said, "What are you doing?" I told him about what I had observed. He told me to continue watching them. The whole class started laughing at me. Finally he told me to take my seat.

A couple of weeks later I saw it in the paper that a girl in West Virginia observed the same thing. Since then I've had the nightmares, and I've been in stages where I was awake but couldn't move. I 'm very restless. I just had a CT scan on my sinuses. They found something strange in them. It interferes with my breathing. I constantly have to take Antibiotics but they don't help. I also have an object under my right thumb.
I'm willing to take a polygraph test in reference to all this. I think I need to see a good Hypnotist. I find that I can only sleep a few hours each night.

Possibly an allusion to Ireland's leprechauns could account for the derisive term of "little green men," in referring to aliens. Whatever the source, the question arises, "Has anyone actually seen a little green man?" Of the many cases of alien encounters, one of the most bizarre is the Kelly-Hopkinsville account of a terrifying night of "little green men."

This most bizarre creature would be described as having "large eyes, a long thin mouth, large ears, thin short legs, and hands ending in claws." Frightened by the small greenish entity, Billy Ray fired a shot with his .22, and Lucky unloaded with his shotgun.

As the years rolled by, the accounts of the Sutton family stood firm. No evidence of a hoax has ever been brought forward. The case was also looked into by Bud Ledwith, who was an engineer at a Hopkinsville radio station. Noted investigator, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, also accepted the accounts of the Suttons. Hynek discussed the details of the case with Davis and Ledwith. Although the Kelly-Hopkinsville case is an extremely unusual one, it is considered today to be authentic by many UFO investigators.

I was cycling along the ridge-way on the Oxfordshire Berkshire border with my friend when I got tired and stopped to have a rest whilst my friend carried on back to where our car was parked. After 5 minutes I got back on my bike and started to continue up the track, when I rounded a bend there was a little green alien stood in front of me about 5 meters away just watching me. I hit the brakes and stopped but it didn't move, looking at it it was no higher than 4 feet high maybe slightly smaller at 3.5 feet. It had green kind of scaly skin with like black freckles, pointy ears and its eyes were close together, (kind of George Bush like). It wore a pointy hat and was dressed very elf like and had some sort of device on its arm, like a small shield with illuminated buttons on. I stood there in amazement, and in fear as it seemed rather unfriendly and was just staring at me.

I tried to pick my front wheel up to turn round and cycle away, when it seemed to turn translucent and then it ran into a bush, however its outline could still be seen and its feet didn't seem to be in contact with the ground. It then disappeared from view. I cycled past it as fast as I could and then cycling away I turned to my side and I saw a little translucent flying saucer with like a glass dome on the top, and the outline of the elf in it under the dome flying it. It was like something out of a cartoon or the movie "Mars Attacks", and something a bit comical about it, with the glass dome on top with an occupant inside. The thing then just shot off a high speed and I didn't see it again.

My sighting of a little green man elf alien

Physical Appearance:

Average Height: 90 centimeter tall
Hair: hairless
Skin: earthy-green skinned
Eyes: large yellow-green hemispherical, protruding eyes with vertical pupils, no eyebrows or eye lashes and ring-like yellow-green eyelids at the base of the eye.

Other Physical Information: A humanoid with a large head. The face is dominated by a large long, geometrically-cut, straight nose and the mouth is a slit, shaped like a circumflex accent and which continually opens and closes fish-like. The chest quivers during breathing and the hands each have 8 opposable joint-less green digits. Two individuals were observed wearing dark brown tight fitting caps, dark blue translucent clothing with red collar, cuffs, foot ware and belt.

See: 1947: Villa Santina Encounter

ALIEN TYPE SUMMARY – Little Green Humanoid

What popularised the concept of Martians as little green men?

Before its more modern application to aliens, little green men was commonly used to describe various supernatural beings in old legends and folklore and in later fairy tales and children's books such as goblins. Aubeck noted several examples of the latter in 19th and early 20th century literature. As an example, Rudyard Kipling had a "little green man" in Puck of Pook's Hill from 1906.

During the flying saucer "sightings" in the 1950s, the term little green men came into popular usage in reference to aliens. And Chris Aubeck website tries to put a timeline to the term. Also according Aubeck the use of little green men was already deeply engrained in English vernacular long before the flying saucer era, used for a variety of supernatural, imaginary, or mythical beings.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 07:15 AM
I wanted to thank Glad to be His for the kind words and all of you for your research and information. I haven't had a chance to watch Unholy Communion yet, but I will. I also want to thank Murgatroid for all the information posted. I read through it and found it very interesting.

So many of you have written about experiences you've had or know of that are similar to my son's. Don't you think it peculiar that all these children have similar accounts of time missing and being far from the safety of their homes? I want answers now more than ever and perhaps my own child's experience is not related, but maybe it is.

I went and saw Daniel yesterday during his break at his workplace. I told him I outed him on this website. He smiled and said he understood. I asked him if he had any more details he was willing to share and he said he hasn't been bothered with the dream in a year or so and he'd rather not force himself to think about it. I get that and I will not discuss this with him. I have to respect him. I asked his girlfriend if he ever mentions it to her and she said only when he had the dream, which she also said was a long time ago. I asked what her take on it was and she said she didn't have any ideas but she really hopes we find out because she feels it does trouble him.

I am going to contact my ex and see if he's willing to discuss this now that Daniel is grown. I'm waiting until after I think David Paulides has contacted him though. I don't want him forewarned because I don't want him to prepare something or go grab that report. If he is hiding something, I want him caught off-guard. I will say I do not think he is, as he was just as upset over this as I was, but so many of you have questioned his validity.

Again, thank you for your interest and insight.

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