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A question to all: Am I a "Christian"?

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posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 10:54 AM
a reply to: ctophil

Namaste, my friend. If you are going to ask if you are a Christian or not in a public forum such as this, you will always going to get many ideas and opinions about what is a Christian. It is not important what others think or place judgement upon you. What is important is inside of you. Try your best to stop looking outside of you, but look inwards for God.

Sage advice indeed.

My thread here was intended to discern what others who "claim" to be Christian would was not to gain "acceptance". I do, indeed, look inside, at my heart - and am not "looking for" a "religious home base." Nonono. So few respondents understood that -

The points that you make are PRECISELY what I wanted to point out to those who think it is THEIR set of beliefs that must be followed in order to be labelled "one of them." Honestly, I washed my hands of religious dogma decades ago, except as a field of study into human nature and behavior.

Religion serves a purpose for those who follow it - whether it's community, fellowship, rules, and structure that they seek, or relief from fear, despair, and loneliness - for me, it serves only as a subject of study. Anthropologically, sociologically, psychologically, philosophically, it is endlessly fascinating to me - a human born with the unquenchable thirst to "know what makes people tick."

Your response is one of the best, in my opinion, and for anyone reading along who wondered what members would say to THEM if they asked the question, offers wonderful advice.

Thank you. You and I have spoken before, and we are very similar in our approach to understanding the mysteries of life and spirit.

see you when we get there.

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