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posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 05:14 PM
Waves at True.

posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 05:37 PM
a reply to: Night Star

The nap did attitude is readjusted.

The place was PACKED! Oddly enough, the trip home only takes half the time because that part is not under reconstruction. *Sigh*

But it did irritate me that by being five minutes late I had to reschedule. I spent damn near a half hour driving up and down the parking ramps looking for a place to park. The cops were out in force as well, ticketing people who parked in reserved or handicapped parking as well. First time I saw that happen...and is something I don't need either. LOL

But the resheduling also had another good side, I managed to get one to a closer VA outpatient clinic, so that hassle will not be a problem anymore, unless something major comes up. (crosses fingers that it won't)

posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 06:39 PM
To add to Gordis submission...

Dawg felt a lightness of heart come over him and smiled. He was taken by surprise as it was the first time in a while that the smile felt genuine since he had met Anteros. It didn't feel forced and this contrasted with the story that Anteros had been telling him as he wandered through the forest.

“What’s happening?” Dawg wondered out loud.

Anteros spoke in his mind, “I don’t know either, but it feels good…even righteous. I think that I am about to be set free.”

“Free? The Wizard is releasing you? Doesn’t that make you think that something odd is going on?”

“Remember, the Wizard was my Warden here, and yet he could not release me, even if he wanted too and I’m sure he did at times.” Anteros chuckled. “What kept him here also kept me here. I think that he is being released and as such, so am I.”

“So…you’re going home?”

“No my friend,” Anteros chuckled again, “I haven’t said that in eons, but it feels right in this case. My home is no longer, I know not to where I go, but it feels , how do you say it? Right.”

“Hmph.” Dawg snorted, “ I can’t say it’s been fun, but oddly enough, there is a part of me that will miss ya and I wish you the best on your journeys.”

“I couldn't have picked a better person to possess Dawg. Believe it or not, despite my rage, you kept me on an even keel. I too, will miss you. And I do apologize for every slight I have caused you. Take care friend, and I too wish you the best, but I think my time is here and must be off. Go back to your friends and tell them I thank them for me. They were instrumental in my release as well I feel.”

A tear streaked down Dawgs face as he felt his mind becoming completely his own again. “Take care Anty, I hope you find the peace you are looking for.” he thought.

“I’m sure I will”, were the last thoughts that Anteros said, catching Dawg off guard.

“He always has to have the last word,” Dawg muttered. He looked around the forest, listened for the ocean and heard nothing. “Crap! I’m lost! He cupped his hands to his mouth. “Hello! Anyone, out there?!” Nothing.

“Sumabitch.” Dawg started downhill as downhill led to streams or rivers which led to people.
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posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 06:58 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Hey Night Star!

How goes your day, night, afternoon, next week, last year, or other relevant time index?

posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 07:05 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Isn't it past midnight there? Being the Night Owl again? Go to bed young man! *Wags stern finger*

posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 07:20 PM
a reply to: TDawgRex

Dawg, it's actually past one in the morning, fifteen minutes past in fact.

But you are right... I must now go to sleep.
Goodnight Dawg dude!

Goodnight everyone else!

posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 08:23 PM
Phew, looks like I missed quite a bit.

Well, for those of you still looking for some drama, we still haven't located my friend yet

Apart from that, today I feel even more robbed of sleep than Monday (12 hours of sleep, and yet, I got more accomplished today on half that at work).

Just checking in, reading some entries, and then off to bed. And checking in to see how everyone else is doing (hopefully not sleeping on your keyboards).

posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 09:09 PM
a reply to: fossilera

(pssst... I hope you saw my note to you...)

- AB

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