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Massive Resources being taken....How??

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posted on Jan, 19 2014 @ 06:28 PM
Is your typing delay in Chrome or another browser. If it happens in any browser then I am not sure without more info. If it is just chrome, I would look at certain extensions causing problems. If you let chrome log you into google, you tell chrome to apply your extensions to any instance of the chrome browser on any machine. Your settings follow you, your favorites follow you and your extensions follow you. Your problems follow you.

For testing, create a new user on your computer and load chrome without logging into google services. See if you get your delay.

If it happens outside chrome I would look at what is the same across your different versions of windows you ran. Same keyboard, same mouse same NIC, junk like that that might point to a driver issue. Also keep in mind that vista to 8.1 is actually the same kernel as vista,7 8.0 basically so a problem in vista could be the same problem in 8.1 because if drivers compatibility.

Search indexing I want to try but rather you try first


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posted on Jan, 19 2014 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

I sometimes experience this issue when making a reply on here. Usually, it's one of a couple things:

1. Flash/Adobe. If I have a lot of tabs open at once, and am running youtube or a thread with a lot of content (hey, I like my conspiracy talk shows playing while I'm responding to threads), then sometimes I get a lag that requires me to type my response into notepad, and paste it into here.

What you can try to fix this is temporarily stopping flash on the page - I use the taskkill command (be careful to not use it on the browser, as it won't ask for confirmation to close it out).

2. Browser is a resource hog - Granted, I'm running the latest beta for Firefox, but I've noticed it happening with Chrome as well. Sometimes, firefox eats up a lot of memory - Best way to solve this is to close the browser out and restart it.

3. Disk needs a defrag - By defrag, I don't mean leave everything running, and clicking on the defrag in system tools. I mean: Close everything down, and then run the defrag as an admin in the following location:

Start Menu => Accessories => System Tools => Defrag

NOTE: If you have an SSD drive, you may not need the defrag.

4. Cache of the website(s) is being built. In addition to your browsers cache, Windows builds several different caches - so just because you cleared out everything for the browser, doesn't mean that you cleared everything out. If one of these caches contains a link to a script or something that slowed your machine down once, then there's a chance that it's causing the high CPU usage.

Try closing the browser, open a command prompt, and type "ipconfig /flushdns" (without quotes). You can also follow this with "ipconfig /renew", which should at least clear some of the content up.

5. Add-ons. My old computer had a problem loading multiple websites, because I had add-ons that required additional memory to run and function. For example, you might have search plugins like Google toolbar, Yahoo toolbar, Games, etc. Disabling them may allow for better speed.

6. This is just a personal one: Increase the ram in your computer. For example, when I downgraded my current PC from Windows 8 to 7, I noticed that the machine was lagging severally. Right now, there's about 12gb (4gb was installed at the time, and I added an 8gb chip). Now, no lag whatsoever - the amount of installed ram in store-bought PC's doesn't always reflect what the computer should be running.

In terms of software, I used to use CCleaner, but have since switched over to Advance System Care and Defrag 2 (IOBit designed both).

Hope some of this helps. I'm inclined to blame Windows 8 overall, but I don't think that's the case.


posted on Jan, 19 2014 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Hey Wabbit,

I think I had the same issue a month(?) ago or so .. I switched to Opera browser and my CPU resources dropped from 80% to zero, even when I turned off my H/W acceleration in FF ..

posted on Jan, 19 2014 @ 09:05 PM
Just updating here..but still working on it. I was out most of the evening and couldn't start the scans first for a technical issue. So I'm watching process displays and that at least keeps whatever issue exists from happening.

This has happened in Firefox (Waterfox, actually) as well and not necessarily open to ATS or any particular site. I'm normally on the net in one form or another so I couldn't say if it's even directly related to browsers. I always reboot to clean everything before switching into the 3d games and I'm not seeing anything in particular for lag there.

BTW.... People talk bad about Win 8..but I've had absolutely no problems and wouldn't dream of dropping back to anything below it now. I'll note that I've never used the 'Metro' or Tile interface outside specific needs or apps (almost never and definitely not on start). I've always known this as a Win 7 interface and desktop. In that config, it's unsinkable (It's crashed once in months for a total reboot required) and little to nothing for hiccups. 8.1 upgrade solved whatever issues I had remaining...

Just my opinion on the above...but most of the bad press I've personally read regarding Windows 8 is not what I've experienced.

Hopefully I'll have more to add in the morning on this other thing..and I will definitely wrap up how this turns out.
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posted on Jan, 19 2014 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Hope you get it squared away. If not, i am here to serve.

Ill check back tomorrow for your update.

stay frosty brother

posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 10:36 AM
Heya All.. I'm still at I got a chance to run full scans last night while I slept and I'll just say the results were conflicted, as the best way to put it. In plain English? I think Malwarebytes is kinda hiding in a corner wondering what horrible nightmare it got dropped into here for how badly it seems my system is for issues at the moment. little annoyances and symptoms can lead to big things. (sigh) So.. will update when it's done and what it all ended up being ..but it's a nightmare in progress ATM and so, I'm back at it.

* I probably need to just have my laptop or tablet here to do those 'link checking' tasks that come with mod stuff.. That may be just what did it. So, be happy all.... We sacrifice our fine systems sometimes, so you folks don't have to.

At least, that sure sounds good to tell myself while I'm sitting here working to fix whats broken.

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 11:37 AM
Hey guys, just an update here because so many took a moment to reply and add helpful information, I particularly want to avoid this thread becoming a 'so, what ever happened??' situation.

It's still a work in progress, is the basic line here and why for so would it be such a pain in the butt, one may ask? Ahhh.. I'm glad someone asked. (


13 year old boys can be fun to raise at times. times. That makes up for most of the time, where they spend a good % of their waking hours dedicated to one pursuit in life. How to get one over on the parents. Life is funny that way....It makes sure we take enough years to have kids of our own so the life experience to come as adults since, removes to awareness of what came before to recall those little things.

Bottom line is the original issues seem to have been a result of my son, porn surfing into areas I still may get a knock on the door about some day, insuring I wasn't a perv..out looking where decent man has never been before. Ugh... I won't even go into how extreme some of it gets and thank god my boy has no clue what TOR or Onions are beyond something he chops up for a taco dinner.

....this to explain, I'm still in the process now of slowly and painstakingly going through what began as 2 solid terrabytes of backups clear back to the 1990's for whole system archives made, then forgotten ...several backups of 'end of life' upgrades from a previous system and the general mish mash of 'Woops! Better save whats on this flash before running out the door' file dumps into obscure directories. I've found as many as 15 versions of the same graphics file from some of my Semester 1 graphics courses. I guess I got a little stupid with backing up and never losing data to a crash. lol....


ANYWAY....... What I've discovered is the little bastard code our machines picked up by his surfing 'the dark side' (more than any other single source I can determine) wormed it's way into a little of everything, all over the place. Good stuff for creative vs. skill ratio I'm still finding by manual file by file visual check....things I know are dirty but MBAM, MS Defender and Trend Micro ...STILL...miss.

Ever tried going through almost 2 TERRA of files? (What is the date this thread started? I've put some time every...single...night...into this.) Even just cursory sort, scan and categorize by mere file name and directory structure? Not for the time challenged or weak of confidence in the drive and folder structure .... I'll update at least once more when I am done ..done ..done.


Until then, learn from my mistakes. Don't put off to tomorrow, sorting and de-conflicting duplicate trash from flash backups. Don't simply pile on yet another system back up, aside a half dozen already made across a significant period of time. Don't...Don't...Don't.

It's easy to think to yourself...'Self? Why do I need to worry?! Storage is cheap and plentiful and we shall never run out!'. Well, Self won't likely answer, but I will. You need to worry because just occasionally, something comes along from a truly creative little cuss of a cracker and it USES that procrastination to plant itself in the endless fields of 'get to it later' many of us have in vast quantity.

Don't learn HOW vast it is....keep on top of data housekeeping! That's my advice from what has become a truly epic project.

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