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New to the board, heres my sightings.

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posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 03:35 PM
Hi all, just wanted to post a little bit on my own experiences from the UK.

Whilst I certainly wouldn't call Myself spirtual, I do have varied beliefs in God from not existing to the possible hope that when I die, there is something more to this life; I however have some strong beliefs that were not alone in this forest of Galaxies.

My first sighting included 6 friends during the age of around 15 (some 12 yrs back).

It was a cold evening in March with clear skies, and after visiting the local papershop, we headed upto what used to be an open field (now a housing estate).

From the field you could see as far as the eye could. Beyond the field was a golf course, and beyond that was the next town, and surrounding vilages. (Bishops Tachbrook for those whom know the UK).

Whilst talking and just aimlessly looking into the horizon (sunset around 7pm) a friend noticed a red light in the sky and pointed towards it.
I'd estimate the distance at around 30 miles away.
We watched the light for approximately 10 minutes. It neither seemed to get any closer or further away (size remained constant).
Shortly after this 10minutes or so, the light emitted two smaller red orbs (approx 1/4 of the size) of the original light, which still appeared to be stationary.

The lights left the object from below and moved in opposite positions from the original sphere.

Each of the smaller objects I would estimate moved 5 mile from either side of the original spehere, and then also stopped in motion.
Picture if you will, one red light (20 foot across I would guess to be as visible and bright as it was), and two smaller lights (5 foot of so) about 100 feet below the main sphere, but at either side of the original object.

These three lights stayed there without moving, until the original light blinked off, then on again, only this time appearing brighter.

The two smaller lights then gradually moved back towards the original sphere, and appeared to move back inside. The light blinked once more, then dissapeared completly.

The whole episode must have lasted nearly 30 minutes. No one could explain it, even My closest friend whom was extremely keen on aircraft, and usually cast doubt on all things "Otherworldy".

My second sighting was shall we say a tad more brief than the first one.

It was during January, and was cold. Not a cloud in the sky, and was guarenteed to be a frost in the morning.

I was working as a barman part-time in the evenings (age of 19 time whilst studying).
After finally cleaning the place, I left work around 1.00am.

Theres two direct routes to where I live, by road which takes on average 30minutes to walk, or across a small field, and down a small ally way (the third sighting of which occured there).
This journey was a mere 15minutes.

I opted for the field, as it was already late, and I had college the day after, so any time saved, was more time asleep

Walking across the field, I had this horrid feeling I was being watched. It was an extremely heavy sensation.

Of cause paranoia is something that can easily set in, whilst walking across a field in total darkness. Virtually no light down the ally way bar 3 street lamps spaced along a distance of 150yards.

Upon almost reaching the allyways first lamp inidicating where the opening was from the field, I had an urge to look up.

Above me was a Bright Blue object, around 200 feet off the ground. Perfectly centre to my own position. As I stared at it, the light almost became aware I was looking at it, and shot upwards, completly vertical at a speed I can only summise as being close to that of light. I say close, as it wasn't an on / off disapearance. It cleared flew upwards and some insane volicity. The object must have left earths obrit within a matter of a second, from a perfectly visible bright blue orb measuring some 30foot, to the last I saw of it as a small pin prick of a dot before vanishing it to what I was say was deep space.

I have no explanation to that encouter. Whilst over the years I've tried to dismiss it as electrical, the fact was, if it was indeed electrical (caused by perhaps dryness in the air ) then I'm fairly convinced I would have been able to feel or smell static. No sound, no smell, no sensation. Just there, then wasn't.
Whether it was some alien neighbourhood watch, or a freak of nature, in my book, certainly unidentifable.

My last encouter was more of a one on one basis with something. That quite frankly scared the living s*it out of me.

It was only a few weeks after the above sighting, and again, whilst now a tad uneasy about crossing the field, I took a deep breath, and made a speedy walk across. This time eyes peeled.

I can only say whatever it was hadn't seen me coming. Remember, no lights until you get to the ally. I was wearing black jeans and a black coat.

As I got to the ally and started walking down, I noticed someone/thing standing to the side of central street lamp. I just froze.

I say something, as what I saw was a follows.

Distance from me, 20 foot. Height, approx 5 foot. Extremely thin body, almost dangly legs, and a head that was certainly disproportiante to the rest of it. I could not see any clothes, or anything on it as if were wearing something. Unless it was in an ultra thin diving suit, there was simply no bagyness to it. Put it this way, it wasn't a warm evening, I was dressed up pretty well, as would most people be out at that time, so when you see someone wearing either nothing, or a one piece cat suit, it dosn't add up.

What happend next was nothing short of insane.

Whatever it was turned and noticed me standing there, and out of panic jumped over the fence to the right (houses are there which eventually leads onto the main road, ).

Why do I say it was insane? Well, if you see what it cleared you'd agree.

The ally way is no more than 4 feet wide. Two people passing have to side step.

Where it jumped was first, a dense bramble bush mearusing 5 foot high, and around 3 foot in width directly behind the bush is a fence, which is at least 8 foot heigh. I'm 5'9, and its well and truly three foot heigher than me.

Now, I cannot or for that matter do I know anyone that clear that without touching it, even with one hell of a run up. What this thing did was clear it, without even a dash. It just took two steps (which is all you could do with the width of the ally), and quite litterally lept over the bush and fence. There was no sound of someone landing, nothing.

However within a few seconds, dogs in nearby houses on the other side of the fence were going quite litterally fanatic at whatever it was.

I stayed for a few moments, then slowly walked to where it jumped. I managed to peer through a gap a few inches across, and looked into the darkness. Couldn't see or hear anything. After that, I put a sprint on, and ran the remaining journey home.

I told my mother whom was still up, yet just smiled and put it off.

It was only untill the next evening when she approached me and asked me again what I saw. Her friend was with her (whom as a small child). I asked why she looked puzzled and said, the junior school (which is next to the field, but directly opposite to where the thing jumped) was closed, and had police and electrical engineers working/investigating it. Apparantly the school were asking for possible eye witnesses to whom had done it, yet commented my description would more than likely get laughed at, and so advised best I kept it secret.
I asked why would both the police and electrical engineers be closing the school. She replied, all power to and out of the school was cut, but from the inside.

Yet no wireing was severed and the police as of that time were unable to identify a place of how the person gained entry. However they did confirm entry was made, as furniture (tables) had been knocked over, books scattered around the class rooms etc.
What was also strange was no other areas were affected by the blackout. It was entirely localised in order for none of internal alarms or sensors to go off.

It turns out, the school was closed for a total of 3 days before the engineers were able to reastablish power. Yet despite the local police and CID scouring the building, no way of entry was ever found, or for that matter any reason as to why the power was down.

Since then, at least more recently over the last 18months, the local council have invested LOTS into the security of the school. More so than any other school, college that I know about in the area, as other strange things have been noted.

The security includes 10 foot barbed steel fences with no possible foot mounting holes to get over, complete with 360' rotating infra red security cameras along the outter perimeter of school. Its certainly a high expense for a junior school for children age 5 to 12.

Could all of the above been a coincedence? I cannot say for what you may feel, but I certinaly don't think so.

If it was a burgler, how can someone cut all power from the inside, before triggering the alarms. They would have to gain access first. Why would they cut the power once in? How did they gain access? What were they hopeing to steal from a lowly grade first school? How did the burgler jump a height that I couldn't do with the aid of a pole volt, and a 15 foot run up?

To Me, I cannot think of any reason or logical answers to it, and so I put it in my own "To Be Explained".
One other thing no damage other than 'power out' and some furniture/books scattered was caused, so it wasn't an act of vandalism either.

It certainly something I will never forget.

Hope the above was an interesting read for some.

B rgds

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 03:37 PM

Interesting though, keep us posted if you have any more sightings. Good luck....protect ya crack!

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 03:44 PM
hehehe crack is safe mate

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 03:53 PM
what a fascinating read...sighting of the "alien" thing now that was freaky!! how along ago did this last encounter happen and are there still many sightings in your area?

btw, welcome and thanks for posting

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 03:57 PM
Thanks for your reply WorldW. I was 19 when I saw the 'being'. This was 8yrs back. Yet I remember it as if it were earlier this evening.
I think some things you just never forget.

B rgds

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 04:00 PM
Sorry, the area is Warwickshire (Midlands) in the UK. I live approx 40 mile from Birmingham.

Theres been many strange things happen in the Midlands. Though, the only experiences I can verify as being some what bizarre, are the ones I've seen with my own eyes.


posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 04:20 PM
In some way you are quite lucky to have witnessed 3 events likely UFO related. Hundreds of people want to see only one, while you had 3!

btw, very interesting reading.

A few questions:

- is there any major military installation in the vicinity?
- are people around the place seeing airborne lights, UFOs and such?
- before your first sighting, did you know about UFOs and did you believe they are extraterrestrials? What do you think now anyway?
- was there anything in the news after the school incident about UFOs in the area that night, or anything relating it directly or indirectly to UFOs or paranormal?

If you don't want to post, don't hesitate to U2U me, I'd like to know anyway.

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 04:50 PM
1) is there any major military installation in the vicinity?

There is a co UK/USA airforce base approximately 30 miles from where I live. Its not massive by any meens, holds some Tornado's and was used by the Americans during both wars in Iraq for there B52s.

2) Are people around the place seeing airborne lights, UFOs and such?

Yes, my Grandfather and a friend, whom awoke as many neighbours saw a blimp shaped aircraft 20yrs back hovering over a row of houses in his street (within the same vilage as my encouters) It measured the length of 10 houses in a row. Completly silent, then moved away at incredible speed. I belive there were 7 familes at the time that witnessed it.

Both Oxford, and Banbury, again not 30 miles or so from my area all have had there own strange encouters with oddly illuminated balls of light.

A co-worker at one of my other older part time jobs once asked me if I had ever seen anything weird (at that time only my first encouter.) He explained he was driving up the M40 coming from a business London trip at 3.00am-ish with a friend. When they slammed on the breaks (this is a motorway) as they witnessed a disc shaped object hovering over the road, with beams of white, blue and red lights scanning the surface, before vanishing.

Another account that Im familar with, as Police in three counties including my own, were involved in chasing a UFO. It started with a witness reporting to the Police, whom at first dismissed it. Only after when a patrol car picked up on the chatter confirmed they were watching it moveing in an unorthadox style did the "chase" if you will begin. It came across Warwickshire, before moving east over the country, and eventually contact was lost. Im sure I read it on the BBC website and remembered that as it was "close" to home.

3) before your first sighting, did you know about UFOs and did you believe they are extraterrestrials? What do you think now anyway?

Yes, is the short answer. I find it hard to believe no one has not stumbled across an article in the local paper, and despite perhaps regarding it as nothing more than lunacy, read it with at least some interest.

What made me believe during my early teens, was more from what my own mother explained she had seen. During her childhood, at around the age of 9, she witnessed a UFO.

Again in the direction of my first encouter (My Grandparents house overlooks this now residential estate, but at the time, there house actually backed out on to complete open fields), she was peering out of bedroom window, not wanting to go to bed when my Grandparents had insisted, and saw a triangle object moving up and down, with a central red light. She explained it moved (zipped) upwards, then down, in a zigzagging motion to the left and right before finally disapearing. My Grandparents explained she must have been dreaming, yet she says she was wide awake, and hadnt even got into bed.

My own beliefs now, are stronger than ever, due to my own experiences.
I certainly would proclaim myself as being a nut (even though I guess most nuts wouldn't themselves
) but after witnessing those three events at both distance, and with the 'being' at a range of 20foot (and it is pretty much exactly 20 foot because I've paced it ), I believe now, that No, were not alone. Prior to my experiences, and from what my Mother has told me, I would have said two minded. My father on the other hand dosnt believe in anything, and to this day dosnt believe I word I tell him. Just completly shuts off, and simply dosn't want to know.
So living in both a belivers and disbelivers world, made me make my own mind up, which, I have, and now firmly believe that something strange is going on.

I to this day cannot say what I've seen, I know a person from an animal, I know a plane from a helicopter, and yes, I feel most accounts things can be easily misidentified, the Human eye and brain play tricks on people all the time. But....these three accounts of my own, most certainly not. Believe me when I say, I've tried to be rational on all accounts, but no matter what excuse I try to make, theres always something that does not fit the equasion.

I.E. To give you some example of how thin this being was (and why I knew I wasn't looking at a person, after all I froze to the spot, yet if I was looking at a person, I would have just carried on my way, infact, probably relived someone else was crossing the field), I'd say I could of put both hands around its whole wasteline.

From a side on angle, most supermodels would dream of a stomach that slim. It was more of a wraithe than that compared to a man.

4) - was there anything in the news after the school incident about UFOs in the area that night, or anything relating it directly or indirectly to UFOs or paranormal?

I'm convinced nothing was reported on the news, I certainly didn't hear of anything, and I'm sure my mother would have said something, if she had heard more, but I do know it was put in the local papers on request by the local Police department looking for possible witnesses to the event. Which whilst I certainly wanted to say "YES I saw some one", I would have had to have lied given the description I gave above. They simply wouldnt take me seriously.

B rgds

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 05:23 PM
Wow...Very interesting encounter...It almost seems like things started out small to lead up to the face to face meeting.....almost like they were perparing you....too bad they didn't tell the other guy....

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 06:34 PM

There is a co UK/USA airforce base approximately 30 miles from where I live. Its not massive by any meens, holds some Tornado's and was used by the Americans during both wars in Iraq for there B52s.
by chance could it be beantwaters afb, o wait, its abondoned, what base is it?

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 12:45 AM
Iridium thanks for your details, very nice.

Another one example of multiple sightings and not only by one person in a limited time range, around a military base.

I'm not implying UFO's are military crafts but it definitely seems that at least a good part of "hot spots" are situated close to military bases and camps.

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 12:38 PM
M8, I think the military have a part to play to an extent with sightings. However considering the airbase not too far from myself is designed as reloading/refuleing for both strike aircraft and bombers, then it would seem odd that it was miltary a/craft causing the phenomona. However, if ETs do have an interest in these things, then the sightings certainly add up with UFOs witnessed near airbases.
Whilst some could dismiss the Gorvernments testing special aircraft at these areas, I don't think the Americans would be testing them here when they have the Nivada test range to play with.
So in that instance, not all if any can be attributed to man made ships.

Besides, unless they wanted to test the STEALTH of a new aircraft, whatst the point flying it low over populated areas. It just dosn't fit. Even if they did want to test it, flying experimental aircraft over densily populated areas isn't a real good way of keeping it a secret.

I have to say, being a Brit, and loving the American people close to death, having a joint base near home is some what of a major relief. I for one, couldn't think of a better friend or allie as the Americans.

Wonderful people. lovely women gorgoues accents and a country that is not only magnificent to admire, but a country that is so powerful.

I feel proud to be British for who I am, and our way of life, and I also know if anything happened here, help would be on hand within litterally minutes. But also this goes two ways, regardless of whether you need it or not, I know a lot of brave men here would welcomely give there life to help our cousins.

Kindest regards

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 12:54 PM
The airforce base is located in Righton. As mentioned, and as far as I know, its used to scramble a couple (litterally) Tornadoes and is used by the "wonderful" American Air Force for strategic strikes in Europe or the Middle East. Being closer than the Americas, its used as both refuleing, and arming there planes.

As I mention, I feel safe as houses knowing you guys are on our side. AND the missle defence, well of cause Blair is putting it up. More radar coverage, more defence. IMO works both ways as well. Whether we paying for it or whether its free like some counties, I honestly dont know, though I would guess its free.

Its primary use. ICBMs, though, it would make an excellent tracking and survalience system for UFOs, wouldn't it!

B rgds

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 12:56 PM
Oh AND completly off topic, but is it just me, but does anyone else think that Intelgurl is EXTREMELY CUTE.

What lips, what eyes.....hell Im in love...dont tell her tho

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 01:02 PM

Originally posted by Iridium 90
Oh AND completly off topic, but is it just me, but does anyone else think that Intelgurl is EXTREMELY CUTE.

What lips, what eyes.....hell Im in love...dont tell her tho

Just U2U her with what you just said

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 01:16 PM
Maybe I will, seriously a honey in my books. Smart, Cute, what more does a guy need...?

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 01:24 PM
Except I aint sure how to do it, which puts a major downer on things....and shes either probably married and in love, or seeing some great guy and having romantic candle lit dinners with him......hmm maybe the Bond accent will sway it.....?

Love at first one..........hell maybe,.

It all came about when I just saw her scrolling down a thread and was "WOW"......"Shes nice"......poor girl is probably hideing now...strange internet guys snooping after her...

*sigh*...and I aint least I dont think so

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 01:31 PM
Emm does witnessing ufo and a being count as being strange?

OK, the ABOVE is all a lie....didnt see anything. It was Venus, and the being was a small midget with a bad appitite...that happened to be an olympic hurdler, that likes reading school books, and a part time electrician.

So...Intelgurl, if you reading this.........dates out of the question I know, but Im not mad, Im normal, like things you hopefully do, and...errrrrrr.....oh hell your just cute.
Add me to your no...not the enemy blacklist, the good one.
Well....whatever, guess Im talking to myself again, or at least typing to myself, but guys, shes nice.

NEW ATBS Member,
In Love,
Age 27,
Occupation- IT Manager and Specialist

Does internet harrasment come with life sentances?

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 01:14 AM
I read most of this post, I don't think anyone mentioned this....

If you go to
there are interviews in various issues of the newsletter with a man who called himself J-Rod2 who says he used to work at Area 51....he described the technology you talked about when you said the blue light shot upwards, out of the earths atmosphere very quickly...according to this man who claims to be a former worker at Area 51 (he says he built a flight simulator of a UFO) this technology exists, and you described it just like he did. If I remember correctly it has to do with the same effect you get when you place two magnets together (North to North or South to South) that repel each other. very interesting.

[Edited on 24-4-2004 by ChainReaction]

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 10:16 PM

Originally posted by Iridium 90
So...Intelgurl, if you reading this.........dates out of the question I know, but Im not mad, Im normal, like things you hopefully do, and...errrrrrr.....oh hell your just cute.
Add me to your no...not the enemy blacklist, the good one.
Well....whatever, guess Im talking to myself again, or at least typing to myself, but guys, shes nice.

I wonder if Natalie (intelgurl) has seen this post?
I know she's been doing a lot of traveling the past 2 weeks, mostly down at Dobbins and Eglin AFB, so maybe she hasn't.
Having met her face to face I can assure you she is more than just pleasant to look at... but alas, I am too old for her and happily married.

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