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Why the Israel-Syria conflict is nonexistent in mainstream media

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 07:21 PM
Has anyone noticed how the current conflict ( wheter it be military or political, I personally think it is both) is getting a criminally small amount of attention in the mainstream media? Just think, if the U.S. bombed military sites in Iran, do you think we would hear a passing word about it, TWO WEEKS AFTER IT happened? I think this is a perfect example of how the media is insulting our intelligence, and how they are a part of conspiracy to keep the impending attacks on our middle eastren enemies out of the spotlight in order to dupe the American people, along with Syria and Iran. Now, I don't care much about Syria and Iran getting our playbook, because I do believe they are evil nations. I don't believe we should attack them ( yet, at least) What annonys me is how we, the American people, are led to believe that the incident in Syria was nothing. Look at all the threads popping up here on ATS on this issue.

Israel to Syria: Use chem weapons & we'll wipe you off map

Egypt, Syria Seek IAEA Action Against Israel

Israeli Raid Into Syria

U.S. confirms Syria-N. Korea nuke link

There is a substantial amount of evidence that soemthing big is going on in the Middle East, including the rumor of the Barksdale missles due for Iran.

6 Nukes were never missing,They are heading to IRAN.

Plus, I think I've found some more hard evidence right here on ATS. This was a thread ( if you want to call it that, since it only has 2 responses) that began on Feb. 23,2003, a month before the invasion of Iraq. It mentions B-52 bombers taking off for unexplained drills from ( you guessed it) Barksdale Air Force Base.

Rumblings of war: Barksdale B-52s head out

Now, flashforward to today, where our top story is not Syria, Iran, or Israel, but.....

Britney Spears' latest arrest

You CANNOT Say that their is a hidden agenda behind all of this. We are all being used, and being told that O.J, Spears, Lohan, and Hilton are aspects of world issues. The less we know about, the more that gets done for them. I sincerley feel that Israel and the U.S. are preparing for surprise attacks on Iran and Syria, and any evidnece of this is being stifled by someone in the media. Again, it's not the thought of attacking these countries that has be burned up, it is how we are deceived.

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 09:07 PM
If it is so secret, why was it on NBC network news this evening (21sep08). It was mentioned yesterday also on NBC, ABC, and the FOX news network. It's only a secret to you.

No public official, from President Bush down, is making open comments about it. I don't know about coverage in Israel or the Middle East in general but it's not news at Al Jazeera, and those fools would publish anything that puts America or Israel in bad light.

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 11:07 PM
I must agree with you XFMX. I have spoken with my wife about the total spam the network news has been spewing during the past two weeks. They should rename them the OJ & Britney Show. We hardly know what else is occurring in the world. The issues in the Mid-East are very important at the moment. I dare say more important than some Panda bear in a zoo somewhere.

Why can't we get real news, rather than be pandered & kept in the dark & fed %*@). I had no idea about the recent Lebanese assassination until I read it in the local paper. What is going on? I am a "news-aholic" & I am really near the fuming stage. I'm former military & have traveled to 29 countries. I make it a point to keep up with world events. Should I get my old shortwave radio out & check the waves for BBC? I can presently find out more world news on ATS, than is found on the telly.

Yes, there is a problem right now. And we are being spoon fed like babies. It may not be a blackout but it's either a brownout or gray-out. Are people really living with their heads stuck in the sand, or are we subjects to "dumbing?" I can tolerate only so much Home & Garden. Has the telly really become the opiate of the masses?

Again, I'm with you XFMX on this issue.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 10:19 PM
these folks keep an ear to the middle east ground pretty good I figure
the us/canada national news sites are juvenile

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 10:56 PM
Glad to hear some other people are having the same thoughts as me.Most of what is coming out as Major news on T.V and the Newspapers is Drivel about celebritys and seems like the "meat" gets left out on purpose.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 01:31 AM
Good thread.

We've been hearing a bit more about this issue up here in Canada than I suspect is making into the mainstream in the US, but still... When Israel is accused of wrong doing, it never really makes the "big news". Whenever any other nation gets out of line, it's front page on everything.

I found a story by the Globe and Mail (my favorite National Paper due to it being independent and containing information rather than opinion) you all might enjoy:

Experts point out that it simply doesn't make sense that North Korea would jeopardize that agreement by shipping nuclear weapons to Syria.

But here in Israel, despite stubborn official silence — the story refuses to die.

“There is a feeling the story will get out sooner or later,” Mr. Arad said.

“It's not that people think the story will be buried forever, but these days the truth is a matter of time.”

Globe and Mail story

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 01:28 PM
It is interesting how the media fails to work this into a larger narrative, I agree. Oh, they cover the stories, but they rarely provide linkage between events. Now, that could be just an indictment of the newsbite culture we've grown used to over the last 2 decades, or something else entirely could be up.

For example, we know Syria is carrying out a long term assassination program in Lebanon, aimed at getting Hizb'allah and its allies into power, and possibly returning Syrian troops to the country. Israel may be reacting to this with its raids, trying to "poison the well" in terms of Syria's intentions and ambitions.

After all, if Syria are mucking around with nuclear material, the UNSC most likely is not going to want to trust them with something as sensitive as "peacekeeping" in Lebanon. I suspect most people know what Syria's real ambitions are in this regard, but a good excuse like Israel provides tends to play in the media better than geostrategic thinking.

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 12:17 PM
I agree with the sentiments of the original poster.
It strikes me as quite odd just how little both Israel and Syria will officially say, and how state media are doing their best to quash news about this (For example, CNN "reported" at the beginning of this week that Israeli journalists were not permitted to talk about this story until this week and that CNN's only leads on the story were official "leaks" from partisans in Washington.)

Whatever is going on is high stakes and incredibly important. It makes me think about what the real powers in the middle east...


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posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 12:41 PM
This reminds me of a quote from an article on Yahoo about Burma. When asked about the state run media outlets the interviewee said:

"All we get (on the news) is pop stars and lies"

Sounds familiar.

I learned long ago that you can't even trust the news to tell you if it's going to rain. The sad fact is that most of America still trusts the main stream media and will follow it like mindless zombies.

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