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The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 06:33 PM
Has anyone here done any research on the Hudson Valley UFO Sightings that rose to prominence in the 1980s?

I'm asking because I lived through that era. Saw them up close, real close.

These sightings have been going on now for over 30 years. Also stories of abductions too.

Just double checking to see if the interest is still active.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 06:37 PM
Euuuuw, I have heard of it, but would love to hear a first hand account much more than some article or newsprint. What can you share with us? Do you have any pictures or video? Have you been abducted during or since that time? Thank you for opening up, I will continue to check back for your answers.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 08:05 PM
I agree with antar would love to hear a first hand account.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by MountainStar

Well I grew up in Westchester County NY in the 80's and I saw a UFO once with my mother on our back deck. Wasn't like any of the videos that have been posted here. It didn't have lights on it. My mom called me out back because she was stargazing and was very excited in loud so I ran outside. She pointed to the sky and we watched a black object that seemed to bounce across the night sky. That's why it was so different than the videos I've seen. That and that it had no lights on it. It appeared to be a bouncing ball that was just bouncing across the entire sky. I can't remember how old I was but I would say preteens probably around 10 or so. It was very odd to behold.

I asked my mom about it again when I went home for xmas this year and she remembered it right away although I've never brought it up but my sister entered the room and my mom immediately discounted it after my sister started making derisive types of jokes about it. My dad was telling me that there was some pilot who dressed up his plane like a UFO with lots of lights for the sole purpose of fooling people sometime in the 80's. Whether or not that's the case that wasn't what my mom and I had seen that night.

I wish I could remember that night more clearly but I was too young. I can't remember what season it was although I want to say fall not that that helps at all.

I've never been abducted nor anyone that I know either. And we grew up close to the Hudson river. Although, a friend I had in high school told me an interesting story one night. It didn't impact me at the time and it wasn't until years later that the story actually played out in my head. She told me of her 2 friends (which were my friends as well by way of her but they didnt share the story with me) that were driving home one night and they saw crazy lights in the sky and they said it was following them more or less around back roads. They said it came close and then the next thing they knew an hour had passed and they were still driving and confused.

I wish I had pried more but it didn't dawn on me nor did I did talk about that because I had an incredibly thick skull about such matters back then.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 08:42 PM
Hello, i live in the hudson valley. Its not talked about in public but there are a surprising ammount of activity in this area. What i mean is.. for instance when i was 14, my mom and dad knew a old couple that live on a nice old farm. Not like the farm you picture in your heard, i mean like 100s of acres, of old long since overgrown farm land, more like a ranch but on a mountain. And they had bought the place as young freshly in love people way back in the 50s. Theres were conservationists, older environmentalist that loved nothing more than packing a picnic and hiking 10 miles and making a day of it, you know what i mean. Well anyways back to when i was 14; my parents where visiting the friends of ours so my sister and i tagged along. The old farm house was like a palace to me and i wanted to explore it so the older couple tried to accomodate my curiosity, and entertain at the same time. So they allowed me rumble through there old office in doing so i found several boxes with pictures in them, for this office, had not been a functioning office in several years, more of a storage room. Now i only remember the old mans name because he made such an impression on me, it was Ted. Teds wife showed me the pictures and explained who everyone was. Then we hit a pocket of pics they shot when they first got the property.
Now heres where the skeptics will want to read so they can rip this story to shreds because this is where i goes from Wonder Years to Kolchak.
Among this batch of very old black and white photos was several of a particular valley on there property that featured a nice little spring fed stream that wandered out of the mountains behind the property. And in the last shot, clearly visible flying rather low was a obvious Flying saucer. Now when i say that among these pictures was a photo of a flying saucer i dont mean a dot on the horizon it looked like it was almost doing a strafing action over the valley. It was low and very clear. Now my parents where not close minded at all and although they were not into any specific genre of the super natural they were not unopen to this sort of thing. In example my mom says she may or may not have has contact with he dead sister when she was younger.
Now when this picture was found it wasnt treated entirely as you might think. When we found the picture Teds wife brought it to him and he recited the story behind it. When they had got the farm they would go about taking pictures of it to send to family and such, so they would take several pictures. And one day they were out and he was shooting away at this valley and the saucer almost appeared out of nowhere, seemed to stop and almost inspect them from the sky, and then spun off in a large parabollic motion accross there property. And we talked about it a little mostly "wow, thats amazing" and ted would say things like "There always around, they probably always have been" in a very odd way that kinda ended the conversation.
It went on as basically forgottten until about 6 years ago Ted died, and we all went to the funeral and afterwards i asked very dubiously if anyone remembered that day, my parents remembered it very well, i was surprised, but my sister was too sure she remembered it all. Then 2 years ago Teds wife died (feel really bad i cant remember her name). We went to her funeral as well, and a few days after my mom called to tell me the whole place was being left to there children and they werent sure if they were gonna sell the property, as far as i know its all gated and locked down. But i commented to my mom "I wonder if the picture is still in the house?" she didnt understand at first then she said to me "Yeahhhhhh oh man, i wonder too". Now my parents know them but i dont at all. I have toyed with the idea of writing them a letter but i have no idea what the response would be.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 09:00 PM
Oh my eyewitness accounts have already been published in UFO Magazine. I think it was back in '84.

I was working at a newspaper at the time and believe it or not on two occasions those big boomerang ships flew right over the newspaper. Didn't make the morning edition though. Ya wonder...

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 10:08 PM
There was an article a few years ago I had read about a report and video taken by someone in the early evening. It was what I'd call the usual triangular sighting with what was becoming the std three bright green lights, one on each edge of a triangular craft estimated at 350 feet long. With a halo pulsing red/orange light in the center.

What was new to me about the report unlike others, was other information the two or three witnesses said.
The object moved in steps and was descending from appx 8-10K ft. -- No Noise. At about 5K ft they witnessed the sudden audio interruption of jet engines which they felt were from speakers and not actual engines.

The lights changed to std aircraft markers with one light in the front. The craft was black and could not be clearly seen other than the stars were blocked-out withing the large triangular pattern.

One of the group had an aircraft radio and heard some call sign asking that the field lights were not on and the request to light the field. In the distance the three could see a hidden depressed area of the valley reflect light shadows off the trees about 1-1.5 miles south of them. A huge black object, triangular in shape came dow above it which they said was going far to slow to be anykind of aircraft. Then pouffe, the lights shadows turned off and the sound as well.

A few days later the group and others found their way to where they seen the shadow lights to find an old abandoned airfield. They claimed the airstrip was no longer than 3000 ft and there were no tire marks at either end from touch-downs of landing aircraft craft. While walking on the short runway they noticed right angle slats across the strip and had the feeling they were standing on a structure. Th edges of the strip were lined with what seemed like cast steel trim.


I had not heard or read anything since that report, but it certainly stands out in my mind when I think about the happenings in Hudson Valley. Was it an underground base w/hidden hanger? Same sort of thing I feel may be the case of present day (abandened (laugh)) -- Montauk.

Hudson Valley reports:

Close Encounter at Indian Point Nuclear Reactor, NY

Statistical Analysis of the Hudson Valley UFO "Boomerang"

Government Cover-up of a Classic UFO Case

1981-The Hudson Valley Triangles

The Hudson Valley UFO


posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 10:50 PM
I saw this on a episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" a while ago.There were a whole bunch of sightings by very credible witnesses.I believe they tried to pass them off as ultra light aircraft flying in formation.Go figure.
Very interesting case.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:46 AM
My family and I have lived in the hudson valley for over 40 years. During the 80's I remember many stories of ufo's being told by family. For example while my great aunt and a few friends were commuting back and forth to nursing school. They had an encounter on Wingdale mountain with a football field size craft. This craft made the car to stop running as it passed over head. A few minutes after it flew by the cars power came back on, then a formation of helicopters flew by heading the direction of the ufo. That is one story, my grandparents, my cousin and another aunt and uncle were haveing a bbq @6 or 7pm one afternoon on a hot july day. Then in broad daylight a (football field sized)ufo slowely flew over them and the house. They stated it was black, silent, had the most beautiful lights ever and flew slowly just above the treeline. The crazy thing is my uncle took pictures of this in the broad daylight and they all came out pitch black. Everything before and after the ufo pics came out perfect. ( main reason i dont believe any ufo pics that i see) I asked them all (ones that are still alive, my uncle and gramps passed on) if they were just pulling my leg or maybe they saw a stealth fighter or b2 bomber. They said it was not either the b2 or the stealth and they are telling the truth. These stories and the fact that intelligent beings are natural explorers is the only reason I believe in ufo's visiting this planet. There are a few other cases that I sorta beleive are true, mostly ohare's ufo and some pilot stories but I think the vast majority are tall tales. Anyways sorry for long post and all my runon sentances.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:52 AM
Whatever I know about Hudson Valleys sightings comes from Contact Of The 5th Kind by Philip Imbrogno and Night Siege by J. Allen Hynek. I always been fascinated by this sightings not only for the remarkable numer of eyewitnes but also for the size of ufos. I've read that some of them were three football fields in size, noisles and with a material that didn't reflect the light. Multiplie eyewitnes IMO makes this sightings believable. I've read that alot of people back in the 80-s saw this objects, from Westchester County to Connecticut, all through I 84 and hgw 905. Some of them had to pull over and watch the objects flying above silently and huge in size. Hundreds if not thousands of phone calls to the police stations allover the area, mass hysteria and panic and not even a logical explanation by the authorities. I'm trying to imagine how can I react if one day I'll see a huge object like that passing by my head, huge and noisles... Freaky!

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:41 AM
I'm from CT and we went through the encounter that is detailed in Night Siege. For the 80's, it was the equivelant of the "Phoenix lights". Stopped traffic on 84 and was all over the news back then.

The FAA later said it was a stunt by 6 ultra-light aircraft flying in formation at night with extra lights. I think its just a bad, bad explanation. Later reports in early 2000 tried to pass it off as early testing of the B-2 bomber as well. None sufficiently explain what was witness'ed by many people across the two states.

We still have sightings, alot actually if you check MUFON. 2 of mine were as a kid in the 80's, and I "think" what I saw then was space junk or other related space vehicles (my dad and I were avid stargazers and didn't know then what we know today)

My big sighting was in fall of 97. Won't go into too much detail, but it was a craft that slowly approached with a single white light shining down like a searchlight at about 500 feet agl. That light flipped mechincally, briefly illuminating a fuselage "saucer like", and on the other side was a smaller white light (beacon style not searchlight). The craft then shot straight up at incredible rate until it winked away. The other two people with me and myself were utterly amazed suffice to say. I've been an avid skywatcher ever since :-)

There's been alot of abduction stories in our state as well. I know at least two people back in the 60's had a really interesting tale from our state. I won't repeat their tale since they would never agree to it. But there's defintely strange things that happen in the Northeast in general.



posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:28 PM
Y'know the bullsnot story of it being ultra light pilots is just that, bullsnot.

I was there in the newsroom of the Poughkeepsie Journal when all this was going on. The FAA is LYING. They're lying through their teeth. I was there with the reporters when the story broke. I was there in the darkroom when a friend of mine from high school came in and we developed pictures of the big boomerang craft.

For them to keep on with this ultra light flyers excuse is just horse hockey.

There are tens and tens of thousands of witnesses to these craft and no one has gotten an honest explanation from the government. Since the government wants to play pussyfoot with us, then what WE say is the truth.

I haven't looked into the abduction stories much but am now.

I may talk to Jeff Rense or Tommy Danheiser the producer of Coast to Coast AM about the Hudson Valley sightings. I think the time has come for the truth to come out.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:44 PM
Feanorthedude, if you need help with that let me know. I think your story is awesome! Let's work together to see if that family has the pics. They could be worth a fortune.

Dallas, I could tell you some stories!

RIP Pops, I too saw that Unsolved Mysteries episode. I was at the events that were portrayed in the episode!

Starwatcher, great stories! I think it's high time we got more people to talk. Stories I've been told mirror what you've just said.

Leibolmai, the abduction stories are next target for the mainstream ufologists too. Since we don't have any irrefutable physical evidence we need to look at the subjective data coming from abductees, put that data together like Dr. Jacobs has done and see what picture emerges.

However, I say we will shy away from using hypnosis. We'll use abductees who were conscious during their abduction and see what that gleans.

Telos, I met Hynek when I was in college in Poughkeepsie.

Generally, everyone up there has seen the giant flying wings. I passed it off as a top secret craft but one day while working for the old Parascope forum on AOL which was live chat and even Art Bell was a staff member, I was contacted by a guy who was panicking about the giant ships. I told him it was probably the newer version of the Stealth Bomber and then he said "Hell no it's not the Stealth Bomber!" and I said to him it probably was as I'd seen it up close and it's the same shape. Then he told me something that knocked me out. He said, hold on to your seats now, :

" No it's not the Stealth Bomber because I'm the senior engineer who developed the Stealth Bomber and if I didn't engineer it, then we don't have it! "

He claimed to live in the Hudson Valley and when I asked him where he said so and I knew that territory very well. I asked him all the tricky questions and he confirmed each one.

Now how's that for a mystery? Yes, he did check out as whom he said he was.

The myster continues. I'm hoping my new book will shed some light.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 10:29 PM
I am a eye witness to the Hudson Vally lights , I live 17 miles north of NYC, Westchester county N.Y. , MID summer 1984 at 1:30 am eastern time, I was traveling south on route 87 near Mountain ville , This is very close to West point and the Hudson river, What I saw was a sight that stuck with me for life , Both sides of 87 were stopped north and south this is a very heavy traveled major highway, Hundreds of cars were pulled over their doors were open and everybody was looking and pointing to the sky above a small mountain range , I got out of my car with two friends and saw the v shape lights moving slowly over the mountains, they were about 2 miles away from us and it was huge I would estimate the span at over 500 ft long with no noise, but I was on a highway so there could have been some but not loud enough for me to hear or notice it was in sight for about ten minutes

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 11:54 PM
Yes it has been talked about quite a bit

Check it out

Hudson Valley NY 1983/1984 UFO flap
Hudson Valley UFO Wave-Revisited

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 06:20 AM
Hi. I've lived in the Hudson Valley my whole life. I'm from Ulster County, about 90 miles north of NYC. I actually grew up in a house that was about 500 feet from the Hudson river. It was a weird place, the whole area. I was born in 1984 so i didnt see to much first hand. But in 1990 i was with my mom and step-sister and we saw an enormous triangular shaped craft that was about 1500 feet up, tops. It had the traditional 3 lights at the tips, they were not white i know that, but i dont remember what color they were exactly. It stayed in the sky for a long time, must have been a half hour we were looking at it. I know i was only 6 years old, but i know i saw structure. The thing was huge. It wasnt planes flying in formation. It was also scary as hell. It was a mass sighting, it happened in one of the most populated areas of the city. People actually stopped there cars in the middle of the road. When we got home my mom for some reason called the police station, they said they had recieved over 200 calls about the incident.

Thats basically all I remember. I know i was only 6, but what i do remember is burned into my brain. I wont ever forget it.

Sadly thats my only sighting. But i do know others who have had many encounters in our area. It happens alot near the river. Both my parents are believers, they have seen many things from ghosts, to weird animals/creatures, and they both claim they were abducted as children, and even now. A psychic actually called the area I grew up in a "vortex". I dont really know what that means, there is alot of weird energy there i guess. To think of it both sides of my family have been tormented with paranormal events for decades all the way back to my grandmothers.

The Hudson Valley is a great place to live, but there is alot of history there. Alot of amazing things that people have seen.

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