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Are there any "Real" psychics?

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posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 11:52 AM
I am well aware of the evidence for the existence of "psi" through ganfield tests and other, but is there any person that consistently shows paranormal abilities in lab tests? This is one of the main things attacked by skeptics. They say that if there really is people with extreme psychic abilities than it's existence would not be doubted.

So, is there anybody who is considered to be a "real" psychic who is open to participating in tests to ensure is genuintiy? People like Uri Geller are quite doubtful. Most people think he is a fake. There has also been a lot of exposed fraud psychics which also adds to the skeptics arguement. Is there anybody out there who can consistently show telekinetic or esp abilities and that has participated in controlled lab experiments/tests?

posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 01:57 PM
I had been selected in the past for a test by the Institute Of Noetic Sciences ( due to my above-average performance in a series of 'psi' tests I did on The tests were run by a senior scientist in the organization, Dean Radin (PhD). I never found out my results though, I guess they were kept confidential and put into some report.

Although I would consider myself as having above-average abilities in remote viewing and the typical "pick a card" and "pick a location" type of psychic tests, I am far from an expert. I am open to the idea that I may just be incredibly lucky... which I suppose may be something paranormal unto itself though. Either way, I do not perform perfectly 100% of the time. I have my on and off days, but I suppose a golfer may have their on and off days as well. I also find that after a while of testing, my performance will gradually start to drop. (starts off hit-hit-hit and then I get bored/tired and it starts to level off.)

I am willing to take tests, in order to perhaps lean things in the way of believing. But I am in no way a "Real" psychic. I haven't done any training and I don't use any techniques, I just use my intuition. So anything that I do would not be taken as proving or disproving that there are real psychics out there.

Personally, I believe there are few "ultra-gifted" psychics out there that can get things right all of the time, but I do believe they exist. Most people claiming to be this though, are just frauds and cons. On the other hand, I believe that every person is capable of a mediocre level of psychic ability at the least, and that it can be strengthened through practice just like training to run a race, etc.

By the way, I can't do "cold reading" psychic things (like psychic readings where you could pick anything to do with anything). I can only pick from pre-determined possibilities.

So if nobody better will step up that can provide accurate hits 100% of the time, I may be able to be correct like.. 3/4 of the time or something.

If you can create a controlled and unbiased experiment, I would love to be either proven [Below Average]-[Not Psychic]-[Average (expected % by guessing]-[Above Average]-[Very above average] or [Psychic]. Because honestly, I don't think I have done enough testing to prove to myself or anyone else which catagory I would fall under.

I understand if you are looking for a supposed "real" psychic that can guess it right 100% of the time, in which case I can't be of any help. Don't think I have seen any around here.
Disclaimer: I do not consider myself to be a real psychic.

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posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 02:38 AM
There are real psychics around you all the time, but unless you are one you cannot tell. Everyone has the capacity for all of the various psychic 'gifts' but few choose to put the effort into learning how to control them.

The problem with people like Uri Geller is the same one that people everywhere, especially Artists, have had to deal with: money corrupts. How many times have you heard a musician, a painter, or a movie director say they did what they did because the people with the money wanted them to? You buy an CD, the first from a new group and it is filled with fire and passion. Then the next one comes along and it is dreck. Why? Because the artist is no longer in control 'we need a single' or 'we need more ballads, they are what sell' and so on. The lucky ones are those who play the game long enough to regain control over what they do. But sadly, by the time that happens most have lost whatever they had at the start.

Once you begin to take money for something you become trapped. I would not be surprised to find Geller had a real talent, but once fame kicked in so did the pressure to perform. It is so subtle, you are having a bad night but the 'show must go on' so you cheat and nobody can tell the difference. It is easier than exhausting yourself doing the real stuff so before you know it you are more fraud than real.

For myself I have no interest in Lab tests. I know that these abilities have been a part of us since mankind began. Right now everyone has the choice to believe or not, to pursue them or not. To gain access to these abilities requires effort and study, and along the way the responsibility for their proper use becomes a part of you. My greatest fear is that someday there will be solid, scientific proof offered. From that will come drugs and quick easy methods to access things that few are really mature enough to handle. On that day, we will be in for a very rough ride.


posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 08:43 AM
So do you believe Geller is genuine or fake Alexander? And could you explain to me how to study and develope psi skills? What are you capable of acheiving with your skills?

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posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 05:03 PM
I do not have a solid judgement of Geller because I have never met him. The very idea that you can determine the truth about something like this without direct contact seems to me to be, well silly and illogical. In person I would know, as it is I can only say that I feel he made indeed have some skills but did resort to trickery. Going public in the manner he did could drag even the most gifted down to the level of tricks unless one was very, very careful.

In the sense of traditional psi skills my most well developed is my Empathy. My ability to sense and feel the emotions of others is so strong that without my highly trained ability to shield I can easily lose myself in the emotions of others.

My personal focus has always been on my Intuition, and ways to both access it and use it in concert with my Intellect. In ancient mystic traditions they talk about achieving the 'destruction of the ego' so as to be able to run on pure Intuition. I have never had the desire to do that because I believe that both are equally important. Being able to use both gives me a whole host of enhancements. In ancient times I understand why the destruction of the ego was considered the best path. Back then the Intellect was not trained as it can be today. The tools did not exist, Science did not exist, this is not the case today.

From my studies I have gained remarkable insights, I get into people's heads in a way that impresses most people. This enables me to explain things in a way that can be understood, to give them the answers they seek in their own 'language' so to speak. Once I get to know someone I can predict how they will react to any given situation with a high degree of certainty. When I am working on a project with others I can often finish their sentences in the way that couples that have been married for years often do even if I barely know them.

These things do not fall into the specific types of abilities that most think of when they discuss psi, but they all are extensions to what I can do based on my knowledge of psychology, body language, and all of the other things I have studied.

I take on students for a variety of reasons, some because they have real problems that they want to deal with, some because they wish to find a mystic path of their own, and many because they grew up with a religion that they know no longer suits them. The last type has to overcome the deeply seated programming that tells them that what they wish to find for themselves is wrong, or even evil. They have to remove the voice of doubt first, and then slowly build up their belief in their own choice before they can even begin to walk the path they choose.

In all of these cases I cannot be wrong, what I tell them has to work for them without any major mistakes. Trust is vital, so unlike others I do not have the luxury of indulging in what I would like to be true, I have to be right. And when I say right I mean right for them, perfection is not really a human trait, but that is what they expect when they trust me to help them remake their life. The Intellect can make mistakes, the Intuition does not.

I do not think I know everything, I do not think I am perfect. But I do know that as long as I do what I do for them, that my Intuition, in concert with my Intellect will get us where we need to go.

As far as your other question, how does one develop psi skills. I have actually answered that a number of times here but since you asked I will give you a short summary and encourage you to read more of the Threads on this Forum.

All paths to any sort of mental development start the same way, Study.

Put a notebook next to your bed, each morning write down as much as you can about your Dreams. As you go to sleep remind yourself that you wish to remember your Dreams. Over time if you do this you will find that you will remember more and more. This is important because Dreams are where we begin to learn, to process that which we have read and experienced in a safe environment.

Read everything on the subject you can, look for those things which seem to 'speak' to you, ignore that which does not. Look for a belief system that supports advanced mental development and really study it. You do not have to join a group, but if you find a good one there is nothing like the support you will get from people who have been walking this path for a long time. For me, Wicca is the default, and a perfect example of the sort of belief system that supports these activities.

Beware the quick and easy route, it takes maturity to handle any of the psi abilities. You must be willing to conquer your own fears, eliminate as many as possible of your 'problems' so you become strong enough to handle what you will learn. True magick is not Harry Potter, it requires responsibility, respect for the Free Will of others, and a strong healthy mind to handle safely.


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posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 07:42 AM
Cool. Do you have any esp or telekinetic abilities too, Alexander?

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 12:07 AM
I do not try too hard to draw specific lines, but 'finishing other people's sentances' falls into the telepathy catagory. Sometimes some things may be obvious for some reason, other times they really are not. Communication happens minus most of the words so it is all how you look at it.

Tk, not that I am aware of really. Would certainly be an interesting ability to develop. I wonder if someone could really believe that gravity was optional enough to fly. Doing so would change the Rules to such a significant degree I do not expect to ever actually see it, but that would be something.

But in case this might be a cause of worry, I always tell people if they wish to learn how to fly one must fly UP from the ground, no cheating by jumping off of a roof!


posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 02:07 AM
Hey, I went to the web site and....I am terrible. I can't even make good guesses. On almost every test I scored below chance.

I now know that I am the anti-psychic. Allow me to read your mind, I may find out what your toaster is thinking in a past life that didn't happen.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 07:38 AM

I now know that I am the anti-psychic. Allow me to read your mind, I may find out what your toaster is thinking in a past life that didn't happen.

Lol Dave. I suppose it is quite possible that if people have such bad luck that they are "Anti-Psychics", it could be reasoned that people who display "Psychic" abilities are just the opposite, and have really good luck. It would be interesting to see after 50 or 100 tests. Do both such people even out to the "average" level, or does the really bad person continue to do very poorly and the supposed psychic do very well?

Just a quirky little thought that might actually work here, since you seem to be all backwards in regards to your psychic ability. You may want to try re-doing the tests, but this time click on the spot that you think the card ISN'T at. Obviously on a test where you have to pick one card from 5, there would be four wrong cards to choose from though, so you would have to choose the card that feels "most wrong" to you. See if you can feel the spot that you think the probability that the card is at is least. Maybe you just have your intuition all messed up. Instead of selecting the most right feeling card, you are selecting the card that feels least right to you, without realizing it. Weird concept :O

Oooor you could try to put your hand up to the screen and see which of the cards feels most hot or cold to you, if you don't feel like a complete idiot by doing it. I still select the fortune cookie I want with this 'hot-cold' method after a chinese dinner

Edit: I really try not to believe that this is possible, I don't want to, but I just went and did another test on after reading this to convince myself that I am not psychic, and they are all still coming back high. For example, first Remote Viewing trial I did.... 96/100. After my 5 tests, I am now highest on the board in the "Hall of Fame" for today. Off to do some more test. Hmm.

I then did a test to see if I could get "more purposefully wrong than right", similar to yours, and I managed to make it through 25 trials only getting 1 hit. So I guess it does work the other way as well.

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