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Is this a Woman

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posted on Oct, 12 2021 @ 10:19 PM
a reply to: GravitySucks

my bad sorry miss read

posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 12:02 AM
a reply to: GravitySucks

the home of Christine McConnell is a metaphorical safe space for queer people deemed too odd for the ‘normal’ world outside.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell invites a queer reading for its rhetoric of self-made and chosen families. The show reminds us that biology does not determine a family any more than family determines biology – anything and everything can be reimagined, redesigned, or recreated (including tropes of motherhood itself). Indeed, whether an old sofa or a dead cat, resurrection is McConnell’s speciality; as her name implies, Christine is a Christ-like figure, but with none of the fire and brimstone that queer people constantly have to look over their shoulder for.

posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 11:13 AM
a reply to: JAGStorm

I can’t tell who is a woman or who is a man anymore.

Technically, no one is either.

People are human beings, souls, and a soul has no gender. Physical body doesn't define any human being, regardless of how much they identify with it (same goes for every other temporary, superficial quality, like country, football team, credit card, job, clothes, car, etc).

In this way, this is good news - we're maybe finally free to be HUMANS, instead of forever being unfairly and strictly locked into physical quality-based roles against our will and consent. I mean, if you WANT to falsely identify as a woman or man purely based on a temporary physical vessel you're using for a second (cosmically speaking, not even that long), go right ahead. But be aware it'd be just as silly as identifying with a car or house - you won't have that car forever, you won't live in that house forever, but you ARE eternal, so why pretend you ARE a house, car or physical body? It makes no sense.

In any case, perhaps this also fits very well with the times, as no one can DEFINE a woman (never heard anyone caring enough men to ask anyone to define a man, though - in our equal world, that should be seen as weird, but I digress9.

So if no one knows anymore what a woman even IS, how can you recognize such a mythical entity on a mere TV screen anyway?

Just as a sidenote; it WOULD be actually pretty difficult to distinquish women from men and vice versa, if people didn't DELIBERATELY exaggarate their bodily qualities, often in a corny and very synthetic way, like women wearing make-up, bleaching their hair, exaggerating their body's curves with clothing and so on.

Let's say there are two slightly chubby people, one is in a female body, another a male body, but they're the same height, and they don't wear 'revealing clothes' of any kind, they both wear unisex clothes of the same color and shape, they have same hair length and color - - would you be instantly able to recognize the genders?

I don't think anyone would. It would take a long time and big close-ups to be able to even start the guessing, and even then, there ARE really naturally feminine-looking male bodies and masculine-looking female bodies out there.

In the end, all this begs the question; why should that matter, really? What do you gain out of knowledge of what's between someone's temporary body's temporary big toes?

posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 03:49 PM
a reply to: Shoujikina

Just as a sidenote; it WOULD be actually pretty difficult to distinquish women from men and vice versa, if people didn't DELIBERATELY exaggarate their bodily qualities

Not true. I'll give you a perfect example, the Amish. You can tell an Amish lady from a Man very easily. Many Amish women have slight mustaches and don't wear makeup but they still look feminine.

In the end, all this begs the question; why should that matter, really?

Well up to this point Humanity has depended on it. If cavement didn't care if you were a guy or girl we might not be here!

posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 03:53 PM
a reply to: JAGStorm

This is also a woman. Problem?

"I'm being hurt as a woman...they don't even take their time to see who you are, they just go ahead and accuse you or judge you like they are God and they tell [you] who you are".

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posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 04:13 PM
a reply to: JAGStorm


posted on Oct, 14 2021 @ 09:21 PM
a reply to: Kreeate

Iv seen her and that is the effect of using steroids, she was in alot of shows and i saw her on VICE i think years ago and she is also a sex worker. apparently little men like to get beat up by her

she looks like a man and is build like a man but that is from chemical enhancement, and if she stopped working out and stopped the juice she would get her more fem features back

during one of the shows she was in was looked like bandaid and you could tell her clitoris grew so much it looks like a dick.

she doesnt count

what makes you a man or woman is you DNA

what you CHOSE to live as is a personal CHOICE, there is no choice in your DNA.

ANY transwoman that thinks she is a woman just needs to take a DNA test to prove it is all in their head. I know SOME and i say SOME people know from a very young age they are like that, and that's fine./

people are hopping on the trans bandwagon to make them part of a 'special' class(even if they deny they are are protected class).

If you want to be a trans ANYTHING you should do all you can to look like that gender.

i personally don't care if someone is trans, gay, lesbians or anything else, i just don't want to hear about it the same way i don't want to hear my buddies sex stories

posted on Nov, 12 2021 @ 12:13 AM
I have also read some of the rumours about Billie Eilish. Here is her biography which is interesting enough.

posted on Oct, 2 2022 @ 06:12 AM

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